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National Day

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5th of every month for the following issue

Opinions expressed in The Tanglin Club Magazine are solely those of the writers and do not necessarily represent those of The Tanglin Club. The Magazine welcomes articles and other contributions from members. However, the Magazine & Website Sub-Committee reserves the right to edit all materials, select photographs to be used, or decline publication. MICA (P) 132/05/2011. Published by The Tanglin Club. Printed by Photoplates Pte Ltd.


PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE My Fellow Members Last week the Club received a letter from a Member who wrote in response to my message in the July 2011 Magazine. It was an interesting and thoughtful letter. While mulling over a suitable reply, I decided instead to share the letter and my reply with you because the Member’s views on PTM, over-crowding in the Club, facilities for children and “senior” Members and the Churchill Room are matters of interest to Members. The Member expressed the hope that his “opinions, which (he knows) many other Members share, will be seen as a contribution when making decisions on this subject.” The Member urged the Club not to raise the PTM. In his view, “Particularly on weekends, the Club is crowded (sic), at times there is no seat available even in the Reading Room.” It “is not possible any longer to entertain a visiting business friend in a peaceful ambience as provided by other Clubs such as The American Club.” The Club had been a “construction site” for “far too long which has brought much unhappiness to us Members.” He concluded that, “Much money has been spent on providing facilities for children and it is important to remember that senior Members deserve areas for entertainment in style, therefore, let us please keep the Churchill Room to be the ‘flagship’ in line with the tradition of Tanglin Club.” We have about 3,930 Ordinary Members with ages ranging from 20+ to 80+. The Club must seek to cater to their different needs and interests by providing the necessary facilities and amenities. Any sensible discussion of children’s facilities, overcrowding in the Club and “peaceful ambience” must take into account the age-profiles of Members. For instance, Members who are between the ages of 30 to 49 (with young children or teenagers?), who constitute about 30% of the membership, and for whom, “(m)uch money has been spent providing facilities (for them)” have welcomed the new children’s facilities. Members in the 50 to 80+ age


group, who make up about 60% of the membership, and who are probably not too excited about the new children’s facilities, are more likely to be concerned about “over-crowding” in the Reading Room, “peaceful ambience” and the ability to dine “in style” in the Churchill Room. The question may be asked: Is the Club doing enough for them? I have asked the Planning SubCommittee to look into rationalising or maximising the use of our premises to take into account Members’ present and future needs. For instance, should we move the Library and the Reading Room to bigger premises in the Sports Centre? What about setting up a business centre or a karaoke lounge? Why do we need such a big room and 4 billiard tables when there are so few players? To say that the Club had been a “construction site” for “too long” is unfortunate and not really helpful. The facilities and amenities of the Club are for the use and enjoyment of Members, 365 days of the year. Those facilities and amenities do have to be properly and regularly maintained, and where necessary, upgraded, renovated or refurbished. When the Member says that the Club is not obliged to increase the PTM just because there are 1,300 Singaporeans on the Waiting List, what he is really saying is that the Club did not promise membership to those people. No reasonable person will quarrel with that statement. At the same time, it is important to recognise that many Members (particularly those with children on the Waiting List), are in favour of increasing the PTM. It is an emotive issue. In one sense, we must be doing things right. Some clubs face declining membership. We have 1,300 people waiting to join us. I have a personal interest in raising the PTM because I have children on the Waiting List. I believe that a strong case can be made for an increase in the PTM in the context of the sort of club Members want, going forward. At the risk of over-simplifying the debate, the choice is between increasing subscriptions and F&B prices or having more members in the Club. The Tanglin Club Magazine August 2011

On the occasion of our National Day, Helen and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Singaporean Members, Selamat Hari Kebangsaan. Majulah Singapura. Sim Yong Chan President The Tanglin Club

GENERAL MANAGER’S MESSAGE Dear Members, Work on the Lobby and Churchill Room renovations has been progressing well. For more updates kindly see the Renovation Update report on page 4. Since the closing of the Churchill Room, we have been serving a family lunch buffet on Sundays at Tangles, which has been well received. It’s a great alternative to the Wheelhouse for families with children. Despite the ongoing renovations, we have lots of new activities lined up, such as the Karaoke Night and Casino Night, and not forgetting ongoing ones like the Teens Disco Party, BBQ Night at the Wheelhouse and Poolside on the last Friday of each month, and Bingo Night at Tangles every second Thursday of the month. In next month’s magazine you can

Building Better Teamwork Among Staff


EVENTEEN Staff Members attended the first in-house teambuilding programme called Teamplay & Teamwork, to reinforce the importance of teamwork.

look out for our first preview of the Christmas programmes. Yes, it is that time of the year when our planning for the year-end activities is in full swing. Meanwhile, we would like to remind Members on the dress code for the various outlets. The information can be found on the Club’s website, or Members can pick up a copy of the bye-laws at the Reception counter or Membership Office. For Members who invite Guests to the Club, kindly remind them that Guest parking at the Main Club is only allocated to the open upper deck. Clear signs have been placed in the car park and Guests are also advised by Security upon entering the Club. Despite this, many Guests continue to park at lots allocated to Members, causing unhappiness. Please note the Club has started to

The group participated in a series of team-building activities focused on effective communication and feedback, building trust, listening skills and building effective work relations at the workplace. After each activity, there was

take action and will wheel clamp and charge a release fee for Guests who park their cars indiscriminately. With warm regards, Herbert Hofer General Manager The Tanglin Club

time to celebrate success or analyse what went wrong. At the end of the programme, some participants were happy to express their personal opinions. One cited “she finally realised that it was okay to make a mistake as it did not mean that she would fail again if she had to do it again”. Another added: “For the past 10 years, I have been taking instructions. Now, I want to share my ideas and try to contribute to the decision-making process.” Celestine Kho HR Manager The Tanglin Club


Sim Yong Chan Humphrey Chua Vincent Troy Patrick Kwek Ronnie Lim Nan Sandford Frank Newman Dr Richard Tan Robert Wiener Dr Richard Tan Dr Albert Wee Robert Wiener



False ceiling and wall panels removed.

The Mens’ Washroom

The Ladies Washroom.

Floor tiles removed from the Main Lobby.

The Main Lobby.


The Tanglin Club Magazine August 2011


Phase 1 Completion on Target W

ork on Phase 1 of the programme is progressing well, and is on schedule to be completed by 30 September. During the later part of August or early-September, there will be a one-week disruption to the operation of the Deli Lounge as the flooring at the walkway will be changed to match the new flooring at the Main Lobby. During this period, the ATM machine service will be disrupted. We will put up notices in advance once we have the exact schedule for the work in this area. We will continue to update Members on the progress via our Notice Boards throughout the Club. With warm regards, Herbert Hofer General Manager

New structure at Bar Area.

Churchill Room Entrance

New Stage Area erected.

The Churchill Room.



New Members Dr Donald Porter Hanna and Diana Leigh Daymond.

New Members Dr Tony Tan Jee-Theng and Li Qiu Juan.

From left: President Sim Yong Chan, Mrs Helen Sim and New Member Emiliano Ragnini.

Proposer Lim Choot and New Member Cheryl Chan Yen-Ping.


