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This course provides students with a basic understanding of interior design & the skills needed to pursue a career in the area. Students research& define requirements for interior space Prepare mood boards & present an interior design solution using a range of techniques & media. One year course -Statement of competency towards DF Two year course - Certificate III in DF.

This course aims to provide an introduction to art direction for the film & TV industry. The range of knowledge & skills gained in this qualification will prepare students for various applications needed to assist in art direction duties & overall film production. One year course -Statement of competency towards Media

This course is for students interested in learning the basic principles of graphic design. Students apply the elements & principles to explore & resolve 2 dimensional problems using a wide range of techniques & media, including computer & hand skills Students learn to create computer graphics including screen imaging, image manipulation & print design. One year course -Statement of competency towards DF Two year course - Certificate III in DF

DESIGN FUNDAMENTALSDIGITAL DESIGN This course is for students who want to learn hot to utilise a number of software applications at an introductory level, while maintaining a strong focus on design. Students apply their creativity, skills & knowledge while learninghow to use the iundustry standard applications from Adobe Mastersuite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver. One year course -Statement of competency towards DF Two year course - Certificate III in DF.

VISUAL ARTSJEWELLEY & OBJECT DESIGN This course teaches students the basic principles & fundamental skills of jewellery & object design. They willbe introduced to the ideas, tools, & practices of the jewellery & object design industry One year course -Statement of competency towards Visual Arts Two year course - Certificate III in VA.

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DESIGN FUNDAMENTALS3D ANIMATION This course introduces students to the essential knowledge, skills & digital techniques that are fundamental to the work of 3D artists & animators working in fields such as film & TV production, games development & visualisation. One year course -Statement of competency towards DF.

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(UK) 847 2012 Phone. 0844 207 998 1919 (Int) 00 44 -Friday. 9am-8pm Hours. Monday - Sunday. 10am-4pm Saturday

2012 Address. London PO Box 798 er Manchest M60 1WU

The company has more than 10,000 locations in 32 countries es worldwide, which include more than 6,700 Dunkin’ Donuts locations ons throughout the United States and more than 3000 international locations. cations This figure compares with the 17,009 stores of coffee chain Starbucks, whose baked goods are usually prepared out of shop. Nearly early all of Dunkin' Donuts locations are franchisee owned and operated. Only 75 franchisees ranchisees exist west we est of the Mississippi River, mostly in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas Texas. s.

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DCE TVET Words at a Glance The words in the diagram above represent a collation of the words used by students to best describe their experience of TVET courses at DCE. The size of the word is in direct proportion to the number of times the word was used.

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0844 847 2012 (UK) (Int) 00 44 207 998 1919


Monday -Friday. 9am-8pm 10am-4pm Saturday - Sunday.

Yours Sincerely, Dunkin’ Donuts 2 0 1 2 O LYM P I C S

Address. London 2012 PO Box 798 Manchester M60 1WU

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Simon Lin Digital Design

Phone. 0844 847 2012 (UK) 00 44 207 998 1919 (Int) Hours. Monday -Friday. 9am-8pm Saturday - Sunday. 10am-4pm

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VISUAL ARTSFINE ARTS This course is for students who are interested in further study in the Visual arts area. Students will produce paintings, drawings & prints & prepare them for public exhibition , display. One year course -Statement of competency towards Visual Arts Two year course - Certificate III in VA.

For INFORMATION SESSION 2012 come to OPEN DAY Saturday 8th September 10am - 3pm


2012 Address. London PO Box 798 Manchester M60 1WU

9725 6532

find us on DCETVET and TAFE Sydney Institute TVET ph: 9394 5728 fax: 9394 5762 e:

CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations to Three of our 2011 ‘Get into VET’ graduates who are now into 2nd term of TVET 3D animation one of our new offerings for 2012. The Introduction into Film & Special Effects course gave these students a great opportunity to experience the TAFE environment whilst still in year 10 & in turn these three chose to pursue their study through TVET in year 11. The 2nd group of Get into VET students complete study June 2012. TVET Digital Design - 2nd year students are submitting films they have created into the TAFE clips 2012 competition.The standard of work is amazing, wishing these students the best of luck.

