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THE BENCH" Top SERIES Grizzly's 12 Bench-Top Woodworking Machines Don 't be fooled by their size. Grizzly's Bench-Top tools deliver plenty of large scale power and performance to handle the toughest jobs, yet are scaled to fit in just about any orkshop. Like their bigger cousins, these tools are carefully engineered to provide trouble free service and dependability. We're sure you' ll find a Grizzly Bench-Top tool that's perfect for you. 12" PLANER


Model Gl017

Model G1572



Model Gl020

• 2 H.P., 110V mot or • Dual knife cutterhe ad • Capacity : 12" wide 6" thick • Ship ping weight: 90 Ibs. 00 ONLY


F.O.B. Bellingham. WA or Williamsport, PA

• 'I. H.P., 11OV motor • 2" maximum thickness • 15" maximum depth • Shipp ing weight: 40 Ibs. 95 ONLY




Model Gl163

Model Gl173

, 1 H.P., 110/220V moto r

• '13 H.P., 110/220V motor • '12 H .P., 110V motor

, 4" x 24" belt • Conve rts to spindle sanding • 1'12 x 4'1, spindle • Shipping weight: 48 Ibs. 95 ONLY

• 12" maximum width • W' tem plate standar d • 'I, x '12 dovetail bit required • Shipping weight: 22 Ibs . 95 ONLY



Model Gl052

Model G2894


1" X 42" BELT, 6 " DISC

Model G3183

Model G3105

• 450 CFM suction • Wall mount brackets • Shipping weight : 58 Ibs. 95 ONLY


EO.B. Bellingham , WA or Williamsport . PA



• '12 H.P., 110V motor • W' blade standard • 1430 FPM • Shipp ing weight: 100 Ibs. 95 ONLY


EO .B. Bellingham, WA or Williamsport. PA

• • • •


Cast aluminum 18"0 x 24"W x 17"H 11" x 11" insert Router bit required : '12 dovetail wi '14 sha nk • Shipping we ight: 35 Ibs. 95 ONLY


Best Manuals In The Business!

, 120 grit wheel • Cast iron contruction • Shipping weight: 59 lbs, 95 ONLY



• 1 H .P., 11OV motor .-1!'_



• 3fa" chuck • Accepts 'Va" or %" shank chisels • 4%" head travel • Shipping weight: 45 Ibs. 95 ONLY


~ Id l Circle #112 on Resource Directory Coupon

• 'I2 H .P., 110/220V motor • Tilting belt & tables • Cast iron body • Shipp ing weight: 26 Ibs. 95 ONLY


Large Stock Of Parts!

SHOP & TOOL Tried & True

Six Essential Benchtop Jigs



by Mark Battersby. • • • . •


by Graham Blackburn

Gain accuracy and convenience from these simple jigs. Business End

Home Shop Tax Write-offs

It's not what you make, it's what you keep. Tool Talk

Mortiser & Tenoner Page 20

by R.I. DeCristoforo • • • • • • • • • • •


A dynamic duo for making this versatile joint.

Put Your Mortiser to Work

by R.I. DeCristoforo



Optimize your benchtop mortiser with our practical machine stand and special mortising jigs.

$1,000 Shop by R.I. DeCristoforo • • • . . • . . • • • • • • • • • 48 Who says you can't assemble a respectable shop for $1 ,OOO? Here's how to get the most for your money, without sacrificing quality.

Consumer's Choice Awards Page 56

compiled by Stacey King • •


Learn what your fellow woodworkers' favorite tools and machines are. Our survey respondents have selected their top choices in equipment that's passed the toughest test of all - it works for them.

PRO.JECTS PuIlOut'"Plans


by Ralph Wilkes • • • . . • • • • • • • • . . • • • • • •


This amusing and educational toy from the past will also be fun to put together.

Nostalgic Jelly Cupboard

by Andy Schultz



Return to days gone by, "preserved" by our project that provides an unbeatable course on the basics of fine cabinetmaking. PullOut~


Ferris Wheel Caddy

by R.j. DeCristoforo • . . . • . • • • • •


Organize those wandering fasteners and elusive small parts in this handy, attractive caddy that's built from scrap wood .

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March 1996 1

For All Your Woodcarving & Sign Carving Needs Terreo provides a full line of machine carving and sign carving equipment. BegiMing models are the T-110 single spindle bench carver and our CM614 single spindlesign carver. Intermediatemodelsinclude the K-Star, a ~indle heavy duty bench model, and the Northstar, a heavy duty floor modelavailableinonetoeight spindles.

Popular Woodworking ~

Terrco, Inc. 222 1st Ave. NW Watertown, SO 57201 USA (605) 882-3888 Fax (605) 882-0778

Model T-110 Dupll-earver

Our advanced model is our Master Carver series, which is an extremely heavy duty floor model with from eight to forty spindles. Write orcaD lormore Information. ModelCM614 Sign Carver Multi-Spindle Carving Machine Circle #118 on Resource Directory Coupon

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Circle #101 on Resource Directory Coupon 2 Popular Woodworking

JWBS 14CS ClosedStaoo Banosaw

$30 Rebate

OCl200 llustColOdor

$25 Rebate

$20 Rebate

$75 Rebate

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NOW AVAILABLE AT 40% LESS! INTRODUCING THE NEW WAGNERL609 MOISTURE METER... • Pin-Free Narrow Sensor Deep Penetrating • Features Wagner's Proven EMF Technology Accuracy Verified by Independ ent Studi es ur Lowest Price Was: $225 Now:

L 4 5"

w i.75~' x H









e Ghoice of me Pros " 1·800·


326 Pine Grove Road Rogue River, OR 97537 (503) 582-0541 Fax (503) 582-4138 C 1995WEP I

Circle #108 on Resource Directory Coupon

For that "SPECIAL" project

Table Rases

Made In Tennessee




~ Table Legs




Kits Ready to Assemble & Finisb

~ ~ . 9 ~~LT.D.. LP.

974 Forest Dr ., Dept . PW4 Morristown, TN 37814 • Phone (423) 587-2942

Circle #117 on Resource Directory Coupon

4 Popular Woodworking

Welcom e Woodw orker T

he family of Popular Woodworking readers has gotten a lot larger with the addition of subscribers from Woodworker magazine, which was recently merged with Popular Woodworking. So, to all you Woodworker subscribers, I'd like to extend an extra warm welcome. Do stay with us long enough to understand why 200,000 other woodworkers read Popular Woodworking. I'm a woodworker who's spent the better part of my adult life working in and managing custom cabinet and furniture shops. I've met many of you and know we have a lot in common - we're frugal and practical, and we expect a dollar's worth when we spend a dollar. Since I respect that, I see my job as giving you your dollar's worth, and then giving you a little more. Just so you know what to expect, let me explain . I like to say PopularWoodworking gives its readers real projects and real techniques that they can actuallyuse. We lead you through projects in the most practical, straightforward way possible. When we tackle complex projects, we let you in on professional shop building techniques that simplify the process without sacrific-

ing quality. Some call this getting the most bang for the buck. We look for great results from simple approaches. At this magazine, we're cabinetmakers who later became editors, not vice versa. We've read and enjoyed some of the practical projects and techniques we found in Woodworker, just as you have. And you'll be glad to know that some of your favorite writers have a new home here at PopularWoodworking, while some of your regular columns are now part of this magazine. We're introducing you to Popular Woodworking's readers by featuring the results of Woodworkers "Consumer's Choice Awards." The results presented are the opinions of surveyed Woodworker readers. Again, an enthusiastic welcome to all you Woodworker subscribers. Put on your shop apron and stay awhile. We want you to be an active part of this group!

5 ijL



In-Shop Seminars Cincinnati area readers continue to make evening visits to the Popular Woodworking shop to get their hands on the latest new products, learn techniques, and get expert advice from leading woodworking equipment suppliers. Bosch came to town recently, and it was almost like having an old friend visit. Quality Bosch power tools have been on my bench since I started working wood professionally in the late 1970s. Chris Carlson of Bosch brought along a new plunge router with a host of sweet features, including soft start and variable speeds. Everyone also had a chance to check out Bosch's new quick change system for switching out jigsaw blades. Adam Chafe of Black &. Decker stopped by with the versal'ak" cordless show. The VersaPak concept makes a lot of sense for the cordless crowd . Why should we have to buy a battery and charger every time we purchase a new tool? He also set up the new line of Black &. Decker benchtop woodworking machines for hands-on tryouts . Band saws, router/shapers, table saws and woodworking-specific drill presses are all part of the package.


Professional Woodworking Products


Make Beautiful

*2' Large Diameter (114' Shank) *3 -112' Large Diameter (112' Shank) 4·5/8' Large Diameter (Shaper)

Raised Panel Doors


Two Flute

with your 1/4" or 1/2" Router, or with your 1/2" or 3/4" Shaper. Professional production quality router bits and make j( quick and C'JSY toproduce matching rails and stiles. The panel raising bit with ball bearing guidc makes the raised panel perfect every time!




1/4" Shank Router 1/2" Shank Router 1/2" Shaper

#1301 #1302 #1303

$69.95 $79.95 $99.95

-REVERSIBLE COMBINATION RAIL & STILE BIT matching rails and stiles inraised panel etc.)Wor1<s with stock from 11/16' to 718' .

(For making


#1415. •••• • $18.00 5132"Radius

#1416.• •• • • $20.00 1/4' Radius

14° DOVETAIL BITS #1409• • •••• $7.00 1/2"l arge Oiameter #1410•• • •.• $9.50 3/4' large Diameter

45° CHAMFER BITS #1404 •••• $14.00 l'l'lle Dlameler, 3tr' Cutting Logth

#1405 •••• $16.00 1 1/2"Lroe Diameler, 5tr' Cutting Logth

#1406 • ••. $22.00 1 3/4' Lroe Diameler, I' Cutting Logth

ROUTER SPEED CONTROL CONTROLS THE SPEED OF YOUR ROUTERI Gets the best results with the wood and bit you are using! • Works with all routers 3-1/4" UP or LESS 120V 15 Amp

• Full horsepower andtorque at all speeds • Gjves your router a feature only available on routers oosting hundreds ofdollars! Reg. 549.95........ Order Item #1304



SALE $3495

BISCUIT- - ' JOINING SET 5/32" Sfot Cutt er' 1/4" Shonk & 250 #20 Biscuits "BiscuitJoining withyour Router" , Instructionalsheetincluded.

'---====::::::::=j~ Reg. $3S.00.... SALE $29 95 Order Item # 1385



e welcome your comments and questions, pro or con, about articles we publish or anything else on your mind that's related to woodworking. We'd also like to see color pictures of what you're building. Send your input to: Infeed/Outfeed , Popular Woodworking, 1507 Dana Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45207 . You also can e-mail us at Wudworker@AOL.COM or on CompuServe at Bruce Woods, 75463,3377. Letters may be edited for publication.


E-Z Hold"

II Clamp Correction

Thank you for featuring our "Jorgensen®" E-Z HOLDTM II Bar/Spreader Clamp in the new products section of the January 1996 issue. However, in describing the conversion from a clamp to a spreader, incorrect information was given. It is not the advancing handle which should be removed from the bar. Instead, the sliding head (no handle/no label) is remo ved and placed on the opposite end of the bar. M icha el F. Watkins Adjustable Clamp Company

We're Blushing. . . Just wanted to drop a note to say how much I enjoyed your magazine. I was in the bookstore browsing th rough the

woodworking magazines. I picked up one that was well put together but very overwhel ming. I got the feeling that I needed 5,000 square feet of shop space or every woodworking tool available before I could start a project. Others just bored me. Popular Woodworking #87, November 1995, was a nice surprise. Your magazine did not bore nor scare me away. I enjoyed the letters, "Tricks of the Trade" and the woo dworking projects. What I really enjoyed was seeing the article "Evolution of an Entryway" by Sal Maccarone. I felt this appealed to a woodworker with a little more experience than your w eekend woodworker. Popular Woodworking explained both ends, from the "Shaker Firewood Box"

Forstner Found I may have a reference for C. Gordon Emerson's request for help in locating a manufacturer of an adjustable Forstner ty pe bit (#87, November 1995): Robert Larson Company, Inc., 33 Dorman Ave., San Francisco, CA 94124; (415) 821-1021 or (800) 3562195; fax (415) 821-3786. I picked up a data sheet at the Atlanta (IWF) Show in '94. Adjustable bits come with two sizes for each bit: 22-50mm and 34-80mm . These bits are made in Austr ia.

made in one weekend to the more challenging project, " Evolution of an Entryway." Please continue the good work and don't forget the more advanced woodworker. Thank you. M ichael Fiedler Clifton Heigh ts, PA




MODEL The two newest products being introduced into the Artisan Line are the Model 64-10 " Table Saw and the Model 54-6" Jointer. Features such as the Biesemeyer T-Square ® Fence System on the Model 64 and a rugged cast iron fence system and an enclosed base on the Model 54 are some of the many features that set these machines apart from the rest of the competition. Join the Dynamic Duo today by adding one or both of these new mach ines to your shop .

Call 1-800-248-0144 for the authorized Powermatic dealer nearest you. 6 Popular Woodworking

Circle #114 on Resource Directory Coupon

Save My Board! My problem, unbeknownst to me at the time, began eight years ago on my honeymoon. While driving through the redwood forest in California, I had the opportunity to purchase a beautiful and unique slab of myrtlewood (kiln dried) approximately 22" x 50". It was an incredible bargain for such a piece. The problem lies in what to do with it. The less attractive side's surface is smooth and flat, but to me is rather blah. The other side is very appealing in its uniqueness, but the practicality of using this side is questionable, due to the fact that instead of having a smooth flat surface, this side is broken up much like a topographical map, with four or five small plateaus making up the usable surface area. A coffee table was the original destiny for the piece, with the base being an equally unique and attractive gnarled black walnut burl weighing in excess of 50 pounds. But, as I've mentioned, the minimal, usable surface area presents a problem. Another consideration I've had was to make a wall hung clock, thermometer humidity gauge and barometer set. Another was to cut letters for a business and attach to the slab, but. . . I'd appreciate your opinion on what I might do to best utilize this unique piece of natural resource. This piece also has a sentimental value. Incidently, both the slab and the walnut base were finished with a lacquer finish five or six years ago to preserve them regardless of what their final duties become. Thank you .

Sorry. I do not have pricing data. They 're exp ensive if I rem em ber cor rectly. Hope this help s, M r. Emerson.

Paul E. Rising ED. - Looks like Paul found it. Larson's offers a Stern brand adjustable universal bit which seems to match Mr. Emerson's photo. The bits, available in high carbon steel or carbide tipped, retail from $ 733 to $308.95. You may contact Larson 's for a referral to your local dealer.

ED. - Gauging from your description, it's a tough decision. As you point out, the board isn't verypractical because of the lack of flat surface. If the piece needs to be more practical, I'd recommend you go with the glass top. If you do, I further suggest the glass be an oval shape that complements the form of the myrtlewood.

111 130

0229-1 ItS Keyless Drill $ 023 'H 1/T Magnum Orin 0236-1 112'" Magrun Kit


"forget the socks and ties...buu tools" (J;@][Jij ~ HITACHI& 7'1l.aJ(ita g." RYOBI


128 172 245 193 174 168 4 100 5 pc Router Bit$ 1 ~.H.f~~mer 32 8 5365 · ' ,. Ha wk Hamme r Kif 348 9 • CIb':'«J~ . 236 J S1 02 New Biscu. J ome r . 5369-1 3I4' D ·hand~ Fa ~ on K' 178 5371-1 112'" Hemmer Drm OriD 5375- 1 1/2" Hammer Drill Kit 187 126 lU85M01Q 10" 80T Finish 5392·1 3/8- Hammer Orin 96 lli~~~~~ 19:~i~""" 6 148 NEW Mini Griner 123 6142 4 1/2" Grinder Kit 278 l U85M0 15 15- I08 T :Piniah 61 75 14" Cho p Saw 167 6266 NEW Jill Saw 268 6460 10· Circular Saw 6491 1TM4erSawwJ8Ot Blade 278 l U92M010 10"60TCoria,,~ 315 LU98MOtQ 10" 80T larrinates 0239- 1 1/2'" Key:len Drill

SE \lJ~i: ~ & ~ ~ G, rr

0407· ' Contess OrilKit·2ban

0422· ' 12V CorcI's Hal'TTTl8r1Jrt 3300-1 RI Angle Drill 5192 Die Grinder









153 lU73M010 10" 60T Cross::ut

2 ~ ~ Scrtlwdr?ier Screwdrive r Kit Heal Gun Heal Gun Kit


6535 ' ~rSa~ $11 5 Pockethole rrnker $ 109 KREG for J9iningJIG face frames, butt joints and other pocke t hole appl ications K2 two hole one hole K1 EXira Orin bit Face Clamp 100 Screws Driver Bit

~ . ~ . '.


.• •

109.95 99.95 15.95 15.95





10" M' er Saw


Cl0FS 10" Slid e

NA8 3A




. FramIng Nailer

869 398


~04'5 10


o ine r 208 DP60




DW682K B iscuit Joiner

DW tOO DW106 DW411 DW705


3/S- Orin 318MKeyless Drill



Palm S ander 12" Compoood 12'\1 Cordless Saw 14vCordleesSaw

67 73 59 358 198 219 188 188


~ ~ . ~






9.6 V . Black. Battery 7.2 V Black Banery


6 .65




JigS aw Kh

TS 254

23.50 22.00

NIA 100 pc 12 .95 11.95

9.95 8.85


~~~~v~~r 2~':~_1 A S 115K RO ~nder Kit



EZ 1



626SK 8290


shoo_ pilS&sllples 18 G 314· 2' Kn



16 4


' '''-Crown ' " SIlI*IQ 104 6d-16dFr ming N~


6 636

37 .95


31 .95


~~3~CU't:SS~4R~P.2 tank$

BIESEMEYER SENCrr sr Corrmln::ialfen: e S 297 50" Home Shop 237 SFN2B

~i~::'~ t~JI~~,~



\ ~;~



293 307 307


224 15MinuteCharge w/2 Banerjes 198




~ "

s 188 Scrape r Blade attac hment 15.95

Kn ....t au & paper

7/8hpRouier 318- M 4 5 amp



3/6- KeyteOs Drm

Offset Trim Rouler

4X24 Bah Sande r


' 2" Do",,'ail J ill



• lUI e::::> -'f:1<=:j @ I

693 693 1

U Va5 -.Hand holes.Two verti:al m ls. Two milledlflcea. YeUow coal . 2464 2 wi hand hole $ 43 2469 36"Mw wI hand hole 46 2467 48 /handhole 49

7116 7499 7800 7810

24- Doev1all jig NEW Drywan Cutout Drywal l sander Va cuum


aseorted PSA paper

U ~


661 1 6.95 6614



~~:~~= ~~tor

188 $ 20 8

1/2" Drill Dry wall Screwg un

~~rv ~'6"S~r'"ewgW:' '')rd


3/8· Drill 5.6 amp . 1/Z' Orin 1/2- Keyle.. Dnll 1.5hp Plunge Router Plunge Base


14 .4V

1180 2037

$113 ~:~ Profile Sander Kit 2 72 1

100 pc 11.95 10.95 100 100 pc 10.95 9 .95 2620 100 pc '0 .95 9 .95 262 1 100 pc 10.95 9 .95 312



$ 118 94

1 9'94



' Shp Roule r 'Q""", A



~~ ~~~~ 3~i~~:'ingR~



65 103 127

40 75

T \Nildcal6rinde r _

m 37-070 $2 57 6 " Table



~:: 165


iil': '


TOD J oi n ter

14·6 50 Hollow Mori se Chioler 285


17·960 Oee . Sande r K'


3 1.080 1" Belt 5" Disc Sander


31 ·340 '"MBen 6· Diec S ander 20 3

~~~ ~~~: ~~ ~~aw 168 72


292 62 328 257




31-460 4 Bell. 6" Disc Sander 126 32·100 Plate Joiner 254

~g~ ~~~r~~~~w ~1:

36-210 10" Compound Miler 248 36-250 NEW Compound Slid e Saw wit h . and 558 40-150 15· SeroU Saw 115

:;..-.. o~y SL22 4 2' eco~~ 54 ~:~: N~ ~:iaJlEVEl ~~~ ~~~Ro~~~~~a8e ~~~ :~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~ 359 ~~~~i~~~~~e : : ~~g<: :~~al ~~~ ~;~;~ ~:~~~rc:rc~se ~~~ gt~~ ~ ~~~T ~a= 6~ ~~



~1~\W~~~~A TOR


I'iiiillOl 0 "''''''IJ· .


