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The Tanglin Club is proud to host Tanglin Conversations with His Excellency, Mr Anthony Phillipson, British High Commisioner to Singapore.



This traditional mainstay of the Club makes its appearance once again as we usher in the Year of the Horse in 2014. Join us in this festive celebration!



Start the year by making exercise a part of your life. Get to know our personal trainers and let them help you get into shape.

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president’s message My Fellow Members Following the release of the Review SubCommittee Working Group report (Report), the GC has held three Q&A sessions and two dialogues, to explain the proposed changes in the Report (Proposals) and take in Members’ views. As part of the consultation process, the GC met five past Club Presidents on 17 December 2013 to discuss the Proposals. The GC will meet in January 2014 to agree the final form of the Proposals and the necessary rule changes that will be presented to Members in general meeting. WHY WE MUST CHANGE Membership rejuvenation and renewal for Singaporeans have been at a standstill since July 2009. The PTM is now however almost full (after setting aside some places for returning PAMs). Non-Singaporeans have continued to join within the space left in the PTM including the vacancies left by departing non-Singaporeans Members. As at 30 November, there was a wait list of 1,527 Singaporeans, of whom 952 are children of Members. This queue has remained stationary for some years now. Some of those candidates have waited for over 20 years! The non-Singaporean wait list at 30 November 2013 was 120 (of whom 47 were children) is small compared to the Singaporean queue, 322 non-Singaporeans (up to 30 November 2013) having joined the Club as Ordinary Members since 2010. The age-profile of our current membership shows a rapidly ageing cohort, with over 50% of Ordinary Members over 60 years’ old. Of greater concern is the fact that the Club is not admitting enough Members aged 40 and below, and on current trends, the Club is fast becoming a geriatric enclave. Our Rules offer no incentives or compensation for Members who may wish to leave the Club due to age, ill health or for any other reason. The refusal of the membership to increase the PTM at three successive SGMs means that many “dormant” Members remain in the PTM while those desiring to join are kept out. A continual flow of new members brings in essential revenue for the Club to meet operating expenditure overruns, maintenance and development or upgrading of facilities. Without this revenue, the Club

will have to start drawing on its cash reserves, a practice not fiscally prudent. The trickle of new Ordinary memberships has virtually come to a standstill in recent months, with dire consequences on the Club’s cash-flow going forward. TO DO NOTHING IS NOT AN OPTION. It is also reckless and irresponsible to suggest that nothing be done. The Review Sub-Committee (RSC) and the Review Sub-committee Working Group (WG) have spent more than 14 months studying the issues. The WG has framed the Proposals as an integrated package to be voted on as a whole by the membership.

The Family Transfer Scheme (FTS) proposed by the WG will accelerate the rejuvenation of the membership by allowing an Ordinary Member who has a child on the wait list, to transfer his membership to the child on payment of a $40k transfer fee to the Club. This is a one-time, non-repeatable scheme. The transfer can take place without regard for the position of that child on the wait list, provided the selection criteria are met. To induce Members to participate in the FTS, those who are above 70 years old at the time of the transfer can continue their association with the Club as a Senior Dining Member on payment of monthly subscriptions, with access to certain facilities of the Club but no voting rights and car park allocation.

Between 2007 and 2009, the Club admitted 183 more Singaporean Members than was permitted by our Rules (Over-reach). This has been reduced and as at 30 November 2013 stood at 136. The GC has a fiduciary duty to ensure that we, as a Club, observe our Rules. Based on the results of a recent survey of Members, and to resolve the Overreach, my understanding is that the WG is likely to recommend an amendment to Rule 11(ii), so that no one nationality can exceed 58% of the PTM, instead of 51% presently. It is important to understand that this proposed change to Rule 11(ii) does not disadvantage anybody. The percentage of non-Singaporean Members in the Club has settled at 42-43% over the past 10 years due to the regular turnover of the nonSingaporean Membership as Members leave Singapore and new ones take their place. If the proposed amendment to Rule 11(ii) is passed, it would mean that the small number of available new Ordinary Memberships would be quickly taken up thereby triggering the implementation of the Member Transfer Scheme (MTS) for both Singaporean and non-Singaporean Members.

The WG has recommended a new entrance fee of $80k. Some Members feel that the $80k is too high; others feel that it is too low. There is also a view that the Club’s share of the transfer fees payable under the MTS and FTS should be reduced.

The MTS as proposed by the WG allows an Ordinary Member to transfer (sell) his membership to a suitable candidate on the waiting list at a fixed price of $80k from which a transfer fee of $40k is payable to the Club. The Club will administer and regulate all transactions. With transferability, a Club membership will become an asset which the Member can realize upon exit from the Club or death. The transfer/sale process will be controlled by the Club to ensure that a new member meets the Club’s stringent membership criteria.

On 31 January 2014, we celebrate the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Horse. Helen and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Members and Staff, their families and friends

The WG will issue the supplement to the Report in early January to recommend, as mentioned, the amendment to Rule 11(ii). My understanding is that it will also recommend that the transfer fee for the MTS and FTS should be reduced to $35k and that the FTS should be amended to permit grand-parent to child transfers and reduce the age for the Senior Dining Membership, to be renamed as a Senior Associate Membership with access to all Club facilities, from 70 to 65. The GC will decide the Package that will be offered to Members at an SGM in February 2014. We appreciate that it is virtually impossible to satisfy the individual desires of every single Member in balancing the wider interests of the Club. The Package is intended to offer something beneficial to all Members and it is hoped that it will achieve this.

Gong Xi Fa Cai Wan Shi Ru Yi Sim Yong Chan President The Tanglin Club


general manager’s message Dear Members, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Happy New Year, as we move into 2014 and the Year of the Horse. 2013 closed with great fanfare in the Club, and the New Year’s eve Ball was at its traditional best. As Chinese New Year falls in January this year, it’s double festivities in the Club, with a number of Chinese-themed events and food and beverage promotions, which you will find in the re-designed pages of this newly-named magazine. Coming your way are two interesting Tanglin Conversations: the first will be with His excellency Mr Antony Phillipson, who is the British High Commissioner to Singapore. An interview with him by the editor of the magazine, Ms Shirley low, can be found on page 8. On Wednesday, 19 February at 7.30pm in the Churchill Room, he will cover in greater detail his experiences in Singapore over a broad range of topics.

Letters from our Members

Dear Mr Higgs, recent stay at I wanted to contact you in relation to my The Tanglin Club. I have to say that During a year I stay on masses of places and in. The whole stayed ever have I best the of one is your Club ely well extrem and ming welco atmosphere is amazing, truly point I main the ps Perha in. stay to re pleasu a run. It was ive effect very and nt efficie would make is that the staff were my name knew they that in ssive impre ely extrem as well as which makes all and used it - a very important point and one myself. as n perso tetic peripa a such to ence the differ for his support. I have contacted Nantha Kumar to thank him he worked hours the by ssed On that note, I was very impre ncy. efficie and s fulnes cheer such ained maint and yet best for both Many thanks and may I wish you the very Christmas and 2014. With my best wishes, Ian Talbot


The following Tanglin Conversations in March will be with the eminent historian Mr Marcus langdon, who is well known for his written work about the history of Penang. His latest book Penang: The Fourth Residency of India, 1805-1830. Volume One - Ships, Men and Mansions, is on the bestsellers list, and is commented to be the most detailed account ever to be written of the Settlement of Penang in the first 30 years of its existence. Mr langdon’s extensive research enabled him to bring to life Britain’s first attempt at expanding its colonial reach eastwards following its consolidation of power in India. Two further volumes of this book are planned. Tanglin Conversations with Marcus langdon is slated to be on Wednesday, 5 March, so make your bookings early. In closing, I wish a warm welcome to our Members who are back from their overseas holidays, and I look forward to seeing you in the Club. Kind Regards Roy Higgs General Manager The Tanglin Club

editor’s note Fellow Members Happy New Year and welcome to 2014! Welcome also to our new magazine and a big Thank You to our magazine staff and Sub-Committee Members who worked very hard for many months to bring an idea to fruition. We reviewed content, and explored ways to leverage off our website to support our communication needs. From a design perspective, we looked at layout, composition and quality of paper. And we continue to review costs and to explore how we can be of value to potential advertisers. You may have noticed some changes over the months but we are finally launching the magazine with a new name The Tanglin Times. Congratulations to Mr Rohit Dhirendra Chawla and Ms Mae Heng Suling who contributed the winning name! From this issue, we kick off a new occasional column Coffee with The Tanglin Times, featuring interviews with fellow members, starting with British High Commissioner to Singapore Antony Phillipson (see

do you know?

clUB clOsEd FOr sTaFF annUal dInnEr & dancE

page 8). You will note more editorial coverage as well as interesting descriptions of events. We have been encouraged to run a captions competition this year for all sections which contribute photographs of past events, ie Sports & Recreation sections as well as events. The Golf Section was inspirational in their captions in the December issue (an online edition is available on our website and the mystery member has not been identified). Starting with the February edition, the Magazine Sub-Committee will vote on the section with the best overall captions every three months. The winning section will enjoy $100 of F&B vouchers which can be used for their events. The contest shall end in December (for November and December only). I hope you enjoy reading The Tanglin Times! Shirley Low Convenor, Magazine & Website, library and DVD Sub-Committees Chief editor, The Tanglin Times

star employees of the month There were two Club employees who were nominated: Chin Chun Fei, Commis 1 from Pastry Kitchen (joined in March 2011), and Yugees A/l K. Raveenthran, Waiter from Wheelhouse Restaurant (joined in November 2011). Chun Fei enjoys creating new and unique desserts for all occasions. Yugees is a Malaysian and has chosen The Tanglin Club as his first job in Singapore. Congratulations to them for their excellent service and dedication to the Club!

