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Enter The Dragon

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Bridge Gala Dinner

Saturday 11 February, 6.30pm at the Churchill Room


Tina Supri • Ramani Shanmugam •

Laura Monteiro •


Christine Koh •

Frank Newman Alvin Teu •



Louis Tay •



One-Day Wellness Retreat

Clara Tan •



Lunar New Year Delicacies 17

Joshua Tay •

Habib Mansoor •


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2 PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE My Fellow Members According to Forty Good Men, The Story of The Tanglin Club in the Island of Singapore, 1865 to 1990, “forty good men and true” met in October 1865 for the purpose of establishing a “suburban social institute for Britishers”. A pro-tem committee was formed to carry out the stated objectives, and Thomas Dunman, the commissioner of police, was elected as the first president of the Tanglin Club. The earliest surviving records of the Club are the deeds which recorded the Club’s real estate acquisitions and borrowings. The present Club premises extended over several plots of land which were acquired piecemeal over a period of nearly a century. The first acquisition was recorded by an Indenture dated 26 June 1866, between Arthur Hughes de Wind of the one part, and Thomas Dunman, James Davidson, David Rodger, Charles Dunlop and Jonas Daniel Vaughan, as “Trustees of a certain Club or Association in Singapore called the Tanglin Club” of the other part, by which de Wind sold Lots 28 and 29 in the District of Claymore, comprising an area of one acre, three roods and thirty eight poles to the trustees of the Club for 600 Spanish dollars. That document appears to be the earliest written record alluding to the existence of the Tanglin Club by that name. In September 1866, the committee of management (as it was then called) decided to borrow the princely sum of 5,000 Spanish dollars to build a clubhouse with bowling alleys, billiard rooms (in which smoking was not allowed) and stables. John Crum agreed to lend that sum to the Club and the loan was secured by a mortgage of the property. The loan was to be repaid in two instalments, in 1868 and 1871, together with interest at the rate of 9% per annum. The loan of 5,000 Spanish dollars appeared to be the forerunner of the Club’s financial problems, resulting in a series of other loans being obtained in substitution for

the original, which formed part of an intriguing web of re-financing intended to re-schedule payment of the original loan. Ten years after the loan from Crum, the Club still could not repay any of the principal borrowed. The Club did not have the money as it was running a current account deficit; the expenses of running the Club exceeded the revenue from Members. Finally, in April 1876, the then mortgagees, Krohn and Dunlop, gave notice to the committee “demanding payment of the mortgage debt of dollars five thousand together with all arrears of interest thereon then owing to them and of their intention to sell the premises” in exercise of their right of sale under the mortgage. By an advertisement in the Singapore Daily Times of 26 July 1876, Crane Bros, Auctioneers gave notice that they have received instructions from the mortgagees to sell by public auction “the spacious and handsome messuage and buildings known as the Tanglin Club”. The Club went under the hammer and William Henry MacLeod Read was the successful bidder for 4,000 Spanish dollars. Read in turn mortgaged the property to Matthew Little. By an Indenture dated 22 February 1877, Read conveyed unto himself and John Burkinshaw the equity of redemption of the mortgage to Little. It was expressly declared that Read and Burkinshaw shall stand possessed of the property upon trust to convey and assign the trust property to the persons who for the time being shall be and constitute the General Committee, in whom is vested for the time being, the management of the affairs of the Tanglin Club. By an Indenture executed on 21 June 1899, between Little of the one part, and Read and Burkinshaw of the other part, it was stated that in consideration of all monies under the principal Indenture having been paid to Little as mortgagee, Little conveyed the property vested in him, to the latter in their capacities as trustees of the Club. The loan of

5,000 Spanish dollars, first obtained in 1866, was finally repaid after 33 years. What can we learn from the story of the Club’s inauspicious financial beginnings? The lessons would include the importance of fiscal discipline and the dangers of overborrowing, among others. According to the 2010/11 Annual Report, the Club’s net assets, comprising land, buildings, investments, cash and other assets are about $63 million. Happily, we have no borrowings. The GC has a paramount duty to safeguard and administer those assets for the benefit, and in the interest, of Members. As stewards, the GC must be cautious, vigilant and prudent, and be guided always by the highest standards of corporate governance. On 23 January 2012, we celebrate the Lunar New Year, the Year of the Dragon. Helen and I would like to take this opportunity to wish Members Gong Xi Fa Cai Wan Shi Ru Yi.

Sim Yong Chan President The Tanglin Club

FINANCIAL CONTROLLER’S MESSAGE 3 Dear members The Club ends an eventful 2011 with many memorable events, including full houses for Christmas Eve lunch and New Year’s Eve Ball. 2011 was a busy year for all of us, as we completed the Wheelhouse/ Swimming Pool renovation; and the upgrading works of the Club’s 16 Guestrooms, Churchill Room and Main Lobby. Raw food costs and outsourced contract costs escalated, some by as much as 30%. The management is therefore consciously looking at ways to moderate the increasing costs without compromising on the service and quality standards to Members. Despite the gloomy forecast for the economy for 2012, please join us to welcome the Year of the Dragon on 23 Jan 2012, 1st day of Chinese New Year, at 11.45am at the Main Lobby with dragon and

lion dances. To further spread the joy and happiness in welcoming the Dragon Year, the Club will be distributing mandarin oranges and red packets filled with chocolates to you and your children. In accordance with our usual tradition, the Club continues to offer specially prepared yusheng and poon choy for you to take away. Place your orders in advance and the chefs will ensure you have an enjoyable reunion meal with your loved ones. Meanwhile, look forward to our Valentine’s Day Dinner, specially catered for you to spend a romantic evening away with your beloved. You must have noticed that the Club has replaced both the Main Club and S&R Building car park barriers, which will be operational in the near future, and Phase II of the Main Club façade upgrading works will commence as planned in the middle of February 2012. Last but not least, on behalf of


Happy Lunar New Year!

新年快乐! Clara Tan Financial Controller


In recognition of the awareness of unmonitored shark finning, the declining numbers of sharks as a species, and its conservancy efforts, the Club will continue to not serve shark’s fin on its menus.