School Based Apprentice (Jewellery Trade) Ryland O’Brien has been nominated for the 2012 TAFE NSW training awards. These awards are highly competetive & challenging. Although Ryland was not selected for the final nominations he should be proud of his great achievements. The other new course for 2012, TVET Media - Art Direction for Film has been a pilot for our latest flexible delivery options. The students attended full day Saturdays & have now completed the year’s course in Term 2. Congratulations to these graduating students, look forward to seeing you in the future! ( Based on latest TVET DCE student survey 30% of students said YES they would return to study @ Enmore & 60% said MAYBE)






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Josh Cohen - TVET graduate Digital Design TVET Interior Design - Revit modelling TVET Fine Arts - colour study TVET Graphic Design - Illustrator exercise Monique Dolfo This TVET course has helped me decide what to do after high school as it has taught me useful skills on Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop.

Georgia Clarke - TVEt Graphic Design

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I enjoyed TVET for such main reasons, The teachers were fun and enthusiastic and had a passion for teaching the subject that i was actually interested in learning about, also my other peers enjoyed the subject because it was something we were all passionate about learning, when learning isnt a chore but actually something fun to do, it makes the learning experience so much more fun to work in.


TVET Interior Design has been an amazing experience that created a path of challenging projects in which I have learnt many relevant skills such as communicating a chosen concept & being able to present this in fornt of an audience successfully. For the last year & a half Interior Design has been an eye opener to this (once unknown) world of innovatice design. This has made me more keen to begin a course here at Design Centre Enmore & study to become a future designer myself!

Rebecca Schieler- TVET Interior Design TVET Graphic Design TVET Digital Design Stage 5 Leichardt High School Self Portrait - Alex This course has served as a great insight to what the full course offers, and exploring the fundamentals of a subject I have had a keen interest in for many years has been great for me. I have learnt new programs like Illustrator and Indesign from being completely photo-shopped bias and learnt to adapt my ideas and communicate my ideas effectively through the computer screen. The course has added to my repertoire of creativity and staying in it, I believe there is no better way to help hone someone's ability in graphic design.

Adrian Tiliakos - TVET Graphic Design

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The course i am studying in tafe is contemporary arts and it has helped me improve my skills and give me a new experiences in art. i have learned different skills of art from shading, painting, to self portraits, if you are interested in this course go for it!

Dale Grafton - TVET Fine Arts Tvet has helped me with graphic design and learning software like Adobe Illustrator, This helps me with new skills and experiences for visual arts and contemporary art. If anybody is interested in doing graphic design I do recommend enrolling.

Hakan Aral - TVET Graphic Design TVET Digital Design Stage 5 Leichardt High School Self Portrait - Ginevra TVET Graphic Design _ Illustrator exercise TVET Graphic Design - Poster, Adrian Tiliakos TVET Interior Design - 3D modelling exercise TVET Digital Design - Logo design The Interior Design TVET course teaches me many useful basic fundamentals of Interior Design, & the overall knowledge of design, such as Elements & Principles of design. This course inspires me to consider designing as one of my career options. It helps me to have a better understanding of what goes on in the design field are & what they do.

TVET Interior Design - Pam Sakdatorn

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TVET Interior Design - Restaurant Design Mia Sabel

TVET Graphic Design - CD Cover TVET Interior Design has been an incredible experience that has opened my eyes to the world of design. I’ve learnt so much about the induistry with the skills to match & it has allowed me to communicate my own ideas presenting me with the opportunity to conceptually incorporate them into innovative designs.

Teri Salter - TVET Interior Design IZD Music

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When and where OVO opens Brisbane: July 14, 2012 Sydney: September 13, 2012 Adelaide: December 06, 2012 Melbourne: January 17, 2013 Perth: April 14, 2013


TVET Digital Design Stage 5 Leichardt High School Self Portrait - Lawrence ‘tangled’


June 2012 news & information for Design Centre Enmore TVET students


June 2012 news & information for Design Centre Enmore TVET students