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Club Party Extravaganza


president’s message Dear Members, The Tanglin Club 10/10 Club Party Extravaganza was a great success attended by 843 members and guests. I dare say that all who came had a wonderful time. The array of food was sumptuous, the music to suit all tastes fabulous, and the beverage flow to the wee hours of the morning, immaculate. Festivities continued the next evening at the annual POT Games finals and prize giving party. This traditional competition between the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) and The Tanglin Club started 31 years ago and it covers various games. The SCC has won 30 years of the competition and true to tradition, we lost again this year – all in the name of sports and enjoyment! A BIG THANK YOU TO OUR DILIGENT AND DEDICATED STAFF who ensured that the 10/10 Club Party Extravaganza and POT Games went like clockwork. As we approach the festive season we know we can depend on them to take care of the many details such as the Christmas Tree Lighting, the Christmas Eve Dinner & Dance, the New Year Eve’s Masquerade Ball and many other events associated with the season. Property & Development A sigh of relief as the scaffolding for

the car park is finally gone. Elevators for the handicapped at the car park are operational with user friendly ramps leading to the various levels of the clubhouse. Temporary Occupation Licences were obtained for the annex to the Wet Bar, the Card Room and the area adjacent to the Wheelhouse. Latest updates on additional finishing to the Sports Complex are as follows: a. The widening of entrance is in progress. b. Landscaping and levelling will commence thereafter and, c. Lift connection from bridge to the Deli level will be announced once we finalise the drawings and costings. Food & Beverage We would like to welcome on board Mr Louis Tay, our new Executive Chef to head our F&B department. The F&B committee has been tasked to look into initiatives to further generate greater patronage of the various food outlets at the Club. We look forward to the contribution of Mr Tay under the leadership of our Convenor, Mr Joseph Chew in this all important area. Proper Decorum The Tanglin Club is a ‘Gentlemen’s Club’, a premier club with members drawn from the elite of Singapore society. It is imperative that we uphold the traditions and good image of the Club and prevent this from

being tarnished by poor behaviour of some members. Recent cases have been cited of rude members, use of abusive language, and members not acceding to requests by staff on issues regarding rules and security. We must abide by our rules in the interest of the Club. The Club belongs to us and we will not allow a few members to tarnish the enjoyment and fun of other members. Let’s display proper decorum and all enjoy the Club together.

Philip Beng President 20 October 2008

GENERAL COMMITTEE 2008/09 President Philip Beng Vice-President Shanta Sundarason Honorary Treasurer Cheong Karm Ho 5 Stevens Road, Singapore 257814 Tel: 66220555 • Fax: 67332391

• • • • • • • • • • •

Philip Beng - Development & Property C K Chang - Human Resource Cheong Karm Ho - Finance Joseph Chew - Food & Beverage Humphrey Chua - Membership & Rules Graham Hayward - Entertainment Angela Loke Nan Sandford - Library & Club Relations Shanta Sundarason - Marketing Communications Dr Richard Tan - Sports & Recreation Dr Albert Wee - Tenders & Purchasing


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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE DO YOU KNOW SPECIAL FEATURE Wish Upon A Star MY SAY More than words... now with sight and sound


ENTERTAINMENT Christmas Pantomime: Cinderella... A Wish Come True... Latin Ballroom Dancing... All That Glitters... Children’s Dance Classes... Make-your-own Huggable Christmas Cushion... The Elf Who Ate Too Much... Entertainment At The Deli Lounge...

5 Stevens Road, Singapore 257814 Tel: 66220555 • Fax: 67332391

CLUB MANAGEMENT Acting General Manager Mary Shotam Acting Financial Controller / Admin Manager John Cheong


FOOD & BEVERAGE Sunday Family Lunch & Dinner Buffets... Champagne Brunch... Wine Section Gala Dinner... Morning Munch... Chestnut Cake...

Human Resource Manager Christopher Anthony Purchasing Manager Tom Koek F&B Operations Manager Johnny Yap


Executive Chef Louis Tay



BOOKS & DVDs SPORTS & RECREATION Annual Pot Games 2008... Intersection Challenge... Baluting in Oasis... Golf Trip To Surabaya... Fresh Face For Fitness... A Well Deserved Thank You... Triton Swim League... The Celebes Sea... S&R Calendar... CINEMA The X-Files: I Want To Believe... Get Smart... Journey To The Center Of The Earth...

Membership Manager Laura Monteiro Events Manager Angelina Tan Maintenance Manager Eric Siow Sports & Recreation Manager Dhillon Singh


EDITOR Amanda Foo Shiang Lin ( DESIGNER Marlinazrin Ali ( FOR ADVERTISING Please contact KC Oh at 93690161 or MEMBERS’ ADVERTISING Please contact Habib Mansoor at 66220533 or DEADLINE FOR MATERIAL SUBMISSION 10 November for next month’s publication.

The Tanglin Club

Communications Manager Amanda Foo Security & Fire Safety Manager Zuraimi Basheer Executive Housekeeper Jennifer Phang

do you know decorum & etiquette

In view of the recent spate of unpleasant incidents involving members’ lack of courtesy towards Club staff and breach of some rules and bye-laws, Members are gently reminded to refrain from making disparaging remarks to Club staff and observe the following Rules & Bye-Laws as stipulated in the Rules Handbook: Bye-Law 11: Mobile telephones may not be used (including receiving calls) in restaurants, air-conditioned bars and all other air-conditioned areas in the Club (except the Changing Rooms). Mobile telephones are to be in silent mode and members must ensure their invited guests do not contravene this Bye-Law Bye-Law 13: No drivers shall be allowed in the Club premises except in the multi-storey car park and other areas designated as car parks. No domestic servants shall be allowed in the Club premises. Rule 41: No Member shall give any money or gratuity to any Club staff or reprimand any Club staff.

comments & suggestions

As per Bye-Law 34, Members may submit their comments and suggestions in writing to the General Manager by noting their comments in the Suggestions Book available at the Reception Desk, or by obtaining a Suggestions Form from the Front Office.

what a party!

The Club Party Extravaganza was a phenomenal success! A good turnout coupled with good food, good drinks and an amazing lineup of local bands rocking up the

dance floor, the fun lasted well into the night. But party animals fear not, there’s still the New Year’s Eve Ball to look forward to. Watch this space for more information soon.

new staff onboard

The Club welcomes the following staff onboard: Mr Johnny Yap – F&B Operations Manager Mr Louis Tay – Executive Chef Mr Eric Siow – Maintenance Manager Mr Indika Fernando – Maintenance Executive Ms Amanda Foo – Communications Manager Mr Zuraimi Basheer – Security & Fire Safety Manager

pinched periodicals

Recently, a spate of thefts of periodicals and newspapers has been occurring in the Reading Room, much to the dismay of our regular patrons. The purchases of these reading materials are borne by the Club, and are available for all members to peruse in the Reading Room. In view of this, members are reminded of Bye-Law 28, which states: Newspapers and periodicals are available in the Reading Room and under no circumstances should be removed without prior approval from the Librarian.

correction notice The 31st Annual POT Games article on page 29 in October’s issue incorrectly referred Mr Zohar Motiwalla as the President of SCC in 1977. The correct name should have been Mr Haider Sithawalla.

key contacts FRONT OFFICE / RECEPTION Contact person: Nantha Kumar (Senior Executive) Tel: 65 6622 0555 Email: (General Enquiries), (Room Reservations) FOOD & BEVERAGE DEPARTMENT Contact person: Rozita Abu Bakar (F&B Secretary) Tel: 65 6622 0432 / 0431 / 0433 Email: EVENTS DEPARTMENT Contact person: Angelina Tan (Events Manager) Tel: 65 6622 0437 / 0438 Email: BANQUET DEPARTMENT Contact person: Letchumi Koolu (Banquet Sales Manager) Tel: 65 6622 0434 / 0435 Email:

ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT Contact person: Assa Randhawa (Accounts Officer) Tel: 65 6622 0419 Email: COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT Contact person: Amanda Foo (Communications Manager) Tel: 65 6622 0531 Email: LIBRARY Contact person: Agnes Louis (Library Officer) Tel: 65 6622 0494 Email: MEMBERSHIP DEPARTMENT Contact person: Laura Monteiro (Membership Manager) Tel: 65 6622 0490 Email:

SPORTS & RECREATION DEPARTMENT Contact person: Dhillon Singh (S&R Manager) Tel: 65 6622 0570 Email: SECURITY DEPARTMENT Contact person: Zuraimi Basheer (Security & Fire Safety Manager) Tel: 65 6622 0549 Email: EXECUTIVE OFFICE Contact person: Julie Goh (Executive Secretary) Tel: 65 6622 0402 Email:


special feature receives referral cases from MCYS, Family Service Centres, Hospitals, Schools and members of the public. The Children’s Home places great importance on the well-being, health and development of the children and strives to meet the basic physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual needs required for them to live their lives with confidence and purpose. Comprehensive programs and workshops are arranged for this purpose, to help them integrate themselves back into their families and also the community.


ith the festive season fast approaching, many would be busy with gift shopping and party preparations. Nevertheless, the misfortunate and less-able should not be forgotten. Members can now help brighten a child’s life and have them experience the joy of receiving a present with the Tanglin Club’s “Children Charity Christmas – A Wish Come True” initiative. Riding on the Club’s perennial Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on 30th November 2008, 80 wishing stars with Christmas wishes from the underprivileged children of the Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home will adorn the tree, and members can pick a star and purchase the gift wished on it.

age 5 to 16 years regardless of their background. Children who are admitted to the Children’s Home are from single parent families, low income families, and children whose parents are unable to care for them. Cases for admission are interviewed and assessed by professional staff and from time to time,

Established in 1968, the Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home provides care and shelter to needy and disadvantage children from


The Tanglin Club

Gifts purchased for the “Children Charity Christmas – A Wish Come True” should be presented to the Events Department by the 15th of December 2008. These gifts will be sent directly to the Children’s Home and members who wish to contribute more may contact the Events Department directly. It’s a season of giving, so let’s get into the spirit by giving something back, for the future of our children. Habib Mansoor

my say

more than words... now with sight & sound

With such a selection, members will be spoiled for choice once again when it comes to choosing their preferred genres.


he Main Library and the Reading Room are our Club’s favourite places for many of our members. It’s a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of life where members can bury themselves in a good book and pass the time delving into a world of magic, mystery, romance, drama, humour and tragedy. With over 20,000 books, members are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a good read. Now a new media has emerged in our humble library. Digital Videos Discs, or DVDs, are now available in our DVD Library where members can sign up as a DVD SectionMember at $5.00 a month, with a minimum subscription term of 6 months, and may loan up to 2 DVD titles for a period of one week. The DVD Library has ‘grown’ since its inception in July of 2007, and has currently over 1,000 titles with various genres, such as Drama, Action, For Kids, Documentaries, Television Series and Musicals.

We are happy to note that there is increased patronage in our Main and Junior libraries. Over the years, we have received numerous compliments on the wide selection and availability of our books. Suggestion books are available for members to propose books and DVD titles. Service is impeccable and provided by the ever courteous and professional Librarians - Agnes Louis and Nancy Chua, who are familiar faces to many members and especially our regular patrons. It has been some time since the Library has had a Meet-The-Author evening, and we are proud to announce the latest event, an evening with Patricia Welch who is a renowned lecturer in Chinese philosophy.

Imagery, which will be held on Friday, 7 November at the Raffles Room at 6.30pm. At a modest price of $12, members and guests are treated to wine and a buffet spread of sumptuous food. The Junior Library is full of activity and fun for the children especially after school and on weekends. Ask any parent of a young child, and they will say a visit to the Junior Library is a must for the kids when its time to visit the Club. Although the new Playroom has stolen much of its thunder, the Junior Library is still a safe haven for our little bookworms. We hope to see you here soon, so take a breather and enjoy a sense of calm and hospitality in our Library. As they say, nothing beats a good book. Or a DVD! Mrs. Nan Sandford Library & Club Relations Convenor

She will be highlighting her latest book; Chinese Art: A Guide To Motifs And Visual


the stage club’s christmas pantomime

cinderella saturday 29 & sunday 30 november at the theatrette

Everyone’s favourite and muchloved fairytale story comes alive with a clever mix of song, dance, jokes and slapstick comedy. Presented by one of Singapore’s oldest and finest theatre companies – The Stage Club, the traditional pantomime production of Cinderella will be cheekily updated with a modern twist! A peculiarly English festive affair since the 16th century, pantomime is a dramatic theatrical performance blending dance, music, acrobatics, cross-dressing and buffoonery of familiar children’s stories including popular fairytales such as Aladdin, Snow White and Peter Pan for comic and satirical effect. With Barry Woolhead as the creative brains behind the show, The Stage Club’s rendition of Cinderella has all the old favourites – Cinders, Buttons, the evil Stepmother,

the mean ugly Sisters, Prince Charming, Fairy Godmother, the Principal Boy (who is a boy played by a girl!) plus other whacky characters you least expected! All good pantomimes include a healthy share of audience participation and this show is no exception. There’ll be lots of chances for audiences to join in to cheer the good guys and boo the baddies. So will good triumph over evil and true love win out in the end? Will everyone live happily ever after? Find out the answers to all these questions and enjoy a hilarious session with Cinderella. The Stage Club Christmas Pantomime: Cinderella runs on 29 & 30 November 2008 at the Theatrette. Contact Events Department at for more information or ticket sales.

Time: 7pm for Saturday 29 November & 4pm for Sunday 30 November. Price: $32 (Member), $35 (Guest). Package Price: $120 (Member - 2 adult & 2 children) & $130 (Guest - 2 adult & 2 children). Child below 4 - Free of charge. Price includes theatre show, popcorn & candy floss plus 10% F&B discount at Wheelhouse with a minimum spending of $30. Last day for cancellation: 26 November 2008.


The Tanglin Club

events & entertainment latin ballroom dancing only $150 for 8 lessons!

Current Class: Rhumba - originates from Cuba and is one of the most popular social dances. It’s a dance to slow Latin beat and it’s simple yet romantic. You will be taught the rudiments and styling of this sizzling dance. Other dance classes - Cha Cha, Disco Rock, Salsa, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rhythm Foxtrot, Waltz - can be arranged upon receiving minimum number of 8 participants.

ladies christmas lunch

all that glitters

thursday 4 december, 12noon to 3pm O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree! How are thy leaves so verdant! A perennial event in the Club for more than 20 years, the traditional Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony will be officiated by the Club President at the main clubhouse lobby. Camerata Choir, Santa Claus and Santarinas, a 19-foot Christmas tree, scrumptious Christmas delights and Gluhwein await you. Pick a wishing star from the tree and fulfill the festive wishes of the underprivileged children of the Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home. For members only. Free Admission. Booking is not required.

Come join us for a glittering journey this season. Celebrate Christmas with us at The Churchill Room with an exclusive three-course Christmas lunch. Christmas Lunch package includes: • Delicious three-course Christmas lunch • A flute of Prosecco • Exquisite Christmas novelties • Christmas Floral Arrangement workshop by Edwin Pereira from Petal & Leaves • Christmas carols performance by NUS choir group Price: $70 (Member) & $75 (Guest) or come in a party of 6 members and pay only $400. Dress code: All That Glitters. Last day for cancellation: 27 November 2008.


events & entertainment

MINI MOVES (CREATIVE DANCE) An introduction to basic dance skills through fun and innovative ways meant to instill a love for dance, whilst expanding the child’s creative approach to movement. Basic coordination and musical skills are improved while exploring shape, rhythm and form with special props and activities. DAY: Friday. TIME: 4.15pm. AGE GROUP: 3 years old (2 and half year olds to be accompanied by parents). FEE: $95.00 (Per month - 4 sessions). VENUE: Multi-purpose Hall. COOL KINDER COMBO (CREATIVE DANCE) Introduction to traditional dance through combination class of ballet and jazz. Creative methods are used to teach rhythm and musical awareness. Etiquette, posture and grace are accented while keeping dance a fun and exploratory experience. DAY: Thursday. TIME: 3.30pm. AGE GROUP: 5 years old. FEE: $115.00 (Per month - 4 sessions). VENUE: Multi-purpose Hall. MINI HIP HOP (DANCE CLASS) Trendy dance wave of the future. Students work on placement and technique while learning modern funky and contemporary jazz styles. DAY: Saturday. TIME: 12.30pm. AGE GROUP: 6 to 8 years old. FEES: $95.00 (Per month - 4 sessions). VENUE: Multi-purpose Hall. HIP HOP (DANCE CLASS) We take the moving and grooving off the street and break it down for you at your own pace. Cool smooth grooves of the “New School” MTV-style and freestyling will be mastered. DAY: Saturday. TIME: 1.30pm. AGE GROUP: 8 years and above. FEE: $95.00 (Per month - 4 sessions). VENUE: Multi-purpose Hall

make-your-own huggable christmas cushion saturday 22 november, 2pm at the theatrette

Sew & Personalise your very own Mini Huggable Christmas Cushion! Little ones, get creative and have fun with painting, sewing, decorating and more! Discover new and actual tools used for sewing and painting. More importantly, it is a beautiful Christmas gift for your loved ones! Time: 2pm to 4pm. Venue: Theatrette. Age group: 6 to 12 years old. Price: $25 (Member) & $28 (Guest). Includes materials. Last day for cancellation: 15 November 2008.