26 .50 22 .50

~ ~. ,r;·F~~~ Gun ~~: PanasoniC ~



:~: ~874K


~ ?1


11 212EVSSDS RoloHamme, 212 33 10 K New , . . Co rdle•• Orin 19 3

9. 2 8 7 2 K 2 :: W~hJ battens

' O"M'er Saw


STlK·ON SANOPAPER ' 0 yards , 'GOLD'C weghtdilc8 Grt 4 1.~rot pecea 6"round S'ourd 9444 80 100


migl~~vs ~~ros':,;;'1iSaw

~~~~~ ~!"Pl~r~


6- DrrnPr..s


S 111

~;~;X ~:-/G~::'Jill Saw 1~~

~~: gg~ g~:~ ~=r

B05000 RandomOrtrSander


~2~~g~~//£st.~r K'

055450 i ndde',e $159 55aPn

2701N1 6 112" Table Saw 297 AP70 Re(iac eme nt 81ede. 24.9S 3612C NEW VSPIu R'ler 279 8 5 900 NEW g- Band Saw 165

739 39 01

Mite~ Saw

D'N9 72K2 12VCordless dril1 DW9 74K 14V Cordless drm


2. 95 AM 7800LHC4VNew'1 Oille

207 6.

12' Compound $577 Miter Saw

Cl 0FC 10" Compound Miter



~8 _ " .180 6.85 100 pc 10.95 9 .95 332 ROSander 220 6 .65 100 pc 10.95 9 .95 34 5 6' Saw Boos 2 4 1SK Clamp 'nTool Back·lo-Back lOp;hook& loopanygm $3 .95 3 47 K TC;rouiar Saw 18 G 318-1-112"Klt $98 ~J'~$ 29:50Bt~4~ FEIN Dera il Sander ~~~ ~~4haB:a':.';".r


3 .25 AM 78HC4V 11/2 Hp.2 tank


HS40 40" Home Shop MITER SAW STOP

58 67

169 Construction Master IV 74 The HfW1l1 IOoOrid"I best 6 1 fe«~nch.m«nc.tracll(n ~ , 137 oalc ....."' . SoN.. "'aII.'" 55 hlp!l,val lep.el alls 91

~~, r:~~:e~:::1

654«),1 6767·1 8975 8980




t~~~g~g ~g:~U~':=d ;~

g~~~ '~EfW7:wu:"Mt~~



BOSCH 1581V5

ti ~s144






Circle #303 on Resource Directory Coupon

M arch 1996 7



ricks of the Trade shares readers' ideas for making woodworking tasks easier and safer. Send your original, unpublished ideas to Tricks of th e Trade, Popular Woodworking, 1507 Dana Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45207. If needed, please illustrate with The VersaPak System, introduced recently by Black & Decker, uses interchangeable batteries, a color photo or diagram. We'll which are sold separately to reduce prices. pay $35 for each trick we publish, and starting in the next issue, the best submission will win a Black &. Decker VersaPak™ System, including a cordless 7.2-volt drill, a cordless detail sander and a cordless multi-purpose saw.

SPACE, THE STORAGE FRONTIER Almost all workbenches have an overhang on both ends or the front. This area is frequently wasted, but I found a good use for the room. Ron Pavelka Orange, California

Lathe chisels

Don't Pick Up Strangers The other day I inadvertently picked up a screw cup with my dust collector. When I did not hear it come through to the bag, I disconnected the power and unscrewed the plate to gain access to the impeller rotor. I thought alii was retrieving was the cup, but I got several bag ties, some sheet metal and two largish pieces of aluminum foil. The cup was undamaged (amazing), and since performing this very minor surgery the blower has been at leasthalf-again peppier than it had been before I opened it. Be sure to wipe the gaskets clean before reassembling . The moral of this story is that the few minutes it takes to clear the junk away from the impeller will be very rewarding. Hugh Foster Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Not Just Hot Air Believe it or not, if you exhale into any water-based can of paint, stain or other finish (I've only tried this in water-based, it may work on oil-based also), just before sealing the lid, it displaces the oxygen in the can and stops the usual film from forming on the surface of the liquid. Adam Blake Tipp City, Ohio I


If the ends of fairly narrow pieces of stock have to be routed to a moulding profile, it's difficult to keep the cutter in line. Because of the minimal surface to provide guidance for the router bearing or fence, the cutter may wander and ruin the work. You can get clean cuts on the good parts by clamping scrap pieces on the outside edges. This provides the enlarged bearing surface necessary. Should the cutter wander at start or finish, the damage will be on the scrap wood, leaving the good parts perfect. Percy Blanford Stratford, England

8 Popular Woodworking


12 oz. coffee cans with screws, nails

~ ha'dwa"

144 tip-pacl~pages. 200 photographs and illustrations. 19 shop-~router jigs. YOU]S to byfur 15days FREE.

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You know it as "ironwood " - and it lives up to its nickname.


are, tough and versatile, eastern hophornbeam is a domestic "ironwood" that will outlast most ot her hardwoods in even the mo st grueling applications. For woo dworkers intent on using small amounts of on e of the sturdiest home-grown hardwoods you can find, eastern hoph ornbeam is unparalleled.

General Description Competition for the marketing term "ironwood" puts a species like eastern hophornbeam (Ostrya virginiana) in con-

fusing company, among 13 different North American species to be exact. Ask lumber dealers quite specifically for eastern ho phornbeam when ordering . A hornbeam, by the way, was a particu larly tough piece of wood on ce used to yoke working oxe n together. Eastern hopho rnbeam grows primarily in our Northeastern states along the Canadian border, as we ll as seve ral hu ndred miles into Canada. The tree favors well-drained uplan d soils and steep slopes and is very shade tolerant. These

trees gro w relatively quickly and are rarely found in pu re stands of their own . This growth pattern keeps them from attaining heights g reater than 40 feet and tru nk d iameters of more than 12 inches. But t his also means growth rings are very narrow and tightly packed , which contributes to hophornbeam's best cha racteristics . The tree gets the prefix to its name from its seed fruit, wh ich close ly resembles true hops . The lumber from eastern hophornbeam trees is exceedingl y hard, strong,

MAKE IT MOBILE For a FREE Full-Color Catalog of HTC' 5 Complete Product Une Call:


When will your subscription expire? You ca n find out quickly and easi ly by noting the date in the info rmatio n above your name and add ress on yo ur mailing label. For exa mple. if you see MAY97. that means the April/May '97 issue is the last issue yo u' ll receive. Rememb er to renew early to ensure co ntinuous subscr iption service.

Popular Woodworking ~ 10 Popu lar Woodworking




Papu iWaadwarlO g. Members of your. woodw dang grou on club may subscribe to Popular Woodworking at a 25% savings off the newsstand price! For information and order forms, contact AngeLisa Harcourt at (513) 531-2690 ext. 20 or write: Popular.. Woodw.or:k:ing Group Orders, 1507 Dana Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45207

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by Ken Textor straight-grained and quite dense. It is also fairly heavy. Its sapwood is creamy white and often occ upies about half the diameter of a trunk. The heartwood is brown to dark brown. In use, the wood has better than average stability. If used green, hophornbeam is a good candidate for bending, with a slightly better than average ab ility to resist splitting . Traditional uses of eastern hophornbeam include tool handles, levers, mallets, rollers for heavy equipment, cams, cogs, chopping blocks and small turnery items.

Working Properties Eastern ho phornbea m is a moderately easy hardwoo d to work, but very sharp tools are a must. In power planing, this is partic ularly true to preven t tearing the surface. Fortunately, if there is tearing, it's usually shallow and easily repaired with a sharp scraper. Other basic shaping processes - ripping, cross-cutting and sanding - are problem-free. In fact, all three processes yield very good results. Routing and shaping can cause a little tearing in the

wood . To avoid this, slow down the rate at which you would no rmally feed the stock into th e knives. Lathe work with eastern hophorn beam is particularly satisfying. The wood comes off in smooth, dust-like shavings. The resulting surface usually req uires very little sanding. And the most intricate details are possible. Boring op erations will requi re a little extra time. That's because the wood's density te nds to make a drill bit heat up fairly quickly. This bor ing difficulty is pa rticularly trou blesome when faste ning hopho rn bea m w ith na ils o r screws. Properly sized pilot holes are an absolute m ust with this wood .

Finishing Finishing easte rn ho phorn beam will de pen d largely on its use. In a to ol handle tha t will see heavy use, you can skip finishing alto geth er. The oils from your hands will q uickly seal the outer surface. Also, unfinished tool handles are less likely to cause blisters. Overall, oils seem to be the best finish-

es for this wood. Linseed and tung will seal the wood well and allow what little character there is to show through. Of course, paints, varn ishes, shellacs and waxes will also work.

Availability The biggest problem with eastern hophornbeam is that it's hard to find. Only small, old-time hardwood dealers keep it on hand for the farmers and craftsmen who know its value. This means it's rarely available outside its native habitat. When you can find it, the price is generally around $3 per board foot. Available lengths are rarely more than eig ht feet and widths are seldom g reater than eig ht inches. But clear, straightgra ined 4/4 lumber is the norm. So if you need a tough, long lasting wood for some small project, eastern hophornbeam is the "ironwood" for you. Even if you have to go into the woods and cut the tree yourself, it will be worth it. ~ Ken Textor, a cont ributing edito r for Popu lar Woodw orking, works wood in Arrowsic, M aine.

:-, ~oo~~ ©~IJ~[l@@Q Shipping & Hand li ng Charge s "YOII[ QllrthaSft Iplats· your SAH C ha rge

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Weekdays 8 a.m.-9 p.m. & Sa1.8 a.m - 3 p.m. E.S.T.





Boston ,

M a .

02 1 16

~. FT2000E



Profile Sander Kit 756-890 $ 10 1.99



(after mfg. reba te) EDS132B Cdls Drlll lDrlver B is cuit Jo iner 1_ "*11._ 1 JS100 10"8 0Th Saw Blade TK806 TIl 08 8Pc Turning Set 15Pc Route r Bit Set 90·100 13Pc Rout er Bit Set 91·100 26Pc Router Bit Set 92·100 LU73M010 10"60Th Saw Bla de LU85M010 10"80Th Saw Blade LU85M01212"96Th Saw Blade

17905 17910 17911 17939 31460 34182 36220 37070 40560 40650

749-986 708-867 710·269 708·974 709·907 686-832 709·915 710-442 511-386 710-335

$189.99 $120.19 $43.29 $83.79 $149.99 $149.99 $264.59 $45.18 $61.49 $92.69

DW100 DW306K DW972·K2 DW364 DW411 DW421 DW625 DW705 DW935K DW991K

318" VSR Drill VS Reclp. Saw 12V 318" Cord less 7114" Circular Saw Palm Sande r 5" R.O. Sand er 3 HP Plunge Route r 12" Compound Miter

14.4V Cordless Saw 14.4V Cord less

755·165 755·280 755·223 755·322 755·348 755·355 755·363 755-405 755-421 755·231

$57.77 $145.50 $174.99 $146.99 $41.99 $66.89 $254.64 $355.77 $215.20 $184.99


~~OO\. 055450

12" Planer 487-652 $359.99

Osc.Spindle Sander 757-807 $145.00

Mortis Att achme nt 318" Mort . Att achment 112" Mort . Attachm ent Drill Press tray 4" Beltl6 " DlscSandr Tenoning Jig 10"Cm pnd Miter Saw 6" VS Joi nter 16"2·spd Scr oli Saw 18"VS Scr oll Saw

754-473 754-507 754·515 754-523 754·1 27 754-564 487·66 0 754·200 754·135 754·26 7

or FAX 24 Hrs./7 days ' ·800 ·984·4483

$28.99 $32.99 $34.99 $7.62 $117.99 $69.99 $197.99 $240.00 $164.99 $469.99

AP12 DC500K DS1000 DS2000K HT20VSK R175 RS200 S45 S605D SC162VS

121511 6" Planer Pwr Detail Carver Detail Sande r Deatll Sander Kit VS Mul tl·tool Kit 1314HP Ping . Rout r 5"R .0. Sander Dustless Sande r Dustless Sander 16"VS Scroll Saw

757-815 756·940 756-932 757·989 756·957 758·045 757·757 757·773 757·765 757·823

332 333 352VS 362 505 556 7116 7518 97355 9737

Rand. Orbit Sander Rand. Orbit Sander 3.21 Belt Sander 4. 24 Belt Sander 1I2sht Fin Sander Plate Joiner Kit 24" DYlall Omnl)lg 3114HP·5spd Router 5" R.O. Sander Kit VS Tiger Saw Kit


$379.99 $56.97 $29.47 $59.99 $46.37 $89.99 $69.99 $59.99 $43.99 $153.99

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82300K-06 12V Cdls Drill Kit 665141 $ 147.99 Bl 150 B1550 B1650K B1760 B2100K B4050 B5600 B7000 B7050 B7350

Drywall Cutout Tool 3Hp Plunge Router Biscuit Joiner Power Plane 9.6V CdIs Drill Klt# Inllne Gri p Jig Saw 7114"Clrcular Saw Corner Sander Dustless Palm Sandr 3" X21"B elt Sander

665-042 664-888 665·166 664-896 665-133 664·979 665-018 664·946 665-075 664·953

$83.99 $218.69 $155.89 $140.00 $155.29 $110.99 $107.19 $61.69 $46.99 $144.99

March 1996 11




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Over 6000 products to


RESTORE, RERNISH anything made of wood! It's the catalog woodworkers rely 00-120 pages jam-packed with finewoods, veneers, tools, finishing supplies, andmuch more-alltop quality, all reasonably priced, all with our 6O-day no-quesnonsasked guarantee.


ServingWoodwor1<ers Since 1812

2050 Eastchester Rd., Dpl38602, Bronx NY10461

Call TOLL FREE 1-800-223-8087 Circle #152 on Resource Directory Coupon

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1·800·942·4406 extension 5302

Tim "The Tool Man" Allen Takes on Tools


im Allen added to his success as Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor on ABC's Home Impro vement by writing bestsellers and starring in hit movies . Now he's taking on the business that inspired his popular series - hardware. The TIm Allen Signature Hammer premiered in hardware stores and gift catalogs last fall, and more tools may follow pending the hammer's success . Some people may ask what's so special about the hammer, with so many competitors out there. With a retail price of $29.95, it's neither the Nova nor the BMW of hammers , nor does it have any gizmos. But Allen did g ive special attention to helping design the hammer that bears his name and trademark grunt "RRR." After consulting with different tool manufacturers, he decided Hart Tool Company, which specializes in professional hammers, could provide the qual ity he was seeking. Allen helped make some design changes to an existing head, and added a hatchet handle. Bob Hart, co-owner of Hart Tools, said the company has used the hatchet handle on larger hammers for about eight years, and that it works well on Allen's 12ounce hammer. He added, "It really has a good balance to it. The hammer head itself is balanced right through the center, instead of being real nose heavy." As final touches, a water-based lacquer for a natural finish and high-polished steel were applied. Voila, the Tim Allen Signature Hammer was born.

TIMBERKING , INC. Dept. 8302

1431 N. TOPPING, KANSAS CITY, MO 64120 Circle #105 on Resource Directory Coupon


Clocks Photo frames Jewelry boxes Candle holders Furniture


Silhouettes on Christmas religion farming western transportation nature & more.

Saw 8.


FREE catalog oOks es Wildwood Designs 1-800-470-9090 P.O. Box 676-R Richland Center WI 53581

Allen sees the hammer as an icon of the fun and purposefulness of the do- it-yourseifer who creates his/her own projects. "It's the spirit in which I created my comedy, and the spirit in which I've utilized that on Home Improvement," he told Popular Woodworking . "It's a piece of all this excitement that Home Improvement has about putting a lot of interest back into doing do -it-yourself stuff." Besides being able to create and produce his own tool line, Allen hopes to even tually use it as a constant sourc e of income for charities. "1 kind of got the idea from meeting Paul Newman, who has this line [Newman's Own] that he uses the proceeds to encourage his philanthropy. And I said I love the charity work that I'm doing, and it would be great to have an outside source of inco m e for th is, not only my own income," he said. Ifthe hammer becomes a success , Allen hopes a screwdriver set and perhaps a drill will follow ("more pawed"). Eventually, there may be an entire home starter kit of Tim Allen signature tools . But for now, Allen's going to take his time . "1want to go very slowly, and see how the hammer works, see how everybody likes that, and see how I like getting into this business." ED. - If you can't find the Tim Allen Signature Hammer in your local store, you can receive more information by calling (BOO) 736-077 B. -

Circle #110 on Resource Directory Coupon

12 Popular Woodworking

by Cristine Antolik

NEWS & NOTES Since 1964. The original, portab le, one-man sawmill. Factory direct

~ Mobile Mfg. Co. P.O. Box 250 Dept. W, Troutdale. OR 97060 (503) 666·5593 Fax (503) 661 -7548

Circle #123 on Resou rce Directory Coupon


For Drill Press or Radial Ann DrIll


Surface Plane s, Tenon s, Rabbet s, Moulding . Rosettes. Raised Panel s Conc ave Cuts and Tape red Legs



Delta Internat ional M achinery Corp. has announced plans to acquire Biesemeyer Manufacturing Corp ., maker of precision T-Square'" Saw Fence System s. Biesemeyer will continue to operat e under its own name as a subsidiary of Delta. At press ti me, the acquisition was not finalized. " We believe Biesemeyer will make an excellent addition t o our woodworking accessories line," said Delta President Nevin J. Craig. "I 'm conf ident that with our resources, we can grow the business and continue manufacturing products in t he Biesemeyer tradition." Tim O' Connell, Delta's accessory marketing manag er, said th e purchase wou ld not affect the availability of Biesemeyer produ cts to oth er mach inery manufacturers. The Biesemeyer fence system will be built into Delta's saw line as an optional accessory, and there are no plans to replace the Delta Unifen ce system . " We see this as offering the customer a cho ice between the two best fence system s in the wo rld. We'll let them decide wh ich they prefer," O'Co nnell said. William Biesemeyer, who co-founded the company in 1980, will retire as president, whil e Roger Thompson, the oth er co-founder, will continue as vice president, reporting to Nevin Craig.

Several associations are offering literature free or at a miniscule cost to inform woodworkers on products, projects and the history of the industry.

$4.00 S & H - Ad d State Tax where ap plicable. For Ra d ial sa w state th e m ak e, m odel an d s haft size.

KIT INCLUDES: 3 nteurre high speedsteel cutters , grinding wheel. arbor wrench with Instruction book. MONEY BAC K GUARANTEE Order direct , or wri te fo r tree literature.

G & W TOOL CO., INC. P.O. Box 691464. Tulsa. OK 74169 · (918) 486-2761

Circle #122 on Resource Directory Coupon

The Video College of WoodwOTking,

The California Redwood Association is distributing an idea-starter for outdoor projects in a 12-page color brochure. The Redwood Landscape Architecture booklet features decks, trellises, gazebos, fences, poolscapes and other projects. It also discusses redwood's properties and shows grades and sizes suitable for landscape applications. The booklet suggests beam and joist spans, hardware, nailing patterns, and finishes. For a copy, send a dollar to Dept. LAC6, California Redwood Association, 405 Enfrente Dr., Suite 200, Novato, CA 94949 .

Fein Pow er Tool s, celebrating 100 years since inventing the world's first power tool in 1895, is offering a newsletter highlighting the history and future of the power tool industry. To obtain a copy, send a self-addressed, stamped, legal-size envelope to : Newsletter Office, Fein Power Tools Inc., 3019 West Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15204. Redwood Landsca pe Archit ecture shows beautiful projects for th e out doo rs surrounding your home.

Free Video Demonstrates the Benefits of Engineered Wood -,

Order now for just $29.95 (plus $4.95 shippi ng & hand ling. U.s. Dollars)

and we'll also send a set of

Project Planning Worksheets.

1,800,354, 9663'Oepl. P Video Co llege of Woodwork ing

Atm: Dept. p· p.a. Box 26 1026'Lakew ooJ . CO 80226-9026

t:::5:] Iffi] ~II~:Y.l~6C:~bafurnd:livery. VH S forma[ only. Circle # 116 on Resource Directory Coupon

14 Popular Woodworking


Literature for Woodworkers

ABSOLUTELY SA FE Impos sible 10 grab or kick back l Dri ll Pre ss Kit Radial Saw KIt $40.00 $45.00

introduces The FUNdamentals of Modem Woodworking, a 60-minute videotape, work book and plans th at cover: • Select ion and use of mate rials and tools ... cuts frustration • Project design, construction and fin ish ing . . . reveals trade secrets • Bringing ir all together .. . smooths the learning curve


Delta Int'l Agrees to Purchase Blesemeyer Manufacturing

• Call or write for FREE BROCHURE. Video available.



Not too long ago, the Discovery Channel's television program, Today's Environment, aired a segment on engineered wood [particleboard and medium density fibreboard (M DF)] for use in furniture and cabinets. Now the PB-M DF Institute is offering free video excerpts from the program wh ich focuses on the environmental friendliness of prod ucts made with engineered wo od . A brochure, Engineered Wood: Essential Ecology, also is available free of charge. It describes engin eered wood's benefits for tod ay's environm entally conscious consumer. For your free copy, call or wr ite the PB-MDF Institute at 18928 Premiere Court, Gaithersburg, MD 20879; (301) 670-1752 . Additional videos cost $3.50 each; and the first 50 brochu res are free.

The Kindest Cut of All DeWalt's new lines of heavy duty wood-boring bits and cobalt-steel jigsaw blades are impressive additions to the woodworking accessory category. The wood-boring bits feature angled offset cutting wings that DeWalt designed to drill holes twice as fast, remove chips quicker to reduce binding, and produce more holes per battery charge in cordless drilling. The jigsaw blades feature a patented cobalt-steel-reinforced tooth configuration, providing increased cutting contact for precision cuts, longer life and a superior finish. The blades also offer true and perpendicular cuts with minimal " blow out " on the bottom of the cut. For more information, contact DeWalt Industrial Tool Company at (800) 433-9258 or circle # 160 on the Resource Directory Coupon.

*Batte ries Included

Put This In Your Pipe... If your dream is making your own briar pipe but you think it's a little beyond your abilities, this Sternco" kit is for you. It includes Pima's Guide To PipeCrafting At Home, with 119 illustrations (used for 20 years to instruct pipe makers), and a pre-bored briar block, complete with a fitted vulcanized rubber stem. The kit is available for $25, plus $3 postage, by writing to Stemco, Butternut Lane, P.O. Box 2043, Manchester Center, VT 05255; (802) 362-3371, or circle #162 on the Resource DirectoryCoupon.

Dremel has revamped the Moto-Tool and pulled the cord off to increase its versatility. The new 7.2-volt MultiPro 7700 is a two -speed, cordless rotary tool powered with a three-hour battery pack. Operating at 7,500 or 15,000 rpm, the MultiPro 7700's 25piece accessory collection offers a variety of functions including cutting, polishing and cleaning in a wide range of shop and household applications.The too l is equipped with a collet nut that accepts Dremel accessories up to a W' shank, w ith additional collets for ~2", )16" and X2" shanks. The M ultiPro kit retails for about $55 and is available at all leading home centers and hardware stores. For more information, contact Dremel at P.O. Box 1468, Racine, WI 53401 orcircle #161 onthe Resource Directory Coupon:

Sharp Idea, Gritty Solution Baby It's Warm Inside Space-Ray Infra red Gas Heaters has introduced an economical and easy to install residential gas heater for hard-toheat areas such as garages, workshops and enclosed barns. The new series of compact, unitized 111 " long Cold Blocker" heaters are available in natural and propane gas versions. The heaters offer energy efficiencies rang ing up to 84 .5 percent, and fuel savings from 30 to 50 percent or more. The Space-Ray Cold Blocker retails at $649 . For rnore information, call (800) 438-4936 or circle # 163 on the Resource Direaory Coupon.

16 Popular Woodworking

Norton, the world's leading manufacturer of abrasives, is now offering the Norton Waterstones" system, the first made in the United States. The stones, available in 220, 1,000, 4,000 and 8,000 grit, are engineered to work together. Norton says the grit progression allows the user to produc e a near mirror finish in a very short time. The set retails for about $160. Norton is also offering two combination grit stones, the 220/1, 000 for $29 and the 4,000 /8,000 for $49.95 . For more information, contact Norton at One New Bond Street, P.O. Box 15008, Worcester, MA, 01615-0008, orcircle # 164 on the Resource Directory Coupon.

Ain't That a Kick In the Pants! For the contractor (or space challenged woodworker), Delta International Machinery offers the Sidekick 10" sliding compound miter saw. At 59 pounds with stand, the Sidekick offers a lot of saw for its weight. The collapsible stand includes built-in left and right table extensions producing a 59" working platform. The saw is powered by a 13 amp, 5,000 rpm motor, and can make a 3%" x 11 W' cut at 90 deg rees. Other features include a carbidetipped 10" x 40 tooth blade and an electronic blade brake. The Sidekick lists for $696, but will retail for about $550. To locate a Delta distributo r near you, call (800) 438-2486 orcircle # 165 onthe Resource Directory Coupon.

Popular Woodworking Back Issues Back Issues only $4.50 and $3 .50 postpaid. All 1994 and 1995 issues just 84.50 Seplember B5

Cou nt ry wall cupboa rd; collecto r's coffee table; turning on the table saw; porch swing; review on ch isels and gouges .

July B5

Mission style coffee table; mo rtising j igs for your rout er ; fren ch provincial co rner cu pboa rd ; kids' chairs and table set; fundament als of spind le turning; kit furn itu re review.

lIIay B5

Rou ter bit basics; walnut bu ffet ; spo rtsman's desk ; carving luxu ry cars; finish ing with wax; co untry farm table; au thenti c wooden drum. Prepari ng stock; traveling lawn cha ir; nap-to p tab le; 1. Rex whir ligig; ceda r-lined hope ches t; pier tab le. Handkerchi ef table; toy chest; legless coffee table; corne r co m puter desk ; how to co-op you r shop. Carve a loon; library steps ; a chest for silver flatware; carving sailor sam; using the torm ek grinder. Ho pe ches t; deck furn itur e; jewelry box; cantilevered rock ing horse; bit storage cabinet; revolving boo kcase; du al biscui t jo inery.

