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The Cape of good golf Golf course and club management Celebrity golfer profile – Paul Almeida Golf supply & demand trends in Central & Eastern Europe (part 2)




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Cape Town is truly blessed with some of the finest golf courses in South Africa. From the grandeur of our country’s oldest golf course (Royal Cape) to the stark beauty of Atlantic Beach, to the magnificent golf courses set amongst the vineyards one is so spoiled for choice. Find out more by turning to page 14 and soon you will be putting together a trip to the Mother City!

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SP E C IA L F E AT U R E S The Cape of good golf

Golf course and club management

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Celebrity golfer profile – Paul Almeida 60 Golf supply & demand trends in Central & Eastern Europe (part 2)




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January | February 2017



Send us your letters, giving us your views, opinions or articles of interest (max 500 words). The most interesting letter will be published in the next edition of SA golf Trader.

WINNING LETTER To the Editor I am really tired of reading, hearing and playing golf from a man’s point of view? How many of us can really drive the ball 300 yards? How many times have you stood on the tee box on a par- 5 and heard a man ask if it’s reachable in 2, when you rather know which holes have Par 4’s that are reachable in 2 or 3? Or how many times have you been more concerned about how you’re going to get over the water right in front of you rather than whether you can carry the fairway bunker 280 yards? What about something like, does the snack bar offer a healthy alternative to the usual pie, chips and gravy? The cleanliness of the restrooms and how well stocked the pro shop is with ladies golf attire is more important to us than how many beers fit in the cooler box on the cart! Regards Michelle du Toit


Dear Michelle

Thank you for writing in. I have just read an interesting study that found that women account for just 24% of golfers worldwide, yet the number of prospective female players could add $35 billion to the global golf economy. It also found that women are 38% more likely than men to bring children to golf, indicating that increasing female participation would significantly boost the number of juniors taking up the game. This is the new millennium and you make some excellent points in your letter, golf clubs will need to take heed of these views going forward. As a point of interest I reckon that the average cooler box can comfortably accommodate six beers! Regards

January | February 2017




Golfing Gals

Vote for your favourite Golfing Gal and she can win a host of exciting prizes. If you would like to see Kim win then Email: SAGT JAN/FEB to Terms and Conditions apply.

1. Name:

Kim Uytenbogaardt.

2. What is your handicap? 18.

3. When did you start playing Golf?

Properly about 8 years ago, before that played once a year for about 7 years.

4. Who got you into playing Golf?

A late friend of mine who has since passed away with cancer.

5. Where are you currently a member at ? Parow Golf Club.

6. Any chance that you have met the legendary Jack Parow? Who???? I know a sparrow called Jack.....any relation?

7. What are you currently doing?

Senior Audit Manager at an auditing firm in Claremont.

8. You won the Sanlam Cancer Challenge National Final – B Division, tell us a bit about that?

I managed to get through to our regional finals via a countout in my club competition and then at the regionals finals my first couple of holes were not going to plan, I then said to myself “I want to go to Sun City – focus”. That was motivation itself and I started playing well and managed to make up my lost points. It was my last putt on the final hole that gave me the winning score. I was off to Sun City!!!! At the National Tournament – I went with the mind-set that I can win, if I stuck to a plan and focused. My round at the Lost City GC went according to plan I was one point off my personal target and 2 points away from the leaders – lying 3rd on the day. The next day, at Sun City GC, I was playing with the leaders and I knew I just had to keep pace with them and concentrate on my game. I wasn’t having a great game and my scoring was not going to plan but I said to myself every point counts so don’t give up and focus….. this competition is over 2 days and yesterday I did well. I only found out that I had won when one of my previous days playing partners


January | February 2017

HEALTH & LIFEST YLE came over to me to congratulate me…I couldn’t believe it. It was awesome….even my work colleagues knew before me as they were following the on-line live scoring during the day. The whole Sanlam Cancer Challenge was an once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was also a special tournament for me as it was dedicated to my family and friends who have passed away from cancer and are currently battling with the illness. The concentration and determination to win this tournament from the start reminded me of the incredible hardships that the cancer sufferer has to endure daily in fighting and overcoming their illness.

9. Have you ever had a embarrassing moment on the golf course?

As a beginner playing once a year, I played in an American scramble competition with 2 complete beginners and a casual golfer, we were at the back of the morning field it took us about 3 ½ hours to do 9 holes, only to be told when we came in at halfway that we couldn’t do the next 9 as the afternoon field was well underway. As beginners, we didn’t know there was a “time” restriction on playing a round of golf.

10. What do you hope to achieve in the coming years? Golfing as well as career. I enjoy my working enviroment as I have an awesome understanding boss who also enjoys sport.

Regarding my golf, just carry-on enjoying the game for as long as I am able to and not put any pressure on myself regarding handicap objectives.

First thing that comes to mind: 11. Any superstitions?

Don’t work under a ladder.

12. Favourite Movie: The Lion King

13. Things I can’t live without: My sport

14. My guilty pleasure: Chocolate

15. My favourite food: Fuels the body

Season Eight

16. Happiness is:

Spending time and being active with like minded people.

17. Get me a plane ticket to: Around the world....

18. Hole in One?

Yes, on a mashie course this year......still trying for one on a “big” course.

19. I’m not embarrassed to say that I: a typical Taureen.

20. Favourite quote:

Live without regret.

January | February 2017

If you would like to be considered as a SA Golf Trader “Golfing Gal” please submit three colour photo’s of yourself on the golf course and three photos of your choice to One girl per edition will be chosen by us (the editors decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into). The winner will be the girl who receives the most emails. The competition will be over six editions and closes on 31/08/2017. If you are selected by us you will have to answer the questions that SA Golf Trader puts to you.




TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE 1. What is Lee Trevino’s nickname? a. Supermex b. The Mexican c. MadMex

b. c.

2. What is the amateur’s equivalent of the Ryder Cup? a. Walker Cup b. Davis Cup c. US Cup 3. What is the maximum number of clubs permitted in a golf bag? a. Thirteen b. Fourteen c. Fifteen 4. What is the women’s equivalent of the Ryder Cup? a. Walker Cup b. Amateur Cup c. Curtis Cup 5. What name did Jack Nicklaus give to his own golf course in honour of his favourite British course? a. Muirfield b. Augusta c. Pebble Beach 6. Which actress did Sam Torrance marry? a. Suzanne Danielle

Congratulations to Patrick Marais, our winner of the Trivia Quiz Nov/Dec edition, he receives two bottles of KWV 12 year old brandy. Helen Mirren Judy Dench

7. Which American played in the British Open only once and won it? a. Walter Hagan b. Ben Hogan c. Phil Mickelson 8. Which American won the British Open Golf championship five times between 1975 and 1983? a. Tom Watson b. Jack Nicklaus c. Hale Irwin 9. Which golfer was responsible for the US Masters? a. Bobby Jones b. Sam Snead 10. Which Irish golfer played in ten successive Ryder Cup teams? a. Darren Clarke b. Christy O’Connor Proudly sponsored by: c. Paul McGinley The winner of the trivia quiz will receive two bottles of KWV 12 year old brandy!

1. The first correct entry drawn will be declared the winner. The draw will take place on the 19th of February 2017. 2. The Editor’s decision is final and no correspondence either in terms of the questions, answers or winner will be entered into. 3. The answers to the questions and the name of the winner will be published on the quiz page in the following issue. 4. Results and answers will be published in the next edition of SA Golf Trader. Instructions: 1. Choose one of the answers for each question. 2. Send the 10 letters of your chosen answers in sequence via email to or Fax your chosen answer letters to 086 694 2185.

ANSWERS TO THE NOV/DEC EDITION 1.C 2.B 3.A 4.A 5.A 6.C 7.B 8.B 9.B 10.A 8

January | February 2017



New partnership

to grow club industry in SA


he Club Management Association of South Africa (CMASA) has embarked on a strong recruitment drive to develop new talent within the industry through an exclusive partnership with the PGA of South Africa and BGA Recruitment. The new Club Recruitment division is set to transform CMASA’s recruitment strategy. CMASA is the main recruitment arm for the South African club industry, offering a full service of staff screening, interviews and background checks. Over the past few years, CMASA placed in excess of 30 top managerial positions at sports and recreation clubs in South Africa. But through this exclusive new partnership, Club Recruitment now has an offering that can specifically target new blood in the industry and its own transformation objectives. CMASA members will now have a two-fold

January | February 2017

option of either recruiting in-house and then advertising their vacancies on the CMASA and PGA of SA platforms at no cost, or utilizing the new expanded Club Recruitment service which offers a wider pool of talent. “It is our desire to attract suitably qualified previously disadvantaged candidates by using an agency that has a larger pool of candidates,” said Paul Leishman, Chairman of CMASA. “Having kept the recruitment processes inhouse for decades, we have struggled to get beyond our usual candidates. Through the exclusive partnership between CMASA, the PGA of SA and BGA Recruitment, we have a trustworthy and effective recruitment offering which allows for new blood to move into the industry, and to encourage more people to enter into this wonderful career and service industry.” Candidates interested in registering their CVs on the database can apply via


tuition & instruction

5 Key Habits for Sports Parents to Adopt by Michael Balderstone Managing Director & Performance Director The Golf School of Excellence Balderstone Sports Institute


eing a parent is a veritable minefield, and there’s no manual. Our role as parents is so fundamental to a child’s development that every word, gesture or even silent pauses can be interpreted in one way or another. I know that I’m making mistakes all the time with my 6-year old daughter and habits are being formed seemingly out of nowhere. And that’s fine as long as I’m aware and learning from them. When you add youth sport into the equation, with its competition, results and emotion, it’s no wonder that we so often see a breakdown in the process, with far too many children quitting sports at around 14 years old due to a loss of fun and too much anxiety. Through my work as Performance Director at TGSE, having lost too many junior players down this road, I’ve spent extensive time exploring and studying this subject and have developed some key guidelines that can help parents along this tricky path. Here are 5 habits to adopt that will provide the best and most effective support for your young athlete (or any other field for that matter)

1. Show your unconditional love and support no matter the result.

This may seem like a no-brainer and something


that you always do, but as mentioned earlier our words and actions can be interpreted in negative ways if we are not careful. Many youth athletes grow up believing that their self worth is directly related to how they perform. This is a reflection on how those around them react to good and not so good performances. Try to form the habit of showing your love and support in the same way no matter the result. Of course we celebrate the victories and personal achievements along the way, by sharing the players positive emotions. The best thing you can say when performance wasn’t so good; I love to watch you play.

2. Never give feedback straight after a game. Every tournament or match offers the opportunity for learning and therefore growth. However for this to occur, the players must reflect for themselves on the performance. Parents and coaches must give the player the opportunity to do so before providing their feedback. Problem solvers are not solving problems. Players hate the drive home when they are told what went wrong and how to fix it. No learning can occur when emotions are high anyway. For this purpose, I ask my students two questions that I learnt from the innovative cricket coach Paddy Upton; • What did you do well?

January | February 2017

tuition & instruction •

What would you do differently?

willingness to try difficult things and a new eagerness to learn.

I ask the players to give this feedback the day after The same is true for sports and the language of an event, allowing time for the emotion to clear talent. Dweck calls it the burden of talent, where and for them to reflect properly. You can try this the athlete doesn’t develop a growth mindset too, and listen to the player. because they grow up being told how talented 3. Give them the gift of struggle and failure they are. In elite sport, talent is important, but it will not get you to your potential without a strong The greatest potential for learning and growth work ethic and smart training. To encourage the happens when we take ourselves just outside work ethic, coaches and parents must emphasise of our comfort zones. The nature of this space, the work ethic. because we are stretching our capabilities, is one where mistakes and failure will occur. This needs 5. Don’t compare your child to other players. to be embraced and encouraged. Parent and coaches who bring negative emotion to poor Every child is walking a unique path and is on a performance are promoting a fear of failure (or unique development journey. Comparing them more correctly the consequences of failure). This to another competitor is not fair and will not lead leads to an aversion for the athlete to challenge to positive results. That competitor that you wish themselves, which robs them of the opportunity your child would be more like; he may be sufferto stretch their abilities and reach their potential. ing from extreme anxiety. You just never know. Provide the best support for your child along his Give the gift of failure and struggle. It is vital for or her own journey. Acknowledge and celebrate the development process, so don’t take it away or the small victories, the marginal gains that add up shield them from it. The athlete already hurts from to great personal growth. Setting personal goals poor performance. See point 2 and provide an ear along the way is a great way to do this, but don’t once they have reflected. make it about beating opponents, make it about personal bests, beating your average or a process 4. Emphasise work effort not talent. goal like achieving a certain fitness level for examDid you know that praising your child’s talent or ple. Studies show that the very best athletes focus intelligence discourages them from working hard, purely on what they can do to improve. The true taking on challenges and persevering with difficult champions are gracious in defeat if they themtasks? As my daughter starting developing her selves performed well, because they understand initial academic skills I was consciously praising her this process and know what they can control. for being clever, thinking I was positively encourWhile competition is an integral part of sport, aging her along the way. However she quickly the real comparison should be for each athlete developed an adversity for perseverance once a against his or her own current level and working task became difficult for her. to stretch that ability little by little. At TGSE and Carol Dweck’s excellent book ‘Mindset’ discusses BSI every student is seen as unique in his or her this topic in detail, exploring the vast research that development of their sport performance, educahas been done by her and others on this subject. tion and as a whole person. I changed the language I was using with my daughter, to emphasis how hard she had worked Michael Balderstone is the Performance to achieve something. The result of this change in Director at the Balderstone Sports Institute language has been remarkable, with a far greater (BSI) and The Golf School of Excellence (TGSE).