President Sim Yong Chan Vice-President Humphrey Chua Honorary Treasurer Vincent Troy

NON-REGISTERED VEHICLE PARKING & OVERNIGHT PARKING NG Club Members who are driving to the Club in their vehicles which have not been registered with the Membership Department (especially their third vehicles) and have no parking decal, are required to park their vehicles on the open-deck of the Multi Storey Car Park at the Main Clubhouse. Members are also advised that overnight parking in the main Clubhouse and Sports & Recreation Complex is not allowed.

staff of The Tanglin Club, I sincerely thank you for your generous contribution to the Staff Ang Pow fund.

Human Resource Convenor Patrick Kwek Food & Beverage Convenor Ronnie Lim Library Convenor Nan Sandford




NEW NOTICE BOARD LOCATION The Members’ board at the main lobby has been relocated to the wooden arch beside the Deli Lounge. Members may refer to the board for important updates pertaining to Membership information.

Magazine & Website Convenor Frank Newman Development & Property Convenor Dr Richard Tan Membership & Rules Convenor Robert Wiener Tenders & Purchasing Convenor Dr Richard Tan Entertainment Convenor Dr Albert Wee Sports & Recreation Convenor Robert Wiener

4 FESTIVE OPERATING HOURS Lunar New Year’s Eve 22 January 12

Lunar New Year Day 23 January 12

Lunar New Year 24 January 12

Churchill Room





Closed at 3pm (Last Order: 2.30pm)

Closed at 3pm (Last Order: 2.30pm)

Open as normal


Closed at 3pm (Last Order: 2.30pm)

Closed at 3pm (Last Order: 2.30pm)

Open as normal

Deli Lounge

Closed at 6pm (Last Order: 5.30pm)

Closed at 6pm (Last Order: 5.30pm)

Open as normal

Terrace Bar

Open as normal

Open as normal

Open as normal

Terrace Restaurant



Open as normal


Closed at 3pm (Last Order: 2.30pm)

Closed at 6pm (Last Order: 5.30pm)

Open as normal

Jackpot Room

10.30am to 6.30pm

1pm to 8pm

1pm to 8pm


Closed at 3pm



Junior Library

Closed at 3pm


Closed at 3pm

Reading Room

Closed at 6pm

Closed at 6pm

Open as normal

Front Office

7am to 6pm

7am to 6pm

Open as normal


Closed at 3pm


Closed at 3pm

S&R Facilities

Closed at 6pm

Open as normal

Open as normal

S&R Counter

Closed at 6pm

Open as normal

Open as normal


From left: Proposer Simon Woods, New Member Stephen George Byfield and Seconder Nicholas Hadow. Proposer Sharada Selvanathan (left) with New Member Pithambar Gona.

From left: Seconder Glenn Ang with New Members Drs Gan-Siauw In Nio and Gan Ho Tjhing, and Gan Bing Swee. New Members Purandar (left) & Sapna Janampalli Rao.

From left: Golf Convenor Chris Claridge, New Members Janet Mary & Paul Ivor Davies with Entertainment Sub-Committee Member David Hickman. From left: New Members Joseph Kun Ho and Tracy Chang with Proposer Gareth Davis

From left: New Members John Cameron & Megan Louise Mullins with Proposer Shane Hagan.

Proposer Marc Nicholson (left) with New Member Sumer Dewan.


From left: Honourary Treasurer Vincent Troy with New Member Steven Stewart Nichols and Proposer Eric Sandlund. From left: President Sim Yong Chan, Proposer Esther Beil with New Member Desmond John Lee Yue Kay.

New Member John Leo Buckley (left) with Proposer Andrew Devonald.

From left: Proposer Alexander Yew with New Members Jennifer Lynn & Hamish John Shaw.

INTRODUCTION EVENING 5 DECEMBER We extend a warm welcome to our new members.

ORDINARY MEMBERS • John Leo Buckley & Wong Ning • Stephen George Byfield • Vikram Chakravarty and Pooja Sharma • Sumer Dewan • Craig Douglas & Cristy Jane Doel • Guy John Vyvyan Hardaker • Hiroshi & Kumiko Hayakawa • Joseph Kun Ho and Tracy Chang • Desmond John Lee Yue Kay • Steven Stewart & Katherine Templeton Nichols • Fiona Anne Raissig • Purandar & Sapna Janampalli Rao • Hamish John & Jennifer Lynn Shaw • Tee Aik Hooi and Oh Jean Yin • Christoph Wu Fang-Dse and Fan Yu-Ni

From left: Seconder Clive Lee with New Members Fan Yu-Ni and Christoph Wu Fang-Dse.

From left: New Members Vikram Chakravarty and Pooja Sharma with Proposer Kunal Sumaya.

TERM MEMBERS • Paul Ivor & Janet Mary Davies • Drs Gan Ho Tjhing and Gan-Siauw In Nio • John Cameron & Megan Louise Mullins • Arjun Luke & Maria Sunita Fleur Vaznaik

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS • Pithambar Gona (Spouse of Sharada Selvanathan) • Justin McMahon Mencher (Spouse of Dr Sharon Lim)

ABSENT MEMBERS We bid a fond farewell to our members who are converting to Absent Membership, and we hope to welcome them back soon. • Lady Elisabeth Louise Hebdige • Mr & Mrs Syed Rizwan Rizvi Hyder • Mr & Mrs John Winston Merrifield • Mr & Mrs Scott Blume • Mr & Mrs Lee Wing Kee

Chrismas Pantomime Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs 26 & 27 November

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony 27 November

Annual Ladies’ Luncheon Pink Christmas 1 December

Annual Sprint Championship 2011 5 November


SUNDAY, 15 JANUARY, 12PM AT THE WHEELHOUSE FUNCTION ROOM Come and join us for a fun afternoon of cultural learning over lunch! Price: $35 (Member) & $40 (Guest).


SATURDAY, 11 FEBRUARY, 11AM TO 1PM AT THE WHEELHOUSE FUNCTION ROOM Valentine’s Day would not be complete without these easy-tomake tasty treats! Sweeten up February 14th with our heartwarming cupcakes and cookies! Join us to whip up some lovely treats for your loved ones. Price: $25 (Member) & $30 (Guest).


Lion & Dragon


Dance Performances



Gong Xi Fa Cai! It’s time to ring in another Lunar ar New Year! Usher in the New Year with traditionall dragon and lion dance performances around the Club Club. 11.45am to 12.15pm: Lobby Performance 12.15pm to 12.20pm: Churchill Room 12.20pm to 12.25pm: Tavern 12.30pm to 12.35pm: Wheelhouse 12.50pm to 1pm: S&R Complex

Event Disclaimer

Please note that reservations for all Club events must be in written form and submitted to the Events Department prior to the last day for cancellation date. There is no guarantee of placement or seat for walk-in registration on the day of the event. The organisers, sponsors, and anyone involved in the organisation of Club events will not be held liable for late cancellation, overbooking, force majeure or any other unforeseen situation beyond their control.