111mb B5 January B5 No,ember 'B4 September 'B4


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Disp lay trays; the art of pipe makin g; coffee table; thr ee small boats; van ity stoo l; cartridge box ; chi p carvi ng. Turn ed spice canister; cedar blanket chest; tamb our wall desk; wood work er's V-block; contem po rary desk ; nail stor age cabinet; nau tical flower box. Sewing and knitting box; planer stand ; carving in the blue whale; walking canes; table saw power feed ; walnu t quilt rack . Doll cradle; carving King Lear ; child's sleigh; lathe ornaments ; beehive octagona l clock s; crayo n batt leship.

All other issues just 83.50 No,ember 'B3

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Tea bag tote; mighty might excavato r; chess cabine t; carv ing; axe cover; welcome basket ; rocking horse; hand y stoo l; 6- foot ladder. Foldin g desk ; nesting tables; band saw circle cutting j ig; wind harp ; child's rocker ; BBtarget ; marquetry; carving. Loft a duck ; a simple cabinet; makin g pine burl tab les; colonia l handkerchief table; pu zzle chair; fairy tale birdh ouse; making bow saws; toddler's toybox. Carve d nut bowl and cracker ; knoc k down couch ; oak b url jewelry box; sho p caddy; peter putter ; old mill wh eel; roll to p desk II ; desktop dolphin . Lum ber storage rack; spiral turning; belt bu ckles; carve d co rne r cabine t; outdoo r furniture; jo inter push blocks; woo de n jack plane; glass wall sconce. Ch ippenda le mirror; biscuit-join ed table; garde ning stoo l; lam inated picture frames; miter j ig; Swiss-style chip carv ing; trastero; tu rn a teacu p. Dust bench; benchd rop clamp ; sailor's wor k; co mpact disk sto rage; spiral lamp bases; di nosaur bank; kitchen sto rage rack; occasional table; tu rne d and carved bowl. Roadrunner whirligig; log turni ng; servi ng cart; country mailb ox; piano mu sic box; toy carousel; cube and canister drum sanding system .

July '90 May '90

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Victo rian ma ilbox post; plate shelf; bee hive jewelry box; slid ing miter table; writing desk; bentwood Indi an boxes. Ca ptain's bed ; cente ring too ls; child's toybox/ch air; co m puter secu rity cabinet; cutlery box ; candles tick . Coffee tabl e; Folding candelab ra; ladle; firewood box; butterfly figures; ceda r-lined ches t; extension co rd reel ; pole lamp .

Nu,ember 'SS

Panel doors; silver ches t; co rner pewter hutch ; co untry sco nce ; Massachu setts lowboy.

January 'SS

Prepar ing stoc k by han d ; bentwood boxes; heath er's desk; medieval bookbinding; inlaid dice ; bu ild a box of dominoes; box jo ints on the table saw. Antique wall cu pboard ; relief carving ; wooden buttons; couc h and chai rs; handscrew cla mps. Dovetail jo inery ; half-bind dovetails; join er's toolbo x; night stan d : Co nnec ticu t River Valley des k; utilit y bench. An int erview with James Krenov ; be d ; cro tch wood table dish; d inne r table; carving an Arabian sta llion part II . Buildi ng a but cher block wor k table; lad der-back rocker; amazing foldin g stool ; making kn ives. Universa l table saw; venee red vertical tambours; backgamm on board.

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Nancy demonstrates how she cuts out the minature puzzle pieces.



bout five years ago, Nancy Vincent saw a puzzle box in a craft magazine that captured her imagination. So she dropped a hint to her husband that she'd like a scroll saw to make her own. Today, her interest in puzzle boxes has grown into a small but satisfying cottage ind ustry, Vincent Creations, Inc., that cranks out about 200 to 300 boxes a year. Her expertly cut and finely painted creations sell for $20 to $25 each. Nancy now has more than 30 designs of the tiny puzzle boxes available, which are evidence of her talents - an eye for detail and steady handwork. From cute animals to elegant Victorian houses to popular holiday items, most of the boxes measure about 3" x 2", with miniature pieces that are about the size of a dime or smaller following each box's theme. Nancy's biggest production expense is time. She figures she only earns about five dollars an hour, but says she enjoys her work.

it seems that word is spreading. From her Cincinnati-based home, Nancy has sold pieces from Florida to Canada. The Christmas season is especially busy - she stops taking orders by November 1 to guarantee a timely delivery. And now her sister occasionally helps out on the sander to fill her orders on time . Yet despite her busy schedule, Nancy says she likes her work, "It's something I enjoy doing, and it's fun. When it's no longer fun, that's when I'll stop." ED. - For more information, Vincent Creations, lnc., can be contacted at 5672 River Road, Cincinnati, OH 45233; (513)


The material costs are miniscule; each box usually requires \t"-thick and X/ -thick pieces of plywood and a X"-thick piece of poplar. The three pieces are cut out with a reverse-tooth blade to prevent tear-out. Then the poplar's center is cut away, leaving the box's sides. The plywood bottom is glued to the poplar; and the lid is attached with a screw at the top . The tiny puzzle pieces, ranging from people to animals to small objects, are cut from the poplar's scrap. "The trick is having enough wood to hold onto," Nancy says, demonstrating how the pieces are traced onto the poplar close together, with the last piece by itself surrounded by extra wood, before being cut. However, even with a little wood left and a .015 " blade, a lot of patience and skill are needed to cut out the tiny pieces. The cutouts are sanded and primed, then painted down to the last detail with oil-based acrylics. Nancy is modest about her talents - she claims they're strictly inherited. But besides a few art classes in high school, her painting and scroll saw skills were self-taught. Soon entering its third year, Vincent Creat ions has added holiday ornaments, three-dimensional pictures and earrings to its line of wooden crafts, which add variety to Nancy's work. The earrings complement the bo xes, which can be worn as necklaces suspended on a cord . Most of Nancy's creations are sold by "word of mouth," but 18 Popular Woodworking

The Secret to Threaded Inserts It's good to see a women's column. I get a lot of wood magazines, and have been disappointed at seeing so few women in the pages. In my house, I do the woodworking and my husband does the cooking. I'd rather build a bookcase than cook dinner anytime. My question for the column is about threaded inserts. I was working on a project that needed them, so I bought some. It looked simple enough to install one, but I tried several methods in scrap wood and couldn't put them in straight, so gave up and used wood screws. What's the secret for installing threaded inserts straight? Carol Bathrick Bethel, CT

Whether you design and create your own projects, or help your spouse in the shop, this is your forum! If you have a woodworking question or concern would like to share your project ideas or are seeking advice on tool s or finishing, I'd love to hear from you! Drop a letter to Dovetales, Popular Woodworking, 1507 Dana Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45207 or you c~n send e-mail toWudworker@AOl.COM.

Sticky Sap Solution I need finishing advice! I painted a newly built, pine Adirondack chair w ith exterio r acrylic enamel and now I see sap coming through, all sticky and black! How do I correct this prob lem? I also noticed a lot of sap had bled out of an outside window trim piece and seems too sticky to really scrape off. How do I proceed? Stacie Blake Huntington, VT Well, before you apply paint, you should seal the wood with shellac. After that dries, you can paint the project as you always ha ve. For the pieces you 've already painted, scrape off as much sap as you can or sand down the areas where sap is bleeding. Then spot seal these areas with shellac, and repaint . Good luck! - Cristin e

I'm so glad you 're enjoying our column! As for the secret to installing threaded inserts straight, first make sure your starter hole is just over the diameter of the insert, minus the threads. Start the insert slowly and allow the threads to guide themselves into the hole. As the lead thread starts to bite the side of the hole, apply more pressure on the opposite side to prevent it from pulling down. The longer the screwdriver, the better your persepective on " straight" will be. If you 're doing a number of inserts, a simple right angle jig or holding a try-square near the screwdriver will help a lot. - Cristin e

Let's face it, ifyou set out to build a cheap Mercedes, you'd end up with something less than a Mercedes. Same's true with the Fein Triangle Sander. Sure we've refined it a bit. But this is still the original patented technology. The oscillation the others have vied to match. And the one you'll want to get your hands on, before you make a decision. This one won't buzz your hands or numb them. Won't tire your hands or wrists or elbows. Even with heavy-duty continuous use. It's balanced for comfort and absolute precision sanding. No wandering. No banging into comers. No effort. So what's new? For starters we moved the switch from the side to the top. (Equality for righties and lefties.) Then added variable speed for ultimate control. Boosted the power 20%, just for the heck of it. Shaved the weight by halfa pound. Moved the air intake to the rear, so your hands won't block the flow. And resculpted the head for better clearance. These changes are the result of an extensive customer poll. (A lotof good feedback.) We justwanted to make sure that the most expensive triangle sander on the planet will continue to be worth every nickel. It's easy to learn more about the Fein Triangle Sander and its many accessories (for ~ sanding or sawing or scraping or polishing). Simply call 1-800-441-9878. Fein Power Tools Inc., 3019 W. Carson St., Pittsburgh, PA 15204. Circle # 102 on Resource Directory Coupon

Ma rch 1996 19

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Essential Jigs, Secret Weapons

Diagram 1: Bench Hook Square guide kerf (may be a~gled for Sawdust groove (may be enlarged miters) ..-?'= ",-t o hold round ~ stock) ____.. -' -

"'-:-:-=--~.- '.-._--- ~.~

These simple benchtop accessories will make your joinery more exact. f you were introduced to woodworking through the medium of the table saw and the router, you're probably accustomed to using these tools to produce fairly exact work. Apart from requiring less effort to use than many traditional hand tools, modern power tools are also capable of fine adjustment and accurate use. Calibrated fences, graduated depth stops and other built-in guides all help to produce consistently straight and square work . The notion of something sawed or cut by hand being as accurate as something passed across the table saw, supported by accurately aligned fences and miter gauges, can seem impossible to anyone who hasn't spent years practicing such a skill. This perceived difficulty of obtaining comparable accuracy is what discourages many people from using hand tools. If you have the idea that you simply won't be able to do the job to a high enough standard, you're likely to abandon the attempt in spite of the attractions of using a beautifully made wooden hand tool, with its romantic associations to the exquisite work of yesterday's craftsmen. Even a cursory look at fine furnitu re made before the popularity of electric tools is not enough to convince most people that accuracy was far from unattainable. But the general assumption is that it was achieved only after long years of grinding apprenticeship, and the slow development of hand skills few people today have the time to learn. It is, however, only partly true that many of the exquisite antiques we classify today as Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Sheraton, Empire, etc., were the results of years of accumulated hand skills. What is not generally understood is that their creators relied not only on "crude" hand tools and years of skill, but they commonly employed a whole range of jigs


20 Popular Woodworking


and accessories . These


iterns quaranteed lev-


els of accuracy every ~ bit as fine as we strive for, l' and expect, today. Many of these jigs are extremely simple to make and to use. Having a few of them around will often provide an alternative to an operation on a stationary power tool such as a table saw.

Sawing Jigs


s '"





r-- 2" ~ ~




Perhaps the most common group of easily made hand tool jigs are those employed in various sawing operations. Chief among these is the bench hook . In its simplest form it consists of a small table with a lip at each end . The lips are arranged on opposite sides so that one lip "hooks" onto the benchtop and the other forms a stop against which the work may be held securely (diagram 1). It's chiefly used to secure a small workpiece while being sawn without having to clamp the piece . A flat board, 9" wide x 12" long, with 2" square lips is easily made. Somewhat different proportions may also work well and can make use of whatever scrap is handy when making the jig. Experience will soon demonstrate certain advantages that minor changes can offer, such as making the back hook (the piece against which the work is held) somewhat larger and perfectly true in relation to the bed of the bench hook . If a perfectly perpendicular (both to the plane of the bed and the back of the hook) saw cut is made through this hook down to the level of the bed, the bench hook will serve as a reliable square cut-off guide for the saw when trimming short pieces. This can be easier and safer than running very short pieces through the table saw. Similarly, if the end of the back hook is made perfectly square, the side

Clamping tail

of the bed can be used as a small shooting board to trim short sections, and the square end of the hook will function as an exact stop. Logical extensions of this idea include extra kerfs made in the back hook to guide differently angled cuts, including regular and irregular miters. This is a very common use for the bench hook. Consequently, position any nails or screws only in places where such guide kerfs aren't likelyto be made. Remember that if the hook is attached only with such fasteners rather than being glued in place along its entire length, a kerf made outboard of the end fastener will allow the last piece of hook to fall off! In any event, a clearly marked line indicating the fasteners' positions may save you the embarrassment of trying to cut a guide kerf through a hidden fastener. Some people prefer bench hooks with relatively thin hooks. These allow easy clamping of stop blocks, which are very

by Graham Blackburn Diagram 2 : Miter Box

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Guide kerfs for 90° & 45° cuts ~


---"'7~ ---:::I

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Diagram 3: Side Guide


?:/ .... /

HOOK& L O O P 4'12' 8 Hole $10.00/50 5' 5 or 8 Hole $12.50/50 6' 6 Hole $17.50/50 5' Solid"E" $15.00/50 Solid "E" $18.00/50 6' 12' Solid"E" $12.00/6

Face of guide angled fo r dovetails



5' P.S.A. 35e l ' 6' P.S.A.40¢ 6' RED MILL CORl'. P.O. BOX 4234

BELTS X 42' $1.75 X 48' $5.50


GE1TYSBUIlG. PA 17 3 25


! . - 3Sfe" ......

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useful for repetitive cutting of similar lengths when the sameguide kerf is used. If there is a particular operation that you repeat often, a bench hook with a marked, or even graduated, hook can save a lot of time . For example, I keep my bench hook marked so that I can saw the short dowels needed for dowel joinery to the same length without having to measure or mark the dowels every time. The bench hook can, of course, be constructed so that either end may be hooked over the bench, thus providing you w ith two beds and a different selection of guiding kerfs. Undercutting the back hook (before attaching it to the bed) will prevent the workpiece from being forced away from the hook by a buildup of sawdust. If undercut sufficiently, it may also prove helpful for holding smaller ro und dowel stock securely against the hook . Small, custom-made miter boxes are often overlooked aids to hand sawing.

Whil e the large metal versions with clamps and scales are expensive collectors' items largely superseded by chop saws, a simple miter box (diagram 2) nailed together from scraps of one-bytwo and provided with a carefully laidout kerf or two can be a very effective way of making exactly angled cuts in small stock, especially in pieces too short to run safely through the table saw. To make angled cuts in stock that 's too large or unwi eldy to be held in a miter box or run through the table saw, use the simple side guide . Every shop used to have one of these for cutting the sloping sides of sliding dovetails in wide stock (diagram 3), but its use isn't limited to the angles required by dovetails. The side guide is simply a block of wood that the end of the backsaw is held against to ensure the required angle. The guide's other end is made thin ner so that it may be conveniently clamped to the workp iece.

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Circle # 106 on Resource Directory Coupon M arch 1996 21

TRIED & TRUE Planing Aids


In the same way that a push bloc k can be indispensable to a powe r jointer, certain devices are equally useful when using hand planes. A well sharpened plane can be considerably hand ier to use on small stock or short, odd-shaped workpieces than an 8" jointer, but attempting this wo rk free hand is something even the most skilled old -time craftsmen rarely risked. The most useful accessory to a hand plane is a shooting board (diagram 4). This easily made jig ensu res the accuracy of the surface being planed . The most com mon form is designed to make edge-planing easy and accurate. The work is held (or clamped) on the board against a sto p, and the plane is used on its side. The squareness of the plane's stock or body g uarantees the squareness of the edge. Shooting boards can be made to any length that's practical for the work at hand . By alterin g the position or angle of the stock, different tapers or angles can be achieved. The ir use isn't limited to side grain; using a suitably constructed shooting board to trim end grain not only ensures a finished flat surface difficult to achieve freehand when planing small pieces, but also removes the need to position waste pieces behind the workpiece to avoid splintering off the rear of the cut. Trimming the ends of compound work can be particularly frust rating if you try to match the compound ang les using fences and mite r guides on the table saw. However, by providing a shooting board with appropriate wedges (diagram 5), or by using a shooting board with adjustable stops, this chore can be made very easy. Planing miters by hand can often result in losing the perfect fit of the miter because the end becomes slightly roun de d or ot herwise planed out of the correct shape. The miter jack (diagram 6) solves this problem. The jack is he ld in the bench vise, and the wo rk is held in the jack so the surface to be planed protrudes slightly above the surface of the jack's jaws. It's common to protect the jaws by gluing a thin piece of card to their top surface, over which the 22 Popular Woodworking

Diagram 4 : End View of Shooting Board Stop


~ Plane used on

Workpiece held / aga inst stop on upper bed End view of board shown in diag ram 5

Diagram 5: Shooting Board w ith Wedges (A & B) for Trimming Compound Miters

side riding on lower bed of shooting board

Block B provides angle b

Workpiece lies on wedge A (Slope equals angle a of box below)

Box wit h Compound Miters

Sq uare-sided work held on upper bed against stop (Without wedges)

Diagram 6: Miter Jack

45° jaws

<. Keel for securing jack in bench vise

plane is then run, automatically planing the miter's surface to an exact 45 degree angle. Somewhat more problematic is how to trim the ends of ta ll miters. There is, however, a special shooting board designed specifically for this job known by the quaint name of "donkey's ear shooting board" (diagram 7). It too is held in the bench vise, with the workpiece being held or clamped to it. Accuracy is guaranteed, with no skill needed other than the ability to push the plane. In the same way that the shooting board takes advantage of the squareness of the plane's body to gua rantee a square cut when plan ing long edges, an

adjustable guide clamped to the side of the plane can be made that will produce a cons istent angle other than one of 90 deg rees. The guide is no more than an angled strip fixed to the side of the plane. So, when it's he ld against the side of the wo rkpiece, the plane's iron contacts the surface to be planed at the requi red angl e. Although such guid es can be quickly made from scrap as the need arises, various manufacturers have produced adjustable metal guides that may be quickly and securely clamped to the side of Stanley-type metal planes . One last planing jig that deserves mention is the sticking bo x. Few people are interested in making their own window sash anymore (although rabbeted

TRIED & TRUE Diagram 7: Donkey's Ear Shooting Board Stop



Keel for securing ji g in bench rise

sash bars may be needed for pieces that include glazed doors); but the sticking box, once commonly used in the production of such items, is very useful for planing other workpieces too narrow or small to be conveniently run through the table saw, across the jointer, or even held in the vise for hand planing . The simplest form consists of a grooved bed to hold the narrow workpiece and a brad or small nail to function as a stop to hold the end of the workpiece. Secured this way, surprisingly small sections can be planed o r even moulded .

the chisel miter guide (diagram 8). A short length of scrap is provided with an accurate miter at each end and is then attached on one side to another short length of scrap. When this second piece is clamped to a workpiece, the back of the chisel may be slid down the face of the mitered piece to trim a small 45-degree miter. This gu ide is commonly used at the corners of frame-and-panel work, mitered mouldings, mitered rabbets, fram ing, and, of course, sash work.

Boring Guides A hand d rill or a brace and bit can be particularly difficult to use with accuracy. Power boring in the shop is usually done on the drill press, whose (usually adjustable) table helps assure accurate holes. Hand tools can be especially useful when it isn't convenient or even possible to bring the work to the drill press; but when used in awkward situations, such as underneath a tabletop or on the interior of some cramped casework, accuracy can be annoyingly elusive.

Graham Blackburn is a cont ributi ng editor for Popul ar Woodworking .

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Chiseling Guides T A chisel may be thought of as a plane iron without a body. As such, it is entirely a freehan d tool, lacking even the sole of the plane's stock to guide it. While it is this very freedom for which the chisel is designed, occas ions do arise when what has to be chiseled 1/ requires a perfect accuracy j' difficult to achieve unaided . II One very simple device is '/; I

NRI g ives you practical experience You get step-by-step lessons rea l-world projects ... instructor feedback plus th e equipme nt that inspectors use eac h day on th e job, including • arc hitect's scale • feet- inches ca lcula tor • Pola roi d ca mera • radon test kit • 486sx computer sys te m with home ins pectio n softwa re!

Diagram 8 : Chisel Miter Guide Chisel trimming mitered moulding on rabbeted framing

An extremely simple guide, however, can be made in a matter of moments, especially if you have a drill press. All that's need ed is a short length of scrap pre-bored to accept the size of bit you intend to use. The end of the bored scrap piece should be made perfectly square (or to the angle required), and is slipped over the bit and held against the work surface. You must, or course, make sure the bit used is long enough to penetrate both the guide and the work to the depth required, and a mark or two may be necessary to align the guide properly. However, by simply holding the guide to the work, the hole will be bored accurately. This type of guide can even be used with an electric drill. Simply bore the hole in the guide large enough just for the shank of the bit. So before you dismiss hand cut joinery as beyond your skills, stock your shop with some jigs, which will become your secret weapons aga inst inaccuracy. ~

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_ 1~~~~2~

March 1996 23


How to Deduct Shop Space.

â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

Get th at tax form to work for your home woodworking business expenses. f you' re either working at home or operating a home-based woodworking business, many of your expenses are tax deductible - and most of them are not. Not so surprisingly, th e ever-vigilant Internal Revenue Service devotes quite a bit of attention to home businesses. First of all, no woodworker is automatically entitled to deduct the expenses of using his or her home for business purposes. However, if those expenses are att ributa ble to a portion of the home (or a separate structure) used exclusively and on a regular basis as a place of business, expenses may be deducted - subject to limitations and restrictions. The tax rules define a place of business as either the principle place of any business carried on or as a place of business th at's used by patients, clients or customers in meeting or dealing with the taxpayer in the normal course of business. The exclusive use requirement is not met if the home space is used for both business and personal purposes. An unusual exception to the above rule relates to what our lawmakers call a "wholesale or retail seller," a person whose dwelling is the sole fixed location of th e trad e or business. In this case, the ordinary and necessary expenses allocable to the space within the dwelling unit th at's used as a storage unit for inventory are tax deductible, provided such space is used on a regular basis and is a specifically identifiable space suitable for storage. Closer to our homes, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that determining wh ether a portion of the home is the woodworker's principle business location requir es comparing that location to all of the places that the woodworker actually does business . This is because only the most important, consequential or influenti al locat ion can be the principle location under our present rules. Presumabl y, however, with a shop as an all-important base of operations, selling at various shows wouldn't preclude a tax deduction for the home shop.