Please note that the club will close at 3pm on Monday, 10 February for the annual staff dinner & dance. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Chun Fei




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Introduction Evening on 2 december 2013 We extend a warm welcome to our new Members.

From left: Honorary Members H.E. Thomas Ralph Kupfer & Fiorella Giuseppina Domenica Kupfer

From left: New Members Yu Pak Tim & Lilian Hon Lai Mui

From left: New Members Flora Chan On Yue & Zee Ying Yew

From left: New Members Katherine Ray Chang & Derek Chang

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We bid a fond farewell to our Members who are converting to Absent Membership, and we hope to welcome them back soon. • Dr Michael Hong Chee Mon & Mrs Hong-Yau Su lang • Mr Mohan Mulani & Mrs Rita Mulani • Mr Vernon lewis Neal & Mrs Priscilla Ann Neal • Ms Michelle Roma Spratt & Mr David Danciger Mcelwain • Mrs Alice l. e. Von Bonin & Mr Hubertus Von Bonin


Coffee with


In the first of our new occassional series of Member profiles, Shirley Low speaks with His Excellency Antony Phillipson, british High Commissioner in Singapore. over coffee in the Churchill Room, he discusses his family, his role and his music - Matchbox 20! The High Commissioner is married to Julie and they have three young boys at 6, 9 and 11 years old. The Phillipsons joined the Club in August 2011.

When you were first informed of your posting to Singapore, what was the first thing that you did? We have a rather drawn-out process when we get informed if our application has been approved through the various systems. I was told the Foreign Secretary had approved, later that it had been signed off by the Prime Minister. It was then going to the Queen, then the Queen had approved it. But the most important is that the country you are going to needs to give their approval. So I had a long period, from about March 2010 to October or November of not being able to tell people that I was coming, apart from my immediate family. The first thing I did was I phoned my wife and said we were going to Singapore. Then we had the slight problem of telling our children because they were very happy in their school and their soccer team. First, they were a bit shocked, but we took them to YouTube and showed them the Singapore Flyer, the Night Race, the luge on Sentosa and pictures of the house and they got very excited. Had you visited Singapore before? I used to joke to people that this was my third time in Singapore but only the first time I left the airport! What is the most surprising thing you found when you arrived? Singapore has this image from the outside of being one vast city. But I am still stunned by how green the place is. Not only have they protected it with some big swathes of green land but there is so much greenery among the buildings. And I think that’s really important. It doesn’t feel as claustrophobic as I thought it was going to be. In some of the conversations I’ve had with N Parks in the two and a bit years I’ve been here, they’re always very proud of the fact that Singapore is greener now than it was twenty years ago. A lot of the land that has been reclaimed has either allowed them to keep other land green or they have created green land. The story of the city in a garden or the garden in a city, whichever way around, is very important.


What were the major adjustments your family had to make to adapt to life here? Nothing major, really. Singapore is a fantastic place for children my kids’ ages to live in. And the school they go to feels familiar because they’re learning the same curriculum although it’s much bigger. One thing that’s fantastic about the Tanglin Trust Schools is that there are three schools on one campus but they still manage to make each one feel like a separate community. So the boys really enjoy being there. It’s a fantastic, stimulating environment for them. They’ve made very good friends. On the other hand, when they go back to the uK for the summer, it makes them remember sometimes that home is the uK. That’s where their grandmother is and they have another grandmother in Greece. We’ve had to say to them that this is just a temporary break, we will be going back. It’s just that sense of separation from close friends and family that’s probably the biggest adjustment for them. But there are so many compensating features here. They have a wonderful life here and we feel very privileged. Can you tell me a little more about your background and why your mother is in Greece? We used to live in Greece when we were kids. My Dad was a civil engineer. I was born in South Africa, my brother was born in Botswana, then we moved up to Kenya, on to Abu Dhabi and to Greece, before we went back to the uK. My Mum has always been much keener on hot countries than the cold. When she stopped teaching in england, first she went to the Caribbean for a few years and now she’s in Greece. When she comes to stay with us, she spends quite a lot of time at the Tanglin Club, playing bridge. What do you and your family use the Club for? I use it for two things. I use it for official entertaining, bringing people here for lunch. Or I meet people here in the evenings for

coffee with The Tanglin Times

drinks and dinner. And as a family, we tend to come when we want to completely relax and we sit by the pool. The boys love the pool. One, you have diving blocks which they can jump off. Most other pools don’t. Secondly, it’s lightly salted so it’s less harsh on their eyes than chlorine. So we sit by the pool and they have lots of friends who are usually here as well. We relax and switch off. What other activities do you do on your down time? I don’t feel like I have much free time. When I do, and it may sound a bit odd, I like to do absolutely nothing. It’s so busy during the week. We entertain, either at the house, or out, maybe four nights out of five. Saturday, the boys play soccer at Turf City and they play tennis up at the British Club. I understand your wife, Julie, is in marketing. When we were in Washington and in Kent where we lived, she was in marketing. She doesn’t do it anymore professionally. She is on the British Association Council, she runs their website. She is also a cub and scout leader. I think no interview with the british High Commissioner in Singapore is complete without the mention of Eden Hall. It’s a beautiful property. If it were your own personal property, what changes would you make to it? I would probably put in a tennis court (laughs). I don’t have a very good answer for it as it’s not my property. When you move in, you have some of your own personal stuff, I do have my books, and music, but the furniture goes with the house. It’s obviously the residence of the High Commissioner so it’s a home, but in terms of actually feeling like this is our property, you never really feel like that. Some people ask me, when I’m entertaining in the house, so where do you live? And they’re quite startled when I say, well we live here, just upstairs. They think, hang on, there must be some separation between public space and private space but there isn’t. We live around the public space. You mentioned bringing your music to Singapore. Tell us more Oh, CDs. I wish I played a musical instrument but I don’t. We have a rather nice piano and I wish I still played but I gave up a long time ago. I listen to a wide range of music, classical music, modern to jazz. We went recently to see Matchbox 20, an American band we saw in Washington in 2001. We also had tickets to the Foo Fighters but unfortunately they cancelled. And I would have loved to have seen the Killers at the Padang during the Night Race.

thinking one day I wanted to be High Commissioner in Singapore. It’s a real treat to be doing this job but I got here via a slightly circuitous route. When I first tried to join the Foreign Office in 1993, they said no thank you. So I went to the Department of Trade and Industry and now I’ve ended up in the department I wanted to be in. But the way I’ve got here has helped me immensely in terms of being able to do this job. I’ve had experience in working with trade and commerce, I’ve seen the foreign office from a big embassy in Washington, I’ve seen it from No 10, I’ve seen it from the inside the foreign office in my previous job, so it helps. The reason I still say I don’t have a career plan is that I don’t have an answer on where I will go next. Where I go next is wherever has the right mix of where my family will be happy being in, where I want to be professionally and where this office wants me to be. And I don’t know where that is yet. And when will that be? This a four year posting which will take me to 2015 which I hope then to stretch a couple of months to take us to the end of the school year. And if I’ve got til June, of course it would be a real pleasure to stay until Aug 9 to be at Singapore’s 50th birthday. You have a broad agenda as the High Commissioner, and I quote “representing Her Majesty’s Government across the prosperity, security and consular agendas”. Which aspect of your role speaks to you most and why? The agendas are also the three pillars around which William Hague, our Foreign Secretary, has set out his vision. Given the current priorities of both governments, I think the economic agenda, or the prosperity agenda as we call it, is the dominant one. The argument that we make as to why we include the other two is that obviously we are keen to ensure that any British national who is in Singapore, or in the region, who needs our help, we can support them in any way. And the reason why we talk a lot about security is not because there’s a big set of difficult security issues between Britain and Singapore but because both of us care about the world we live in, both of us want the world to be secure because in a secure world, we are going to be more prosperous. This is a partnership that takes account of both sides’ agendas and that is always going to include security issues. On the aspects that speak to me personally, probably the prosperity agenda. One thing I really enjoy about being here is the engagement with the business communities, the British business community and the Singaporean business community who trade with and invest in the uK. Singapore is an extraordinary hub. It’s a platform for British business in Southeast Asia and also beyond. The dialogue we have with them and how we can help them, sharing perspectives on what is happening in the economy and also across the political scene in Asia, that’s for me probably one of the most rewarding parts of the job. And that is partly why in terms of the events that we host in the house, I’d say that almost half of them are some form or other around building links between the British business community and the local business community. And the reason I bid for Singapore is because I wanted to get back to that sort of work and have that sort of opportunity.

“Some people ask me, when I’m entertaining in the house, so where do you live? And they’re quite startled when I say, well we live here, just upstairs. They think, hang on, there must be some separation between public space and private space but there isn’t. We live around the public space.” You’ve been quoted saying you’ve never had a career plan. Do you have any advice for your boys? I’ve haven’t started talking to them about this yet. But I did a speech at NuS Commencement ceremonies a few weeks ago and my sole piece of advice to them was just to stay curious. The reason why I said I never had a career plan, which was a slightly flippant way of putting it, was because I didn’t leave university

(Note from the Ed: More on this topic at Tanglin Conversations on 19 February.) Can you tell us something about yourself you have not shared before? I hesitate answering this question because I feel I am a very open person. I would make a lousy spy. I don’t have secrets. I honestly can’t think of anything!


coffee with The Tanglin Times

Can you complete the following: Life is too short…. life is too short not to share; and life is too short to do jobs that you don’t enjoy – so if there is anything that my staff don’t enjoy about working at the British High Commission, I want to know about it and we ought to do something about it. on sharing… We get very caught up in our own narrative. And I think this is a public sector disease and larger organization disease. We are very bad at internal reflection. One advantage I get here is that once every three weeks, someone joins the High Commission, either someone coming in on a new posting or we’ve created a new job or someone’s been poached and we need to replace them. So there are a lot of new perspectives to share and that’s how we refresh. I’ve always responded most positively to people who genuinely ask what my views are. So I stand in front of my staff and I talk very openly about what our objectives are and ask them for their ideas on how they are going to achieve them. When I first did this two and a half years ago, I think people didn’t really believe me. They didn’t think it was a serious question. They thought, Okay, if we sit here long enough, he’s going to give us the answer. In some cases, I do have the answer but I want the answer to come from them. The Commonwealth Games Queen’s baton Relay reception was held at Eden Hall. Can you tell us more about how this fits into the Values Agenda? We have what we call a Values Agenda. It’s about giving people the platform to make the best of themselves. We’re very proud of a lot that came out of london 2012 (london Olympics) and there is no doubt one thing we are most proud of is the Paralympic legacy. That’s why at the reception, we had representatives from the Paralympic and the disabled sports groups. And that’s quite deliberate. And a lot of our engagement with the Singapore sporting groups in the run up to the Olympic Games in 2012 and since, has been on the disabled side and that is something we want to keep supporting. And that is a fundamental cause for good. It’s been demonstrated in london. We believe we have a platform from which to promote it and I think it does strike a chord out here in Singapore. We also do a lot of work with the Rainbow Centre and we took the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge there. That is an untold story about special needs kids.

