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WS11/12 COMMON WALLS Studio Chermayeff/Meyer-Grohbr端gge

Program from the building group CARSON CHAN for him and his boyfriend -small galery to test ideas ca. 100sqm, 3.5m min. ceiling height ideally on the ground floor, open to the street could be an extension of the house (can be used for parties, living room...) -office for 3 people -small cosy bedroom -small bathroom with shower -kitchen bigger, can be open -library for his books, can be divided -reding chair and idealy 2 desk spaces (intimate and public)

YANICK WYLER for him, his wife Euchenia and his baby -dancestudio to practice and to give lessons 6x12 (10), 3.5-4m ceilingheight minimum with toilet and shower doesnt have to be connected to home daylight prefered but not required also for gyrotonik -masterbedroom -walking closet (they have a lot of clothes) -children room or guestroom (not next to masterbedroom), -big bathroom with bathtub, dividable for guests or child, -balcony for BBQ (his wife is argentinian)

-kitchen , can be open -flat 100sqm or less ok -they have many bycicles

HENDRIK SCHWANTES for him and his girlfriend Anna -bedroom -living room -bathroom -guestroom with guestbathroom -big kitchen with table for at least 10 people -library with desk to concentrate (two days a week he is working at home) -balcony or terrace -some part higher with view at least to two sides (preferable 4) -rooms should be as diverse as possible (views, levels, size, roomheight, material..) -maybe different flats in summer and winter -every room can be small except the kitchen (center of the house) -flexible spaces -Anna plays piano and sings -the floor must be „warm“

IGNACIO URIARTE For him -150sqm, office 65 sqm, rest would be living. -studio I need a space that is a real office space with desks in the middle, at least four. Also, I need an empty space to try out installations on the floor and to take pictures of drawings on the wall. Also, I need a corner to shoot still photos for animations. This could be part of the previous space. Also, a storage space for boxes, flat file for drawings, framed drawings.

-garage A garage that fits a car and a couple of bicycles. -bedroom A bedroom that has the anonymous feel of a design hotel room. A big bed (210 x 160cm) with the height of a massage table that allows to give and to receive massages and allows to store things inside invisibly. -extra-room / library? This room would be for occasional visitors (couples) and a second use, e.g. a library, study/work room. It should not look like a bedroom, so visitors don´t get the impression they can stay for ever and come back frequently. I like and collect artist books like this one (, so additionally to the shelves, there could be other ways to display books. -kitchen I cook two times every day, often smelly food. So, a kitchen is important for me, but not necessarily a "show of" kitchen in the middle of the living room. More like a kitchen with enough work space and a strong cooker hood -eating Between living room and kitchen Should fit 6 to 8 people. -living room A living room that allows a club atmosphere to happen, for example: - Two facing LC2 or similar small sofas with two seats each, very close to each other with a narrow rectangular coffee table in the middle for intimate conversation, drinking and smoking. - the possibility to mix a good long drink (now I have a bar cart) but additionally there could be something inside a cabinet or so. -scandinavian vases

ERWIN SCHMIDT & his fiance BRITTANI & possibly children & possibly dog - large living room (2 stories high with balcony leading to the other rooms?) - bedroom & guest room (= office) & additional room (= possible Kinderzimmer) rather small - kitchen with kitchen block in the middle with high chairs around - bathroom with bath tub - walk-in closet & built-in cabinets / no wardrobe and closets in the house!

-small bathroom with shower for our guests - windows should possibly have sky-view - ground level with access to garden possible, not necessary - ideally the house would have a multipurpose room for parties, events, talks (should be equipped with black square-cut HD projector and light proof shades, dark colour walls)

YAMANE TOMOKO -small restaurant and deli store Counter kitchen + floor (50sqm) with table and chair for 25 people -Small garden for growing vegetable and herbs -Big kitchen + Living room with Cabinet and Big table for 10 people -Bed room with closet -Guest room -Bath room with Bathtub -Balcony and small table for breakfast in summer


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