24 Popular Woodworking

The Supreme Court has also ruled that, while the ultimate determination of principle locat ion depends upon the facts and circumstances in each situation, two primary steps must be followed . Step One involves analyzing the relative impo rtance of the functions performed at each business location . Thus, if the nature of the woodworker's business requires meeting with customers or clients, the place where that contact occurs must be given great we ight. Step Two is used if Step One doesn't resu lt in a clear-cut answer. In Step Two, the amount of time spent in the hom e business location must be compared to the time spent in each of the oth er places where business is conducted. The Supreme Court decision that came up with those two steps also g ives th e IRS another tool with wh ich to den y home shop (or office) ex pe nse deductions . Quite simply, th e Court noted that, in some situations, after applying these two steps, it may be concluded that the individua l has no principl e place of business . Fortunately, most wo odworkers have a specific area of their home th at's used

solely for th e purposes of carrying on a trad e or bu siness. However, even with a qualifying sho p, studio or hom e office, there's a limit to just how much may be claimed as a ta x deduction . Under ou r tax rules, the home sho p (or office) deduction is limited to the tot al income from the activity - reduc ed by any ex penses of that activity that may be deductible reg ardless of whether there's a qualifying home shop. In oth er words, regardl ess of wh eth er a home shop exists, such expenses as taxes and mortgage intere st may be ded uctible. With a home shop, a portion may be deductible as a home office expens e and the balan ce as a persona l ite mized deduction. A woodworker is de nied a business deduction for basic local telephone service charges on the first phone line in his or he r residence. Additional cha rges for long distan ce calls, eq uipment, op tion al services (e.g ., call waiting) or add itiona l teleph on e lines may be ded uctible home shop business expenses. Any deduction disallowed because it would create or increase a net loss from th e woodworking bu siness may be carried over to future years, subject to the

by Mark E. Battersby

same limit in the carryover years. To illustrate, consider the case of John Dowel. As a full-time teacher, John also operates a woodworking business in which an IRS-q ualified home shop is used . We'll assume that 25 percent of the general household expenses are allocab le to the home shop. The figures would then look like this:

Gross income Home Shop expenses: Interest & property tax Insurance, ma int., utilities Depreciation

addition, the exclusive use of the home shop must be for the conveni ence of the woodworker's employer. And that does not mean renting the home (or a portion of it) to the employer. The IRS and the courts have frowned on this tax dodge. Generally, an employee's home shop expenses must be taken as a miscella-


$25,000 Home Shop Portion (total x .25)

$8,000 $2,000 $6,000

$2,000 $500 $1,500

Total home shop expenses Other busin ess expenses not related to the home shop (e .g., supplies, wages, advertising, etc.) Total expenses Inte rest and property taxes are dedu ctible by anyone who itemizes his or her personal deductions. Thus, our tax laws separate them from those expenses which may only be deducted by a business in order to come up with the amount of any tax loss. To determine the limitations of the deductions, John must apply both the deductions allocable to the business and the ded uctions for taxes and interest allocable to the business ($24,000) and use of the home ($2,000, for a total of $26,000) against the total income from the activity ($25,000) to determine the limitatio ns of the business loss deduction. Because the limitation amount (negative $1,000) is zero or less, John has a business loss of $1,000. He also may carry forward the unused $2,0 00 of business-related expenses to a later tax year - again subject to the limitation. Many woodworkers may be employed by someone else or others may be "employed" by their own woodworking businesses (or other businesses), and still maintain a home shop or office. Employees are permitt ed to claim a tax deduction for home shop and office expenses - albeit limited and subject to the restrictions and ceilings placed on personal itemized deductions. For employees to q ualify for the home shop deduction, they must meet the req uirements already mentioned . In

$4,000 $24,000.


$28,000 neous itemized deduction subject to the two percent floor on Schedule A of Form 1040. Those doing business as sole proprietors, of course, can use Schedu le C of Form 1040 (Schedule C-EZ may not be used). On a more positive note, our tax rules permit ind ivid uals, employees or woodworking business owners who use their homes as their principle place of business to deduct transportation expenses that would otherwise be classified as nondeductible commuting costs. Unlike someone who must get up and com mute to the place of business, the employee with a home woodworking shop using the home as his or her principle place of business is perm itted to deduct the cost of transportation, that is, going from that place of business to a customer or client, or me rely running business errands. One warn ing about substantiating any expenses for a home shop. To claim any tax deduction, a woodworker must be ab le to prove that the expenses were, in fact, paid or incurred. According to the IRS, the following expenses wh ich are deemed particularly susceptible to abuse must generally be substantiated by adequate records or sufficient evidence corroborating the woodworker's own statement: expenses related to travel away from home (including meals and lodging), entertainment expenses,

business gifts, and expenses related to the use of so-called "listed property." The availability of depreciation deductions for "listed property" is restricted. This term embraces automobiles and other forms of property that lends themselves to personal use (airplanes, trucks, boats, etc.), especially computers and pe ripheral equipment, cellular telephones and similar telecommunications equipment. That's right, not only must th e portion of the home be used exclusively and regula rly as a home shop, but the computers used for that home shop must also meet the tests required of "listed property, " property that may be subject to abuse of ou r tax rules. Unless this listed property is used predominantly for business (i.e., more than 50 percent), depreciation deductions must be determined using an alternative method. These rules also apply to any portion of the cost of purchased "listed property" that the woodworker chooses to expense or immediately write off under Section 179 of the tax law. Thus, if the more than 50 percent use test for "listed" equipment isn't sat isfied in the year the property is placed in service, the property won 't qualify for the first-year expensing election. Tax laws, of course, are changeable and , in part, driven by politics. Among those tax rule changes that have been proposed is one which would permit deductions for certain expenses if the individual conducts essential administrative or management activities at home regularly because there's no other location to perform those activities. In the meantime, and regardless of whether that loosening of the home office expense rules becomes a reality, every woodworker can benefit from the existing tax deduction for the use of a qualifying home shop. All you have to do isfollow the rules. ~ Mark E. Bat tersby is a tax and finance writer, lecturer and advisor from Philadelphia. He has been writing tra de and consumer pub lications for more tha n 20 years.

March 1996 25

ince we are constantly working to improve your knowledge (and frequently our own) by looking to experts for advice, this new column will ask the industry pros who make up our editorial advisory board your questions on any woodworking-related topic. To "prime the pump, " we've asked some of our board members to address the questions they're most frequently asked. Hope you learn from their answers! Send your questions to Ask the Experts, Popular Woodworking, 1507 Dana Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45207 or Wudworker@AOL.COM.


"How Many Amps is Your Tool?" sing amperage as a yardstick for measuring the "power" of a power tool is like comparing apples to oranges. It's quite easy to make a high amperage power tool by simply producing an inefficient motor. Amp erage is a measure of energy consumption, much like miles per gallon for a vehicle. No one discusses high performance sports cars in terms of their fuel economy. Insteadyou hear terms such as horsepower and torque.


What a power tool user really wants to know is "How much power am I applying to my w ork?" Unfortunately not all manufacturers list this data. Most European manufacturers will provide both input watts as well as output watts. Input watts is simply amperage stated in a different way. Output watts is a measure of mechanical power and is the actual power the motor produces. This can be converted into horsepower by dividing the output

'"What Type of Router Do You Recommend?" learly many factors affect such an important decision, and no router will please everyone or perform all tasks. However, if I had to be satisfied with just one, it would be hard to beat a variablespeed plunge router in the 1%to 2 horsepower (hp) category. Modern plunge routers perform a greater variety of tasks than th eir fixedbase counterparts, primarily because


their bit can be plunged straight into a for inlays, edge forming, dovetailing and workp iece and smoothl y retracted at th e similar operations . end of the cut. This feaI favor electronic variable Select a tool that speed because it allows ture is highly desirable feels comfortable more control with large for mortises, stopped in your hands, dadoes, curve and circle or small bits, and proand don't buy one vides soft-start to prevent cuts, and even freehand sight unseen. lettering or designs. "jerking" of the router at Some machines include fine-depth start-up. I often find myself doing general routing in softwoods at lower speeds adjustment, which adds precise control


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point. At stall point the motor is drawing watts by 746. Unfortunately, amperage much more amperage than it is rated for cannot be converted into output watts, and the motor is being damaged. and if output wattage isn't listed, comparing tool power What a power tool user really becomes difficult. wants to know is "How much Also be aware that horsepower can be power am I applying to my work?" tinkered with by rating Given the lack of information provided the horsepower from input watts rather than from output watts. Another tactic is by tool manufacturers, your best alternative is to try the tool out on your own to rate the horsepower as maximum project. Listen to the motor, does it horsepower, which is at the motor's stall

simply because of the lower noise level generated by the tool- a fringe benefit. Some woodworkers demand machines in the three-plus horsepower category, but for home hobby wood work ing I've never needed that kind of power, and thus prefer a smaller, lighter tool. Most 1% - 2 hp plunge routers accept X" and W' bits, which make them versatile enough for virtually any task.

I've used my 2 hp for large mortises, stile and rail joints, and even occasional raised panels w hen properly fixtured and guarded in a table. Select a tool that feels comfortable in your hands, and don't buy one sight unseen. Look for smooth plung ing, easy access to cont rols, and sufficient power rating for all-around service. Choose a router that meets these criteria, and

sound strained? Does the speed of the tool drop sharply? Is there a lot of fire around the brushes? These are all good indications that you'll need a bigger motor from the manufacturer, or you need to try another manufacturer's product. Chris Cable is president of Fein Power Tool and is a native Pittsburgher. His free time is spent with his family.

regardless of brand, it will be a tool that you will look forw ard to work ing with for many years to come. Chris Carlson is the senior product manager for Bosch and Skil. He is a native of Chicago and enjoys working on antique motorcycles and automobiles. Continued on p. 7 1.

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Mortise & Tenon Made Easy Machining mortise and tenon joints just got simpler with a benchtop hollow chisel mortiser and new tenoning jig. Hollow Chisel Mortiser: It's Always Ready For what seems a lifetime, I've produced the classic mortise joint and its variations with a mortising attachment for a drill press. I have no complaints and never had reason to enter the debate about whether or not the arrangement was harmful to the machine's mechanism. However, I have regretted that leaving the setup for such use wasn't possible, since the tool had to be available for many other operations. Now, thanks to the acquisition of Delta's relatively new hollow chisel mortiser, I've eliminated the nuisance and time required for setup and breakdown; but convenience isn't the whole story here. The machine is designed and engineered exclusively for mortising, and it comes through in quality fashion. The benchtop unit's size is deceptive. It weighs only about 47 pounds, yet incorporates features usually found on larger, industrial tools, like a rack and pinion system for raising and lowering the head and a dovetail-way slide device that's easily adjustable. As a result, cutting action will always be smooth and precise. A unique feature is a gas-filled "head stabilizer," or piston, that provides a counterbalance for the downward thrust and eases return strokes.

Photo 1 This "small" tool is a capable mortising machine that's ready to perform whenever you are. An extra -long, multipositional handle is a plus factor when doing tough cutting jobs.

28 Popular Woodworking

The unit's design is borrowed from the arbor press used in metal working. Its stout steel arbor, combined with a long handle for good leverage, allows this small mortising machine to turn 32 pounds of downward force into 320 pounds. Though you may be able to get slightly greater downward pressure using a drill press mortising attachment, the gearing on this benchtop mortiser allows the entire cut to be made in one 90 degree motion of the handle, while the drill press may require a 360 degree turn of the handle to complete the same cut. Basic capacity is 4", less the included hold-down, but this can be increased to almost 6" by adding an extra-cost height attachment. It handles mortising chisels up to ~ " x W' with W' diameter shanks. It also provides a 5" stroke that's more than adequate for stopped or through mortises. A simple, vertical stop rod, used to control the depth of cuts, is particularly handy when forming multiple, similar mortises. Delta's good design is indicated by several features. The unit works with chisels that encase "short" bits. However, by removing a spacer on the shaft above the chuck, " long" bits that you might have on hand becauseof working with a drill press accessory, as I have, can also be used in this machine. The chisel and bit installation method makes it easy to provide the critical clearance between the cutting lips of the bit and the points of the chisel. The chisel is initially placed so a gap of l-i'''' to Mo" is between it and the bushing it fits in. The gap is closed after the bit has been slipped into place and locked in the chuck, thus providing the essential cutting-end arrangement. The tool is designed for bench-mounting, so it should be bolted to a solid surface. Placing it near the edge of a bench allows the head to be rotated outboard

Photo 2 A hold-down, reversible for wide

work, keeps parts secure when retracting the chisel. The wood table is on the small side, but a longer piece of plywood can be substituted if necessary. The cast iron fence is drilled so a wood facing can be attached.

so, in a sense, capacity can be increased from the chuck to the floor; this is handy should you need to mortise into the edge of a door, for example. Power is supplied by a ~ Hp, induction-type motor turning a Jil" capacity chuck at 3400 RPM . The hollow chisel mortiser's catalog price is $380; but, as seems to be the tool-buying rule these days, shop around and you might get it for much less. (See "Put the Mortiser to Work," the next article in this issue, where we delve more deeply into the functions of the


Photo 3 The Delta tenoning jig is a solid tool with adjustment mechanisms that guarantee accuracy. Two fullgrip handles provide for keeping the operator's hands well away from the blade.

Photo 4 An adjustable backstop can be set for angles up to 45 degrees. Thus, the tool can be set up to form tenons on miter cuts and, as shown, for producing spline grooves.

hollow chisel mortiser, demonstrating its basic and some of its not-so -basic functions . We'll also give details on building a stand for this workhorse or other "benchtop" tools.)

Tenoning .Jig: 路路New and Improved路路 Delta, knowing the hazards of hand-holding stock on end while moving it past the saw blade, has always offered a tenoning jig. A recently introduced version makes the phrase "new and improved" justifiable. Besides added features, it weighs and costs about one-third less than the original model (photo 3). The tool has a fixed cast iron base supporting a top-side unit that's adjustable laterally by means of a threaded rod. It also features a work-support fence that includes a clamp screw with a generous hand crank. The unit sits on a %" x X" guide bar, which suits the table slots on Delta machines but may not be right for other units. It's possible to custom-make a suitable bar, but adding it would require disassembling the jig. I'd suggest to Delta in future redesigns to secure the standard bar from the bottom rather

SOURCE LIST Delta International Machinery Corp. 246 Alpha Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15238

than the top of the subbase. Then a substitute would be fairly easy to install. The tool is designed to be fully adjustable and has features that make it quite versatile. For example, the fence can be tilted to about 75 degrees, making angled tenons possible, and an adjustable backstop allows tenons to be formed on mitered stock. A bonus use the same setup to form spline grooves in miters (photo 4). Ifyou make sure that the same surface of each com ponent is against the fence, the groove doesn't have to be centered exactly. The jig is listed as being able to handle stock as thick as 3)4" . That's accurate for Delta table saws, but may not apply to other machines. Much depends on the

distance between the miter gauge slot and the saw blade on your saw . Maximum tenon-shoulder width depends on that dimension, but testing on another machine showed that while capacity was lessened, it wasn't enough to void using the tool for most furniture applications. This tool isn't especially challenging to assemble, but it is critical to follow instructions in the owner's manual for initial adjustments. This doesn't take long and is the way to go for the smooth, accurate sawing . It retails for about $100. ~ R.j. DeCristofaro is a contributing editor for Popular Woodworking .

March 1996 29

Put the Mortiser to Work Build a work station, then learn basic and advanced mortising techniques. By R.J. DeCristofaro


f you read the previous article, "Tool Talk," you're probably already hungry for a hollow chisel mortiser. We discuss its advantages over using accessories for the drill press to form classic mortise and tenon joints . The machine is an independent tool that should be bolted to a solid surface for efficiency and safety. It can be fastened to an existing workbench, but there it can interfere with other work, un less you mount it only when it's needed, a method that somewhat thwarts the practicality of the dedicated machine concept. A better idea is to secu re it to its own bench so it will be tru ly "independent," and ever-ready for its joinery functions . The work station project we designed (diagram 1 with photo inset) is straightforward an d compact, needing little more room than the machine itself. The setup provides considerably more work-support than the tool 's table, and small drawers are incorporated for handy storage of accessories . Once org anized, the setup provides for efficient production of standard mortise and tenon joints and, with a special V-block jig, can be used to form the variations that are often required for furniture projects (photos 1 & 2).

Making the Benchtop

Photo 1 Con ventional stopped or through mo rtises, side mortises, slots, and so on, are done in routine fashion, with the special bench providing much more work-support tha n the machine's table.

The Stand

Start by cutting the base piece. Be careful when establishing Start the stand (diagram 1e) by cutting the eight pieces for the the distance between the dadoes required for the partitions legs to overall size and then tapering the bottom ends . The since this space must accommodate the base of the mortiser slanted cuts can easily be formed with a tapering jig on the (diagram 1a). Next, cut the two partitions and the ends . The table saw, or by using a scroll saw or band saw. Assemble the width of these components must be exact since, after the tops two-piece legs with glue and 6d finishing nails. The next step are added, the total height of the benchtop must equal the is to make the two top braces and attach each to a pair of legs height of the tool's base plus 1.;". Install the partitions with glue with glue and 6d finishing nails. Cut the four rails to size and and 4d nails; the ends with glue and 4d finishing start assembly by attaching the end rails, then adding the front nails. The tops , after being rabbeted, are added to and back rails. These parts are attached with the assembly with glue and 4d finishing nails. g lue and 4d finishing nails. An alternate Shape the riser from a piece of hardwood, method would be to put the four rails being sure that its thickness is together as a subassembly before installation . exactly 1 W' . Install it with glue and three #8 x 1 ~ " flathead screws run up through the base's unders ide. The drawers aren't fancy, but th ey se rve th e purpose. Cut all parts to size (diagram 1b) and then attach the bottom, back and front to the sides with glue and 1" brads. Be sure to Photo 3 The first step when setting up for bore a centered, 1" finger an y mortise is to be sure the angle between hole through the drawer front the side of the chisel and the fence is 90 Photo 2 The addition of 0 V-block jig make s it easy to before assembly. degrees. It's a good idea to check this alignform mortises in round stock. A typical application is cutting a mortise in a round leg to receive a square or rectangular rail or stretcher.

30 Popular Woodworking

ment as you go when doing a considerable amount of cutting. Note the centered insert is easily replaceable.

Diagram la

Righ t: A bench for the hollow chisel mortiser makes it a truly "independent" tool. The project requires little room and can be mounted on casters for easier mobility. Be sure that casters, if used, are the locking type .

Overall size: 3 1/ / x 15 " x 24 "

Rabbet : '/2" X3/ 4", 4 places

Diagram lc L

Schedule of Materials: Stand


No. Key

ÂŽ @

14 "


Photo 4 Cutting a traditional mortise. The hold-down should rest on the work, not be forced against it. Note the clamped stop block, in place to gauge the length of the mortise.




0 8



X" x 3" x 32"


0 2



Yo" x 2X" x 13"


0 2



Yo" x 2W' x 13"


0 2



X" x 2W' x 19"

0 1



Yo" x 13" x


20 ~ "


X" x 15" x 23W'


Mortising Bench 0 1


0 2



Yo" x 2X" x 15"


0 2



X" x 3" x 15"


0 2



Yo" x 8X" x 15"


0 1



1X" x 2X" x 7W'



Drawers 0 2



X" x 6Yo" x 12"


0 4



Yo" x 1W' x 12"


0 2



X" x 1X" x 6Yo"


0 2



X" x 3X" x 8X"


Photo 5 Side mortises are accomplished by placing a strip of wood between the work and the fence. The chisel cuts into both pieces. The extra -wide fence is a wood facing that is attached to the regular fence. Holes in the fence provide for the addition.

Pho to 6 The V-block jig set up on the benchtop.

March 1996 31

The final step is to add the shelf, using glue and #7 x 1X" flathead screws. The stand is secured to the benchtop with glue and #10 x 1X" flathead screws through the underside of the braces. Finishing is optional. The project can be protected with several applications of sealer and left natur al or can be coated with spray paint, as I did. Secure the machine with a pair of %" x 3" bolts and nuts. Use flat washers and lock washers under th e nuts.

