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The Celtic Cross Tanya Marchun

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Historical Ideas Market Cross At Kells

•  Both Catholic and Protestant •  Many historical stories •  Will physically show you through pictures how it developed

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Chi-Rho •  Emperor Constantine •  Monogram for Christ •  Carved into standing stones or boulders

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Age of the Saints

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•  5th, 6th, and 7th Centuries •  Earliest stones with Christian associations (crucifixion, words, etc) •  Latin inscriptions (DNE = Domine = Lord) •  Ogham •  Patrick, David & others spread the Gospel

St. Patrick & The Druids •  Circle symbolized the moon or sun goddess •  Drew a cross through it •  Druid & Christian Conversion h"p:// images/2008/02/26/saint_patrick3.jpg

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Classification •  Victor Erle Nash-Williams (1897 – 1956) the National Museum of Wales and University College •  Archeologist •  Group I, II & III

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The Picts •  Live in Northern Scotland •  Similar Scottish, Irish and Pictish art •  8th century on Picts adopted Christian cross as central feature •  Class I, II, & III


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Rossie Priory Stone •  Latin cross •  Rounded angles & Quadrilobate ring •  Angel


Hilton of Cadboll stone •  Most well known horsemen/hunting scene



Freestanding Crosses •  •  •  •  • 

9th Century Tallest is Sueno’s Stone Over 20 feet high Rows of warriors on back Cross on front

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Disc –Headed Type •  The Houelt •  Latin inscription: “in the name of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit” •  Cross at Cardinham h"p:// llantwit1.jpg

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Ruthwell Cross & Ahenny Cross •  Broke new ground •  Ring was used to help support the arms • Ahenny Cross • Front, back & sides are carved

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Celtic High Crosses •  Cross at Moone

•  Cross of the Scriptures • Cross of Muiredach

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The Book of Kells

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Celtic Cross Presentation  
Celtic Cross Presentation  

The presentation that accompanies the paper that I wrote for my Irish Literature class