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Flat and hipped roof

The following product description applies to the flat-roof carport Emsland (pages 130 – 131) and the hipped roof carport Wendland (pages 132 – 133). Product description/Scope of delivery Wood: 20 mm Roof decking To cover with bituminous sheeting or EPDM film (from your dealer) Post thickness: 12 x 12 cm

Post anchors: Included

Gradient: To the rear

Colour pre-treatment

Gutters Included

light oak +01 mahogany +02

sk = 1.25 kN / m² Possible to increase snow load (optional, can be ordered)


white +11

Glulam, untreated • High quality composite of several wooden parts • Glued together so that they are weatherproof • Low risk of splitting Delivery time: 3 weeks

Colour pre-treatment Optional: light oak, mahogany, walnut, white, grey Delivery time is extended to 5 weeks


walnut +03

grey +12

Emsland 354 x 604 cm

Emsland, wooden fascia with cover plate; design with double purlins

Wendland, fascia in slate look with finish; design with double purlins

SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013  

The SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013

SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013  

The SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013