When the Straits Times made laurentia Tan Athlete of the Year 2012, not Disabled Athlete, I thought it was brilliant so we wrote to the Straits Times to applaud them. It was also nice that they used a picture of Prince William meeting laurentia at eden Hall!

Career: • 2007-2010 FCO, Iran Co-ordinator, Middle East and North Africa Directorate • 2004-2007 No 10 Downing Street, Prime Minister’s Private Secretary for Foreign Affairs • 2002-2004 Washington, Counsellor Trade/Transport then Counsellor Global Issues • 2000-2002 Washington, First Secretary Trade Policy • 1998-2000 Department for Trade and Industry, Principal Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry • 1996-1998 Department for Trade and Industry, Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry • 1995-1996 Department for Trade and Industry, Desk Officer, North American Trade Policy unit • 1994-1995 Department for Trade and Industry, Desk Officer, Competition Policy Division • 1993-1994 Department for Trade and Industry, Desk Officer, Technology Programmes and Services Division

TANGLINCONVERSATIONS Wednesday, 19 February 2014 7.30pm at the Churchill Room Continuing the series of talks with high-profile individuals in politics, the arts, trade and industry, and with other movers and shakers, The Tanglin Club is proud to host Tanglin Conversations with His excellency, Mr Antony Phillipson, British High Commissioner to Singapore. Make a date with us on 19 February, as His excellency shares his views and insights on geopolitics, experiences in Singapore, and his hopes for British-Singaporean relations. Price: $45 (Member) & $55 (Guest). Inclusive of dinner.


recent Events

a night In Memphis 16 november

A Taliband Experience

Having a Memphis night out

Our proud winner of a Claude Bernard Swiss made watch sponsored by Crystal Times

Shake, rattle and roll

Dance the night away

Chicken Shack Revival frontman, Louis Lam


recent Events

Wonders of India 22 november

Interactive dance segment

Games segment

Dr Patricia Hancock-Teo (left) performing a Bollywood move

Gift stalls


Entertainers performing Bollywood moves

recent Events

Tree lighting ceremony 24 november

Awaiting for the Christmas Tree to be lit

Silent Night, Linde Morgan on piano

Picture perfect moment with Santa

Santa and his Santarina spreading joy among the kids

Christmas isn’t complete without a Gingerbread House

The Tanglin Club Choir singing their hearts out


Events & Entertainment

TANGLIN CONVERSATIONS with His Excellency Mr Antony Phillipson WEDNESDAY, 19 FEBRUARY 2014 7.30PM AT THE CHURCHILL ROOM Continuing the series of talks with high-profile individuals in politics, the arts, trade and industry, and with other movers and shakers, The Tanglin Club is proud to host Tanglin Conversations with His Excellency, Mr Antony Phillipson, British High Commissioner to Singapore. Make a date with us on 19 February, as His Excellency shares his views and insights on geopolitics, experiences in Singapore, and his hopes for British-Singaporean relations.

Price: $45 (Member) & $55 (Guest) Inclusive of dinner FoR ENQUIRIES Please contact events Department at 6622 0437/0438. FoR RESERVATIoNS email or


choir | Events & Entertainment

new year’s eve ball 2013

Performance at the Tea Room opening

Performance at the Fireplace opening

a drEaM cOME TrUE

last year, at one of the meetings of the entertainment SubCommittee, it was decided that we should try and start a Club Choir, as we have never had such a Section in the Club’s 140 plus year history. Ms Amanda Aston, a Member of the Sub-Committee who has been involved in conducting choirs agreed to take on the role of starting one. It was felt that the Annual Christmas Tree lighting Ceremony would be an ideal occasion to introduce the Choir. With no time to lose, the recruitment and training of the Members to sing some Christmas Carols for the event soon began. Our debut performance was very well received by the Members and that gave us the encouragement to continue with our singing. When we re-commenced our training in early 2013, after our Christmas break, our first assignment was to prepare some songs from “The Sound of Music” for the Club’s Austrian Night. Following that, we were asked to present a selection of songs for the opening of the Tea Room and the Fireplace as well as the Annual Christmas Tree lighting Ceremony. In the midst of our preparations, Amanda our Choir leader, had to step down due to her commitments and Ms Joanna Paul, a very able Choir Instructor who had just returned home from the united Kingdom, took over the job of training us. We thoroughly enjoyed our three performances

Tree Lighting Ceremony

and were very heartened when we received positive feedback from our fellow Members. We would like to thank Joanna for all her hard work that she has put in. In thanking Joanna, we should not forget our pianist, Adeline who volunteered her time and effort to assist us. We will not rest on our laurels, and will continue to work hard as we still have a long way to go to reach our goal of being an accomplished choir. To achieve our goal, we need more Members to join us and the following are urgently required: 1. 2.

Male singers – both tenors and bass Female singers – we are in need of more altos

We welcome all interested adults and youths to come forward to join us. Do register with Vanitar or Tina at the F&B office if you are interested. Our choir practice is held every Monday between 7.30pm to 9pm at the Churchill Room. Please be punctual so that we can maximise the precious time that we have for training. David Goh Co-Section Head Tanglin Club Choir


Events & Entertainment

E C N A G E L E F O G N I N E G V N I N E AN E V E L A R U T L U C E S E CUI XIA S M H A CHIN T I W uary r b e F 6 1 oom Sunday, R l l i h c r Chu e h T t a pm


Celebrate the Chinese New Year in elegant splendour by immersing yourself in the rich heritage of the Chinese culture. Pamper yourself in either traditional or modern Chinese fashion, and indulge in a delectable set dinner of authentic Chinese cuisine, while you’re entertained by the lilting harmony of the best Chinese classical music, played with the traditional instruments of the pipa, yangqin, and erhu. Also featuring for the night, one of Singapore’s most compelling singers with her magnetic voice and timeless style – Ms Cui Xia. Her most recent albums include Love (2009) with local singer Hong Shao Xuan, and in 2011 her solo album Doesn’t Matter Who You Are. In 2012, Cui Xia released her latest collaboration with Li Ming Guang. Don’t miss this event as she performs an eclectic blend of Chinese sentimental ballads, ‘golden years’ classics, Chinese love songs and Canto-pop, including rock and roll, plus soulful rhythm and blues. Price: $85 (Member) & $95 (Guest).

FoR ENQUIRIES Please contact events Department at 6622 0437/0438. FoR RESERVATIoNS email or


Events & Entertainment

YEAR OF THE HORSE LION DANCE PERFORMANCE Friday, 31 January, 12pm at the Main Lobby Price: Complimentary Nothing inspires awe and appreciation like the nimble footwork and thunderous drumming of a lion Dance Troupe. This traditional mainstay of the Club makes its appearance once again as we usher in the Year of the Horse in 2014. Bring the whole family!

HOOK-A-PRAWN A WEEKEND FAMILY FUN Date: Saturday, 25 January Time: 1.15pm (Registration at main lobby), back to Club 5pm Venue: East Coast Park Price: $50 (For one child and one adult, inclusive of 2-way transport back to Club, use of one rod and bait) A uniquely local activity, it’s not an uncommon sight to see large groups of family and friends attempting to catch live prawns in a huge pond on dry land. If you’ve never tried this before, you’re missing out on a very Singaporean experience. This is definitely not a solo activity, so bring the children too! Price includes the use of one rod and equipment, prawn bait, and salt for barbequing the prawn. Prizes will be given to the fisherman with the most number of catches.

BINGO WINNER FOR DECEMBER A hearty congratulations to Ms edna Dorai Raj, for winning the whopping $1,000 Jackpot Gift Hamper, which includes a stay in a 5-Star villa in Bali!

Event Disclaimer

Please note that reservations for all Club events must be in written form and submitted to the Events Department prior to the date of the cancellation period. There is no guarantee of placement or seats for walk-ins on the day of event. The organisers, sponsors, management and staff will not be held liable for late cancellation, overbooking, force majeure or any other situation beyond their control. Cancellation Policy – Unless otherwise stated, cancellation period is two weeks before the date of event. Full charges apply for any cancellation done after. All cancellation has to be in written form.


Food & Beverage

6 January to 14 February Salmon Yu Sheng Superior Salmon Yu Sheng (serves 4 to 6 persons)


Deluxe Salmon Yu Sheng (serves 7 to 10 persons)


Prosperity Fatt Chye Claypot

• $198 (serves 4-6persons) • $388.80 (serves 10 or more person)

Tanglin Club Specialty Roast Duck

$48 (for takeaway only)

Hamachi Yu Sheng Superior Hamachi Yu Sheng (serves 4 to 6 persons)


Deluxe Hamachi Yu Sheng (serves up to 10 persons)


FoR ENQUIRIES Please contact the F&B Department at 66220432 or email


Food & Beverage

Champagne Brunch

Sunday, 26 January, 11.30am to 2.30pm at the Churchill Room

Free-flow champagne, beer and wine. Price: $85 (Adult with champagne), $45 (Adult without champagne) & $22.50 (Child below 12 years old).

