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Two students from the university are currently competiting in the Beijing Olympics alongside the very best of the world

“Under the O&M Act, causing nu isance on Metro property is punishable by fin e up to Rs.500 and forfeiture of toke n or smart card. Ob structing a Metro official from carry ing out his dutie s is punishable by imprisonment up to one year or fin e up to Rs. 1,00 0 or both while damage to Me tro property can lea d to imprisonmen to 10 t up years,� Mr. Dayal said.


s t l u s Are OUT!!! e R


WordSpill is the monthly creative organized by DU Beat. WordSpill for the month of August has culminated and the results are out. We would like to thank all our readers and Random Magazine who made this event possible. WordSpill as you might have guessed will now be a periodic, monthly phenomena. All information regarding the event is available on the WordSpill group on facebook. You can also email us at The WordSpill Team, DU Beat




d ate an rgradu e d ln e u D s teache University of al Munjal e i h t v a politic t S a . Ms y from esendents r u a t v s t e s t gradua reas of intere lution to repr a vo hi. Her he French Re rld Cinema. t f o W h line s in o prints h), whic ial (a pparatu a l a n g spec ntire paragrap I had the top in h t tatio e once test n an e ad som read h pression, eve petition. But the con at I w o y r r r t a x n m n e e co n to m wh “Each there, a ing this dening s ranging fro g d d r d a o ju m w n ce (hell here, a was great fu as absolutely with subject rld pea at at o w , w it o y t r it t y en ce, tion as th is wh ther, w izarrely s in pla evoured each asturba e ie m g r t o o t n t e ten them poop ter b o. I d or shat at held ble/ toric of first tw to the o call the rhe asure. But wh d to question , the accepta t ie le w r I chose h immense p ach of them t n the high/lo e ee wit r, ) w e ! t itiative h h e t a b o e y great in ity of or the ctions l a in e t v is is le d some etition rgeois Univers g comp at the n/dirty. ed bou contriv ous, the clea reative writin terary scene c li m blasphe y, I think this o support the t ll t a a n e o B s r Pe DU part of on the Delhi.” njal avi Mu - Ms. S

DISGUSTING!!! by Ria Sen English Hons (1st Year), Lady Shri Ram College



As I entered my ancestral home the rusty gates hung on their hinges and I saw an overrun garden adorned with shriveled devils trumpets carpeted with sticky, blackened moss. Colossal ugly moths flitted about like furry tennis balls with mottled papery wings. A daunting blight covered tree lay putrefying in the corner. On a bough, nested high up was a mammoth honey-combed wasp hive. The orange-hued creatures swarmed out in cloud-like hordes, thier bodies scuttling over the withered bark.

