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"I want a Kindle in Canada for Christmas." A simple sentence that can spell frustration for anyone who has tried to purchase a Kindle for shipment in Canada. A lot of Canadians think that Kindle has the best e reader on the market - Kobo vs Kindle notwithstanding. Trouble is, unless you really reside in the Land of the Free, getting one can simply be a hassle. But times are changing! If you need to purchase a Kindle this Xmas (or you want someone to buy one for you), here's how to save time and hard-earned cash. What Kindles can you have in Canada? Not all of the Kindle products are available for shipping to Canada and, depending where you are on the Amazon internet site, it can be tough to find out. Until just recently, you had to begin at to find out about Kindle. Now, however, it is a bunch faster to begin at the Canadian internet site-- where they let you know right away what models are able to be shipped to Canada. And that alone will definitely save you a lot of time. Here are the three Kindles that you could get in the last week of November-- and a possible fourth. 1. Kindle Wi-Fi 6" E Ink Display $ 109 US. This is actually the closest you'll get to a Kindle Touch that you can have shipped to Canada. It is actually not a "true" touch model (read more below) but the others are keyboard models. 2. Kindle Keyboard 3G Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display, $ 189 US. This is the best as well as most flexible of the keyboard Kindles. . 3. Kindle Keyboard DX Free 3G, 3G Works Globally, Graphite, 9.7" Display with new E Ink Pearl. List $ 379 US The larger screen makes this appealing, especially for graphic-rich books as well as PDFs

4. Kindle Keyboard, Wi-Fi 6" E Ink Display - $ 139 US however..... This is the more affordable variation of # 2 above. Trouble is, it is listed as out-of-stock for delivering to Canada, but available within the U.S. It's worth checking to see if this status changes. Exactly what Kindles do you want? While it is depressing not to be able to order the new Kindle Touch in Canada, there are some good reasons why you might have the finest e reader in Canada in this assortment. The # 1 Kindle above-- the 2011 Kindle Wi-Fi-- gives you the newest technology with the exception of the touch screen. Navigation is by means of a 5-way controller below the screen, and a menu button. The benefit right here is you don't have sweaty fingerprints and sun lotion on the screen. This most recent style is lighter, thinner, as well as faster. The other available Kindles are the previous generation keyboard models. Many customers prefer the outside keyboard-- it's a lot simpler to use than stabbing at a little piece of screen real estate. These earlier units have the advanced E-Ink Pearl Display but, compared with the new Touch Kindles as well as the Wi-Fi noted here, they are a tad heavier and thicker. It is not clear how much of a negative this is, if at all, because there are going to be concerns regarding the durability of the brand-new lighter, thinner designs. Exactly how to buy Amazon has finally streamlined the awkward out-of-U.S. order method, however it still possesses some land mines. If you have never experienced it in the past, check out the link at the bottom of this article for the best way to buy a Kindle in Canada. So is there an Xmas present here? The new Kindle Wi-Fi is a superb e reader as well as wafer-thin enough to stuff in the hip pocket. Amazon delivers no indication when, if ever, the Kindle Touch line will be available outside the U.S. And for many users, it may not matter: you may feel you have the best of the bunch in the three available right now.

WRITER: Chris Allan is a veteran observer as well as author on e readers, particularly in his Canadian market. To save time and possibly cash purchasing from Amazon for delivery to Canada, check out his write-up How to Buy a Kindle in Canada.

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How to Get a Kindle in Canada This Christmas  

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