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My name is Tetiana. I am an Architect and Interior designer with a 6 years experience. I have been working in two countries (Ukraine and Slovakia) and during my professional path I’ve gained valuable experience. I have learnt to communicate with the clients, make sence of what they want to see and what they actually want to be designed for rhem. It means I am able to represent concept ideas clearly and comprehensive. My portfolio includes some of my academic works but I would like to show you my professinal ones mostly which are realized over the past 2 years.



TETIANA LABUNSKA architect / designer ABOUT ME EMAIL: NATIONALITY: PHONE : Ukrainian +421949415702

EDUCATION 2014-2015 - Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture

DATE OF BIRTH: 06 December 1991 SKYPE: tanya.richy CURRENT LOCATION: Bratislava, Slovakia LINKEDIN: tetiana-labunska-6042abb1


MA of Architecture

Vray Render

2009-20014 - Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Corona Render

Bachelor of Architecture


2000-2008 - Art School






Photoshop InDesign CorelDraw Lightroom


Company focus on retail and design not only residential objects but public spaces and building facades. Communication with clients, attracting clients, discussing concept ideas, compiling materials, designing concept and making visual ideas, controlling stages on building


Company focus on retail and design. Designing concept ideas, compiling materials, making visual ideas.

Imperial Holding 2015-2016 Ukraine

I was part of team in private project in modern Swiss company in Ukraine. Designing logistical complex, discussing concept ideas, communication with clients, suppliers and contractors.

Kadorr Group

Designing residential spaces, communication with suppliers and contractors.


Designing building facades, residential spaces, apartments. Communication with contractors.


Designing concept and making visual ideas.

February 2018-present Slovakia

June- September 2017 Slovakia

2013-2016 Ukraine

Summer, 2013 Ukraine

May-September, 2012 Ukraine


In this part of my portfolio I would like to show you my selected projects I’have done during my study at the University. There are my studio project and my diploma project (MA degree). In my academic projects I would like t to touch upon the issue of ecological architecture and peacefull co-existance between human and environment. Also, I would like to mension that my ideas are not about adding more greenery to the space I designing but creating atmosphere which makes visitors feel safety and unity with the nature.

Ecological Park Odessa, Ukraine Project Type: Architecture Purpose: Refurbishment of damage space

and apllying new function

The idea of this project was to revitalize the abandoned area and attracting visitors and tourists by adding uncommon element. I have chosen ecological concept as a new feature which means predominance natural environment over the artificial one. Therefore, I decided to add an exceptional component and thisit had become zoo. So, the new space includes two buildings which are designed by the main concept of shape transformation. One of the pavillion was designed as an iceberg which contains of one repeated unfied modul. The another building is dune-shaped pavillion which aims at maintain the concept idea. The appereance of existent park has become more attractive and got a second chance for living.



HyperLoop Bratislava, Slovakia Project Type: Master planning Purpose: Development the Hyperloop


Hyperloop is a well-known new form of ground transport currently in development by a number of companies, which could see passengers travelling at 700 miles an hour in floating pods within low-pressure tubes. The main idea of this project was creation comfortable access to the Hyperloop station from all parts of Bratislava. The location of the station is profitable first of all thanks to the existence of an excellent traffic system and the motorway. As Bratislava is not a quite huge city passengers can get access there by the pedestrian ways too. There are two bridges across the river from the city centre. Continuing these significant benefits, I suggested the development of the passage ways from the nearby office and entertainment buildings as a main design idea. Therefore, such ways give customers a safe pass above the named motorway. Moreover, the roof of the passage was designed as a sustainable element which assumes installation of sun-protectional panels and collecting rain water construction.



This part of my portfolio includes visualizations and design projects I have done during my professional experience. The projects of interior designing are represented here. Every issue I had solved was directed to satisfy our customers due to their requirements. So, the goal was achieved by the combination of attitudes of the clients and the way we as, a group of architects, see the results of good design.

Logistic complex «IMPERIAL HOLDING» Odessa, Ukraine Project Type: Architecture Purpose: Designing the complex for food

products storage facilities

The building is situated on the territory near Odessa, Ukraine. The developer is Swiss company that is concerned with exporting food products to the C.I.S. countries. The erection of the construction has devided into 3 stages. The first one includes office part and the unit of storing. Besides, the spaces for supporting vital functions of entire building were also designed in this part. The compulsory requirement for designing was using the most modern materials and facilities. For instance, the lamellas were used for sun protection as well as for ventilation purposes too on the roof where the heating equipmment had been installed. The glazing was recommended as the office facade cladding. As it had been noticed already, there are sun protected elemenents too. As facade elements of storage part the wall sandwich panels were applyed. The landscape design and vizualizations were made in collaboration with ukrainian firm «Landscape Design».


The house is situated near Bratislava.The main idea is facade rehabilitation not changing the constructions and walls at all.The client’s reqest was to create modern facade of the existing building using wood panels. So, the clue objective is providing and refreshing a new appearence through modern materials.

Bratislava, Slovakia Project Type: Exterior design Purpose: Designing of the facade



I was nvolved to the interior designing team last few years. However, projects I have done were closely connected to the architecture. It means my interior projects were designed in accordance to the entire building appereance. I suggest our clients the design would be not only stylish but would be made of the quality materials. It oes without saying that interior design reflects not only personality and individuality but the unique concerns of every client either.

Bratislava, Slovakia Project Type: Interior design The aim of the project was to create a modern and elegant interior for an alreade built house in Bratislava in Slovakia. Combination of olours of a dark kitchen , marble tiles and luxury italian furniture significally contribute to archieveing this goal.

Bratislava, Slovakia Project Type: Interior design The zoning and decoration of the apartment interior completely correspond to the client’s request . Executed in the style of the most actual tendencies, this interior has been projected with professional ease and warmth and all furniture individually designed for this family interior.

A comfortable and spacious sofa together with a stylish wooden table and furniture compose the working zone in the apartment. Light is guaranteed by large windows and several suspended lamps for the evening.

Bratislava, Slovakia Project Type: Interior design With its stylistic solution, the dining room secretly unites the living room and the kitchen, as it includes the interior characteristics of both zones. Such decision was aimed by the reference of the quality italian furniture.

Bratislava, Slovakia Project Type: Interior design It was a project for the LEICHT company competition. The main idea was to create modern and comfortable design of the kitchen.

Bratislava, Slovakia Project Type: Interior design There is enough air in this interior; you can feel the practicality and the desire for perfectionism, and there are all the conditions for the desire to relax and to enjoy the beauty of life.

Thank you for taking time to look through my portfolio.

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Tetiana Labunska_Portfolio  

This portfolio contains a selection of my study projects and my professional path during the period 2015-2018. Thank you for taking a look.

Tetiana Labunska_Portfolio  

This portfolio contains a selection of my study projects and my professional path during the period 2015-2018. Thank you for taking a look.