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The Scoop June 2012 ● Edition 6

Reaching our potential together We are pleased to announce that En Avant is now Tandem Northwest! The idea behind this name is perfect in its simplicity; our staff work hand in hand with our clients to help them reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives. With this new opportunity, we will be able to share our vision with our community. Our goal is to help our clients lead a life that has meaning to them, and to be successful and secure. We will be announcing our new name, as well as our philosophy, to our community at the Marion and Polk County Provider Fair, which is being held at the Marion County Health Department on June 21, 2012. We are also in the process developing a new logo and a new website, which will allow potential clients, families, and staff a better look at what Tandem Northwest has to offer. We feel privileged to be providing continued services to our wonderful clients, as well as have such a supportive and driven team of staff. Despite the challenges we have faced, and will inevitably face in the future, we are confident in the people of this company. We will succeed… together. Sharing Our Vision One of our primary objectives is to support individuals in leading and engaging in a meaningful life. We strive to assist them in being involved in challenging real life causes, not for themselves, but for others, to which they are needed and necessary to the outcome. We are asking all employees to share stories of how they have supported the residents in leading and engaging in a meaningful life, which will then be featured on our new website. There is no deadline for submitting these stories. Please fax or drop these off at our Main Office.

Welcome, and Congratulations! Please welcome Matt, Rissa, Jessenia, and Nicole to our on-call team! We are looking forward to seeing you grow in this company while you get to know our wonderful clients and staff.

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The Scoop June 2012 ● Edition 6

Learning with Sandra Loucka We have added an extra day of training to our New Employee Orientation. Sandra Loucka, RN will now be teaching the training “Basics of Caregiving”. This class covers topics such as how to take vitals, making an occupied bed, proper lifting techniques, and providing personal care to individuals (e.g. changing attends, bed baths). This class is very hands-on and includes the use of our new mannequin friend, Pat, to practice and demonstrate many of the concepts presented throughout the training.

Brigitt and Pat hard at work!

Employee Spotlight Congratulations to our 4th Quarter Employee Spotlight winner: Debbie! Debbie’s coworkers believe that she exemplifies the Contents of Great Character by being flexible, honest, and a team-player, which makes her a wonderful person to work with. For this honor, she is receiving a $50 gift certificate!

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We are pleased to be able to honor the employees who suggested a name for our company. T-shirts with our new name and logo will be given to the following employees: Suzie, Debbie, and Carla. Thank you for your creativity!

QAC Attack Quality Assurance Committee members, and Direct Care Staff, Heather and Suzie will be developing mini-webinars for all interested employees to attend. These webinars will cover topics such as: ISP and BSP development, data, Incident Reports, Progress Note reviews, and RTR completion. The purpose of these webinars is to provide opportunities for all staff to increase their knowledge of the OAR and licensing requirements that govern how we conduct business. Details of the training dates and times will be provided to all homes once scheduled.

Edition 6  
Edition 6  

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