FOR ENQUIRIES Please contact Events Department at 66220437/0438. FOR RESERVATIONS Email or

FRID DAY, 27 JA JA AN NU NUA NU UA AR AR RY, 7PM M TO 10PM M AT THE CHUR RC RC CHILL CH LLLL R ROO OO O OM O M Get together with family o or a g group gro gr roup ro up of friends this Chinese New eew w Ye Y Year ea arr a a nd dm me mer errr-period for a round of luck an and merriment. Showcase your skills on tthe th he casino tables, enjoy the delectable ab ble b bl llee nte nt ter ter te fusion buffet spread and bee eentertained by cabaret dancers cer ce eerrrss an and nd n d lio llion dance performances. Price: $78 (per person).. Pri P Price iccee a inclusive of one(1) glass of champagne for each participant.


Pinot Noir has traditionally been known as a difficult wine to grow. But modern viticulture techniques have led to significant improvements in the quality of Pinot Noir wine from the “New World” cooler climate regions such as Oregon, Germany and New Zealand over the past decade. We will taste a selection of some of the better known as Pinots from NZ - Ata Rangi, Mount Difficulty, Cloudy Bay, Greywacke, Te Kairanga Reserve, Misha’s Vineyard and Dog Point. Price: $30 (Wine Circle Member), $45 (Non-Wine Circle Member) & $60 (Guest).


AVAILABLE FROM 4 JANUARY TO 6 FEBRUARY AT THE WHEELHOUSE FOR TAKEAWAY A very famous dish in Chinese cuisine, the Roasted Duck is sought after almost everywhere in the world. Prized for its thin, crisp skin and its delicious meat, Roasted Duck can be eaten in a variety of ways, and is especially excellent as takeaways. Check with outlet for more details.



AVAILABLE FOR DINE-IN OR TAKEAWAY IN JANUARY AT THE DELI LOUNGE. Enjoy the Lunar New Year ‘fest with zest’ in January’s cake, with a blend of tangy and sweet mandarin orange flavours with smooth and cooling aloe vera. One slice is not enough, so indulge in abundance with our Mandarin Orange Aloe Vera!


AVAILABLE FROM 4 JANUARY TO 6 FEBRUARY AT TAVERN & WHEELHOUSE, FOR LUNCH & DINNER Happiness and prosperity are the order of the season, and to maintain this positive outlook, the Club presents a Chinese New Year À la carte special that will whet your appetite for abundance!

Price: $38.80 (whole cake) & $5 (per slice).

FOR ENQUIRIES Please contact Food & Beverage Department at 66220432 or email


AVAILABLE AT THE DELI LOUNGE FROM 6 JANUARY Founded in 1974, Dilmah is worldfamous for its high-quality teas, and known for the ‘Dilmah Difference’ - tea made in the traditional way. Enjoy Sri Lanka’s finest product, and make it your favourite ‘cuppa’ in the Club.


SUNDAY, 29 JANUARY, 11.30AM AT THE CHURCHILL ROOM Thank goodness for Sundays, when you can find the time to rest and relax with friends and family. If you have had a tough and hectic week, some good food and good company will most surely rejuvenate you for the week ahead! Price: $85 (Adult with champagne), $45 (Adult without champagne) & $22.50 (Children below age 12). Last day for cancellation: 22 January 2011.

Check with outlet for more details.

S PROPECIAL M Buy one OTIO doz N sa

The Tanglin Club is proud to present this pair of wines, made and bottled by Framingham Wines, to its discerning Members.

e get ome label n of the ne b ottle and FREE .

The Sauvignon Blanc shows classic passionfruit and pronounced grapefruit flavours, smartened up with currant, capsicum and hints of mineral. Best enjoyed with seafood and summer salads. Price: $36.50 (per bottle) & $7.30 (per glass). The Pinot Noir exudes welcoming aromas of raspberry, dark cherry and cranberry. A splash of smoky oak adds complexity. The palate is lush and rounded with dark and summer fruit compote flavours, along with some savoury, smoky bacon notes. A charming wine that matches easily with duck or lamb dishes. Price: $38.50 (per bottle) & $7.70 (per glass).


The Churchill Room will be closed for lunch on the following dates: 19 & 26 February • Dinner on the following dates: 26, 28 January and 11, 14 & 22 February • Lunch and dinner on 27 January.

FOR ENQUIRIES Please contact Food & Beverage Department at 66220432 or email

Lunar New Year Delicacies YU SHENG PROMOTION

AVAILABLE FROM 4 JANUARY TO 6 FEBRUARY Welcome the Year of the Dragon and get an early start to the Lunar New Year celebrations with the Club’s very own spread of Yu Sheng. Salmon Superior (serves 4 to 6): $30.80 Salmon Deluxe (serves 6 to 10): $41.80 Hamachi Superior (serves 4 to 6): $36.80 Hamachi Deluxe (serves 6 to 10): $46.80 Additional Items Hamachi (80g): $14.80 Pok Chui: $2.20 Honey Gold Flakes (per packet): $3.20


Another fixture on the Lunar New Year celebration menu is Poon Choy: Cantonese for a large pot of vegetables. It’s a must-have on the first day of the Lunar New Year celebration. Small order (serves 4 to 6): $198 Large order (serves 10 and above): $388.80


The Time Of My Life Cecelia Ahern Destiny Louise Bagshawe Zero Day David Baldacci The Accident Linwood Barclay The Secret Soldier Alex Berenson Consequences Muriel Bolger Lethal Sandra Brown Aleph Paulo Coehlo Devil’s Gate Clive Cussler Definitely Not Mr Darcy Karen Doornebos Summer Of Love Katie Fforde Buried Secrets Joseph Finder V is For Vengeance Sue Grafton The Litigators John Grisham Our Lady of Alice Bhatti Mohamed Hanif

Prey Linda Howard Death Comes To Pemberley P D James Perfect People Peter James A Lovesong For India Ruth Prawer Jhabvala Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy John Le Carré The Troubled Man Henning Mankell A Dance with Dragons George R R Martin A Taste For Love Marita Conlon Mckenna Trackers Deon Meyer Black Flowers Steve Mosby Kill Alex Cross James Patterson Private London James Patterson The Christmas Wedding James Patterson I Don’t Know How She Does It Allison Pearson



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Book Review

The Litigators by John Grisham

The partners at Finley & Figg – all two of them – often refer to themselves as ‘a boutique law firm’. Boutique, as in chic, selective, and prosperous. They are, of course, none of these things. What they are is a two-bit operation always in search of their big break, ambulance chasers who’ve been in the trenches much too long making way too little.

