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Your sponsor Child: Edimundo Alexandre

Name: Edimundo Alexandre Age: 5 Kindergarten Class: Mr. Hulisses’s class Address: Pedreira neighborhood, Mocuba, Mozambique About your sponsor child: Edimundo has a contagious personality! He is always ready to play with his friends and is outgoing in social situations. While his favorite class in kindergarten is math, he enjoys recess the most. Edimundo loves to run around his neighborhood and play ball. His favorite foods are rice and beans, maize meal, and, when he has the opportunity, meat. Edimundo is an orphan of his mother and father. He lives in a small home made of local materials (brick, mud, clay, and grass) with his sister and seven other extended family members. Needs of your sponsor child: Edimundo’s most pressing needs are necessary house repairs, food, and clothing.

Edimundo alexandre  
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