At Work Morti sing will be accurate only if you make sure of the alignment between the chisel and fence before you start a job . Checking can be done with a square as show n in photo 3, or by moving the fence forward until the back of the chisel is flush against it. M isalignment is revealed when a mortise has staggered edges. The bulk of the waste when mortising is removed by the bit, but corners are squared by the chisel, which is why this type of work requires more downward pressure than simple drilling . The force required will vary depending on the density of the wood, but let good judgment prevail. Cutting should be consistent, with wood chips spewing freely through the relief slot in the chisel. It's a good idea when making deep cuts to retract the chisel frequently so waste won't clog in the cavity. Always lock the hold-down so it rests on top of the work. This is necessary so the work will stay put when you retract the chisel. Sometimes it's necessary to place a backup below the work to raise it so the hold-down will be effective (photo 4). This is also important when cutting a through mortise because the backup will be damaged, which is why the project provides for an easily replaceable insert. Side mortises (photo 5), whether they're stopped or through, are done by allowing only part of the chisel to penetrate th e edge of the work. To keep the work from moving and to prevent damage to th e fence, a strip of wood is placed between the work and fence so that, in effect, the chisel is making a full cut.

Variations Mortise and tenon joints aren't restricted to square stock. The square cavities can be formed on round stock, even into the corners of square components. What you need to do this, and wh at w e've designed into the mortising bench, is the V-block

Photo 7 The gauge is used to accurately establish th e position for the V-block jig. The text explains the procedure to follow.

32 Popular Woodworking

jig shown in photo 6. The jig replaces the conventional fence arrangement, positioning the work in the correct position. Construction details for the jig are shown in the PuIIOut'"Plans. The V-block itself can be made by beveling one edge of two pieces of 3W'-wide material to 45 deg rees or by sawing a "V" down the center of a piece that's 7"-wi de. In either case, the "V" is attached cent rally to the basecomponent with glue and #9 x 1X" flathead screws. The best way to shape the hold-down is to cut a piece of hardwood to overall size and th en bore a 1" hole to form the end of the slot. Next, saw aw ay the waste and, with the part on its side, make a cut to reduce the height of the fingers to W. It's a good idea to make the checking gauge that's detailed in the PullOut Plans so the jig can be positioned accurately on the benchtop, as demo nstrated in photo 7. After you've determined that th e chisel is square to the fence, remove the fence and place the jig so the gauge is snug in the "V" while it "embraces" the chisel. Then, after locating the position of the attachment holes, drill J.1'6" pilot holes throug h the jig's base and the benchtop . Enlarge the holes in the jig's base and in the benchtop to W'. The holes in the benchtop are for %" threaded inserts. The base's holes, being W', are a bit oversize for the %" bolts that secure the jig, but this is to allow some "play" for minor adjustments wh en the jig is mounted. Operational procedures, feed pressure and such, stay the same. The only change is th e method used to position round work for accurate mortising (photo 8). To keep cuts consistent, mark a longitudinal line on the work that can be followed by the chisel. Radial mort ises can be formed by using a stop block to keep the work in position wh ile you rotate it for subsequent cuts. To pictur e the latter, imagin e w hat yo u would have by removing a tri angul ar w edge from a round post so the square corner of a shelf can be inserted. Mortising into corners of square stock is a basic procedure, except that slow feed is required w hen starting the cut to keep th e bit from wanderi ng before it is firmly seated (photo 9). In all, th e V-block techniq ue advances square-hole operations beyond the basics of conventional mort ising. We believe you'll spend lots of time using your mortiser and its stand, but not nearly as much time as yo u wou ld have with a drill press attachment. 1m R.I. DeCristofaro is a contributing editor for Popular Woodworking, and is a woodworking and tool authorit y.

Photo 8 Mortising is done in a fairly routine fashion . The difference is that the work, cradled in a V-block, is round. A strip o f wood, tack-nailed across th e "v, " is used to gauge the length of the mortise.

Photo 9 Mortising into the corner o f square stock is also feasible. Star t th e cut very slowly to avoid allowing the bit to wander off th e corner.

Nostalgic Jelly Cupboard Tips and techniques for successful face frame cabinet construction. By Andrew Schultz

hen I was a boy in the 1950s, my fami ly and I would spend spare summer hours harvesting the wild plums that grew on the bluffs near our Schuyler, Nebraska home. Then, after an afternoo n of rolling down hills, throwing stones and making noise, my brother, sister and I would spend a sweaty evening of forced labor helping my mother put up the bounty, making jelly. I suspect she would say we children did little but complain, but I remember those evenings as hard work. To store the jelly, Mom had bought a little cupboard at a yard sale. Our job was to take the jelly jars downstairs and put them in the cupboard. Where were child labor laws in those days? The cupboard was painted bright green - John Deere green, the locals would say. It was a sturdy, straightforwa rd little piece that resembled the farmers who came into town for Saturday haircuts and supplies - kind of square, stocky and solid. I'd forgotten all about that cupboard until my sister asked if I'd build one for her. She even sent me a drawing from a brochure she got at one of those unpainted furniture stores. Looking at the advertisement, I was swept away by memories of those green hills and the taste of that jelly. So I resolved to build several of these little cabinets for nothing more than nostalgia. It's funny the directions that memories can take you.

My sisterwanted to paint hers, so I built her carcase and face frame of pop lar and used some picturesque bird's-eye maple for the unpainted door, shelves and top . I made one each of poplar, oak and cherry. To my eyes, the oak looks best. In the final analysis, cherry seems to be a more forma l wood not suited for work-a-day pieces such as this. I think an all-maple piece wou ld be quite lovely, though. You'll need about 20 board feet of hardwood for the carcase, face frame and door, plus a 20" x 42" sheet of X" hardwood plywood (in the same species as the carcase and door), and three small panels of the same for door panels.

Selecting the Wood


This is a plain little cabinet with no pretensions to art. I'm sure my mother's cupboard was pine under its many layersof paint, so choose what you will.

Regardless of how fine a woodworker you are, I suggest that you take stock preparation very seriously. In all but barrels and bowls, square stock is the foundation of good woodworking . A


March 1996 41

Diagram 1

18 "

1,-- 3//

3/ 4" -----l

,l f,r,- - -- = - - - - # 111 I - , . , - - - - - - - T l-



Line of top




r I

Door Edge Profile

1'/2" . - - - /' top overhang


-=----------=------- --I

:/ I


4 back "

Adjustable shelves

- -----=--------=--- --I I I

r I

, I

, -_ -_ -_ -_ -_ -_ -_ -:.. - _ -_I

4 '/4"


I L-


18 "

Elevation Schedule of Materials: Nostalgic Jelly Cupboard

little extra attention to the basicshere pays big dividends when the project nears completion. Building this little cupboard is really a primer on cabinetmaking. Generally speaking, cabinets are just boxes, square and true. Once you succeed with this project, a box with a face frame and door, you'll know you can redo your whole kitchen or build that big entertainment center you've been dreaming about. But to build square boxes, you must have square stock, and so I reiterate, take stock preparation seriously. First examine the stock to be milled and note any splits, checks, warps or other infirmities. You'll want to deal with these flaws in some fashion, either cutting them out, planing them flat or repairing t hem. Next locate each highly visible part. In this project, thesew ill be the carcase sides and the top. Reserve the best fig ure, color and grain for these most noticeable parts. Now find the straightest-grained stock for the face frame and door frame. Make the shelves from the remaining material. Beforeyou begin milling, check all your machinery for sharp cutters and blades and to see that fences and other accessories are square. Now rough cut all piecesto final length, plus an inch. Next, face and edge joint two adjacent surfaces square and 42 Popular Woodworking


Dime nsio ns



X" x 13" x 21"



Carcase sides

X" x lOW' x 48"



Bottom shelf

W' x lO X" x 17"


0 3


W' x lOX" X 16W'


0 2


W' x 3" x 17 "

Oak, incl. teno n

0 1

Top rail

X" x 2W' x 13 "


0 1

Bottom rail

X" x 5X" x 13"


0 2

Stiles Door stiles

~" x 2W' X 48" It'' x 1W' X 39 ~"

Oak, incl. teno n

0 2 04

Door rails

%" x

0 1

Back panel

X" x 17"

0 3

Door panels

X" x 11 X." x 12 \{."

~ No.

1 ~" X

Total hardwood in board feet Plus 10% waste Total plywood in square feet Plus 10 % waste





Oak, incl. teno n


Oak plywood

18 .15 19 .97 8.5 9.35

Oak plywood

Diagram 2

Tongue and dad o j oint

cw - - - - 4 -..]. Butt jo int reinforced

with biscuit joiner)' or dt)'Wall screws in pocket.

LLJ Plywood back Tongue and groovejo int

Face f rame


true on each workpiece. Rip a parallel edge to size plus X." on the table saw on each workpiece, then joint that edge smooth, to size, and square to the face jointed surface. Finally, surface all wood to thickness. As a final step, once all the materials are milled to thickness and width, cut all the carcase members to final length. I always crosscut one end square before cutting to final length against a stop block because my initial crosscuts on the radial arm saw are liable to be out of square. (Remember, I'm cutting rough lumber at this stage.) Once you make this initial square cut, mark the squared end with a pencil line to indicate the other end that will need the final cut. When I'm cutting a long workpiece that extends out from my sled, I put a support board on the table's surface to make sure the workpiece is steady. I'll also clamp a stop block to the table saw's extension table to assure that the carcase sides are all cut to exactly the same length .

Joinery and Shaping You have already accomplished the first important task of good cabinetmaking - producing perfectly milled materials . That is, materials all exactly the same length, width and thickness with all of their edges and surfaces at 90 degrees to one another. Because you've taken extra care in stock preparation, joinery will be easy. Joinery for cabinetmaking is essentially simple any-

THREE POCKET ,JOINTS t's given that no matter how you look at 'em, pocket joints are not fine woodworking. My mother used to say that morality was how you behaved when no one was looking. Some woodworkers believe the same sentiment applies to the ir craft - they think that "real" woodworkers don't use wood screws, and metal detectors


are one of the primary determinants of high-quality cabinetry. They find pocket joints and biscuit joinery slightly beyond the pale. And drywall screws, well, heavens. They're not kosher, they're way over the line, they're... If pocket joints are a sin, then I have

hours of confessing to do before I meet my maker. Pocket joints are practical, useful, straightforward, and as far as I'm concerned, you could probably add the whole Boy Scout credo without straining credulity. Being the prosaic sort of fellow that I am, I use them without

Photos A, B, & C One way to cut the pocket is to drill the screwhole first, marking where the drill bit emerges from the wood. (Make sure you know which face will show, and drill through the opposite side.) Then use a chisel to pare away the pocket.

March 1996 43

Diagram 3

Ca rcase Sid ~ Sled


~ StOP bIOCk way. Most cabinet joints consist of rabbets and dadoes in the carcase (some woodworkers just use biscuit joinery, which is quicker, but I still prefer some variation of the dado joint), stileand-rail joinery in the doors, and dovetails for the drawers. Another variation for face frame attachment is to use a pocket joint, which is detailed in "Three PocketJoints" (see the bottom of the previous page). But thanks to the biscuit joiner, people use the pocket joint less frequently. As this project has no drawers, it has no dovetails, and since it also makes only incidental use of the pocket joint, most of our joinery is really quite elementary (diagram 2). The central challenge of cabinetmaking as compared to furniture making is that you are working bigger. Ifyou're used to fussing with jewelry boxes and other small projects, the tasks of joinery may seem more difficult in cabinetmaking because the workpieces are generally larger. It's more of a challenge to maintain the same quality you produce in smaller projects when you're hefting huge plywood payloads, but some tricks will help you accomplish this task.

Photo 1 By using a stop block and repeat passes, ~" dadoes are easily cut with a regular saw blade . (See also "$ 1,000 Shop, " diagram 1, in this issue.)

A X" dado can be achieved without a dado set by using a simple two-step process on a table saw sled. This process also makes dadoes on a large piece of material more manageable (di agram 3). Raise the saw blade so it's approximately X" above the sled's table. Next, measure the dado's location from an inside tooth of the saw blade to the appropriate point on the sled's fence. At this point, I clamp a square block of wood to use as a stop. At this point, your cuts will establish not only the inside surface of the sides, but also right and left. So if you've designated an outside top and bottom, make sure you're cutting dadoes in the proper places. Next, position the workpiece firmly against the fence and stop block. Turn on the table saw, and advance the sled, cutting the dado's first pass. Then pull the sled back out of the turning saw blade's reach, move the workpiece slightly, and slide a ~" wafer of wood between the workpiece and stop block. With the workpiece firmly against the fence and the stop block and spacer in place, make a second pass. Now your dado is complete (photo 1).

THREE POCKET .JOINTS (continued) shame and freely admit to my dependency on them. So now that I'm out of the closet, let me see if I can lure you into experimentation. Here are three ways I've cut pockets. One, drill the exit holes out through the side, then bang out a pocket with a chisel and mallet (photos A, B & C), Cheap, n'est pas? Two, bore the pocket with a Forstner bit on the drill press (photo D). Cant the workpiece between two supporting fences and make sure you use a stop block to prevent the workpiece from taking off as the bit first bites into the wood. Three, if you're planning to build a lot of face frames and cut lots of pockets, the commercially available pocket guides make a swift two-step process of the pocket joint (photos E & F).

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Photo D I cut pockets for hidden drywall screws with a Forstner bit in the drill press. Note that I clamp a stop block to keep the workpiece from moving as the bit first bites ~.iiiiii into the wood. The wood has a tendency â&#x20AC;˘ to self-feed without this stop block.

Photos E & F Commercially available jigs make quick work of pocket joints when producing them in quantities of ten or more.

Photo 2 You can buy hole-drilling jigs that allow you to drill parallel rows of holes for shelf-supporting pins, but I just use a piece of ~ " Masonit e" pegboard to space the holes. You wouldn't want to drill hundreds of holes through each pegboard hole, but for the three jelly cupboards I was making, it worked fine.

Photo 3 Rout the leg shape on the bottom end of each cupboard side. I trace the pattern with a pencil, and cut it out with a jigsaw about 11." proud of the drawn line. Then I rout it smooth using a pattern bit and the pattern clamped in position .

In my shop, this is the quickest way to cut accurate dadoes in larger workpieces, but, as the saying goes, there are many roads to Mecca. So too with woodworking. Equally reliable, but perhaps not as qu ick and certa inlya littlefussier for setup, is routing the dadoes with a straight edge and a template guide mounted on the router base plate's bottom. Moreover, most workpieces are considerably larger in cabinetmaking than th ese for our little cupboard. Using a bigger sled, crosscutting the dadoes using the rip fence as the guide or rout ing are all viable means of dealing with joinery in large work. Next, rout the rabbet for the plywood panel along the back edge of the carcase sides. I performed this operation on my router table with the workpiece riding aga inst a fence. But you could use the router as a portable tool with the workpiece clamped to the workbench, too . The rabbet is now X" square. When drilling shelf pin holes in a cabinet, it's easier to accomplish this task prior to assembly. You can buy something called a shelf pin dr illing jig that helps align the holes for the shelf pins, but I prefer to save a few bucks and make my own from some W' Masonite" pegboard . It's simply a 12" x 30" rectangle of pegboard with a 30" length of 1" x 1" hardwood screwed to one face of the pegboard along one edge. Photo 2 shows how to clamp and drill through the jig to assure parallel holes. Use depth stops on your drill bit to be certain you don't drill through the workpiece. (Shelf holes on the

Photo 4 Part of my strategy in woodworking is to use low-tech tricks to get hightech performance, if I can manage it. Here I use sheets of post-ire notes as a means of getting a fine fit to the tongue and dado joint in the jelly cupboard's carease. Three post-ire notes are about ~".

outside of a project are still considered bad form here in Nebraska, but we don't keep up with the coastal trends.) As a last piece of work on the carcase sides, make a pattem as shown in diagram 4. This pattern will work for both left and right sides if used on the inside of one piece and the outside of the other. A similar pattern will be used later for the face frame. I prefer to use medium density fiberboard (MDF) for jigs and patterns, but any piece of hardwood or even void -free plywood can be used to make this piece. Screw a cleat on the pattern blank likeyou d id with the pegboard, then draw the shape you want to rout on t he MDE Band saw the shape, then sand to size and shape on a drum sander mounted in the drill press. Now place the pattern in position and draw the shape on the carcase side . Use a saber saw to cut out the recess, staying about X," from the line on the waste side of the carcase side. Then clamp the pattem in position and rout the shape with a pattern bit mounted in your router (photo 3). I rout the tongues for the dadoes on the bottom shelf and the two crossmembers at the carcase's top. I perform this operation on the router table with the workpiece riding against a fence. Since this is the adjustable part of the rabbet and dado joint, I'm really careful about getting the dimensions of the tongue just right by removing single sheets from pads of Post-it" notes as a means of whittl ing away at the tongue (photo 4). Before assembly, I fill, stain and sand all the oak workpieces, including the Xli oak plywood. In my experience, filling the grain on an assembled project is a frustrating proposition, and getting th e g rainfilling gunk out of comers and crevices just wastes time.

March 1996 45

Photo 6 Clamp the face frame in position and hand plane it to an exact fit so that the biscuit joints are cut exactly where they should be cut.

Photo 5 Assemble the jelly cupboard face frame, making sure you clamp it square. Check for square by measuring diagonally across inside corners. The measurements should be exactly the same. Reposition the clamps if they 're not square. Be fussy with this, as an out-o f-square cabinet is more useless than yesterday's lottery ticket.

Carcase Assembly I prefer to assemble the carcase prior to building the face frame and door. By doing this I can modify face frame proportions to remedy aesthetic as well as practical construction problems that are only obvious once the carcase is assembled. A second important task in good cabinetmaking is assembling the carcase square. An out of square cabinet sticks out worse than big ears on a bad haircut. So spend some time thinking about how you're going to clamp up, check for squareness, etc., and remedy any problems ahead of time. Dry clamp the carcase a time or two without glue to make sure you know what you're doing. Be careful placing your clamps, as even a slight misplacement can cant the carcase slight ly. I like to use right-angle blocks to help assure square members. To check this most accurately, measure diagonally across the carcase's internal opening . The measurement should be the same, corner to corner. Once you've thought out all contingencies, unplug the phone or tum on the answering machine, take the dog out for an evening walk, and turn on the television for the kids. Then glue-up the joint components and assemble the carcase. Be careful with the glue and pre-plan where squeeze-out can happen . Don't wipe squeeze-out on any visible surface, as you'll only smear a very noticeable layer of stain- and finishimpervious glue across a wider area of wood. Instead, wait until the squeeze-out reaches the three-fourths dry stage, then cautiously trim it away with a chisel or knife.

After the face frame has been assembled and the glue is dry, clamp it to the carcase and plane the frame for a good fit (photo 6). Then cut biscuit joints into the carcase and face frame (photo 7). Now glue and clamp the assembly. Next, tackle the door. Measure the opening in the face frame and adjust your door measurements so that the door you make is ~" wider and longer than the opening. Adjust where the stiles go so it's pleasing to the eye, and be sure to leavean extra W' in length for the W' stub tenons on each end of the horizontal rails if you need to cut them shorter. I use a W' shanked Woodtek~ tongue and groove cutter for doormaking (model 881-135) . Essentially it's two cutters, one above and one below a bearing, and it reliably chews out a fine-looking tongue X"-thick and X"long. You need to make sure the tongues are cut in the center of the workpiece. Since they are cut only on the rails' narrow ends, you have to follow the workpiece with a pushstick to keep it square to the fence as you 're routing it (photo 8). I always try to cut joinery so one of the mating joint members is automatic. In this fashion, I only have the other portion of the joint to fusswith to get a perfect fit. So it is with this tongue and groove joint. Having cut the tongues, now I need to fuss with the grooves to get my perfect fit. This is how I do it: I chuck a X" straight bit in my router table and elevate it to cut about X" deep. Next I rip a saw-kerf down the center edge of all the stiles and rails on the table saw to remove much of the waste. After ensuring that the router is cutting exactly on center, I rout a test piece and adjust the depth of cut until I arrive at the exact fit I need. Finally, I rout all the workpieces with a wing-

Building the Face Frame and Door After the glue dries completely, hand plane the joints smooth with a block plane. Now lay the carcase on your workbench and check to see that the face frame members are appropriately sized and proportionate to the carcase. Make final trims to the face frame members if needed. Then cut the joinery for the face frame (p hoto 5). I biscuit-joined all the butt joints for the face frame.

46 Popular Woodw orking

Photo 7 J use a combination of biscuit joinery and drywall screws through the upper an d lower carease members to secure the face frame to the jelly cupboard carease. Here I'm cutting the biscuit joints in the jelly cupboard face frame. See "Three Pocket Jo int s" to learn how I cut pocket joints for the drywall screws.

Photo 8 Cut the tongues for the rails of the door by routing them against a fence on a router table . The push stick helps keep it square to the fence.

SOURCES LIST Ready-made doors available from: Conestoga Wood Specialties, Inc. 245 Reading Rd. East Earl, PA 77579-07 5 8 (800) 964-3667 Decore-ative Specialities, Inc. 4474 N. Azusa Canyon Rd. Irwindale, CA 9 7706 (800) 367-3009 (California) (800) 729-72 77 (North Carolina)

