Kaks kasia #4

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Workshop and Presentation 12-14 June 2014

I had the honor of traveling to OuluFinland, on behalf of Oulun Tanssikomppania ry, to collaborate with the local dancers and musicians in presenting Destroy// Oulu. The process was in two phases: the Destroy// workshop, which was open to the public; and the BUILD rehearsal with a cast of dancers drawn from the workshop participants. The Workshop: The Destroy// workshop draws from somatic techniques and movement research approaches to study two particular concepts – Disorientation and Mining through Repetition. We begin with a series of actions designed to activate the nervous system. This includes an extended inversion meant to “flip our perception”, and then an experiential anatomy study of the feet in relation to the pelvis in relation to the skull and senses. We also spend a good amount of time dealing with balances and the action of the eyes while the body is in motion. These are simultaneously grounding for the nervous system and challenging to the concept of “success”. We attempt to de-rail ourselves and wander or slice our way back into control.