The Executive Gourmet Set Lunch

last date for cancellation: 20 January

Tuesdays to Fridays, 12pm to 2.30pm at the Churchill Room 2, 3 or 4-course menu from $28 onwards

Wine Promotion Price per bottle (from left): Villa Sandi Auris brut Sparkling* – $39.90 Wynns Black Label Shiraz* – $50.90 OR 2 for $100 Tanglin Club Signature Wines Shiraz Barossa 2011* – $31.50 Tanglin Club Signature Wines Pinot Grigio 2010* – $26 Veuve Clicquot Champagne Promotion – $83 *For takeaways at the Tea Room only.

Wine Circle Tasting Of 2006 Bordeaux In Magnums Friday, 17 January, 7pm at the Raffles Room

Cake Of The Month

Reve Degateau Price: $45 (whole cake) $6 (slice)

Six established and well-known wines in magnum format have been chosen, to see how they are staking up after seven years in the bottle. The wines to be tasted are: Ch Canon La Gaffeliere 2006 • Ch Clerc Milon 2006 • Ch Haut Bailly 2006 • Ch Rauzan Segla 2006 • Ch Talbot 2006 • Clos du Marquis 2006 A buffet spread will be provided to complement the wines. There will also be an auction of the leftover wines from the 2010 Bordeaux tasting. Price: $75 (Wine Circle Member), $90 (Non-Wine Circle Member) & $105 (Guest). Numbers are limited to 40 participants, as we only have two magnums of each wine. Members are requested to book at least 48 hours in advance to facilitate better planning in food and service.

The Churchill Room will be closed for dinner on 10, 11, 18 & 25 January. FoR ENQUIRIES Please contact the F&B Department at 66220432 or email


chinese new year

take-away order form available from 6 January to 14 February

Choice of Yu Sheng


Price per Box

Salmon Yu Sheng (Superior)


Salmon Yu Sheng (Deluxe)


Hamachi Yu Sheng (Superior)


Hamachi Yu Sheng (Deluxe)


Serves 4 to 6 person

Serves 7 to 10 person Serves 4 to 6 person

Serves 7 to 10 person

Total ($)

Prosperity Fatt Chye Claypot Prosperity Fatt Chye Claypot (Small)


Prosperity Fatt Chye Claypot (Large)


Serves up to 5 person

Serves up to 10 person

Roast Duck Home-made Roast Duck with Plum Sauce


Additional Items Salmon (80g)


Hamachi (80g)


Pok Chui (per packet)

$2.50 Grand Total:


A/C No.:




Collection Date / Time:

....................................................................... Signature/Date PLEASE PLACE ORDER 5 DAYS IN ADVANCE. WHEN COLLECTING YOUR ORDERS, PLEASE PRESENT YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD. Please fax this form to 66220439 or hand your order form to the Tea Room. For any enquiries, please call 66220435. Butchery / Cold Kitchen / Wheelhouse Kitchen / Hot Production / The Tea Room

Sushidai from Tsukiji

6 Rafďƒ&#x;es Boulevard #04-600 Marina Mandarin Hotel 6820 0637

calEndar OF EVEnTs MOndaY


WEdnEsdaY 1

nEW YEar’s daY

THUrsdaY 2 Tennis Socials 8pm to 10pm at the tennis courts

cake of the month

Reve Degateau

6 Introduction Evening 6pm at the Raffles Room.

7 Tennis bring-A-Guest Night 6pm at the tennis courts

8 Lawn bowls Handicap 6pm at lawn Bowls Green

9 Tennis Socials 8pm to 10pm at the tennis courts

Annual billiards Championships 2013 for the Concorde Trophy until 25 January



15 Lawn bowls Handicap 6pm at lawn Bowls Green



22 Lawn bowls Handicap 6pm at lawn Bowls Green

16 Tennis Socials 8pm to 10pm at the tennis courts

23 Tennis Socials 8pm to 10pm at the tennis courts

THE EXECUTIVE GoURMET SET LUNCH Tuesdays to Fridays, 12pm to 2.30pm at the Churchill Room



29 Monthly balut Night at 6pm Lawn bowls Handicap 6pm at lawn Bowls Green

30 Tennis Socials 8pm to 10pm at the tennis courts

January 2014 FrIdaY 3

Girl Rising 8pm at Theatrette.

saTUrdaY 4



* Children’s matinee at 2.30pm


Tennis Weekend Club 4pm at the Tennis Courts

Tennis Weekend Club 4pm at the Tennis Courts

Darts Team Training 3pm at Tangles

Lawn bowls Match Practice 3.45pm at the lawn Bowls Green

White House Down – 4 & 5 Jan

Horrid Henry The Movie* – 4 & 5 Jan

10 Golf Captain’s Cup 2014 at SICC (New Course) Dinner at the Churchill Room. Darts Team Training 3pm at Tangles

Churchill Room closed for dinner




Tennis Weekend Club 4pm at the Tennis Courts

Tennis Weekend Club 4pm at the Tennis Courts

Darts Team Training 3pm at Tangles

Lawn bowls Match Practice 3.45pm at the lawn Bowls Green

Churchill Room closed for dinner


The Smurfs* – 11 & 12 Jan


Darts Team Training 3pm at Tangles

Tennis Weekend Club 4pm at the Tennis Courts

Tennis Weekend Club 4pm at the Tennis Courts

Lawn Bowls Annual Dinner & Prize Presentation 7pm at Tangles

Darts Team Training 3pm at Tangles

Lawn bowls Match Practice 3.45pm at the lawn Bowls Green

Churchill Room closed for dinner


Despicable Me 2* – 18 & 19 Jan


Darts Team Training 3pm at Tangles

Tennis Weekend Club 4pm at the Tennis Courts

Tennis Weekend Club 4pm at the Tennis Courts

Annual Swimming Awards Ceremony and Party 6pm at the Poolside

Darts Team Training 3pm at Tangles

Lawn bowls Match Practice 3.45pm at the lawn Bowls Green

Hook-A-Prawn at east Coast Park

bowls, beer & bites 4pm at the lawn Bowls Green

Children’s Story-Telling 5pm to 6pm at the Claymore Room Meet the Author: Shamini Flint 7pm to 8.30pm at the Raffles Room

Olympus Has Fallen – 17 to 19 Jan

Darts Friendly with Penang Club 12pm at Tangles

Wine Circle: Tasting of 2006 bordeaux In Magnums 7pm at the Raffles Room


Ben-Hur – 10 to 12 Jan

Churchill Room closed for dinner

Champagne brunch 11.30am to 2.30pm at the Churchill Room

CZ12 – 24 to 26 Jan

Monsters University* – 25 & 26 Jan

31 cHInEsE nEW YEar Lion Dance Performance 12pm at the Main lobby Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – 31 Jan to 2 Feb

6 January to 14 February

Turbo* – 1 & 2 Feb


The Bees What flowers bloom like fine golden fleece? Gently swaying are the young palm trees. A gusty wind blows a million yellow petals about, Terrifying into a frenzy the busy working bees.

A personal message from long-term Member, Mrs Nan Sandford:

To my wonderful friends over so many years, Please keep in touch. Love, Nan

Note: For Members who wish to contact Mrs Sandford, please enquire at the Reception Desk in the Main Clubhouse.


Poem by Mr James Chang Illustration by Li Wen

darts | sports & recreation

The darts players in Penang

The Tanglin Club Darts team joined the host country clubs The Penang Club (TPC) and the Penang Swimming Club (PSC) Malaysia on 13, 14 and 15 November 2013.

It was a memorable trip to Penang. The players joined in the dart throwing frenzy during the three days of friendly but intense competition.

Our congratulations go to The Tanglin Club players Vincent Fong and Khor Jean Hock for their remarkable victory against the powerful TPC team which included prominent county players.

The evening celebrations as well as the games at both clubs in Penang helped to develop fruitful interaction among the players. We extend our gratitude to the host clubs for their great entertainment and splendid hospitality with food, beer and wine.

equally happy in acknowledging the winners Sepalika Kumarasinghe and MC Cheong, as well as Khor Buck Chye and David Goh, for their support and contribution. Our congratulations go to the Penang players for their skilful and remarkable performances. It was amazing to watch their constant high scoring abilities. The observers had the privilege to pick up useful tips while watching superb players effortlessly hitting the board and winning the games.

The Club trophies as well as Club T-shirts were given away to the players. The event ended by visiting hawker centres after mid night on the last day. The trip was a wonderful experience to all.

Sepalika Kumarasinghe Darts Committee Member


sports & recreation | Ballroom dancing

at multi-purpose hall Beginner Waltz Beginner Jive Intermediate Quickstep Intermediate Jive

Every Thursday (from 20 February onwards) Every Tuesday (from 20 February onwards)

7pm to 8pm 8.15pm to 9.15pm 7pm to 8pm 8.15pm to 9.15pm

Fee: $107 (Member) & $128.40 (Guest) Duration of class: 8 sessions per class Instructor: Andrey Gurbunov *Minimum of 10 students to start a class.