The Tanglin Club

storytelling afternoon

the elf who ate too much

saturday 22 november 5pm at the playroom There was once an elf named Frez who would get so nervous at Christmas... Wanna know more? Join us for a fun-filled story-telling afternoon at the Playroom. Time: 5pm. Venue: Playroom. Price: $5 (Member) & $7 (Guest). Includes candy cane. Age group: 5 to 9 years old. Last day for cancellation: 14 November 2008.

events & entertainment

locomotion to perform in the churchill room Listen to some razzmatazz by Locomotion at the Churchill Room on the following dates: Friday 7 and 21 November 2008. Don’t miss it!

entertainment at the deli lounge every friday from 8.30pm to 11.30pm

Unwind at the Deli Lounge and listen to soothing tunes by our resident Pianist, Royston Minjoot, from 8.30pm to 11.30pm, every Friday.

new year’s eve

masquerade ball wednesday 31 december

A festive evening of mask, mystery and fantasy. Stay tuned for more details in your December issue of the magazine.


food & beverage sunday family lunch & dinner buffets every sunday at the churchill room

Sunday is family bonding day. Do this with your family in the typical Singapore way - indulging your taste buds. Gather at The Churchill Room for Family Buffets. Lunch Buffet A delectable spread of mouthwatering dishes - salads, sashimi, cold cuts, drunken prawns and much more. Meat-lovers can head for the Carvery for the meat of their choice.

Dinner Buffet If it’s a dinner gathering, come and enjoy the salads, soups, hot-pot noodles, beef Stroganoff, lamb curry, lemon tarts, chocolate fudge cake and local desserts. The selection is so wide, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Price: $30 (Adult) & $15 (Child below 12).

poolside bbqs every sunday at the wheelhouse

Bring your family and friends to the Wheelhouse and laze the evening away by the Poolside. Indulge in delicious offerings from the BBQ including marinated rib-eye steak, BBQ honey ribs, mustard-flavoured chicken, garlic mushroom, spicy lamb cutlets and more. Accompany these with a selection of salads. Children under 10 years eat FREE on every last Sunday of the month. Prices: $27.50 (Adult) & $15.75 (Child below 12). Time: 6pm to 9pm.

champagne brunch sunday 30 november, 11am to 2.30pm at the churchill room

Nothing beats a sumptuous meal with excellent wine while soothing your ears on equally delicious music. Add to that delectable feast, a free flow of splendid French Champagne and you’re in heaven. Children of all ages are also welcome. Price: $75 (Adult with champagne), $40 (Adult without champagne) & $19.75 (Child below 12). Time: 11am to 2.30pm. Dress code: Smart Casual. Last day for cancellation: 20 November 2008. FOR ENQUIRIES & RESERVATIONS Contact Food & Beverage Dept at 6622 0432 or email


The Tanglin Club

food & beverage wine section

gala dinner

saturday 29 november 7.30pm at the churchill room Wines galore! Whether it be Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon or Champagne. Whatever tickles your fancy, you can relax and enjoy your drink at the upcoming Wine Section Gala Dinner.

morning munch Great news for breakfast lovers and late risers! Tangles breakfast hours are now extended from 8am till 11am everyday so members can enjoy a hearty breakfast leisurely. Nibble on freshly baked muffins, croissants and sip on a good cup of coffee to get your day started. Tangles breakfast menu is available from 8am to 11am daily.

cocktails of the month The Alamo Despite the addition of amaretto to this cocktail, there is no discernible bitterness, and the sweetness of the orange juice blends so smoothly, there is almost no taste of it. The tequila adds a zing to it, but despite its cool and unassuming look, it is quite potent.

The Aloha A hint of pineapple followed by coconut provides the aftertaste to this ‘tropical’ drink, hence its name, which is a Hawaiian greeting. Tequila as always is an excellent catalyst and gives this drink a boost to tingle the senses. A nice drink for ‘chilling out’.

$5.50 per glass. Available at all outlets.

chestnut delight

available at the deli lounge Chestnuts are to Christmas, what Christmas is to Santa Claus, so get into the spirit of Christmas with everyone’s seasonal favourite Chestnut Cake! Rich and luscious chestnut cream sandwiched between layers of moist vanilla sponge cake with a chocolaty crispy base is definitely the perfect compliment to your coffee or eggnog. $4.60 (per slice) & $36.80 (whole cake)

express lunch buffet

Everyone’s favourite Express Lunch Buffet will now be available at the Tangles instead of Deli Lounge from November 2008 onwards. So remember to head over to Tangles for a power lunch!


A place to get away from it all, from the hustle and bustle of city life, to lush greenery and quiet solitude. With 16 suites, eight with poolview balconies, The Tanglin Club guest suites offer full air-conditioned rooms with broadband Internet connection, IDD telephones, in-room safes, flat-screen television with cable channels, iron and ironing board, mini-bar, tea & coffee making facilities. Laundry and room services are available upon request. For a truly enjoyable stay and peace of mind, why not choose The Tanglin Club? It’s your home away from home. For room rates, please call 6622 0555 or email

5 Stevens Road, Singapore 257814 • Tel: 66220555 • Fax: 67332391 • Website:


The Tanglin Club

bouquets & brickbats noodle-licious!

Had the wonton noodle for set lunch today. It was simply the best I ever had! Absolutely perfect! We love it so much our only complaint is that it is not on the menu permanently. Please consider if it could be put on the menu or as a set lunch more often. Thanks. - Deepak Happy to know that you enjoyed our wonton noodle. We will convey your suggestions to the Executive Chef and the F&B Manager. - Acting General Manager

constant breakdowns

Please do something about the cinema projector. It broke down 3 times during the show on Sunday 21 September 2008, during the 8pm show. This has been happening for a while. - Quek Please accept our apologies for the breakdown which was due to the malfunctioning of the xenon light switch of one of the projectors. We have since had the light switch replaced. Once again, our apologies. - Acting General Manager

kudos to security

I wish to compliment the unsung heroes of our Club – the security personnel under their Chief, Mr. Ragu. The Club has been without any major security breach for the last one year and this is my observation. They are polite, efficient and obliging. Their presence in their impressive uniforms is a deterrent to wrong-doers! We owe them our appreciation and support for the peace that prevails in the Club. - Dr. K P Sivam

Thank you for your kind remarks which I’ve passed on to Ragu and his team. - Acting General Manager

superb service standards

I wish to commend the level of service and hospitality of the staff at the Tavern in general. They frequently work under pressure, always willing to help and are friendly. I wish to mention the following staff in particular, Betty, Sally (waitress – friendly and helpful) and Evelyn (always with a bright smile). Thank you. - David Loh Thank you for taking the time to write and for the interest shown in your letter dated 30th September 2008 commending the service provided by our staff at the Tavern. We have accordingly informed Ms Betty, Sally and Evelyn of the compliment. - Acting General Manager

super sports staff

Club. - Madalene Apps Thank you for your letter dated 1st October 2008 complimenting the work by our staff at the Tennis Sports Section. We have accordingly informed Mr. Soh of the compliment. - Acting General Manager

the party was a blast!

Congratulations Tanglin Club! The Extravaganza Party was absolutely fabulous. Thank you for doing it so well in all aspects. My 13 guests really enjoyed themselves ad remarked on what a great night it was. Thanks again – can you do it again soon! Perhaps a preChristmas Party?! - Kate Stanley Thank you for your for your comments and happy to know that you enjoyed yourself at the Party. The request for a pre-Christmas party will be looked into by the Entertainment Sub-Committee. - Acting General Manager

I would like to compliment the staff James Soh Seng Han at the Tennis Sports Section is a very hard working young man who organise and match all the members so well on 1st October. He did such a good job at Club tennis on a Public Holliday that I had attended for the first time. He goes round all the courts picking up towels and tennis balls left behind by members. It is so good to have such a hardworking young man working for us at the Tennis Court. James So Seng Han deserves to be recognised for his work, so well done. It is good to have a hardworking young man like him to work for The Tanglin


club hours CHURCHILL ROOM & BAR Sunday to Friday Lunch: Noon to 3pm (Last order: 2.30pm) Tuesday to Friday (Closed on Mondays) Dinner: 7pm to midnight (Last order: 10.30pm) Saturday Lunch: Closed Dinner: 7pm to 1am (Last order: 11pm) Sunday Family Lunch & Dinner Lunch: Noon to 3pm (Last order: 2.30pm) Dinner: 6pm to 10pm (Last order: 9.30pm) Champagne Brunch: 11am to 2.30pm DELI LOUNGE Daily 10.30am to 11pm (Last order: 10.30pm) WINE BAR Daily 4pm to 11pm (Last order: 10.45pm) WHEELHOUSE RESTAURANT Daily Breakfast: 7.30am to 11am Lunch: Noon to 3pm (Last order: 2.30pm) Dinner: 6pm to 10.30pm (Last order: 10pm) Indian Kitchen: 11am to 2.30pm & 6pm to 9.30pm (Weekdays), 11am to 9.30pm (Weekends & public holidays)

