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AIESEC in Ukraine Guide How to organize presentations

1. Before AIESEC presentation


person with good public speaking skills person with high knowledge how to present AIESEC externally current EB member (VPs for OGX, COMM, LCP etc.), new alumni but those who can present AIESEC on high level and be understandable for externals

previous OCPs of recruitment, experienced members who knows what to tell and interns.

LOGISTICS            

get all the logistics in place at least 30 minutes before the presentation is supposed to start. make sure that you run the presentation on the computer once, so that you can check the compatibility of the computer don’t forget to take permission from dean bring AIESEC banner, flyers, business cards etc. set the sound of the speakers accordingly set up the LCD and check its projection set up the seating in the room accordingly, so that the screen is visible to all and they can also hear everything welcome packages: to prepare welcome packages to all participants that will consist of flyers, application form (to apply and for brand audit) prepare badges for all AIESECers who will participate in presentation set up registration just outside the hall where the presentation is being organized and collect all contact information of all those who are attending the presentation for your database arrange a room for presentation and all permissions in advance in order to put this information one week before presentation on posters and flyers and to make online promo. Use oral announcements – in several LCs they are rather effective.

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AIESEC in Ukraine Guide How to organize presentations


             





classroom (hall) for the presentation permission from administration (dean) template for data base of students arrows with info how to get to the classroom where presentation will be welcome packages prepared (flyers, stickers, pens etc.) business cards printed national application forms and brand audit forms PPT and video Video for Living example part computer or laptop, LCD, speakers, microphone (if needed), different plugs and other IS stuff AIESEC banner to put in the classroom different banners of your partners (if you agreed about it) 100% confirmation from your guests and all participants of AIESEC presentation (interns, alumni, partners, aiesecers etc.) about presence good mood 

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AIESEC in Ukraine Guide How to organize presentations

2. How to conduct presentation

BRIEF STRUCTURE OF AIESEC PRESENTATION If to present AIESEC presentation flow briefly it will consists of 3 main blocks:

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AIESEC in Ukraine Guide How to organize presentations


What is AIESEC? Why do we exist? The way we do it. What kind of impact do we make? (why-howwhat). AIESEC in numbers (here you can also use short and really interesting video). Why to choose AIESEC?

2nd Part - Membership 1) -

New AIESEC Experience – in general. Than briefly about each component: Team member programme Team leader programme Global Community Development programme Global Internship programme

2) Benefits – what membership/internship in AIESEC can give? Accent on main message! Describe in details concept of OGX projects 3) Opportunities in LC & projects, internships

3rd Part - Living example Invite members, OCPs, EB members, alumni or interns to share their experience and tell their stories briefly (can be one person telling about leadership XP and another – about exchange) It will be better if you will invite a person who has X+L – the full AIESEC experience. Here also can be used a video with pictures to put it while the person will be telling about his experience. It can be video about his project or internship or the whole experience.

4th Part - Induction process

Explain how they can apply and how all selection process will look like (be concrete with the dates!). People may ask questions. Share application forms with brand audits.

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AIESEC in Ukraine Guide How to organize presentations

Have a good presentation and many application forms!!!! ď Š

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How to organize presentations in Universities successfully

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