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A thriving garden for a thriving community

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The Houston Parks Board web page for the Woodland Park states that this 30-acrew park is the second oldest in Houston. Located northeast of the intersection of Houston Avenue and White Oak Drive, the park was established in 1903 by the Houston Electric Company (DEC) as a privately owned recreational destination for streetcar riders when HEC extended its rail line north from the Houston Avenue Bridge. Originally named Highland Park, the facility became known as San Jacinto Park a few years before the property title was transferred to the city of Houston in 1912. Renamed Woodland Park in 1914, the present amenities dating from 1947 include a gymnasium and outdoor fields/courts for baseball, basketball, and tennis.

A thriving garden for a thriving community This proposal hopes to bring the people around the community to experience a synthesis of the lush nature of the park itself and the men-aided nature, which is the community garden. By growing fruits, vegetables and herbs they will be able to sustain the Woodland Park. Selling their harvest at a local farmers market and using the profit to pay for the cost of upkeeping and maintaining the park.

The main typographic piece of the community garden will be the Thrive Herb Bed. Each letter will be at varying heights to create visually interesting side views. Surrounding the main herb bed will be an open gardening area to grow fruits and vegetables.

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Size of Community Garden: 45 x 30 ft. Size of each letter: 3 x 8 ft. Material: Natural Cedar Wood

12 ft. 8 ft.

3 ft.

33 ft.

30 ft.

45 ft.

Thrive Proposal 2  

Woodland park proposal

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