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Central Asia and Caucasus Newsletter, Volume 2, 11th of February, 2013

Central Asia and Caucasus Newsletter

11th of February, 2013 Volume 2

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Hey AIESEC! Hope you’re feeling great in every single corner of the CAC region and the whole world as well! Here is the second edition of our newsletter which will inform you about latest updates. We are an AIESECers, that’s why we never stop working hard and achieving new goals in our lives. Be brave, never give up on your dreams, be an AIESECer!

Central Asia and Caucasus Newsletter, Volume 2, 11th of February, 2013

CAC countries news Let me introduce CAC region MCPs elected for term 2013/2014. Let’s wish them good luck and having very successful term!

MCP of AIESEC in Kyrgyzstan for the term 2013/2014 Bernara Bakhtiiar!

MCP of AIESEC in Kazakhstan elected for the term 2013/2014 Ola Sawicka!

MCP of AIESEC Turkey for the term 2013/2014 Emre Ergin!

AIESEC Georgia MCP 2013/2014 Soufiane Elkhanify!

Central Asia and Caucasus Newsletter, Volume 2, 11th of February, 2013

Opportunities opportunity National Leadership Development Seminar (NLDS) is the largest conference AIESEC in Armenia organizes every year.


Registration REGISTER for the conference here: deadline is February 25

The objective of the conference is creating an environment where young people from different countries will be able to experience leadership and self-discovery. This year the conference will take place in March and the Chair of the conference is going to be the amazing Dey Dos.

opportunity AIESEC in Armenia is looking for a CEEDer who want to play a key role in the development of AIESEC in Armenia; The CEEDer is mainly going to be responsible for the coaching of new expansions in cities Gyumri and Vanadzor and also development of SU system in Yerevan. Accommodation and Food for the CEEDer will be covered, there is also a possibility to do CEED+X.


Facebook Page: nia


Information All interested people please write to Let's develop AIESEC together!

Central Asia and Caucasus Newsletter, Volume 2, 11th of February, 2013

CAC Recognition aIESEC in Kazakhstan Congratulations to Ola Sawicka for being elected MCP 2013-14 of AIESEC in Kazakhstan. Thank you to Maya Kartabaya for being an excellent MCP candidate. Congratulations to Bereke Tulepbergenova for being elected LCP 2013-14 of AIESEC Almaty. Congratulations as well to all LCVP candidates that received confidence.

AIESEC in Georgia We would like to recognize LC University of Georgia (especially LC VP ICX-Teona Lataria) and MC VP IGCDP Marieta Kuprava for their work for ICX project “Bridge to the future” and realizing 6 TNs, which is great achievement for AIESEC Georgia so far in IGCDP.

Also we would like to recognize Host family program responsible Tornike Gabitsinashvili and Nuci Lazariashvili together with AIESEC Georgia reception team for successfully raising host families for the interns. _____________________________________________________________________ AIESEC Georgia first time in its history is realizing IGCDP project named “Bridge to the future” and hosting 6 EPs from 5th of February till 20th of March. It brought our entity more than 100 percent growth in our IGCDP program comparing to last term.

Central Asia and Caucasus Newsletter, Volume 2, 11th of February, 2013 We would like to recognize Tatiana Terteriani, member of ICX team at Free University of Tbilisi, Member of reception team of AIESEC Georgia and editor of the CAC sub-region newsletter for her active and successful involvement in AIESEC activities and for raising new IGCDP partners.

We would like to recognize Aleksandre Chrikishvili LC Free University TM team member and OCP of “Youth to Global Security” Conference (Youth-To-Global-IssuesY2GI facebook page) for his proactive and innovative approach, for his work done so far in organizing “Y2GI” and we wish him good luck in successful delivery of this amazing initiative

AIESEC in Armenia Recognizing LC Yerevan - for receiving almost 120 oGCDP applications through ABC project (, and also for starting two local iGCDP projects for the first time in LC's history. We are sure to have excellent results and happy to see so initiative members in LC Yerevan.

Central Asia and Caucasus Newsletter, Volume 2, 11th of February, 2013 For any suggestions or questions, please, contact us Nuci Lazariashvili -, MC VP Youth Engagement and Development of AIESEC Georgia. Tania Terteriani - CAC newsletter editor. We are waiting for more interesting and useful information from you. Please, don't hesitate to cooperate with us. Let's make our countries and world more aware of CAC Region! Thank you for reading newsletter!

CAC Newsletter Vol.2  
CAC Newsletter Vol.2  

This is a Newsletter of Central Asia and Caucasus AIESEC countries.