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Why SLC needs Bioneers A letter from the Bioneers Salt Lake City Planning Committee Looking up into the brown smog in the sky, what do you say to yourself? Some of you might have already given up on making a difference, the difference that would clear our sky again. But what can we really do? There’s only one thing that can help us: nature. One of the first things our parents taught us is cleaning up after ourselves. Bioneers are biological pioneers who work with nature to heal nature and ourselves. In most cases, we are healing the mess we created in nature.

Purpose: - Create a call for action - Motivate the audience to care about environmental issues in their community

Salt Lake City needs Bioneers because Bioneers care. Salt Lake City needs people who will heal and sustain nature in ways that are not harmful. Bioneers are not people who cover up mistakes and pretend everyone will forget. We don’t try to fix every problem—we prevent it from happening in the beginning. Join us at the local session “Bicycling as a Form of Transit: Salt Lake City and Beyond” to discuss how bicycling is a vital means of sustainable transportation.


Also, come learn about the plan to generate all of Utah’s electricity from renewable sources by 2050 and how Utah’s rural and fossil-fuel based communities will transition to a clean-energy economy. Find all this at the local session “What Happens When the Sun Isn’t Shining and the Wind Isn’t Blowing?”

- Persuasive writing

Bioneers embodies a change of heart: uniting nature, culture and spirit. Bioneers is a spiritual connection with the living world that is grounded in social justice.

- Research

Bioneers is a culture of solution. We make a difference either by preventing, sustaining or inspiring. Salt Lake City needs this culture.


Potential donors

Twenty one years after the first Bioneers conference, we are still changing fear to hope. We’re still transforming the wounds of separation, exploitation and violence into a culture of cooperation, solutions and healing. Enjoy your Bioneers conference!

Bioneers Salt Lake City Planning Committee



I don’t

CARE about the

Purpose: - Acknowledge that Bioneers exists


- Motivate the audience to make changes for the environment

Skills: - Advocacy writing - Eye-catching poster design


Westminster community

Don’t agree? Join Bioneers Salt Lake City for year round activities on campus and in your community. Make an impact, show that you care. Meet passionate friends while volunteering, learning and being inspired. Take an advantage in scholarships, internships and job opportunities for every major.


For more info visit the Environmental Center in Walker1 or call (801)832-2813



Winter 2010-2011

Salt Lake City Bioneers conference 2010 was a success!

In This Issue

Monica Ferreira Westminster College Environmental Center Community Outreach Coordinator

ee g commit in n n la p om the A word fr Westminster College

- Eye-catching poster design


People who are involved with Bioneers

Also highlighted on, victims of violence are oftentimes young and innocent teenagers. One shooting happened at a 15-year-old boy’s birthday party; 3 teenagers died and 20 others were injured.

At this time there’s not much we can do to help the people of Juarez, Mexico. We can’t balme the death of citizens, but we can encourage the officers who’re working to keep the city safer by catching one crimal at a time.

Natural Fermentation: Finding the Spirit in your Garden Page. 4

- Advocacy writing

During the lecture, Molloy showed many images of violence that all happened in the middle of the city—some as recent as the day or the week before.

In Juarez, where the unemployment rate is only 20% and half a million people have an access to only one high school, Bowden wrote in his book, “There are no jobs, the young face blank futures, the poor are crushed by sinking fortunes … killing is not deviance, it is a logical career decision for thousands floundering in a failing economy and a failing state.”

Environmental Center Director HEAL Utah: Media coverage Page. 3

- Acknowledge events and programs in the community


More than 280 people attended the live lecture series presented by Charles Bowden and Molly Molloy. They shared their insights on studying on the social and economic breakdown of Juarez, Mexico.

Molloy addressed the issue that no one is keeping track of the people who are victims of the killing. The government doesn’t care because they have already stereotyped them as criminals.

Kerry Case

- Keep everyone at Bioneers connected throughout the year

Charles Bowden’s and Molly Molloy’s session had a great turn out! The Vieve Gore Concert Hall was a full house on Friday, November 5th 2010.

The 15 year-long study focused on the violence that happened in the daily life of citizens in Juarez, Mexico. Molloy explained that the people and the family targeted have been stereotyped as gang members and criminals by their country and their president. The study shows that over 15 years the violence has not stoped and it’s becoming worse.

