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St Tropez Dark Tan – Its’ Ready – Are You? Anyone who has ever visited my salon will know that ever since we started tanning that we have promoted St Tropez Spray Tans. During that period we have seen a lot of tanning products come on to the market, many of which we have tested and none of which we ever felt matched the quality and consistency of St Tropez Tan. Our clients’ views have backed up our conclusions as you can see in our testimonials. As ever there was always one fly in the ointment. St Tropez always gives a very natural “two weeks in the South of France” type of tan but there has always been a demand for a darker tan. Previously the only way to achieve this darker tan was by repeated sessions of spray tanning which while providing a smashing dark look, proved very costly in time and money. So you can imagine my delight when St Tropez told me that they were introducing a new Dark Tan product. I know it’s a bit obvious but the first thing that sprang to my mind was just what is it. Well apparently it’s a new formula, making it a very absorbent St Tropez liquid that contains more skin conditioners and antioxidants. As it’s based on the original St Tropez lotion it still provides an even streak free tan on your skin. In common with the other products St Tropez Dark Tani contains a unique melanin based technology that ensures that the tan you finish up with matches your particular skin tone. It also contains St Tropez’ patented technology that all but gets rid of the tell tale smell that you sometimes get with tanning products. Preparation is just as you’d have done previously. 1) Exfoliation with St Tropez Body Polisher for fresh skin to ensure that your tan lasts as long as possible. Don’t take any risks as ingredients contained in other exfoliants can potentially harm the result of your St Tropez dark tan e.g. exfoliants containing lemon can turn your St Tropez dark tan a strange colour 2) Moisturise with St Tropez Body Moisturiser. Moisturise the dry areas of your body to ensure your tan does not “cling” e.g. around the skin on your knees and elbows. The next question is “Just how good is it?” Well, I tried it on myself and was thoroughly impressed with the results. It gives your skin a lovely dark even tan; certainly a good deal deeper than the standard St Tropez tan. Be warned. It is dark! As soon as it is applied you can see the difference between the St Tropez Dark Tan and the Standard spray. This however can be very deceptive as the actual tanning liquid is clear. What you see on your skin is the guide colour that is added to the liquid to allow us to see where the spray is covering. This is the colour that washes off when you first shower after your spray tan. Without this added colour we’d have little idea which areas had been sprayed and which had been missed. Rather than trying to explain it in words have a look at the video below showing an independent


test comparison of the Standard versus the St Tropez Dark Tan.

With correct aftercare your St Tropez dark tan will last longer if you follow these simple rules 1) When you get home dry yourself thoroughly with a warm blow dryer 2) Moisturise daily with St Tropez moisturiser. (Please note that some moisturisers can actually decrease your tan). 3) Only pat yourself dry after the first shower or bath. How does it look the next day? Once you’ve showered you should have a warm deeper than normal tan. But your skin tone will dictate the depth of colour. Normally I’d expect a dark tan to come up best on skins that that either dark or olive to begin with. But I’m happy to report that the St Tropez Dark Tan seems to give good results even on fairer skins On the basis of this I can definitely recommend the new St Tropez Dark tan if you’re looking for something deeper that the standard. But please remember that St Tropez will always give you results that match your own skin tone which means that the darker your natural skin tone is the darker colour you will achieve. So if you feel like you’d like to give it a try, get in touch with me at Nails by Barbara and get that dark tanned look the St Tropez way.

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St Tropez Dark Tan – Its’ Ready – Are You?  
St Tropez Dark Tan – Its’ Ready – Are You?