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“Good Taste Demo” Plan Hi & thank you for booking a YIAH “good taste” demo. I thought I would touch base & let you know where I am at with plans for your party. Here is the menu so far: Choice of 2 Dips (please let me know which flavour you would like) Cheesecake (your choice of choc powder) Sugars for sprinkling & dipping (your choice of two) Oil & Vinegar (your choice of two) Dukkah (your choice of 1 sweet & 1 savory) Also will brew a pot of tea (your choice) & will bring and coffee syrup (your choice) to add to the lovely coffee that you will have on offer (Please) Will bring butter warmers & will melt some flavoured chocolate to go with our sugars. If there is a product or equipment you would like to see please let me know and I will bring it along if it is in my kit. By any chance would you be able to make a tray of sliced up vegetables (eg carrots/capsicum/celery) to use as dippers for dips? And if possible a fruit platter, so we can sprinkle some of the lovely sugars over the top & a tray of crusty bread & lettuce leaves for use with the oils & dukkahs. Cheers & thank you for your time. Tanya I look forward to seeing you & your friends (minimum 3 guests) at your demo at Your checklist : Fruit platter Veggie Platter & your choice of dip biscuits eg rice cracker/jatz Crusty bread & various leaf platter Coffee & boiled water & small plates or bowls for your guests to use. Table & chairs & area in which to display food & products Let Tanya know which coffee syrup, tea & dip mix flavours I would love to have at my party.*Don’t forget outside orders & payment collected before your party count towards your overall total – which means you will be entitled to some great goodies. Special offer as well as our regular bonuses if you are able to get $200 worth of orders & payment before the night of your party you will be eligible to $20 to spend on your own products as a bonus from me.

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