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TCL India Buying Guide for Picking the Best HD TV TV sets have evolved marvelously in the recent times. Buyers are surrounded by plethora of options to pick from. They certainly need a guide to find out what factors they need to consider for buying a TV that fulfils all the criteria of being the present-day technology masterpiece. These days, apart from the authorized dealers, online sellers are also in market giving some benefit to the buyers who are out for purchasing a desirable TV. Listed here can help you find the best HD TV that is capable of becoming a star attraction of your household.

Size does matter Well, Yes. The size does matter when you want to pick the best LED TV from the horde. Size here refers to the size of the screen of the TV set. Screen size ranging from 32 inches to 65 inches is in vogue. Users need to have correct screen size that complements the size of the room beautifully. Apart from the aesthetics, the inmates need safe distance from the TV set too. For example, a 65-inch LED TV can be watched comfortably at a distance of 5 to 51/2 ft. So, pick the size that is good to look at and safe to watch. Most of the rooms can accommodate a 32 inch TV comfortably. Screen Resolution The screen resolution is another very important factor for buying an LED TV. The standard resolution for an LED TV screen is 1080p. This implies that the screen is resolved into 1920 x 1080 pixels. A 43 inch TV delivers better quality of picture in HD technology. There is another TV feature called UHD or Ultra High Definition that offers 8 times better resolution than the existing HD TV range. But, the UHD is useful only

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TCL India for the screen size more than 50 inches. Moreover, most of the content available on TV is not complementary to UHD screen. So, no point in shelling extra hundred dollars or so for such variants! Price Tag One has to be dead serious on this and definitely needs to look at the pocket power first before selecting the TV set. Buying HD TV online is quite a considerable option given the fabulous discounts that one can find over the web. To make the price structure clearer, the thumb rule is – larger the screen, heftier will be the price tag. For example,   

Rs 15,000 – Rs 50,000 for a 39 to 43 inch TV Rs 19,000 – Rs 96,000 for a 46 to 52 inch TV Rs 42,000 – Rs 3, 00,000 for 65 inch TV, and so on.

Additional Features Some of the HD TV sets of modern times are now equipped with Wi-Fi. Users can watch the streamed material online without requiring the downloading of content from the web. Some can be connected with Bluetooth Speakers for a Surround Sound experience, while others may have the slot for connecting the monitor with CPU, allowing the user to employ TV set to a gaming console or PC. Thus, make a check-list of the desirable features first, match it with the budget and then go for TV hunt.

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Buying guide for picking the best HD TV  

LED TV is the new fad amongst the consumers who need an upgradation over their existing TV sets. Buyers need to keep a number of factors in...

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