New Members Hugh William Scheffer and Rosemarie Audrey Scheffer.

New Member Lim Lai Heok and Proposer Lum Kei Wing.

New Member Serene Chua Su Ling and Proposer Jeremy Sng Wei Jun.

The Tanglin Club Magazine August 2011

Proposer Joanna Ng Wei-Ching and New Member Stefano Nizza.


From left: Seconder Michael Balbirnie, New Members Hayley Jayne Metcalf and Ranjit Rammohan Hosangady.

New Members Mark Andrew Maguire and Michelle Tan Su May, and Proposer Ho Tian Yee.

From left: Proposer Mok Yee Ming, New Members Dr Aidan Yeo Choon Poh, Dr Yong Su Lin, and Seconder Alexander Yew.

From left: New Member Christian Joel Lee, Proposers Teeny Teh Wee Ting and Dr Teh Wee Lyn, and New Member Frederick Teo Li-Wei.

Introduction Evening 4 July

We extend a warm welcome to our new Members.

Ordinary Members • Dr Donald Porter Hanna and Diana Leigh Daymond • Ranjit Rammohan Hosangady and Hayley Jayne Metcalf • Mark Andrew Maguire and Michelle Tan Su May • Bharat Himatlal Parajia • Dr Tony Tan Jee-Theng and Li Qiu Juan • Dr Aidan Yeo Choon Poh and Dr Yong Su Lin

Term Members

• Emiliano Ragnini • Hugh William Scheffer & Rosemarie Audrey Scheffer

Associate Members • Cheryl Chan Yen-Ping (Spouse of Lim Choot) • Serene Chua Su Ling (Spouse of Jeremy Sng Wei Jun) • Mittali Kapur (Spouse of Manish Bobby Kapur) • Christian Joel Lee (Spouse of Teeny Teh Wee Ting) • Lim Lai Heok (Spouse of Lum Kei Wing) • Stefano Nizza (Spouse of Joanna Ng Wei-Ching) • Frederick Teo Li-Wei (Spouse of Dr Teh Wee Lyn)

• Allan & Anna Hedley

Farewell We bid a fond farewell to our Members who are converting to Absent Membership, and we hope to welcome them back soon. • Mr & Mrs Sharad Paul Dorai Raj • Ms Kathleen Leong Kah Poh • Ms Cynthia Sarn Ling • Mr & Mrs John Stanley Moderate • Mrs Grace Ong Keng Hoon • Mrs Grace Jeanne Tan

Obituary The Club is saddened by the passing of Capt Cary Donald Williams, a Member of 31 years, after a long fight with cancer. He was 67 years old. He will be sadly missed by his wife Mandy, and children Clay, Travis, Gage and Tiffany, and grandchildren Sebastian and Grant.



Pescadito Frito.

Alex, our handsome waiter.

Boquerones Marinados.

Albert Adrià, Jordan and Shanta.


Joshua, Jordan and Yasmine with Ferran Adrià.

Ticket GASTRONOMIC Delight’ TO


t was nearly four years ago that my husband and I were fortunate enough to dine at Ferran Adrià’s iconic El Bulli, and so it was with a measure of great sadness we learnt of its closing. However, to my delight, in late-2010, I learnt that Ferran Adria and his brother Albert, an acclaimed pastry chef, were opening a contemporary tapas bar named Tickets in Barcelona. Tickets, opened in March 2011 and I made it my mission to secure a coveted reservation through its website, which is the only means of doing so. Unsurprisingly, the auto-generated answer was always the same: “We are fully booked.” Undeterred we booked our return to Singapore via Barcelona. Other than Lyon, my husband and I rank Barcelona as one of our favorite European cities. The three days we had allotted to “Barca”, went by in the blink of an eye with us following a strict gastronomic schedule interspersed by long walks through its winding streets. On our last evening before returning to Singapore, we decided that we should at the very least visit Tickets to see what the hullabaloo was all about. We arrived with our three young children at 164 Av Paral•lel at 7.30pm to try our luck and see if we could even have a quick drink. Unfortunately, Tickets was fully booked and it seemed that all was lost. However, the gods were being favourable to us that night and since, a reservation for four had surprisingly not turned up, we were offered a table!


We were shown to our table, not fully appreciating the fortune that had come our way. Not only did we get into Tickets with our children, but Ferran Adrià was sitting at the Tapas Bar enjoying a meal with his partner. Tickets, like El Bulli, pushes the culinary envelope to provide the promise of surprise, but still respects the fundamentals of the dish. I am no food critic but what I can tell you is that the tastes are sensational. There is no greater pleasure than watching your child place what he believes to be an olive into his mouth, and then the expression on discovering something totally different. The service and kitchen staff ensured my three young children were well catered to. Our remarkably handsome waiter Alex simply asked us to trust him with the tapas choices and with no choice, we submitted our selves: from the air-cured ham to the honeyed tomato tartar, the cotton candy tree, and the liquid chocolate fritters. Every one of the tapas was carefully prepared to challenge and please. My husband and I enjoyed the evening not only for the amazing and delectable delights, but for the fact our three children were fortunate enough to have had the pleasure of sampling culinary surprises in such an amazing environment, meeting the geniuses behind Tickets and an evening to remember for a long time. La vida tapa! Shanta Sundarason

The Tanglin Club Magazine August 2011

It Pays To Be A Member... Enjoy the benefits of gaming in a private room, with personalised service by familiar and friendly staff, and be treated to complimentary finger food and drinks. Invite a Guest or two to share the fun, in your very own exclusive Club.


Dance Party For Teens 17 June

Auction & Buffet Dinner

at the Churchill Room 3 July

EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT National Day Art Exhibition

Writing Contest

Another Land, Another Life – Living in Singapore

Saturday, 6 August, 11am to 7pm at the Wheelhouse Function Room To celebrate Singapore’s 46th Birthday, Participants of the Children’s Art Class, conducted by Mr Yap Sin Guan, have created National Day-themed art works for this event. Don’t miss it! FREE for all Members.

15 to 25 August

Budding young writers: share your stories about moving to Singapore and living in a multicultural society. Entries should be written not exceeding 200 words in the age four to seven category and 1,000 words for the age eight to 12 category. Winning entries will be published in The Tanglin Club Magazine’s October issue. Please indicate your name, membership number and age of participant. All entries are to be submitted to the Reception between 15 and 25 August.

Crafty Fun

Saturdays, 6 & 20 August, and 3 & 17 September, 11am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 3.30pm at the Playroom Grab your scissors, grab b your glue! Discover super cute crafts that are easy to make in an hour or less! Check out the Playroom for activity details.

Gelish Sparty

• National Day Wreath – 6 August

Friday, 2 September, 6.30pm to 9.30pm at the Teen’s Lounge

• Wind Cup – 20 August

Try out the latest trend: Gel nail polish that doesn’t chip. Have a Gel manicure or pedicure party with your friends at a great discount! Sign in up to three Guests and the Member will receive a FREE nail art service! Price: $30 (Member) & $35 (Guest). Price includes finger food, door gift and either an express manicure or pedicure. Suitable for age 12 and above. Event requires a minimum of 12 participants to commence.