MAIN LIBRARY Weekday 10am to 7pm Saturday 10am to 5pm Sunday 10am to 3pm Closed on public holidays. JUNIOR LIBRARY Weekday 3pm to 6pm Saturday 10am to 12.30pm & 1pm to 5pm Sunday 10am to 3pm Closed on public holidays. READING ROOM Daily 9am to 11pm (Last order: 10pm) BILLIARDS ROOM Daily Noon to 11.30pm CARD ROOM Daily 8am to 11.30pm GYMNASIUM Daily 6am to 10pm JACKPOT ROOM Monday to Friday 10.30am to 11.30pm Saturday & Sunday 10.30am to midnight

TANGLES Monday to Friday 8am to 11pm Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays 8am to 11pm (No food service from 3pm to 5pm)

PLAYROOM Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm Saturday & Sunday 10am to 8pm Public Holidays 10am to 6pm

TAVERN RESTAURANT Monday to Friday Lunch: Noon to 3pm (Last order: 2.30pm) Sunday to Thursday Dinner: 6pm to 1am (Last order: 11pm) Friday Dinner: 6pm to 2am (Last order: 11pm) Saturday Dinner: 6pm to 2am (Last order: 11.30pm)

SWIMMING POOL Daily 7am to 10.30pm

TAVERN BAR Monday to Thursday Noon to 1am (Last order: 12.45am) Friday Noon to 2am (Last order: 1.45am) Saturday 11am to 2am (Last order: 1.45am) Sunday 11am to 1am (Last order: 11.45pm)

TENNIS COURTS Daily 7am to 11.30am, 2pm to 10.30pm

TERRACE RESTAURANT Sunday & Thursday 7pm to 1am (Last order: 11pm) Friday 7pm to 2am (Last order: 11pm) Saturday 7pm to 2am (Last order: 11.30pm) Sunday Noon to 3pm (Last order: 2.30pm) TERRACE BAR Sunday to Thursday Noon to 1am (Last order: 12.45am) Friday & Saturday Noon to 2am (Last order: 1.45am)


SQUASH COURTS Daily 7.30am to 10.30pm

CINEMA Friday 7pm Saturday 6pm & 9pm Sunday 2.30pm & 8pm HAIR SALON Monday to Saturday 10am to 7pm 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month 10 am to 6 pm Closed on 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month & public holidays. GENERAL OFFICE Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.15pm Closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Excite your Appetite this festive season with Huber’s Butchery!

As we celebrate and continue the traditions of Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have prepared for you a wide range of top quality meats and Christmas specialties for your festive enjoyment. Huber’s Butchery Christmas catalogue is available to help you plan for that special meal. To get a copy of our catalogue, simply log on to to download or pick up a copy from our shops. Some of the festive goodies we have in store for you are: • Turkey for Roasting • Turkey Stuffing • Boneless and Bone-in Hams • Specialty Smoked Items • Beef, Lamb, Veal, Pork & Chicken for Roasting • Duckling, Goose, Quail, Venison • Shabu Shabu, Carpaccio • Christmas Salmon & Breads • Wines, Sauces and many more! Huber’s Butchery @ Bukit Timah 122 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, S’pore 588175 t: 6465 0122 f: 6465 0123 Huber’s Butchery @ Tanglin Lvl 1, 56 Tanglin Rd, Friven & Co. (Tanglin PO) S’pore 247964 t: 6737 1588 f: 6737 1488 e:

members’ page We extend a warm welcome to our Members. Honorary Members: • His Excellency Martin Wilfred Harvey & Mrs Sarah Harvey (New Zealand High Commissioner) • His Excellency Jorg Ranau & Mrs Heike Ranau (Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany) Ordinary Members: • Jean-Philippe & Mika Charrier • Mitchell Chua • Ian & Esther Collins • Bernard & Assunta Cruz • Alexandra Daintry • Gareth Davis • Manjiv Dodanwela & Shiralee Fernando • Marisa Hall • Kalyani Kausikan • Kamala Kausikan • Linus Lim • Timothy & Lata Marsh • Lydia Mei & Ng Yeow Tong • Yuli Moctar & Chirang Samtani • Louis-Gerard Saliot & Laurina Sumendap-Saliot • Michelle Spratt & David McElwain • Melvin & Angeline Tan • Nigel Venning & Angela Park • Paul & Giselle Zaman

Mr Ng Yeow Tong, Ms Lydia Mei and proposer Mr Tsang Jat Meng.

Proposer Mr Pritam Mahtani with Ms Yuli Moctar and Mr Chirang Samtani.

Mr Louis-Gerard Saliot, Ms Laurina Sumendap-Saliot with proposer Mr Richard Piliero.

Associate Members: • Panprang Kunadilok (Spouse of Simon Cook)

Ms Kalyani Kausikan, Ms Kamala Kausikan with proposer Mr Lau Sum Wing.


The Tanglin Club

members’ page

Proposer Mr Lim Hua Min with Mr Linus Lim.

Mr & Mrs Paul Zaman with seconder Mr Gavin Tan.

Seconder Ms Desiree Boudewyn with Mr Nigel Venning.

Mr & Mrs Simon Cook.

Mr & Mrs Manjiv Dodanwela with GC member Dr Albert Wee.

Proposer Mr Tan Siang Chik with Mr & Mrs Melvin Tan.

Mr & Mrs Bernard Cruz.

Seconder Mr Ong Chin Lock with Ms Marisa Hall.

Mr & Mrs Jean-Philippe Charrier.


Mr & Mrs Ian Collins.

His Excellency & Mrs Martin Wilfred Harvey.

We bid farewell to the following members converting to Permanent Absent Membership (PAM): • Miss Cho Pei Ying • Mr & Mrs Frans De Jong • Mr & Mrs Mark Gabriel • Mr & Mrs David Haslam • Miss Alyce Pekors • Mr Nanthan Tan • Mr & Mrs George Yates


Banquet Facilities At The Tanglin Club Exclusive banquet facilities are available to members for wedding receptions, company dinner & dance, wedding anniversaries and birthday celebrations. For more information kindly contact Banquet Sales Dept at Tel 66220434 or Email to

Advertise in The Tanglin Club Magazine! The Tanglin Club Magazine offers exclusive advertising space for members. As an advertising vehicle for quality products and services, it has few equals in Singapore. With a circulation of about 4,500 copies and readership of about 18,000 readers, the Magazine reaches corporate leaders from diffrent industries and backgrounds. Advertising spaces available include: Premium Positions Outside Back Cover (OBC), Inside Front Cover (IFC) & Inside Back Cover (IBC) Run-Of-Press (Full Colour) Full Page, Half Page & Quarter Page Mini Ads are available exclusively for Tanglin Club Members For those interested in advertising with us, please contact Mr Habib Mansoor at Tel: 66220533 or email:

calendar of events november



A Scuba Talk & Slide Show Evening With Michael Aw

wednesday thursday



The Celebes Sea Inner Space Speciation Project

Thursday 13 November 7pm at the Theatrette

3 4 5 6 7 Introduction Evening

Latin Ballroom Dancing 8.15pm

(Multipurpose Hall)

4-Course Gourmet Dinner 7pm (Tuesdays & Wednesdays @ Churchill Room)

Teochew Porridge 6pm (Every Wednesday @ Wheelhouse)

5-Course Gourmet Dinner 7pm (Thursdays to Saturdays @ Churchill Room)

Movie: The X-Files (Theatrette)

Locomotion @ Churchill Room Meet The Author Evening: Chinese Art 6.30pm (Raffles Room)

Squash Cosmo League - Home match

10 11 12 13 14 Churchill Room Closed (Every Monday)

Tennis: Bring A Guest Night (Tennis Courts)

Squash: Kings & Jacks of the Boxes (Squash Centre)

Latin Ballroom Dancing 8.15pm

Scuba: Slideshow & Talk - The Celebes Sea 7pm (Theatrette)

(Multipurpose Hall)

Squash Cosmo League - Away match

Movie: Get Smart (Theatrette)

