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Focus on Hope Seeds of Hope Provisions of FAITH-HOPE-LOVE Serving our beneficiaries with so much more than simple seeds...

Since the implementation of Seeds of Hope Project in 2012, an increasing number of families are being helped towards self sufficiency. The family mentioned in this article, is one of the The Seeds of Hope project life many beneficiaries of this worthy changing to who are its beneficiaries. project, and it has provided so much Together with other Mission projects, more than just seeds for the family. it contributes towards improving the Bukurie is a widow and a mother of living standards of people in need. four children. Her husband died of a This project helps people with their tumour ten years ago and life’s battles own patches of land who, wish to have not been easy, however the cultivate it, to provide food for their Seeds of Hope project gave them the families. opportunity to work, plant the land and Families are eager to receive these boxes of seeds in order to start sowing their own gardens. Seeds of Hope boxes will be distributed to recipients at the Soup Kitchens, to those in our Family to Family Sponsorship Program and to those registered in our Family to Family Crisis project. Those engaged in this project have been blessed with good yields and as a result, experience less stress regarding their families’ overall welfare. At the same time, they enjoy working together as a family in planting, harvesting and enjoying the fruit of their labour.

harvest the crops.

Since her husband’s passing not much has made her smile. She was left with a mixture of emotions for her life ahead. Often she felt sad, afraid, confused and anxious about raising her family alone. The pain is engraved in every line of her face - life without her husband will never be the same again. Two of Bukurie’s children are already a good support to her, especially helping with the crops. The Seeds of Hope project has brought the smiles back and has made their family stronger, as they work together and see the results of their harvest and hard work. “We had a very busy summer. We worked a lot and now the result is a great one.

I have food for the long winter, flour to cook our daily bread and what is more important I will earn some money selling some of the excess crops. Thank you very much for the help Seeds of Hope provided. Without Mission Without Borders, life would be different, and we would have many difficulties. Thank you for your assistance of seeds and everything else; we have planted: beans, wheat, peppers and tomatoes. We will keep a part of the beans and maize for ourselves and will try to sell the rest because we have other needs. Thank you very much.” Mission Without Borders Australia P| 02 9647 2022 E|

Her eldest child, Sajmir, smiles. He feels happy because he rarely sees his mother smiling and talking without long pauses. Sajmir will start high school this year, and the harvest gives him more security for the next winter. He shares, “We are very satisfied with the abundant crops we had this year. We are a little tired- helping our mum but we are grown-ups now. Thank you! We got plenty of beans, wheat, cucumbers, and tomatoes! This year, we had more crops than the previous year. We will sell some beans and wheat because I will start high school and I

need some new clothing and shoes. Thank you very much also for helping our mother to not feel so lonely. She is busy and happy and that’s great!” Bukurie adds that Mission Without Borders is helping her to experience God’s love: “I was filled with anxiety about the unknown. I was insecure about myself and my children. I was hopeless and I felt alone even in a room full of people. Sometimes I still feel like this, but you are giving me hope and the feeling of not being alone in my life. These crops make me see the light at the end of the tunnel, and help me to enjoy the

work, my family, and to keep on going. On the inside, I was dying but that small parcel of various seeds brought about big changes. It had not only seeds inside but also love and care and I’m so grateful to experience it.” “Now he who plants and he who waters are one, and each one will receive his own reward according to his own labor. For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, you are God’s building.” 1 Corinthians 3: 8-9.

The Fruits of Ministry in Action Sustainability Making the most of God’s Creations The Cycle of Hope Goal: To provide means for poor families to grow their own food, to boost their nutritional requirements and financial situations, and to motivate them for a more hopeful future.

A family in Moldova working the crops in their green house. Proof that Seeds of Hope brings people together, provides purpose and financial stability.

Objectives: To teach farming principals and entrepreneurial skills to enable poor families to move towards self-sufficiency. Families are taught skills in decision making, negotiating and farming knowledge so that they become engaged in an enterprise which will ensure their welfare for the future. Children are given productive tasks to get involved and make a difference.

Expected Outcome: Crops produced will improve the health and financial wellbeing of the family members. There is respect and cooperation among family members, and morale is exponentially improved. They get to enjoy the fruits of their labour, have enough food to eat and often extra produce to sell to purchase other needs they may have such as clothing and schooling supplies.

We need your support! You can be the vital link to complete this cycle of HOPE!

Make a Donation today! Mission Without Borders Australia P| 02 9647 2022 E|

$30 buys one box of seeds that can change lives forever.

We need your help to complete the Cycle of Hope!

Make a Donation today! $30 buys one box of seeds that can change lives forever.