• Pasta Picture Frame – 3 September • Pin Wheel – 17 September Price: $5 (Member) & $7 (Guest). Suitable for age 12 and below. Booking required.

Event Disclaimer

Please note that reservations for all Club events must be in written form and submitted to the Events Department prior to the last day for cancellation date. There is no guarantee of placement or seat for walk-in registration on the day of the event. The organisers, sponsors, and anyone involved in the organisation of Club events will not be held liable for late cancellation, overbooking, force majeure or any other unforeseen situation beyond their control.

FOR ENQUIRIES Please contact Events Department at 66220437/0438. FOR RESERVATIONS Email


The Tanglin Club Magazine August 2011

Saturday, 27 August, 7.30pm at Tangles Groove on and bring out the singing superstars among your family and friends at our very own Karaoke Night. Enjoy special drinks and good food as you listen to the next Tanglin Idol belt out your favourite tunes at Tangles.

Price: $40 (Member) & $45 (Guest). Price includes buffet dinner.


Saturday, 10 September, 1pm to 5pm at West Coast Park, *Transport Leaves Club at 1pm. Zoom around with Pedal Go-Kart, a fun and healthy outdoor activity for all. Challenge your friends and parents to an exhilarating race. Go for it! Price: $60 (Member) & $70 (Guest). Price includes two-way transport from the Club and two-hour rental of Pedal Go-Karts. Suitable for age 12 and above. Event requires a minimum of 12 participants to commence.

Teens Etiquette Programme

Minding Your Manners

Saturday, 17 September, 6pm to 8pm at the Teens Lounge Help your teenager make a smooth transition into adulthood. This Just For Teens programme will help to polish up your teen’s manners and teach your teenager how to behave in a social setting. Price: $35 (Member) & $40 (Guest). Price includes set dinner. Suitable for age 12 and above. Booking required.

Making Fun Lanterns

Saturday, 10 September, 4pm to 6pm at the Wheelhouse Function Room Create your own Mid-Autumn lantern and celebrate a special Mid-Autumn Festival at The Tanglin Club. Price: $15 (Member) & $18 (Guest). Event requires a minimum of 12 participants to commence. Suitable for age 6 and above.

Saturday, 10 September, 7pm to 8pm at the Poolside

Groovy Boogie Teenage Dance Party


Lantern Parade

Friday, 23 September, 7.30pm to 9.30pm at the Teens Lounge

Join our annual Lantern Parade around the Poolside and be amazed by the magical transformation of the Club by candle light.

A party that’s fun for teens to mingle and dance the night away to cool and hip music. Good food and a great time awaits! Price: $18 (Member) & $20 (Guest). Price includes refreshments. Event requires a minimum of 12 participants to commence.

FREE for all Members.

Event Disclaimer

Please note that reservations for all Club events must be in written form and submitted to the Events Department prior to the last day for cancellation date. There is no guarantee of placement or seat for walk-in registration on the day of the event. The organisers, sponsors, and anyone involved in the organisation of Club events will not be held liable for late cancellation, overbooking, force majeure or any other unforeseen situation beyond their control.

FOR ENQUIRIES Please contact Events Department at 66220437/0438. FOR RESERVATIONS Email


The Tanglin Club Magazine August 2011



Frid day, 23 3 September, 7.30pm at the Rafffles Roo om

You don’t have to go to Las Vegas to try your hand at Lady Luck. Experience Las Vegas at the Raffles Room. Stellar entertainment, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and much more will redefine your evening of enjoyment. Price: $78 (Member) & $88 (Guest). Price includes Buffet Dinner


ANDREW SIMON & WARREN LEE Thursday, 8 September, Cocktails at 6.30pm, at Wine Bar & Concert at 8pm, at the Theatrette

Price: $45 (Member), and $55 (Guest) Time : 7pm Cocktail and canapes. Concert begins at 8pm. Duration of concert: 60 minutes Price includes free flow of wine and canapés during the cocktail hours.

The Tanglin Club is delighted to invite Members and their Guests to a musical evening with Andrew Simon, Prinicpal Clarinettist of the Hong Kong Philhamonic Orchestra and Steinway Artist Warren Lee. They will be playing an interesting and varied programme. Over drinks and canapes, Guests will have the opportunity to talk with the musicians after the concert. Simon has won acclaim on four continents for his brilliant musicianship and “almost god-like technique” (Auditorium magazine). Lee was the first prize winner of the 1995 Stravinsky Awards International Piano Competition, the Grand Prix Ivo Pogorelich and was hailed by critics as a pianist “with technique to burn, an extraordinary intellect, and a Horowitzian colour of romanticism”. We are honoured that they have offered to give a private concert to our Members in the intimate surroundings of The Tanglin Club. Please ensure early booking to avoid disappointment .

FOR ENQUIRIES Please contact Events Department at 66220437/0438. FOR RESERVATIONS Email



Available every last Friday of the Month, 6pm to 10pm Swimmers relaxing in the pool and children playing happily, tempting smells from the barbecue, the occasional laughter of friends and family around a delicious meal, and you know life is sweet. What better way to wind down and wash away the stress of the week than to sit back and enjoy the spread prepared by our talented chefs. Price: $19.80 (Adult) & $8.80 (Child).

Wine Circle: The Second Chapter Bordeaux Second Wines (2007) Friday, 5 August, 7pm at the Raffles Room

The Wine Circle is organising tastings of selected Bordeaux Second Wines (Second Vin) from 2007. This vintage comes in the shadow of the exceptional 2005, but unlike the very tannic 2005, some are ready for drinking now. The seven wines to be tasted on Friday, 5 August are (the second label is in brackets): 1) Dame de Montrose 2007 (Montrose) 2) Demoiselle de Sociando Mallet 2007 (Sociando Mallet) 3) La Sirène de Giscours 2007 (Giscours) 4) Les Fiefs de Lagrange 2007 (Lagrange) 5) Les Hauts Du Tertre 2007 (Du Tertre) 6) Mondot 2007 (Troplong Mondot) 7) Pavillon de Poyferre 2007 (Leoville Poyferre)

Cake of the month

Mocha Walnut Cake

Available for dine-in or takeaway in August at the Deli Lounge. With chocolate and coffee as the distinctive flavours, this cake is an undeniable palate pleaser. The irresistible taste of mocha and the nutty crunch of walnuts combine to create a mouth-watering treat. Price: $5 (per slice) & $38.80 (whole cake).

Price: $40 (Wine Circle Member), $55 (Non-Wine Circle Member) & $70 (Guest). Dress Code: Club Standard. Last day for cancellation: Tuesday, 2 August. Price includes finger food. Numbers limited to 45.

Live Screening

Mooncake Promotion

Available in September at the Deli Lounge The Mooncake Festival is celebrated by eating delicious moon cakes, drinking tea and eenjoying the beautiful moon at its full fullest and roundest. More details i soon! coming

9 September to 23 October at Terrace Bar, & Beer Garden New Zealand will play host to this year’s Rugby World Cup, which will see 20 teams competing for the trophy. The first match will see New Zealand square off against Tonga. Get caught up in the excitement right here at the Club!

