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Homework – For

Did you know that even famous actors and singers have to do homework to get to where they are now? In school, students who complete homework on a regular basis excel well.

Extra time away from class to find and learn other fast and efficient ways of completing work. We can get the benefit of having one on one with adult/parents and have access to a variety of researching resources such as computers, tablets with internet.

This helps students stick to schedule and learn to prioritize. Completing class activities becomes a less daunting task as you are able to complete work on time.

Most importantly, like any successful actor or singer who puts in hours of homework gets to reap the rewards with successful career, our grades will also noticeably improve. Teachers will be happy, we will be less stress and this promotes a happy fun learning environment for all.

In short, I know that practicing a skill and repetition helps me. Daily homework gives extra time to go over work that is being taught in class re-enforcing it. We definitely will get noticeable improvement outcome in grades.

By: Jack Lock 6/7B 25/3/2014