Book Review

Steve Jobs

by Walter Isaacson Based on more than 40 interviews with Steve Jobs conducted over two years, Isaacson has written a riveting story of the roller-coaster life and searingly intense

Season 1 - Set 1 • Bindi The Jungle Girl: Season 1 - Set 2 • Bones: Season 4 • Children’s Hospital: Season 2 • Chuck: Season 1 • Drop Dead Diva • Entourage: Season 1 • Family Guy Vol 6 • Human Target: Season 1 • King of the Hill: Season 1 - 3 • Life Unexpected: Season • Modern Family: Season 2 • Nikita: Season 1 • One Tree Hill: Season 4 • Pushing Daisies: Season 2 • Pretty Little Liars • Sons of Anarchy: Season 1 - 3 • Top Chef: New York • Treme: Season 1 • Without a Trace: Season 4

After twenty-plus years, Oscar Finley and Wally Figg bicker like an old married couple but somehow continue to eke out a living in southwest Chicago. Then comes change – a young burned-out attorney shows up at their doorstep, drunk and unemployed. With their new associate on board, F&F is ready to tackle a really big case – one that could make them rich without requiringg them to actually practice much law.

personality of a creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and ferocious drive revolutionised six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, and digital publishing. His tale is instructive and cautionary, filled with lessons about innovation, character, leadership, and values.

DVD Review

Kung Fu Panda 2

Starring Jack Black and Angelina Jolie Po the Panda (Black) is now living his dream as The Dragon

Warrior, protecting the Valley of Peace alongside his friends and fellow kung fu masters, The Furious Five. But Po’s new life of awesomeness is threatened by the emergence of a formidable villain, who plans to use a secret, unstoppable weapon to conquer China and destroy kung fu. 1 12/19/2011 9:52:04 AM








31 NOVICES BRIDGE GAME 1pm to 4.30pm at the Card Room. SQUASH SECTION HANDICAP 6.45pm at the Squash Courts.



Available For Take






MOVIE: JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN at the Theatrette. * Special Matinee Screnning

NOVICES BRIDGE GAME 1pm to 4.30pm at the Card Room.

DUPLICATE BRIDGE GAME 1pm to 4.30pm at the Card Room.

MOVIE: THE RUM DIARY at the Theatrette.

SQUASH SECTION HANDICAP 6.45pm at the Squash Courts.

INTRODUCTION TO DARTS 4.30pm at Tangles.

ROAST DUCK Available from 4 January to 6 February at the Wheelhouse for Takeaway. LUNAR NEW YAER A LA CARTE Available from 4 January to 6 February at Tavern & Wheelhouse, for Lunch & Dinner.

DILMAH TEA Available from 6 January at the Deli Lounge. BRIDGE CHRISTMAS LUNCHEON 11.30pm at the Raffles Room. DARTS TEAM TRAINING 4.30pm at Tangles.




DUPLICATE BRIDGE GAME 1pm to 4.30pm at the Card Room.

NOVICES BRIDGE GAME 1pm to 4.30pm at the Card Room.

DUPLICATE BRIDGE GAME 1pm to 4.30pm at the Card Room.

SQUASH SECTION HANDICAP 6.45pm at the Squash Courts.

INTRODUCTION TO DARTS 4.30pm at Tangles.


13 MOVIE: BRIGHTON ROCK at the Theatrette. PINOT NOIR WINE 7pm to 9pm at the Raffles Room. DUPLICATE BRIDGE GAME 1pm to 4.30pm at the Card Room. DARTS TEAM TRAINING 4.30pm at Tangles.


16 HONG BAO GAME 1pm to 4.30pm at the Raffles Room.





NOVICES BRIDGE GAME 1pm to 4.30pm at the Card Room.

DUPLICATE BRIDGE GAME 1pm to 4.30pm at the Card Room.

MOVIE: I LOVE HONG KONG at the Theatrette.

SQUASH SECTION HANDICAP 6.45pm at the Squash Courts.

INTRODUCTION TO DARTS 4.30pm at Tangles.

DUPLICATE BRIDGE GAME 1pm to 4.30pm at the Card Room. DARTS TEAM TRAINING 4.30pm at Tangles.





LUNAR NEW YEAR MOVIE: I LOVE HONG KONG at the Theatrette. * Special Matinee Screnning




DUPLICATE BRIDGE GAME 1pm to 4.30pm at the Card Room.


INTRODUCTION TO DARTS 4.30pm at Tangles.

EAST MEETS WEST 7pm to 10pm at Churchill Room. BALUT MONTHLY COMPETITION 7pm onwards at Card Room. DARTS TEAM TRAINING 4.30pm at Tangles. LAWN BOWLS SECTION DINNER 7pm at Tangles.






TWILIGHT 3, 4 & 5 February




MOVIE: THE RUM DIARY at the Theatrette.

MOVIE: THE RUM DIARY at the Theatrette.

DARTS MONTHLY FUN GAME 3pm to 7pm at Tangles.

NEW MOON 10, 11 & 12 February



MOVIE: BRIGHTON ROCK at the Theatrette.

MOVIE: BRIGHTON ROCK at the Theatrette.


LAWN BOWLS NOVICE SINGLE 3.30pm at Lawn Bowls Green.

17, 18 & 19 February


21 MOVIE: I LOVE HONG KONG at the Theatrette.

22 MOVIE: I LOVE HONG KONG at the Theatrette. CHILDREN DINING ETIQUETTE FOR CHINESE CUISINE 12pm at the Wheelhouse Function Room.

BREAKING DAWN PART 1 24, 25 & 26 February

28 MOVIE: THE THREE MUSKETEERS at the Theatrette.

29 MOVIE: THE THREE MUSKETEERS at the Theatrette. CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH 11.30am at the Churchill Room. LAWN BOWLS FRIENDLY VS SCC 3.30pm at Lawn Bowls Green.