FOR ENQUIRIES Please contact Food & Beverage Department at 66220432 or email


The Tanglin Club Magazine August 2011

Celebrating Celebrating

National Day

at at The The Tanglin Tanglin Club Club


Every Second Thursday of the Month, 8.30pm at Tangles It’s Bingo Night at The Tanglin Club! The game everyone knows and loves is here once again. It’s easy to play and it’s loads of fun, not to mention attractive prizes to be won! Buffet dinner will also be available at $18 per person. Play to win, and win big! FREE for all Members.

Refreshing Drinks at the Wheelhouse

Smoothies at the Poolside Available everyday

Available in August

Tired of the usual over-sweetened fizzy drinks? Why not try our new line of refreshing thirst quenchers? From August onwards, the Wheelhouse will be serving Lemongrass and Barley Drinks – guaranteed to satisfy the deepest thirst in tropical Singapore. Price: $1.50 per glass.

*Picture for illustrative purpose only.

Sun tanning by the Pool or just relaxing in the shade enjoying the balmy breeze with a luscious smoothie in your hands, and life is perfect. From fruity to chocolate to minty flavours, with and without alcohol, the choice is yours. Apple Passion, Strawberry Colada, Mango Daiquiri, Margarita Velvet, Chocolate Brûlée, Passion Mint and Whiteberry, why not try them all. Price: $6.50 (alcoholic smoothies) & $5.50 (nonalcoholic smoothies).

Enrich your family Sunday afternoon with a refreshing buffet lunch only at the Tangles. Feast on the finest selection of delicacies.

Price: $19.80 (Adult) & $9.90 (Child) FOR ENQUIRIES Please contact Food & Beverage Department at 66220432 or email


The Tanglin Club Magazine August 2011

Boston Lobster

Available in August at the Tavern The Boston Lobster promotion is back. The Club’s talented chefs will prepare the crustaceans in a variety of ways to bring out the full enjoyment of eating this succulent seafood, only at the Tavern.











SQUASH MASTERS & VETERANS CHAMPIONSHIP 1 August to 10 September at the Squash Courts

SQUASH SECTION HANDICAP 6.45pm at the Squash Courts.



DARTS TEAM TRAINING Every Friday, 4pm at Tangles

LAWN BOWLS SOCIALS 6.30pm at the Lawn Bowls Green.

WINE CIRCLE DOUBLE BILL BORDEAUX SECOND WINES Friday, 5 August, 7.30pm at the Raffles Room. MOVIE: RANGO at the Theatrette.






SAKE SENSATION Available at all Bars.



BINGO NIGHT Every second Thursday of the Month, 8.30pm at Tangles.

MOVIE: 127 HOURS at the Theatrette.


LAWN BOWLS SOCIALS 6.30pm at the Lawn Bowls Green.


MOVIE: RANGO at the Theatrette.* *National Day Special Matinee Screening at 2.30pm.







SQUASH SECTION HANDICAP 6.45pm at the Squash Courts.


HEINEKEN BUCKET BONANZA Available at Terrace Bar.

MOVIE: THE ILLUSIONIST at the Theatrette.

LAWN BOWLS SOCIALS 6.30pm at the Lawn Bowls Green.


22 HEINEKEN BUCKET BONANZA Available at Terrace Bar.

23 SQUASH SECTION HANDICAP 6.45pm at the Squash Courts.




BRIDGE BINGO NIGHT 7pm at Wine Bar & Card Room.

LAWN BOWLS SOCIALS 6.30pm at the Lawn Bowls Green.

INTER-SOCIAL CLUBS GOLF TOURNAMENT 12.30pm at Warren Golf & Country Club.

26 ANNUAL GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP 1pm at SICC. POOLSIDE BBQ Available every last Friday of the month, 6pm to 10pm. GELISH SPARTY Friday, 6pm to 8pm at the Teens Lounge. MOVIE: THE HANGOVER PART II at the Theatrette.

29 SAKE SENSATION Available at all Bars.


HARI RAYA PUASA MOVIE: THE HANGOVER PART II at the Theatrette.* *Hari Raya Puasa Special Matinee Screening at 2.30pm.

SQUASH SECTION HANDICAP 6.45pm at the Squash Courts.


31 INTRODUCTION OF DARTS GAME 6.30pm at Tangles. LAWN BOWLS SOCIALS 6.30pm at the Lawn Bowls Green.

The Tanglin Club Magazine August 2011





NATIONAL DAY ART EXHIBITION 10am to 7pm at the Wheelhouse Function Room.

NATIONAL DAY ART EXHIBITION 10am to 7pm at the Wheelhouse Function Room.

CRAFTY FUN 11am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 3.30pm at the Playroom.

LAWN BOWLS SOCIALS 4pm at the Lawn Bowls Green.

TENNIS SOCIALS 4pm at the Tennis Courts.

TENNIS SOCIALS 4pm at Tennis Courts.

FUN DAY DARTS First Saturday of the Month at Tangles.

MOVIE: RANGO at the Theatrette.

THE BEAVER 2, 3 & 4 September

SQUASH BIRTHDAY BASH 5pm at Beer Garden. MOVIE: RANGO at the Theatrette.



TENNIS SOCIALS 4pm at the Tennis Courts.

LAWN BOWLS SOCIALS 4pm at the Lawn Bowls Green.

MOVIE: 127 HOURS at the Theatrette.

TENNIS SOCIALS 4pm at Tennis Courts. MOVIE: 127 HOURS at the Theatrette.

JUSTIN BIEBER – NEVER SAY NEVER 9, 10 & 11 September



CRAFTY FUN 11am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 3.30pm at the Playroom.

LAWN BOWLS SOCIALS 4pm at the Lawn Bowls Green.

TENNIS SOCIALS 4pm at the Tennis Courts.

TENNIS SOCIALS 4pm at Tennis Courts.

MOVIE: THE ILLUSIONIST at the Theatrette.

MOVIE: THE ILLUSIONIST at the Theatrette.

BARNEY’S VERSION 16, 17 & 18 September



KARAOKE NIGHT 7.30pm at Tangles.

LAWN BOWLS SOCIALS 4pm at the Lawn Bowls Green.

TENNIS SOCIALS 4pm at the Tennis Courts.

TENNIS SOCIALS 4pm at the Tennis Courts.

MOVIE: THE HANGOVER PART II at the Theatrette.

MOVIE: THE HANGOVER PART II at the Theatrette.

GREEN LANTERN 23, 24 & 25 September


National Day at The Tanglin Club

National Day Buffet Dinner & NDP Live Screening Tuesday, 9 August, from 5.30pm onwards at Tangles


Multicultural National Day Brunch Tuesday, 9 August, 11.30am to 2.30pm at Tangles

Cake of the month

Mocha Walnut Cake

Available for dine-in or takeaway in August at the Deli Lounge.

MR POPPER’S PENGUIN 30 September, 1 & 2 October


BALUT Empire Cup vs The British Club Yes, It’s A Hat-Trick!

