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2010 Corporate Report

A Letter From the CEO I would first like to extend a “thank you� to all of the investors of MAC Cosmetics. You have all been such great followers in building our brand. Without you, we would not have had so many successful events, accomplishments, and growth. We wish that you continue to have faith in our company as it will continue to prosper. Thank you. Next, I would like to thank all of our employees. You have grown along side our company. We are proud to have such fantastic employees who honor the same values and commitments as we do. We would have never had so much fun without your great help. Finally, I would like to thank all of our customers. We are very lucky to have such loyal clients.

Thank you all for such a f a n t a s t i c y e a r. Sincerely, Tannah Pincombe, C E O

Mission Statement

TO CREATE valuable, fashionable, and long-lasting make up to be used on and off the runway.

TO AID by donating profits to programs that help people who cannot help themselves.

TO INSPIRE the world with our artistic approach to make up.

TO HELP teach our clients how to achieve beautiful, professional make up application at home.


WE SOLD over two million Viva La Glam Lipglasses in the year 2010. The profit of $5.00 from each lipglass goes towards finding the cure of HIV/AIDS. This means that we have donated ten million dollars towards finding the cure.

WE GAINED over five hundred thousand new customers in the year 2010. This means that both our name and our profits have continued to grow from the year 2009, when we had three million clients world-wide.

Goals for 2011 As great a year 2010 has been, we wish to surpass our accomplishments by a long stretch for 2011. We are hoping to reach five million clients world-wide. We are eager to announce our new non for profit item in May of 2011, and we hope to achieve a worldwide awareness of the new product and its good cause. We are hoping to raise at least two million dollars for this great cause. We are also planning on attending five more world-wide events, where we will display our employees’ talents on the runway and perform free make-overs to attendants.

TO GROW in two forms, including: our company’s profits, and the opportunities for our employees. We would like for our employees to have endless opportunities to grow and prosper alongside our company.

TO ACHIEVE enduring quality of make up to a whole new level. We have discovered new materials which will enable our make up to look freshly-applied for more than twenty hours. Watch out in June 2011.





Thank you, again, to all of our investors, employees, and customers for being so loyal. We hope to continue to bring you all happiness in the year 2011.

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