Weekend Hi-Tea 3pm (Every Friday to Sunday) Entertainment At The Deli 8.30pm (Every Friday)

17 18 19 20 21 Latin Ballroom Dancing 8.15pm

4-Course Gourmet Dinner 7pm (Tuesdays & Wednesdays @ Churchill Room)

(Multipurpose Hall)

Squash Cosmo League - Away match

Billiards: Section Fund Night (Billiards Room)

Golf: Freiendly vs American Club (Raffles Country Club)

Movie: Journey To The Center Of The Earth (Theatrette)

Locomotion @ Churchill Room

24 25 26 27 28 Balut: Monthly Latin Ballroom Dancing 8.15pm

(Multipurpose Hall)

Squash Cosmo League - Away match


4-Course Gourmet Dinner 7pm (Tuesdays & Wednesdays @ Churchill Room)

The Tanglin Club

Competition (Card Room)

Entertainment At The Deli 8.30pm (Every Friday) Golf Trip To Surabaya till 1 December





Hawker Fare Buffet 6pm (Saturdays @ Wheelhouse)

Poolside BBQ 6pm (Every Sunday @ Wheelhouse)

Children’s Hip Hop Dance 12.30pm (Multipurpose Hall)

Family Buffet Lunch & Dinner (Every Sunday @ Churchill Room)

Movie: Shutter (Theatrette)

upcoming events

Movie: Shutter (Theatrette)



Tangles Buffet Lunch 12noon (Every Saturday & Sunday @ Tangles)

Tangles Buffet Lunch 12noon (Every Saturday & Sunday @ Tangles)

Movie: The X-Files (Theatrette)

Movie: The X-Files (Theatrette)

Locomotion @ Churchill Room

Christmas Kids Party “Yuletide Disco” 6 December Annual Golf Bash 12 December Gingerbread House Making 13 December Christmas Eve D&D Splendours Of Christmas 24 December

Children’s Hip Hop Dance 12.30pm (Multipurpose Hall)



Children’s Hip Hop Dance 12.30pm (Multipurpose Hall)

Curry Buffet Lunch (Every Sunday @ Wheelhouse)

Movie: Get Smart (Theatrette)

Ladies Christmas Lunch “All That Glitters” 4 December

Movie: Get Smart (Theatrette)

Ian Breslin Handicap Snooker Finals (Billiards Room)

New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball 31 December

upcoming movies Traitors 5, 6 & 7 December Wall•E 12, 13 & 14 December


Movie: Journey To The Center Of The Earth (Theatrette)


Poolside BBQ 6pm (Every Sunday @ Wheelhouse)

Make-Your-Own Huggable Christmas Cushion (Theatrette)

Blindness 19, 20 & 21 December Burn After Reading 26, 27 & 28 December

Storytelling Afternoon 5pm (Playroom) Children’s Hip Hop Dance 12.30pm (Multipurpose Hall)


Tangles Buffet Lunch 12noon (Every Saturday & Sunday @ Tangles)

30 Champagne Brunch

11am (Churchill Room)

Children’s Hip Hop Dance 12.30pm (Multipurpose Hall)

Stage Club Christmas Pantomime: CINDERELLA (Theatrette)

Stage Club Christmas Pantomime: CINDERELLA (Theatrette)

Christmas Tree Lighting: A Wish Come True 6pm (Main Clubhouse Lobby)

Wine Section Gala Dinner 7.30pm (Churchill Room)


recent events

club party e

The Club Party Extravaganza was a complete success and a huge blast of fun! A good mix of the young, old and young-at-heart graced the party that started at sunset and lasted well into the night. A delectable buffet spread, energising music and a pole-dancer topped o the icing on the cake with almost 900 people attending this hip and happening event. All eyes were drawn to the façade of The Tanglin Club as three Harley-Davidson motorcycles, bastions of the motorcycle world, roared up and into the lobby, with one standing guard and looking magnificent in the driveway.

friday 10 oc


The Tanglin Club

recent events


A talented group of musicians gave harmony to the party, with the likes of Robert Fernando, Locomotion, Whack Daddy Down and P&R to breathe life into the event and pump everyone with a dose of adrenaline to dance the night away. An eclectic mix of evergreen hits and modern upbeat tempos culminated into a riotous and rip-roaring evening.

ctober 2008

Want to experience more of this spectacular entertainment? Watch this space for news on our next party, the New Year’s Eve Ball!


books & dvds


The Consequences Of Love Sulaiman Addonia The Ideal Wife Mary Balogh Skeletons At The Feast Chris Bohjalian The Last Summer Ann Brashares America America Ethan Canin Married Lovers Jackie Collins The Secret Between Us Barbara Delinsky The Beach House Jane Green This Book Will Save Your Life A.M. Homes Beijing Coma Ma Jian Grotesque Natsuo Kirino Bitter Chocolate Lesley Lokko Night Train To Lisbon Pascal Mercier Sons Without Words Ann Packer Mercy Jodi Picoult The Hollow Nora Roberts I’m Watching You Karen Rose Everything Nice Ellen Shaman Binu And The Great Wall Of China Su Tong A Girl And A River K.R.Usha The Toss Of Lemon Padma Viswanathan


The Whole Truth David Baldacci


Poirot - The Complete Battles Of Hastings Agatha Christie Miss Marple Omnibus Agatha Christie Poirot - In The Orient Agatha Christie Where Are You Now? Mary Higgins Clark Chasing Darkness Robert Crais Charley’s Web Joy Fielding Kingdom Come Tim Green Savage Night Allan Guthrie Goodbye Sister Disco James Patrick Hunt The Judas Steve Jackson Dead Man’s Footsteps Peter James Deadline Simon Kernick Deaf Sentence David Lodge The Bourne Sanction Robert Ludlum Killing For England Iain McDowall The Dark Side Cody McFadyen Resurrectionist James McGee Rapscallion James McGee The Dead Yard Adrian McKinty Sundays At Tiffany’s James Patterson Rules Of Deception Christopher Reich Second Shot Zoe Sharp Fractured Karin Slaughter President Down Terence Strong


How To Cook Everything: Bittman Takes On America’s Chefs Mark Bittman

The Tanglin Club

The Imperial Capitals Of China Arthur Cotterell The Penguin History Of Modern China: The Fall And Rise Of A Great Power 1850-2008 Jonathan Fenby The Duchess Amanda Foreman Richistan Robert Frank Drink: A Cultural History Of Alcohol Iain Gately McMafia Misha Glenny The Bone Health Vivian Goldschmidt Tree Of Rivers: The Story Of The Amazon John Hemming A Voyage Long And Strange Toni Horwitz A Question Of Honour Lord Michael Levy 1948: A History Of The First Arab-Israeli War Benny Morris Worlds At War: The 2,500 Year Struggle Between East And West Anthony Pagden Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible Dave Pelz The Wisdom Of Whores Elizabeth Pisani Descent Into Chaos Ahmed Rashid The Indian Renaissance Sanjeev Sanyal Rainbow’s End Lauren St John A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose Eckhart Tolle The World Without Us Alan Weisman The Man Who Loved China Simon Winchester Full list of new books is available at the Main Library.

books & dvds new dvds

• Fanny & Alexander • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation • Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines • School For Scoundrels • Sink The Bismarck • Memento • Venus • Downfall • Days Of Glory • American Gun • I’m Not There • The Omen • The Krzysztof Kieslowski Collection

popular books A six-month survey of the books acquired in May 2008 showed that the following titles were most frequently borrowed by members.