Monthly Game Results

Winning the Empire Cup for the third year in a row on 2 July marked a special afternoon for The Tanglin Club’s Baluteers. Well done, girls and guys, and special thanks to Nina Menon for the splendid contribution! As usual, the afternoon started with food and drinks, followed by six games of Balut. To say the least, the game went to the wire. At the end of the fourth game, The British Club was leading by more than 150 points. The veterans, as well as novices, of The Tanglin Club were not willing to throw in the towel. Their determination paid off in the fifth game with The Tanglin Club taking a small lead. The decider was tense but The Tanglin Club persisted, and clinched the trophy with a margin of 50 points on a total over 9,000 – a shade more than 0.5%. Wow! What a game, and what a sweet ending. It would be amiss not to mention the generous hospitality of our host, The British Club and its Convenor David Quinn, and the friendly rivalry of its players, which made the afternoon even more enjoyable. Thanks, David.

The monthly game in June was well attended by 15 players, including two Guests. Once again, Nina Menon scored the highest total of 677 and also the highest game score of 150. Padmini Panikar received the prize for the secondhighest game score (130). Well done, Nina and Padmini. Congratulations! Leader board At end of June (total based on best four games in 2011) 1. Nina Menon 2,569 2. Sethuraman Ganesan 2,541 3. Vikram Raman 2,370 4. Sapinah Hughes 2,336 5. Zoeb Sadiq 2,332 6. Fatema Sadiq 2,326 Sethuraman Ganesan Convenor

Now the statistics. The Tanglin Club: Highest total score (666) and game score (147) by Nina Menon. The British Club: Highest total score (654) and game score (142) by Rick Clements.


Upcoming Events • Inter-Club Competition Hosted by NUSS Wednesday, 17 August, 7pm • Monthly Game Friday, 26 August, 7pm at the Card Room

The Tanglin Club Magazine August 2011


New Senior Handicap Champion Chay Pockets Key Role The Tanglin Club Billiards Sub-Committee is pleased to report that K F Chay, our Sub-Committee Member, was elected a VicePresident on the board of Cuesports Singapore at the association’s annual general meeting held on 25 June. Cuesports Singapore, formerly known as The Singapore Billiards and Snooker Council, has been serving the interests of billiard sports and players since 1892 when it was known as The Billiards Club. Its present name was adopted in 1965, and the association is recognised as the sole governing body for the sport.

The Senior Handicap Snooker Tournament was played from 30 May and concluded on 25 June. The winner was K K Chong, who just turned a senior this year and was competing in the event for the first time. K K defeated defending champion John Yeo, who was first runner-up, and Chu Tee Seng was second runner-up. K F Chay, a Sub-Committee Member, gave away the prizes. K K Chong

Currently, 40 local membership clubs and 60 recreational and entertainment outlets are affiliated to Cuesports. The organisation has close to 2,700 individual members. More details of the association can be found at The website offers information on courses, events, membership, video and photo galleries and clubhouse. Congratulations, Chay! K K Chong





e, the Members of the Tanglin Club Bridge Section have one thing in common, our love for bridge. How fortunate we are, to have the opportunity to meet three times a week to play this fascinating game in congenial surroundings. Wouldn’t it be great when we can all agree that each session we attend, is a happy one no matter what the results are, because we are here principally to enjoy ourselves but, at the same time give of our very best to test our individual knowledge and our skills at this difficult game. However, the reality is, that in the hustle and bustle of our hectic everyday lives, coupled with the desire to excel in whatever we are doing, little gestures of consideration are often taken for granted or simply forgotten. Perhaps we should, from time to time when we sit at table to play, ask ourselves these questions:

These are ordinary mindful actions that, when given some thought to, can be most rewarding. We all play to win. We love to win... we hope to win. A good sportsman is one who plays so that his/her partner and opponents enjoy the game too. At the end of the day, it is not winning or losing that matters, but more importantly, it is the experience of meeting and playing with others who like us, share the same passion as we do for this wonderful game. Happy Bridging, all! Sybil Schwencke Communications/Magazine

•Do I have good sportsmanship? Good sportsmanship refers to courtesy and respect for your partner and your opponents, fairness, and self control at table. •Do I give due respect for the rules of the Director? •Do I make it a point to be kind to my partner and nice to my opponents? •Do I welcome those at my table and make them feel comfortable and at ease so that they too can enjoy their game?







25 August

Bridge Bingo Night & Dinner (Section Members only)


Wine Bar/Card Room


Overseas Trip

Details to be announced

17 October

Diwali Bridge & Tea


Raffles Room

12 November

Annual Bridge Championship & Lunch


Wine Bar/Card Room

2 December

Christmas Lunch & Bridge


Raffles Room

The Tanglin Club Magazine August 2011


Novice Turns the Table with Stunning Shot M C Cheong, Khor Buck Chye, Albert Heng, Esther Ling and others regularly provide coaching and encourage beginners to play Darts. As a result, The Tanglin Club has produced many good players within a short period. The regular monthly competition was held as usual on 2 July, and an unexpected pair turned out to be the eventual winners. Gamini Kumarasinghe is a new Member who has no prior experience in Darts. The only experience he had was watching his colleagues play in the University of Ceylon during his medical student days. The coaching team provided necessary training and encouragement for him to attain a reasonable standard to take part in regular games played at the Club. Albert Heng who is an experienced, current doubles champion was asked to partner Gamini the novice. The pair was pitched against two good players, Esther Ling and Sepalika Kumarasinghe, both of whom have won awards at various Club competitions. Initially, Albert went on to score points rapidly, but when it came to the final stage, the competition came to an abrupt end when Gamini targeted the “double score� in the first attempt, surprising everyone. Whether it was a fluke or not, is yet to be seen. Prof Gamini Kumarasinghe


FITNESS Doing It Right

Doing repetitions:

The Push-Up A healthy adult should be able to do at least one proper push-up on the floor. Push-ups are widely used to test an adult’s muscular endurance in the upper body. Doing a push-up correctly also requires good control of your core strength. The possible progression levels of the push-up are: 1. On an elevated handle. 2. On the floor with bent knees. 3. On the floor and on your toes. 4. On the floor with your toes on elevated ground. 5. On unstable ground. The following tips will help you do your push-up correctly, avoiding pain and maximising your effort.

Get into the starting position: • Place both hands firmly on a secure waist level ledge or bar.

• As you inhale, bend your elbows and bring your mid-chest line towards the ledge or bar. • During the downward motion, retract (squeeze together) the scapulae while keeping your shoulders away from your ears. • On reaching the desired depth, exhale as you push your body away from the ledge or bar. Make sure to push away as far back as possible. • While doing the push-up, ensure that the heel-hiphead always form a neutral straight line. This tends to be the most difficult part to maintain during repetitions, and there should be no compromise! For those who want more challenging push-ups, lie prone (face down) on the floor with palms kept close to the chest line instead. The movements remain the same. Bending the knees and levering on your knees will make it easier than being on your toes.

• Hands should be kept about a palm size wider than shoulder width. Keep your elbows straight.

Once 20 repetitions become a possible feat at Level 1, move on to Level 2 and so forth.

• Place your feet in a position where your shoulder joint is 90° and the heel-hip-head forms a neutral straight line (plank position).

Do it right!


