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Material description

Roofing Flat and hipped roof PVC: Roofing panel light grey (under side anthracite) with trapezoidal profile. Cheap, quick and easy to install. Dimensionally stable up to 80°C surface temperature. Aluminium: Roof panels available in 2 designs, according to the model. Blank Alu (untreated) or Alu-anthracite (colour coatedwith light grey) underside with trapezoidal profile. Roof panels shatter-proof and hail resistant. Wood (DS): 20 mm Roof decking (by client: Line flat roof with bituminous sheeting or EFDM film) Lowers noise levels when it rains. Saddle roof Wood (DS): 20 mm Roof decking (by client: lay out with shingles) The number of required shingles is derived from the table. Wood (DL): Roof battens (by client: cover with tiles) The distance between the roof battens is determined by the tile manufacturer.

Gradient The roof slopes to the rear in the case of flat and hipped roofs.

Round and arched roof, design carports DSP: Clear twin wall sheets 10mm/16mm depending on the model. The upper side is coated with a UV-resistant layer and is hail resistant up to 20mm diameter stones when fitted correctly (manufacturer information).

The roof slopes to both sides in the case of saddle roofs and design carports.

Snow load The indicated snow load has been statically calculated. Please consult your local authority to find out which snow load you require. Post thickness

Delivery time The strength of the posts also supports the sturdy construction and fitting of the carport.

Post anchors

3 weeks

Type of wood: Softwood, impregnated Post anchors for setting in concrete ensure a long product life and high level of stability. If these are included in the construction kit, we will pre-deliver them alongside the foundation plan, if you wish and free of charge.



Type of wood: Glulam, untreated Gutters made of brown plastic with drainpipe and attachment material. Depending on the carport design, accessories are available as optional extras or are included.


Glulam is several layers (laminations) of glued together dimensional timber. Further information on pages 4/5. LH Type of wood: KVH (Solid construction timber), untreated

The shingles may be ordered for the carport as an option, they are also partly included. KVH Tile covering is possible for carports with this symbol. Roof tiles are to be dealt with on site. The distance between the roof battens is determined by the tile manufacturer. 108

Treated soft wood displays a green colour due to the treatment of dissolving metallic salts in water. It protects the wood against fungal decay and insects. Further information on pages 4/5.

KVH is a kiln-dried, qualitatively defined solid wood. The pieces of wood are scanned, sorted and finally glued with finger-jointing. Further information on pages 4/5.

Colour pre-treatment A colour pre-treatment can be chosen as an option. Please note the hints on page 109. Delivery time is extended to 5 weeks.

SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013  

The SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013

SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013  

The SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013