The Persimmon Tree Bryce Courtenay As The Night Ends Audrey Howard Oystercatchers Susan Fletcher Mine Till Midnight Lisa Kleypas Agnes And The Hitman Jennifer Crusie


The Bush Tragedy Jacob Weisberg Welcome To Your Brain Sandra Aamodt & Sam Wang Intern: A Doctor’s Initiation Sandeep Jauhar The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight And Get Healthy By Eating The Food You Were Designed To Eat Loren Cordain The Last Mughal William Dalrymple

• Infamous • Made Of Honor • Drillbit Taylor • 21 • Kids From Shaolin • Dr. Seuss’s Horton • Leatherheads • Veggie Tales: Larry Boy And The Bad Apple • Veggie Tales: The Story Of A Prodigal Son • Veggie Tales: Lord Of The Beans • Back To Gaya • Martian Child • The First Olympics Athens 1896 • Martial Arts Of Shaolin

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The Parent Trap Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi Accuracy Of Death Barabbas Kung Fu Hustle Pride And Prejudice (TV Mini Series ) Aristocats Never Back Down Southland Tales Starship Troopers 3 Whisper Flock Tortured Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins The Secret Life Of Words Deception

meet the author evening with patricia welch

chinese art friday 7 november, 6.30pm at the raffles room

Patricia Welch’s book, Chinese Art: A Guide To Motifs And Visual Imagery took her 20 years to compile and still remains, in a way, a work in progress. A former lecturer in Chinese philosophy and art in Boston University, she has written five books and has served with the National Museum Volunteers. She is now based in Singapore. Join us for an evening of exploration into the world of Chinese art, where truths will be unearthed and its themes demystified. Price: $12 (Member / Guest). Includes a glass of wine or soft drinks and canapes. Time: 6.30pm. Venue: Raffles Room. For reservations: Please contact the Library at 66220494 or email



The Tanglin Club

annual pot games 2008 2008 is soon drawing to a close, and what better way for the Tanglin Club to wrap it up with the Annual POT Games, versus the Singapore Cricket Club? A Billiards game on Saturday 4 October 2008 saw the beginning of a week of adrenaline and excitement. The format of play was 7 singles, best of 3 frames, and after the 6th game was tied at a draw, our Convenor Mark Simpson gave Gerard Ee from the Singapore Cricket Club a run for his money, and lost on last black ball. The Lawn Bowls tournament held on the following day was preceded by grey skies and a heavy downpour, which, thankfully, stopped just in time for the players from both teams to battle it out on our very own Lawn Bowls Green! Though the Tanglin Club lost on countback, that we could win 3

rinks – the same number that SCC won - shows a fantastic improvement in the abilities of our Tanglin Club Lawn Bowlers. On 8th October 2008, the grounds of Laguna National Golf & Country Club were taken over by storm by avid golfers from both the Tanglin Club and the Singapore Cricket Club, and it was a game which eventually ended in a draw. 11 October 2008. Teams gathered bright and early for the Tennis, Squash, Balut and Cricket (which was played at the Padang) playoffs. With well executed skill and a tiny stroke of luck, the team from the Tanglin Club won the Balut game against the Singapore Cricket Club. We also won the Cricket game against them by 4 wickets! It was an extremely competitive Saturday afternoon.

Fatigued but in high spirits, our sportsmen and their opponents gathered at Tangles Bar that same evening to cool off and laugh about their favourite moments at a rewarding cocktail reception organised especially to commemorate the event. Prizes were proudly accepted by the winning parties and photographs were posed for, all flushed cheeks and cheerful grins. The POT Trophy was awarded to the Singapore Cricket Club for their exceptional performance in the Games this year. Indeed, the 31st Annual POT Games 2008 was a delightful experience for all involved. Perhaps the Trophy will slip back into our possession next year, but until then, kudos to SCC, and a pat on the back to all who shared a part in it! Dr Richard Tan Sports Convenor


lawn bowls intersection challenge What a great afternoon we had on 14th October when the Inter Section Challenge was held. Some 60 participants took part representing most sports and recreation sections of the Club including a team from the General Committee. There were young swimmers, mature squash players, keen golfers, thoughtful bridge players, dicey baluteers, teenaged tennis players and a few hardy lawn bowlers as well as Uncle Tom Cobley! For the most part the weather was kind to us, not too hot with intermittent cloud cover although at about six o’clock, when the final round was being played, the rains came and forced us to an early shower (oops ! excuse the pun). So far as the Lawn Bowls Section committee members were concerned it was so pleasing to see so many Club members taking part and clearly enjoying themselves. With a couple of exceptions, it was the first time that most of the players had experienced competitive bowls


The Tanglin Club

and in spite of a few “interesting deliveries” everyone soon understood what was expected of them. Hoots of laughter bounced around the green as well as much cheering and applause especially when some of the more skillful aspects of the game were knowingly or unwittingly demonstrated! Spot prizes were plentiful with a “Spider” to start the proceedings and first “Touchers” on each rink. An after match dinner and social gathering was held in the Tangles Bar where the bonhomie was lubricated in time honoured fashion and seeds of new friendships sown in plentiful proportion. Rodger Kimpton, the Lawn Bowls convenor, was an entertaining host and following his presentation of several mementos, he took the opportunity to attract the audience with his great enthusiasm for the game resulting several new section members signing up. It was not surprising for any of us to hear the general opinion that this should become an annual event in our Lawn Bowls fixtures list, not least due to the thought, development and the planning by the section committee and the staff of the Sports and Recreation Department. Many thanks to everyone concerned. John Child



The Tanglin Club

balut & billiards Monthly balut

The September game again attracted 20 players including new section member Ong Mei Har welcome! Ken Smith won a successive monthly balut victory scoring 658 with Nina Menon in 2nd place 620 and designated Balut Convenor Sethu 3rd with 603. Lillian Lee and Ken Smith shared the evening's honour for the highest column score with both a 141! The Balut ladder after 9 games (best 6 counting): 1. Min Kemeny 631 2. Nina Menon 620 3. Kristian Bonnichsen 602 4. Sapinah Hughes 596 5. Sethu 593 6. Lillian Lee 590 7. Sadiq Zoeb 575 8. Pla Sudawan 567 9. David Hughes (ocb) 558 10. Ian Jenkins 558 With just 2 rounds to go before the finals in November it appears a two horse race for the 2008 Club Championship. Nina caught up slightly with our leader Min but she may just be running out of furlongs!

baluting in the oasis: british club bangkok

“SAWASDEE KRAP KRUNGTHEP” will be the greeting to the TC members attending the 28th STC InterPort Balut

Competition hosted by our reciprocal Club, the British Club Bangkok over the weekend 21st 23rd November 2008. The British Club Bangkok was founded in 1903, set in acres of its own land in the commercial centre downtown, is often described as "an oasis in the heart of Bangkok". The Club boasts a 1910 built Clubhouse with bar (Churchill Bar) and restaurant and among others, four Tennis courts, a swimming pool, 3 Squash courts and a Fitness centre. The Balut Competition will start on Friday evening with a Welcome Buffet on the front lawn with, of course, the mandatory 'open bar' and after a few speeches the evening will drift away to the sounds of a local Thai DJ. The competition ‘real’ is on Sat-

urday afternoon with 8th rounds of Balut. Spot prizes and timely and accurate scoring is under the purview of the MC Roger 'Jammy' Willbourn, ex the Tanglin Club, who will ensure a fair but fun tournament. Above is just a fraction of the programme so the participating TC members can look forward to a fun filled weekend in Bangkok.

november programme

21 to 23 November 28th STC InterPort Balut Competion - British Club Bangkok Thursday 27 November Monthly Balut (Finals 2008) at TC Card Room followed by Annual Dinner & Prize Presentations Kristian Bonnichsen Balut Convenor

Available every Wednesday evening from 6pm to 8pm at the Billiards Room. No booking required. Just show up! For enquiries, please contact the S&R Counter at 66220588 or email



open championships while on the next court, Chong Yu Mei and Maddie Noda beat Chua Li Suan and Cecilia Hu also in 3 sets in a titanic struggle lasting more than 3 hours! The crowd present had their money’s worth!

The championships were held over 3 extended weekends (Friday evenings to Sundays) from 5 September to 21 September. One of the main differences this year compared to recent years is that all matches (even the early rounds) were scheduled rather than left to the participants to fix themselves. The number of entries received was very high, with 21 players in Men’s Singles, 10 pairs in Men’s Doubles, 12 pairs in the Mixed Doubles, 10 in Ladies’ Singles, but only 5 pairs in Ladies’ Doubles.

On Sunday, the Men’s Singles Finals saw 2 youngsters, Michael Rosenberger and Kenneth Kam, in a slugfest, with Michael emerging Champion. The Ladies’ Singles was won by young Victoria Tan (who has illustrious tennis roots) who prevented evergreen Chua Li Suan from retaining her Singles title. Finally the Mixed Doubles saw the well-established pair of Dave Ng and Maddie Noda narrowly defeating Bernard Fung and Cecilia Hu for the title.

In the first 2 Finals, held on Saturday 20th September, Ambrose Sim and Ang Kawai edged out favourites Philipe Rasmussen and Wolfgang Schneider in 3 hard-fought sets,

Joining the crowd at the Finals on Sunday were our President, Philip Beng, our Sports Convenor Richard Tan, and our Tennis Convenor Lim Kian Seng. Philip graciously gave


The Tanglin Club

away the prizes to the winners. Congratulations to all players for making this a very exciting event. This year, the younger generation made their presence felt, but we think there are many more players out there capable of giving them a hard time on court – our task is to try to encourage more entrants so that these Championships become even more exciting and prestigious. We will further improve on the format and organisation next year to achieve this. Thanks to all the staff and coaches for their support. C.T. Khoo

bridge & golf

new card room opens Members of the Bridge group your patience has finally paid off! At the time of going to press, we were informed that the new card room would be ready for our first game on the first of October. Not only does the room have brand new bridge tables and decks of cards but it also has an inspiring pool view with loads of sunshine pouring in through real windows. What’s the big deal in windows, you may ask? However, this change

is truly appreciated by our dedicated players who have been shuffling cards for years in the original room which had just skylights - not that this ever dampened anyone’s enthusiasm! We’d like to express our thanks to the building committee for designing the new Bridge room and to the Club for having made interim arrangements so that the game went on without any interruptions.