January | February 2017


tuition & instruction


January | February 2017

S pecial F eature – T he C ape of G ood G olf


ith a history dating back to 1885 when a meeting, chaired by Lt General Sir Henry Torrens, was held at the Cape Castle “for the purpose of introducing the game of golf and starting a club for the same” Cape Town has been at the vanguard of golf in South Africa.

Back in 1885 the Cape Golf Club (Royal Cape Golf Club) became SA’s first golf club and the scene was set for South Africa to go on and boast

throughout the years some of the world’s top golf courses and produce some of the biggest names in the game. One could spend weeks playing the golf courses from Simons Town to Melkbosstrand, the city centre to the Winelands and never tire. In this feature we endeavour to bring you a taste of what this region offers and as such have only listed golf courses within an hour and a half’s drive of Cape Town Airport. (Please see page 26 for a comprehensive listing with the relevant contact details).



January | February 2017

S pecial F eature – T he C ape of G ood G olf

January | February 2017


S pecial F eature – T he C ape of G ood G olf



evonvale Golf Course is a popular gem in the Cape golfing arena. Perfectly situated just outside of Stellenbosch and only a stone’s throw from the historical town of Franschhoek and the “Mother City” Cape Town. Visitors will appreciate the welcoming and homely atmosphere from the time they enter the estate until the sad moment where they say good-bye to new friends. Their passionate attention to detail and their fervent aim to please all guests makes Devonvale an outstanding getaway & holiday destination.

PGA-Pro Anna Becker-Frankel, have been very popular amongst young golfers.

The golf course is set on a valley slope and allows for wonderful panoramic mountain and vineyard views. The established trees add character and the large central dam feature adds a visual impact to a course that merits being called ‘a classic country course’.

Their popular restaurant Chez Shiraz is open to the public and offers a daily breakfast, an à la carte menu for lunch and dinner and an exciting three course set menu that changes weekly. The terrace offers casual outdoor dining overlooking the golf course. The enchanting atmosphere, welcoming staff and the freshest and finest ingredients, makes this a very special venue. Guests can enjoy their wine tasting at the bar but a word of caution, as soon they try the delicious Shiraz Friends Forever they may be hooked for life!

The scenery of nature and wildlife that surrounds this golf course, with Springbok, ducks, geese, foxes, owls and other birdlife will surely take your breath away. The family friendly estate is supported by all age groups. Devonvale promotes and invests in the young up and coming: The Squirrel tournaments, which are organized by their


Also worth mentioning are the daily visits, during the whole school year, of groups of young golfers from nearby rural schools, helping underprivileged children to enjoy an otherwise inaccessible sport. But Devonvale Golf & Wine Estate offers more than only a golf course - different types of accommodation, an in-house day-spa, and an excellent clubhouse, conference facilities and wedding & events managed to perfection.

Truly Devonvale Golf & Wine Estate is an excellent destination to find and make Friends Forever.....

January | February 2017

S pecial F eature – T he C ape of G ood G olf

January | February 2017


S pecial F eature – T he C ape of G ood G olf


January | February 2017

S pecial F eature – T he C ape of G ood G olf

January | February 2017


S pecial F eature – T he C ape of G ood G olf



he following is an excerpt from an article written by T.Kawadza for the “South Africa’s Greatest Captains and Sport Heroes” web magazine.

“During her remarkable career as a professional golfer, Sally Little won 15 LPGA titles, including three Majors, then went on to become a founder member of the Women’s Senior Golf Tour and the official ambassador for the Women’s World Cup of Golf. Little’s early role models were two of the most inspiring any young golfer could wish for. Playing at the Metropolitan Club in Cape Town where her father, Percy, was a member, Sally met and was tutored by iconic greats Gary Player and Bobby Locke. Her progress was meteoric. She was picked for


January | February 2017

S pecial F eature – T he C ape of G ood G olf Western Province as a 15-year-old schoolgirl in 1967; in the same year she won the Women’s Western Province Championship and over the next four years went on to capture a number of local titles. In 1970, Little also shot the lowest individual score at the World Amateur team championship in Madrid and added the South African Match Play title to her growing list of accomplishments. A bigger stage beckoned and Little travelled to the United States to join the LPGA Tour in 1971. She made an immediate impact, being voted Rookie of the Year, but had to wait another five years before claiming her first title, when she holed a lengthy bunker shot on the last hole at the 1976 Women’s International to snatch victory by a single shot from Jan Stephenson. Little enjoyed a marvellous run of form between 1978 and 1982, by winning thirteen tournaments and ending among the top ten money-earners in each of those years. 1982 proved to be the most prolific of her career as

January | February 2017

she won four events, earned a career-high $228 000 and carded a career low 64 in the second round at the Dinah Shore Invitational. Little was to experience the vagaries of sport the following year, however, when her career was put on hold due to knee and abdominal surgery. But she returned to the game with characteristic zest to become the LPGA’s 12th dollar millionaire in 1985, and finish runner-up in the 1986 US Open after losing an eighteen-hole play-off to Jane Geddes. Little’s tenacity over this challenging phase of her career was rewarded in 1989 when she was the recipient of the Ben Hogan Award, an accolade given annually to a golfer who has fought back from serious illness or injury. Arguably South Africa’s greatest ever woman golfer. In 2005 in Sandton, she was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her efforts as a player, coach and supporter of South Africa’s development programme.” Thank you Sally for all you have done and your continued efforts in promoting the Met. May you still be with us for a long time?


S pecial F eature – T he C ape of G ood G olf


January | February 2017

S pecial F eature – T he C ape of G ood G olf

January | February 2017


S pecial F eature – T he C ape of G ood G olf


January | February 2017

S pecial F eature – T he C ape of G ood G olf

January | February 2017


S pecial F eature – T he C ape of G ood G olf


(080) 4653 2582

Bellville Golf Club

(021) 913 3100

Clovelly Country Club

(021) 784 2111

Devonvale Golf & Wine Estate

(021) 888 4735

De Zalze Golf Club

(021) 880 7300

Durbanville Golf Club

(021) 976 8120

Erinvale Golf Club

(021) 847 1906

King David Mowbray Golf Club

(021) 685 3018

Kuilsrivier Golf Club

(021) 903 0222

Milnerton Golf Club

(021) 552 1047

Metropolitan Golf Club

(021) 430 6011

Mupine Golf Club (private)

(021) 509 4350

Paarl Golf (Boschenmeer)

(021) 863 1140

Parow Golf Club

(021) 930 2160

Pearl Valley Golf Course

(021) 867 8000

Rondebosch Golf Club

(021) 689 4176

Royal Cape Golf Club

(021) 761 6551

Simons Town Country Club

(021) 786 1233

Somerset West Golf Club

(021) 852 2925

Steenberg Golf Club

(021) 715 0227

Stellenbosch Golf Club

(021) 880 0103

Strand Golf Club

(021) 853 6268

Westlake Golf Club

(021) 788 2020





(021) 761 6007


Somerset West

(021) 852 8600



(021) 948 5673

The River Club

(021) 447 0681

Wagner’s Golf Academy

(021) 981 6042


January | February 2017

S pecial F eature – T he C ape of G ood G olf

January | February 2017


S pecial feature - G olf C lub M anagement

Golf course and Club management by Henk Buitendach, Thatchfield Golf Club

Good day reader, My name is Henk Buitendach and before I give you some background information on myself I would like to tell you what this all new section in the SA Golf Trader will be all about. For the following year I will be writing six articles for the magazine. I intend to answer some of the questions regarding the latest problems in the golfing industry and shine some light on the behind the scenes practices at golf clubs. I’ll make you familiar with things like golf course maintenance, general operations, the proshop and so much more. By the end of the year you will be far more educated about what happens at a golf course and I hope to provide you with some rather interesting information regarding the wonderful work I’m blessed to do on a daily basis.


I have been in the golfing industry for well over 10 years. My main background experience began in green keeping. I was then given the opportunity to manage Thatchfield Golf Club, serving as their general manager, while still running the ground crew that maintains the course. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to gain numerous qualifications and I am currently furthering my studies abroad. A golf club consists of multiple facets and divisions, that all play a vital role in the successful running of the club. Therefore I feel driven to provide information so that each division can get the recognition it deserves to show why each area of the course is imperative, in order to successfully keep the course running.

January | February 2017

S pecial feature - G olf C lub M anagement By the end of the year I hope to have shed some light on all the aspects of our wonderful industry and to enlighten you, through some fun, interesting and educational reading, just how integrated and detailed running a golf course really is.

Water VS Golf Courses

A subject that has started gaining the wrong publicity lately, with the media and with many of my friends, is how golf courses can waste water on a daily basis especially in this time of need? It certainly does provide a lot of controversy, and I get it, the media says one thing and then society tends to believe every word that they say. The media picks up a juicy story that carries some weight, shares only one part of the story and that causes people to get up in arms, and then I sit at socials answering questions like, “How can you waste so much water on a daily basis, while our country is suffering from a drought?. I was even confronted with, “will your grass give water to my kids when the country runs out?” Uhm no! But at least there will be some beautiful rolling lawns for them to die on? I mean really? EISH!!! I need to personally thank the media for this uninformed information, because it has given me a rather interesting topic to write about. For those of you worrying that courses are wasting kilolitres of water a night, rest easy, that is not the case! There is a lot currently being done on golf courses to save water and these practises have been going on for many years. The aim of this article is to raise awareness about what the actual reality currently is at golf courses. To inform you about what actually happens behind the scenes and to explain how courses are busy saving water. I intend to balance out the scale between what the media has portrayed and what golf courses actually do. The truth is that there is a lot of effort that goes into sustaining the current

January | February 2017

water problem at golf courses, irrespective of what the media decides to say. So with that being said I started my research in Gauteng, speaking to numerous clubs regarding their water situation. I focused, not only on what is currently being done to save water, but I also looked into what future plans are in place for improving water distribution and usage on golf courses. I’ve broken it down into 3 main categories, namely: - Construction/design - Chemically/cultural - Irrigation control/programs These are three sectors that golf courses focus on when they determine where they are currently at when it comes to water saving, and how they plan to move forward in the future.


From an architectural point of view the golfing industry, nearly two decades ago, already started implementing water saving designs in/on golf courses. It was rather fascinating to discover how many courses spend a substantial amount of money, constructing and designing their course in a specific way in order to save water. The golfing industry is already very water conscious. Here are a few key factors used when designing a course. • Drainage • Dams/water features So I’m sure you are aware that drainage systems are designed to accumulate excess water and then deposit it, into the closest river. So the question got asked,” Why get rid of the water when we can make use of it?” Architectural designs of courses then started focusing on building dams to capture drain water and drainage pipes were installed to direct the captured water to these dams. Without mentioning names I will explain how one course was designed over a decade ago. Six massive water feature dams were built


S pecial feature - G olf C lub M anagement on and around the course. These dams were designed for water featuring purposes. Then two questions came into play, firstly- how do we top up water levels without using municipal water, and secondly- can we somehow use this water for irrigation purposes? So eventually a design was put together to cater for these needs. This is how it was achieved: The course was designed to be very hilly and full of slopes, with the main objective being to catch surface water (rain) via catch drains that were placed in the centre of the slope. This then sent the water to the closest dam for refilling. Two irrigation dams were built to sustain the course on a daily basis. The question got asked again,� How do we keep these dams full by staying of the grid?� The clubs location was taken into consideration and this enabled the designers to hook up all the storm water lines in the surrounding areas, and to run them into the irrigation dams. This was a rather genius plan. After a day of rain, and viola the dams are full! Millions of litres of water saved from our shockingly polluted rivers and streams. Thus a massive water capturing system was created, and not a single drop of municipal water was ever used to fill up the dams. Focusing on the right shaping/design on a course, and having a sufficient drainage system in place for optimum water uptake, is the direction that many golf courses are busy heading. This is just one of the major steps that golf courses have started incorporating in order to be more water conscious.