Outside the house ran a black ribbon-like river, stagnant and sluggish. Piles of rubbish, human excreta, bubbling industrial wastes were foaming and frothing their way into the murky depths. Impoverished families rushed into the murky concoction with zeal and vigour bathing, drinking and utilizing the water to run their ramshackle homes. Vapour-like clouds of mosquitoes buzzed annoyingly over the inert filth. A queer stench of putrefying garbage wafted over the steaming mound, and penetrated my nostrils with a pungent odour. As I approached the front door, I opened the blackened, grime-marked door-handle with foreboding. In I crept… The ground was lined with a layer of fine dust and on it lay the moulding bodily remains of dead moths, flies and the like. The walls were covered with fungus spreading upon the graying surface with the alacrity of an agile dancer. They tinted the walls with an unsettling grey, green hue. The papery walls were peeling, and appeared to possess a malady of sorts. The steady drip-drip of a burst rusty pipe penetrated the silence and formed pools of grime on the floor where it united with the film-like dust and the decaying insects. The furniture was rotting and little termites seemed to gnaw their way from one piece to another. They seeped out of the cracks and crevices like armoured entities. Oh how it made my skin crawl… With dread I made my way to the restroom, oblivious of the horror that lay beyond the rotting doors. The fittings were covered with patina, the green substance that marks the decomposition of copper. Grime covered them like a second speckled skin almost in a parasitical manner, extending its clutches to the room itself. In the toilet bowl lay the remains of decayed human excreta studded with floating mites. I felt the bile rising up to my throat, its metal taste engulfing my mouth. Then came a rush of sweet tasting refuse as my throat convulsed, I retched heartily all over the floor. The pale yellow coloured refuse mingled with the murk, rendering it a repulsive brown. Unexpectedly, from beneath the dirt-encrusted drain in the bathtub, erupted a spewing fountain of lacquered bright red cockroaches. With their brittle, winged bodies they tried to stay afloat in the vomit. Some took flight like agitated hornets and soon they covered every single surface visible to the eye like a surging red coat of paint. I let out a volley of screams and almost fainted in alarm. That sight was forever seared in my memory… Approaching the dusty cupboard, I let it open. Dark brown droppings of some mystery creature lay within, adorning the interiors like potpourri. I backed away from the scarring sight with a racing heart. I had to find him… The sole reason as to why I encountered these terrors. Upon opening the last decaying door, he lay like a motionless corpse within the graying sheets. Black and blue bruises bloomed upon his frail body in a gruesome manner. It seemed to be consuming him whole. His eyes were vacant hollows in his gaunt papery face. The irises were eaten up by cataracts. His bones jutted out at odd angles giving him the air of emaciation. He looked at me with a toothless smile, and a trail of spittle like a sticky string fell from his mouth upon the unwashed pillow case. It appeared more like a lump of solid dirt coated with a generous layer of bed-bugs. They scuttled all over him with rapidity and made the sheets appear speckled black. His hearing was impaired and the large clumps of wax didn't help the situation either. Two tears made fresh tracks down his tainted face, making it appear striated. I called out, "Grandfather..."



e cussing on th DU Beat is fo at th aad iti gl in ’ am en I o Gre through its ‘G environment o Green’ also ‘G e, iv at inform roles as far tive. Not just n deliver our ca e w w ho tells us d. Ideas on ent is concerne the environm on footprints, rb ca ng one’s ci du d re g, in cl recy impressive an n are equally io sh fa c ni ga or rs! fetched. Chee clearly not farege

i, Hindu Coll

Prerna Shah

I particularly follow the ‘Cam pus Central’ pages, chiefly because of th e wide range information it of give Your feature on s to University students. internal assess ment (‘Under Scanner: Your Academ ic Anatomy’) eye-opening was in many ways. It clearly brou out the loopho ght les in the inte rnal assessmen system. t May I add he re that it’s on ly been one m since I’ve join onth ed college an d DU Beat ha come an integr s beal part of my college life. Reetu Jain, Kirori Mal C ollege

case of DU better. In the s ay w al is ur Colo an stained sex amma's pa es ak m it , at Be lour of her ing out the co br s lip y w llo pi ntial univeris the quinesse eyes. DU Beat e difference r, however, th proto-MAD sity newslette hat seem like w ve ha ey th being ging it out of people brin nd ki e in az mag each week. ru College Kamala Neh Shruti Rao,

In the 12-18 August issue, ‘Organic Fash was indeed an ion’ optimistic take on and clothing br ands are taking how people fashion. How to eco-friendly ever, I believe comfort being the most impo rtant criteria, such alternativ options are a e tad bit too idea listic and diffi to implement. cult Secondly, I fe el DU Beat ha done a fair jo d b by reviving among its read the tradition of ers kite flying. In addition Sex Amma’s nonjudgmental ad vice and hum ous style mak ores the otherw ise difficult to quite easy to pic handle. Shrabana Ch akravarty, S t. Stephen’s College.



