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In the middle of everything – and undeniably special

BUILD YOUR DREAM HOUSE In Sønderborg Municipality, we have the building site for your new dream home. You can choose to build in the city or on the countryside – Sønderborg Municipality has it all. And at prices that are affordable.


Wide open spaces and water on all sides. In Sønderborg Municipality, scenic surroundings go hand in hand with initiative and development. Visit us and discover beautiful natural surroundings, a vibrant cultural life and good opportunities for jobs and education.

jobs for two If you move in connection with a new job in Sønderborg Municipality, a municipal employee is ready to help your spouse find a job in the area.

LOOK FORWARD TO A NEW VIEW Whether you want views of blue water, green fields or red roofs, you will find your dream home in Sønderborg Municipality. Take a drive in our municipality and enjoy the view every second of the way.



Rock, jazz, opera, ballet, theater, talks, historical museums and modern art. Actually, we could just keep going. In Sønderborg Municipality, we value culture highly – which means you can look forward to being surprised.

You have easy access to the scenic outdoors everywhere in Sønderborg Municipality. We prioritise cycling paths and walking trails highly and we are currently building a new equestrian trail with facilities for cooking food over a campfire and spending the night under the open sky.

TIME FOR LEISURE You will find a wide range of recreational activities throughout our municipality – indoors and outdoors, and for all ages. You will never be bored in Sønderborg Municipality.

EXCITING STUDY ENVIRONMENT Sønderborg is an attractive city for students. We offer educational programmes at all levels – from primary school to university. We have an international outlook and a close cooperation with the University of Flensburg.

CLOSE TO EVERYTHING A motorway right to your door, good public transport links and just a short distance to the border to the south. Flights to Copenhagen depart from Sønderborg Airport five times daily on weekdays. In other words – close to everything.


CARING FOR CHILDREN We guarantee day care places for your child in home day care, nurseries, and day care centres, and you can choose from a wide range of municipal primary and lower secondary schools or private schools. You will also find an international school at the primary and lower secondary school level in Sønderborg Municipality.

WE GUARANTEE HOUSING You do not need to worry about housing if you are suddenly offered a job in Sønderborg Municipality. We are ready to provide a rental home from your very first day of work.

FIND OUT MORE Visit and find out more about Sønderborg Municipality. You will definitely be impressed.

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