Chemical, organics and soil/gardens

While I was gathering information for the article, I had a long and interesting talk with Johan Van Vuuren, who is a consultant at 54 golf courses nationwide and has a MSC in soil science. We spoke about the current drought problem and he mentioned three major game changers that can help to sustain water on golf


courses. Namely chemical, soil amendments and type of soil. Chemical: Courses make use of something called a Soil surfactant. There are several different types of soil surfactants out on the market, and each cater for a specific need. The one I would like to explain works by binding the water molecule to soil particles. This creates water retention in the soil profile. This is important because the soil surfactant essentially helps to sustain moisture in the soil, which results in optimum water uptake into the plant. This results in less water being needed during irrigation than normal. There can be a reduction in the daily water requirement of between 20-30 percent in some cases. Soil amendments (porous ceramic/peat): Porous ceramics serve as a soil conditioner to enhance moisture availability in the soil. It was designed to absorb water and then release the water, gradually over time, back into the soil. It has similar traits than to Peat based on the water holding capacity. Peat has the same characteristics as ceramics, but where ceramics are a solid particle, the size of sand, peat is a finer substance that breaks down over time into organic material which the plant can use for nutritional purposes. These types of products have only recently been used by golf courses in the last few decades. The impact they’ve had on water savings, however, is massive. Soils/gardens: By introducing more of a clay type of soil to the course, greenkeepers started creating a better water holding capacity in their soil profile. A clay type of soil offers more than what a sandier type of soil can. This helps to save more water, due to the clay`s higher water holding capacity. Grass areas that used to need water on a daily basis, are often turned into low maintenance

January | February 2017

S pecial feature - G olf C lub M anagement gardens. The introduction of these gardens (fat plants) on golf courses, has also contributed to water saving. It is not uncommon to see many different fat plants and cactus in the garden beds on golf courses. By incorporating these types of vegetation, the water requirement has decreased. Where before these areas that used to be grass and needed water on a daily basis, are now surviving merely on rain water. There are many more products that I could’ve touched on, but the main idea is just to create a new and advanced picture of what the industry is currently doing.

Irrigation control

This is probably the best subject for me to touch on, because almost every one irrigates their garden on a daily basis. Irrigation systems are the way we get water out onto the golf course. Not many people are aware of the importance of a good irrigation system. By talking about some of the irrigation systems being used on courses to micro manage the water, it will hopefully motivate you to spruce up that old hosepipe and sprinkler system you have going at home. Not just now, but for a very long time, golf courses/suppliers have been investing in advanced irrigation systems. By advanced I mean a system that contains a pump station, sprinklers, fittings, satellite boxes, central control system and weather stations. These components are present in most of the golf courses across South Africa. So if you have the ideal setup will work as follows. The weather station will inform the central control system (computer) that it was “x” amount of degrees today and therefore it will need to put “x” amount of water back into the soil. This is to replace what was lost via evapotranspiration, which is essentially the amount of water/moisture that is being lost by the plant on a weekly basis via sun/heat.

January | February 2017

The greenkeeper checks the computer, and takes the evapotranspiration reading. He can then determine how many minutes each station/sprinkler needs to run for, in order to replace the water that was lost. Your computer then tells the satellite boxes to open up the solenoid valve, which then allows water flow to the sprinkler. And Bob`s your uncle. That’s how the irrigation system works in a nutshell. Every aspect of the irrigation system is designed to accommodate and manage the specific weather conditions on the course, including draught conditions. There are courses that do not have the funds available to afford an expensive weather station or central system. Their watering programs get monitored manually and physically according to the daily requirements on the course. The technology available helps us to micro-manage water on a daily basis. There are so many other aspects when it comes to irrigation control, for example positioning/angling of sprinklers, the correct pump sizes to sustain and maintain the correct pressure of water and leakage control that is monitored on a daily basis. All this gets overseen by the public and the media. Golf courses are doing everything that they can to save and use every drop of water. So in closing I would like to say that billions of dollars have gone into the golfing industry by developing, manufacturing and implementing products to essentially provide better water saving techniques. I hope that you have received adequate information from this article, to put your mind at ease and to show you that the golfing industry is doing everything in its power to save and manage water. In closing, I would like to leave you with a quote from the late Madiba: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”


A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G


January | February 2017

A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G

January | February 2017


A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G


January | February 2017

A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G



Wealthy Woods January | February 2017

iger Woods ranked No. 7 on Forbes first-ever list of America’s Wealthiest Celebrities with an estimated net worth of $740 million in 2016. The 14-time Majors winner ranked between Diddy ($750 million) and Dr. Dre ($710 million). Star Wars creator George Lucas topped the ranks with a $4.6 billion fortune. The only other athletes to crack the top 20 were NBA-legend Michael Jordan ($1.2 billion) and Woods’ long-time rival Phil Mickelson ($375 million). Woods, who turned 41 on Dec. 30, is the youngest member of the list.


A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G


January | February 2017

A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G

January | February 2017


R E S U LT S & R A N K I N G S Sunshine Tour

PGA TOUR ISPS HANDA World Cup of Golf Kingston Heath GC, 24 - 27 November 2016

Vodacom Origins of Golf Final St Francis Links, 3 - 6 November 2016 1 2 T3

6 T7 T9

Mark Williams RSA Christiaan Bezuidenhout RSA Keith Horne RSA Madalitso Muthiya ZAM Jacques Blaauw RSA Andrew Odoh KEN Andrew Georgiou CYP Anthony Michael RSA Doug McGuigan RSA Ryan Cairns ZIM

68-67-70 205 70-67-70 207 71-71-68 210 69-71-70 210 70-70-70 210 71-72-68 211 75-70-67 212 69-72-71 212 71-72-70 213 72-70-71 213

(-11) R 118,875.00 (-9) R 86,250.00 (-6) R 47,500.00 (-6) R 47,500.00 (-6) R 47,500.00 (-5) R 28,500.00 (-4) R 22,125.00 (-4) R 22,125.00 (-3) R 17,625.00 (-3) R 17,625.00

T1 Soren Kjeldsen & Thorbjorn Oleson DEN 72-60-70-66 268 (-20) $ 2,560,000.00 T2 Victor Dubuisson & Romain Langasque FRA 70-67-72-63 272 (-16) $ 880,333.00 Hao Tong Li & Ashun Wu

CHI 70-65-72-65 272 (-16) $ 880,333.00

Jimmy Walker & Ricky Fowler

USA 70-67-69-66 272 (-16) $ 880,333.00

5 David Lingmerth & Alex Noren

SWE 72-66-73-62 273 (-15) $ 380,000.00

Other Southern Africans T13 George Coetzee & Jaco van Zyl RSA 76-66-71-66 279 (-9) $ 83,500.00

Lion of Africa Cape Town Open Royal Cape Golf Club, 24 - 27 November 2016 1 T2

Jacques Kruyswijk Brandon Stone Justin Harding T4 Zander Lombard Mark Williams Andre de Decker 7 Jaco Ahlers T8 Dylan Frittelli Dean Burmester T10 Jake Redman Jacques Blaauw Tjaart van der Walt Jbe’ Kruger


67-66-68-70 66-70-70-67 68-68-68-69 69-72-67-66 70-67-70-67 70-70-66-68 68-72-68-67 69-73-70-64 70-71-67-68 71-70-72-64 70-69-70-68 69-70-69-69 70-68-67-72

271 (-17) 273 (-15) 273 (-15) 274 (-14) 274 (-14) 274 (-14) 275 (-13) 276 (-12) 276 (-12) 277 (-11) 277 (-11) 277 (-11) 277 (-11)

R 237,750.00 R 138,150.00 R 138,150.00 R 62,900.00 R 62,900.00 R 62,900.00 R 44,500.00 R 34,650.00 R 34,650.00 R 26 212.50 R 26,212.50 R 26,212.50 R 26,212.50

Order of merit as AT 19 DECEMBER 2016 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20


Brandon Stone Charl Schwartzel Richard Sterne Haydn Porteous Zander Lombard Christiaan Bezuidenhout Dean Burmester Justin Walters Anthony Michael George Coetzee Jacques Blaauw Tano Goya Ross McGowan Keith Horne Jaco Ahlers Jaco Van Zyl Mark Williams Dylan Frittelli Jacques Kruyswijk Louis de Jager Branden Grace Ruan de Smidt Adilson Da Silva


9 2 7 7 18 18 12 8 21 7 16 3 8 13 18 7 24 9 19 21 2 25 10

R 6,572,988.95 R 3,527,505.18 R 3,279,361.47 R 3,089,005.58 R 2,853,340.12 R 2,292,506.61 R2,212,576.28 R 2,162,516.67 R 1,660,340.61 R 1,515,921.08 R 1,207,406.50 R 1,207,248.00 R1,180,548.60 R 1,168,087.75 R 1,117,478.33 R 1,020,189.83 R 938,801.99 R 923,154.02 R 875,621.83 R 805,475.50 R 785,027.63 R 771,944.33 R 706,891.00

Well done Denmark, winners of the World Cup of Golf.

Hero World Challenge Albany New Providence, 1 - 4 December 2016 1

Hideki Matsuyama

JON 65-67-65-73

270 (-18) $ 1,000,000.00


Henrik Stenson

SWE 67-71-66-68

272 (-16) $ 400,000.00



Rickie Fowler

USA 68-70-68-69

275 (-13) $ 191,667.00

Dustin Johnson

USA 66-66-72-71

275 (-13) $ 191,667.00

Matt Kuchar

USA 67-67-71-70

275 (-13) $ 191,667.00

Brandt Snedeker

USA 72-64-69-72

277 (-11) $ 140,000.00

Jordan Spieth

USA 68-69-70-70

277 (-11) $ 140,000.00

Bubba Watson

USA 72-63-75-67

277 (-11) $ 140,000.00


Louis Oosthuizen


Patrick Reed

USA 72-69-71-68

280 (-8)

$ 120,000.00


J.B. Holmes

USA 64-73-70-74

281 (-7)

$ 115,000.00


Zach Johnson

USA 72-69-70-71

282 (-6)

$ 110,000.00


Brooks Koepka

USA 72-68-72-71

283 (-5)

$ 108,500.00

Jimmy Walker

USA 70-74-66-73

283 (-5)

$ 108,500.00


Tiger Woods

USA 73-65-70-76

284 (-4)

$ 107,000.00


Russell Knox

SCO 69-72-71-74


(-2) $ 106,000.00


Emiliano Grillo

ARG 70-72-75-72


(+1) $ 105,000.00


Justin Rose

ENG 74

RSA 67-67-73-72 279 (-9) $ 125,000.00


January | February 2017

R E S U LT S & R A N K I N G S PGA Tour Order of merit as AT 19 DECEMBER 2016 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Hideki Matsuyama Pat Perez Justin Thomas Mackenzie Hughes Rod Pampling Brendan Steele Cody Gribble Scott Piercy Gary Woodland Daniel Berger


2 3 3 5 3 3 5 5 3 2

$ 2,376,000.00 $ 1,502,685.00 $ 1,502,167.00 $ 1,245,738.00 $ 1,201,514.00 $ 1,173,038.00 $ 1,030,195.00 $ 830,664.00 $ 826,751.00 $ 803,576.00

Other South Africans 54 Tyrone Van Aswegen 89 Branden Grace 119 Charl Schwartzel 135 Louis Oosthuizen 154 Brendon de Jonge 164 Ernie Els 169 Rory Sabbatini


5 2 1 1 3 4 3

$ 242,634.00 $ 108,983.00 $ 72,000.00 $ 58,500.00 $ 40,833.00 $ 27,308.00 $ 25,451.00 TOUR Tour regular season final order of merit as of 19 December 2016 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Wesley Bryan Richy Werenski J.J. Spaun Ryan Brehm Martin Flores Ollie Schniederjans Dominic Bozzelli Trey Mullinax Seamus Power J.T. Poston