Ammaji…Can I get pregnant if I have sex during my periods? YESH, YESH, YESH! I was a victim of the same misinformation till experience got the better of me! You CAN get pregnant while you are bleeding. Sometimes ovulation can occur before the bleeding from your period has stopped, or it may occur within a few days after your period is over. In both cases, having sex before your period is finished can result in BOOM BOOM BOOM. Having unprotected sex at any time, including when you're menstruating, is very risky… what with STDs and all that rock-n-roll. So, of courshhhh…there is never a 0% ‘safe period’.


Hickey Help, Amma. How do I heal a hickey as fast as possible? My Mom will freak out if she sees it.

T Bea

Sorry, but there is no "fast way" to get rid of a hickey, other than being patient. Anyway, what makes you think that your mom will "freak out?" Does she even know that you have a girl or boyfriend? Remember, your mother perhaps went through the same thing when she was a teen. Of course, you have a range of cover-up options, such as make-up, and creative uses of shirt collars, scarves, and turtlenecks in the winter, a huge Komolika tattoo, or just say, “My Kitty is getting really naughty these days. Just loves testing her paws on me…”. Who on earth would know the ‘real Kitty’.

I was at a party and I got drunk and woke up with a guy I don't know. Amma, I don't really know what happened but I'm scared we had sex and I don't know what to do.

If you see anything oddly bizzare or uber sexy, just snap and mail it to us at

fa s h io n @ dubeat. com

La la la la…Mere jism ka shola…Pepsi, Mirinda, CocaCola. So, which drink did you have- ‘Sex on the beach’, or ‘Achie-Breakie Heart’? Tell me, tell me…. Oops…ok. That sounds like a really “gnashhowcouldIdoit” situation. First things first — if you are not on birth control and you don't want to be pregnant, you might want to consider emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs). ECPs can reduce the risk of pregnancy if started within 120 hours of unprotected vaginal intercourse. They work best when taken within 72 hours — during this time they can reduce the risk of pregnancy from 75 to 89 percent. It might also be a good idea to make an appointment with a sexologist who you can talk with about being tested for sexually transmitted infections. Making the choice to use alcohol or other drugs does not mean that you forfeit the sexual decision-making rights to your body. But, believe me, it’s not the end of the world. I’ve had plenty of such messy moments; what with the brilliant country liquor found down here in the backwaters.


ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 20) You need to change your attitude towards life and take on a more responsible and meditative approach. Don't overlook suggestions and concepts as they may prove profitable in the long run. You need to be more stable and dependable for your own self and for others as well.

TAURUS (Apr 21-May 20) A favourable time for you to direct your mind towards the resolution of problems, creating plans and schedules. Do not spend time to predict what the outcome will be. Rather, focus on action & completion of the task.

GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21) The cards show balance and harmony; the kind that comes after a storm, violent eruption or a mojor change. Things feel good. There is order in nature once again.

CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 22) An ideal time for you to come up with best of ideas and innovations. Your imagination is at its fertile best and you should experiment with new techniques and explore new vistas.

LEO (Jul 23-Aug 23)

Though you are trying to cope with hardships, you are not succeeding too well. Your efforts are not of the desired strength or intensity. Also, attempting to take care of everything by yourself is not an intelligent thing to do.The process should involve a lot more than that.

VIRGO (Aug 24-Sept 23) There is a great upheaval in your life and routine. Rivals and opponents seem to surround you at every junture. Stick to your guns and donot allow people to treat you like a doormat.

LIBRA (Sept 24-Oct 23) You need to meet all troubles and hazards with an open, positive approach. Encash your reserves of will and belief so that you are able to face these situations. Though unforeseen challenges gather ahead, do not feel entrapped.

SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22) Depend upon yourself. Give yourself the credit of being able to look at issues analytically, sharpen your intellect. You need to be cool and level-headed and donot get too sentimental while taking a decision on the course of action.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21) The cards symbolise stability, ambition, compassion, protection and understanding. Be ready to give peace, security and care. The position favours all kinds of association which are dignified.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21) Your ideas and schemes will bear fruit; heed your intuitions and grab the chance the fate offers you. You may also see an opening from which you could benefit.