shaped featherboard clamped to the table, which forces th e workpieces firmly against the fence. Incidentally, it's easy to get conDiagram 5 Fastening the Top fused and rout grooves on both edges of ~ Slot cut with keyhole router bit the top and bottom railsasyou do with the two middle ones. So make sureyou clearly Top mark those edges you want to remain ungrooved. Now assem ble t he frame-and-panel , door without the panels and check it against the opening in th e face frame. If it Carcase stretcher / slips through, yo u've got a problem . It should be W' wi der and longer than the Side ---// face frame op ening. L.----.. While you have it dry assembled, measure how big the X" plywood panels should be. remove it and the hardware, then begin sanding. Bevel all sharp edges with a block I like them to fit fairly snug, which is possible plane and attach the top to the carcase. I cut because they're plyw ood. If you've made hardtwo keyhole slots for screwheads to float wood panels because you can't abide plywood or you simply misunderstood the instructions, (diagram 5) and fasten with two other make sure the panels fit loosely enough to allow screws through the back stretchers at the for expansion and contraction. top of the carcase and into the top. This allows the top to contract and expand withNow cut the plywood panels no more than X." smaller than needed. If a bookmatched out tearing the cabinet apart or buckling and bow ing during the summer humidity. grain pattern is in the plywoo d, try to center the pattern in the panel, even moving the rails' After sanding through 180 grit, vacuum all spacing to accomm odate the figu re. The centhe sawdust from the carcase, door, top and ter panel on the oak jelly cabinet, for example, shelves. Use a tack clot h to pick up the is larger than the oth er two to accommodate a microscopic dust, then stain as desired. The oak cabinet was already finished w ith nice bit of figure. a Golden Oak stain from Coloni al. I chose a Cut the plywood panels to size, glue-up the red mahogany stain from the same compatongues on the rails, and slip them in place on ny for the cherry cupboard, and I just finone stile. Make sure you put the plywood panels in place in the correct order and right side ished the maple door, shelves and top of the up. It's nasty to discover one panel is upside painted cabinet with polyu rethane. I findown after the glue has hardened. Alternately, ished all three jelly cupboards with five coats you can buy ready-made doors like the one of polyurethane, sanding between coats, shown in photo 9 (see " Sources List"). then finally rubbed out the last coat and finAfter the glue sets, plane any irregularities ished with wax. until th ey' re unnoticeable, and tri m as needed. Photo 9 Those of you with more This little cupboard brings back vivid memThen cut rabbets lilli-w ide and about Mo"-deep gumption than spare time may ories for me. I can smell the plums and see around th e doo r's inside edge. Round over the want to buy the door ready-made. the kitchen. Every time I open th e door, I square outside edge of the doo r with a W' I bought the one pictu red abo ve can just hear my Mom say, " Andy, Andy, with the idea that I'd show one radius roundover bit. com e back for another load of jelly!" ~ cupboard sporting a store-bought, Next moun t the door on the face frame with raised panel door, but the door Andrew Schultz is a freelance writer and former brass offset hinges. Once th e door swings making was so easy I decided to associate books editor of the Taunton Press. sweetly and opens and closes appropriately, build aff three the same .



~ ~



Ma rch 1996 47




A little clever shopping can go a long way. By R.

J. DeCristoforo

hen Steve Shanesy, PWs enterprising editor, called and broached the idea of a $1,000 workshop, I was still on my first cup of coffee, so my sleepy reaction was "Gad!" But you don't ignore an editor's suggestion, even if it's a dreary morning and you're not reallyawake. After my initial, probably unintelligible, response, Isnappedto and agreed to research the project - and surprised myself. It is feasible to assemble a practical woodworking shop with respectable tools for about $1,000 - if you shop, and shop again, and look for sales, and get the most out of what you buy by making accessories, and capitalizing on techniques that reduce "extra-cost" items. But first of all, what is a "practical woodworking shop"? The ideal, of course, would include a satisfying complement of tools that enable the operator to produce projects in a straightforward manner. When cost is a major concern , the equ ipment won't include industrial-quality tools, just one piece of which, a table saw for example, would bust the budget. On the other hand, settling for bargain counter stuff would result in an unhappy environment. The num ber of tools considered to be necessary can be affected by individual need s or desires, but that's another story. (I have a friend whose shop cons ists of a portable circular saw that's used when he's not on the golf course.) Our aim is considerably higher than that, and thus our shop should include an assortment of power tools and hand Photo 1 The major sawing tool for the S1 ,000 tools, on-hand and ready for workshop is a bench top, 10" table saw. Even the lowesthousehold chores, outside jobs price units have the power and capacity to rip, crosscut and in-the-shop projects. and cut 45-degree bevels on two -by-four stock.


Choices in Terms of Function All woodworking projects follow a fundamental strategy. A sawing mach ine, in this case a table saw (photos 7,2 & 3), is used to size material, whether lumber or plywood panels, for project components. Generally, the next step is joint configu ring. A dadoing tool would be nice to have; but since we're cost-conscious, we work with what we have, forming dadoes and grooves by

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making repeat passes. The first two passes define the width of the cut; slig htly overlapping passes remove the remaining waste. Rabbets are formed with two passes. The first one determines the depth and width of the cut; and the second, with the stock on edge, removes the waste (diagram 7). Forming tenons for the classic mortise and te non joint is a routine table saw application, but since they're usually milled

r -,




,..J I
















Bench type: 10" size, 1~ to 2 HP




Drill various materials, drum sanding, some joinery

Bench type: 8"-10" size, X to ~ HP, 4-5 speeds




Cordless drill

"On location" drilling, power small accessories like brushes, sanders, burrs

%" size: 7.2V, variable speed, reversing




Palm sander

Smoothing operations

X sheet size: 11-14,000 orbits per min. 40



Portable router

Joinery, decorative operations

Plunge type: 1.5 to 2 HP, spindle lock, 20-25,000 rpm




Drill bits

Drilling in wood

Brad point type : 4- to 5-piece set




Sabe r saw

Curve cutting various materials, piercing

Scroller type preferred: X HP, variable speed




Wood chisels

Paring, joinery touch-up

Min. set X", W, W, 1" sizes




Ham m er

Nail driving and removing

16-oz. claw (wood or metal handle is a personal preference)


Flex tape


8" to 12" length , locking mechanism


Screw d river

Drive or remove screws

8- to 1O-piece set: various sizes for slotted and Phillips head screws



Hand plane

Smooth ing, touch-up work

10" to 12" bench type





Hand joinery

12" to 16": back spline




Adjust able square Marking at 90 and 45 degrees

12" blade minimum




Clam p fixtures

Kit for mounting on W pipe



14 (2 sets)


Basic Function

What to Look for

Table saw

Sizing material, joinery

Drill press


Clamping assemblies




$ 1.7 2 0 $1.023 March 199 6 49

Diagram 1 You can work with just a saw blade to form some joints until you decide to add a dadoing tool.

2 - pa55 ra bbet

Repeat pa55 - dado or groove

Firs t cut Second cut

Diagram 2 ______ Right angle

Photo 3 Higher priced units might include special features like an attached sliding table and , possibly, exten sions. Not all the accessories shown here are included in the basic price of this unit.


Rip fence



First pass

Second pass

Third pass

on the end of narrow pieces, rails and stretchers and such, it isn't safe to hand-hold them while feeding past the blade. The answer, other than a more costly commercial jig (see "Tool Talk" in this issue), is to provide your own accessory, like the one suggested in diagram 2. This jig moves smoothly on the rip fence and has a guide to ensure that the work, clamped to the face of the jig, will be maintained in a vertical position while your hands are safely away from the blade .

Drilling I consider a drill press (photo 4) to be the second most important power tool. In addition to its patent hole-drilling capabilities, it serves as a power source for items like drum sanders , rotary files and burrs. It also can provide companion mortises for the tenons cut on a table saw. The idea is to use a bit that matches the thickness of the tenon to drill x-number of overlapping holes, and then to remove remaining waste with a chisel. Since the rectangular cavity will have semicircular ends, the tenon must be shaped to suit (diagram 3). For th is application and other wood-boring chores, such as drilling holes for dowels, it's best to work with brad point bits (photo 5). The center points on the bits not only help prevent the bits from wandering, but also make it easy to contact a location mark, while perimeter spurs sever surface fibers, ensuring clean holes. A portable drill is needed for work that can't be done on a stationary tool. There's a price choice here. Cordless units (photo 6) cost more than their corded cousins, so ifyou don't object to the umbilical cord you can save some dollars and apply them elsewhere or to supplies like nails and screws.

Diagram 3 You can form mortises without extra-cost equipment by drilling overlapping holes.

rr r r r ]

Round off end of tenon

Drill overlapping holes

Photo 6 Basic features of battery operated drills are fairly similar; variable speed, clutch and reversing are com mon . Many lower cost electric drills provide variable speed and reversing. Photo 7 The scroller feature on some saber saws contributes to easier sawing of intricate curves and patterns.

50 Popular Woodworking

uee chleel to clean out waete

Curve Sawing A saber saw takes over when a project has other than straight lines. We've allowed about $80 for a scroller unit (photo 7) the blade can be rotated independently of the body (a nice feature but not critical). Opt for a nonscroller and you will have as much as $30 to apply to another, or an additional, tool perhaps a table that allows the saw to be used somewhat like a scroll saw?

Diagram 4 The ideal accessory for a backsaw is a miter box that you can make. - : S 1 a - This height to sui t width of backsaw ( kerfs 450 45°


Sides: 3/4" stock Use glue and screws to assemble.



"1,',5 ",'8"





,; ,;,w :

Photo 8 The portable router has become a major woodworking tool. You can reduce cost considerabl y by op ting for a unit tha t lacks a plunge feature .


Decorative Cuts, and More The portable router (photo 8) is today's " in" tool, and its status is justified. In addition to its uses for decorative wo rk on edges, it has become a major tool for basic and advanced joinery like the mortise and tenon and dovetails. We've allowed quite a bit of the budget for a plu nge type, but cost can be reduced as much as 50 percent if t he plunge is om itte d. This is mo ney that can be used for a table so the router can function like a small shaper, or for a collection of router bits.

Photo 9

Handsawing Many types of handsaws are available, but to supplement power equipment, a backsaw is a good choice (photo 9). It is used to hand cut some joints and to square and miter readyto-use materials like mouldings. You can ensure accuracy for the latter application if you carefully make a miter box to suit the saw (diagram 4). Assemble the project , and then use a combination square to mark the cutlines. Hold a strip of wood in line with the marks to hold the saw in vertical position asyou form the kerfs. (For more benchtop handsaw jigs, see "Tried & True" in this issue.)

Backsaws have different length blades with little variations in price. A stiff blade and small teeth make them suitable for fine sawing.

Photo 10 Flex tapes are made with Wor W'- wide blades. The minimum length for a woodworker is eight feet.

~ ~

Measuring A flex tape (photo 10) is used for initial measuring and for other cho res like setting a table saw rip fence a particular distance from the saw b lade. Since plywood panels measuring 4' x 8' are common materials, the tape should be a m inim um of eight feet long. Most units have a locking mechanism so the tape can be held in extended positio n, and m ight have a clip for hold ing the tool on you r belt. Marking lines perpen dicu lar to an edge or at a 45degree angle are jobs for a combination square (photo 11) . Since the blade is removable, it can also be used as a 12" (or more) rule. Most units have a bubble in the head which can be used as a level; a removable scriber (stored in the handle) for marking wood or metal is also a common feature .

Photo 11 A combination square is needed for layout work. The blade can be removed from the head and used as a rule .

Photo 12 Sets of wood chisels contain four or five pieces. Essential sizes are ~", ~", ~"

and !4".

Waste Removal There are many chisel designs, often with names that designate them for a particular application; but for our shop, a set of four or five "wood chisels" ranging in size from X" to 1" is the best choice (photo 12). Chisels are used for carving and, in a more practical vein, for chores like removing waste from drilled mortises, paring a tenon for a precise fit, and cleaning out slots and grooves. Hand planes, "smoother" types, are generally viewed as finesse tools, used to true edges or remove a smidgen of mate-

Photo 13 The bench plane is used for finesse work, like removing a see-through shaving, and for cruder jobs, like smoothing a rough board. March 1996 51

..H A N lf Y


Photo 15 A 76-ounce clow hammer is a good choice for general shop use.

rial to bring a board to precise width, but they can do more. While the general practice is to cut with the grain, many workers smooth a rough board or reduce its thickness by planing diagonally across the grain, finishing with the grain, and finally sanding. There are many types and sizes of hand planes "jointer" types can run as long as 24". Our shop includes a 10" to 12" "bench" plane (photo 13) for general applications.

Sanding It's feasible to prepare material by hand for finishing, but our shop plan includes a pad sander like the one displayed in photo 14. Palm sanders, usually orbital designs, are easy to control, work fast and result in super smooth surfaces. Their small platens accept one-quarter of a sheet of sandpaper that are secured with a clamp of some sort. Some units accept cut-to-size, pressure sensitive, adhesive-backed paper that's just pressed into place. For a little more money, you could also

Photo 14 A palm-grip orbital sander will make you happy when preporing wood for finishing.

use hook &. loop paper (more commonly known as Velcro"). For a little extra money, a random orbit sander would be a smart upgrade.

Assembly You can't do much without a hammer (photo 15) and a set of screwdrivers (photo 16). Hammers are a personal choice; mostly relating to whether the handle should be wood, steel, or fiberglass. Many construction workers opt for wood because it isn't cold to the touch in inclement weather and it's replaceable. Other than that there's weight and head design. A 16ounce claw hammer will drive or remove any nail you're likely to use in the shop. Screws common in a woodshop are slotted or have the Phillips cross-slot design. Thus a screwdriver set should include both types of drivers, and in various sizes. It isn't difficult to find a set of as many as 20 tools for the $30 we've allotted. Look for generous-sized, ridged or textured handles that allow you to apply adequate torque and make the tools easier to grip and turn . A "stubby" in the set, used for driving screws in tight areas, is a plus factor. Many assemblies are held together with clamps while the glue dries, which is why the list includes two sets of clamp fixtures. That's not enough , really, since the fact is you can never have too many clamps, but it's a beginning . If you manage to save money in some area, extra clamps would be a good way to use the excess. Clamp fixtures are used with ordinary plumbing or black pipe, so with an assortment of pipe-lengths you can make clamps of various lengths. Also, there are improvisations, fixtures you can make to substitute for store-bought items. Two examples are detailed in

diagrams 5 and 6.

SOURCES Abbey Tools 7732 North Magnolia Anaheim, CA 92807 (800) 225 -6321

Constantine's 2050 Eastchester Rd. Bronx, NY 70461 (800) 253-WOOD

DeWALT 626 Hanover Pike Hampstead, MD 27074 (910) 716 -3544

Bosch Power Tool Corp. One Hundred Bosch Blvd. New Bern, NC 29562 (372) 286-7330

Craftsman (Sean) 20 Presidential Dr. Rosselle, IL 60172 (800) 377-7414

Donnelly & Duncan (Stanley Tools) One Office Pkwy. East Providence, RI02914 (401) 437 -7777

CMT Tools 310 Mears Blvd. Oldsmar, FL 34677 (800) 531-5559

Delta International Machinery Corp. 246 Alpha Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15238 (800) 438-2486

52 Popular Woodworking

Freud 218 Feld Ave. High Point, NC 27264 (800) 334-4107

Garrett Wade 767 Avenue Of The Americas New York, NY 10013 (800) 227 -2 942 Harbor Freight Tools 3497 Mission Oaks Blvd. Box 6010 Camarillo, CA 93077 (800) 423 -2567 Hitachi Power Tools U.s.A., LTD. 4487 E. Park Dr. Norcross, GA 30093 (404) 925-1774

International Tool Corp. 2590 Davie Rd. Davie, FL 33377 (800) 338-3384 LeJchtung Workshops 4944 Commerce Pkwy. Cleveland, Ohio 44728 (800) 321 -6840 Maklta 14930 Northam St. La Mirada, CA 90638 (714) 522 -8088

Diagram 6

Diagram 5


112 " bolt--


Back "fence" (permanent)



31/x 12




Sets of wedges


Plywood base

Center wedge made f rom 3 / 4" x 4 1/ 2 " X 4

"Clamp" wedges 1/ 2 "


Front "fence" placed where needed

holes - space 1 1/z"

A jig of this type provides a clamping arrangement for miter joints.

Photo 16 A set of screwdrivers should include sizes for both common and Phillips head screws. Photo 17 Sawhorse brackets are a small investment. Provide some two-by-fours and you can quickly make stands to support long work or a plywood-panel benchtop.

Finally, since a bench of some sort is needed, we suggest two pairs of sawhorse brackets (photo 17).These, plus about 24 lineal feet of two-by-fours, will provide two stands for supporting long work, or that can be spanned with a sheet of plywood as a temporary workbench. The chart on the opening pages was compiled after researching many manufacturer and woodworker supply catalogs. Be aware that there is a difference, often substantial, between a list price and a retail price. As we said to begin with, shopping is the answer to lower prices - also, sales! As I was writing this, I received a Sears catalog that showed a $120 benchtop drill press on sale for about $100. Twenty dollars isn't a fortune, but it can pay for clamps, or some wood and glue, or plenty of nails and screws. R.J. DeCristoforo, a contributing editor, has written more than 30 books, including Jigs, Fixtures and Shop Accessories.

McFeeley's 1620 Wythe Rd. Lynchburg, VA 24506 (800) 443 -7937

Porter-Cable 4825 Highway 45 North Jackson, TN 38305 (800) 487-8665

Sidl COIpOrutlon 4300 W. Peterson Ave. Chicago, IL 60646 (312) 286-7330

MLCS, Ltd. P.O. Box 4053 Rydal, PA 19046 (800) 533-9298

Ryobl 5201 Pearman Dairy Rd. Anderson, SC29622 (803) 226-6511

Tool Crib of the North P.O. Box 14040 Grand Forks, ND 58208 (800) 358-3096

Penn State Indwtrles 2850 Comly Rd. Philadelphia, PA 19154 (800) 377 -7297

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March 1996 53

Ferris Wheel Storage Save space and get organized by taking small parts on a carnival ride . by R.J. DeCristofaro


he ferris wheel caddy is a great way to store the small parts in your shop, such as screws, nails and other hardware. Plus, it's a fine way \ to recycle 35mm film canisters that wou ld otherwise be thrown away. (Ifyou don't collect your own, the containers are available from camera stores, either at small cost o r gratis .) Make the layout (see PullOut'" Plans) for the discs on a piece of X" x 5%" square hard boa rd an d then, to produce two ident ical parts, attach it with doublesided tape to a similar piece . Separate the pieces after you 've cut and sanded the m to circular form . The "san dwich" method is also the way to form the four shelves. Use a Forstner bit or a hole saw in a drill press to form the 1W holes. Be sure the parts are he ld firm ly together and clamped securely to the table. Use a backup block to eliminate splintering when the cutting tool breaks through. Diagram 1 shows how I set up to bore the seats for the dowel pivots. Clamp the backup and the stop to the drill press

Diagram 1 Drilling for the dowel pivot

Forstoring small items, 35mm film containers are ideal, and the ferris wheel concept makes them easily accessible. Contents can be identified with labels or by attaching a sam ple to each container with a daub of epoxy.

Diagram 2 How to saw dowel rods safely Overhead View Tab le Saw Fence Wide piece of wood ~

Shelf ~ Tall ba cku p ~



S t op


\ ------..



c::=====;==t -_. Dowel

54 Pop ular Woodworking



S pace at 4 5°

---------0..--- _


J~ ~ ' --



-D-o-we-I-l pi_


glued in place

/ n'

wa s her


f ~


------ 7/ 16 "

End Profile

~N uts

/ ,


c ~ iii



L , - --

- - --

- --

- --

Curve not critical



' /4" X 10 3 / 4 " /

t hreaded rod

3/8 "

x 3 / 4" rabbet ~






10 "


table so the shelves and the chuck will be on a common, vertical centerline. Be sure to use a brad point bit; other types might wand er enough to spoil accuracy. The dow el pivots can be cut to length by hand, but for accuracy, I prefer to use a method like the one illustrated in diagram 2. The same idea can be used on a band saw but the dowel mu st be gripped firmly so the blade won't spin it. Glue the pivots into the shelf ends, then proceed to make the base and ends of the ferris wheel support. All parts are W' thick and can be made from the material of your choice. Assemble the parts with glue and either nails or screws. Start assem bling the wheel by threading the inside nuts onto th e threaded rod. Then add the disks and the outside nuts. Allow enough distance between the disks so the shelves can be inserted. Then, adjust the position of the nuts so they will gri p th e disks firmly while allowing enough space for the shelves to swing freely. Don't forget to install the washers that are show n in th e assemb ly drawing. A dowel can be substituted for the threaded rod, but the disks w ould have to be glued in place and that wouldn't allow for any adjustment of the wheel assembly. lm R. l- DeCristofaro, a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking, writes about and works with wood from his home in Los Altos Hills, California.



Know Your Drilling Tools Different style drill bits are designed for specific purposes, although some are interchangeable. From left to right below: The twist drill is designed primarily for metals, with a standard 59 degree angle at the tip. Although the recommended angle for wood is 45 degrees, the twist drill can still be used in the woodshop . A brad point spur bit features a lead point to center the hole and side spurs to shear the grain on the hole edge. This design prevents wandering during the cut and is designed for use with wood, including end grain . The two spade bits shown are both designed for use in wood, quickly drilling holes of larger diameter than the average twist or spur bit drill. The hole saw uses a twist drill as a centering device for the cylindrical saw blade. The hole saw is commonly used when a large diameter, shallow hole is required. The Forstner bit has the advantage of cutting a clean, flat-bottomed hole at almost any angle, with neither drift nor wander ing .


CONSU Readers sing the praises of their favorite tools. Compiled by Stacey King

Stationary Power Tools BEST TABLE SAW




DeltlllfniSllUJ 10"

Craftsman 6"



Sears Craftsman" provides a 1 HP jointer with a three-blade, 3" diameter cutte rhead t hat delivers 4300 rpm. The jointer comes w ith a 36 " bed and offers a 6W' cut width . The spring -loaded blade guard provides safety, and the adjustable cast iron guide fence is center-mounted fo r accuracy. It's available through t h e Craftsman Power and Hand Tools catalog . Its list price is about $400 .


The Delta 22-540 12 " portable planer with full 15 amp motor has a Poly-V belt and a soli d steel two -knife ball bearing cutterhead that raises and lowers on fo ur gr ound columns. The plane r's feed rate adjusts according to the load to customize planing for each pie ce. It can acc ommod ate stock from W' to 6" th ick an d as much as 12 " wide. Doubl e-edged, reversible knives guarantee twice th e cutting life. The planer retails for about $450.

Delta 6 " Grizzly 6 "


Delta has been manufacturing its Unisaw 10 " t ilting arbor saw for more than 50 years. It offers 3 or 5 HP models that operate at 4,000 rpm. The saw features a 20" x 27" cast i ro n tab le with extens ion wings, a triple V-belt drive and lubricated -for-l ife ball bearings. For safety, the saw includes a drive mechanism contained in a steel cabinet and a see-through blade guard with splitter and ant ikickback fingers . Some models are equipped with the T-square Un i-fence" saw gu ide. The Unisaw retails for between $1,700 and $2,000.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Craftsman 10" Ryobi 10" BT-3000

Craftsman 12" Benchtop Ryobi 12" Benchtop

Shopsmith "'s lathe is part of the multi-purpose Mark V Model 510, a compact machine that performs five functions, including those of a table saw, disc sander, boring machine and drill press, as well as a lathe. Powered by a , Y2 HP motor, the lathe operates at between 700 and 5,200 rp m . A two- position lathe tool rest is provided for more versatile positioning when turning . Shopsmith also provides an entire line of lathe accessories, including faceplates, screw centers, tailstock chuck arbors and tailstock live centers. The Shopsmith Mark V Model 510 system retails at about $2,500.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Craftsman Delta 46-700

56 Popular Woodworking

CHOICEs every woodworker knows, beautiful and demanding projects can't be completed with just any old tool. The tools of our trade should be comfortable and reliable woodshop companions, allowing us to concentrate less on frustrating tool shortcomings and more on developing our craft.


Thanks to a number of your fellow woodworkers who took the time to voice their opinions, we now present the tools that they chose as their favorites. Woodworkers from Hawaii to Maine responded to our Consumer's Choice Awards by voting for their favorite tool brands and models in 28 categories.

Choices were based upon price, quality, durability, ease of operation, available accessories and ease of repair. The following tools received the most votes in their respective categories . Honorable mentions are those tools that came closest to the top picks. Detailed information on all tools appear in the chart on the last two pages.