Other South Africans 135 Kyle Scott 183 Garth Mulroy


13 19 20 21 18 17 15 19 19 15

$ 449,392.00 $ 351,770.00 $ 350,832.00 $ 281,809.00 $ 281,403.00 $ 279,127.00 $ 214,307.00 $ 212,016.00 $ 209,590.00 $ 205,597.00


20 3

$ 21,417.00 $ 4,095.00

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Tour Finals order of merit as AT 19 December 2016

Grayson Murray Michael Thompson Bryson DeChambeau Cameron Smith Miguel Angel Carballo Andres Gonzales Nicholas Lindheim Julian Etulain Scott Stallings Zack Sucher Will MacKenzie Martin Flores Kevin Tway Andrew Johnston Rod Pampling Gonzalo Fdez-Castano Ryan Blaum Steven Alker Xander Schauffele Mackenzie Hughes Brett Drewitt D.A. Points Whee Kim Cody Gribble

Other South Africans 26 Rory Sabbatini 51 Thomas Aiken


3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

$ 248,000.00 $ 184,000.00 $ 180,000.00 $ 114,910.00 $ 108,000.00 $106,267.00 $ 83,093.00 $ 77,617.00 $ 75,505.00 $ 71,018.00 $ 67,500.00 $ 64,910.00 $ 63,975.00 $ 54,910.00 $ 52,033.00 $ 49,926.00 $ 49,100.00 $ 43,600.00 $ 42,395.00 $ 42,070.00 $ 42,035.00 $ 37,950.00 $ 36,975.00 $ 35,125.00


3 3

$ 32,375.00 $ 14,663.00

CHAMPIoNS TOUR Champions Tour order of merit as of 19 December 2016

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Bernhard Langer Colin Montgomerie Joe Durant Miguel Angel Jimenez Scott McCarron Kevin Sutherland Woody Austin Paul Goydos Gene Sauers Duffy Waldorf

Other South Africans 13 David Frost


21 22 25 13 24 23 24 26 22 26

$ 3,016,959.00 $ 1,723,318.00 $ 1,635,147.00 $ 1,613,820.00 $ 1,562,802.00 $ 1,456,147.00 $ 1,431,669.00 $ 1,284,819.00 $ 1,258,598.00 $ 1,239,220.00



$ 1,041,724.00

EUROPEAN TOUR Alfred Dunhill Championship Leopard Creek CC, 1 - 4 December 2017

Wesley Bryan, 2016 order of merit leader.

January | February 2017

1 Stone Brandon 2 Sterne Richard 3 Detry Thomas T4 Aiken Thomas Hebert Benjamin Jamieson Scott Pigem Carlos Schwartzel Charl

RSA Rsa Bel Rsa Fra Sco Esp Rsa

67-66-66- 67 68-70-68-67 69-71-67-68 69-67-71-69 70-66-68-72 67-71-69-69 68-69-70-69 66-68-68-74

266 273 275 276 276 276 276 276

(-22) € 190,200.00 (-15) € 138,000.00 (-13) € 83,040.00 (-12) € 40,300.00 (-12) € 40,300.00 (-12) € 40,300.00 (-12) € 40,300.00 (-12) € 40,300.00


calend A r

Sunshine Tour

DATE EVENT VENUE JANUARY 2017 12 - 15 24 - 27

BMW SA Open Vusi Ngubeni Q School

Glendower GC Modderfontein GC

FEBRUARY 2017 9 - 12 Eye of Africa PGA Championship 16 - 19 Dimension Data Pro-Am 23 - 27 Joburg Open

Eye of Africa GE Fancourt Royal Jhb and Kensington GC

MARCH 2017 2 - 5 13 - 17

Pretoria CC Randpark GC

Tshwane Open Qualifying School

Amateur events - Men

DATE EVENT VENUE JANUARY 2017 4 - 5 4 - 6 8 - 9 14 - 15 15 20 - 22 21 - 22 27 - 29

Nomads Inland Nomads SA Boys U15 Nomads Coastal Free State Senior Open Central Gauteng Mid-Amateur Open Free State Open Gauteng North Senior Open Gauteng North Open

Benoni CC Koro Creek GC Royal Durban GC Heron Banks GC Kyalami CC Maccauvlei GC Woodhill CC Wingate Park CC

FEBRUARY 2017 4 - 5 7 - 10 11 - 12 12 14 - 16

Senior Players Championship South African Stroke Play Championship Central Gauteng Senior Open Ekurhuleni Mid-Amateur Open Cape Province Open

Gary Player CC Kingswood GE Ruimsig CC State Mines CC George GC

CONTAC T DETAILS Boland Golf Union Border Golf Union Central Gauteng Golf Union Eastern Gauteng Golf Union


(021) 873 6828 (043) 740 3899 (011) 485 4251 (011) 425 5316

Freestate and Northern Cape Golf Union Gauteng North Golf Union Karoo Golf Union Sunshine Tour

(057) 899 1724 (012) 667 1087 (054) 332 3323 (021) 850 6500

January | February 2017

calend A r

events calendar JAN/FEB/MARCH 2017 Amateur events - Men (continued)

DATE EVENT VENUE FEBRUARY 2017 19 - 20 21 - 24 23 26 - 27 28 Feb - 3 Mar

Sanlam SA Amateur Championship Qualifying Sanlam SA Amateur Championship MP WP Senior Open Winelands & African Senior Open African Amateur Stroke Play Championship

Humewood GC Humewood GC Steenberg GC De Zalze GC Leopard Creek

MARCH 2017 5 7 - 9 7 12 - 13 19 - 21 22 - 24

Gauteng North Mid-Amateur Curro SA Junior International Triangular SAGA Juniors KZN Senior Open Northern Amateur Qual Northern Amateur MP

Open Irene CC Durbanville GC Wanderers GC Victoria CC Randpark GC Randpark GC

Amateur events - Women

DATE EVENT VENUE JANUARY 2017 4 - 5 4 - 6 7 - 8 19 - 21 26 - 28

Boland Junior Championship Supersport Ladies Challenge Nomads WP Junior Championship SA Masters SA Womens Open

Robertson GC Huddle Park GC Kuilsriver GC Rondebosch GC San Lameer GC

FEBRUARY 2017 31Jan - 2 5 12 - 14 18 - 19 21 - 23 25 - 26

Feb Ladies Tshwane Open Gauteng North Junior Girls Open Eastern Province Championship Border Championship Sunshine Ladies Tour Classic North West Championships

Zwartkop CC Silver Lakes CC Humewood GC East London GC Glendower GC TBC

MARCH 2017 3 - 5 7 - 9 12 - 14

Western Province Amateur Championship Curro SA Juniors International Kwazulu Natal Championships

TBC Durbanville GC Kloof CC

CONTAC T DETAILS KZN Golf Union Mpumalanga Golf Union Limpopo Golf Union North-West Province Golf Union

January | February 2017

(031) 202 7636 (013) 692 3002 (015) 295 4118 (044) 533 3507

Southern Cape Golf Union Eastern Cape Golf Union Western Province Golf Union Sunshine Tour (Joanne)

(044) 873 5823 (043) 735 4443 (021) 686 1668 (021) 850 6500


R E S U LT S & R A N K I N G S Other South Africans T10 Easton Bryce Rsa T11 Ahlers Jaco Rsa Horne Keith Rsa T17 Burmester Dean Rsa T20 Grace Branden Rsa Van Den Berg Ulrich Rsa T25 Fritteli Dylan Rsa Roos Jake Rsa 28 Ritchie Jc Rsa T 32 Coetzee George Rsa Kruger Jbe Rsa Van Der Walt Tjaart Rsa Van Rooyen Erik Rsa T37 Davidse Keenan Rsa Groenewald Vaughn Rsa Mulroy Garth Rsa T44 Strydom Jean-Paul Rsa West Rhys Rsa T48 Hugo Jean Rsa Schietekat Neil Rsa T51 Harding Justin Rsa Mcguigan Doug Rsa T56 Bezuidenhout Christiaan Rsa Curlewis Andrew Rsa Lombard Zander Rsa 62 Du Plessis Hennie Rsa T63 Mowat Callum Rsa Mstrydom Ockie Rsa Swanepoel Chris Rsa 68 Karmis Peter Rsa 70 Norris Shaun Rsa 72 Michael Anthony Rsa

70-69-67-71 68-70-74-66 69-66-67-76 68-72-71-68 69-67-71-73 70-70-68-72 68-71-72-71 71-70-68-73 70-69-68-76 70-65-76-73 71-70-73-70 69-72-70-73 71-70-69-74 73-70-71-71 70-73-73-69 69-73-73-70 70-72-70-75 70-73-75-69 67-69-76-76 70-72-72-74 68-71-73-77 70-70-74-75 70-67-84-69 75-68-72-75 74-68-76-72 73-69-74-75 73-70-75-74 72-71-80-69 76-66-74-76 70-71-81-72 71-72-81-71 69-72-74-81

277 278 278 279 280 280 282 282 283 284 284 284 284 285 285 285 287 287 288 288 289 289 290 290 290 291 292 292 292 294 295 296

Australian PGA Championship RACV Royal Pines Resort, 1 - 4 December 2016 1 Varner Iii Harold 2 Dodt Andrew 3 Scott Adam 4 Hall Ashley 5 Rumford Brett Other South Africans T25 Van Zyl Jaco

1 2 T3

Brazel Sam Cabrera Bello Rafa Dodt Andrew Fleetwood Tommy 5 Lipsky David Other South Africans T10 Kruger Jbe T29 Walters Justin

€ 23,520.00 € 18,580.00 € 18,580.00 € 15,240.00 € 13,720.00 € 13,720.00 € 11,880.00 € 11,880.00 € 10,650.00 € 9,480.00 € 9,480.00 € 9,480.00 € 9,480.00 € 8,160.00 € 8,160.00 € 8,160.00 € 6,720.00 € 6,720.00 € 5,880.00 € 5,880.00 € 4,920.00 € 4,920.00 € 3,800.00 € 3,800.00 € 3,800.00 € 3,360.00 € 3,060.00 € 3,060.00 € 3,060.00 € 2,580.00 € 2,100.00 € 1,797.00

(-19) (-17) (-15) (-14) (-10)

€ 175,630.00 € 117,082.00 € 65,966.00 € 52,689.00 € 44,680.00

Usa Aus Aus Aus Aus

65-72-67-65 65-67-70-69 68-68-70-67 65-69-70-70 69-71-71-67


74-72-68-71 285 (-3) € 10,485.00

UBS Hong Kong Open Hong Kong GC, 8 - 11 December 2016

269 271 273 274 278

(-11) (-10) (-10) (-9) (-8) (-8) (-6) (-6) (-5) (-4) (-4) (-4) (-4) (-3) (-3) (-3) (-1) (-1) (0) (0) (+1) (+1) (+2) (+2) (+2) (+3) (+4) (+4) (+4) (+6) (+7) (+8)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Dodt Andrew Cabrera Bello Rafa Stone Brandon Varner Iii Harold Sterne Richard Fleetwood Tommy Detry Thomas Lipsky David Willett Danny Pigem Carlos

Aus Esp Rsa Usa Rsa Eng Bel Usa Eng Esp

2 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 2

€ 222,425.00 € 207,896.00 € 190,200.00 € 175,631.00 € 138,000.00 € 105,342.00 € 83,040.00 € 79,334.00 € 65,488.00 € 64,029.00

Other South Africans 16 Kruger Jbe T17 Schwartzel Charl Aiken Thomas 38 Easton Bryce T46 Horne Keith Ahlers Jaco 53 Walters Justin 55 Burmester Dean 59 Grace Branden 59 Van Den Berg Ulrich T68 Frittelli Dylan Roos Jake T74 Van Zyl Jaco T76 Coetzee George Van Der Walt Tjaart Van Rooyen Erik T86 Mulroy Garth T97 Hugo Jean

Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa

2 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

€ 43,019.00 € 40,300.00 € 40,300.00 €23,520.00 € 18,580.00 € 18,580.00 € 15,557.00 € 15,240.00 € 13,720.00 € 13,720.00 € 11,880.00 € 11,880.00 € 10,485.00 € 9,480.00 € 9,480.00 € 9,480.00 € 8,160.00 € 5,880.00

EUROPEAN CHALLENGE TOUR Final Challenge Tour order if Merit as AT 19 December 2016

Aus Esp Aus Eng Usa

66-66-67-68 64-65-70-69 69-67-67-66 66-68-67-68 66-70-66-68

267 268 269 269 270

(-13) (-12) (-11) (-11) (-10)

€ 311,843.00 € 207,895.00 € 105,341.00 € 105,341.00 € 79,333.00

Rsa Rsa

66-72-69-67 274 (-6) € 33,539.00 67-67-69-77 277 (-3) € 15,556.00 Well done Brandon Stone with your second European Tour win.