Simple Ways to increase your gift! Seeds of Hope and Grassroots Fundraising! Excuse the pun, but Seeds of Hope and Grassroots Fundraising go handin-hand. Have you ever wondered if your Facebook Friends read what you post or just scroll on by your latest status update? – try this simple challenge. You have the ability to make a big difference for a family in Eastern Europe just by clicking and sharing. How, you ask? Head to http://

Put Simply, it’s Hope in a Box! The Seeds of Hope project provides impoverished families with packages of seeds in order to grow their own food, thus promoting self - sufficiency. The members of the family are engaged in a cooperative effort, learning and producing together, with the mutual aim of providing for their own livelihood. This time spent together also strengthens the family unity. As an added bonus, many families have earned extra income by selling from their abundance.

Phase one of the annual Seeds of Hope project for 2014 has begun! “Seeds have been ordered for the areas where early sowing is possible this Spring.” The communities of Mostar and Capljina (Bosnia) are the first to benefit from the distributions of these seeds. One Seeds of Hope parcel contains 5 kg of potatoes, 2 kg of onions and packets of different vegetable seeds for salads, peas, beans and carrots. The second phase of the project will soon when the follow very late-growth seeds will be distributed to the local churches, Community Centres as well as to Family To Family program recipients. Our hopes and prayers are that these seeds will bless the families with successful yields! “But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop.” Luke 8:15

Click and share amongst friends through the social media buttons. If each friend donated $1 towards Seeds of Hope they could potentially be feeding hundreds of families in Eastern Europe for many years to come.

Plant a Garden without breaking a sweat! If you don’t know where to start, begin your fundraising journey at: By setting a goal, inviting your friends, and sharing on social networks or email, you can provide Seeds of Hope. For every $30 dollars you raise, you’ll know that a family in Eastern Europe will be escaping poverty, and well fed! It requires a little work to get underway, but you can be sure that as you see the result of your efforts, and read more about the families you and your friends have helped, it will be worth the effort. Now, go and plant your garden!

Can’t knit, not at all creative but still want to help?

Gift In Kind A big Thank you!! As our weather starts to turn cooler, many of you will once again be eagerly knitting and crocheting beautiful items for all those we serve in Eastern Europe. We have already shipped 3 containers this year (2 from Melbourne and 1 from Sydney) over to Rotterdam for distribution to all our beneficiaries and we’re on our way to filling another very soon! A huge thank you to all our supporters who continually give their time and hard work to provide so many beautiful warm items. We’ve been sent some wonderful words of thanks that we’d like to share with you…This is the reaction from the Jiga family (pictured above) in Romania when they were provided with Gift In Kind items by their Field Co-ordinator. Emanuel: “Thank you for bringing us these nice blankets which will keep us warm during the cold winter.” Denisa: “The warm shoes my sister Elena and I got are just like the ones we saw in the window of a nice shop downtown. We told our mother to buy us each a pair, but she couldn’t. Now, we are very happy our wish came true!” The mother was so happy she could barely speak. One of the children asked us if it’s ok for them to pray out aloud then, all the children started to say the Lord’s Prayer with one voice. They are a humble family, a single mother (the father is in gaol) and seven children living in poor dwellings; yet, they are very positive. There are times when they don’t have enough food to eat and still, they remain faithful and keep praying to God to provide for them.

Ways you can help If you would like to knit and need some help getting started, we’ve provided a quick guide to what is needed: Knitted, crocheted and handmade items including blankets (preferred size 160x140cm), squares (20x20cm), patchwork quilts or polar fleece blankets, scarves, gloves, socks and beanies.

We have been so overwhelmed by donations that our Sydney office is always happy to welcome new volunteers to sort and pack all that we receive. We have a lovely crew of volunteers that meet weekly, so if God has called you to bless us, and you would like to volunteer your time, please contact our Sydney office and we can give you more information. We have just sent off another 40 foot container in February, with an estimated value of $600,000. We are so grateful to receive all the donations of knitted and handmade items, however we still need to raise the funds for shipping the freight to the Netherlands. Depending on the weight, sending these containers can cost between $4,000 and $6,000 each time. Perhaps you belong to a bible study group that may like to contribute or belong to a church that is looking to raise funds for a new charity. However you may be able to spread the word your support would be greatly appreciated.

Every little bit counts! Sydney Office: David Turner 10 Stubbs Street Auburn NSW 2144 PO Box 7533 Silverwater NSW 1811 9am-5pm Weekdays P| 02 9647 2022 E|

Jumpers for older children, teenagers and adult sizes are in greatest need. Knitting patterns are available - contact our office or website if you would like some guidance and ideas. We have collection point volunteers in each capital city of NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD, SA, WA AND TAS as well as collection points in other areas within these states. Contact us for your closest location.

NOTE: Please do not send second hand/used clothing items, or Aid’s Baby Jumpers as we cannot send them due to customs regulations

Melbourne Workshop: Jenny Grainger 8 Birch Avenue Dandenong North 3175 9am-3.30pm Wednesday & Friday P| 03 9795 6141 E|

Seeds of hope appeal  

More than just a box of seeds. Provisions of Faith-Hope-Love

Seeds of hope appeal  

More than just a box of seeds. Provisions of Faith-Hope-Love