Colin Chua

The Tanglin Club Magazine August 2011

FITNESS Portion Control

Key to Weight Management


ne of the key reasons why obesity is on the rise and people are not losing weight, is due to the fact that a lot of people have no idea about portion size. While a bigger serving may be better value for money, it may not be so good for your waistline if you finish everything on your plate every time. While I do not advocate going to the extreme of counting calories, I do think that having a rough idea of how many calories that piece of meat you are eating is important. What is monitored is managed. So how do you go about estimating portion size? The answer is in your hands, literally. Look at your palm – just your palm without your fingers – it’s about 85g (converted from three ounces) for meat, fish and poultry. This is will give you approximately 25g to 30g of protein. Now make a fist, this will be one serving of

approximately 50g of carbohydrate for rice or pasta, about 18g for fruits and 10g for vegetables. Next comes the tricky part, which is fat. A lot of calories from fat are “hidden”, making them very tough to account for: e.g., if you should choose to eat a salad with Thousand Island dressing, topped with cheese, and a piece of deep fried pork chop. It is important to be aware of the fact that one gram of fat will give you nine calories, double of what one gram of protein and carbohydrate will give you. The bottom line is if you are watching your weight, you should know better what to cut back on or stay away from. You can argue that your hand is “bigger” or “smaller” than the average person’s and the palm guide is not accurate. But the whole idea is really to focus your attention on what and how much you are putting into your body, and using that as a reference point. Lewis Toh

Deep Water Running

Every Tuesday and Thursday, 8.30am to 9.30am A less stressful alternative to jogging on land! The human body responds differently to exercise and movement in water. Similar to land-based activity, the intensity of a deep-water workout can be varied from high to low. The advantage of an aquatic training environment is the resistance and buoyancy to create work and rest. Deep-water work offers movement for long periods of time with little rest, making it a fabulous aerobictraining medium. All movements, conducted correctly are continuous and a safe, making making deep water running an excellent low-impact alternative for those with injuries. Benefits include: • Increased muscle strength and endurance. • Enhanced flexibility. • Positive changes in body composition. • Improved posture, balance and coordination. • Improved cardiovascular fitness. • Minimal injury or preventing further injury.

TRX Suspension S i Circuit Training®*

Every Monday, 9am to 10am at Studio 1 Free for UFF Members & $20 for Non UFF Members Are you ready to feel and look your best? TRX Suspension Training®, developed by Randy Hetrick, a former US Navy SEAL and Stanford University MBA graduate, is a revolutionary method of leveraged body-weight exercise. Build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries: all at the intensity you choose. TRX training will change the way you view exercise and will take your workouts to a whole new level. *This class is appropriate for all levels.



One-Day Trek to Gunung Panti Saturday, 17 September


unung Panti Recreational Forest, north of Kota Tinggi in Johor, is a protected secondary forest. The forest has a hiking trail leading to the highest point at 513m. This trek starts west of Panti by crossing a stream at the beginning, and travelling up along the ridge line through the lush forest to reach the top. As a general guide, the trek takes about two to three hours to reach the top, and about the same time to descend. Many rare species of flora and fauna can be found here. While the trek is short, the trail is mostly uphill with a climb up a rock cliff, providing the terrain challenges not available at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Price: $155. Price includes: • Private air-conditioned coach/van transfer from Singapore with XT leader. • Meals: Trail snacks and dinner (optional).


Photo from the summit.

• First-aid support. • Entrance fees/trekking permit. • Chartis Insurance Basic Plan. • 15% discount at X-Boundaries. Price excludes: • Personal gear. • Expenses of a personal nature, including hard and soft drinks. • Porters. • Expenses in case of an emergency. • Additional packaged tour. • All not mentioned. For more information and itinerary of this trip, please contact Gym Manager Abdul Arziz Kamsani (Arziz) at 66220575.

The Tanglin Club Magazine August 2011


July – Inter-Section Golf Tournament They can be furry, smooth, hard, squashy, in many sizes and can be white, brown, black or almost any colour. People like to roll them, chip them, hit them, cue them, even wax and polish them and men and women alike spend endless hours playing with them. But on a Friday in July, 30 Tanglin Clubbers from various Sport Sections cast aside their regular balls for white dimpled ones and took on one another in the Annual Inter-Section Golf Match. Teams from Billiards, Golf, Lawn Bowls, Squash, Tennis plus a Tanglin Club Staff team, subsidised by Barclays Capital, assembled at Tanah Merah Country Club. After a short delay caused by the arrival of Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, lightning and thunder, eight teams teed off and enjoyed a fabulous game of golf in cool and overcast conditions on one of the best maintained courses in Singapore. And at the end of the day, only three points separated the top three teams. Golf Two – Leong E Sun, Allan Choy, Ng Beng Lee and Siegfried Biel – came home first with 89 points, the highlight being an eagle on the 12th from E Sun and four birdies each from both Beng Lee and Siegfried. The Club’s General Manager Herbert Hofer’s team comprising himself, Christine Koh from the Sports

& Recreation Department and Adnan Abdullah and Zaini Rahamat from the Food & Beverage Department, came second with 88 points. Billiards – Sia Eng Teck, Alex Dare, Freddie Lee and Leon Lui – came third with 87 points. Staff and Billiards...if only that putt had gone in! Then a big gap found Squash on 77, Lawn Bowls and Tennis both on 75, Golf One on 69 and Golf Three on 56. The less said about the last two places the better, other than I understand Darts is looking for more Members. Evergreen Club sportsman and Lawn Bowls Convenor Rodger Kimpton kindly did the honours in presenting the prizes at the après Golf dinner – thanks, Rodger – and he also awarded prizes to Freddie, Lim Khoon Hin, Lai Chong Meng, General Committee Member Patrick Kwek and Sam Alexander for being nearest the pin on the par-3s.

August – Annual Championship No need to say much about this as you will all have seen the posters around the Club, other than this year’s $3,000 FREE (to those who play) lucky draw prizes includes a Scotty Cameron putter, a TaylorMade R11 adjustable driver, and two of the new Odyssey White Ice adjustable (yes, adjustable) putters.

September – Social The British Club bailed on us, so we will be organising a social game at very social prices. Details later by email.

October – POT Game vs Singapore Cricket Club Singapore Cricket Club is the host, it has decided to play at Laguna National Golf & Country Club, and we will win.

November – Overseas Tour Finally, we are about to walk the talk, thanks to Alex Eow’s hard work. Look out in your email inbox for details of an all-inclusive three-night/ four-day three-match tour to Jakarta on Singapore Airlines for around $1,300 in November.

December – Christmas Bash Santa is going to come early this year to give us a game on Sentosa. See you all at Singapore Island Country Club on 26 August. Chris Claridge Golf Convenor Golf Section is proudly sponsored by



Hectic June for Section T

wo major events took place during June, which in addition to the Club’s Lawn Bowls Championships being played throughout the month made for a full schedule.

