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Why major in Humanities?

Within the major you will... --challenge yourself

Are you.. --startled and pleased when ideas overlap, when you see relationships? --curious to see how things fit together, how one subject illuminates another? --a bit constrained by the prospect of choosing just one major field of study - or only a little less limited by choosing a double major? If so, Humanities may be for you.

-- work in various

Benefits of a Humanities Major...

disciplines --actively engage in community and civic duty --create curiosity --question the nature of human experience Whatever the reason you choose to study humanities, you will place yourself at the center of an interpretive approach to the truth.



Close contacts with faculty members are one of the strengths of Fort Lewis College. Therefore, you will develop close relationships with professors not only within your discipline but also campus wide.

Integration & Synthesis Critical Analysis Multiple Viewpoints Creative Thinking “Outside the Box”

The flexibility of the major allows you to spend your college time exploring multiple disciplines. Along with General Education courses you choose one of these disciplines as your primary concentration, combine it with two secondary concentrations, and complete your degree with elective credits. The major asks you to combine courses from three of these disciplines:

Traditional Humanities Disciplines Other Disciplines in Humanities Major Art English Modern Language Music Philosophy Theatre

Anthropology Economics History Political Science Psychology Sociology Gender and Women’s Studies Southwest Studies


Flyer I created for the Humanities Department on campus.


Flyer I created for the Humanities Department on campus.