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No need to enter the traffic lanes!

Cordoning off work sites on roads by the use of traffic cones is a laborious task that poses high risks. With MarkWay by Mati, Nissen for the first time offers you a system for the semi-automated set-up and removal of the cones without the necessity of having to enter the traffic lanes. See for yourself how efficiently this innovative system works! Makes your everyday work routine easier MarkWay is a pneumatically driven cantilever with a lift, which can set up and remove traffic cones on motorways and roads. The energy self-sufficient monoblock unit can be installed into all common utility vehicles in just a few simple steps. One person suffices to operate the unit from a protected position in the interior of the vehicle and to supply the traffic cones. MarkWay can set up and remove the traffic cones either on the left, on the right, or alternately, or optionally on the left and right at the same time.

Customised set-up

Technical data

Via the intuitively controllable touchscreen display, three different modes can be selected to set up the traffic cones. Furthermore, the spacing of the traffic cones to the vehicle can be set and a manual mode can be selected. At speeds exceeding 34 km/h, the cantilever is automatically retracted for safety reasons.

Traffic cone: one- or two-piece, 500 mm to 1200 mm, up to max. 8 kg


Maximum speed

Maximum floor level of the utility vehicle: 750 mm

13 m 26 m 39 m

10 km/h 20 km/h 30 km/h

Working area: 630 mm to 830 mm from the loading sill

Dimensions: 1615 mm x 1070 mm x 1530 mm (W x D x H) Weight: 320 kg excluding battery and accessories Energy management: 24 V DC and 230 V AC Operating duration: 1 hour at 30 km/h without an additional battery or charging unit

Installation: after initial installation within approx. 60 min. Personnel requirements: 1 operator in the loading area of the vehicle and 1 driver Safety: Machinery Directives 2006/42/EC, 2006/42/CE, 2014/30/EU

Optional accessories • Second screen for the driver’s cabin • GSM module for remote access and maintenance • Auxiliary converter and charging unit for charging the battery via the vehicle battery (12 V) • Three additional detectors for improving the detection of the traffic cones • Second cantilever for simultaneous work on both sides • Mechanical display of the cantilever’s extension depth • Rear view camera

Advantages at a glance Semi-automated set-up and removal of traffic cones For all customary one- or two-piece traffic cones from 500 mm to 1200 mm with a max. weight of 8 kg Output on the left and right or offset on both sides Individual 24V energy management, no load of the vehicle battery Intuitive operation from the interior of the vehicle without the necessity of having to enter the traffic lanes Monoblock unit can be installed quickly and easily


Small footprint

Can also be used in light rain

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