Montmorency Bowls Club Tour There were two highly entertaining matches against a Mixed Ladies and Gentlemen’s Team from The Montmorency Bowls Club in Melbourne, who came to Singapore with a very strong group selected from its membership of 260 bowlers, some of whom play at a very high level in Australia. The first match consisted of seven rinks with a format of two bowls triples. It proved to be a hard but enjoyable struggle, during which many of the Tanglin Bowlers were


able to benefit from the experience of match play against opponents who were not only skilful, but well versed in tactical and strategic play. This type of exposure is not often available to us, so we took the opportunity to learn as much as we could. The outcome was a result of which we can be justly proud, even though we won on only two rinks. Of the five we lost, only three were convincing victories for our opponents. The remaining two were lost by one point on the last end, and three points taken over the last two ends. So on another day, it might easily have been a victory in our favour by four rinks to three. The second match was four rinks of triples and the result favoured The Tanglin Club Team. After the game, the players adjourned to Tangles for some refreshments and some tall stories. The Tanglin Club Magazine August 2011


The Sabah Bowls State Association Visit M

alaysian state teams are renowned for their high level of skill, so we expected a very tough match when the Sabah Association representatives visited us during the first weekend of July. We recruited some reinforcements from the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) to make a composite team, and the end result was a home win on all rinks, with one Tanglin and one SCC rink recording big wins. A very pleasant afternoon was concluded with makan at the Beer Garden.

Royal Bangkok Sports Club will visit The Tanglin Club in the evening of 5 August to play our annual Interport and spectators are very welcome, especially if they cheer for the Tanglin team. Happy Bowling. John Child w ww ww. w..ta tang ta ang nglliin ncclu ub. b.or org sg

3 31 1


Make a Date to Try a Dive

Saturday, 10 September, 3pm to 5pm at the Club pool


re you a fan of The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo? Do you dream of swimming in the ocean like a fish? Here is a great opportunity for you to try scuba diving in the Club Pool, with the help of diving professionals. It’s FREE and no registration is required.

• The minimum age for BSAC diver training is 12 years old. Junior Diving Members age 12 to 14 will need to be accompanied by a parent who is either a qualified diver, or is taking the course together. All students must be able to swim.

BSAC Ocean Diver Course in September The Scuba Section will be conducting a British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) Ocean Diver course for beginners next month, with open-water sessions to be scheduled thereafter. The theory classes will be held in the evenings from 6.30pm to 10pm at The Tanglin Club, and Pool sessions will be held over the weekend at the Club pool.

What is an Ocean Diver course? • The Ocean Diver course provides the essential knowledge and skills needed to prepare for open-water diving to a maximum depth of 20m. The Ocean Diver course trains beginners for open-water diving in a controlled and safe environment, under the guidance of a qualified instructor. • The Ocean Diver Course consists of seven classroom lessons, a theory assessment, basic swimming assessment, five sheltered water lessons (at the Club Pool), and five open-water lessons.


Come Join Us! With our record of safety during 30 years of diving, and the largest number of instructors of any British Sub-Aqua Club branch in Singapore, we are an ideal option for Members who are qualified divers who want to go diving, or Members who want to learn. Come join us! For enquires, please contact the Sports & Recreation Department by calling 66220588 or email

The Tanglin Club Magazine August 2011



SICC plate finalists.


SICC plate w

Inaugural SICC International Jumbo Squash Doubles Tournament July 1-3


eventy-two teams took part in the inaugural SICC International Jumbo Squash Doubles Tournament from 1 to 3 July. This tournament is the fourth on the annual Jumbo Squash Doubles circuit, and featured several national players from Singapore and Malaysia. Jumbo Doubles in recent years has seen more and more good younger players taking part, and they were a feature of the quarter-finals of this tournament. The main final was a very close contest which saw Aaron Chee and Chong Kam Hing from Malaysia prevail over their younger opponents from Singapore – Marcus Phua and Samuel Kang. The Tanglin Club had 12 teams competing. Our number one team of Shane Hagan and Paul Isted did well and made it to the quarter-finals, but were beaten by Marcus and Samuel in a game to 15 after leading 12-8. The Plate final was between two teams from The Tanglin Club, both being winners at The Tanglin Club International Jumbo Squash Doubles Tournament earlier this year. Darcy McColl and Ashley Gunning (the Club’s Veteran winners) beat Milton

Wee and Alex MacKenzie (the Club’s Plate winners). SICC (Singapore Island Country Club) must be congratulated for a well-run tournament and for being creative in staging an exhibition match before the main final, choosing four skilled players, with instructions to “make the match entertaining”. The score was not important so players were able to showboat and go for lots of winners. The audience thoroughly enjoyed it.

National Squash League The Tanglin Club fielded teams in the A, C and E grade leagues this year. The A grade team finished second to the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) in the league. These top-two teams met again in the final of the Challenge Cup played at Kallang in front of a big audience, just prior to the prize presentations for all grades of the National Squash League. The result could not have been closer. Each team won two matches and eight games but on a count back of points, SCC scored ONE more – 178 points to 177 points! There was a good group of players for C grade this year. The season ended just as they were getting into the swing of things – like after-game pizza and blow-by-blow accounts in the Wet Bar post-match. The C grade team finished the season in fifth place, just missing the playoffs. This was the first time in many years that The Tanglin Club fielded a C team. Despite players’ travel commitments and injuries, the teams played all matches throughout the season, and without any walkovers. Watch out for next year’s C team!

The E grade team as usual had the odds stacked against it. An older bunch of guys (common in the Club’s teams), much younger opponents in E grade, and a bigger league (nine teams) meant a long, hard season. They finished in a very respectable fifth place. Captain Sam Alexander reports two memorable events. First, was when Alex Yew rushed to the courts as a last-minute replacement, soon found himself down 0-2 in games, yet managed to win 3-2 and secure a win on points for the team. Second, was Vincent Lam’s rapid decline on the court which coincided with him becoming a new father. Thanks to all those players involved in the three Squash teams. It is hoped that we continue to field the three teams and add a Veteran’s team next year. Ross MacKenzie Squash Convernor

Upcoming Events • Annual Club Masters and Veteran’s Championship 1 August to 10 September • Raintree International Jumbo Squash Doubles Competition 16 to 18 September • Singapore Closed Jumbo Squash Doubles Tournament 24 to 27 November at The Tanglin Club



Taking Up the Sport T

aekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial arts that teaches more than physical fighting skills. It is a discipline that teaches you how to enhance your spirit and life by training your body and mind. Taekwondo is a global sport and is an official Olympic Games event.

Principles of Taekwondo Taekwondo involves knowledge, skill and attitude towards changing the environment and meeting the challenges in life. With great mental discipline and physical health, the practitioner can develop good character and the belief to achieve one goal: to become a better person.

Benefits of Taekwondo • Improve fundamental skills such as physical coordination, flexibility, balance and mental acumen. • Develop athletics abilities and self awareness. • Strengthen capabilities in self-defence. • Character development via the tenets and values learnt in Taekwondo.

Instructors at The Tanglin Club Led by Yidojang principal instructor Master Patrick Tan, a certified International and Singapore Taekwondo Federation Instructor,


Yidojang instructors have been teaching in the Club since 1995. Mindful of the learning capabilities of every individual, the dedicated and passionate instructors seek to motivate and bring out the best in every student.

skills through eye contact, vocal toning and body language before progressing to more technical skills.

Taekwondo and Children

• Guinness World Records for most vinyl records smashed in 30 seconds on 14 January held in Singapore. • Gold Medal for instructor Lee Jie (student at The Tanglin Club since 1996) at the Varsity Taekwondo Free Sparring Championship. • Gold Medals for instructor Hong Jie at the Varsity Taekwondo Poomsae Championship for individual, Pair and Group Events. • Gold Medal for principal instructor Patrick Tan at the National Poomsae Championship.

