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Gem of an idea A jewellery designer is teaching Maasai women to wrap wire around discarded tanzanite fragments to make stylish and desirable necklaces and earrings

The Maasai Ladies’ Project the coil as its central motif. In the was set up by The Tanzanite Maasai culture, the coil symbolises Foundation to offer the local Maasai a woman whose son is a warrior. women a way to build on their For the women who make up cultural traditions, learn a new the Maasai Ladies Project, jewellery craft and to earn money. While making is an opportunity to earn the finest transparent money, needed not only to tanzanite is made tanzanite buy food but also to pay into high-end jewels, school fees. The twelve The coil is the the TanzaniteOne central motif. This women who are part mining operation also of the project go to the coil symbolises a woman whose son workshop three times produces a quantity of is a warrior cloudy stones, which the a week. company is donating to Learning to work with the project. metal wire and pliers is new to The Tanzanite Foundation, along the women, but it builds on their with jewellery designer Naomi tradition of making beaded jewellery. Sarna, has created a small-scale The Tanzanite Foundation funds workshop where the women work. the project with both materials and The jewellery is designed with teaching, and also pays the women



for the work they produce. The jewellery is available through the Tanzanite Experience museums and boutiques, The Tanzanite Experience is celebrating its fifth birthday this year.

Top: Donated Tanzanite Above: The coil jewellery photos: Adam Woodham

Maasai Ladies Project  

Article in PAA Magazine about the Maasai Ladies Project. An initiative from the Tanzanite Foundation and TanzaniteOne.