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EXL! Hands-on learning with academic knowledge

Learning, Teaching & Innovative Technologies Center

First Tuesday Series on Experiential Learning


ver considered re-doing your course as an EXL course but were unsure about

the process? This new series will fully introduce you to the EXL curriculum — explaining the requirements, approval process, course content, assessment tools, resources, and more! EXL faculty members also will share insider tips on how to develop and promote EXL courses to students looking to combine hands-on learning with academic knowledge. The EXL series starts on the first Tuesday in February (2) and continues through April in the Faculty Senate Chambers, JUB 100. Join Us! To register —

EXL FACULTY PRESENTERS Jill Austin (MGMT) Deanna Raffo (ORCO) Laura Clippard (EXL) Judy Campbell (NURS) Ron Kates (ENGL) Janet McCormick (ORCO) John Maynor (PS) Helen Binkley (ATHT)

Mar 2, 11:40-1 pm. FSC

Developing Effective CommunityBased & Service-Learning Projects Types of service– & communitybased learning projects for EXL Importance of developing ideas, working with nonprofits & community organizations, and

Learning, Teaching & Innovative Technologies Center

Feb 2, 11:40-1 pm. FSC

MTSU Box 231 Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Developing Your Course for EXL

Clippard, Campbell, Kates

Phone: 615-494-7671 E-mail:

Apr 6, 11:40-1 pm. FSC

Benefits of EXL for students and faculty

Developing & Marketing Your Major as EXL Program of Study

The approval process

Rewards of offering EXL courses to

Ingredients of an EXL course Register Today!

reflective writing

Best assessment tools for EXL courses Austin & Raffo

students who want hands-on learning combined with academic knowledge. McCormick, Maynor, Binkley

Developing Your Course as an EXL Course  
Developing Your Course as an EXL Course  

Flyer describing workshop on how to design a course for an EXL approach.