Live Keynote: Charles Bowden & Molly Molloy Page. 2


Live Keynote Focus: Thinking the Future While the Present is Murdered Before Your Eyes



Local session media spotlight: HEAL Utah HEAL Utah: What Happens When the Sun Isn’t Shining and The Wind Isn’t Blowing session received a big media attention after the Bioneers conference. In the session, Christopher Thomas, HEAL Utah policy director explained the approach to generate all of Utah’s energy from renewable sources.

Local Session Hit: Natural Fermentation: Finding the Spirit in your Garden Did you know?

Jonathon Krausert’s Natural Fermentation: Finding the Spirit in your Garden, caught the interest of many attendees by his attention-grabbing apple presser placed in the front and center of the class room. Besides the presser, bottles of preserved vegetables all in different colors and shapes created curiosity and a big appetite.

Compressed air storage grabed the attention of many attendees. In city like Salt Lake City, the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow. Compressed air storage works when excess electricity is generated. It will pump compressed air into underground caverns. The air will be released heated, and used to drive generators when electricity is needed. The plan is to generate all of Utah’s electricity using renewable sources by the year 2050. The HEAL Utah plan is three years in the making. One year of the study was focused on studying sun and wind availability.

On Saturday, November 6th Bioneers held its last 2010 conference local sessions. From RDT’s Green Map® Project to Grow, Gather, Eat: Sustaining the Harvest, conference attendees enjoyed their local session of interest. One room in the Charles H. Dick building seemed to be more packed than the others.

Krausert started out from preservation basics: how to make sauerkraut and apple cider. In the sessions attendees volunteer to cut up apples and turn the wheel of the presser. This year Bioneers Salt Lake City 2010 has a biking valet. Arrive at the conference in style with your bike and stay on track with lowering your carbon footprint.

The Salt Lake Tribune article by Stephen Hunt highlighted on Christopher Thomas’s visionary plan and study on the project. Hunt addresses a draft report from Gov. Gary Herbert’s energy task force. Stated in the report, Herbert does not plan to create any new coalfueled power plants in the next ten years.

On the other table volunteers cut up cabbages. Then, they measured for the right amount of salt, mixed it in and tamped it down in the crock. The last step is to cover the sauerkraut with a light cloth and place a weight on top of the packed sauerkraut. Krausert recommends putting the weight inside a zip-lock bag if it’s something that can rust over time. After they finished making the sauerkraut, the apple cider was ready. Before leaving everyone got to enjoy the freshly made cider and other preserved vegetables, even a preserved egg.

In the end, Hunt also acknowledged Thomas as someone who has been working to keep uranium out of Utah in the last four years.

vents e g n i m Upco

The completed study, three years in the making, will be presented at 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 14 at the Jewish Community Center, 2 N. Medical Drive, Salt Lake City. Find Stephen Hunt’s article at home/50621183-76/storage-thomas-compressed-energy.html.csp


There are many ways to attend the conference for free.You can help out, be a volunteer or if you’re a student apply for conference scholarship.





4 • (801)832-3300


Who is Bioneers?

Bioneers are social and scientific innovators from all places and backgrounds working together to restore nature and ourselves.


Bioneers is a nonprofit organization providing education and solutions through our conference, book, radio series and website. Our educational materials are used in the community, organizations, school and colleges to inform and inspire positive change.


Everyone will be intricately interconnected in our web of life, no matter who you are, what you do or which background you come from. So are all the environmental and social issues. Everything is connected into one big problem. Bioneers’ approach to overcome these issues is to “solve-the-whole-problem.” Bioneers encourages connection, bringing together diverse people and projects linking networks on the local, regional, national and international levels.


Re a lm focu s of I util sed on nquiry ity o t s f a g he inte tuden ts ard r en s sectio prese n n pac e an betwe tation e d it s va n the lue.


Our environment is on the edge between destruction and restoration.You can make a difference in your community. Help push forward sustainability. Restore the web of life for our future generations.

here e m a n Your


Bioneers changes fear to hope. If we continue to hope we can spark creativity and engagement to our friends, family and everyone in the community.