Presented by the Dance Section


Gallop to the enlarged ballroom of the Churchill Room in your dancing shoes. In the Year of the Horse on the 8th Day of Chinese New Year. Enjoy Chinese New Year cuisine, with a glass of complimentary wine. Participate in “Lo-Hei” for Prosperity. Dress Code: Oriental (preferred) or Jacket and Tie for Gentlemen and Evening Wear for Ladies Prize for Best Dressed Resident Band, Penny Lane and DJ in attendance Dance Performance by International Dance Competitors Price: $50 (Section Member), $65 (Member) & $85 (Guest). Last day of cancellation: 28 January 2014

FoR booKINGS & ENQUIRIES Please contact uma at 66220571 or email

Ballroom dancing | sports & recreation

The Dancing Section held its Christmas Ball on 7 December 2013 in the Churchill Room with yet another marvellous experience. It was an evening filled with fine dining and wine accompanied by graceful dancing. The event was graced by 64 Members and Guests. latin Asia Pacific Amateur Dance Champions as well as Singapore Amateur latin Dance Champions, Jumil edera Bacalso and Natalie Tjokro mesmerised the hall with their magnificent Samba and Rumba.

christmas Ball

Taking the title of best dressed Gentleman was His excellency Fidelino loy De Jesus Figueirdo and best Dressed lady was Ms elizabeth Sam. Dancing went past midnight. Music was provided by our resident band, Penny lane and our DJ maestro, Kazon. A special note of thanks to the staff of Churchill Room and our chefs.

social night The Ballroom Dancing Section held its final Social Night of 2013 at the Churchill Room on 30 September 2013. Members together with students taking part in our on-going classes were present. The night acted as a platform to showcase what they had learnt. look out for our upcoming classes and events. Do join us in our Section Fund and enjoy great savings.


sports & recreation | Balut

2013 Champion

Nina Menon (1st Runner–up)

Padmini Raman (2nd Runner-up)

We ended October with everything to play for. The final game in November, and the decider for the Annual Balut Championship began with a short speech from Convenor Sethuraman freshly returned from terrorising the wildlife in Africa. Captain Sapinah got the rabble into line quickly thereafter, and the assembled then proceeded to test the structural integrity of the tables at Tangles. The tables withstood the collective onslaught, and Nina made a terrific late charge, but, was short of 28 points, and took the 1st runner-up prize. Sethuraman beamed for the collected as he was declared the Champion for 2013, whilst Padmini Panikar took the 2nd runner-up spot. Deepa Gupta’s 165 withstood all comers to give her the highest game score of the year, and the occasional Geoff Mullet took the highest total score of the year with his 669. Sapinah’s Flop (inquire with Balut Section if you want to know more about this) was won by Padmini Panikar. The monthly game itself was won by Fatema Sadiq (648) and Mavis light (151). Prizes given, pictures taken, and we settled down to vittles which ended in a convoy to the Wet Bar. A very nice way to end the year! Our thanks to S&R and F&B for their support throughout the year, and we do appreciate all the effort you put in.


Deepa Gupta (2013 Highest Game Score)

Some of our Baluteers went to South Africa with the lawn Bowls Section, and we now know that while some lawn Bowls was played, and equal amount of Balut was also played! In end-November, our Club sent two teams to the British Club in Bangkok for the 30th Interport Balut Championship and our Team 2 comprising Min Song, Michael, Sally & Geoff came in 3rd in the overall standings. Reports from the returnees was that the British Club put up a splendid show and the Indian Association of Singapore won this round of the Interport. Results: Champion - Sethuraman Ganesan (3725) 1st Runner up - Nina Menon (3698) 2nd Runner up - Padmini Panikar (3626) Highest Session Score - Geoff Mullett (669) Highest Game Score - Deepa Gupta (165) Inter-club league Highest Total Score - Nina Menon Spinah’s Flop - Padmini Panikar Thank you Baluteers, and we shall gather in 2014. Meanwhile, happy holidays and have a Happy New Year! Vikram Raman Balut Section Member

Bridge | sports & recreation

club championships

Upcoming Events 1.

SCbA beginners course Tuesdays, 7, 14, 21 & 28 January, 7.30pm at SCBA, Bishan Community Centre Price: $120 Please register with Mr li at 6856 8540


Hong bao bridge (tea only) Friday, 7 February at the Raffles Room Sign-up at 12.30pm


Perth & Margaret River Trip 27 February to 4 March

23 november

Farewell, nan

We bid a fond farewell to Nan Sandford during a regular game on the afternoon of Friday, 22 November, with a rather elaborate tea. Nan had been a strong supporter of our Bridge section, and was in charge of the Friday morning sessions for beginners for a good number of years. Many have benefitted from her lessons and have enjoyed her guidance in the game. We will definitely miss Nan and wish her all the very best in her retirement years in Australia.

It was indeed a most tiring day for some of the 24 participants who had to ride it out. Two sessions of bridge were held in the Claymore Room with a one-hour break for lunch in the Tavern. This year, it was decided that two sessions would be a fairer way of judging the eventual results of the day. The winners were: 1st: Rohini Ayra and Shyamala Kanagasundram 2nd: Terry Young and Reeta Raj 3rd: Deepa Gupta and Sherna Danani

All are welcome.

Well done, ladies.

christmas lunch 6 december

Our annual Christmas lunch was held on Friday, 6 December. More than 60 Members and Guests arrived dressed in Christmassy colours of red, green or white. The Raffles Room was brightly decorated in the festive spirit of Christmas, with red as the primary colour. After the traditional lunch of ham and turkey with mince pies and Christmas pudding plus a glass of wine, carols were sung, led by a group of volunteers including our young director of bridge, Wen Tan. We played the Mitchell movement and the results were: North/South

1st: Shameen Sukhia and Shrikala Shastry 2nd: Catherine Cardyn and Grace Moshi


1st: Sharon Gray and lu Wen 2nd: Jansie Tan and Ayesha elliott

Our thanks to the Sub-Committee and the staff for organising the food and the decorations for the occasion. It was indeed a most memorable afternoon. Lily Lim Bridge Committee Member


sports & recreation | Golf

Chinese New Year “Ang Pow” Golf Friday, 7 February 1pm at Singapore Island sland Country Club (SIME Course) Celebrate the lunar festive with “Lo Hei” to start the year for good fortune! Please note that a cancellation fee may be charged to your account if a withdrawal is made after the closing date (30 January) unless you can find a replacement. Format of Games: Stableford (Novelty Team Event) Fees (inclusive of GST): $128 (Golf Section Member), $38 (Golf Section / SICC member) & $218 (Non Golf Section Member)

b u l C n i l ade g p a n c s a E Tut of Asia Golfing



DESTINATION 1 April 2014 Da Nang, Vietnam 4D3N

DESTINATION 2 October 2014 South Africa (Kruger, Fancourt & Cape Town) 12D11N

FoR booKINGS & ENQUIRIES Please contact uma at 66220571 or email

Golf | sports & recreation

november 2013 In-House Golf Match – sentosa Golf club The November Golf match was held at one of Singapore’s premier clubs and courses – the Tanjong Course at the Sentosa Golf Club which has recently held professional golf tournaments including the 2012 Singapore Open (Tour players play the Tanjong Course as part of the first and second round format that determines the field for the final two rounds). 22 Tanglin Club Members, across six flights, participated on a beautiful sunny afternoon and braved the challenging course, with lots of deep sand traps, via a Bogey Competition (Match Play Format). upon completion of play, we held the prize presentation ceremony at the Sentosa Golf Club’s Golfers’ Terrace where excellent snacks and beverage were provided. Please congratulate the following “Nearest to the Pin” winners: Hole #2: Ms Chia Hwee Siang Hole #13: Mr Jurgen Martiens Please also congratulate the following overall winners of the event: 1st: 2nd: 3rd:

Mr Gerard Fitzgerald Mrs Chia Hwee Siang Mr leon lui Yuen leung

We want to extend a special thanks to the Captain of the Day, Mr Healy Paul David, who made sure everything ran properly with excellent assistance from The Tanglin Club Staff and Members. Please also keep an eye open for some of our 2014 overseas trips which are not to be missed! Terry Ng and Chris Steffens Golf Committee Members