Churchill Room Closure The Churchill Room will be closed for lunch on the following dates: 19 & 26 February • Dinner on the following dates: 26, 28 January and 11, 14 & 22 February • Lunch and dinner on 27 January.



e had three exciting events in November Chivas Regal Inter-Port Competition, 2011 Balut Championship Final Game and, most importantly, the Staff vs Members game. Chivas Regal Inter-Port Competition: We were doing pretty well in the pairs section with Sapinah and Sethuraman in the second position up to the 7th game but disaster struck on the 8th, leading to a great missed opportunity. Well, it was all the fault of your Convenor who also placed second in the singles category. However, he got the lucky draw prize (2 SilkAir tickets to India): not bad at all for a consolation prize! Padmini and Min won spot prizes, too. 2011 Balut championship (Peter Bird Trophy): Winners were announced in the last issue. Here are the final scores Sethuraman Ganesan:3847 Nina Menon: 3790

Vikram Raman: 3597 Sadiq Zoeb:3567 Staff vs Members: Despite the small representation, staff did extremely well and won again with a convincing margin of 353 points in six games. (I am not convinced that they have not been practising outside the club!) Well done, guys, and many thanks to Christine and her group for making this event an enjoyable one. Folks, looking forward to presenting a serious challenge next year: wake up, TC Baluteers! Winners Circle - Raj (698) and Betty (156) for the staff in the total and individual categories. On the members’ side it was Min (639) and Mavis (134). Congratulations to all! Happy Baluting and Season’s Greetings! Sethuraman Ganesan Balut Convenor



The Billiards Section ended the year with our annual Christmas snooker marathon and dinner. Upcoming events Billiards Section Chinese New Year 'Lo Hei' celebration – 19 January I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our members a prosperous new year ahead! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Cheung Yew Tak Billiards Convenor

24 BRIDGE 26


hings I have always loved most about the month of December every year at The Tanglin Club

are: The decorations in the Club house, the magnificent Christmas tree, the smell of pine wafting through the lobby, the enticing stand offering Christmas goodies for sale, the Christmas tree lighting ceremony and generally, just the over-all buzz of activity within Club premises. There is such a warm feeling of good will and festivity in the air. One can’t help but be caught up in this wonderful atmosphere that weaves a magic spell and wraps itself around us during this time of the year . It is therefore no surprise that our Christmas lunch/ bridge game is the most looked forward to occasion on our annual bridge calendar. Participating in this event is a joy-filled experience. Players came togged up in their christmassy outfits, red being the favourite colour of choice, teamed with some very imaginative accessories that Santa


would certainly have smiled at, and approved of. This year’s response was overwhelming. We had a total of 77 for lunch in the Raffles room with 31 regular pairs and 7 novice pairs for bridge after lunch in the adjoining room. The afternoon’s celebrations started off with a traditional Christmas lunch spread, complimented by ample wine and choices of soft drinks from the bar. During lunch, a trivia quiz for all tables was held. The winning team that won the prizes was Jansie Tan’s table. Soon after, everyone joined in the singing of some popular Christmas carols. This was followed by a lucky draw of 3 lovely prizes donated by Estee Lauder Singapore. Results for winners of the Annual Bridge Club Championship, and champion of the year were announced. Details shall appear in next month’s magazine. The spirit of joyfulness and liveliness carried across to the bridge room where play commenced, which made the job of the Director very challenging in trying to quieten us down for, after all “tis the season to be jolly“ An acknowledgement of Thanks to Estee Lauder Singapore for their generous donation of prizes. Happy Bridging all Sybil Schwencke Comminucations/ Magazine

Trivia Quiz Winning Table (Left to Right) Sharon Teo, Ayesha Elliot & Jansie Tan.

Santa’s Cheerleaders (Left to Right Front Row) Grace Yeh, Julie Guthrie & Christine Lim(Left to Right Back Row) Lily Lim & Annette Hartlani.

Patsy Mainwaring (left) and Pheck Tay.

Christine Theseira pondering over her cards.

Competition for Vienna Boys’ Choir (left) Then Bee Lian and Reeta Raj.

From left: Lyn Toft, Norma Keith, Theresa Lee and Ken Toft surrounding a Christmas Candle.

Valerie Dixon (Left) receiving her Lucky Draw Prize from Sybil Schwencke.

Committe Members (Left to Right) Esther Ling, Grace Yeh, Shyamala Kanagasundram, Sybil Schwencke, Bharoti Pande, Anjna Beri & Lily Lim.

Lily Lim Demonstrating Santa’s Favourite Dance “The Reindeer Hop”.

A Crowded Bridge Room, (Left to Right) Christina Chia, Catherine Ang, Sybil Schwencke & Madelaine Medora.

Nan Sandford and friends toasting to “GOOD TIMES”.


Bridge Gala Dinner

Saturday 11 February, 6.30pm at the Churchill Room

Price: $25 (Bridge Section Member), $45 (Non-Bridge Section Member) & $65 (Guest). Includes: Door gifts for everyone, dinner, live band, lucky draw prizes to be won and more! Special performance by Lotus Soh, Cynthia Yim and Diana Widjaya Enjoy the night with host, Benedict Goh! Theme: Sparkling Dress Code: Formal Prizes sponsored by:



n Saturday, 10 of December, the Darts Section had their Christmas party, as well as a friendly enjoyable game of darts with the National University of Singapore Society (NUSS). It was extremely rewarding and motivating to watch how both the Darts section and the NUSS enjoyed their friendly games. The afternoon started with both Singles and Doubles (Pairs) games. It was fun meeting up and enjoying a game of darts with Helene, Moh, Kris, Pek, Arthur, Patrick, Nash and other participants who are fond of the game, talk about darts, and, in general, share the addiction to darts. Yes, it does seem that positive addiction occurs as a result of continuously hurling pointed objects at a fixed target, retrieving them, and hurling them again. Most importantly we welcome Sarah Heah, at 17 years of age, the youngest Darts Section player, keen and full of enthusiasm to inject young blood to improve the level of competitiveness of the game. Amazingly, she managed to hit the Bulls Eye during the first game played at the club. Sarah, we hope you are going to be a potential champion of darts in the near future. Congratulations! To the following winners: • Highest Score: Ladies Nancy Chua and Gents Arthur •Highest number of Bulls Eyes: Ladies: Kris and Gents: Phillip Many thanks to MC Cheong for taking so much of his time to make this event a big success. MC orchestrated the party with music, dancing, singing etc by encourag-

ing everyone to participate in the fun. Our gratitude to the President for his presence to grace the occasion. We are also grateful to the S&R executives, as well as to the Tangles staff for their support to make all the activities fun and rewarding. Sepalika Kumarasinghe Darts Section Member