European Tour Order Of Merit As At 19 December 2016

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Jordan L Smith Bernd Ritthammer Alexander Knappe Ryan Fox Sam Walker Matthieu Pavon Alexander Björk Dylan Frittelli Romain Langasque Duncan Stewart

Eng Ger Ger Nzl Eng Fra Swe Rsa Fra Sco

22 20 20 13 15 20 20 18 18 24

€ 239,985.00 € 209,953.00 € 193,500.00 € 160,768.00 € 158,370.00 € 150,504.00 € 135,006.00 € 120,892.00 € 118,087.00 € 115,764.00

Other South Africans 81 Thriston Lawrence Rsa 108 Jacques Blaauw Rsa 112 Christiaan Bezuidenhout Rsa 157 Michael G Palmer Rsa

9 6 6 14

€ 20,370.00 € 10,845.00 € 10,510.00 € 3,945.00

January | February 2017


EUROPEAN SENIORS TOUR Final European Seniors Tour order of merit as AT 19 December 2016 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Paul Broadhurst Magnus P Atlevi André Bossert Peter Fowler Barry Lane Philip Golding Stephen Dodd Tim Thelen Gordon Manson Gary Marks

Other South Africans 12 James Kingston 22 Chris Williams

Eng Swe Sui Aus Eng Eng Wal Usa Aut Eng

Rsa Rsa

9 11 12 12 12 13 8 12 12 11

11 12

€ 399,285.00 € 211,557.00 € 144,866.00 € 138,945.00 € 128,760.00 € 124,155.00 €121,505.00 € 119,411.00 €108,698.00 € 107,343.00

€ 104,299.00 € 71,784.00

Final Ladies european tour order of merit as AT 19 December 2016 1

Beth Allen



€ 313,079.27


Aditi Ashok



€ 206,664.97


Florentyna Parker



€ 175,361.77


Georgia Hall



€ 170,939.70


Isabelle Boineau



€ 156,116.41


Nanna Koerstz Madsen



€ 142,465.56


Emily Kristine Pedersen



€ 131,944.23


Caroline Hedwall



€ 110,094.82


Camilla Lennarth



€ 108,693.89



€ 103,220.07

40 Ashleigh Simon



€ 38,799.93

47 Stacy Lee Bregman



€ 33,914.20

48 Nicole Garcia



€ 33,381.16

85 Connie Chen



€ 16,002.53

10 Nuria Iturrios Other South Africans


Official world golf rankings as AT 19 december 2016

Ariya Jutanugarn LPGA 2016 order if merit winner.

Final LPGA order of merit as at 19 December 2016 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Ariya Jutanugarn Lydia KO Brooke M. Henderson In Gee Chun Shanshan Feng Sei Young Kim Anna Nordqvist Ha Na Jang Brittany Lang So Yeon Ryu

Other South Africans 35 Lee-Anne Pace 73 Paula Reto 106 Ashleigh Simon 133 Bertine Strauss



January | February 2017

28 24 31 19 21 25 25 21 28 24

26 26 16 18

$ 2,550,928.00 $ 2,492,994.00 $ 1,724,409.00 $ 1,501,102.00 $ 1,458,579.00 $ 1,445,937.00 $ 1,424,685.00 $ 1,383,575.00 $ 1,259,787.00 $ 1,259,485.00

$ 523,911.00 $ 220,038.00 $ 73,210.00 $ 33,478.00


Jason Day





Rory McIlroy





Dustin Johnson





Henrik Stenson





Jordan Spieth





Hideki Matsuyama





Adam Scott





Patrick Reed





Alex Noren




10 Bubba Watson




16 Branden Grace




23 Charl Schwartzel




25 Louis Oosthuizen




75 Brandon Stone




94 Richard Sterne




104 Jaco Van Zyl




144 George Coetzee




151 Dylan Frittelli




189 Dean Burmester




193 Thomas Aiken




Other South Africans


A ffordable golf – G arden R oute


January | February 2017

A ffordable golf – G arden R oute

January | February 2017



SA Hall of Fame honours legendary Little


ormer South African Women’s Open champion Tandi von Ruben lifted the inaugural PinkStig Invitational title at the Lost City, but the day belonged to legendary Major champion Sally Little, who was inducted into the South African Hall of Fame at the end of last year.

African Sportsman of the Year in 1970.

Little became the first South African golfer to receive this honour and her memorable achievement was celebrated in the Warrior Hall of the Sun International Convention Centre at Sun City.

In 1976, she holed a 75 foot bunker shot at the final hole of the Women’s International to celebrate her maiden win with a one shot victory. She amassed 12 titles between 1979 and 1982, including her first major title at the 1980 LPGA Championship.

“I am proudly South African, always have been and always will be and this is an incredibly special moment for me,” Little said. “To be inducted in the South African Hall of Fame here in my home country after these years means the absolute world to me.”

She made an immediate impression, qualifying for LPGA Tour status in just seven events and was rewarded at the end of her first season with the LPGA Tour Rookie of the Year award.

The induction honours a prolific amateur and professional career spanning 28 years.

Consistently ranked in the top five in the world over the next 10 years, Little added the Du Maurier to her Major titles and pushed her tally on the LPGA Tour to 15 victories. Her supremacy was even evident even here in South Africa when she scored a runaway victory in the inaugural SA Women’s Masters in 1996.

Little won a slew of amateur titles, including the SA Women’s Match Play and Stroke titles before the age of 18. When the SA Golf Hall of Famer finished fifth in her first professional event, the Lady Carling Open, she decided to ply her craft on the LPGA Tour shortly after she was named the South

South Africa boasts seven male Major winners, but by and large Little remains the country’s most successful female golfer. It was this accomplishment that earned Little a spot among the country’s top sport stars in the South African Hall of Fame.


January | February 2017

A ffordable golf – E astern C ape

January | February 2017



Stylish Stapes seals Bobby Locke Open “As a working man I couldn’t take time off to compete in more than one tournament and the Test. I never missed one Bobby Locke Invitational since it launched some eight years ago, so I decided to play the new Bobby Locke Open for sentimental reasons. “I won’t lie, it was tough to play the 36 holes in the final round and even tougher to play against Garrick, who is only 16. I got really tired towards the end, but the birdies at 12 and 16 gave me the kick I needed to take it all the way to the finish line.


haun Stapleton had a one shot victory in the inaugural Bobby Locke Open at Parkview GC late in November. The Wanderers golfer opened with a 70 in the weather-hit first round and carded a 69 in the second round to pull within two shots of the 36-hole leader Garrick Higgo. On the Wednesday morning, Stapleton overhauled the rising star from Boland with another 70 in the third round and he followed with an even-par 72 in the afternoon to secure victory at seven under 281. The 40-year-old software developer said he decided to enter the event to get some competitive rounds ahead of the Test against India. “The new Bobby Locke Open forms part of a three-event series in Central Gauteng that also includes the Central Gauteng Open and Harry Oppenheimer Trophy,” Stapleton said. “All three events carry Open Amateur ranking points, so I knew the top amateurs in the country would be coming up to compete in these events.


“I won a couple of mid-amateur tournaments this year, but to win against the top young amateurs in the country is really, really special.

Final Result (Top 10) 281

Shaun Stapleton

70 69 70 72


Garrick Higgo

69 68 73 72


Keanu Pestana

74 71 73 70;

Brandon Cloete

72 71 72 73


Louis Albertse

73 68 78 72


Aneurin Gounden

76 73 72 71


Adriel Poonan

75 70 75 73;

James Pennington

74 75 73 71


Matthew Kiewitz

75 74 74 71


Brody Leather

75 73 77 70;

Therion Nel

75 73 77 70;

Luke Jerling

74 76 75 70;

Andre van Heerden (Jnr)

74 69 77 75;

Steven le Roux

72 74 73 76

January | February 2017


Garrick Higgo celebrates success in the Central Gauteng Open


oland junior Garrick Higgo bounced back from a narrow loss in the Bobby Locke Open to celebrate success in the Central Gauteng Open in late November. The 16-year-old from De Zalze fired rounds of 68, 70 and 67 at the East Course of Royal Johannesburg and Kensington GC to triumph on 11-under-par 205. He signed off with a birdie-eagle finish in the weather-reduced event to edge out Combrinck Smit from KwaZulu-Natal by one shot. The win marked a second visit to the winner’s circle in Central Gauteng this season for the reigning Curro SA Junior International Boys champion. Higgo highlighted his rising star status when he won the Pro Shop Northern Amateur Championship at Randpark GC in March and he came agonisingly close again at Parkview GC. He led through the first two rounds of the event but was pipped at the post by Shaun Stapleton, one of South Africa’s leading mid-amateurs. Stapleton was impressed by the young gun’s skills and tenacity and backed Higgo to win at least one of the remaining two tournaments in the trio of events on the Central Gauteng swing. “The Open win was down to a positive attitude, confidence in my game, a well-laid game plan and course management. I didn’t take unnecessary risks and I made the most when opportunities presented itself.

“It was really great to win at the home of the Joburg Open and the Joburg Junior Open, because the East Course is a real beast. To come

January | February 2017

out on top at a tough course like that gave me a huge injection of confidence. South Africa’s top ranked Open Amateur Marco Steyn won the Closed on six under 209. The Modderfontein golfer returned rounds of 68, 70 and 71.

Final Result – (Top 10) 205 206 208 209 210 211 212

Garrick Higgo Combrinck Smit Therion Nel Malcolm Mitchell Marco Steyn Aubrey Beckley Ruan Conradie David Mcintyre Danie van Niekerk Albert Venter Karabo Mokoena Otto van Buynder Steven le Roux

68 70 67 66 72 68 71 68 69 74 68 67; 68 70 71 70 71 69 72 71 68; 69 66 76; 66 72 73 72 68 72; 70 72 70; 70 70 72; 69 70 73



Magnificent Mistry rises to SA number 1!


ajal Mistry from Bryanston put an exclamation point on a very successful 2016 season by moving into the top spot in Womens Golf South Africa’s Senior Rankings last yer November. The 16-year-old Randpark golfer celebrated a hat-trick of wins this season with a two shot margin in the Mpumalanga Open and Closed Championship at Middelburg CC. Mistry returned rounds of 72, 70 and 73 to triumph on one-under-par 215. She was the only player to complete the event with a subpar score and she finished two shots clear of Zethu Myeki from Border and Gauteng North’s Danielle du Toit. Before her maiden provincial breakthrough in the Ekurhuleni Championship in early September, Mistry launched a steady rise in the rankings with a fistful of top 10 finishes, including second places in the WGSA 72-Hole Teams and the ProShop Gauteng 36-hole Stroke Play Championships. She added the Boland Championship title to her winning tally in late September and came


into the final event with successive top five finishes in the SA Inter-Provincial Individual Stroke Play and the Ackerman Championship. “This was the perfect ending to Kajal’s season and I couldn’t be happier for her,” said Telfer, who will be taking up a golf scholarship at Auburn University in Alabama next August. “I know how incredibly hard she has worked for this. She has come so far and she is only 16. She is getting better all the time and I think Kajal will be a real force next season.”

Final Result (Top 10) 215 217 217 218 221 221 221 226 229 229

Kajal Mistry (Randpark GC) Zethu Myeki (East London GC) Danielle Du Toit (Pretoria CC) Woo-Ju Son (CC Johannesburg) Sarah Bouch (Serengeti G&WE) Chiara Contomathios (Wanderers GC) Symone Henriques (Glenvista CC) Kaleigh Telfer (Bryanston CC) Bianca Wernich (Schoeman Park GC) Kiera Floyd (Benoni CC)

72 70 73 75 72 70 73 69 75 76 72 70 74 73 74 70 75 76 75 74 72 75 72 79 75 77 77 79 75 75

January | February 2017


SA golf mourns Mellette Hendrikse


he late Mellette Hendrikse. The South African golfing community is reeling with shock at the unexpected passing of one of its most passionate administrators, Mellette Hendrikse. Mellette was extremely well known and respected, both as a player and golf administrator, and we were incredibly saddened to learn that he passed away after suffering a heart attack at the end of November. “We wish to express our heartfelt condolences to his wife Angie and his children. We have lost a real force for good and his sudden passing will be felt at many levels in the golfing community in the months to come. “He was the kind of person who was always willing to give his time and Mellette will be warmly remembered for his skilful support, knowledge and unwavering commitment to growing the game of golf in South Africa.”