sports & recreation | Fitness

Wishing Everyone a Healthy and Joyful 2014 From the Gym Team Up close and personal with our Personal Trainers Colin – Personal Trainer/Gym Assistant Certified and versatile trainer who has experience from Kettebell training to Muay Thai, and so much more. Colin specialises in weight management and post injury rehabilitation. Some of his qualifications are: Fitness Instructor Course (Singapore Sports Council), Muay Thai Trainer level 1 and Certified Kettlebell Coach. Asri – Personal Trainer/Gym Assistant Asri, who has 10 years of training experience, believes that training simple but giving 100% effort is the key to a productive training. Basic workout does wonders if you stay positive and patient during training and most importantly, you must enjoy your training sessions. Asri specialises in overall conditioning, strength and core training. Some of his qualifications are: Basic exercise Course (Singapore Sports Council), Fitness Instructor Course (Singapore Sports Council) and CPR & AeD Certified (Academiclinic Pte ltd) Lewis – Personal Trainer/Coach lewis has had 17 years of experience in the fitness industry, and he shares an interest of all things related to movement. As quoted by him, “Most of your progress happens outside of the gym. If you are training hard, make sure you are recovering well. If you are training to lose weight, make sure you eat healthy”. lewis specialises in functional movement system, NeuroKinetic therapy and kettlebell training. Some of his qualifications are: Functional Movement Screen level 1, TRX Suspension Training, Sports Medicine, NeuroKinetic Therapy level 1 and Certified Kettlebell Coach level 1. Lester – Personal Trainer With more than two decades of experience in Pilates and Yoga, lester is passionate in helping his clients achieve their goals progressively. He specialises in functional, core and strength training, pre and post rehabilitation mainly for spinal, shoulder or knee injuries, weight management, sports conditioning as well as golf conditioning. Some of his qualifications are: Certified Personal Trainer (American Council of exercise), Certified Pilates Instructor (Polestar Pilates, Physical Mind Institute and IMX Pilates), Certified Standing Pilates Instructor (Physical Mind Institute), Yoga Diploma (Sivanda International), Zumba Fitness Instructor and First Aid & CPR (St John Ambulance Association). Yazzieq – Personal Trainer Yazzieq has been working with clients ranging from students to stuntmen, kids as young as 10 years to adults who are 65 years old. He specialises in fat loss, muscle building, sports and strength conditioning, kettlebell training, Muay Thai and Kickboxing, and sports-related rehabilitation. Some of his qualifications are: Diploma in Sports & exercise Science (International Sports Professionals Association), Certified Kettlebell Coach (Integrated Training Institute GOlD), Certified Muay Thai Coach (Integrated Training Institute GOlD), Certified Roacktap Doc level 2 and Certified First Aid & CPR. Teddy – Personal Trainer Teddy has had 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. He lives with his motto, “1% better every day”. He specialises in weight loss, toning and building of muscles, and sports performance. Some of his qualifications are: to Certified Personal Trainer (American Council Of exercise), Personal Training Foundation (Fitness First), Basic exercise Course (Singapore Sports Council), Fight Class Instructor level 1 (TNT Kickboxing), Kickboxing Instructor (International Kickboxing Federation), Myofascial Compression Techniques level 1 (Trigger Point Performance). Ash – Personal Trainer A results-oriented trainer with experience in both personal & group strength training. He has worked intensively with local celebrities and elite athletes to enhance their health and fitness through safe and efficient programmes. Ash presents health and fitness talks regularly, and also plans training programmes to corporate companies, schools and hospitals. Ash specialises in high performance sports strength & conditioning, weight management, specific sports programmes planning, kettlebell training, and myofascial release techniques. Some of his qualifications are: Master of Sports Science – Sports Coaching (united States Sports Academy,uSA), Certified Health Fitness Specialist (American Council of Sports Medicine,uSA), Fitness Instructor Course (Singapore Sports Council), Certified Kettlebell Coach level 2 (Integrated Training Institute, Singapore), Fascial Movement Taping level 2 (RockTape, Australia), Body Reading & Fascial Release Techniques (Anatomy Trains, united Kingdom), Spinal Reeducation Trainer (iMoove, France), Medical Fitness Trainer(ProxoMed, Germany) and CPR & AeD Certified (Singapore Heart Foundation). Nadia – Personal Trainer Nadia enjoys working with people of diverse abilities across all ages. She relishes in helping her clients reach their fitness goals and witnessing their confidence grow. She specialises in muscle endurance, strength and core training, weight management, preparation for IPPT or NAPFA test and training seniors to get back in shape. Some of her qualifications are: Certified Personal Trainer (International Sports Academy, united States Sports Academy), Certified Kettlebell Coach level 1 and CPR & AeD Certified (Singapore Heart Foundation).


Machi – Personal Trainer Whether your goal is to shape up and lose weight or to complete your first marathon or triathlon, Machi would be more than willing to help you achieve your fitness goals, by making exercise a regular part of your lives. Machi specialises in training seniors to get back in shape, and those who are training for marathons or triathlons. Some of her qualifications are: Certified Personal Trainer (American Council on exercise), TRX Suspension Trainer, Senior Fitness Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine), Basic exercise Course (Singapore Sports Council) and CPR Certified (Singapore First Aid Training Centre). FoR A FREE CoNSULTATIoN Please email or or call the Gym at 66220575.

Fitness | sports & recreation

BROGA HILL SUNRISE HIKE & WATER RAFTING Date: 27 & 28 March Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Price: $350 (Members) Broga Hill is also known as “Bukit lalang”, named after the local species of grass that grows abundantly at 400 metres, and is located 40 minutes away from Kuala lumpur. Famed for its incredible panaromic views especially at dawn, along with easy accessibility on foot, this hill is a popular tourist attraction.

BOLLYWOOD WITH LOVE 28-DAY ROWING CHALLENGE 2014 Date: 1 to 28 February Venue: Gym Price: Free to all Members Row and accumulate your distance to stand a chance in winning a Spa voucher!

Date: Saturday, 22 February Time: 10.30am to 12pm Venue: Gym Price: $8 (UFF Member) & $20 (Non-UFF Member) Following the highs for the recent Bollywood Fever Hits of “Fevicol Se”, we invite you to join in the grooves of the upcoming Bollywood with Love. You will be expecting groovy hits from bollywood movies. Come in your sweetest Valentine’s Day outfit and spread the love.

FoR ENQUIRIES Please contact Aziz at 6622 0539. FoR REGISTRATIoN email


sports & recreation | lawn Bowls

Tanglin Bowlers Tour to south africa Nice backdrop

15 bowlers made the long journey to South Africa on 30 October for four games – two in Cape Town, on 1 and 2 November, and another two games in Johannesburg on 6 and 8 November. The friendly games in Cape Town were played at our reciprocal club, Kelvin Grove Club, against the beautiful backdrop of the iconic Table Mountain. The days were bright and windy, and the fine weather made for excellent bowling with our very gracious hosts. each game had a tea break that gave us the opportunity to connect with our hosts in a relaxed setting. Our group also enjoyed two excellent dinners at the club. The next two games were hosted by the Bryanston Sports Club which is located in the upmarket residential district of Bryanston, about 8km from Johannesburg city. like the Kelvin Grove Club, the bowling lawns were immaculately mowed and excellent for bowling. Set in a wooded surrounding, it provided a very relaxed and casual country feeling. The group also had the opportunity to meet up and play with some former Tanglin Club lawn Bowl Members. After all the competitive bowls and the hospitality the group headed to Kruger park for some well earned relaxation with the lions, but that is a story for another day.

The team at Bryanston Sports Club

Blings new accessory

Virginia’s last goodbye

Table Mountai


The team at Kelvin Grove Club

Andrew in action

After match relaxation

Day One at Kelvin Grove Club

Bryanston mercy please

Upcoming Events 1. Section Annual Dinner – Friday, 17 January 2. beer, bowls & bites – Sunday, 26 January Our regular Section Introduction to 3. Bowls for beginners and coaching for Section Members. All Members are invited to this free event. Please register at the S&R counter.


Piet and Lea

Gerry’s new tie

Kelvin Grove souvenir

squash | sports & recreation




20 TO 23 FEBRUARY 2014 AT THE SQUASH CENTRE Qualifying round for the Local Teams will be held on Sunday, 16 February 2014. All local players must be ready to play on Thursday, 20 February and overseas players must be ready to play by 12pm on Friday, 21 February 2014. Singapore’s largest International squash event and the Asia-Pacific region’s largest doubles tournament is now into its 15th year and the 2014 tournament could turn out to be the biggest yet! Closing date: 7 February 2014. FOR ENQUIRIES & RESERVATIONS


Please call 6622 0588 or email 35

sports & recreation | squash

lexian cup 2013

The singapore closed Jumbo doubles Tournament Waseem Gul, Alex Dare, Vivian Rhamanan with baby & Kristen Mansfield

Ishwarlal Pranlal, Alex Dare & Paul MacCallum

Lionel Ong, Tan Zhi Rui & Alex Dare

The Tournament was played from 7 to 10 November with 40 Pairs in total, made up of 33 in the Open category, and seven in the Masters category. In the Open event, we saw some excellent doubles squash being played, with a few upsets along the way leading to the finals, which was fairly one-sided taken out by Waseem Gul and Tanglin’s Junior Coach – Vivian Rhamanan the boys won the $500 prize money, but earned every cent as the tournament schedule meant that most matches were played on Saturday. The runners up taking the $250 prize money were Tan Zhi Rui and lionel Ong from SCC who were exemplary in their attitude and display of excellent sportsmanship throughout the event. A big thanks must go to Graham Dare, Managing Director of lexian electronics, for his generous support and sponsorship of this Tournament, and to his Son Alex Dare, who attended the presentation after the final matches, and not forgetting our sponsor “Aquarius” for their generous sponsorship.

Alex Dare, Pabindra Subba & Milan Pun

David Palmer, Alex Dare & Fred Saarloos

I would also like to thank The Tanglin Club’s Sports & Recreation Staff, who were instrumental in putting this tournament together and helping to make it a great success. Congratulations also go to the Winners and Runner up of the Open Plate and the Masters event: Masters Plate Champions Runners-up

- Ishwarlal Pranlal and Paul MacCallum - Richard Coventry and Alan Jones

Masters Champions Runners-up

- Zainal Abidin and Yeo Kiang Bee - David Palmer and Fred Saarloos

Open Plate Champions Runners-up

- Pabindra Subba and Milan Pun - Adi Akbar and Shaun See

Junior squash Friendly

Della and Sandra from Ultimate Squashers receive The Tanglin Club Plaque from Kristen

The Tanglin Club Juniors and the Ultimate Squashers with Coaches Vivian and Sandra


On Sunday, 24 November, The Tanglin Club Junior Squash players made history by hosting the first ever Tanglin Junior friendly matches against ultimate Squashers from Kallang. Coach Vivian helped put our team together, made up of the following up and coming Tanglin juniors: Carl Alexander, Sean le Mesurier, Sasha Faneco, Jet Ong, Rory Tau, Callum Mansfield, Connor earl and Matthew earl. The team played very well but realised they were up against very tough opponents. The day was more about experience and having fun, but our team also displayed excellent sportsmanship qualities both on and off the court. A great time was had by all and much was learnt about playing matches, and setting new goals in squash. On behalf of the team, I would like to say a special thank you to Coach Vivian for taking out time on the day to support the team. And a very big thanks to Coach Della and Sandra from ultimate Squashers for arranging their team to come to The Tanglin Club.

squash | sports & recreation

Kristen Mansfield with the guests players from HKFC

Ho Ming and Rhodi Roberts

William Oon and Ho Fai

Group photo

Hong Kong Friendly Matches The Tanglin Club hosted eight players from the Hong Kong Football Club in some friendly matches on Friday, 29 November. The Tanglin Club’s Rhodri and William had some tough singles matches, but doubles was the popular choice on the evening. Thanks to our team of Darcy McColl, Daryl Arnold, Brian Dickerson, Al Aspen, Rhodri Roberts and William Oon for playing and staying to socialise with our friends from Hong Kong in the beer garden afterwards.