AQUARIUS (Jan 22-Feb 19) Listen to words of a well-read and a knowledgeable person, someone who will be able to show you the path to growth and self-development. This will not only increase your wisdom, but will also lead to positive outcomes.

PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20) You are relying heavily on others to assist and aid you. This will lead to dependence and insecurity. Try to be more confident and self-dependent, instead.

1. Bell’s invention 5. Lilliputian description 6. Kabir’s creation 8. Infrequent 10. Before 11. Significant period of time 13. All the king’s ___ 14. Halla ___ 15. Musical alphabet 17. Preserve 18. Flower holders 19. Dagger

1. Ron’s owl 2. Yellow shade 3. Love in Spain 4. Drunken talk 7. Actress ___West 9. Overshadow 12. Type of creepy crawly 13. Jason’s wife 14. Hit song from Omkara 16. Almost round



Will it be th e blu Chelsea's chan es? ces in the le ague this se seemed rather ason had bleak previous ly. However, th of coach Luiz e arrival Felipe Scolari seems to have things around . Frank Lampa changed rd decided to contract for an renew his other five year s with Chelsea, have the supp ort of players he will also like Deco and Drogba.

The New C oach

Scolari who le d Brazil to the 2002 World Cu worlds richest p takes over soccer league Chelsea in th . He says bein be a hindranc e g a novice in e. ``I know ev the U.K. won erything abou said at his first 't t fo otball in Englan news conferen ce at Chelsea. d,'' Scolari sure for me is ``Until now, to speak Engl the only presish.''


Portugeese m idfielder Deco is in. Kaka an way. No won d Robinho mig der Roy Kean ht be on thei e thinks that season. r Chelsea is go ing to win th is

Liverpool Will they be

more consist

ent? Manager Rafa Benitez is back ing his new ad forget any first ditions to night nerves an d show their tr ity over the co ue qualming weeks. However we needs to chan feel that he ge his defens ive tactics an kill early in th d go for the e game if he wants to be su names like St ccesful. Big even Gerrard and Fernando a lot of pressu Torres have re on them th is year.


Andrea Dosse na and Robbie Keane are the Rafa says that two additions he is quite plea till date and sed with the w the previous matches and ay they have knows that th worked in ey can play be tter.


Does Liverpoo l have the necc essary depth consistent pe in their team rformance th to sustain a roughout the anyone to play season. Also, as a holding m do they have idfielder, which likes of Torres , Gerrard, Ku in turn would yt and Keane give the destroy the op the freedom position. to completely

Arsenal ing to come

Are they go

off age?

ing about rehas been talk r's , ge en W Arsene quoted saying and he was ll, y ba tr ot to fo y in lit spect responsibi clubs have a be ey can never ""The leading e. attractiv Th es ch m hi ga w e e th on e or me to mak play a dirty ga t to os m et rg e ta th s m er ay a long-t easily pl ite qu l na of se ck Ar e." eir la ubs, but is th is not attractiv the four big cl t gs on am ll ba beautiful foot r downfall? ing to be thei go e nc rie pe ex en s and Amaury Bischoff have beAC sfen rRam TraNn y to i se amin asri, Aaro of Mathieu Fl

iSamir g the likes Silva to Panath hile offloadin w in t gh a and Gilberto ou br ly on el ite rc fin Ba de to ill al w der Hleb ys the, “Arsen Milan, Alexan st ne Wenger sa se oses on augu Ar cl t er ke ag ar an m e th re naikos. M fo be t ansfer marke dip into the tr 31st.�

essthe pitch is almost a sore toriethnce Weackkofn leaders on be vastly expe

g Their la rsie might e that is goin ething Van Pe m so ty en t is he the on tw bu , The re su po h. ches and ex ing gets toug terms of mat er when the go th ge to am te to hold the

DU Beat - August 18, 2008  

DU Beat - Delhi University's Independent Student Newspaper

DU Beat - August 18, 2008  

DU Beat - Delhi University's Independent Student Newspaper