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e·thol·o·gy ’THälә Noun 1.The science of animal behavior. 2.The study of human behavior and social organization from a biological perspective.

mission statement: EthoArchitects looks at design through the study of ethology. Combining the expertise of ecologists, ehologists and architects we aim to illuminate alternative ways of living with nonhuman animals, discussing cross-species collaborations, and defining new frameworks through which to discuss design.

vision statement: To design with both humans and animals in mind, making this earth a place where all creatures can live and affect each other in a positive way

goals & strategies design - Designing habitats for animals that are also aesthetically pleaseing - Creating design that lets us protect animals and co-live with them - Working on large and small scale projects working with individuals and corporations

consulting - Consulting on issues of ecologically aware design

learning - Changing the way we approach design problems looking at animals needs as well as humans - learning from ethology and having it affect design

executive summary EthoArchitects is a firm based in San Francisco, California. It is made up of a collaborative team of architects, ecologists, and ethologists. The firms goal is to learn to co live with animals and change the way people view design learning, by creating with needs of the wildlife that surrounds us. Being located in an urban enviroment that also has easy access to nature and wildlife, puts on perspective the impact we have on their world EthoArchitects aimes to work on projects of different scales, from personal design to large company and public design. the firm also seeks to act as a consultant for firms or individuals that want to create an ethologically aware envirmoment/structure The EthoArchitects team all share the same passion for animals and nature. They work as a collaborative team that is always learning, evolving and working together to create a better enviroment for all the planets creatures EthoArchitects will continue to market themselves and make a presence in the architecture community. The brand will stretch beyond architecture to become synonymous with design in general that supports the sustainability movement.

client profile Personal Design - Clients who want to build buildings or structures that positively affects the wildlife around them, not interupting natural habitats in their design or construction Example work

The GBHNPCB (GARDEN BUILDING WITH HOSTS AND NECTAR PLANTS FOR CALI’S BUTTERFLIES) is a house for butterflies and other insects, birds and people. It also houses working spaces for awoman-run design-atelier. By stimulating the presence of butterflies from the region through the use of plants that host and produce nectar to feed them, the GBWHNPC can perform as an indicator of the ecosystem’s biodiversity.

GBHNPCB, Camilo Garcia, Diego Barajas and the Plataforma Husos Team

client profile zoo design - Clients who want aesthetically pleasing zoo designs that also positivley affect the animals that are living in them Example work

The concept was sold as an “ambassador” for conservation, with it’s primary mission to describe conservation efforts of these habitats in their native locations. The team had two zoo specialists, Jean-Mark Lernould, former director of Mulhouse Zoo, and chairman of CEPA, an organization for the protection of endangered species, and Monika Fiby, a zoo consultant, zoo designer, and project manager of the ZooLex Zoo Design Organization from Austria.

TN PLus Landscape Architects & Beckmann N’Thepe

client profile large scale - Clients who want to create large scale projects that do not negativly affect the surrounding wildlife population and work with the surrounding enviroment instead of disupt it. Example work

Birds Die From Crashing Into Skyscrapers Windows – Over 90,000 birds die every year by crashing into skyscrapers because lights inside the buildings attract birds flying right onto their windows, NYC Is The Only Major US City Without A Wildlife Rehabilitation Center – 4,000 calls from people seeking help for distressed wildlife each year and emergency care and rehabilitation to over thousands of birds; most of them were injured from crashing into the dense “concrete jungle”, New York City.

BirdScraper Zhong Huang

client profile Public - Puplic entities that want to design public works that take the surroudning enviroment into account. Example work

This living reef is constructed from a field of piles and a woven web of “fuzzy rope” that supports oyster growth and builds a rich three-dimensional landscape mosaic. A watery regional park for the New York Harbor emerges that prefigures the city’s return to the waterfront in the next century. The reef attenuates waves and cleans millions of gallons of Harbor water through harnessing the biotic processes of oysters, mussels, and eelgrass, and enables neighborhood fabrics that welcome the water to develop further inland..

The Rising Currents exhibition at MoMA in 2010

client profile consulting - Clients who want to be aware of how their projects are affecting the surroudning wildlife population and want to avoid disupting their enviroment and harming them

critical strengths cross discipline collaboration Strong collaborative team of architects, ethologists, and ecologists

cross discipline expertise Updated on current research being done in architecture, ecology and ethology fields

broad range Large range of projects keeps work diverse and gives the firm experience

competition and positioning A key part of our buisness model is that our competitors are also our target customers and collaborators - Zoo design firms - Ecological consultants - Innovative firms working with sustainability of nature not just the enviroment What makes EthoArchitects stand out from their competitors is the fact that instead of needing to find an ecological consultant our collaborative team is already made up of architects ecologist and ethologists. This makes our firm a one stop shop as well as being able to consult when it comes to architecture and ecological needs. The added animal angle further differentiates from other ecological themed firms

SWOT analysis STRENGTHS collaborative team across disciplines cutting edge knowledge of field

WEAKNESSES Lack of experience being a new type of firm finding strong marketing opportunities

New way to look at design so not alot of competition

People are becoming more aware of their enviroment because of the sustainability movement Design competitions that soley focuses on the idea of animal architecture and designing with animals wants and needs in mind


Is there a need for this type of firm? Is society at a place where thay care enough about nature to want to change the whole way design works?


start up costs rent utilities computers computer software insurance office equipment furniture marketing misc

$2,000 $1,000 $15,000 $20,000 $800 $15,000 $6,000 $20,000 $7,000



source of funds strategy

target potential clients or client referals as source of investment dollers. This is possible because of common passion: love of animals. media partners e.g. National Geographic Animal Planet gives them part ownership and exclusive access to stories about these unique emerging projects. besides funding these companies will also double as sourse of free publicity for the firms projects and philosphy. target large donors to animal rights philantrophy as lenders and investors. Create “cool� design for home pet products that is liscenced to manufacturers. This will also spread the firm’s brand to animal lovers.

staffing plan and utilization rate


yearly fee

yearly hours hourly fee

principal architect principal ecologist designer researcher/ethologist sctrucural engineer secretary/accountant intern

$100,000 $100,000 $60,000 $40,000 $60,000 $30,000 $20,000

2,000 2,000 3,000 1,500 800 2,000 1,000

$50 $50 $30 $26 $26 $15 $20

utilization billable 85% 85% 85% 75% 70% 60% 60%

1,700 1,700 1,700 2,550 1,125 1,200 600

firm structure Marketing


Designers Technology

Architect + Ecologist Engineers Researchers


EthoArchitects is a partnership firm. It is a collaborative team made up of designers, researchers and engineers. The team is led by a head architect and ecologist. The firms main focus is design and research so it deals with outside consulting when it comes to marketing, major finance, and legal issues


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Business Plan