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What is behavioral therapy? The science of behavioral therapy believes that all behaviors are learned and can be easily unlearned or altered with time and practice. This type of therapy helps to identify and change destructive or unhealthy behaviors in an individual. What issues does behavioral therapy tackle? Behavioral therapy can benefit a wide range of people with different disorders or issues. Some of the fields it helps in are – • • • • • • •

Depression Anxiety Panic Disorder Anger Management ADHD Eating Disorder Phobias; And more.

What are the different types of behavioral therapy? 1. COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY This is the most popular form of behavioral therapy. It focuses on the current mood and situation of the patient and works towards changing it. In the long haul, it aims to change the mood and actions of the patient permanently. 2. COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL PLAY THERAPY This is a very popular form of behavioral therapy for children. Using a play method, psychologists are able to gain insight into the world of the child and help change their destructive behaviors. 3. SYSTEM DESENSITIZATION This method is usually used to help people get over their phobias. It uses classical conditioning to help the patient relax in a situation of panic .

4. AVERSION THERAPY This controversial method helps treat patients suffering from alcoholism or substance abuse. It creates a link negative link between the substance and the feeling it gives the patient. Over time this unpleasant experience causes the patient to quit.

What is behavioral therapy for children? Therapy for children helps change unwanted or destructive behaviors at an early age so that the child is able to grow well and adjust normally to the society. Behavioral therapy for children usually works simply, by punishing negative behavior and rewarding positive behavior. Children who suffer from ADHD or autism often benefit from this type of therapy. With trust in their counselor and with time, the child is able to start a steady path to recovery.

How do I know if my child needs behavioral therapy? There are many negative behaviors in a child which are normal while some are cause for concern. To know if your child needs therapy you must visit a professional. There are many places for behavioral therapy for children in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore or anywhere you

Is behavioral therapy effective? Yes, behavioral therapy is considered to be extremely effective. More than 75% of people who enter behavioral therapy get benefits from it. It helps adults and it helps children mainly from the age of 3 to 12 years.

How do I find a behavioral therapist? While choosing a therapist there are few things you need to make sure of – 1. Always choose a therapist who has the right certifications and degrees. 2. Make sure that you have insurance to cover your therapy. 3. Make sure that you are comfortable with your therapist. There should be a mutual trust and understanding between you both for the therapy to take good effect. If you’re looking for behavioral therapy for children in Mumbai, New York, Sydney, Beijing or any of the big cities, do your research and choose the therapist right for you!


Behavioral Therapy & How It Affects You  
Behavioral Therapy & How It Affects You  

The science of behavioral therapy believes that all behaviors are learned and can be easily unlearned or altered with time and practice. Thi...