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Your sponsor Child: Neima Mario

Name: Neima Mario Age: 6 Kindergarten Class: Ms. Elsa’s class Address: Aeroporto Segunda neighborhood, Mocuba, Mozambique About your sponsor child: Neima is getting ready to conquer the world. In her kindergarten class she is bright and attentive, with her favorite classes being art and math. According to her teacher she can count, write basic words, and repeat words and phrases very well. When she is not in school, Neima enjoys playing in the kitchen and playing traditional games such as ‘mata-mata.’ Her favorite foods are rice and beans. Neima lives in a small home made of local materials (brick, mud, clay, and grass) with her mother, four sisters, and brother. Needs of your sponsor child: Neima’s most pressing needs are basic food staples and clothing.

Neima mario