Our first big event after the long awaited move will be the Christmas lunch and Bridge game. This will be held on December 3rd in the Raffles Room at 12noon. To mark the occasion, all players are encouraged to dress in festive Christmas colours. May the new card room be blessed with good luck for all our players and give them many joyful hours of Bridge. Bharoti Pande

regular bridge activities Duplicate Bridge Monday 1 pm to 4.30 pm (Director: Rohini Arya) Wednesday 1 pm to 4.30 pm (Director: Anjana Beri) Friday 1 pm to 4.30 pm (Director: Sherna Danani) Novice Bridge Tuesday 1 pm to 4.30 pm (Director: Esther Ling)

join the bridge section fund

To join the Bridge Section, please fill out and submit a registration form available at the Sports & Recreation Counter. Section Fund Fees $10.00 per month

card room operating hours 8am to 11.30pm daily

$840 per pax (Including airfare & Twin Sharing room) $1,000 per pax (Including airfare & Single Occupancy room) Tentative Itinery Day 1 Finna Golf Club - 18 Holes Day 2 Taman Dayu Golf Club - 18 Holes Day 3 Ciputra Golf Club - 18 Holes Please take note that a $300 deposit will be charged per person upon confirmation. To sign up or for any further enquiries, please contact Anastasia Francis at 66220573 or by 12noon on Saturday 15 November 2008.



fresh face for fitness

cardio & sculpting classes, Hip Hop, A.B.T (abs.butt.thigh), Shape It Up, Power Impact, Kickboxing and Pilates Matwork. He currently serves several dance studios and fitness centres such as 5678 Studio, Dance Arts, People Association, Fitness First, Planet Fitness, SSC, YMCA, American Club and British Club.

Having just joined the Tanglin Club in September as the Sports & Recreation Centre’s new Personal Trainer, Andrew Lau is a cheerful and upbeat trainer well-versed in varied genres of fitness and dance disciplines. Andrew started his Funky Jazz & fitness training with Ngee Ann Poly’s ‘Magnum Force’ Cheerleaders’ Club in 1990 where he learned, performed and competed in competitions with the mentorship of the club’s Artistic Director – Dino. He was also an active scholar with the 5678 Dance Studio, where he spent most of his formative years learning Hip Hop, Jazz & Modern Dance under the tutelage of Mr Patrick Loo, Mr Derrick Ee and Mr Robin Yeo. He went on to perform with the SAF Music & Drama Co. in 1995 during which he practiced Jazz, Tap Dancing, Singing & Drama. In the same year, he was the first runner-up in the Music World Solo Dance Competition and was later chosen to perform in various Mediacorp variety shows including the President’s Star Charity, Ren Ci Charity, NKF Charity and several high profile music concerts by overseas celebrities.

Apart from being an expert in the art of dance, Andrew is also a Singapore Sports Council (SSC) certified Aerobics Instructor and teaches at various MOE & international schools since 2001. He is certified under Les Mills International and is well trained in Body Combat (Kickboxing, Muay Thai), Body Balance (Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates), RPM (Raw Power in Motion, Stationary Biking), Body Attack (sports-inspired cardio workout) and Body Jam (Dance Fitness). He is also a well-qualified Personal Trainer under the National Strength & Conditioning Association of USA. Andrew serves actively in the community in various events: • President Challenge (2003 - 2006) • National Healthy Lifestyle Day (2003 - 2007) • Women’s Day Workout (2005) • Shape Magazine Anniversary (2006) • Planet Fitness Mega Combat at Suntec Fountain of Wealth (2004, 2005, 2007) • Active Ageing at Raffles Place (2007) • Health Promotion Board Dance & Fitness programmes for kids & adults (2004 - 2007)

Andrew’s forte is in free style dance,


The Tanglin Club

Lau Chu Hing, Andrew Dance & Fitness Group Exercise Instructor Dancer / Choreographer Personal Trainer

June 1990 - May 1993 Active member of Ngee Ann Polytechnic ‘Magnum Force’ Cheerleaders’ Club under Artistic Director Dino Oct 1992 - Oct 1995 Active scholar of 5678 Dance Studio under Artistic/ Managing Director Patrick Loo, Robin Yeo, Michelle Ang in Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern Dance, Ballet Dec 1992 - Present Dancer Mar 1997 - Present Dance Instructor / Choreographer Jan 2001 - Feb 2006 Group Exercise Instructor of Fitness First Oct 2001 - Present Group Exercise Instructor of Singapore Sports Council Sports For Life Centres July 2003 - Present Group Exercise Instructor of Planet Fitness

personal trainers at the club

For more information on how you can get the services of a professional Personal Trainer to achieve your fitness goals, contact the Sports & Recreation Counter at 66220588 or email

fitness ultimate fitness feast mon


wed 8am to 9am power yoga

8am 9am

9am to 10am pilates

9am to 10am spin


10am to 11am fitness fusion

10am to 11am low impact aerobics





8.30am to 9.30am hydro matters Held at the pool. 9am to 10am fitness fusion

10am to 11am cardio sculpt

9.30am to 10.30am spin

10am to 11am spin (studio 1) 10am to 11am yogailates (studio 2)


9am to 10am pilates 10am to 11am boot camp

11am to 12noon 11am to 12noon low impact aerobics spin

11am to 12noon kickboxing

12.30pm to 1.30pm bodyworx


6.30pm to 7.30pm bodyworx

6.30pm 7pm to 8pm vinyasa yoga


7.30pm to 8.30pm 7.30pm to 8.30pm 7.30pm to 8.30pm spin pilates spin 8pm to 9pm super circuit (studio 2)


Price: $80 for UNLIMITED classes or $20 per session

ULTIMATE FITNESS FEAST For full details & schedule, please call the S&R Counter at 66220588/0578 or email sports@

ongoing activities @ the multi-purpose hall mon



yoga advance

8am to 9am




yoga intermediate

9am to 10am

9am to 10am dayan qigong

10am to 11am

10am to 11am chen-style taijiquan

11.30am to 12.30pm

11.30am to 12.30pm sun-style taijiquan

2.15pm to 3.15pm


bollywood dance class 4pm to 5pm taekwondo beginner

4.15pm to 5pm baby ballet

4pm to 5pm 5pm to 6.30pm

5pm to 6pm latin dance

6pm to 9pm table tennis socials

5pm to 6.30pm taekwondo intermediate & advance

Monthly charges apply for ongoing activities except for Table Tennis Socials. Multi-purpose hall is located at the Squash Centre. For enquiries or registration: Sign up at Sports & Recreation Counter or contact us at 66220588 or email


fitness & swimming swimming activities

masters inter-club meet

Whether you want to get fit, make new friends, or just get rid of the stress and strains of the day, the Ultimate Fitness Feast Card is for you. Available from the Gymnasium at the S&R Complex for only $80.00 a month, The Ultimate Fitness Feast Card gives you unlimited access to *fitness classes. Note: Spin classes are subject to a booking system *Fitness Feast Card Classes • Pilates (Mon & Sun) • Fitness Fusion (Mon & Fri) • Vinyasa Yoga (Mon) • Spin (Tue, Wed, Thurs - 2 classes & Sat) • Bodyworx (Tue & Wed) • Power Yoga (Wed) • Hydro Matters (Thurs) • Yogilates (Thurs) • Super Circuit (Thurs) • Low Impact Aerobics (Tue & Fri) • Boot Camp (Sun) • CardioSculpt (Wed) • Kick Boxing (Sun)

a well deserved thank you!

