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==== ==== Get This Product with Special Price at : ==== ==== has once again outdone itself by producing the Kindle 2, currently the best selling ebook reader in the market. Here is a list of new features that are found on the new Kindle 2. 1. Its slimmer. The new Kindle 2 is much slimmer than its predecessor (the first Kindle). At just 0.36" thick it is even slimmer than the iPhone. This new svelte design feels better on your hands and its back is made of a special material that provides better grip. 2. New design. This new model has a more balanced design. All the edges and corners are gently curved, giving it a very contemporary look. Compared to the first Kindle, this new model sports a more modern and minimalist design. The new Kindle 2 also comes with stereo speakers. 3. 5-way controller. The older model has a small scroll wheel to view large pages or documents. In the Kindle 2, a new 5-way controller has been incorporated to not only help you scroll pages, but also have better accuracy in navigating within the screen. 4. Smaller keyboard and buttons. Every single button on the Kindle 2 has been downsized, which is a big improvement. The reduced keyboard size means that you can comfortably hold the reader without accidentally pressing the buttons. The placement and design of the page turn buttons have also improved. 5. Improved page turn buttons. In the older model, the page turn buttons are huge 3-inch buttons located on the edges (on both sides) of the reader. The size of the buttons and placement has caused me to make hundreds and hundreds of inadvertent page turns in the past year. In the Kindle 2, the size of the page turn buttons have been reduced and is now conveniently placed on the center of the side edges. The page will only turn if you press down the button until you hear a tactile 'click'. This is one of my favorite changes in the Kindle 2 as it greatly reduces accidental page turns. 6. Page turn speed. In the first Kindle model, page turn can sometimes be sluggish, especially when you have bought and stored many books in the reader. The page turns on the Kindle 2 is noticeably faster. Amazon claims that the page-turn speed on the new model has increased by 25%. 7. Battery life. The battery life of the Kindle 2 is almost two times longer than its predecessor. With the wireless function on, the reader can last up to 4 days on a single charge. Without the wireless function, it can last up to 14 days. 8. Wireless connectivity. On top of the Whispernet connection, the new Kindle 2 also supports 3G connections (thanks to Sprint). The 3G connectivity greatly increases the speed of downloads.

9. Dictionary. In this new e-book reader, you can find out the meaning of a word by just pointing at it. When you move the cursor over a particular word, the meaning will automatically pop up.

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Kindle 2 - What's New  
Kindle 2 - What's New  

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