28 FITNESS TOUR DE SPINNING 2012 Fitness Challenge 1 February to 29 February 2012

Now is YOUR time! Participate in the “Tour de Spinning 2012” and ride at the Club. • 29 days of riding, complete with instructions. •Learn how to climb steep hills by climbing smarter, not harder. Experience riding a rock garden. •Learn new breathing patterns, how to delay fatigue and tuck when descending. We’ll help you do this and more! •Start fast without fading out and We’ll help you see how consistency is rewarded in the real tour. •Participants will be given a special edition T-shirts for completion and a prize for riding the greatest distance.

SEE YOU AT STAGE 1! Price: $12 per Member. Price includes a special edition t-shirt and goodie bag.

NUTRITION TIP OF THE MONTH During this holiday season with so many parties and gatherings going on, most of us are worried about putting on that extra few pounds that we’d spent the whole of last year getting off! If you are, like most people, solely relying on your will power to resist those goodies, then sorry to tell you: it doesn’t work most of the time. One trick that you can use is to actually eat before going to the party. Yes, you heard that right; we said ‘eat before going to the party’. This may sound crazy but it

works most of the time. The rationale is this: if you are already three quarters full when you reach the party, you are in better control because you are not hungry and will be able to make better food choices. As well, if you are already three quarter full, you will have less “room” for all the other “rich” food (unless of course you choose to stuff yourself!). Make sure the meal before is high in fiber and protein because these will satiate hunger while fueling your body. Lewis Toh Gym Supervisor



aiji is a Chinese martial art commonly known as tai chi, or taiji. The word taiji literally translates into “supreme ultimate fist” or “supreme ultimate boxing.” Taiji also refers to the Chinese yin-yang, which symbolizes the concept of two opposing forces coexisting harmoniously. This philosophy is demonstrated by taijiquan’s soft yet hard fighting style. Being an internal, or inward-focused martial art, taijiquan is not only used for self-defense, but also as a vehicle for improving health and longevity, lowering stress, and cultivating spiritual develop-

ment. Taijiquan can reduce anxiety, improve balance and muscle strength, improve sleep, relieve chronic pain, and increase energy. In 1956, the National Physical Culture and Sports Commission of the People’s Republic of China, under the leadership of the Taijiquan Committee Chairperson, Professor Li Tian Ji, developed standardized and simplified versions of many Taijiquan forms. Professor Li Tian Ji (1914-1996) led the development of the 24 Taijiquan Form. The Standard Simplified Beijing 24 Taijiquan Form was based on the Yang Family style of Taijiquan. James Wong Liang Chang Freelance Wushu/Taiji/Qigong Coach


YANG STYLE TAIJIQUAN 24 FORMS FOR BEGINNERS & SKILLED MEMBERS Every Saturday, 10am to 11am and 11.30am to 12.30pm starting from 4 February

Price: $60 per month (per Member) & $80 (per Guest) Minimum Number of Participants: 10 Attire : Preferably white T-shirts and black/blue long track pants and sports shoes. Interested Members may select either the 10am to 11am or 11.30am to 12.30pm time-slot for the course. For registration, please contact Coach James Wong Liang Chang at 9759 8205.


ONE-DAY TREK TO MOUNT LAMBAK Saturday, 3 March What a trip this will be!

Gunung Lambak (510m) situated at Kluang town, is less than 2-hour’s drive from Johore Bahru town. From the foot of mountain, it’s a level 600m walk before ascending to the summit, another 1000m hike. The total distance covered is 1.6km. Though short, the ascent is steep but there are ropes along the way to assist in ascending. The climb is definitely not for the weak-hearted! Price: $150 per Member




One-Day Wellness Retreat Wednesday, 15 February, 7.30am to 2pm at the Draycott Room Your Invitation to Health & Happiness with a Total Mind and Body Detox - All in One Holistic Wellness Day. This Fast Track Health Retreat Wellbeing is recommended for: • Stress relief • Detoxification • Relaxation • Renewed strength • Revitalisation • Rejuvenation Help your body recover from stress and strain. Improve your health today. Event includes: • Power Yoga • Meditation • Massage Workshop • Foot Massage • Breakfast/lunch Price: $99 per member. One Day Holistic Wellness Health Retreat Program; supporting all levels of your being. For bookings, enquiries and more information call the Gym at 66220575 or the Spa Botanica at 66220591


The Tanglin Club Magazine offers exclusive advertising space for members. As an advertising vehicle for quality products and services, it has few equals in Singapore. With a circulation of about 4,500 copies and readership of about 18,000, the magazine reaches corporate leaders from differnt industries and backgrounds. Advertising spaces available include: Premium Positions - Outside Back Cover, Inside Front Cover and Inside Back Cover • Run-of-Press - Full Page, Half Page and Quarter Page. For those interested in advertising with us, please contact Habib Mansoor at tel: 66220533 or email: Banquet Advertisement - half page - 6/19/2009 2:04:34 PM

Banquet Facilities At The Tanglin Club

Exclusive banquet facilities are available to members for wedding receptions, company dinner and dance, wedding anniversaries and birthday celebrations. For more information kindly contact Banquet Sales Dept at Tel 66220434 or email to




anah Merah has to be the best golf club in Singapore, a sentiment surely now shared by the 56 Tanglin Club members who played in the Annual Christmas Golf Bash in early December. TMCC were the perfect hosts with a buffet breakfast, the Tampines Course in superb condition, the biggest turkey & ham buffet lunch you’ve ever seen, a surprise Christmas gift and a prize of four rounds of golf for our Charity lucky draw. Christine and Said from the Tanglin Club made the day run smoothly from check-in at 7am to last drinks orders at 3pm. In between they transformed into Santarina and her Reindeer to hand out Christmas gifts from their buggy-sleigh on the course.

