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Paving the way for rescue workers to support them in helping more quickly.

Lamp with only one LED

Operating time of up to 150 hours

Before they are able to help, they have to secure the scene of the accident first, in order to protect all people involved as well as themselves. To make this happen as quickly as possible, Nissen has developed the QuickFlash LED - the ideal combination of a folding beacon and a rapid securing lamp.

Ø 180 mm

Retroreflective foil of the RA2 C type Any number of lamps can be connected in series as key-light

Simply practical: Ready for use in no time

Good ideas: We know what’s important

In practical applications, functionality has top priority. The QuickFlash LED is set up in a matter of seconds. Its rubber foot and compact size provide reliable stability even when there’s a strong wind. In practice, this means: unfold it, set it up, switch it on - done.

Apart from its high-level functionality, the QuickFlash LED will impress you by its well-thought out features for easy handling. These for instance include space-saving storage, thanks to the folding technique, and ergonomically designed grips. Furthermore, the magnet integrated into the luminaire head prevents the closed system from unintentionally unfolding.

Highly efficient: Only one LED

645 mm Stackable so as to save space (side view)

Recessed grip

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Art. Nr.: 129 103-002-100





Stackable to save space (front view)




286 mm





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The microprismatic highly reflective foil of the RA 2 C, which impresses by its optimum reflection and durability, provides for additional safety.

Foil surface 175 x 293 m m


Unmissable: Retroreflective high-tech foil

Ready for use in a matter of seconds

176 mm

Thanks to the innovative lens technology, the lamp only requires one LED. This saves energy and allows for an operating time of up to 150 hours. The automatic day/ night adjustment feature ensures optimum visibility round the clock. Furthermore, an optional number of lamps can be switched in series without any cables. The lamp is BASt-tested (by the Federal Road Research Institute), complying with TL warning lights.

610 mm

Low weight: only 5.5 kg

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Quick Flash LED  

Quick Flash LED