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Central Asia and Caucasus Newsletter | Volume 4 |15th of April, 2013

Central Asia and Caucasus Newsletter Content  Opportunities  Recognition AIESEC in Azerbaijan AIESEC in Georgia AIESEC in Armenia

15th of April, 2013 Volume 4

Central Asia and Caucasus Newsletter | Volume 4 |15th of April, 2013

Opportunities opportunity AIESEC Georgia TLP abroad



Deadline – April, 24

Link to MC Application:

AIESEC Georgia MC VP application for the term 13-14 is open! Apply now, cause “Time is limited and some opportunities never repeat themselves”.


Page for MC Georgia: Georgia1314



AIESEC in Azerbaijan TLP abroad AIESEC in Azerbaijan Third Round MCVP applications are out! ntid=10253419

We are looking for MCVP ER, Comm, OGX, ICX and TM!

For more information contact: Camilla Solberg, MCPe 2013/2014

If you are interested in developing yourself in an International Team environment, coaching young passionate leaders and together leading a small AIESEC entity towards growth; then check out the applications:

Central Asia and Caucasus Newsletter | Volume 4 |15th of April, 2013

opportunity AIESEC in Azerbaijan Conference AIESEC in Azerbaijan is organizing the first Youth to Business Forum on May 11! This is going to be grand event with the participation of the biggest local companies and holdings, as well as the global ones. There will be 200 participants divided into 3 tracks: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Growth. We are in the process of getting confirmation from foreign and local experts.

opportunity AIESEC in Azerbaijan CEED AIESEC in Azerbaijan is looking for a person with vast AIESEC XP, preferable with previous or current EB/MC XP. JD: 1. OGX core work (including university promotion) 2. Work with AIESEC in Ganja to develop their operations (LCD)

Dates May, 11

Information Venue: Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (with modern highly equipped facilities) If interested, contact: (OCP) More details coming up soon on our FB page and website:


Information Realization period: ASAP Duration: 3-6 weeks Conditions: Accommodation, Living Permit and LC visits costs covered, small salary provided.

Central Asia and Caucasus Newsletter | Volume 4 |15th of April, 2013

CAC Recognition aiesec in Georgia AIESEC Georgia would like to recognize LC UG ICX Team members: Nanuka Taralashvili and Nino Labartkava for raising first school partners for LC UG and creating amazing project ''Vision for the future''. aiesec in Azerbaijan The MC of Azerbaijan would like to give recognition to both LCs in Baku for great work and passion invested in the implementation of the SU strategy! We have so far 6 SU Teams working in Baku and one in Gence (another city of Azerbaijan). For the duration of 2,5 weeks we got: 190 applicants; we raised 23 EPs, and Matched 12 of them so far. We also want to thank our first country partners: Poland, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine and Greece. We would like to thanks OC iLead (Gunay, Nargiz, Elnur, and Murad) for organizing the biggest conference that AIESEC Azerbaijan has ever organized! We had 106 delegates, and the most numerous FACI team. Also big thanks to our Chair, Nix Goundar (our trainee from New Zealand) and to Sofio Gachechiladze for their great contribution to the delivery of the conference!

Central Asia and Caucasus Newsletter | Volume 4 |15th of April, 2013 AIESEC IN ARMENIA MC team is really happy to have very successful NLDS 2013, the biggest and best conference ever with 200 delegates, and we are very grateful to Arman Khachatryan, Siranouysh Arakelian, Nara Aroyan and the whole OC team for the amazing job. You guys are mega awesome.

AIESEC in Armenia had very amazing National Leadership Development Seminar (NLDS 2013). The objective of the conference was creating a platform where young people from different countries would get opportunity for self-discovery and for getting leadership knowledge and experience. With 200 participants (youth aged between 18 and 35) NLDS 2013 was the biggest and the best conference in the history of AIESEC in Armenia. The conference was held on March 15-17, 2013, in Tsakhkadzor Youth Centre of Youth Foundation of Armenia. Delegations from Germany, Portugal, Georgia, Iran, Artsakh, Russia, India and other countries arrived in Armenia as participants of the conference. The conference was chaired by Dey Dos: President of AIESEC International in years 2006-2007, who today is a specialized experience designer, life coach and a Supercool Individual! Among the conference trainers were representatives from "UNICEF", "Coca-Cola",

Central Asia and Caucasus Newsletter | Volume 4 |15th of April, 2013 "Management-Mix", "School for Young Leaders", executive body members of AIESEC in different countries, and also other experienced management trainers. During the conference MC officially launched yearly LEAD program for the leaders of AIESEC in Armenia in cooperation with GROW Learning and Development Hub. You can enjoy the story of the conference here:

For any suggestions or questions, please, contact us Nuci Lazariashvili -, MC VP Youth Engagement and Development of AIESEC Georgia. Tania Terteriani - CAC newsletter editor. We are waiting for more interesting and useful information from you. Please, don't hesitate to cooperate with us. Let's make our countries and world more aware of CAC Region! Thank you for reading newsletter!

CAC Newsletter Volume 4  

CAC Newsletter, AIESEC

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