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"The sult differen ce sc the D ore that betwee n score U site an came ou my ret d the thro mad was 10 mark marksh ugh e to eet wait s, an i fina fo d l Even ly found r a wee I was k o way for that ut my re before I had to so al sc ore. took uth c to go t a real hem an mpus, w all the m h -Ayu arkshee our to g here it ive m t." shi S Eng e my lish harma , KN C 3r d

"Stud e shock nts in our ed w hen t class were eight he m a stra arks wer y saw th at e n for ev ge act of deducted mode erybo in woul d like dy in the ration class to kn basis ? We ow o Apram f such mo what is the derat Venk eya Rao, i atesw Eng. on?"H ara C olleg ons, Sri e

"I was the only student in my batch to have opted for the Maths optional paper in my second year. I was stunned to see the optional column of my mark sheet filled with the word Pol. Sc. Further, the marks column said "absent". In totality, my aggregate has been squarely slashed down by 50 marks, all for a Maths paper which I appeared for," Sahil Ludhani, 3rd Year, B.Com, SRCC

ts, rkshee a m r u o of getting 4 marks out "Upon t ed a h c t dedu t lised we rea 25 had been he t of one of in s k a total r a our IA m inciples of Ec d o m o r f le Pr y revea apers, main p urther enquir mittee .F om nomics ration C ne this e d o M o e that th iversity had d "n es too. U g e e ll h o t c f r o e o eral oth darshini, Ec for sev a y i r C ka P Priyan d Year, SRC n 2 Hons.

end e sp w t a r ay th dying fo e s y l n on r stu in th "I ca the yea l exam , f ca 1/3 o ost farci n System cent m tio de the duca g for a for a E n a n aiti ing U Indi f it w 1/3 wait t least D o 3 / A 1 d . n t sul ave lt, a resu luated re youth h " e r. a reev s sure th o all yea SR d e L k , o ma iam ns. ing t n h t a e som Subram lish Ho i g Adit ear, En Y 3rd



Have you had a Bheja Fry Mome Share it with us. Send in your entries (text, photographs, illustrations etc) to to win 7UP gift hampers every week.

I was walking home in the rain at night and was passing this dense cover of leaves, so I held my umbrella infront of me and walked. Suddenly, I heard a thud followed by a yelp, I lowered my umbrella and realized that I had just hit an old man square in the face with it! A very long "Aage dekhkey chala karo" lecture ensued in the middle of the road. Quite embarrassing.

This text has been sent to us by Pragya Seth. She wins a gift hamper from 7 UP


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d ngrave “I am e orld of ew into th an - Chay � c i s u m

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From the backwaters of Kerala, Sex Amma answers the queries of her children in Delhi University‌..



If you see anything o d d l y bizzare or uber sexy, just snap and mail it to us at

fa s h io n @ dubeat. com


Vibby’S VORLD Hw lzy cn ppl gt in DU?

Joke by Vaibhav Ranjour


Created by Matthew Jacobs


DU Beat - September 16, 2008  

FR EE D OM OF EX PR ES SI ON An Independent Student Newspaper " S tu d e n ts in o u r c la s s w e re s h o c k e d w h e n th e y s a w th...

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