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Dar es Salaam new Tanzanite museum.

also have the opportunity to purchase fully certified gemstones that comes with their own certificates. A wonderful film of 10-15 minutes is showed, and we really get inspired by the story!

We are driving in Masaki area of Dar es Salaam one late afternoon, exited to find the location of the brand new museum showcasing the precious Tanzanite´s! The Tanzanite Experience is located very close to Sea Cliff Apartments and it looks like we found the right place – decorations of the precious stones are found on the house itself – the brand new Tanzanite museum of Dar es Salaam! We enter a magnificent door and are met with a security system in order to get into the museum. A very well experienced museum guide takes us along the mysteries of the stone which is only found in one place in the whole world; at the foothills of our own Mount Kilimanjaro! We get knowledge about the stones that we never had before, the Tanzanitie´s mystery and rarity the history and heritage, and we

We learn that in 1967, a Masaai tribesman was herding cattle on a dusty outcrop in the foothills of Tanzania´s Mount Kilimanjaro, then a shimmering crystal caught his eye. Holding into the light, he could never know how this magnificent blue would change the course of gemstone history, bringing joy to jewellery lovers and gemstone collectors around the world and uplifting the lives of Tanzanians for decades to come! Instead of us revealing more, we suggest you go and have a look yourself, it is really a nice experience in the middle of Masaki! The museum is open Mon – Fri 8 am to 5 pm, Sat 9 am to 1 pm and it´s free of charge! Facts about the Tanzanite

• Only found in Tanzania at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. • Tanzanite´s geological formation began over 585 million years ago, but it was only discovered in 1967.

• Tiffany & Co were the first to bring Tanzanite to the market in the USA, and named it Tanzanite after it´s country of origin.

• The chances of Tanzanites to being found anywhere else in the world are less than one in a million!

• Tanzanite´s unique geology, single source and limited supply makes it at least 1000 times rarer than diamonds.

The Tanzanite Experience The Tanzanite Experience is a product of TanzaniteOne Mining Ltd and is proudly endorsed by the Tanzanite Foundation, a non-profit, industry supported organisation dedicated to the protection and promotion of ethical Tanzanite.

Salt & Pepper Feature  

Editorial feature on the new Tanzanite Experience Museum in Dar Es Salaam

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