Teaching children martial arts can be quite challenging, according to Master Tan. In general, little ones tend to dread working on routine technical sets. Boys prefer to fight, while girls have to be encouraged to raise their voices and be convinced they have the ability to perform as well as the boys. An experienced coach will work towards pacifying and motivating his young charges, at the same time sustaining their interest in drills that require coordination, focus and agility. Training a child in Taekwondo involves profiling them – are they assertive, aggressive or passive? – and addressing these differences in class. Aggressive children tend to fight. The key is to tone the aggression and emphasise values such as respect and self-control. Those who are assertive should be trained in their specified abilities and tasked to project goals for themselves and measure their own performances. Passive students, on the other hand, will be taught confidence-building The Tanglin Club Magazine August 2011

Achievements of Yidojang 2011

2010 • Finished fourth overall at the National Free Sparring Championship. • Overall Champion for Senior 2 Category at the National Free Sparring Championship. • Bronze Medal for instructor Lee Jie (student at The Tanglin Club since 1996) at the National Free Sparring Championship. • Bronze Medal for instructor Darryl Ang at the National Free Sparring Championship. Master Patrick Tan Yidojang Principal Instructor


Recently renovated duplex penthouse on One Tree Hill Road, District 10 with private lap pool and roof garden. Lower level is 2,454 sq ft. including roof deck, gross area of 4,607 sq ft. spanning two levels @ SGD$7.88M. Valuation matched by bank.

Judy 8161 8892 (CEA R001806Z) Jerry 9631 6467 (CEA R001807H) or email: Jerrytan Residential Pte Ltd


A Star of the Future J

ust five years old, Sameer Anand is a boy on the move. A young enthusiastic tennis player, Sameer had his first taste of victory when he won the recent KLM Junior Team Tennis Mini Tournament for children from age five to eight, held at United World College. Competing in the Red Group, Sameer claimed the winner’s trophy, which we are sure will be the first of many. Through his weekly group Tennis classes at The Tanglin Club, Sameer has shown great dedication and passion for Tennis, and we’d like to congratulate him on his first competitive victory.

September Junior Tennis Camp While it seems only yesterday that the summer holidays were here, already the year is flying by and we are now into August. September will see the next round of the Holiday Junior Tennis Camps being held at The Tanglin Club. The camps will be held from Monday, 5 September to Friday, 9 September, from 9am to 11am. The July camp had over 20 children enjoying a week of Tennis, and we look forward to see many more in September.

Well done, Sameer! Ken Smith Coach


Registration forms are available from the Sports & Recreation Office, and you can call Mayling on 96654435 for further information. The Tanglin Club Magazine August 2011

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Banquet Facilities At The Tanglin Club

Exclusive banquet facilities are available to members for wedding receptions, company dinner and dance, wedding anniversaries and birthday celebrations. For more information kindly contact Banquet Sales Dept at Tel 66220434 or email to


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The Tanglin Club Magazine August 2011


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Diplomacy: The Singapore Experience

other countries that were inimical to its national interests, resolving disputes in an amicable manner through third party settlement, now an important feature of Singapore’s foreign policy.

Prof S Jayakumar, former Senior Minister Prime Minister’s Office, who retired from Singapore politics in April this year, reflects on selected episodes and events when he was involved as Minister or as Permanent Representative to the UN.

Included are episodes in bilateral relations with Malaysia, Indonesia and China, which demonstrate that such relations must be on the basis of equals respecting each other’s sovereign status, and also in compliance with international law and international agreements.

By Prof S Jayakumar

The accounts illustrate how Singapore created diplomatic and economic space for itself, and its proactive diplomacy in the UN and ASEAN. The author also recounts Singapore’s responses to moves by

DVD Review

I Am Number Four Starring Alex Pettyfer and Timothy Olyphant

This sci-fi drama is about extraordinary teen John Smith (Pettyfer), who is from an alien planet. He is a fugitive on the run from ruthless enemies sent to destroy him, changing his identity, and moving from town to town with his guardian Henri (Olyphant). In the small Ohio town he now calls home, John encounters unexpected, life-changing events – his first love, powerful new abilities, and a connection to the others who share his incredible destiny.



5, 6, 7 & 9* August • Animation (107 mins) • Starring: Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Ned Beatty, Alfred Molina • Director: Gore Verbinski *National Day Special Matinee Screening at 2.30pm Rango (Depp), a chameleon kept as a family pet, is facing a major identity crisis. When Rango accidentally lands in Dirt – a gritty, lawless desert outpost inhabited by wily, whimsical creatures, the less-than-courageous lizard is a standout. Welcomed as the last hope the town has been waiting for, new Sheriff Rango is forced to play his new role to the hilt.

127 HOURS – NC16

12, 13 & 14 August • Drama (93 mins) • Starring: James Franco, Kate Mara, Amber Tamblyn, Lizzy Caplan • Director: Danny Boyle 127 Hours is the true story of mountain climber Aron Ralston’s (Franco) remarkable adventure to save himself after a fallen boulder crashes on his arm, and traps him in an isolated canyon in Utah. Over the next five days, Ralston examines his life and survives the elements to finally discover he has the courage and what it takes to extricate himself by any means necessary, to scale a 20m wall and hike over 13km before he is finally rescued.


19, 20 & 21 August • Animation (90 mins) • Starring: JeanClaude Donda, Eilidh Rankin, Duncan MacNeil, Raymond Mearns • Director: Sylvain Chomet An out-of-work, aging French illusionist travels the world in search of a stage to perform his act, when he meets Alice, a young woman who is at the start of her life’s journey. Their ensuing adventure changes both their lives forever.


26, 27, 28 & 30* August • Comedy (102 mins) • Starring: Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha • Director: Todd Phillips *Hari Raya Puasa Special Matinee Screening at 2.30pm Phil (Cooper), Stu (Helms), Alan (Galifianakis) and Doug (Bartha) travel to exotic Thailand for Stu’s wedding. After the unforgettable bachelor party in Las Vegas, Stu is taking no chances and has opted for a safe, subdued pre-wedding brunch. However, things don’t always go as planned. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in Bangkok can’t even be imagined.

Please note that No Food and Drinks are allowed in the Theatrette. UPCOMING MOVIES 2, 3 & 4 September 9, 10 &11 September The Beaver Justin Bieber Never Say Never

16, 17 & 18 September

23, 24 & 25 September

30 September, 1 & 2 October

Barney’s Version

Green Lantern

Mr Popper’s Penguins

Showtimes: Friday, 8pm • Saturday, 6pm & 9pm • Sunday, 2.30pm and 8pm • Film Ratings: G – General viewing • PG – Parental guidance required NC16 – No children below 16 • M18 –For viewers age 18 and above • R21 – For adults age 21 and above • For Enquiries: Please call Reception at 66220555 or visit the website for more information. Tickets can be obtained at Reception. No food and drinks allowed in the Theatrette. Moviegoers are to be seated 15 minutes before showtime. Movie details subject to changes.


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