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ALKA GUPTA Born in Meerut Lives in Dehradun Doctor “She loves cooking and cleanliness is her obsession.”


ANITA KARWAL Born in Calcutta Lives in Ahmedabad Chief Election Officer, Gujarat State. “She's ‘supposed to be a vegan’, loves Chaat and loves Chorizo Sausages. She's scary as hell on Holi, she destroys people.”


ANU SINGH Born in New Delhi Lives in New Delhi Teacher “85% Dark Chocolate makes her life complete.”


ANULA SHAH GOENKA Born in Bhagalpur Lives in Nagpur Runs a Screen-Printing Workshop for Handmade Paper Stationery. “She is a fitness-freak and loves healthy food. She enjoys her work as a designer. Loves to shop with an obsession for street-jewelry.”


APALA BASU Born in Kolkata (But in her head- England) Lives in Calcutta Singer and scolder “She is obsessed with the lives of her daughters.”


ARCHANA MANTRI Born in Jodhpur Lives in Calcutta Principal of a Pre-School “She is well-known and respected for her command over languages, her general knowledge and her food. Also known lovingly as 'T-Rex', she is definitely the fittest family member and also the fairest of them all.”


ARCHANA MOGRAL Born in Mumbai Lives in Pune ‘Mami has taken me and my brother under her wing. She has the strength to cook 4 different types of food per meal for 4 kids, her husband and my grandmother. She is incredible and most definitely the glue that holds us together.”


ARPITA JHAVERI Born in Ahmedabad Lives in Mumbai Business and Stocks, Now a Home-Maker. ”Her biggest obsessions are badminton and food. She’s a big foodie. She loves to read. And she’s the strongest woman I know”


ASHA JAYESH SARAIYA Born in Bangalore Lives in Bangalore Primarily a Home-Maker but also teaches under-privileged kids at home. Obsessed about keeping the house clean and making me clean my room everyday, but she ends up doing it herself anyway. Her Amma’s Mutton-Chops are her favourite.


ASHA JINDAL Born in Mumbai Lives in New Delhi Home-Maker “She is super-religious and a very simple person. She is obsessed with cleaning, neatness and everything being in the right place. She is a bit of a health and beauty freak.”


BEENA BASU Born in Alleppey, Kerala Lives in Mumbai Baby Sitter, Jewelry Maker “She loves babies and has very innovative methods of playing with them, yet a strict disciplinarian with everyone. Her only obsession is me.”


BINDOO JOSE Born in Koottickal, Kerala Lives in Chennai Kindergarten Teacher “She is obsessively organized. She loves cars and kids. She prays for Schumachers recovery. She can make up songs on the go.”


BINDU JOSHI Born in Agra Lives in Jaipur Secondary School-Teacher “She loves Rajma-Chaawal, Chocolates and Chocolate Cake. Loves to sing, dance and listen to classical music. A very passionate person. Her favorite actors are Rekha and Amitabh Bacchan.”


DEEPA WORAH Born in Talcher, Orissa Lives in Ahmedabad Home-Maker + helps with Pitashri's businesses. “She firmly believes that Roasted Almond is the only flavor of ice cream that exists.”


JANAKI BADRINATH Born in Chennai Lives in Coimbatore Family Jewellery Business “She likes to chill with the family. Quite the smarty she can be- the funny things she says! She makes a fuss about all of us eating a proper meal and she’ll watch us finish, either not eating, or eating the strange combination of just rice, milk and sugar.”


KAMALA SHARMA Born in Madras Lives in Bangalore Home-Maker “She loves her neurotic dog, Patches, even though nobody else can understand why.”


KAVITA BAJAJ Born in Mumbai Lives in Mumbai “She is a brilliant cook who loves feeding people. Loves chocolates and has a sweet-tooth. Has to watch the ‘Mahabharat’ episode every single day. A foodie, she likes trying different cuisines. You’ll find her playing Candy-Crush anywhere/anytime!”


KETAKI DIGHE Born in Mumbai Lives in Mumbai Works in a Bank “Loves sea-food and fish more than anything!”


KUKU RAVI JOHN Born in Trivandrum Lives in Cochin “Used to work in Travel, now does an excellent job of taking care of us. She loves collecting bells from all her travels.”


KUSUM GUPTA Born in Delhi Lives in Gurgaon Architect and Interior-Designer. “She loves desserts (the more chocolate-y, the better) and is partial towards Gulab Jamun. She's a huge Jane Austen fan.”