- Educate students about the requirements and steps required to volunteer with Bioneers

Salt Lake City Bioneers 1840 E. 1300 S. Walker 1 Salt Lake City, Utah 84124 E-mail: Website:

- Create easily navigable layout


Volunteer at the Bioneers annual conference

- Instructional writing

Commit to an 8 hours shift for the Bioneers Conference and attend the whole conference for free of charge.Volunteer for 4 hours and receive 1 day for free.

- Concise writing


Students at Westminster College

In addition to local sessions, plenary speakers and hands on projects, you will receive: • Lunch Friday and Saturday • Light breakfast Friday and Saturday morning • Share Fare on Friday with light appetizers • Brunch Sunday morning

For more information visit the Environmental Center in Walker1 or contact Monica Ferreira, Outreach Coordinator (801)832-3300

Volunteer with Bioneers ongoing projects in your community

Sarah Carver, Assistant Bioneers Coordinator (801)832-2813

A great way to: • Network with innovative companies and passionate people in your related field • Get a job • Make new friends • Complete your service learning projects • Learn about environmental and social issues in your community There are 2 easy steps in the process of volunteering at the conference: 1) Visit the Environmental Center and fill out the volunteer application 2) Attend the volunteer training session


Press Release Westminster College Hosts Bioneers Salt Lake City 2010 Conference Key note Charles Bowden and Molly Molloy share insights gained from 15 years reporting on the social and economic breakdown of Juarez, Mexico FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Monica Ferreira (801)832-3300


October 22, 2010

- Create an informative document for media outlets


Public key note speakers Charles Bowden and Molly Molloy will Share insights gained from 15 years reporting on the social and economic breakdown of Juarez, Mexico.

- Informative writing

Charles Bowden is an American non-fiction writer. He is a former writer for the Tuscan Citizen and often writes about the American Southwest. He is a contributing editor of GQ and Mother Jones magazine and writes for other periodicals including Harper's Magazine and National Geographic, and Aperture. He is the winner of the 1996 Lannan Literary Award for Nonfiction. His most recent books are Murder City and Dreamland.

- Primary research


Salt Lake City—Westminster College will host public keynote speakers Charles Bowden and Molly Molloy at the Bioneers Salt Lake City 2010 conference on Friday, November 5, 2010, from 7-8 p.m. in the Vieve Gore Concert Hall.

Local media outlets

Molly Molloy is a research librarian at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM. She is an experienced translator and specialist in Latin American and Border Studies. She provided documentation and translations for articles and interviews for Charles Bowden's Murder City (Nationbooks 2010) and for the documentary film, El Sicario, Room 164 (by Gianfranco Rosi, 2010). She and Charles Bowden are co-editing an autobiography of a Mexican drug cartel sicario, or assassin, to be published in the spring of 2011. Charles Bowden and Molly Molloy’s keynote session will be followed by a book signing in the Emma Eccles Jones Conservatory. Early Bird Full Registration for the conference (Until October 27th) is $75.00. The Charles Bowden and Molly Molloy session is free to the public. About Westminster: Westminster is a nationally recognized, comprehensive liberal arts college. With a broad array of graduate and undergraduate programs, Westminster is distinguished by its unique environment for learning. Westminster prepares students for success through active and engaged learning, real world experiences and its vibrant campus community. Westminster’s unique location, adjacent to the Rocky Mountains and to the dynamic city of Salt Lake, further enriches the college experience. For more information, visit or follow WestminsterSLC on Twitter.


Student Profile

Student Profile

Giovanna Torres is one of the recipients of the

Bioneers scholarship award for the Salt Lake City 2010 conference. Torres is from Mexico City, Mexico and is currently a sophomore majoring in international business. Torres and her sister decided to apply for the conference scholarship because they were interested in environmental sustainability and social justice. “I didn’t know much about [the environment] before, I just wanted to learn more about it,” said Torres. Environmental sustainability was not the first priority for Torres—an international business entrepreneur. She didn’t think that joining Bioneers would relate to her career and her living.

Purpose: - Educate students about the conference - Encourage scholarship and volunteer opportunities


At the Bioneers conference Torres attended her first local session, Subversive Design: Interrupting the consumer paradigm. In this session Torres learned how products are designed to fulfill our desires and experience how to create product from undesirable waste. “I think this session was very fun, creative, new and innovative. It was interesting to see ways to help the environment in strange little ways that I would not think of,” said Torres.

