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Terrace roofs

Douglas fir

The following product description applies to the Rimini and Ravenna terrace roofs (pages 80 – 83). Product description/Scope of delivery DSP: Twin wall sheets 16 mm clear as standard (also available in bronze and opal – please specify when ordering) Post thickness: 12 x 12 cm

Mounting brackets: Included

WPC-Floor Optional (accessories)

Min. sk = 1.60 kN/m²


Douglas fir, untreated • Dense, hard softwood • Technically dried • Natural wood protection (naturally formed Patina)

Colour pre-treatment

mahogany +02

Delivery time: 3 weeks

walnut +03


Colour pre-treatment Optional: mahogany, walnut Delivery time is extended to 5 weeks

Curved braces, chamfered posts, decorated beam heads. Double purlins only for Ravena


Braces are curved as standard (see picture on left). Please specify straight braces (picture on right) when ordering!

Side wall* and balustrade* from sidings

SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013  

The SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013

SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013  

The SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013