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Down in the Dumps – Depression Depression is not fun. We all feel like we could do with our fair share of depression therapy. Depression is a heavy word which is used to describe that constant melancholic state of mind. Nothing feels right, nothing feels good and your life feels like it is permanently on airplane mode. A major reason that people may require the help of a depression therapist is because there have been instances in their lives that have triggered a set of unhappiness. This could be a medical condition in which case a person may require a mood altering drug which needs to be taken in order to control the mind and balance out the levels of dopamine and serotonin. Instance from the past such as an abusive childhood, instances of being bullied at school, a flashback of an accident, the loss of a dear one, lack of motivation to live, retirement etc can all be reasons one could need depression therapy. Mental Health counseling is all about doing a one on one, individual therapy session with a counsellor. Here a person who may be facing issues such as: low self-esteem, low confidence, anxiety, unhappiness, chronic sadness, anxiety and more can, under the governance of a depression therapist or any other mental health counseling professional, finally fix their state of mind. Depression therapy may include talk therapy or expression through art or any other form of expression that the patient in question feels comfortable expressing themselves through. The entire purpose for depression therapy is to finally tell the sufferer that you are now finally in a controlled environment. Nobody is going to judge you or make you feel like what you are feeling is wrong. A depression therapist is trained to be non-judgemental and always have an external perspective on people’s lives. Therefore it is very important for complete participation from the patient’s end to actually get better. The more initiative that is taken by the patient, the better it is. Even the duration of the therapy will depend upon the patient itself, this is because, the more receptive and the more accepting to change the patient is, the faster they can get to a better place in their minds. Mental Health Counseling is all about getting better with therapy and communication. It is for people of all age groups. Mental Health counseling includes a counselling session for children, teenagers, adults, couples, families and basically anybody who

could be facing problems of the mind. These are the problems that go beyond the realm of tangibility. It is all about what is going on in the mind that you think will pass in time but is usually the opposite scenario where, it only gets worse with time. There are many reasons as to why anybody in society could require mental health psychology. These could be certain hormonal imbalances that a person may be born with or occurs due to an accident at a later stage in their life. Or the need for depressing therapy could stem from the fact that there are certain psychological issues or stress disorders that is eating away a person from the inside. A common reason for depression therapy could be a person’s non-conformity with the identity they know themselves to be versus what they actually have to be due to certain norms and pre-set conditions or societal expectations.

Down in the dumps – Depression  

Mental Health Counseling is all about getting better with therapy and communication. For more information visit

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