KUSUM RAHEJA Born in Mumbai Lives in Bangalore Home-Maker “She loves to work-out and is a passionate cook.”


MADHAVI MEHTA Born in Ahmednagar Lives in Pune “She has food-business and makes the best Caramel-Custard. She loves playing games on her phone (Candy Crush, Chain Reaction, Connect the Dots and it goes on. )”


MADHUPARNA CHATTERJEE Born in Calcutta Lives in Calcutta Works as a Correspondent. “She plays a lot of Ruzzle/ Candy Crush.”


MADHURI KANITKAR Born in Dharwad Lives in Delhi Doctor/ Brigadier in the Indian Army “She loves sports, kids, being fit and travelling. Has been all over the world. Lately loves playing golf. She is extremely good at multi-tasking and is till date called ‘Speedy’ for being fast and efficient at everything she does. ”


MALA THIMMIYA Born in Machlipatnam. “Lives in Bangalore for me and in Chennai for Dad.” Social-Service, Counselor “She loves to cook but barely eats, unless there’s meat in everything. P.S.- She makes the best Pandi Curry in the world.”


MARY SUNIL Born in Kanjirappally, Kerala Lives in Kanjirappally Coordinator for a Pre-School “She is a perfectionist.”


MUKUL PUJARI APTE Born in Mumbai Lives in Delhi Event Manager “She can absolutely not resist shopping for clothes and footwear be it from the street or from nice showrooms. Also loves buying smart-phones and other sleek looking gizmos to an extent that sometimes she uses this obsession as 'retail therapy'.”


NAMITA BOLANGADY Born in Pune Lives in Pune “She is the youngest of my Mum's siblings. She has a tiny home-run bakery and is a little bit of a hypochondriac. I am most like her than any other family member and have tons of fun with her just baking and gardening. I always find it easiest to confide in her and we can laugh for hours.”


NARMADA KURTKOTI Born in Harsikatta, Sirsi. Lives in Dharwad, Karnataka “She is a social worker, and has started a co-operative of her own. She manages my late Father's office as efficiently as a Chartered Accountant. She loves to cook, and although not a foodie she loves everything that is edible. She is a workaholic of the highest degree.”


NEETA SATIYA Born in Bangalore Lives in Mumbai Home-Maker and studying to become a Psychiatrist. “She loves, loves her raw vegetables. She can eat a stir fried vegetable dish at any given time. She strikes a great balance between taking care of the house, helping dad at work and studying.”


NINA KABO Born in Hyderabad Spent most of her life in Mumbai “Wanted to be a dancer or chef when she was young but ended up becoming a Senior Programmer at LIC. She was a total people person and you always found her making conversation with someone or the other. She loved kids and talking to people.”


NIRANJANI SHETTY Born in Mumbai Lives in Mumbai Lawyer “She is obsessed with embroidery and loves fish.”


POONAM SINGH Born in Chandigarh Lives in Chandigarh Storyteller, Editor of Preetlari Magazine “She loves the ‘akhbaar’ and Gooseberries.”


RAJNI SOOD Born in Dharamshala Lives in Delhi/Chandigarh Industrial Development “She is obsessed with categorization and loves, loves Lauki (good-skin remedy).”


RANJANI ATHREYA Born in Bangalore Lives in Bangalore Home-Maker “She loves to eat road-side chaat (Pani Poori and Dahi Paapdi in particular) and loves Star Plus serials.”


RICHA MAHENDRU Born in Lachine, Canada Lives in New Delhi Home-Maker “She has the most killer organization and management skills. And without fail, she will deliver results at the speed of light. She loves life to bits and makes sure that so does everyone else around her. Loves Golgappas & Paapri Chaat.”


RUPAMALA SINGH Born in Calcutta Lives in Kotdwara, Delhi and Mumbai “She is currently running a school with her husband Kunwar, before which she worked for various newspapers. She always loves to indulge in various things and has a collection of hobbies. She loves pottery and painting.”


RUPANDESH SHAH Born in Mumbai Lives in Calcutta Architect, Interior Designer “She spends 14 hours a day doing what she loves and does best. She is a self-made architect & interior designer. She is almost 50 but people often think she is my sister. She is a perfectionist, a workaholic, and one of the strongest women I know. True to her roots, she loves Gujarati food.”