It is always sad when people you have gotten to know and work with closely have to leave Singapore, and this is the case with two of our leading Personal Trainers – Andrew Nicholls and Justin Chau. Andrew, who lived and worked here in Singapore for many years, has trained many Tanglin Club members and conducted Pilates and Fitball classes for us. He set up a Pilates studio at The Anglo Chinese School and had recently sold his own studio – Focus, before he moved to Taiwan with his wife – Kelly, and son – Kris. He is arguably one of the most knowledgeable, motivating and talented trainers in the region and we were very lucky indeed to have him at the Club. We owe him a


Calling all swimmers who are keen on spending a not-so-lazy Sunday at the pool! The Tanglin Club will be hosting the Masters Inter-Club Meet for the first time on Sunday 30 November 2008 from 8am to 11.30am, followed by a brunch. As we anticipate many entries from the other invited clubs, it is with hope that we pull together a strong team from the Tanglin Club apart from our swimmers enrolled in the Club’s Masters Swimming Programme. Members above the age of 25 years who are interested to participate are kindly asked to contact Anastasia Francis at 66220573 / anastasia.francis@ or Alvin at

end-of-year break

Saturday 13 December 2008 will be the last session of the year for Squad and Masters Swimmers and Monday 15 December 2008 the last session for those in the Learn-to-Swim Programme. Lessons resume on Monday 5 January 2009.

huge ‘Thank You’ for all his hard-work and dedication. He will be difficult to replace, but we wish him and his family all the best in their new adventures. Justin has also made the decision to move on, and will be returning to New Zealand with his partner. This young man has been like a breath of fresh air in the gym, putting members through their paces with a gentle but motivating manner. His knowledge, training skills and inventiveness ensured that no two training were alike and we shall all miss him in the gym. Justin too will be tough to replace, but we wish him the best of luck for the future.

The Tanglin Club

Janet P. Pötschke



t was a lovely cool evening on Friday 12 September when over 80 swimmers gathered at the pool for the Triton League, with the Tanglin Club playing host for the first time in many years for this Invitational Swimming meet. The Triton League comprises swimmers from the Hollandse Club, British Club, Swiss Club and the Tanglin Club. Those present soaked in the electrifying atmosphere with excited children and even more enthusiastic parents cheering their kids on by the poolside. We haven’t seen the pool so ‘alive’ in a long time! It was

heartwarming to note that many parents and members were there to support their children despite it being a weekday. The programme consisted of eight events comprising a 33 metre freestyle swim for the Under 8s and 66 metre for the 9-12 year old age group, with medals awarded to the three fastest swimmers in each event. The children did our Club and their coaches proud as they clinched 5 Golds out of the eight events. In addition, we also won 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.

treated to refreshing ice-lollies while the prizes were being handed out. Sincere thanks goes to our parent-volunteers who helped in time-keeping; to our coaches from Total Swimming who did a marvelous job in planning an event involving so many children; to the staff from the Sports & Recreation Department for coordinating the food and beverage, logistic arrangements and announcements. Having had so much fun, we certainly look forward to our next Triton Swimming Meet!

To top it off, all swimmers took part in a fun Novelty race and were


swimming & squash The Tanglin Club’s Sprint Championship is the Club's bestattended swimming championship each year and this event gives all young swimmers a chance to show how well they have progressed in the past 12 months, and is especially for age group under-6-years and above, with a special section for parents to compete with their kids as well as adults to swim against each other. This year, the championship sprints-off on 8 November 2008 from 1pm onwards at our one and only Club Swimming Pool. But the entertainment doesn’t stop here. The championship is immediately followed by a barbeque party, which is open to all Tanglin Club members and their families. This event promises loads of fun and entertainment for the kids. So come join us after the championship at 5.30pm at the Poolside. Price Annual Sprint Championship only: $10 Annual Sprint Championship and BBQ (Adult): $20 Annual Sprint Championship and BBQ (Child): $10

squash activities Monday Club Night 5.15pm to 7.30pm Courts 1 & 2 Doubles Socials 6.00pm to 8.15pm Doubles court

Member - $1.60 / Guest - $5.35 SF Member: $1.60, Non SF Member: $2.70 & Guest: $5.35

Tuesday Tuesday Social Squash 6pm to 7.30pm All courts SF Handicap T’ment 6.45pm to 9pm Courts 1, 2, 3 & 4 Doubles Socials 6pm to 8.15pm Doubles court

FOC for SF Member only (No Guests) & Non SF: $2.70 FOC for SF Member only (No Guests) & Non SF: $2.70 FOC for SF Member only (No Guests) & Non SF: $2.70

Wednesday Open booking 7am to 10.30pm All courts SF Handicap T’ment 6pm to 9pm Doubles court 1

Court fees: $2.70 per session (Single) & $3.75 (Doubles) FOC for SF Member only (No Guests) & Non SF: $2.70

Thursday SF Night 6pm to 10.30pm All courts Doubles Socials 6pm to 8.15pm Doubles court

FOC for SF Member & Non SF: $2.70 SF Member: $1.60, Non SF Member: $2.70 & Guest: $5.35


Member: $1.60 & Guest: $5.35

Club Night

5.15pm to 7.30pm Courts 1 & 2

Saturday Saturday Social 3pm to 6pm All courts Squash Doubles Socials 3pm to 6pm Doubles court Open booking 6pm to 10.30pm All courts


The Tanglin Club

Member: $1.60 (Only overseas visitors allowed) Member: $1.60 & Guest: $5.35 Court fees: $2.70 per session (Single) & $3.75 (Doubles)

A Scuba Talk & Slide Show Evening with Michael Aw

Th e Celebes Sea Inner Space Speciation Project Thursday 13 November, 7pm at the Theatrette

Award-winning underwater photographer, author and conservationist Michael Aw was a team member on this amazing 2006 project where 61 of the world’s top oceanographers, marine biologists, researchers, engineers and filmmakers explored the 6000 metre deep Celebes Sea. This unique deep sea basin had been cut off from the surrounding oceans during the Ice Age, resulting in the isolation of many marine organisms and plants that have not been seen for thousands of years. Discover how scientists worked with baited RopeCams and a US$1 million remotely-submersible vehicle that dived deep to get close-up images of the mysterious depths. Find out how their continuing scientific analysis of specimen collected may provide answers to many questions of global importance. The Inner Space Speciaton Project was organised under the auspices of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in conjunction with National Geographic, OceanEnvironment Australia, the Ocean Geographic Society and the Philippine government. A National Geographic video documentary is to be released in 2009. Free admission for Tanglin Club members with limited seats for guests. Please call the S&R Counter at 66220588 to register or email the Scuba section at


cinema THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE - PG 7, 8 & 9 November Thriller (104 mins) Starring: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson Directors: Chris Carter In grand X-Files tradition, the film’s storyline is constantly kept under wraps. The supernatural thriller is a stand-alone story in the tradition of some of the

show’s most acclaimed and beloved episodes, and takes the always-complicated relationship between Fox Mulder and Dana Scully in unexpected directions. Mulder continues his unshakable quest for the truth, and Scully, the passionate, ferociously intelligent physician, remains inextricably tied to Mulder’s pursuits.

©2008 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. ©2008 Village Roadshow Films.

GET SMART - PG 14, 15 & 16 November Comedy (110 mins) Starring: Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway Directors: Peter Segal Maxwell Smart is on a mission to thwart the latest plot for world domination by the evil crime syndicate known as KAOS. When the headquarters of U.S. spy agency Control is attacked and the identities of its

JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH - PG 21 & 22 November Adventure (92 mins) Starring: Brendan Fraser, Josh Hutcherson Directors: Eric Brevig Scientist Trevor Anderson, with his nephew Sean in tow, travels to Iceland to investigate his brother’s theories, enlisting a fellow scientist’s daughter, Hannah,

agents compromised, the Chief has no choice but to promote his ever-eager analyst Maxwell Smart, who has always dreamt of working in the field, partnered with the lovelybut-lethal veteran Agent 99. Smart - armed with nothing but a few spy-tech gadgets and his unbridled enthusiasm - must thwart the doomsday plans of KAOS.

as a guide. Soon the trio’s Icelandic mountain trek descends into a cave and, then deeper still to, naturally, the center of the earth, where dinosaurs and other strange prehistoric creatures still dwell. After many dangerous encounters with the native flora and fauna, Trevor, Sean, and Hannah must find a way back to the surface or face being stranded miles below the earth’s crust.

There will no movie screenings on 23, 28, 29 & 30 November due to Club events. 5, 6 & 7 December Traitors


12, 13 & 14 December Wall•E

19, 20 & 21 December Blindness

26, 27 & 28 December Burn After Reading

Showtimes: Friday - 7pm • Saturday - 6pm & 9pm • Sunday 2.30pm & 8pm • Film Ratings: G - General viewing • PG - Parental guidance required • NC16 - No children below 16 • M18 - For viewers aged 18 & above • R21 - For adults aged 21 & above • For Enquiries: Please call Reception at 66220555 or visit the website for more information. Tickets can be obtained at Reception. Movie-goers are to be seated 15 minutes before showtime.


The Tanglin Club

The Tanglin Club Magazine: November 2008  

The Tanglin Club Magazine

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