Golf RSA CEO Grant Hepburn said South African golf has lost a true hero. “It was with deep sadness that I learned of Mellette’s passing,” Hepburn said “I know it would embarrass him to hear me call him a hero, but his untimely departure will definitely leave a vacuum in the golfing community. At the age of 56, the two-time Indwe Risk Services SA Senior Stroke Play Championship winner and former number one ranked senior was selected alongside Steve Williams, Francois le Roux and Morgan Phillips to represent South Africa in a Test against India in December.

A former member of the South African National Defence Force, Hendrikse competed on the Sunshine Tour from 1998 to 2000 before he took back his amateur status and turned his passion for the game to golf administration.

Team manager Jock Wellington said “It was his life-long dream to earn national colours and to represent South Africa on the international stage and Mellette was incredibly excited at the prospect of playing India’s number one, former international cricketer Kapil Dev, whom he greatly admired.

“Mellette was a tour de force on the South African senior amateur golf circuit and he represented Gauteng North Golf Union and his home club with great pride, but he was also one of the most dedicated golf administrators to serve this country,” said Gauteng North Golf Union president Johan Struwig.

“We are very shocked and saddened to lose not only a team-mate, but a friend and on a personal level, it is going to be tough for me to step into Mellette’s shoes as the reserve. We are dedicating the Test to Mellette’s memory and we are committed to do him proud in our international debut in Calcutta.”

January | February 2017



South Africa wins first ever Test against India


outh Africa celebrated a crushing victory in the inaugural Golf Test Series against India at the Royal Calcutta GC last month. The South African team vowed to win the Test for fallen team-mate Mellette Hendrikse. True to their word, the four-man senior and mid-Amateur sides clinched six of the eight Singles matches to defeat the host nation 11.5 - 4.5. “Our boys played really well throughout the Test,” said elated team manager Jock Welling-


ton. “Every time one of us struggled, someone else stepped it up and this victory was really a superb team effort. The course was set up quite long, which I don’t thing suited the Indian seniors, but hats off to them – they showed unbelievable spirit and never backed down. This was a great experience for both teams and we all enjoyed ourselves very much.” With pride on the line, the Indian team started the Singles with vengeance and all the mid-amateurs bar Gerlou Roux was on the back foot early on. “Josef Fourie was first out and he was two down after seven holes to H S Kang. Josie hooked his drive into the trees on the eighth,

January | February 2017

A M AT E U R N E W S but he showed some great depth of character to fight back to lead 2-up through 16 holes. He gave a shot back a shot at 17, but a careening four-iron from 190 yards into the 18th green left him just 15 feet short of the hole. He rolled the putt straight down the middle of the cup to put our first point on the board.” Roux from Western Province was on fire in his tussle against Aditya Khaitan. The two-time SA Mid-Amateur Stroke Play champion won the first three holes and a birdie at the 12th saw him dispatch the Royal Calcutta GC captain 7 & 6 for South Africa’s second point. “Gerlou was five under through 12 not surprisingly, he was named ‘Player of the Day’,” Younge said. “Shaun (Stapleton) seemed out of sorts for most of the morning and was either down or square for most of his match against Kailash Dhiwar. They were all square going down the last when Stapes rifled a five-wood from 210 yards out to eight feet. Kailash hit an equally superb approach into the heart of the green, but unfortunately he three-putted and Stapes holed for a 1-up victory which effectively won the Golf Test Series for us.” Stefan Blommaert from Western Province faced India’s number one ranked mid-amateur Simarjeet Singh. The Western Province player was 2-down early on, but rallied to lead 2-up through the next 14 holes. Singh turned the match in his favour down the home stretch and claimed a 2 & 1 victory at 17. “The seniors were the back bone of the team from the first round and even fighting bronchi-

January | February 2017

tis, Jock and Morgan (Phillips) left nothing out there,” said Younge. “Jock was rock solid, making par after par, but Amit Luthra made a few birdies coming home that helped the Indian giant to close out a 3 & 2 victory. Poor Morgan was seriously uncomfortable in the humidity with a fever and sweats. I talked to him about stamping our authority on the match and it wasn’t long before he led Anil Jule 2-up through 12 holes. “Morgan was still dormie up when they reached the 17th where he drove his tee shot into the dry hazard. The Indian team smelled blood, but in true Houdini style, Morgan hit it centre green and two-putted to win the match 1-up.” In the final two matches, Western Province’s Francois Le Roux faced Vijay Kumar Bhadana and reigning SA Senior Stroke Play champion Steve Williams went up against Sanjay Kolhatkar. “Steve and Francois showed their class with all-round solid displays,” said Younge. “Francois closed out a 3 & 2 win while Steve bided his time to win 3 & 1 to close out our victory.” South African Golf Association acting president Geoff Taylor said both teams enjoyed seeing Chairman of the Indian Golf Union’s International Committee Dilip Thomas out on the course. “We all enjoyed meeting Dilip, who came up with the concept of the Golf Test Series with Johann Rupert and Golf RSA CEO Grant Hepburn during last year’s Alfred Dunhill Links Championship. That set the wheels in motion between the Indian Golf Union and South Africa Golf Association and an annual reciprocal partnership was struck.”


A ffordable golf – K Z N


January | February 2017

A ffordable golf – K Z N

January | February 2017


A ffordable golf – K Z N


January | February 2017

A ffordable golf – K Z N

• 10-15 minutes from the following attractions:

Several Premier Championship Golf Courses

** All popular Durban and Umhlanga Rocks swimming beaches

** uShaka Marine World ** Gateway Theatre of Shopping and Entertainment World ** King Shaka International Airport ** ICC International Convention Centre ** All Kingspark Sporting Stadia / ** Moses Mabhida Stadium • 5 Minutes from - La Lucia Mall • 2 Minutes from - Several popular family restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, supermarkets, shops & banks Contact Lawrie and Lorraine Stewart: | 083 625 7546 9 Clinch Crescent, Glenashley, Durban North |

January | February 2017


A ffordable NE WSgolf CLIP – K Z N

IGT Tour boost for Gary Player Class of 2017


he Gary Player Class of 2017, the development initiative announced by the Sunshine Tour on November 14, has created more opportunities for its players to play tournament golf in 2017 with a recently concluded association with the IGT Tour.

we’re pleased to be working with the IGT Tour.”

There will be free entry to all IGT Tour events for the 30 players from the Gary Player Class of 2017, a group that will be assisted in a series of three planned ‘boot camps’ and will be assessed with regards to all aspects of their game. Mental coaches, swing coaches and equipment specialists will be brought in to guarantee the players have the base needed to compete at the highest level.

The funding for entry into the IGT Tour events will come jointly from the corporate patrons of the Gary Player Class of 2017, which include Investec Property, Morecorp, Virgin Active, Rhode Island, PWC, MultiChoice, BMW, the Darren Clarke Foundation and ISM, and from the IGT Tour.

“It is a great opportunity for those players to get more experience in the competitive conditions of tournament play,” said Sunshine Tour Executive Director Selwyn Nathan, “and


The top five players of the IGT Tour Order of Merit will go straight into the Final Stage of the Sunshine Tour Qualifying School, to be held from March 13-17 at Randpark Golf Club.

Cois du Plooy, the IGT Tour Commissioner, said, “I believe this is huge for development golf for all players. Our view is that players must go through the Sunshine Tour to become world-class players and this association reinforces that view.”

January | February 2017

January | February 2017



Paul Almeida DJ and music manager

@ Hot 91.9 FM


Where were you born and what schools did you attend? I was born in Angola. I attended Chancellor Junior, Umtali Boys High and Churchill High School (Zim). Grenville High (Rustenburg) and finally Jeppe Boys High


What sports did you take part in whilst at school? Cricket, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Rugby and athletics.


You have been a DJ for a long time, what got you interested in this line of work and how did it all start out? I have always loved music and it all started in Hillbrow in 1987 at a legendary club called San Lorenzo.


What are the best venues that you have worked at? I have played at so many but the ones that stick out in terms of an amazing vibe are Numbers in East London, The Train Station (massive Mother Rave), Top Club, Chillers, Berlinz, San Lorenzo and Al’s in Knysna.


Is there a song that you can always turn to that will get the crowd going? Milk n Sugar ft Miriam Makeba – Pata Pata…always goes down a storm.



Do you sing or play any musical instruments? My biggest regret is not learning to play an instrument…the synthesizer.


Who would you rate as the best DJ ever and why? I don’t have a favourite DJ but a guy like Studio 54 and Paradise Garage legend, Larry Levan would stick out because he was the one who made beatmixing and remixing popular. Paved the path for most DJ’s.


Have you had any really funny experiences whilst on the deck? Not sure if this is funny but while playing at a house party….the house…um… literally burnt down. Didn’t finish my set….


You have been involved in releasing many dance albums, what has been your most successful project to date? Of the 258 compilations I have released the Mother Mix, Back to the Eighties and Dance Adrenalin series were all very successful. The Hot 91.9fm compilation ranks right up there as one of my favourites.

10. Do you have any superstitions? Nope.

January | February 2017




When did you start playing golf? In 1999 and I just love this flipping game!

What is your current handicap? 16.

Are you a member of a club? Yes, Eagle Canyon.

Which is your favourite golf course and why? Serengeti, not the easiest course to play but I just love the layout. It is a social golfer friendly course.

Which is your most trusted golf club? My driver.

Do you walk or take a cart? Both…. I need to get rid of my one pack!

Who is your favourite golfer? I loved Seve Ballesteros; he just had so much passion for the game.

Have you ever had a hole-in-one? Unfortunately not but came soooo close a few times!

What would your ideal fourball be? Lee Trevino, Greg Norman and Seve Ballesteros and me.

January | February 2017


A ffordable golf – L I M P O P O


January | February 2017

A ffordable golf – L I M P O P O NE WS CLIP CONTINUED

January | February 2017


A ffordable golf – L I M P O P O


Award-winning Pinnacle Point Estate scoops international accolade!


elebrating 10 years of golfing excellence in 2016 and competing against the best in the world, Pinnacle Point Estate has been voted the top golf course in South Africa at the 3rd Annual World Golf Awards. South Africa itself was recognised as Africa’s best golfing destination, beating Egypt, Kenya and Morocco to the title. “We are ecstatic about the news! Going up against the best golf courses in the country and coming out tops is testament to the hard


work put in by our club team and ground staff in making sure Pinnacle Point Estate becomes the most celebrated golfing destination in South Africa,” comments Carl van der Linde, General Manager at Pinnacle Point Estate. “To be declared the best golf course in South Africa is the greatest honour, especially considering the high calibre of the competition in our category, which included a number of world-class golf courses each in their own unique setting,” adds Golf Director,

January | February 2017

A ffordable golf – N O R T H W E S T NE WS CLIP CONTINUED Nic Grundtvig. In the overall rankings for 2016, Portugal was declared the World’s Best Golf Destination, with St Andrews Links – Old Course in Scotland named the World’s Best Golf Course. “It is an absolute privilege for Pinnacle Point to be recognised alongside so many famous destinations and exceptional individuals, including Sir Nick Faldo (Golf Course Designer of the Year) and golf trainer, David Leadbetter (World Golf Awards Lifetime Achievement Award),” says Grundtvig. The gala ceremony was held at the Conrad Algarve Hotel in Portugal on 12 November 2016 and according to Managing Director, Christopher Frost, the third instalment of the World Golf Awards has been “the most successful to

January | February 2017

date!” The online voting system was open to professionals working within the golf travel and tourism industry, including senior executives, travel buyers, tour operators and the general public, with an industry vote carrying a weighting five times that of a public vote. “2016 has been a year to celebrate at Pinnacle Point Estate, with a number of new developments marking our 10th anniversary, including an extension to and revamp of the existing clubhouse, a restaurant upgrade, and the construction of a wellness centre, golf cart barn and function venue,” says van der Linde. “The international recognition at the World Golf Awards is certainly the best birthday present we could have asked for, and the most spectacular hole-in-one our golf course has ever achieved!”


A ffordable golf – M pumalanga


January | February 2017

A ffordable golf – M pumalanga / G reenkeeping

January | February 2017



Turning back the clock is the Golfer from the past?