Committee congratulations to messrs Teo, Gan, Lim, Kang, Tan ,Cho, Eow, Young and Tan for winning the match or getting closest to the pin. And thank you to all who bought tickets for the charity lucky draw. We raised $1,398 for the Children’s Aid Society and made eleven Members happy as they scooped up $2,500 of prizes including a four ball at TMCC and a Taylor Made R11 driver. All in all a good day for all with 38 of the 56 players winning prizes and all 56 going home with two Christmas gifts. A big thank you to our sponsor for making this happen for only $99 and see you all at SICC for the January Social and February Coutts Captain’s Cup. Yours in Golf Chris Claridge Golf Convenor

With special thanks to our sponsor: One of the pioneers in private banking, today Coutts serves clients from over 40 offices across the world offering tailored wealth management, banking and trust services.


Ciputra 23 November 2011 From left: Douglas, Yiu Kwong, Anthony and Swee Chee, Stella, Shing Wai, Alex, Frank, Khoon Hin, Wolfgang, Philip, Kenneth and Meg, Magdalene, & Irene.


The final results were: Best Net : Frank Yung (66+73+76 = 215) Best Stableford: Philip Seet (35+31+34 = 100 points)


Acknowledgement Ms Agnes Cheong, our most excellent tour guide. Mr Mohd Said and Ms Christine Koh from the Sports Section, for organisation and help with the sponsors Mrs Meg Koh for her Photos Mr Alex Eow our tour leader who organised and oversaw everything

23 TO 26 NOVEMBER ur Tanglin Club Golf Section overseas trip this year took us to Surabaya for 3 Round Golf holiday. A mini competition was held with Best Net and Best Stableford Trophies to be won. There were also small daily prizes and also daily Handicap revisions for the Buayas. Incidentally, the name Surabaya comes from Sura (Shark) and Baya (Crocodile), both animals well known to Golfers. The 3 courses were the Ciputra, the Taman Dayu, and the Finna Golf Club. There were some wonderful scores the first day. Khoon Hin and Frank both shot 66 Net (42 Stableford) and took the honours . Taman Dayu on Day 2 is extremely tough and the good scores were not repeated. Frank Yung again was best Net with a score of 73, while Khoon Hin was best Stableford with 32 points. The Finna on Day 3 is particularly scenic, teeing off over Padi Terraces and having the beautiful volcano as a backdrop. This time, the best net and stableford were won by the husband and wife team of Douglas (70 nett) and Irene Cheam (Stableford 35).

Philip and Meg Koh, Irene and Douglas Cheam with their lovely caddies at Taman Dayu

Finna Golf club. Beautif


The “best� Padang Restaurant in Sabana Bundo Sati. Mrs Teo, Lim Surabaya, Khoon Hin, Anthony Teo, Yung Shing Wai & Alex Eow.

Text contributed by Dr Yung Shing Wai

Taman Dayu Golf Club

Best Stableford Champion Philip Seet.

Stuck for 5 hours in the bus because massive traffic jams

Day 2

Finna Golf Club Day 3


k Yung.

mpion Fran

Best Net Cha


Birthday Bash: 24 November This bimonthly was held on November 24 for Section Members having birthdays in November or December. Another enjoyable afternoon and another year older for us. One of the birthday boys was Bill Gartshore, who was mainly responsible for starting the Saturday afternoon socials many years ago.

5th Penang Sports Club Masters Racketball Tournament 10 to 12 November This tournament is played for the Oh How Tat Challenge Trophy, a memorial to the late Oh How Tat, a former club president and a regular competitor a few ago in The Tanglin Club International Jumbo Doubles Tournament. Racketball has become very popular at the Penang Sports Club and is played every week by many players in their Squash Section. Sixteen teams from Malaysia and Singapore took part. Two teams from the Tanglin Club Squash Section travelled to Penang to participate. Both teams did well given that 1) most of us play occasional racketball, and much more squash 2) it is an over 35s tournament and we had an average age of close to 60.

The team of Desmond Hill, Peter Rogers, Yvonne Hill and Jeffrey Lim narrowly missed out on reaching the plate final, while the other team of David Palmer, Ross MacKenzie, Merina MacKenzie and Jim Arthur (on loan from PSC) made the classic plate final but lost to a younger and more experienced team. It was a very well organised tournament and we will be sure to go again next year.

Upcoming Events The 13th International Jumbo Doubles Tournament is the major event on our calendar and will be held on 23rd to 26th February, 2012. The tournament features the world’s largest international squash single event with almost 200 participants with a wide range of nationalities and playing standards including professional players. The tournament also has a veterans (over 50s) event, which for 2012 will include two of the world’s top five over 50s players - current World Masters over 50s champion Geoff Davenport from Australia and Singapore’s own Zainal Abidin. Ross MacKenzie Squash Convenor



his month will lead us into the Year of the Dragon full of energy and ready for the bowling challenges of 2012. May the year ahead be auspicious for all our readers, their families and friends. Happy New Year! Kung Hei Fatt Choi! The inter-section competition for the Henton Cup was held on the afternoon of 20 November when, in spite of difficult weather conditions, eight teams turned out and during the course of play showed that they were not going to be put off by a little rainfall although at times a water polo competition might have been a more appropriate! Tennis and Squash each fielded two teams along with one each from Balut, Fitness and Golf and one from the General Committee captained by President Sim Yong Chan whom we were especially pleased to welcome to the green for the first time. The round robin stage of the tournament, judging by the noise of applause and laughter, was much enjoyed and resulted in the two finalists Tennis A and Squash B whilst the combatants for third and fourth places were Tennis B and Balut. After hard fought sessions in less than perfect playing conditions Tennis A emerged as champions with Squash B as first runner-up and Tennis B as second runner-up. At the after match dinner, which was held at the Tangles President Sim Yong Chan presented the prizes which included recognition of a g

team off d debutants to llawn b bowling Fitness b li ffrom the h Fi Section. Mark your new diaries please for The Novice Bowlers championship on Sunday 15 January, open to all novice bowlers irrespective of level of experience The Tanglin Club Lawn Bowls Section Annual Dinner and Prize presentation night on Friday 27 January and The friendly match to be hosted by the Tanglin Club against Singapore Cricket Club on Sunday 29 January will be followed by an evening of bonhomie. Hope to see you soon. John Child Lawn Bowls Section Secretary


MORNING LADIES CHRISTMAS TENNIS To mark the start of the festive season, Esther Ling organised a fun ladies team competition on the first Monday social morning in December. The large number of participants divided into 4 mixed-ability teams captained by Esther, Helen, Noni and Gail and although the final result was very close, Esther’s team came first with Noni’s team runners-up. After the prize-giving, we

had a lovely Christmas lunch at the tennis courts. Our thanks to Esther for putting this together and to the S&R office as well as the F&B department for ensuring its success.