- Interviews

In the second local session, Eco-Logical Eating, Torres joins Nina and Michael Vought in a discussion on how people make choices on their food. This session focused on how people can support their community by consuming local produce. Torres describe this session as something in our lives that we don’t think about.

- Informative writing - Research writing - Revision


“Now I feel responsible for being careful because something I do can impact the environment.”

Westminster community

“This is one of the most interesting sessions,” said Torres. “Something as ordinary as eating has an impact on the environment.”

Like many conference attendees, Torres participated in her last local session, Natural Fermentation: Finding the Spirit in Your Garden. “People don’t buy or eat organically because it’s expensive. The most expensive groceries I see in the store are the organics one,” said Torres. After Torres learn how to make sauerkraut, press apple cider and tasted preserved vegetable it inspired her to have her own garden.

Torres’ last thought on the conference is everyone who has a chance to attend should. “Before attending the conference I didn’t think that I will be this inspired,” said Torres. Torres suggests Bioneers for students with any passion. If they don’t wan to attend the conference they can also volunteer in the community. “The Bioneers conference changed me. Now [the environment] is on the top of my list, I know this will have the same affect on others as well,” said Torres.


Photographs Purpose: - Capture the Bioneers conference - Create a collection of pictures for future promotional use

Skills: - Event photography - Photo Editing


People who are involved with Bioneers


Film Watercolor




Film Purpose: - Learn techniques of traditional photography

Skills: - Dark room printing - Digital processing - Photo editing


35mm. film


Watercolor Purpose: - Learn how to incorporate traditional art with digital work

Skills: - Imaginative drawing - Color mixing


Watercolor on canvas


Oil Purpose: - Learn techniques of oil paintings

Skills: - Contrast composition - Still life painting


Oil on canvas


International Fest Poster Westminster Voices Posters

Other Diversity Posters International Fest Programs



International Fest Poster Purpose: - Encourage the students to join an event that emphasizes



Westminster College International Fest

diversity and cultural and international knowledge

Skills: - Typography - Conceptual Design


Westminster community

Bangkok Beijing Cape Town Mexico City Paris Sydney

Cape Town

Food Fashion Show Performances

Urban Adventures: Cities of the World Sydney


Mexico City

Saturday, April 2nd 2011 6-9 pm Westminster College HWAC Behnken Field House Free with Westminster ID card $5 For the Community Diversity & International Center • Lower Level Shaw • 801.832.2835


For disability accomodations, contact the Diversity Center at 801.832.2822 five business days prior to the event.

Westminster Voices Poster 2010

Westminster Voices

Purpose: - Promote an event that emphasizes underrepresented minorities

Skills: - Structural design - Revision


Westminster community

Vieve Gore Concert Hall Wednesday March 24 7:30 p.m. Westminster Voices is presented by the Diversity & International Center and the SAC: Diversity Chairs. tm



inster Voice


ve Gore24Concert Hall .m. rch 0p 7:3 day Ma




Westminster Voices is presented by the Diversity & International Center and the SAC: Diversity Chairs.

Other Diversity Posters

Women’s History Month Events

Westminster Voices Colors of the wind March 30th Vieve Gore Concert Hall 6:30 pm

Women and Environmental Justice

March 14 - 18

March 15 th

Hayao Miyazaki “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” An Ambitious Environmentalist Allegory 7:30 PM Converse 202


March 16 th

- Educate the audience about the events - Promote involvement in diversity issues

Diversity & International Center • Lower Level Shaw • 801.832.2835 For disability accomodations, contact the Diversity Center at 801.832.2822 five business days prior to the event.

March 16 th

API/ Asian Pacific Islander Club The Truth about Arranged Marriage Diversity Dialogue 6:30 PM Foster Faculty Lounge

- Create awareness


March 17 th

Cathleen Power, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Psychology; Katherine Evans, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, English; Bridget M. Newell, Ph.D. Professor, Philosophy Women’s History Month Panel discussion 12:00 PM Gore B-25

- Informational design - Scannable design

For disability accomodations, contact the Diversity Center at 801.832.2822 five business days prior to the event.