• • • • • •

He was born May 10, 1927 in Berwick, Pennsylvania U.S.A. He was one of the long drivers of his era and was unusual for a professional golfer in the 1950s as he was muscular and athletic. He never won a Major although he had eleven top-10 finishes at Major Championships, including third-place finishes at the U.S. Open in 1959 and 1960. At the 1955 Texas Open, he set multiple PGA Tour scoring records, including a score in relation to par of 27-under that stood until 1998; and a total score of 257 that stood until 2001. He was on the cover of Sports Illustrated in January 1956. He won a total of 15 official PGA Tour tournaments in his career. He was a member of the U.S. Ryder Cup team in 1959 &1961. He was co-owner of a business servicing golf car fleets from 1973 until his death from a heart attack on July 10, 2008. Answer on page 80


January | February 2017


one hich W ball?

t c e r r o c e is th

Answer on page 80

Where’s the ball?

1 2 3 4 5

B r a n d o n S to n e November January | February | December 20172016

: Gallo Photograph by





Brought to you by:

Photo by Gallo Images


January | February 2017


Louis de Jager

Brought to you by:

Photo by Gallo Images

January | February 2017


Continued from the Nov / Dec 2016 Edition of SA Golf Trader. Part 2 of 2

Markets in focus Czech Republic

CEE’s golf stronghold

Keith Preston Design, Albatross Golf Resort, Vysoký Újezd, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is the most mature golf market in CEE and has the region’s highest participation rate of 0.6%, a rate comparable to that of Germany, Spain and France. Since 2008, the Czech Republic has experienced an average annual growth of over 9% in registered players.

In addition, real estate offerings within golf complexes have become a popular primary home option within the country, especially in the Czech capital, Prague. Ten residential golf developments are currently in the planning and

The supply of golf courses is expanding, with over 30 new CEE course openings since 2008. As such, the Czech Republic can be considered the most established, but still growing market in CEE.


January | February 2017


Untapped potential

Photo by: Creative Commons, Borsch Beach, Albania

In recent years, Albania, with its Adriatic and Ionian coasts, has been developing into a tourism destination with tourist arrivals growing at an average rate of 19% per annum since 2005. Although this Balkan country currently does not have a single golf course, at the last count there were 8 integrated golf developments currently in the planning phase. Compared to other countries in the Mediterranean region, the residential real estate market in Albania, specifically for second homes, is relatively underdeveloped. However, Albania is becoming an appealing and affordable second-home option for those seeking an alternative to more saturated markets. Additionally, Albania currently does not possess a 5-star coastal luxury resort, though several have broken ground, albeit only one with a golf component.

January | February 2017



Emerging sea-side destination

Gary Player Design, Thracian Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort, Kavarna, Bulgaria

Since its first course was constructed in 2002, Bulgaria has developed a series of touristic assets and rapidly transforming itself into a golf destination. It is the only nation surrounding the Black Sea to develop integrated golf resorts along its coast.

example, Bulgarian television channels now air many of the major professional golf tournaments. Another attractive feature for the country’s growth in golf is its price, which is considered to be 30% less expensive than Turkey.

In recent years, Bulgaria is enjoying modest growth in its tourism numbers and it is developing its capacity to cater to international golf demand; currently, the leading source markets to Bulgaria are Germany, Russia, Turkey, the UK, Romania and Greece. However, domestic demand of registered golfers has been growing by 25% annually. This growth in the sport, according to the Bulgarian Golf Federation, is a result of improving economic conditions and the appeal of the game and its exposure; for


January | February 2017

Appendix: CEE country statistics

The data presented in this report is based on 2014 and 2015 statistics which themselves represented the number of registered golfers and golf courses in CEE. This information was collected from the respective golf associations in CEE in early 2016. This report only provides demand information related to registered golfers, as official statistics on the number of casual golfers (i.e., golfers not affiliated with clubs or associations) are understandably not available. With regard to the supply of facilities, we have only considered golf courses with at least 9 holes to be of standard length and have excluded academy, shortened courses, par 3 and pitch & putt courses. Furthermore, when referring to golf courses, we refer to courses that are affiliated with their respective golf associations. Throughout the report, a stable market is defined as one which experienced a change in its total number of registered golfers between -1% and +1% year-on-year from 2014 to 2015. Starting in 2016, our data predominantly comes from local golf associations, whereas data collected prior to 2014 was collected from the European Golf Association. From our independent data gathering, we noted a change of approximately +8,570 golfers (+10%) and nearly +31 golf courses (+14%) between 2013 and 2014. Comparisons made with years prior to 2013 were made on a case-by-case basis with the support of statistics from local golf associations.

January | February 2017




WESTERN CAPE 1x Luxury w/end for 8 people to Langebaan Golf Estate. 4 Bedroom Lodge. (West Coast). Self catering including a round of golf per person. Total cost R 5 500-00. Contact 082 705 8764.

KZN, MIDLANDS & DRAKENSBURG Champagne Sports Resort. Weekend for two incl. all meals. R2 500. Contact 082 705 8764.

Barton Vineyards Villas. 4 night weekend getaway for 6 people - 5 Star self catering Villa. R 5 000-00 for all 4 nights. Contact 083 293 0220. SWAZILAND Royal Swazi Sun. 6 night stay for 2 including breakfast. R 6000.00. Contact 082 705 8764 Luxury w/end for two to Mabula Game Lodge. (Warmbaths). In the hart of the Waterberg region. Including all meals and game drives. Total cost R 3 000-00. Contact 083 293 0220. FREE STATE Luxury w/end for two to Stonehenge River Lodge. (Parys). Including b/b. Total cost R 1 500-00. Contact 083 293 0220. Luxury w/end for two to Riviera on Vaal. (Vereneging ). Including d/b/b. Total cost R 2 000-00. Contact 083 293 0220. Drakensberg Gardens Golf & Spa Resort - 2 night weekend getaway for two Bed & Breakfast and golf included. R 2 000-00 all in. Contact 082 705 8764. Drakensberg Gardens Golf & Spa Resort. 4 night getaway for 6 Self Catering and golf included. R 4 000-00 all in. Contact 082 705 8764. Monks Cowl (Near Champagne Sports Resort) - 2 night weekend getaway for two - Dinner, Bed & Breakfast and golf included. R 2 000-00 all in. Contact 082 705 8764. LIMPOPO Luxury w/end for two to Monate Game Lodge (Nylstroom). In the hart of the Waterberg region. Including all meals and game drives. Total cost R 3 500-00. Contact 083 293 0220.


Weekend for 8 people to Vaal de Grace Golf estate (Parys). Including 1 round of golf p/p & carts. Self catering house on the Nick Price designed golf course. Total cost R 7 000-00. Contact 082 705 8764. MPUMALANGA Luxury w/end for four to Graceland Hotel, casino & golf club. (Secunda). Including b/b & a round of golf. Total cost R 1 800-00. Contact 082 705 8764. Sabi River Bungalows. 2 night weekend getaway for two. (Hazyview) includingDinner/Bed/Breakfast. R 2 500-00 all in. Contact 083 293 0220. Luxury w/end for two to Hulala Lakeside Lodge. (White River). Including d/b/b. Total cost R 2 000-00. Contact 083 293 0220.


Cobra imitation leather bag. Very good condition. R 400-00. Contact 082 440 9827. Taylor Made synthetic stand bag. R 600-00. Good condition. Contact 082 440 9827.


Battery operated moonbuggy for sale. 3 months old – Ideal for golfers, last up to 36 holes when fully charged. Can also be used as a mobility scooter. Reason for selling: Storage space. R 8 000-00 negotiable. Contact 082 497 2249.

DRIVERS Titliest Driver 910 D3 9.5 degree loft. Fijikura Rombax pro 95 stiff shaft. R2 500.00 Contact: 081 464 6612 / 081 748 8988 Cleveland Classic 290 driver for sale. It has 9.0 of loft with a 43” Stiff Miyazaki shaft. Still brand new and asking price is R1 750. Contact: | / 082 853 9022. Taylor Made R11. S driver & 3 wood. Stiff shaft , as new. R 4 000-00. Contact 082 830 8880. Callaway Alpha driver stiff stock shaft. As new. R 4 700-00. Contact 082 805 4277. Cobra bio cell driver (black&white) plus stiff shaft. As new. R 4 000-00. Contact 082 805 4277.

January | February 2017


SLDR 430 TP driver (only one in RSA). Brand new. R 5 000-00. Contact 082 805 4277.


Callaway 3 deep fairway wood. R 2 600-00. As new. Contact 082 805 4277. Taylor Made Burner 3 Fairway wood 15deg. Good condition. R 800-00. Contact 082 440 9827. Titleist 980F 3 Fairway wood 15deg. Good condition. R 800-00. Contact 082 440 9827. Taylor Made SLDR 15 degree, new. R 1 500-00. Contact 082 375 7757. Titleist 913 F and FD, fairway metal, new, with head cover. R 2 000-00. Contact 082 375 7757.


Titleist 735CM irons. Shafts S300. R 4 000-00. Contact 082 644 9041. Mizuno MP 32 irons 3-PW, Dynamic Gold Lite R300 shafts. As new - 10 rounds played. R 2 500-00. Contact 082 440 9827. Ping Eye 2 #1 iron. Good condition. R 400-00. Contact 082 440 9827. Ben Hogan Apex PC irons. 3-SW. Good condition. R 1500-00. Contact 082 440 9827. Cleveland TT, stiff flex brand new in the box. 4-SW. Only R5 000-00. Get 3 new, Z stars balls included. Contact 082 375 7757. Cleveland 588 MB Forged Irons (3-PW) DG. R 10 500-00. Contact 082 375 7757. Cleveland 588 ALTITUDE STEEL (4SW) R 5 750-00. Contact 082 375 7757. Cleveland 588 ALTITUDE GRAPHITE (4-SW). R 6 650-00. Contact 082 375 7757. Mizuno JPX EZ forged, 4 to sandiron, XP105 Shaft. R 7 900-00. Contact 082 375 7757.

January | February 2017

Titleist 714, AP1 irons (Longest Iron in Golf) 4-PW (stiff or regular flex). New Dynamic Gold XP 95 shafts KBS tour and Dynamic gold s300/x100 shaft also available for this product. R 7 99900 or R 6 900-00. Contact 082 375 7757.

Nike Method 35 inch, slim 2.0 grip. Great condition. R 750-00. Contact 082 375 7757.

Ping G20 irons. Mint condition. R 5 400-00. Contact 082 375 7757.

Nike Method mod, mallet putter. Used, immaculate condition, great putter. R 2 000-00. Contact 082 375 7757.



Cyclops HD Golf Video camera for rental for events like Golf Days and functions. Can be rented per day for R500 inclusive. Portable and simple Plant, Point and Shoot. Contact Michael 079 443 2070 in Gauteng. Sonacaddie Golf GPS V500. Pre-loaded with SA courses, excellent condition, full working order. Easily 2 rounds without re-charging. Complete with all accessories, instructions, box. R1200 or nearest. Johannesburg. Contact 082 652 1144.


Taylor Made Spider Blade Putter with cover. R1 500.00. Contact: 081 464 6612 / 081 748 8988 Scotty Cameron putters with original grips shafts and head covers for sale. Newport 2 studio select R1800. Contact 071 855 0000. Newport 2.6 select black head 3 button centre shaft R2500 & Red X like new R1800. Pretoria. Contact 071 855 0000.

Plot for Sale : Nkonyeni Golf Estate (Swaziland ). Situated on 4th Green. Beautiful landscape. Close to all amenities on this magnificent Golf Course. Please contact me on E-mail should you need more info contact 071 897 1285 or email


Fujikura flywire xx green shaft new. World Number 1 long drive shaft 3 years in a row. R 2200-00. Contact 084 483 8880.


Titleist Vokey SM 5 wedge series 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62 and 64 degree wedges available. R1300-00 per wedge. Any 3 wedges R 3 750-00. Contact 082 375 7757. Cleveland Rtx Wedges. 54 & 60 degree X 100 shafts, brand new. R 2 000-00 for both or R 1 100-00 per wedge. Contact 082 375 7757. Cobra BIG trusty rusty (new) 50 degree. R 650-00. Contact 082 375 7757.

Placing a classified ad is now even easier! To place your classified ad, simply e-mail your classified to: (max 160 characters) SA Golf Trader reserves the right to edit and omit any classified adverts at its sole discretion. Terms & Conditions apply.