Marion White Tennis Section Member

TANGLIN TIGERS WITS TEAM The autumn season of the Wits league came to an end towards the end of November and the Tanglin Tigers ended up 4th out of a pool of 11 in the Beta division. As always, there were some hard-fought matches throughout the season, as the standard seems to improve year on year. Despite the fact that ours is an ageing team and our opponents are often half our age, we had some

excellent results and were very proud of our efforts. However, there is always room for improvement and next season we hope to do better. Noni Heritage took over the captaincy of the team this season and did a sterling job. We would also like to thank the Tennis Committee for allowing us to continue playing in this league and the F&B Department for their help in providing refreshments after the matches. Marion White

Tennis Section Member

THE TANGLIN HIT SQUAD WITS TEAM The Tanglin Hit Squad WITS team made their debut in a new Division (C) this season.With a small but committed team of players, commendable effort was put in by all and the team emerged a respectable third place overall in their division. Special thanks goes to Coach Scott, for his invaluable advice and guidance to the team and to all our players for their hard work and dedication. We look forward to bettering our performance in the upcoming season! Gail Wang Vice-Captain, Tanglin Hit Squad



hope many of you got to enjoy some of the fun activities we had on offer to all our Members. Sunday 20th November - This is an intersection game where all the sports sections compete for the Henton Cup Bowls trophy. Tennis came in victorious against the squash side and our second team came in third place in some very wet conditions. 25th and 26th November Team Tennis- We started with a Team Tennis Dinner on the Friday night where the teams were all drawn. 4 teams and 10 players to a team. It came down to the wire after all teams had played it was a draw between team 2 and team 4. It

was decided to play a 10 point tie break, Team 2 started strongly but was overtaken and it was a victory to team 4. 27th November - we bid a sad farewell to Scott, one of our resident coaches after 4 years; he will be missed by all those who knew him. 2nd December - Family Social Tennis - an enjoyable event was had by our many family members. 3rd December - Kid Fun Tennis Day - another fun end-of-season event. 3rd December - End of Year Tennis Bash - Held in the Churchill Room and hosted by Vincent Lam, it was a fun night of quiz, singing and dancing. Virginia Longfellow Tennis Convenor




ith 2012 upon us, we’d like to wish all Members and their families a happy and prosperous year. Junior tennis classes will be resuming on January 7 and we’d like to welcome any enquiries from Members who are keen for their children to start tennis. The junior program at the club has been growing steadily over the last few years and this year we’ll be introducing some new initiatives to give the program

more direction and structure. One of those initiatives will be a yearly testing and achievement period where the children are tested on their knowledge and playing abilities in relation to their tennis classes. Parents will receive online report cards outlining their child’s progress whilst the children will work towards different level achievement bands to show their progress. All this is an effort to provide the club with one of the leading junior programs in Singapore. Information on classes can be obtained by emailing Mayling at

Revive and Revitalise JANUARY SPECIAL Receive a surprise gift with our Revive and Revitalise Treatment 90 minutes: $116 per person The treatment starts with a healing clay massage of Tibetan origin. During the warm detox, enjoy a facial cleansing followed by facial acupressure. Valid from now to 31 Jan 2012 (Mon – Thu except Public Holidays. Subject to availability)

Only at Tanglin Club Level 5, Tanglin Club, Sports and Recreation Centre, Tel: 6733 2778


6, 7 & 8 January • Drama (120 mins) • Starring: Johnny Depp, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Rispoli & Giovanni Ribisi • Director: Bruce Robinson Journalist Paul Kemp (Depp), tired of the noise and madness of New York and the conventions of late Eisenhower-era America, travels to Puerto Rico to write for a local newspaper. Adopting the rum-soaked life of the island, Paul is soon presented with a choice to use his words to promote a local corrupt businessman, or to take him down.


12, 14 & 15 January • Suspense (111 mins) • Starring: Sam Riley, Helen Mirren, Andrea Riseborough & John Hurt • Director: Rowan Joffe Pinkie (Riley), a young thug on the rise in the British underground, tries to make his mark on the vicious gangland scene in Brighton. Young, brash, ruthless and cold-hearted, Pinkie is a steely-eyed shark slithering through the underworld. When a young waitress stumbles on evidence of Pinkie’s crimes, she is stalked by Pinkie to ultimately ensure that she won’t talk.


20, 21, 22*, 24* January *2.30pm screening only • Comedy (104 mins) • Starring: Tony Leung Ka Fai, Sandra Ng, Anita Yuen & Fala Chen • Director: Eric Tsang A swindler, who conned money from all the neighbours of a housing estate 30 years ago, has now become a property tycoon, and promises to pay each of the 30-odd families who lived in that estate HK$100 million as compensation.


27, 28 & 29 January • Adventure (110 mins) • Starring: Ray Stevenson, Christoph Waltz, Orlando Bloom & Milla Jovovich • Director: Paul W. S. Anderson The hot-headed young D’Artagnan joins forces with three rouge musketeers in this reboot of Alexandre Dumas’ story. They must stop the evil Richlieu (Waltz) and face off with Buckingham (Bloom) and the treacherous Milady (Jovovich).

Please note that No Food and Drinks are allowed in the Theatrette. UPCOMING MOVIES 3, 4 & 5 February Twilight

10, 11 & 12 February New Moon

17, 18 & 19 February Eclipse

24, 25 & 26 February Breaking Dawn Part 1

Showtimes: Friday, 8pm • Saturday, 6pm & 9pm • Sunday, 2.30pm and 8pm • Film Ratings: G – General viewing • PG – Parental guidance required NC16 – No children below 16 • M18 – For viewers age 18 and above • R21 – For adults age 21 and above • For Enquiries: Please call Reception at 66220555 or visit the website for more information. Tickets can be obtained at Reception. Moviegoers are to be seated 15 minutes before showtime. Movie details subject to changes.

The Jackpot Room now has two new additions to its bank of gaming machines. The exciting new chi machines offer players ma 5 pay lines, which play50 e will take delight in ers d to the sheer volume due of w o winning opportunities aavailable. ava

The Tanglin Club Magazine: January 2012  
The Tanglin Club Magazine: January 2012  

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