Delta 14"



Sears Craftsman" offers variable-speed and 16 " singlespeed scroll saws . The saws have a W' blade stroke and cut up to 2" thick at 90 ¡. The Contractor Series 20 " variablespeed saw has a 16" x 16" cast iron table and metal workpiece hold-down foot, and features a 20" deep throat for work up to 40 " in diameter. It retails at $400 . The 16 " single- and variablespeed saws deliver up to 1,700 strokes per minute and offer a 16" deep throat for work up to 32 " in diameter. They retail for $120 and $160.

The DW705 is a 12 " compound m iter saw with an electric brake, head lock down and spindle lock. The saw has a stainless steel miter scale with nine positive stops and an automatically retracting lower guard. Equipped with a 13 amp motor and 100 percent ball bearings, it operates at 4,000 rpm and comes with a 32-tooth carbide blade and blade wrench. The saw reta ils for about $385 .



Delta RBI Hawk

Craftsman Hitachi C8FB

With 12 speeds from 250 to 3,000 rpm, the Delta 16 1,.2" 17-900 drill press is capable of handling a wide variety of materials, including woods, metals and plastics . Positionlocking depth stop guarantees accuracy and repeatability. The drill press also features a swivel type 12 " square tilting table with side ledges and diagonal slots for clamping. It retails for about $370.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Craftsman 8 " Grizzly Jet

Delta manufactures 14" band saws in four models, including saws that cut both wood and metal. With motors operating up to 1,725 rpm, the saws feature 14" x 14" cast iron tilting tables and remote control micrometer adjustment for ball bearing blade support. The saws include a chip chute for safety and convenience, and lower blade guides that support the blade to within W' of the table work surface. The 14" band saws come with an enclosed or open stand, either a ~ or X HP motor, and offer double sealed, lubricated-for-life ball bearings . They retail for between $500 and $750.

HON ORABLE M ENTIONS: Craftsman 12" Grizzly 14"

March 1996 57

Hand-held Power Tools BEST RADIAL ARMSAW






The Craftsrnan" 10" Contract o r Series 1Y2 HP radial arm saw featu res a blade guard that raises when crosscutti ng a nd mit er ing, yet prevents w ro ng- w ay feed when ripping. The saw has a maximum rip capacity of 26 " with a 15 W' cro sscut capacity, and cuts wood up to 3" th ick at 90 degrees. Anti-kickback pawls and a rivening knife prevent wood bind ing . The saw includes a three-piece, 40" x 27 " work table for large wood p ieces . It retails for about $450 .

The Bosch 1613EVS electronic plung e router is powered by a 2 HP motor that operates at six speeds from 12 ,000 to 22,000 rpm. Electronic variable speed circuitry provides soft-sta rt operation and ma intains the selected speed under load . A qu ick-release system allows for easy template gu ide changes. The tool offers a tight grip with a selfextracting collet system, and comes equipped with W' and W' collet chucks and a collet nut wrench . The router retails for about $220.


Delta DeWALT

Craftsman" offers a full line of circular saws that feature a no-load speed of 5,000 rpm, a contoured, textured handle for better balance and grip, and knob controls for easier bevel and depth of cut adjustment. The saws deliver a maximum depth of cut of 2%" at 90 degrees . Each features a side sawdust ejection, a trigger switch with lock off, and die -cast aluminum blade guards for long wea r. The line also includes standard and worm-drive industrial models. The saws retail between $50 and $140.


The Skil" line of Skilsaw" circular saws features several mod els, including a heavy-duty saw for "builders and remodelers" that has an electronic brake to stop the blade in two seconds. The Skil HD5658 has a 1 3 amp motor, operates at a no-load speed of 5 ,400 rpm, and can make up to 2~6" cuts at 90 degrees. The saws are available in other models , including a worm drive model with a 40-tooth alloy steel combination blade . All Skilsaw models feature ball bearing construction and steel or aircraft quality aluminum feet. Retail prices for the saws begin at $100.


Craftsman Porter-Cable


DeWALT Porter-Cable


Ryobi Ryobi's OSS450 29-pound oscillating spindle sander is des igned for finishing curves and con tours that can't be reached w ith b elt or disc sanders. It operates at 2,000 spindl e rotations per minute a n d oscilla tes 58 times a minute on a %" patch to prevent wood burns. The sander includes ~" and 1" drums , with four other sizes available, and features on-board storage for all six drums. It retails for about $175. HONORABLE MENTIONS:

Craftsman Grizzly G 1071 58 Popular Woodworking

And the Winners Are. . . From the readers who entered our survey, we randomly chose three winners of some of the top tools. Congratulations goes out to . . .

Leonard Hill of Lincoln, Nebraska, who has won a Craftsman model 23615 16" scroll saw. Randall Prescott of Belchertown, Maryland, who has won a Makita model 6201 DWHE cordless drill/driver. W.D. Sanger .Jr. of Garland, Texas, who has won a Bosch model84301 jigsaw.






Bltu:k & Decker



This Porter-Cable 330 finishing sander weighs less than four pounds and operates at 12,000 orbits per minute. It features ball-bearing construction, a solid metal frame, rubber posts to isolate vibration and flush sanding on all four sides. The sander also includes a 411l" x 4W' pad that will accept adhesive-backed or standard sandpaper. It retailsfor about $70.


The line of Porter-Cable belt sanders features a dust collection system with swiveling collection bag and a quickrelease lever for changing belts . Machined alum inum metal housings allow for longer lasting, cooler running sanders. The variable speed 3" x 21" sander (model 352Vs) operates from 850 to 1,300 sFPM, and retails for about $175. The 3" x 24" and 4" x 24" sanders (models 360 and 362) operate at 1,500 SF PM and retail for about $216 and $230.

Black & Decker DeWALT


Makita offers a wide variety of cordless drills and driver-drills with battery power, including 4.8, 7.2, 9.6 and 12 volts. The new driver-drills feature a comfortable T-bar handle configuration which has a spring-steel clip for hanging the drill on a belt or nail apron. Most of Makita's driver-drills are reversible and feature variable speed with high and low gear selection (0-370 rpm low, 0-1150 rpm high), a keyless chuck and sixstage clutch . The drills retail for between $50 and $200.

Black & Decker offers a full line of corded drills, including %" or W' and single or variable speed models. All drills are reversible for backing out screws and jammed bits. The line also includes high torque drills with hammer action, three new ergonomically designed compact drills for increased comfort, and %" and W' drills with keyless chucks. The drills retail for between $35 and $90.




DeWALT Black & Decker



DeWALT DeWALT's DW682K heavy :_ duty plate joiner kit is equipped with retractable steel anti-slip pins and preset depth stops . The integral fence has rack and pinion height adjustment, tilts from zero to 90 degrees and allows location on either face of a miter joint. The biscuit joiner operates at 10,000 rpm and includes a sixtooth carbide blade, dust bag and deflector, vacuum adapter, and torx screwdriver. It retailsfor about $250.

Bosch Craftsman


Bosch As well as four-speed orbital cut settings with 5 amp motors, both the barrel-grip 1584VS and top-handle 1587Vs offer 1" stroke lengths and variable speed control. The saws operate between 500 and 3,100 spm. Four-position orbital function is available for choosing the ideal blade motion for the material. The Clic" toolless blade change method allows quick and easy blade changes. The jigsaw comes with a zero- to 45-degree tilting footplate for bevel cuts. The saws retail for between $160 and $190.


Freud Porter-Cable


Craftsman Black & Decker March 1996 59





Stanley's bench planes have been produced for 125 years using the original "Bailey design" that includes a kidneyshaped hole for easier adjustment of the cap iron and a single piece Y-Iever that won't spreadwhen the cutting iron is advanced . They offer fully adjustable depth of cut, mouth opening, and lateral position of the cutting iron to prevent blade chatter and chip clogging. Available for $50 to $60.

Stanley's hammers are con tractor grade with high carbon polished steel and octagon-shaped heads. The face is Rim- Tempered" to reduce chipping , and the handles are available in hickory, steel and graphite. They are available for $15 to $25.


Stanley Stanley offers two crosscut saws. The Short Cute, with teeth sharpened on both leading and trailing edges, and the Professional Performance Pro, with chrome-nickel alloy steel and back-striped blade. They retail for $17 and $18.


Stanley With a heavy steel back for balance, this tenon saw with universal teeth is bevel-edged for accurate cutting . It is equipped with lacquered wood handles and 10" or 12" blades with 13 teeth per inch. The saw retailsfor $16.



Estwing Plumb

Craftsman Disston

Disston Craftsman





This 10", 15 TPI fine dovetail saw achieves a smooth , narrow kerf, and offers a mahogany handle designed for a comfortable grip. It retails for about $11.



Stanley Stanley's block planes are fully adjustable for depth of cut and mouth opening to minimize vibration . Lateral blade adjusting levers help prevent gouging of workpieces. Available for $30 to $35.




HONORABLE MENTIONS: Craftsman Lie-Nielsen® Record


Stanley These planes are designed for rough planing of all but the longest workpieces. They're available with a 14" base and Z" blade or a 15 " base and 2%" blade. Available for $65 to $75.


60 Popular Woodworking





Stanley's bevel-edged chisels have precision machined hard, alloy steel blades that hold a keen edge without getting too brittle for use. The handles are made of wood , polymer or shatter-proof butyrate. They retail from $9 to $20.

The Professional Performance Pro rip saw features ground tooth design and a chromenickel alloy steel and back striped blade. It has an extrawide, stained cherry handle and a 26" blade with 5 ~ tpi. It retails at about $18.



3M offers a wide variety of products for sanding wood. Sheets are available in aluminum oxide, garnet, emery and waterproof silicon carbide in grades from very fine to extra course. They retail from about $2.40 to $4.50 . Sponges combine two sanding grades on one sponge and can be rinsed and reused. They retail for about $2 . Sanding pads, customized for stripping, wood refinishing or metal refinishing, retail for about $1.89 .

Craftsman Marples Sorby

Disston Craftsman



Klingspor Norton

Categoryl Model

Suggested Retail Price



Max Cut

Dust Collection

Special Feature


TABLE SAW Delta 36-820 10"


3 HP




Craftsman 29886 10"



Not avail.



Ryobi BT3000 10"







Delta Unifence Benchtop

• No lood speed

JOINTER Craftsman 23221


1 HP




36" bed length

Delta DJ-37-190


~ HP




46" bed length

Grizzly Gl182


1 HP




47" bed length

Max cut helght- 6"

PLANER Delta 22-540






Craftsman 23 373


2 HP




Ryobi AP1 2


14 amp


2 @ 12' ~."


Shopsmlth Mark V





Multi-use tool

Craftsman 228 16



875 - 3,450

12" x 36"


Delta 46-700



500 - 2,000

12" x 36"

Delta 17-900


~ HP


8W' throat

Craftsman 2131 7




200 - 3,630

8M" throat

Grizzly G1201


~ HP



JetJDP-17M F


~ HP

200 - 3,630

8M" throat



" - 6" " - 6"

Benchtop Benchtop




SWiveling headstock



3M" quill travel 3X" quill travel 5" quill travel 4!' " quill travel

M" chuck W' chuck W' chuck M" chuck

BAND SAW Delta 28-245





10°/45° l/r table tilt

Craftsman 24835





10°/45° I/r table tilt

6" resaw

Grizzly G1019


~ HP



10°/45° IIr table tilt

6" resaw

Craftsman 23615



500-1 ,700

16" throat! 2" capacity


45%° I/r table tilt


Delta 40-560 Type 2



850 -1,725

16" throat! 2" capacity


45 % ° I/r table tilt


RBI Hawk 16


l' HP


16" throat/ 2" - 18" capacity


45°/45° IIr table tilt

Floor mode l

(Max. cross

(Max. miter)

DeWALT DW 705 Craftsman 23520

360 220

13 amp 15 amp


x 7l' 2%x 5X

2~x 5~

Attached bag Vaccum port

Compound saw


Hitachi C8FB2


9.5 amp


2%x4X 2~. x 82 }\,

Compound saw Sliding compound

10" 8M"

No/oodrpm Max cut depth @ 90°

Max cut depth @ 45°

Blade size

Craftsman 10824


11 amp





Skll HD5657


13 amp



11(" (50°)


DeWALT DW364 Porter-Cable 9743






15 amp



1l''' l ' j{O"



6X" resaw

(Strokes P/M)



x 12

Attached bag


March 1996 61

Categoryl Suggested Model Retail Price RADIAL ARM SAW



Max. Cut

Max. cross

Dust Collection

Special Feature


Max depth

@90· Cr aftsm an 19633




Delta 33-990




DeWALT' (The Original) 3,968

3 HP

15W 12W



40" x 27" t able

10" floor model



42" x 24 X" table

10" floor model




46" x 33"

14" floor model

' Though DeWALT received an honorable mention in the radial arm saw category, the company no longer manufacturers a radial arm saw. The Orignial SawCompany purchased the patterns and rights and is now marketing industriallevel radial arm saws.



Collet Size

Bosch 1613EVS


2 HP

12,000 - 22,000


Porter Cable 690



23,0 00

~ ",

Craftsman 17473


2 HP

15,000 - 25,000


RyobiO SS450






W', 1" drums, stand ard

Craftsman 2259 0






W, 2" d rums, standard

Grizzly G1071


1 HP

5",6" Ex 9"


10 standard drum sizes

M akita 60 12HDW


9.6 vo lt

400 & 1,100

DeWalt DW972K-2


12 volt 9.6 volt

450 & 1,400 300 & 700


Drum length




Plunge model, m ax depth 2"


Fixed base, depth adjustment range 1X" Fixed base, depth adjustment range 1 W'

Stroke length


Black & Decker BD2 300 68


Chuck type lfl" keyed lfl" keyless

10 clu tch settings

W keyless

6 clutch settings

Floor mode l

16 clutch settings

No load rpm

Black & Decker 1000



0 -2,500

lfl" keyed

Variable speed ,





lfl" keyless


SkiI HD 6525


4.2 amp

0 - 2,500

W keyed


Orbits PIM

Pad size

Porter-Cable 333


1.7 amp




Hook & loop pad

Black & Decker BD5100


2.8 amp



Yes (canister)

Hook & loop pad

Random orbit






Yes (canister or port) Hook & loop pad

Random orbit

Feet PIM

Belt size

Porter Cable 362


7 amp


3" x 21"

Yes (bag)

Bosch 1273 DVS


10.5 amp


4" x 24"

Yes (bag or port)

Craftsman 11713




3" x 21"




6.5 amp

Fence adjust. 90 -180° stop@45°

Freud jS102



Porter Cable 556


Bosch 1584VS

reversing (VSR)




Depth stops 4

Yes (bag or po rt)

Rack and pinion fence

90 - 180°, 6 stop@ 90°, 135°

Yes (bag or port)

Anti-kickback blade


90 - 180°


Strokes PIM




500 - 3,100


Craftsman 2725 1


4.5 amp

0 - 3,0 00



Black & Decker 7568


3.5 amp

800 - 3,200




62 Popular Wood working


Chip blower

Random orbit

RESOURCE DIRECTORY ABRASIVES ECON-ABRASIVES. Econ-Abrasives custom makes abrasive belts up to 52" wide in any size and grit. Sandpaper is our specialty; we can help you answer any questions you may have on product applications. Call now for your free catalog; it contains hundreds of abrasives and woodworking accessories, including: safety equipment, velcro®-backed discs, wood clamps, wood glue, drawer slides, hinges and much, much more! Circle #100. SUPERGRIT ABRASIVES offers industrial quality sanding belts, discs, rolls and sheets at wholesale prices directly to the small consumer. An extensive range of hook & loop backed abrasives are available: vacuum and solid discs, triangles for detail sanders, shop rolls for drum sanders, conversion discs and rolls. Try Supergrit Blue Zirconia discs and belts ''The Best in the World". Free 28-page catalog and incredible close-out sheets. Circle #126.

CLOCK SUPPLIES & TOOLS S. LAROSE INC since 1936. Products for the clockrnakinq professional and hobbyist. Industry leader in quality and service. We have it all from quartz to mechanical clock works, fit -ups, parts for repair or new projects. We stock complete clocks, watches, tools, watch straps, and watch parts. Send for a free catalog WW! Circle #127.

HAND TOOL MANUFACTURERS AMERICAN CLAMPING CORP. American Clamping is the North American marketing organization for all Bessey clamping technology. In addition to Bessey, American Clamping provides a wide range of products for the woodworker including pipe clamps, spring clamps, no-mar mallets, hand-held vacuuming systems and other hand tools. A complete catalog is available by calling (800) 828-1004. Circle #134.

ARROW FASTENER COMPANY, INC is one of the oldest American hand tool manufacturers. In addition to its world famous line of all steel staple gun tackers and staples, Arrow also produces a full line of Brute steel rule measuring tapes, rivet tools, hot melt glue guns, and supplies. Arrow .. . the standard of excellence by which all others are judged. Circle #101 . ESTWING MANUFACTURING CO. manufactures the world's first and finest line of solid steel striking tools. These tools are available with Estwing's exclusive molded-on nylon vinyl grips or Estwing's laminated leather grips . Estwing also manufactures a complete line of top quality fiberglass and wood handled hammers. There are more than 100 different products to choose from. Circle #142. FEIN POWER TOOLS. New Triangular Sander eliminates hand sanding . Free brochure shows how you can sand, with a power tool, all those areas where before you had to fold up a piece of sandpaper and "finger sand." The Fein Sander is ideal for sanding along edges, moldings and more. Circle #102. FORREST MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC Professional CarbideTipped circular saw blades and DADO sets for the discriminating woodworkers. Blades designed to give no bottom splintering and give an ultra- smooth side finish. Also specializing in factory blade sharpening for Forrestor other makes, including free microscopic evaluation and test cutting. For more information, call (800) 733-7111 or Circle #120. HITACHI POWER TOOLS, U.S.A., ltd. markets, distributes, and services a full line of power tools for the professional and advanced do-it-yourselfer. Hitachi products include an extensive line of heavy-duty electric tools, including saws, drills, planers, and cordless tools for woodworking and metalworking. High-quality pneumatic nailers and staplers are also available. For the name of the dealer nearest you, call (800) 3627297 (electric) or (800) 546-1666 (pneumatic). Circle #138.

MAKITA U.S.A. is the U.S. Distributor of Makita's line of high-performance corded and cordless power tools . The company, which has nine branch offices, 50 service centers, and over 300 authorized service centers, features an extensive line of tools for both woodworking and metalworking applications. They also offer a line-up of pneumatic nailers, including brad and finishing nailers. For additional information, please call (714) 522-8088. Circle #103. POOTATUCK CORP. - The lion Miter Trimmer makes perfect, glass-smooth, accurate cuts on any wood, hard or soft, any angle 45°- 90°. Made in New England since before 1900, this cast iron tool is unsurpassed in cabinetry, picture framing, remodeling and trim carpentry. Circle #121.

R't'Oal AMERICA CORP. offers a wide range of power tools, outdoor power equipment, and builder's hardware for the serious do-it-yourselfer and professional tradesman. Ryobi offers a wide selection of bench-top, cordless, portable and specialty power tools; a variety of gas, electric and batterypowered outdoor power equipment; and an assortment of builder's hardware. Designed and manufactured to exacting standards of quality, durability and reliability, yet affordable. Free catalog . Circle #104. SUGINO CORPORATION - Electric Wood Carving Tools. Sugino AutoMach® electric carving tool chisels wood at up to 10,000 VPM. Safe, lightweight, and easy-to-use, the pressure activated head controls carving speed and depth. Speeds carving faster than mallet and chisel methods. Professional quality suitable for novice and joumeyman carvers. Wide variety of hardened steel blades. Operates on household current. Circle #148. TIMBERKING'S portable band sawmills are entirely portable and feature full hydraulics. The mill's 4-post head offers twice the stability of cantilever style mills and eliminates sag. TimberKing is one the the top producers of one-man sawmills in North America. Founded in March 1996


RESOURCE DIRECTORY 1929 under the name "Belsaw," the company has over 24,000 satisfied customers worldwide. For complete info, Circle #105.

HAND TOOLS - RETAIL ABBEY TOOLS - The much requested, long-awaited, you'd-better-hold-on-tothis-one-because-who-knows-whenwe'll-print-another tool catalog, is here. Packed with 1000's of top brand name power tools and accessories - all at the lowest possible prices. Whether you are a beginning woodworker or an old pro you'll find just the tool you need. Remember - if you can plug it in, we've got it! $1.00. Circle #303. CONSTANTINE'S 1996 catalog features new woods, new tools, new hardware, new finishes, new adhesives, new books and plans, and some absolutely fabulous new veneers Oust look at the one on the cover!). More than 6,000 products in all, every one shipped promptly, right to your door, and guaranteed to

please. Call toll free (800) 223-8087 or write Constantine's, 2050 Eastchester Rd., Dept. 35602, Bronx, NY 10461 . It's FREE! Circle #152.

tools, clamps, hard-to-find planes, cutting, measuring, layout and safety tools are all priced to move. Call (800) 2498665 for a free catalog. Circle #107.

GARRETWADE'S 1996 Woodworker's Tool Catalog is more than 220 pages and full of the best we can find from all over the world. This catalog is known for its breadth and diversity, its instructions, and hundreds of tips on the proper use of tools. Circle #136.

HARDWARE PAXTON HARDWARE LTD. Choice Quality Brasses for fine antiques, fumiture and cabinets. Authentically reproduced Queen Anne, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Victorian, and Mission pulls. Knobs, locks, hinges, casters, table slides, bed hardware and much more . Reproduction lamp fittings, shades and lamps. Excellent source for craftsmen and/or small shops looking for hardware of value and merit. 76-page catalog, $4. Circle #301.

WOODCRAfT® SUPPLY CORP. offers more than 4,000 of the finest quality woodworking tools, books, supplies and cabinetry hardware in our free 154-page complete full-color catalog. Circle #106.




Prices! Prices!

WOODWORKER'S HARDWARE offers a free sales and information brochure. Products stocked include knobs, pulls, hinges, drawer slides, abrasives and more. All orders shipped the next business day after order has been received. Call (800) 383-0130. Circle #150.

Prices! William Alden Company, the best kept secret in mail order for the woodworker, has a FREE full color catalog filled with top quality Brand Name tools and accessories at the lowest published prices. No Gimmicks! Power




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PopularWoodworking1507 Dana Avenue, Department CCC Cincinnati, Ohio 45207 Please circle numbers below corresponding to items in this issue, February/March 1996. 151 Free 100 Free 116 Free 133 Free 134 Free 152 Free 101 Free 117 Free 118 Free 135 Free 160 Free 102 Free 136 Free 161 Free 103 Free 119 Free 162 Free 104 Free 120 Free 137 Free 121 Free 138 Free 163 Free 105 Free 122 Free 139 Free 164 Free 106 Free 123 Free 141 Free 165 Free 107 Free 142 Free 108 Free 125 Free 300 $3.00 109 Free 126 Free 143 Free 301 $4.00 110 Free 127 Free 145 Free 302 $3.00 111 Free 128 Free 146 Free 303 $1.00 112 Free 147 Free $19.97 129 Free 888 113 Free $26.97 130 Free 148 Free 999 114 Free 131 Free 149 Free 115 Free 150 Free 132 Free

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To Ensure Prompt Handling of Your Order, Follow These Instructions: • Circle your choices. • Enclose couhon w ith check or money order for cost of catalogs/brae ures/items. • We will process your requestservramptly. You will receive information d irectly fro m the a vertiser. • Coupon expires July 5, 1996. • Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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-------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------~ 64 Popular Woodworking


WAGNER ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS, INC. "Wood-Friendly"ÂŽ L606 Moisture Meter uses advanced electromagnetic wave technology to accurately measure wood moisture content from 6% to 30% to a depth of %" . No pins to "abuse" wood, leaving ugly holes. Check out boards from top to bottom in just seconds before you buy and avoid the headaches of splitting, warpage, delaminating and failed glue joints. Call today for your free literature, (800) 944-7078. Circle #108.

PLANS & KITS COMMON SENSE DESIGNS offers 56 boat designs, all by premier yacht designer Phil Bolger, 32 of wh ich are designed for first time builders. If you can build a bird house, you can build one of these easy and inexpensive boats and have a better boat than you can buy. All the parts that control the shape of the boat have dimensions, making them easy to layout without lofting. To order a catalog, see our classified ad. Circle #13 0. FURNITURE DESIGN S, INC. Since 1968 offering the finest in full-size professional plans for building fine quality furniture. Furnish your house or build furniture for your customers. Plans include a rolltop desk, cradles, dining tables, chairs, buffets, chests, sleigh bed, Morris chair, children's furniture, rocking horse, Adirondack and English garden furniture, and more . Catalog $3.00. Circle #3 02. KLOCKIT New Spring '96 catalog . .. yours FREE! It's 64 exciting pages of clockrnakinq kits and plans, quartz and mechanical movements, clock inserts, dials, hands and hardware. Build heirloom clocks to craft show clocks - we have kits for all skill levels! Plus music box movements, weather instruments, watches, books and more . . . all reasonably priced, with quantity discounts. Free. Circle #109.