Golf Shops

GAUTENG Golf Clubs Akasia GC Avion Park GC Benoni CC Bronkhorstspruit GC Bryanston CC CMR GC Copper Leaf GE Dainfern GC Eagle Canyon GC Ebotse GC ERPM GC Germiston GC Glendower GC Glenvista GC Hillside GC Irene CC Jackal Creek GE Johannesburg CC Kempton Park CC Killarney GC Krugersdorp GC Kyalami GC Leeuwkop GC Maccauvlei GC Meyerton GC Modderfontein GC Observatory GC Parkview GC Pebble Rock GC Pollak Park GC Pretoria CC Pretoria GC Randpark GC Randfontein GC Reading GC Riviera on Vaal CC Royal Jhb & Kensington GC Royal Oak CC Services GC Silver Lakes CC Southdowns CC Springs CC State Mines CC Wanderers GC


Waterkloof GC Wingate CC (012) 542-1309 Woodhill CC (011) 970-7000 Zwartkops CC (011) 849-5211 (013) 932-3940 Driving Ranges (011) 706-1361 Colbyn D/R (011) 472-8060 Grasslands D/R (012) 668-8900 Greenhills D/R (011) 875-0400 Jim and Jerrys’ D/R (011) 801-6611 Kimiad D/R & (011) 749-1638 Mashie Course (011) 826-2466 Observatory D/R (011) 827-7818 Panorama D/R (011) 453-1013 Sandy Bunker D/R (011) 432-3150 Six Fountains D/R (012) 546-1764 Verwey D/R (012) 667-1081 Wits D/R (011) 251-6721 Zwartkops D/R (011) 202-1620 (011) 970-1075 Golf Shops (011) 442-3880 (011) 660-4365 Second Chance (010) 594-0034 The Golfers Club (011) 466-2888 Edenvale (016) 422-1263 The Golfers Club (016) 362-0809 Fourways (011) 608-2033 The Golfers Club (011) 648-9574 West Rand (011) 646-5400 The Pro Shop (012) 808-0883 Woodmead (011) 362-6757 (012) 460-3372 (012) 386-6836 (011) 215-8600 (011) 693-5414 (011) 907-8906 (016) 430-1380 (011) 640-3021 (011) 740-0016 (012) 651-4411 (012) 809-2110 (011) 943-4448 (011) 362-5031 (011) 740-9962 (011) 447-3311

(012) 460-2542 The Pro Shop (051) 430-7313 (012) 997-1298 Bloemfontein (012) 998-0011 WESTERN CAPE (012) 654-2111

Golf Clubs (012) 342-3882 (082) 777-8912 (011) 828-9555 (011) 662-1603 (012) 997-2240 (011) 487-3898 (012) 661-0533 (073) 109-4239 (012) 809-0430 (082) 371 7323 (011) 717-9416 (012) 654-4830

(011) 440-0558 (011) 453-6352 (011) 465-9985 (011) 475-7519 (011) 602-8888

FREESTATE Golf Clubs Bethlehem GC Bloemfontein GC Clarens GE Clocolan GC Ficksburg GC Kimberly GC Kroonstad GC Ladybrand GC Oppenheimer Park Parys GE Schoeman Park GC Tempe GC Vaal de Grace

(058) 303-0940 (051) 447-0906 (058) 256-1270 (051) 943-1933 (051) 933-3711 (053) 841-0179 (056) 212-5169 (051) 924-3146 (057) 353-2131 (056) 818-1567 (051) 408-3811 (051) 402-1489 (056) 811-2013

Arabella GC (028) 284-0000 Atlantic Beach GC (021) 553-2223 Bellville GC (021) 913-3100 Bredasdorp GC (028) 424-1855 Clovelly CC (021) 784-2111 Devonvale GE (021) 865-2080 De Zalze GC (021) 880-7300 Erinvale GC (021) 847-1144 King David Mowbray GC (021) 685-3018 Kleinmond GC (028) 271-3525 Langebaan GC (022) 772-2112 Paarl GC (021) 863-1140 Parow GC (021) 930-2160 Pearl Valley GC (021) 867-8000 Rondebosch GC (021) 689-4176 Royal Cape GC (021) 761-6551 Shelley point CC (022) 742-1394 Simonstown CC (021) 786-1233 Somerset West GC (021) 852-2925 Steenberg GC (021) 715-0227 Stellenbosch GC (021) 880-0103 Strand GC (021) 853-6268 Westlake GC (021) 788-2020

Driving Ranges Riverclub

(021) 447-3757

Golf Shops The Golfers Club Century City

(021) 555-3540

THE GARDEN ROUTE Golf Clubs Fancourt - Montagu / Outeniqua Fancourt - The Links Fynbos GCE George GC Goose Valley GE Kingswood GE Knysna GC

(044) 804-0183 (044) 804-0785 (042) 285-0321 (044) 873-6116 (044) 533-5082 (0861) 727-170 (044) 384-1150

January | February 2017

SA GOLF TR ADER DIREC TORY Mossel Bay GC Oubaai GE Pezula GC Pinnacle Point GR Plettenburg Bay GC Simola GE

(044) 691-2379 (044) 851-1234 (044) 302-5300 (044) 606-5300 (044) 533-2132 (044) 302-9677

Prince’s Grant GC (032) 482-0041 Royal Durban GC (031) 309-2581 Sakabula GC (033) 330-6751 San Lameer GC (039) 313-5141 Scottburgh GC (039) 976-0041 Selborne Park GE 087 135 05589 Southbroom GC (039) 316-6051 St Cathryns GC (033) 444-1945 Golf Shops Umdoni Park GC (039) 975-1320 The Pro Shop (044) 871-0620 Umhlali CC (032) 947-1181 Bells Academy Umkomaas GC (039) 973-1330 Victoria CC (033) 347-1394 EA STERN CAPE Wild Coast CC (039) 305-2799 Windsor park GC (031) 303-1728 Golf Clubs (032) 538-1041 Bushman Sands GC (042) 231-8000 Zimbali CC East London GC (043) 735-1356 Driving Ranges Fish River Sun GC (040) 676-1101 Lynton Hall (039) 975-1502 Gonubie GC (043) 740-5645 Golf Academy Hankey GC (042) 284-0335 Mt Edgecombe D/R (031) 502-3480 Humewood Links GC (041) 583-2137 University Dbn D/R (031) 261-8062 Jeffreys Bay GC (042) 293-2532 Westville D/R (031) 265-0148 Katberg GC (040) 864-1010 Port Elizabeth GC (041) 374-3140 Golf Shops (031) 566-5292 Royal Port Alfred GC (046) 624-4796 The Golfers Club Shark River GC (041) 581-6188 Umhlanga (031) 263 0034 St Francis Bay GC (042) 294-0467 The Pro Shop St Francis Links (042) 200-4500 Durban Uitenhage GC (041) 966-1868 LIMPOPO Walmer Park GC (074) 259-1788 Walmer CC (041) 581-1877 Golf Clubs West Bank GC (043) 731-1523 Elements (014) 736 6910 Zwartenbosch GC (042) 291-0569 Private Golf Reserve Euphoria GC (014) 743-5000 Driving Ranges Hans Merensky GC (015) 781-3931 (015) 491-5563 Harbour View D/R (084) 622-7259 Kameeldoring CC (014) 495-0026 Londt Park D/R (041) 360-8707 Koro Creek GC (012) 443-6700 Walmer Woods D/R (082) 372-8252 Legend GE Naboomspruit GC (014) 743-1963 Polokwane GC (015) 295-4118 Golf Shops Swartklip GC (014) 786-0186 The Pro Shop - PE (041) 363-0470 Univ. of Limpopo GC (015) 268-2183 Zebula CC (014) 734 7700


Golf Clubs Amorello Game Lodge (035) 562-3182 Beachwood CC (031) 564-4257 Bluff National GC (031) 467-7448 Boschoek GC (033) 234-4232 Cathedral Peak GC (036) 488-1888 Cotswold Downs GC (031) 714-4432 Durban CC (031) 313-1777 Glengarry GC (033) 701-1355 Greytown CC (033) 417-2441 Kloof CC (031) 764-0555 Ladysmith CC (036) 637-3521 Margate CC (039) 317-2340 Maritzburg GC (033) 396-5755 Mt. Edgecombe CC (031) 539-5330 Port Shepstone GC (039) 695-0141

January | February 2017

NORTH WEST Golf Clubs Klerksdorp GC Leopard Park GC Magaliespark GC Mooinooi GC Orkney GC Pecanwood CC Potchefstroom GC Rustenburg GC Sandy Lane GC Seasons Eco Golf Estate

Golf Clubs Barberton CC Belfast GC Bethal GC Delmas GC Drakenzicht Mountain Links Graceland GC Kinross GC Komatipoort GC Kriel GC Kruger Park Lodge Leopard Creek GC Lydenburg GC Nelspruit GC Middelburg CC Morgenzon GC Sabie Country Club Sabi River Sun GC Standerton GC Tweefontein GC Walker Park GC Whiteriver GC Witbank CC

(013) 712-2923 (013) 253-0981 (017) 647-3265 (013) 665-5077 (083) 708-1994 (017) 620-1188 (017) 687-0122 (082) 888-0188 (017) 617-1145 (013) 737-5000 (013) 791-2406 (013) 235-3391 (013) 744-0958 (013) 282-6176 (017) 793-3074 (013) 764-2282 (013) 737-7311 (017) 719-1123 (013) 686-9660 (074) 259-1788 (013) 751-3781 (013) 656-3109

Driving Ranges Broham D/R Riverside Golf Park

(013) 755-6156 (013) 757-0960

Golf Shops The Pro Shop Nelspruit

(013) 757-1264


(00266) 223-21164


(002646) 125-8498


THE P.G.A. of (011) 485-1370 (018) 462-6696 South Africa (018) 386-3086 (012) 207-9102 To be listed in the (014) 574-4111 (018) 473-2899 SA Golf Trader directory, (012) 244-8000 please contact (018) 293-0210 (014) 597-1814 Neville on 082 705 8764 or (012) 244-3000 Louis on 083 293 0220 or (082) 804-2780

Driving Ranges Jim & Jerrys


(012) 205-1485

the office on 086 101 9005 or Email: 79


Something Funny! The A to Z of Golf

Hacker: A terrible golfer. A person who hacks it around the golf course. (See also dub and duffer.)

Halve: In match play, to tie a hole. Thus, if player A and player B both have a 5 on the 14th hole, they have “halved” the hole. Incidentally, that phrase is pronounced “they have paved” because the “l” in “halve” is silent, a fascinating fact that player A may want to discuss with player B during the latter’s backswing on the 15th tee. Ham and egg it: For partners in a competition to take turns winning holes for their side. As with a brother-in-law act, two stiffs take turns getting lucky— at their opposition’s expense. Hand mashie: The five-fingered “club” attached to the end of a golfer’s arm. Handicap: An allocation of strokes on one or more holes that permits two golfers of very different ability to do equally poorly on the same course. Hanging: A lie where the ball is above the golfer’s feet. Also what happens to a golfer caught using a hand mashie.


Happy feet: A nervous condition that afflicts golfers facing difficult shots. They just can’t seem to get settled properly before taking their swing. A desirable trait to look for in potential betting opponents. Hazard: A man-made obstacle on the course, either a bunker or a water hazard. It is against the rules for players to “ground” their clubs in a hazard, i.e., to allow the clubhead to touch the sand or water before making their shots. They may, however, bury their own head in their hands, strike their forehead with the base of their palms, shake their head vigorously from side to side (with or without their hand placed on their brow) and, if it does not delay the match, lightly and repeatedly tap their head against a tree. Head: The end of the club that produces bollixes and mis-hits as opposed to the end of the club that produces calluses and blisters. See GRIP. Hickory: Tough, resilient wood originally used for golf club shafts. The chromed steel tubing employed today has superior strength and durability, but


old-time golfers insist that there is nothing more satisfying than the crisp snap of a hickoryshafted club being broken sharply across the knee or the delicate aroma of an entire set of clubs burning merrily in a fireplace. Hole-in-One: An occurrence in which a ball is hit directly from the tee into the hole on a single shot by a golfer playing alone. Honour - The privilege of being laughed at first on the tee. Hook & Slice: To hit a shot that curves sharply left (hook) or right (slice), respectively. Players who do one or the other should consider changing the way they stand, hold the club, or swing. Players who do both should consider changing the way they spend their weekends. Hunching: Term for an illegal tactic in which a golfer inches closer to the hole when replacing a marked ball on the green. If your opponent hits his approach shot twenty feet from the hole but his first putt is only a fifteen-footer, add huncher to the list of names you call him. Answers: Ball 4, Mike Souchak

January | February 2017

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