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personal data name sex dob nationality address cell phone e-mail

tania miranti chumaira female palembang, october 29th 1991 indonesian jalan pinang perak raya 47 taman yasmin 6 bogor west java 16113 +6281808558621

language skill IELTS band score 7

other skill and competence

occupational field education

architecture, design, and art driving

formal bachelor of interior architecture, universitas indonesia GPA : 3.24

computer skill and competence

sketch up



3d artist, tanjung barat house, jakarta, indonesia (2012) interior designer, syariah amanah umah bank, sukabumi, west java, indoneisa (2012) surveyor assistant, ciliwung river research by national university of singapore (2013) landscape architect, jambi green open space, jambi, indonesia (2013) graphic design contributor, (2013) in-house designer, taman maen inn, bogor, west java, indonesia (2012-now) design director, amigo design, bogor, west java, indoneisa (2013-now) furniture designer, multimedia room for ministry of enery and mineral resources (2014) design director, amigo design, bogor, west java, indoneisa (2013-now) furniture designer part-time painting teacher, pusat pengembangan anak bogor, west java, indonesia (2006-2008) vice president of production, company export-import smansa, prestasi junior indonesia, jakarta, indonesia (2007-2008) part-time piano teacher, pusat pengembangan anak bogor, west java, indonesia (2004-2006) foreign tourist guide, derawan island, east kalimantan, indonesia (2013) private english teacher for conversation and ielts preparation (2014)

piano course, yamaha music foundation (1996-2003) painting course, kinanti painting club (2000-2001) arithmetic course, yayasan aritmatika indonesia (2000-2004) 2004-2007) bartlett school of architecture summer school, university college london (2013) licensed neuro linguistic programme practitioner batch 24 (2013) licensed neuro linguistic programme master practitioner batch 10 (2013)



working experience




archicad coreldraw

achievement photoshop





screen printing



artistic skill and competence



soft skill

communication teamwork


photography digital imaging

semi finalist, national map painting competition “making a better world for children” BAKOSURTANAL (2003) honoured merit award, ASEAN scholarships for indonesia (2006) participant, regional painting exhibition “ekspresi 2 generasi” (2007) first winner, tribute to forest “be part of new greenerations with the now generation”, faculty of social science, university of indonesia (2008) participant, painting exhibition “jejak anak-anak nusantara 2010” manado heritage conservation for culture value (2010) moderator, public lecture by imelda akmal architecture writer department of architecture,university of indonesia best sketch, la salle college open house (2013) participant, country aprreciation training held by united nations development program (2007) piano player, national math competition closing ceremony attented by minister of research and technology, jakarta convention centre (2002)

project 11 photography page 19

project 10 book publishing page 18

project 09 installation design page 16-17

project 01 undergraduate final project page 1-4

project 08 green open space (will be built) page 14-15

project 02 built pavillion project

project 07 interior design (built)

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project 03 classroom research

project 06 architecture interior design studio

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project 05 furniture design studio page 10


the urban conga light installation aspired me to investigate light and shadow as the elements to create certain spatial experience. through the installation, it can be seen that shadow could be created and changed by using several intervention such as distance change of object, screen and light source; object addition, and object subtraction.

above: urban conga light installation

this project proposes a shadow spatial experience in order to educate the society how inconvenient it would be if the city gets more populated rapidly. the spatial experience is created through shadows which visually performs issue of the society so the people will understand the message easier without feeling like being informed directly.

above: model study and transformations through distance change

above: model study and transformations through addition and subtraction

bringing the different kind of interventions, led me to three kind of shadows formed which are mirroring, receding, and immensing. then, this type of shadows is combined with a narrative scenario in order to create a whole new spatial experience.

above: model study of sequences where shadows are created from narrative

“shadows are graphically powerful and traditionally have sinister overtones. in


(the a-z of visual, john ingeldew) the spatial experience is aimed to provide the direct scenario so that the users feel like they are part of the narrative as a particular role. the narration is allured through shadows regarding the space programme.


undergraduate final-project individual dramati(c)ity : intertwining form shadow and narration as a method in designing interior architecture (achieved straight A’s in research and design)


the sequences are based on the general steps inside drama which consist of exposition (introduction), climax, and resolution.

above: the search of scenario in a frame of populated area

through a frame of high density situation, sequences are found. these become a gradual change that forms a scenario. through some shadow techniques mentioned before. shadows and narration then come up as a unity to perform a live spatial experience. this is 70% of human receptors is functioned as visual receptor (a natural history of the senses, diane ackerman).

recrystallizing receding


dissolving above: stages of spatial experience for the space programme

above: ceiling plan

above: perspective of ambiences

above: form shadow transformation in each stage

the ceiling that forms shadow represents

begin from the bottom.


above: form shadow inside 1 : 100 models


the beginning is the approaching stage where all the patterns are still arranged in order. the form is mostly dominated by the geometrical shape in this stage.

after that, there is turning, recrystallizing and receding stage where all the combat of the shadow starts. the patters are the fractal, sharp, and anorganic ones. when it comes to the resolution, the shadow is back to become rearranged again. natural shape sharp shape dissolves.

above: site models

the purpose of this project is to make an intervention that could be placed in 3 different sites with different characteristics as well. the sites are under hungerford bridge, seven dials monument (square), parliament hill (hampstead heath). nature and human potentials from the sites were discovered such as sunlight that could create shadows, surroundings’ view that could only be seen from upper spot or additional equipments, and the crowd of the people including their pattern of circulation. above: basic structure of porta-place

above: exploration models to answer the contextual issues

porta-place team (built pavillion)


explorations were made in order to create as many as possibilities to answer the challenge of each issues that come from different sites. in order to accommodate all the needs therefore and idea of making a portable pavillion came up. through some basic movements such as rotation and dilation, this pavillion anwers the contextual issues. those basic movements are also complete the design as a porta-place.

