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hall of laughs The 30’s Clowns

With the coming of sound, slapstick went into a bit of a decline and the flexible freedom of the earliest comedians was curtailed. Comedy was transformed, however, and began to be refined as an art form, with new themes, elements, and written characterizations. Visual comedy remained strong throughout the 1930s, but now witty dialogue and verbal comedy were added. Some of the great comedians or teams, included Laurel and Hardy, the Three Stooges, the Marx Brothers, and Abbott. Screwball comedy: This genre of comedy denotes lunacy, craziness, eccentricity, ridiculousness, and erratic behavior. A hilarious amalgam of farce, slapstick and witty dialogue , it often harped on frothy light hearted romantic themes with the clichéd happy ending.

21st Century that is the NOW The turn of the 21st century had more raunchy( Sex Amma stirs)gross out flicks designed to appeal to both adults and teens alike eg. 'American Pie' or 'There is Something About Mary.' In today's day and date, stand up comedy too has carved its own niche. Jerry Seinfeld, Dane Cook and more recently the ever popular Russel Peters have managed to capture a large audience with their fine sense of comic timing. Agree or you go to jail bad boy!

The 70’s and the 80’s The 70's ad 80's saw the growth of a more self effacing, satirical humor in a quintessentially middle class setting, marked by Woody Allen's hilarity and Mel Brooks comic madness. It also saw the emergence of rib tickling, side splitting spoofs. And here we were thinking MTV was being very original. So much for 'Bechare Zameen Par'. The 90's turned out to be the era of widely divergent comedies with fantasy films like 'Honey ,I Shrunk The Kids' and fish out of water comedies like 'My cousin, Vinny' doing the rounds



Eyelids droop down. One of those ennui filled days, one of those days where I wish I were anywhere but here- trapped in this mundane-ness with a deep sense of absolutely nothing. There’s a void I can’t seem to fill. I know how to, just don’t have the means. No solution seems appropriate, exact. I have a million things to do, but can’t point at where to start. Then it plays. I stop what I’m doing. It’s as if my body has magically transformed into a svelte, hypnotized mass of movement. The sound of the guitar transports me into a world far from the nagging voice of my surroundings.

By Swetha Ramakrishnan

Music. The melody connects my soul to a world I can’t describe with words, but I have the freedom to feel it in my head. The world is red and it is raining. The only sound, is the sound of music, and there’s me. I move, move with the melody. He’s saying things I cannot comprehend but I know. I know what he means. “Come feed the rain, ‘cause I’m thirsty for your love, dancing underneath the skies of lust, please feed the rain, ‘cause

without you, my life is nothing but this carnival of rust” I have the freedom. The freedom to dance, to sing, to move, to transcend into a world that seems magical and enchanting. The only image in my mind is of a body dancing, frivolously moving to the beats and engulfing the melody, the music as if it were a breath of air. Fresh air. The body is me, I am the body. Music takes me places. I can’t seem to describe it with words. If only I could, if only I could convey what is happening to me. Gradually, the beat reduces; the melody becomes a faint sound. “Don’t walk away, when the word is burning.” Music.

Without music I fall, “where enough is not the same it was before”. With music, we have the freedom. The freedom to live, the freedom the exhibit. The freedom to express, to interpret. We have the freedom to be.


From the backwaters of Kerala, Sex Amma answers the queries of her children in Delhi University….. Sex Amma, I’ve been physically intimate with my boyfriend for the past 6 months. We’ve been having oral for a while now and we both want to take it a step further but I am afraid that I’ll lose control. Is it wrong to want to go ahead and do ‘it’ at the age of 18?

FASHION T Bea Satan in Red

Ah to be 14 again and actually worry about your first time! Anyway, the choice to commit to a relationship in a physical and emotional way is extremely personal. However, if you are having doubts about going ‘ahead’ as you put it then its best to talk things out with your boyfriend. Make sure you’re doing it because you want to and not under any pressure to live up to expectations. If you do decide to take it a step further then please take the necessary precautions. Amma, I’m in a very embarrassing predicament. I’ve fallen for someone I met online and we’ve been conversing on the phone for about 8 months now. He isn’t in the same city so we can’t even meet and I’m ashamed of telling my friends about this. We both are practical enough to not talk about the romantic side and are currently leaving it to friendly conversation but its getting too much for me to handle. Please help. I know this may sound like a dead-end relationship but he’s really very special and I want it to work.

Y’s ramps

For starters if you’re really sure of the ‘special’ place this person has in your life then you shouldn’t really hide it from your friends in embarrassment. Secondly, you might want to weigh the pros and cons when it comes to investing so many of your emotions on what could possibly be a fairly short term affair. On the other hand, if knowing all this you still want to give it a shot and try to make things work then be sure to take the plunge and not harbor any regrets. At the end of the day its your call, literally.

Scorching N

Dear DUB Reader, Welcome to the world of Sex Amma, your weekly confidante on all questions on that ssshhhh topic.

Mail her your queries at P.S.: "Aiyo...Flouting ethics of confidentiality is against my principles", informs sex amma

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DU Beat - November 04, 2008  

R e s u l t s Are OUT!!! An Independent Student Newspaper THE R e s u l t s Are OUT!!! THE PAGE Seek the Spirit, Seek Excellence PAGE

DU Beat - November 04, 2008  

R e s u l t s Are OUT!!! An Independent Student Newspaper THE R e s u l t s Are OUT!!! THE PAGE Seek the Spirit, Seek Excellence PAGE