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Questions and Answers With the Renowned Tanner Fehr Q. What are the differences between freshwater fishing and deep sea/ inshore fishing? A. there is many differences so I will start picking a couple out first there is no ice for half the year Second another is that most people in Canada by their bait but in other counties people catch there bait with little golden hooks that have no bait on them what they

or sometimes they use j hooks with the bait fish we caught then they troll with the hooks and wait for the fish to come take the bait. Fourth people in other countries fish to earn money or take tourists out to earn money and an octopus costs last I heard was $80 a pound. Fishing can be a huge market and maybe even most of a part of a country. The equipment is a HUGE factor for deep sea fishing. For the deep sea fishing you need a very big rod and reel and for fresh water you can use a much smaller one t h e l i n e

do is find birds and go to them because birds are always locked on to schools of fish so you go up to the birds and find the bait fish then you drop the golden hooks down and they go crazy for the hooks sometimes you can pull up 5 bait fish at a time because normally there are 5 hooks on 1 line. Third the way people fish there is very different because normally they fish in 5-7 thousand feet of water but the marlin, sailfish and Dorado like to feed on the top and underneath sea turtles because the sea turtles create shade from the sun. So they use hooks anywhere from 10-20 inches long

c a n a l s o be a lot lighter for deep sea you need over 100 pound test line and depends on what you fish in fresh water you can use 2 pound to 80 pound test line.

Boats are also a big part because in fresh water also depending on where you fish there can be from still water to over 6 ft. waves so you can use smaller boats but in the ocean of course we all know waves can bet to be 100 ft. high so you need a way bigger boat.

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