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13th September Serial Bomb Blasts in Delhi

19th September Two shot in an encounter at Jamia Nagar. Atif and Sajid were suspected of being masterminds behind the blast. Police official and encounter specialist Mohan Chand Sharma also lost his life.

Page 4 What can you do for Bihar?

Page 7 The only comic strip that can make you cry.... Vibby’s Vorld

Page 8 Finding Zakumi

Why should DU care? It's like saying: That if Kamala Nagar has an encounter, then everyone in DU could be an alleged terrorist.If Deepak Pental (our VC) supports DU students, then it is considered anti-national and that police look at every student in North Campus with suspicion.

24th September 10.30 am:Two students of Jamia Millia Islamia get picked up by the police from the campus itself. 4.00 pm:The Vice Chancellor addresses the students of the University. He says he will stand by his students till they are proven guilty. Promises to provide legal aid. Condemns media for it's biased portrayal of the Muslim Community

25th September Students organise a peace march. The purpose - to tell the media that Jamia Millia Islamia does not breed terrorism. The march ends on a calm and silent note.





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DU Beat - September, 30, 2008