Sean Robinson and Siddarth Butalia

Chris Ng and Kristen Mansfield

Gary Hollis, David Palmer and Daryl Arnold

Roy Devlin and David Palmer

Roy Devlin and Daryl Arnold - The Tanglin Club won the Claymore Cup

Richard Barton and Rene.W

american club Friendly On Saturday, 30 November, we were hosted by the American Club to play for the inaugural Claymore Cup, being the trophy fought between the American Club and The Tanglin Club Squash Sections. We enjoyed a fabulous afternoon of great squash, close competitive matches and lots of friendly banter from the spectators. The final result was 22-12. Thanks to our winning team made up of Daryl, Kristen, Colin, Adam, Vincent, David, Andrew, Rishaal, Sean, Don, Gary, Richard, Puneet and Swee leng. And a huge thank you to The American Club who were excellent hosts on the day.

The november/december Birthday Bash

The final Birthday Bash for 2013 was held at the Beer Garden on Saturday, 7 December. The afternoon was a great success with a terrific turnout to finish off for the year. We celebrated with the birthday boys and girls in the usual fashion of a “down, down” before they all blew out their birthday cake candle. Congratulations to all of our Section Members who have or will celebrate a birthday in November and December, and a very Merry Christmas to all. Kristen Mansfield Squash Convenor


sports & recreation | Tennis

Morning ladies christmas Tennis There was a fantastic response to the sign-up for our Christmas social competition, but unfortunately the weather gods were against us. As it had rained heavily overnight, hopes were high that the sun would shine for us on the day, but a persistent drizzle all morning meant that the competition had to be scrapped. There had been four teams organised and thanks to the captains esther, Jill, ling and Sally for all their preparations. Fortunately, we were able to play a few friendly games on the indoor courts before enjoying a lovely turkey and ham lunch in Tangles. Despite the rain, a good time was had by all and it was lovely to have so many of us together socialising on the courts, and also at the beautifully decorated lunch tables. All the ladies would like to thank the Tennis Sub-Committee for supporting this ever-growing section of The Tanglin Club tennis fraternity. Marion White Tennis Committee Member


The Tanglin Club fielded three teams in the WITS tennis league this Autumn season. The Tanglin Terminators in Beta Division, ably captained by esther ling, enjoyed some tough matches to end in a creditable fourth place. Thanks to the Club, staff and coaches for their support.

WITs “B” division The ladies in the Tanglin Club “B” team had some very tough opposition this season and did well to end in 3rd equal position. Well done to our captain, lata, vice-captain, Jill and all the players – Dawn, elizabeth, emma, Gail, ling, Marion, Naoko, Noni, Radiah and Sally. It seems the standard of tennis in all the WITS leagues keeps getting higher every year, but after a short break over the festive season, we are all eager to start our matches again in January and with the help of our coach, Pierre, we hope to do even better next season. Once again we would like to thank the tennis committee for their continuing support and the Club F&B Department for the snacks provided after our home matches. Marion White Tennis Committee Member


Helen Crewdson Tennis Committee Member

WITs “c” divison Served, Smashed, Volleyed, Victory, Injured, Recovered, Crushed but Not Broken. WITS “C” the “Tanglin Smash Hits” had a strong start but missed 3rd place by a point and naturally disappointed, but we played so much better as a team and are pleased with each Member’s improvement! Thank you, The Tanglin Club, for your support and we look forward to another fab season together! Kelly Finefrock Tennis Committee Member

Tennis | sports & recreation

Tennis Tour to Penang 13 to 15 november 2013

It had been such a long time since the tennis section had a trip abroad, so a group of senior players suggested we went to Penang to play some social tennis. Such a trip came to fruition in mid-November. We visited the Penang Sports Club and the Penang Swimming Club which, incidentally, have been listed as Heritage Clubs as I subsequently learnt from a magazine in the hotel room. On arrival on Wednesday, 13 November, and after checking in at the hotel, we immediately left for the Penang Sports Club for our first social match. This club boasts of 19 courts of all surfaces (grass, Astroturf and hard) and has a broad base of good players. M.C. Cheong and Renato Sirtori faced a pair of young men half their age. M.C. had quite forgotten his years of advancement and played his heart out, ignoring reality. Their young opponents were very gentle with this pair of elderly gentlemen who eventually gave in, but came out smiling sportingly. Although we had indicated in our emails to them that we were a group of very senior players of club level only, they regrettably admitted that their veterans were only in their 40’s and could not field

any to match us. They then complimented upon our enthusiasm and sporting spirit in the game. The next day, we played the Penang Swimming Club which did likewise. Their players were even younger. However, we had some very enjoyable games and finally succumbed to the younger and fitter ones. On both days, the two clubs were indeed very gracious and hospitable hosts entertaining us to tea and sumptuous sit-down dinners. Beer and wine flowed throughout both evenings, and we thanked them and extended our invitations to both clubs to visit us soon. The Penang Sports Club recounted that we last visited them in 1989, and so it was a good time to renew old ties. These trips generally promote camaraderie amongst our tennis fraternity and all who went enjoyed themselves immensely. Lily Lim Tennis Committee Member


sports & recreation | swimming

salt Water Pool systems Since the Club swimming pool's renovation in 2011, most Members who swim in it probably noticed the difference in swimming in the new pool, as compared to the old pool. Most Members may remember that a new water-cleaning system was put in place, but are not sure what it is. The secret behind the difference? You can find this secret in your kitchen; in fact, you're probably had some of it in your meals today: table salt. Contrary to popular belief, salt-water swimming pools are not chlorine-free. A swimming pool with salt-water uses a chlorine generator as part of its system, rather than the old way of adding chlorine tablets. Well, how does it all work? Here's where it gets interesting: Salt, or its chemical name of sodium chloride, in the water is passed through a small electric current (electrolysis) in the pump room, and the salt converts into chloride ions, which turns into chlorine gas. When chlorine gas dissolves into the water, a cleaner form of chlorine is present in the pool water.

What's the big deal, you ask? You don't want to drink the water, you just want to swim in it. So what if salt is used to clean the water? It is a big deal, actually, since it makes the pool water feel 'smoother', look cleaner and clearer, and most importantly, caused much less skin and eye irritation that traditional-chlorinated water. On the plus side, there's far less impact on the environment, as there's less use of harsh chemicals and less waste. In the long-term, it's low maintenance and eco-friendly. So the next time you're at the Club and you want to take a refreshing dive when the weather is nice and warm, remember that you're swimming in good old fashioned table salt. Just don't be tempted to take a sip.

Habib Mansoor

annual swimming awards ceremony and Party on Friday, 24 January 2014 from 6pm at Poolside.


Ten-Pin Bowliong | sports & recreation

every second and third Monday of the month, from 6pm to 8pm, we bowlers gather at the American Club for some fun. I started at a score of 80 and not knowing how to bowl. My first few sessions, I survived all the embarrassment of having witness my balls making its way down the ‘longkang’. Thankfully, with my fellow bowlers encouraging me, I managed to score as much as 100-120 per game. Practice sessions are always filled with laughter and joy while watching each of us portraying some kung-fu and ballerina moves. Best of all, it is a nice way to distress after work or school because we have fellowship. One of the things I look forward to most is the wonderful meal together with all our bowlers, where we get to socialise and catch up.

Come join us for some fun. No skills nor talent required, except for the ability to carry anything between 8-10 pounds. We have bowlers ranging from 11 to 80 years old. If they can do it, I am sure you can. In addition, we will have a Bowling Social on the first Friday of each month at the Raffles Town Club. Non-Section Members are welcome to join.

Peter Lim Ten-Pin bowling Committee Member


library | Books

Come down to The Tanglin Club on Friday, 24 January 2014, and join Shamini Flint, author of Inspector Singh Investigates novels at the following events:

Story-Telling with Children

5pm to 6pm at the Claymore Room Price: $15 per pax. (Includes a glass of orange juice & canapés.)

Meet the Author evening

7pm to 8.30pm at the Raffles Room Price: $20 per pax. (Includes a glass of wine/orange juice & canapés.)

