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Date: 02/04/10 Time: 11:40—1:00 pm Faculty Senate Chambers JUB 100

Learning in the Palm of Your Hand Presenter — STEVE JONES (PSY)

Mobile Learning Mobile learning, typically using a cell phone, can be thought of as anytime, anywhere learning. It can incorporate texting and often taps into social networks. Typical applications are: brief reference materials for students in the field, course refreshers and student projects that engage their networks. Come learn how mobile learning can en-

Bring Your Web-Enabled Phones or Laptops to Participate! Bring Your Lunch, Too!

hance classroom learning and how students can create their own “minimodules” that can be viewed on a cell phone. Several example mobile modules will be presented.

Learning, Teaching, & Innovative Technologies Center REGISTER — or 494-7671

Mobile Learning Workshop  
Mobile Learning Workshop  

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