SANDHYA SHENOI Born in Bangalore Lives in Bangalore “She divides her time between managing her own trading company and taking great care of her family. She likes songs from the 70s and 80s, her cat, Indian food, her cat, Johnny Depp, her cat, flowers, her cat, helping anyone she can help, her cat, Macho men, and her cat. She's awesome.”


SANGEETA VYAS Born in Lucknow Lives in Mumbai Quality Control Head for Travel and Living Channel, India. Singer, Musician, Writer, Dubbing Artist for movies/serials/cartoons and radio-ads. “Deeply passionate about singing, loves cooking, way too organized, way too talented for someone her age and always manages time for herself.”



Born in New Delhi Lives in Jaipur “She is a Home-Maker but occasionally helps with my father’s business. Practices Buddhism whole-heartedly. She just loves her evening walks. All-season. Even an earthquake isn’t an excuse. She eats whatever we don't eat, and believes that lemons can make everything taste good.”


SANGEETA SONIK Born in Mumbai Lives in Mumbai Financial advisor for TATA AIA and for MAX BUTA Medical insurance “She is also Chocolatier. She loves animals and the wilderness, She is my best-friend. She loves American Chopsuey also she sounds exactly like me. Obsessed with gaming her favorite games are Prince of Persia and Tomb Raider.”


SANGEETHA CHENGAPPA Born in Mysore. Lives in Bangalore “She has done everything from modelling, editing books, taking spoken-english and cooking classes, advertising, in the TAJ hotels, but she is mainly a Journalist. She just started working for the Hindi Businessline as a senior editor. She excels at every thing she does. Cannot resist dance floors.”


SANJANA DUTTA Born in Ludhiana Lives in Calcutta Bank Manager “She loves to kick-back with a movie, or a great book, but I know she can never take a day off. Our dog is her favourite child, but this should help my case. Puchka dates are our favourite.”


SAROJINI MACHADO Born in Goa Lives in Goa “Used to work in a bank out of necessity and hated it. Now she teaches in an Alternative School. Gets really stressed-out over small things and breaks-out in hives. Loves vegetarian crap. No fetishes.”


SHAHINA TAIYEB Born in Lucknow Lives in New Delhi Teaches as a volunteer at a Kendriya Vidyalaya and at home. “She loves listening to the radio, reading and spends hours watching Nat Geo. She likes to eat leftovers as she hates wastage. She’s an ambassador of ‘Pranaayam’ and has the most uninhibited laugh.”


SHAMPA RANU Born in Murshidabad, West Bengal Lives in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh Home-Maker and Social Worker “She likes to cook Bengali food, watches cookery shows on TV, takes pictures and Facebooks. She taught me how to draw.”


SHEETAL PALSHETKAR Born in Mumbai Lives in Mumbai Criminal Lawyer “She loves cooking and painting. She occasionally plays her sitar. Her current obsession is Power Yoga.”


SHORMITA DAS Born in Lucknow, UP Lives in Mumbai English Teacher “Does anchoring and hosting in her free-time for events. Sings the popular ad-songs and limericks all the time, often with wrong lyrics. Used to be a Radio Jockey. Loves coffee. All kinds and forms of coffee. Wags leg when eating chicken that is cooked well.”


SOMA MUKHERJEE Born in Calcutta Lives in Shanti Niketan School Teacher. “She is quite talented and hard working. She’s the swiftest hardworker there is. She works all day but whenever there is some free time she’ll do something creative or read books. She is the most adjusting person I know.”


SONIA JOHRI Born in Delhi Lives in Jaipur Home-Maker “Loves to cook great food and make people happy with her amazing sense of humor. Wishes to travel a lot with family and friends.”


SUCHITRA GANESH Born in Kerala Lives in Mumbai “Is an Electrical Engineer and used to work. She has found a hobby in clay-modeling. Obsessed with television and watches every show with absolute reverence and sincerity. She loves Halwa.”


SUNITA BHATIA Born in Delhi Lives in Delhi Home-Maker “Experimental chef with a butter and bread fetish. Apart from that, she is spottable with a dot on her forehead.”


VANDANA DESHMUKH Born in Mumbai Lives in Mumbai Commercial Artist and now a Lecturer “She loves to sketch and paint.”


VANDANA SINGH Born in Bombay “She's moving from Gujarat back to Mumbai now. She's a Yoga-Teacher among other things. She's also taught computer programming and graduated in Fisheries. Obsession: Chai.”


VINITA SHIRODKAR Born in Mumbai Lives in Mumbai “Was a social worker, now a Home-Maker. She loves cooking and Crabs are her favourite.”

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