- Attention-catching design


Margene Bullcreek Working Against Environmental Racism: The Voice of a Native American Community 4:00 PM Malouf Hall 201

Westminster community

Can We Talk? Diversity Dialogues Co-Sponsored by Westminster Allies Coalition & The Inclusion Center Facilitated by Inclusion Center Staff (Maria Gasper, Saundra Stokes, Hande Togrul, or Kilo Zamora)

Mondays 3:00-5:00 p.m. in Foster Hall Faculty Lounge Come when you can! LET’S TALK ABOUT RACE February 22: The Heart of Race: Where Is It? LET’S TALK ABOUT GENDER March 8: How is Gender Defined and Redefined? March 22: Femin-ismS & Masculin-ismS Are for All LET’S TALK ABOUT CLASS April 12: Class Matters: What is Classism? April 19: What Do We Do with Clasas?


DAY of SILENCE APRIL 16, 2010 ?

What is the Day of Silence

The Day of Silence is a student-led national event that brings attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools. Students from middle school to college take some form of a vow of silence in an effort to encourage schools and classmates to address the problem of anti-LGBTQ behavior. The event is designed to illustrate the silencing effect of this bullying and harassment on LGBTQ students and those perceived to be LGBTQ.


Do I need to be silent ALL day


No, you can decide to be silent for a specific amount of time or much of the day. The time frame for silence is completely up to you. The point is to be silent for some part of the day to reveal the silencing effect of bullying and harassment of those who are and are perceived to be LGBTQ.

What is the Breaking the Silence Event


Our Breaking the Silence Event will be a film and discussion on the evening of April 16.

For more information and to sign The Day of Silence Pledge, come to Shaw Center from 11-12 on April 12, 13, 14, or 15!

Thank you to the following people and organizations who contributed to the success of the event.


sac: DIVERSITY: aswc

International Fest Program 2010/2011

International Student Association Diversity & International Center Associate Provost for Diversity & Global Learning Westminster College Chinese Club Westminster College French Club Students for Free Tibet YouthCity

Stage Program

Patcharin Aramvareekul

6:00 Chuprajak Welcome Tanchanok

by Princess Gutierrez & Chante Jimenez

6:10Food Services International Sodexo

Fashion Show with Emcee Mark O’Hare

Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy 6:45 Tablado Dance


Rubio’s Mexican Grill


Samba Gringa Brazilian Rhythm & Dance

Westminster College International Fest 2010

Harmons Grocery Store

Purpose: - Inform the audience about the program - Create an easily navigable document for a diverse

Voice of Africa


Bosnian Folklor Dancers

Enjoy a typical European snack of bread, cheese, and fruit, followed by a dessert of crepes or ice cream with mixed berries. Then make your very own Russian doll to take home as a souvenir of International Fest.

Westminster College International Festival 2010 Saturday, March 27 • 6:00-9:00 p.m. • Behnken Field House Enjoy traditional cuisine from the Middle East provided by O’Falafel. Then visit Liz Martin of Henna Body Art of Salt Lake City to learn about the traditional practice of henna art and get your own personalized henna tattoo.


Sample cuisine from many Asian locales including China, Thailand, Tibet, Japan, and Vietnam. Ginger Brakke, “The Origami Lady” will teach you the traditional Japanese art of folding paper.

Our African sampler includes fried plantains, a staple in many African countries, and bobotie, a curried meat pie popular in South Africa. You can also enjoy a cup of Fair Trade coffee from East Africa while you take our African geography quiz.

Skills: - Thematic design Westminster College International Fest 2011

- Modular design Attendees of International Festival

Sample the most authentic Chinese cuisine from L&P, “The Origami Lady” will also teach you the traditional Asian art of folding paper.

Thank you to the following people and organizations who contributed to the success of the event. sac: DIVERSITY: aswc International Student Association Diversity & International Center Associate Provost for Diversity & Global Learning Westminster College Chinese Club Westminster College French Club Tanchanok Chuprajak Tourism Authority of Thailand - LA Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy


Stage Program

Bangkok Explore the modern dishes of urban Bangkok from Tea Rose Diner. Join the Thai Student Association of Utah and learn the Thai Craft of weaving.


Urban Cities of The World



Cape Town Enjoy traditional cuisine from Ethiopia provided by African Market Restaurant. Then visit Angela Crabtree of Red Rock Henna to learn about the traditional practice of henna art from North Africa and get your own personalized henna tattoo.

Sydney Paris Enjoy a French snack of croissant, different varieties of cheese, followed by a dessert of crepes provided by the French Club.