above: the arrangement of the structures and additional equipments


there was an interesting metaphore about time management. if time given was a bottle, then the activities were divided into 3 such as rocks, sand, and water. the most solid among all, rock, was at the top of priority. sand following by water are less urgent eventually.the order of

then there would be enough space for all the materials. but if there was no order, the materials together. so, the metaphore tried to deliver message that people should start doing the activities from the most urgent ones in order to get as much as things done.

such materials result different effects. i found that this is also applicable in designing interiority to begin with the skin as structure and concerning the layout from the widest space. above: exploration models to answer the contextual issues

above: the less solid comes first

“terminology of structure here does not represent as physical element. structure here is strongly related to order and how to choose interior elements in order to create visual connection within the

above: exploration models to answer the contextual issues

interior space. walls that are not directly affect the structure, are also counted in modifying space inside the skin of particular building.� (interior design, francis d.k. ching) so, i was trying to draw a plan through 3 different with the furniture. in the second experiment, i tried to draw regarding the width

above: first experiment (from furniture)

to think a lot about the skin and not to cross the border. the result was pretty obvious that starting from the skin made (see the last experiment). this showed that it is very important to always go back to the skin in designing.

above: second experiment (from space/room) above: porta place!

geometry class research individual solid, liquid, and in-between



above: third experiment (from skin)

possibly helps in seeing the general visual pattern that was already existed inside.

above: playing and configurating lego

the objective of this project is to design a furniture regarding the site context. the site is a lobby that is functioned 24/7 not only as a meeting point, but also as a place for students to do their work. the students usually sit on laptops. seeing this phenomena as an issue, then idea to design a furniture to accompany their working time came up. having fun while working? why not?

above: square chair

the main function of this furniture is for seating. in addition, this furniture resembles how legos transform so that the users can play with the modules while adjusting their own physical needs such as something for back to lean, something for changing the way people sit in quite long duration, etc.

above: probabilities of modules configuration above: balloon chair

above: float chair

above: placed on site

lego furniture individual final project for furniture design studio (reviewed by josua simanjuntak)

current workshop team amigo upholstery furnitures (been running for almost 2 years)


above: materials available (parasit urex, leather, thick wool, etc.)

10 above: the making process

the aim of this project is to make the user having their own little journey while doing their daily work. the form

in 2020, it is predicted that people will spend more than half of their time struggling

each day especially to jakarta.

for the workers in a company. in addition, each activities that

the spread of space for supporting activities

are designed to release stress in order to increase their profuctivity above: jakarta traffic in 2020

the client was renee suhardono, CEO of coaching company named impact factory. he is also a

the arrangement of the room was designed regarding to the working schedule so the employees will experience ceritain journey which makes them happy.ihopefully this cpuld make the full time working hour feels nice and fun.

the formal one. they deal with so many different ideas each day and expect to always discover something new.

of work equals to happy factory. above: the spread of activities

i tried to design a happy factory in order create a whole new above: the search of happy feeling in sketch

above:model exploration

above: the search of form

above: detail of custom furniture (receptionist counter and hanging lamp)

happy factory individual interior architecture design studio 4


12 above: plan and context

above: interior perspectives

the project was about to design the interior of a moslem local bank in sukabumi, west java. since it is a moslem local bank, green as the color scheme was chosen. this project was pretty challenging since the space was not really large.

above: design adjustment of body dimension

then, i tried to choose a different approach which i interviewed all the staff because the number was not that many. i also measured one by one the position dimension for doing activities while working. as a result, i found that some furniture could use different usual dimension. that was an adventage since it could give more comfort for the staffs to work which eventually increase the effectivity of work.

above: morning perspective

above: plan and context

above: 1st floor and 2nd floor plan

above: day perspective

green open space amanah ummah bank individual interior design built project


above: interior perspective

individual city green open space in jambi, sumatra (cooperation with local government)


above: basic functions

during the past years, this city

jakarta, the capital city of indonesia, is one of the cties with highest amount of

in lots of sector including the

15 km/hour, the jakartans should face that 60% of their time each day is spent

so, we came up with the idea to keep the people’s mind fresh although the

a kind of fruit that is similar to is the pieces always looked the

developing a design that could above : form transformation

above : final design

kentia palm

tea tree

euphorbia ammak

cyperus alternifolius

queen palm tree


cordyline terminalis


asplenium nidus

bird of paradise

above : jakarta traffic map

above : chart of people demand in releasing stress (source : JWT)

above : traffic impact

above : the stepping

the initial ideas come from

installation design team generating meme on your step (shown at INDONESIA CONTEMPORARY ART and DESIGN 2012)


16 above : the sequences


i was in charged of being an editor in chief for the 40 anniversary book of KAPA FTUI. it is a nature adventure club that i was joining during my university period. i was responsible to create the initial concept of the book and edit the script before being printed for numerous quantity. the concept is about life and its growth. it then affected how to divide the chapters. i was also designing the logo and creating the tagline which was celebration through generation. the books were distributed to national environmental organizations and some related ministries.


above : the concept

t above : with erna witoelar


v the absence of a



b team 40 year anniversary of KAPA FTUI (published in 2012)




above : sunda kelapa harbour

thank you!

above : minang traditional house

photography individual (some have been published in regional exhibitions)

19 above : how the city is turning

Portfolio 2014 of Tania Miranti Chumaira Manaf  
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