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The Scoop March 2011 ● Edition 2

A Penny for your Thoughts By Jasmine Megowan It has been approximately one month since we reduced our staffing levels at several of our homes; I understand that these reductions have been challenging. I further recognize that everyone is working harder, and at times may be feeling overwhelmed. However, during this transition I have seen the care for our individuals remain at our existing high levels of quality. This is a true testament to your individual strengths, creativity, and dedication. I, and En Avant as a whole, greatly appreciate your work! As you may know, the State of Oregon continues to face a budget shortfall. The Governor has issued his budget proposal for the 2011-2013 biennium. It will be reviewed and amended over these next few months, then approved in June of 2011. I encourage you to review these budget proposals as they directly impact our agency. You can view the budget summary at: I also encourage you to visit the following website to learn more: The managers and I, with the assistance of Westcare, will continue to review our budget to ensure that even with these proposed reductions, we will be able to continue to care for our residents for many years to come. Your knowledge and assistance as Direct Care Staff could support us in making these budgetary decisions. We are putting suggestion boxes in each home for employees to use as a means for offering ideas on how En Avant could improve. These suggestions could focus, as encouraged above, on ways to reduce current costs, or could focus on ways to improve a programmatic system. The managers and I will review all suggestion received and employees whose ideas are implemented or adopted will receive recognition.

Welcome, and Congratulations! Please welcome Melynna to En Avant! She has accepted our new position as an on-call employee and will be working at several of our homes as she continues her training. We also would like to congratulate Gary in accepting En Avant’s new “Driver” position. Gary was working as a Direct Care Staff at our Denmark home in Silverton. Gary has several years of experience working as a Driver in other agencies and En Avant is excited for this new opportunity! In This Issue Budget ⦁ Pg 1

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If you would like your article to be included in the next edition of The Scoop, please submit it to your manager or the office no later than June 1, 2011.

The Scoop March 2011 ● Edition 2

Fat Tuesday Garden Court had its first annual Mardi Gras party and there was a great turn out! Our director Jasmine came, and we had people from Wayne, Oneil, and Hillview join us. We had a ton of Cajun cuisine, beads, hats, horns, and masks. It was a great time! Mike, Jeff and the staff at Garden Court want to thank you all for coming and being a part of it with us. It really does mean a lot. And we hope everyone can make it to the next party or BBQ held at Garden Court!

Letting life do what it’s supposed to do.

Party Planning Committee Needed!

Or Accepting when people come and go,

We would like to start holding an Annual Agency Get-together! To do this, we would like to have En Avant employees and clients participate in the planning. If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please contact Jasmine at (503) 589-4901 or email her at before April 8.

Or just asking the question on your mind

What’s Krack-A-Lackin’ With Valerie Arms Wide Open Having your arms wide open is Accepting life as it comes. Having your arms wide open is

Whether or not the answer is yes or no. Having your arms wide open is trying to get help when you need it. Having your arms wide open is Not to judge people by their looks.

Thank you to all who suggested a name for our newsletter! We appreciate all of your creativity and enthusiasm!

Safety Corner Welcome to the Safety Corner, brought to you by your local Safety Committee Members! Oneil—Debbie Denmark—Nick

Garden—Judy Dennis—Sari

Wayne—Holly Shoreline—Jenna

Jones—Zelda The Safety Committee will be using this corner to provide helpful tips, reminders, and to highlight safety concerns across the agency. Stay tuned for more in the next issue!

Tip: “Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy.” - Author Unknown

Edition 2  

Edition 2 of our company's newsletter.

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