General Fiction Leela’s book Alice Alibinia

MaddAddam Margaret Atwood Speaking from Among the bones Alan Bradley Revenger Rory Clements Duplex Kathryn David The Circle David eggers Finger Lickin’ Fifteen Janet evanovich Sizzling Sixteen Janet evanovich The Last Witness W.e.B. Griffin I am Pilgrim Terry Hayes The Daughters of Mars Thomas Keneally Doctor Sleep Stephen King The Hunters Chris Kuzneski The orchard of Lost Souls Nadifa Mohamed The Secret Keeper Kate Morton

Sunshine on Scotland Street Alexander McCall Smith

My brief History Stephen Hawking

The Hall of Uselessness Collected Essays Simon leys

on Saudi Arabia: Its People, Past, Religion, Fault Lines - and Future Karen elliot House

Thankless in Death J.D. Robb Gilead: A Novel Marilynne Robinson The Longest Ride Nicholas Sparks Wild Women Do Suan Fatt Yeo

Adult Non-Fiction Pancakes Adriana Adarme

bull by the Horns Sheila Bair Heart: An American Medical odyssey Dick Cheney Wildlife Photographer of the Year Portfolio 23 Rosamund Cox Still Foolin’ Em Billy Crystal An Appetite for Wonder: The Making of a Scientist Richard Dawkins David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of battling Giants Malcolm Gladwell

Empress Dowager Cixi Chang Jung Engineers of Victory Paul Kennedy The Tommy Koh Reader Tommy Koh Lee Kuan Yew: A Life in Pictures lee Kuan Yew Power Trip: A Decade of Policy, Plots and Spin Damian McBride Silent Witnesses Nigel McCrery Forgotten Ally Rana Mitter Philosophy of Science: A Very Short Introduction Samir Okasha Save with Jamie Jamie Oliver Darwin’s Ghosts Rebecca Stott I Am Malala: The Girl who Stood Up for Education and was Shot by the Taliban Malala Yousafzai

Book Of The Month

sUnsHInE On scOTland sTrEET by alexander Mccall smith

Scotland Street witnesses the wedding of the century of Angus lordie to Domenica Macdonald, but as the newlyweds depart on honeymoon edinburgh is in disarray. Recovering from the trauma of being best man, Matthew is taken up by a Dane called Bo, while Cyril eludes his dog-sitter and embarks on an odyssey involving fox-holes and the official residence of a cardinal. Narcissist Bruce meets his match in the form of a sinister doppelganger; Bertie, set up by his mother for fresh embarrassment at school, yearns for freedom; and Big lou goes viral. But the residents of Scotland Street rally, and order - and Cyril - is restored by the combined effects of understanding, kindness, and, most of all, friendship.


dVds | library

DVD Of The Month

PacIFIc rIM (2013)

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba and Rinko Kikuchi Directed by Guillermo Del Toro When legions of monstrous alien creatures, known as Kaju, started rising from the sea, a deadly war began. To combat them, humans devised massive robots called Jaegars proved nearly defenseless against the Kaiju. Now on the verge of defeat, mankind must turn to a washed-up former pilot and an untested trainee teamed in a seemingly obsolete Jaeger. These unlikely heroes are the last hope against a mounting apocalypse.

Action & Adventure • • • • • • • • • •

Cold eyers (2013) (NC16) elysium (2013) (NC16) Pacific Rim (2013) (PG13) R.I.P.D (2013) (PG13) Redemption (2013) (M18) The lone Ranger (2013) (PG13) The Wolverine (2013) (PG13) Mud (2013) (PG13) No Rest for the Wicked (2011) (NC16) Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (2011) (M18)

Drama • • • • • • • • •

Curse of Chucky (2013) (M18) Tokyo Family (2013) (PG) Generation um…(2012) (M18) Ring of Fire (2012) (PG) Stuck in love (2012) (M18) Citizen Gangster (2012) (NC16) That Summer (2011) (NC16) Dresden (2006) (M18) Breaker Morant (1980) (PG)


• • • • • • • •

The Heat (2013) (M18) The Internship (2013) (PG13) Arthur Newman (2012) (M18) Madea's Witness Protection (2012) (PG13) Populaire (2012) (M18) Blue Mansion (2009) (M18) Down Terrace (2009) (M18) Forever Fever (1998) (PG)


• Giselle (2013) (PG) • louis Armstrong: Satchmo at his Best (2009) (PG) • Queen Rock Montreal & live Aid (2007) (PG) • Johann Sebastian Bach: The Magic of Slovak Caves (2005) (PG) • The Videos: The Very Best of Sheryl Crow (2004) (PG) • Greatest Hits: Santana (2003) (PG) • Yanni: live at the Acropolis (1994) (PG) • ladies & Gentlemen… The Rolling Stones (1973) (PG) • John lennon: Give Peace a Chance (1972) (PG) • Sammy Davis Jr.: Mr. Wonderful (1957) (PG)

• Grown ups 2 (2013) (PG13) • The english Teacher (2013) (NC16)

TV Series • • • • • • • •

Scarlett Heart (2013) (PG) Smash: Season 2 (2013) (M18) Suits: Season 2 (2013) (M18) Revolution: Season 1 (2012) (NC16) Supernatural: Season 8 (2012) (M18) Castle: Season 4 (2011) (PG13) Dexter: Season 6 (2011) (M18) Dexter: Season 5 (2010) (M18)

Blu Ray • • • •

elysium (2013) (NC16) Pacific Rim (2013) (PG13) The long Ranger (2013) (PG13) The Wolverine (2013) (PG13)

Children • • • • • • • •

Pacific Rim (2013) (PG13) The long Ranger (2013) (PG13) The Wolverine (2013) (PG13) Despicable Me 2 (2013) (PG) Monsters university (2013) (PG) The Smurfs (2013) (PG) Turbo (2013) (PG) Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year (2002) (PG)

MOsT POPUlar BOOKs & dVds Books


12th of Never – Jamie Oliver

The Expatriate – Action & Adventure

Alex Cross, Run – Jamie Oliver

Les Misérables – Drama

The Striker – Sally Webb and Colson Ilsa

Killing Them Softly – Drama

Touch and Go – Stieg larsson

The Grandmaster – Action & Adventure

Dream Eyes – Rosalyn Thiro

A Royal Affair – Drama

Secrets From The Past – Chef Wan

Pitch Perfect – Comedy

Six Years – Nigella lawson

beasts of the Southern Wild – Drama

The Storyteller – John Grisham

Alex Cross – Action & Adventure

Physics of the Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and our Daily Lives by the Year 2100 – Michio Kaku

The Class – Drama

best Kept Secret – John Grisham

The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey – Action & Adventure




Girl Rising

3 JANUARY Documentary • PG • 101min

White House Down*


4 & 5 january

10 to 12 january

Action • PG • 137min

Director: Richard Robbins Starring Cate Blanchett, Priyanka Chopra & Anne Hathaway

Director: Roland Emmerich

Stories of nine girls from different parts of the world who face arranged marriages, child slavery, and other heartbreaking injustices. Despite these obstacles, the brave girls offer hope and inspiration. By getting an education, they’re able to break barriers and create change.

John Cale takes his daughter on a tour of the White House, when it is overtaken by a heavily armed group. With the nation’s government falling into chaos, it’s up to Cale to save the president, his daughter, and the country.

Writer: James Vanderbilt Starring Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx & Joey King

Olympus Has Fallen*


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon*

17 to 19 January

24 to 26 January

Drama • PG • 184min Director: Steve Shill Starring Joseph Morgan, Emily VanCamp & Kristin Kreuk

Action • PG • 120min Director: Antoine Fuqua Starring Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart & Morgan Freeman

Action • PG • 123min Director: Jackie Chan Starring Jackie Chan, Kwon Sang-woo & Liao Fan

Adventure • PG • 120min Director: Ang Lee Starring Michelle Yeoh, Zhang Ziyi & Chang Chen

About the struggle between the Roman Empire and its rebellious conquest Judaea, and two best friends caught in a terrible moment in history.

Former Presidential guard finds himself trapped in the White House, which is captured by a terrorist. As the national security team scrambles to respond, they have to rely on his inside knowledge to help retake the White House, save the President and avert a disaster.

12 bronze animal heads, one of each animal of the zodiac, were stolen when Anglo-French armies looted the Summer Palace in 1860. Six of them are missing, and JC has been hired by the shady Max Profits Corporation to track them down.

Two warriors in pursuit of a stolen sword and a notorious fugitive are led to an impetuous, physically-skilled, teenage nobleman’s daughter, who is at a crossroads in her life.

31 jan to 2 feb

children’s matinee

Horrid Henry: The Movie*

The Smurfs*

Despicable Me 2*

18 & 19 January

Monsters University* 25 & 26 JANUARY


4 & 5 January

11 & 12 January

1 & 2 February

Family • PG • 93min Director: Nick Moore Starring Anjelica Huston, Parminder Nagra & Richard Grant

Animation • PG • 103min Director: Raja Gosnell Starring Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays & Anton Yelchin

Animation • PG • 98min Director: Pierre Coffin Starring Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig & Benjamin Bratt

Animation • PG • 110min Director: Dan Scanlon Starring Billy Crystal, John Goodman & Steve Buscemi

Animation • PG • 96min Director: David Soren Starring Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti & Samuel L. Jackson

Henry formed an unlikely alliance with Moody Margaret and his little brother, outwitting corrupt School Inspectors and toppling an evil Headmaster and facing his ultimate nemesis with no way out – to save the very school which he has always professed to hate!

When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they tumble from their magical world and into ours – right smack in the middle of Central Park. The Smurfs must find a way to get back to their village before Gargamel tracks them down.

Gru finds himself pulled back into the supervillain game by the Anti-Villain League, who’ve recruited him as a spy who knows how the mystery bad guy thinks. With his new partner, the pair disguised as bakers in a strip mall where the bad guy’s scheme is likely to go down.

After a good 12 years, Pixars bring us a prequel to Monsters Inc.! We learn the history of our two favourite monsters, Mike and Sulley, and their time studying at college, where they start off as rivals, but slowly become best friends.

In a suburban San Fernando Valley garden, Theo, a.k.a Turbo, is a snail who dreams of being the greatest racer in the world, just like his hero, 5-time Indianapolis 500 champ, Guy Gagné.

Please note that No Food and Drinks are allowed in the Theatrette at all times. Showtimes Friday, 8pm • Saturday, 6pm & 9pm • Sunday, 6pm & 9pm WEEKEND MATINEES: 2.30pm Film Ratings G – General viewing • PG – Parental guidance required • NC16 – No children below 16 years M18 – For viewers age 18 and above • R21 – For adults age 21 and above For Enquiries Please call Reception at 66220555 or visit the website for more information. Moviegoers are to be seated 15 minutes before showtime. Movie details subject to changes. Members will be fully responsible for their children and guests in ensuring that the film screened is suitable for viewing in accordance to the rules governed by the Singapore Board of Film Censors. Members will be fully responsible for the conduct and behaviour of the children and guests and be answerable to the Committee in the respect of the same. * Titles are available in the DVD Library.


The Tanglin Times: January 2014  
The Tanglin Times: January 2014  

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