Mexican food from Rubio’s Mexican Grill will be featured in the Americas room, as well as the chance to try your hand at the game of Uno, one of Latin America’s most popular card games.

Our Australian sampler includes fish and fries. You can also enjoy pastries from Sydney with ice cream or fruits and vegetables.

Mexico City

Mexico City Mexican food from Cancun Café will be featured, as well as the chance to try your hand at the game of Uno, one of Latin America’s most popular card games.

6:00pm Welcome by Robin Smith 6:10pm


6:40pm Best of Africa Cultural group 7:20pm International fashion show

by Laura Leon and Robin Smith


Latin Dance Heritage

AboutParis the Performers Banzeen Music of North Africa and Middle East The Arabic-speaking people of North Africa share many traditions with the people of the Middle East. This is evident in the types of music which range from old traditional songs, to more contemporary styles. Tarek Omar and Rajab Juma have been playing in Utah for over 25 years.

Best of Africa Cultural Group Dance of Rwanda & Burundi

Beijing Bngkok

Recent refugees from Rwanda, Burundi has created a community of people who gather together to celebrate their Central African heritage. These dancers perform a mix of modern, popular dances, and they also do dances of traditional tribal origin.

Latin Dance Heritage Latin American Dance Latin Dance Heritage presents a wide selection of traditional dance styles from a multitude of nations. Bolivian native Orlando Zurita directs the ensemble made up of experienced folkloric dancers who are well known performers of ethnic dance in Utah.

Cape Town



EXPERIENCE 2008 – Present Freelance Graphic Designer Salt Lake City, UT  Communicate directly with clients to best understand their needs.  Manage concept, layout, design, branding and project printing.  Photographs products, events, location and people necessary for any publication.  Working within a given budget and timeline.  Maintain a relationaship with many print shops in salt lake city and incorporating the proper set up for different print shops. 2010 Bioneers Salt Lake City, UT Design and Publications Volunteer  Create concept, layout and design for publications at Bioneers.  Serve as a photographer at Bioneers conference and for other publications.  Copywrite and edit content for publications.  Develop and maintain Bioneers photos and graphics.  Communicate with print shops and mail house.


2009-2010 Westminster College Salt Lake City, UT Vice President, International Student Association  Assist president of ISA in planning and organizing activities and events hosted by ISA.  Lead and guide international students on how to adjust their life at Westminster.  Design poster, flyers and all the necessary material use by ISA and the international and diversity office of Westminster College.  Manage the overall event of International Festival at Westminster College—create concept and theme, edit and design event program, run through rehersals, communicate with performers and food suppliers.

EDUCATION 2011 (anticipated) B.A. Communication

Westminster College

Salt Lake City, UT

Relevant Coursework  Professional Writing: write for an audience, work in teams, work with non-profits, work on multiple projects at the same time and work on deadlines.  Business and Professional Communications: effectively within an AWARDS AND communicate SCHOLARSHIPS organization, work in teams and write company analysis.  Principle of Layout and Design: Work with InDesign on MAC platforms, focus on typography and layout, work with real clientsSpring and work room. 2010with print shops and mail Westminster College  Electronic Design: Work with Illustrator andDean’s Photoshop Honor on RollMAC platforms, assists writing classes with nonprofit projects.  Multimedia Image Production: Shot and work with videos on iMovie, work withWestminster College 2007-2011 Collegeon Founders Scholarship $36,000 Photoshop to create photo essays, work withWestminster flash and work projects for nonprofits. 2009-2011 Smith Endowed Scholarship $4250

Westminster College

Salt Lake City, UT Salt Lake City, UT Salt Lake City, UT

SKILLS Traditional/Digital Photography and Photo Editing Graphic Designing Software: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash), Microsoft office, iMovie Internet applications and Databse: Novell Groupwise, EBSCOhost, ProQuest, Lexis Nexis, JSTOR Familiar with both Macintosh and PC computers Fluent in English & Thai, speak some Chinese

     



08/2003 – 2009 Thai Siam Restaurant Restaurant Server  Photographs special events and photographs for flyers and menus.

Salt Lake City, UT

09/2008 – Present Super China Market Store Cashier  Photographs special events and photographs for flyers and posters.

Sandy, UT

Tanchanok's Portfolio  

Undergrad Portfolio

Tanchanok's Portfolio  

Undergrad Portfolio