NELSON DESIGNS. A scroller's dream! Full-sizescroll saw plans, new large 11" x 17" full-size scroll saw pattern books and many other projects by John and Joyce Nelson. All levels - something for everyone! Full-size plans include : wa ll shelves, corner shelves, fretwork clocks, baskets, silhouettes, puzzles, mirror, plant stands - over 400 projects to choose from . For catalog, Circle #132. SPECIALTY FURNITURE DESIGNS. Detailed Do-It-Yourself plans include instructions, material list, cutting diagram and full -size templates . Our Plan Catalog offers a variety of Holiday Gift ideas, including futon frame designs, birdhouses and feeders, a complete line of Adirondack furniture, patio & rocking gliders (hardware also available), and an octagon and hexagon picnic table with walk th roug h seating. Catalog $3.00. Circle #300. SWANSON TOOL CO., INC. offers a 4color brochure featuring the Swanson Mitering Tool & Framing Clamp Set. It's a complete 5-piece set for making picture perfect frames! The kit includes a deluxe mitering tool for cutting frames, molding and trim to an accurate 45 deg rees ... plus four framing corner clamps to hold work steady whi le gluing, stapling or nailing together corners. Easy to use and packaged in a new handy carry case. Free literature, call (800) 29 1-3471 or Circle #149. WILDWOOD DESIGNS. Scrollsaw Fretwork Patterns and supplies. From simple projects to 50" tall clocks. Over 300 patterns for the scrollsaw enthusiast. Clock moveme nts, tools, books, plywood sawblades as low as $21.95 per gross. Great ideas for the hobbyist or for prof it including clocks, frames, jewelry boxes, furniture & silhouettes. Circle #110. TH E WOODWORKERS' STORE Catalog: New ! The Woodworkers' Store 1995/1996 catalog with over 150 new items features 112 full color pages of domestic and exotic hardwoods, veneers, wood parts, specialty hardware, kitchen accessories, finishing supplies, tools, books, and plans .. . many exclusive items and hard to find special-

ties. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call to order your FREE catalog. (800) 4039736 . Circle #151.

AL-LEN PATIERN COM PANY. Try "The Gripper"- the amazing tool that turns stubborn and hard-to-reach handles easily. This lightweight, ready-to -use tool won't slip or scratch chrome fix tures and finishes, and its universal fit is guaranteed. Send $6.95 + $1.50 S&H ($8.45) to order or call (412) 475-3708 for more information. Free brochure. Circle #111 . AZTEC - " CRAFT PAINT SPRAYER." This device requires no cleaning between color changes. Simply unscrew the paint bottle with the quick change cap and attach another with a new color. Simple and easy. Free info . Circle #141. BIESEMEYER- For the latest in precision, labor saving and award w inning TSquareÂŽ tools for the table saws, radial arm saws and motorized mitersaws, including the very latest in labor saving safety devices for you r table saw. Circle #135. FRAN KS CANE & RUSH SUPPLY has distributed materials for over 20 years, providing innovative products for seat weaving, furniture, wicker and basketry. Also, we import the highest quality raffia and bamboo to suit the individual or large company, as well as a wide variety of fibers for crafts and hobbies. Circle #143. GATCO SHARPENERS. Our full -line colo r catalog contain s: Gatco knife sharpening systems, Gatco di amond hone sharpening system, universal chainsaw sharpener, handsaw sharpener; diamond stix sharpener, Gatco Arkansas tri-hone, natural Arkansas hones, ax and garden tool hone, lawn mower blade sharpener, double-end nail set, fish hook sharpeners, ice auger sharpener, easy-grip clamp mount, accessory hones, and honing oil. Free. Circle #137 .

March 1996 65

RESOURCE DIRECTORY GRANBERG INTERNATIONAL has been designing and manufacturing chain saw accessories for almost 40 years. Our portable saw mill attachments are very popular. Cut lumber onsite for buildings and woodworking projects. Sharpen your chain saws with our accurate grinders and guided file holders. (510) 237-2099, (800) 233-6499; fax (510) 237-1667. Circle #145. HTC PRODUCTS, INC. Easy does it with HTC's power tool accessories. Discover many unique items designed only with you, the dedicated woodworker, in mind. Make your machinery safer, increase the working area of your shop, and accomplish nearly impossible tasks easily, quickly and accurately. Fullline catalog and price list free. Circle #146. JOINT A-BILLI-T is just as its name implies, a tool for fool-proof glue joints. Use your router to cut these joints flawlessly in your shop : dadoes, rabbets, angle cuts, squaring large panels with a perfect glue joint every time. Circle #131. PACE-EDWARDS COMPANY. The RolITop Cover is designed to give you that smooth , flush look you want on your truck. The padded leather-grain polymer-blend covering gives a finished look not found in other hard covers. The high-grade polymer covering is UV stabilized to keep looking good for years. Circle #139.


IMPORTS, INC. offers a wide selection of heavy-duty woodworking machinery and accessories at proven low prices. Grizzly has developed a tremendous reputation during the last 11 years as a leading importer of fine woodworking machinery, and backs up its sales with unbeatable customer service and techn ical support. Free 164-page catalog. Call (800) 5415537 to order. Circle #112.

66 Popular Woodworking

G&.W TOOL, INC. Wagner Safe-TPlaner; top quality, versatile rotary planers. Drill press or radial arm saw models available (state make of saw). Built-in safety features eliminate "grab or kickback" (includes cutters, sharpening tools, detailed instructions). Surface &. thickness planes/rabbets/tenons/raised panels/decorative cuts. Moderately priced through suppliers or G&.W Tool, Inc., P.O. Box 691464, Tulsa, OK 74169 . Circle #122. JET EQUIPMENT &. TOOLS. Unique features, one- and two- year limited warranties on both parts and service, local dealers and repair stations, and toll-free customer service assistance make JET's woodworking machinery such as table saws, band saws, jointers, shapers, planers, dust collectors and sanders the best value in the market for the serious woodworker. Circle #113. MOBILE DIMENSION SAW - Goes anywhere - sawsany wood! One man portable sawmill which tums logs into lumber by traveling through the log rather than having the log travel through the saw. One vertical and two horizontal circular blades saw the width, depth and length dimensions in a single pass assuring accuracyon each board. Circle #123. POWERMATIC is the industry leader in stationary woodworking machinery such as table saws, shapers, planers, bandsaws, jointers and sanders. Our standard line of machinery is manufactured in McMinnville, Tennessee and is known for its ruggedness, longevity and precision. The Artisan's Line of machinery is equipped with many value-added features at very affordable prices for home hobbyists and contractors. Circle #114. SECO INVESTMENTS, CO. Our line of woodworking machinery meets or exceeds all expectations from the home hobbiest to the true industrial user. We readily stock all cataloged items and have one of the finest replacement part programs in the industry. Call or write today for your free retail catalog or distrbutor information. (800) CAL-SECO. Circle #147.

TERRCO provides a full line of machine carving and sign carving equipment. Beginning models are the T-11 0 and F200 single spindle, 3-D carvers and our CM 614 single spindle sign carver. Our multiple spindle carvers include our KStar (two spindles) and our Northstar (two to eight spindles) models. Circle #118.


Professional woodwork-

ing products. Large discounts. New expanded catalog featuring a huge selection of carbide-tipped router bits, raised panel door sets, shaper cutters, solid carbide bits, the router speed control, plus our unique line of clamps, tools and supplies. Save 50% to 70%. Value, quality and prompt service guaranteed! Free information. Circle #115. WOODCRAFT BANDS, INC. Our blades provide you with a savings of 30% to 50% off major brand blades. We have the 80" length in WI X 7 W' or 15 TPI and the WI x 40R6 TPI. Also, we have the professional blades from l{6" to W in several tooth patterns. Free catalog. Circle #133.

VIDEOS THE VIDEO COLLEGE OF WOODWORKING, INC. The FUNdamentals of MODERN Woodworking is a 60-minute video with accompanying workbook, plus a set of plans and planning sheets, which takes you from a basic understanding of wood, tool selection, maintenance and safe operation, through the essentials of joinery, cabinet construction and finishing. Circle #116. THE BERRY BASKET¡ Scroll Saw - Tips, Techniques, and Shortcuts. Scroll Sawing Basics - How to Turn Them Into Cash reveals the scrolling secrets that will help you sharpen your skills and create beautiful projects. Never before has so much useful information been revealed on video! It's like bringing the classroom into your own home at your convenience! Free Catalog. Circle #128.

WOODS ADAMS W OOD PRODUCTS is a manufacturer of solid wood furniture com ponents. They make a variety of table bases, Queen Ann e table legs, claw & ball tab le legs, tu rned legs, plus a variety of ready-to-assemble and fin ish dining chairs & occasional tables. These items are carried in stock in a variety of woods. There is no minimum order size as they can be purchased one at a time. Circle #117.


DELTA INTERNATIONAL MACHINERY CORP. manufactures woodworking machinery and accessories fo r home worksho ps, build ing and construction trades, industry and schools. Quality line inclu des table saws, miter saws, band saws, jointers, scroll saws, wood lathes, planers, belt/disc sanders, grinders and more. For the name of your nearest Delta distributor, or to order free Delta machinery catalogs, call toll-free (800) 43 8-24 86. Circle #119.

WOOD SOURCES CUPBOARD DISTRIBUTING offers thousands of quality wood products. Catalog includes dowels, plugs, pegs, chunky shapes, candle cups, knobs, balls, blocks, wheels, fruit, hearts, hinges, screw eyes, screws and much more. Also a full line of paint brushes, stains, and varnishes for one stop shopping. LOW, LOW pr ices & fast, friendly service! Circle #129.


Each of these back issu es co nta ins a terrific co ffee tabl e project that you' ll be proud to say yo u bu ilt yourself. Plus all the ot he r great proj ects and features yo u've co me to expect from Popular Woodw orking . Each issue just 4.50 postage paid .

Carry Popular Woo dworking in your store, and your profits are sure to soar! And now, th ere are two can't-lose programs to choose from:

J uly 94-a unique des ign that 's easy-tobuild using the PullOut plan s. J anua ry 95-a co ntemporary tabl e that yo u can build in an afte rnoon. July 95-a handsom e mission -style ta ble includin g a help ful mortisi ng jig. September 95-sho w o ff yo ur possessions in th is glass-to pped tab le that doubles as a display C'.15e .

aximu Profits: • 50 % discount No n-Returnab le Program

Guaranteed Sales: • 40% discount Returnable Program

PLUS, BE EFIT FROM: • Discounted Rates-minimum requirement of 6 copies per issue . • Free sh ipping postage in the U.S. • The option of increasing, decreasing, or cance ling your order at any time.

For more information abou t the NO -RISK DEALER PRO GRAM, call Terry Webster-Isgro at 513/5312690 , ext. 327 .

Pop ular Woo dworking Back Issues Order Fo rm Check o ff the issu es yo u wa nt, c ut o ut thi s order form a nd mail it with check or mone y o rde r to : POPULAR WOODWORKING Back Issues 1507 Dana Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45207

Total Enclosed "'


D J uly 94 (: 58074) D Ja n 95 (:58124) o Jul y 95 (:58065) o Sept 95 ("58085) Name


Addres s,







Each issu e is 4.50 postage -p aid. O utside u.s. please add 1 per issu e (includes GST) in U.S. funds o nly. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Ohio residen ts include 5.5% sales tax . Prices include d o mestic shipping & handling.

March 1996 67

CLASSIFIEDS BOOKS & CATALOGS SUPERWOODCRAFT PATTERNS Windmills, wells, birdhouses, feeders, w eath er vanes, w hi rligigs, jigsawing, dozens more. Cata logs $1 .00. Crafters Delight, P.O. Box 36 8-A, Carso n City, M /4 8811. WOODCARVER'S CATALOG, Hand & Power Tools, Books & Supp lies. Send $2.00 to P.O. Box 3485, Estes Park, CO 80517. PROFESSIONAL STAINED GLASS SUPPLIES. Learn fascinati ng craft ! Catalog $2.00 with free bonu s coupons, instru ction book let. Wh ittemore, Box 2065MU , Hanover, M A 02 339. GET YOUR FREE CATALOG OF NEW WOODWORKING BOOKS - From shop jigs to furn iture plans, you'll find bo oks packed with in-d epth instruction, detailed illustratio ns - all offered at GREAT PRICES!! Write to Betterw ay Books, Department J, 150 7 Dana Avenue, Cincinn ati, OH 4 5207.


BUNK BEDS Clear up to $300 per day making bunk beds . Start at home in your spare time & expand the business at your own pace . Bunks, 7713 Morgan Ave S, Dept eN Mpls MN 55423 (800) 382·3180 Ext 139

EASY WORK! EXCELLENT PAY! Assemble products at home. Call toll free (800) 46 7-5566 Ext. 344 5. WANTED: HANDYMAN WHO WANTS to learn how to bui ld profession al custom decks as a hobby o r future career. Great income! Free recorded message, (800) 660-19 87.

ASSEMBLE EASY WOODCRAFTS and more at hom e! Easy Work! Top Pay! Guaranteed! (800) 377-6000 , ext. 7110 .

CLOCK PLANS WOODEN GEARED CLOCK PLANS. Easy, Unique! FREE Information . RIGGS Publication s - F, Box 2983, Gardnerville, NV 89410 .

FINISHES SPRAY-ON SUEDE. LINE BOXES EASILY. Free brochure with sam ple, new M ini Flocker. Donler Products, lIIene Court, Bldg. 8G, Bellemead, NJ 08502; (800) 336-65 37.

68 Popular Woodworki ng

WHOLESALE WOOD PRODUCTS, spindles, wheels, etc. Clockw orks and accessories. Howee 's, Rt. 7, Box 6 33PW, Joplin, MO 64801 .


LEATHERCRAFT FOR FUN AND PROFIT! Big 80-page wholes ale catalog. $2 (Refundable!) Leather Unlimited, PW 1095, Belgium , WI 53004 -9990.

MISCELLANEOUS If you're building the outsides, we've got the insides! Call or write for our FREE clock parts catalog, ww: S.LaRose,Inc. P.O.Boll: 21208 3223 Yanceyville St. Greensboro, NC 27420 (910) 621-1936

."Ii,:;.-;;;t fll{ Ii:J .-. . .. . . . ••





& fullsize patterns.

HUg." .... of


ACCENTS Dep1.BR26 • Box 7387 , Gonic. NH 03839


BUILD PULL-OUT ACCESS TRAY for existi ng cupboards. Pictur ed plans with installation instructions, kits available. $3.00 . Drawer Tray, P.O. Box 206, Andover, OH 44003. 2000 WOODCRAFT PATTERNS. Fun/prof it Catalog $2.00 (refundable). E-Z Design , P.O . Box 234, Dept.C, Washington Mills, NY 13479.


VM WOODEN TOY CARS P . O. Box 2347 GILBERT. AZ 85 299-234 7

46Years in Creative Arts&Ti'ades!

lIeiK 'b'Jke~

Presents a Catalog

With l00 's of items for upholstery, restoration, carving & woodworking.

Many Hard - To . Find Items! VAN DYKE'S RESTORERS

Dept R5099B6 • P.O. Box 278• Woonsocket, SO 57385

LET THE GOVERNMENT FINANCE your woodw orking bu siness. Grants/ loans to $500,000.00 . Free recorded m essage: (707) 448-0270 (KCI).

PLANS, COMPUTER DESK, CHAIR, porch sw ing, picnic tables. Catalog $1.00 . LLE, P.O. Box 908, Cornville, AZ 86 325.


$200 DAILY WOODWORKING. EASY home profits. Unusual - Proven. Free deta ils. Pineco, 89 7-3 M am m oth, M anchester, NH 03 104-4 521.

LET THE GOVERNMENT PAY for your new or existing home. Over 100 different programs available. Free recorded m essage: (70 7) 448 -3210 (8KC1) .

CANING AND BASKETWEAVING SUPPLIES. Shaker Tape, naturals, books, too ls, more! Retail. Wh olesale. Catalog $2.00. Royalwood Ltd ., 517-PW Wood ville Rd., M ansfield, OH 4490 7. (800) 526-1630, fax (419) 52 6-1618 .

TWENTY BIRDHOUSE PLANS (DESIGN ED 100 YEARS AGO!) Bluebirds, Martins, Song birds, $5.00. Woodart ist, Box 8000 3 PW-17, Charleston, SC 294 16-0003 .

CLASSIFIEDS THE AUDIOPHILE LOUDSPEAKER Anyone Can Build, by Gene Healy. A new and beaut ifully desig ned 165-page "H OW-TO" book . A woodworker's dream . Profusely illustrated. Full plans. Describes how to bu ild t he stereo loudspeaker system you've always wanted. Sim ple, easy and fun. A great book. ($22.95) Call (800) 507-2665 (MasterCard/Visa) or send check for $22.95 + $4.00 S&H to: Boston Post Publishing Co., P.O. Box 1175-PW, M adison, CT 06443. CT residents add 6% sales tax.

CHALLENGING PROJECT! Musical puzzle box/secret drawers. Detailed plans. Send LSASE, $12.95 to R&D Productions, RR1 Box 81, Osage, IA 50461.

FRETWORK PATTERNS. Beautiful designs, superb quality. Catalogue $1.00. Timber lace, Box 2128, Gilroy, CA 95021 .

BUILD A BETTER BOAT THAN YOU CAN BUY with Common Sense Designs. The Design Book has 56 sail, power, paddle and row boats designed for the home builder, $10.00 (book rate), $12.00 (priority mail) - Common Sense Designs, 11765 SW Ebberts Ct, Dept. 101, Beaverton, OR 97008. Phone or fax orders (503) 524-8264.

FREE WOODWORKING PLANS - from Wood Net, the computer BBS just for woodworkers. Download free on first call. Also features forums, back issue indexes, sources. Modem (5 15) 2459663 (8-N-1).

• r:==========\\

ROCK'N'ROLL HORSE: The toy con verts in seconds from a Rocking Horse to a riding toy. Perfect weekend project. For plans, send check or money order for $11.95 to: Rock'N'Roll Horse, Suite 462, 873 East Baltimore Pike, Kennett Square, PA 19348.

WoodeD Memories IDe. • Rt 1 Box 8le • Bear Lake PA 16402 • 814/489·3002 All Patterns Full Scale

MOneY Back G;:::~~uJ;:o~t Totally Satisfied


Seal Heigl114' Pl3ns$10.00

Eight Reindeer Herd A~nlWOlUl!S.

• •



Each hetdha eirft dfJerert ~s. t.atge Herd 18'Higl $15.00 Mi1iHerd 12"Higl $12.00



Seal Heigll20 '


eM plans ~ad


to begme<.nd

..... to.~


Add $3.50PIH wilh yourplan order. illII Catalog - $1.00 Free Catalog wfthevery orde,.

II •


SCROLL SAW PATTERNS, BOOKS. All levels and interests. Send $1.00 : Nelson Designs, P.O. Box 422-D, Dub lin, NH 03444-0422.

DISPLAY YOUR GOLF BALL COLLECTION. Simple plans for 19 x 27 wall cabinet. 56 ball capacity. $8.00. DRU Engineering, 186 14 Manorwood East, Clinton Township, MI 48038.

FREE CREATIVE BROCHURE. 15 traditional/original "mini clock" full-size pattern templates $3.00. SASE Around Tuitt Fix-It Creations, P.O. Box 1148, Sierra Mad re, CA 91025-1148. Intemet:

r----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Classified Advertising Order Form ! Send to:



Attn: Cathy Roll, 1507 Dana Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45207 Phone: (800) 283-0963 ext.315

Fax: (513) 531-1843

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Ma rch 1996 69

Make Every Tool


Accessible! Build YourOwn Mobile Power Tool Centers shows you









1I'lufl''ll Sf

WOODS BALTIC BIRCH PLYWOOD - For scrollsawing - catalog , coupon and sample kit - send $2 .00 to Duckwork's Woodcrafts, Dept. PW, 7736 Ranchview Lane, Maple Grove, MN 55311 .

Creating Your Own Woodshop willhelp you plan andbuild the woodshop ofyour dreams. You'llfind dozens ofpractical andeconomical ways to set upyour workshop, including step-by-step guidanceon: • convertingbasement or garage space • working within budget and spacelimitations • planning for tools and material storage • electricalpower and lighting needs • andmore. You'llalso discover ways to improve an existingshop to make it better, moreefficient and more enjoyable. #70229/$18.99/128 pgs, paperback

S£It~tlOilil tt0JJ.

WOODCARVING WOOD FOR CARVERS cut -outs, decoys, carousel horses, starter kits, tools, books, also for turning and furniture. SASE. Carving, 3505 32nd St. West, Bradenton, FL 34205.

FACTORY SECON DS &: FIRSTS! Now you can buy eithe r grade, depending on your needs! Huge selection of Shaker Pegs, Gallery Spindles, Wheels, Balls, Eggs, Knobs, Cargo, People, Spools, Fruit, etc. Available in both 2nd and 1st quality at low, low prices. Our promise to you - Price, Selection, Quality, Service! Catalog $1.00 . Casey's Wood Products, P.O. Box 365, Woolwich, ME 04579; (800) 45-CASEY.



BRAD NAI LERS. $69.00. 18 Gauge, 1 7(6 . Reliable. Warrantied . Stacy Tool, 4112 E. Grant Rd., Tucson, AI.. 85712. (520) 881-4545 .


howto expand tight shop space and maximize the usage ofyourwoodshop tools andaccessories.This efficient systemofusing compactworkstations includes illustrated, step-by-step plans for: • router stations • table sawstations • sandingandgluing stations • power toolbenches • wood storage carts • andmore. #70283/$19.99/144 pgs/paperback


(., ~


~ .~


I~ '~ : ,

! ~ ., L.:::



~'fb""e..._ · SMALI. ORDF.RS WJ~COMF. Gba~o. • SAl1S FA.CT/ONGUA.RANTEED 0-tt-~ · u,P,& 1'OYOUR OQ()R

YFSI Please send me the follow ing books: Price $ _ Book # Book # Price $ _ Sub Total $ _ Add$3.50 postage and handlingfor the first book.and $1.00for eachadditional book. Ohioresidents add5.5%sales tax. Paymentmust accompany order. _ Total $

VISA/MASTERCARD ORDERS CALL TOLL-FREE 1-800-289 -0963 o Payment enclosed $ (or) Charge my0 Visa0 MasterCard Exp.Date _ _ Acct. # _ Signature


: : r

_ _ Zip

l.~ Allow 30 days for delivery. ,

CATALPA LUMB ER. Beautifully figured sample and info $1.0 0. CHIPS, 3505 32nd St. West, Bradenton , FL 34205. DOWELS -

_ 3219

Send to: Betterway Books 1507DanaAvenue ' Cincinnati, Ohio 45207

~ --- - -- - -- - - - -- -- - - - -- -- -- - - - ~

70 Popular Woodworking



Manuf actu rer Direct Largest & finest se lection Oak , Walnut, Hickory, Maple. Cherry, Mahog any. Teak , even treated dow els. Quantity discoun ts. MIDWEST DOW EL WORKS. INC . 463 1 Hutchinson Road ~~_fji~Cinc innati, OH 45248 ~

(513) 574·84 88

Name Address City State

CALI FORNIA'S FINEST BURLS - Nine varieti es, rare, any use. Quality guaran teed. Burl Tree, Eureka, CA, (800) 785BURL.

Catalog $1.00





Ie , ~

R.1l. I 80X t4L I>RIFTWOOU.IJA 15832 1·800·874·5455


OREGON BLACK WALNUT - w ide boards, thick material, exceptional color, SASE - Goby Walnut Products, Dept. PW, 5016 Palestine Rd., Albany, OR 97321; (503) 926-7516.

WOOD SOURCES SILENT BIDS: CRAFTSMAN'S LIFETIME COLLECTION OF FINE HARDWOODS. Taking silent bids on 12/000 BDF of air-dr ied, rough cut hardwood lumber of 22 different species, some logged and stickered since the 1930'5. Most FAS or SEL. For more information contact: Annie Bard, 75 Leonardwood Dr., Battle Creek, MI 49 015; (616) 963-7937.

. W




.. ,






.'.. ! JEW!lJ<Y 'T







CATALOG 5].00 (tJunJoJJ.} 119 MK>n-i Sl; PO Bo. lAIlP lkbana. OH AJ078

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Wksll"" I~~f•.•i " FEB . 23. 24 . 25 1996


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The Truth About Cordless Battery Memory


n today's hi-tech world, many areas

memory problems. To eliminate the

of misconception or confusion are

memory effect, tools were redesigned

prevalent about many of the products

to be sensitive to minor voltage

available. One of these areas relates to

changes, and contamination of the

the nickel cadmium (Ni-Cad) batteries that power many of the top manufacturers' cordless power tools. The misunder-

Don't try to "correct" memory by entirely discharging the battery pack before recharging.

battery electrodes during the manufacturing process was eliminated. Bottom line don't try to "correct"

standing concerns the battery "memo-

memory by entirely discharging the

ry" and its potential effect on tool per-

battery pack before recharging . This

formance. "Memory," is the tendency of Ni-

cou ld, in fact, cause permanent dam-

Cad batteries to remember the

and shortened life span, exactly what

amount of work they performed in

you are trying to prevent.

age, such as a lower energy capacity

previous cycles and to give up only that amount of energy on following cycles (technically referred to as voltage depression). Most major cordless power tool manufacturers, including Makita, have taken steps to ensure that their cordless product lines don't experience

Bill Austin is advertising manager for Makita U.S.A, and has been with the company for the past 14 years. He graduated from California State Long Beach with a B.S. in industrial design. Bill also enjoys classic cars and breeding and racing thoroughbred horses.

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The winner will receive the Bosch 2 hp Electronic Variable Speed Plunge Router, M odel Bl450. Featur es include: microfine bit depth adjustability from any plunge posit ion, a qui ck-change temp late guide system th at elimi nates the need for a screwdriver, shaft lock requiring only one wrench for operation, self-releasing collet for sure bit gri pping and ease of bit change, electroni c variable speed providing cont rolled, soft starts and constan t rpm . The 11 amp mo to r operates at 12,000 to 22,000 rpm .

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The winner of our "Caption the Cartoon Contest # 15" from the November issue and recipient of the Bosch Electronic Variabl e Speed Plunge Rout er is: Gordon Schremser, from Ch illicothe, Ohio.

The runners-up receive a one-year subscription to Popular Woodworking: Michael Betz, from Mattawan, M ich igan, for: " It's not my fault, Dad! You didn 't lock the shop door!" Rick Rhone, fro m Cogan Station, Pennsylvan ia, for: "I hope you don 't mind if I stand on this crate!"


" M om says mess production always happens in your shop."

March 1996 71


-- - - - - - .

by AndySchuitz

Brotherhood's in Aisle 4. . .

o matter how urbane the locale or remote the outpost, every time I enter a hardware store I get the feeling that most, if not all, of the world's problems could be solved right there in the tool section ifwe could just find the right piece of hardware and apply a little elbow grease. There's something downright disarming about hardware stores. Somehow ethnic tensions and bickering seem to die down somewhere in the nuts and bolts section. By the time ancient enemies reach the hand tool aisles, they're practically sashaying hand-in-hand past the store's racks of riches. I used to live in a little town, Beaver Crossing, Nebraska, famous for its artesian well waters and its main eatery, the Beaver Cafe; but it's also known for Jerry's Hardware, a mecca for tool buffs from all across Seward County. Though Jerry and Geraldine Bohaty have long since gone to their rewards, during their tenure, the store became a sort of demilitarized zone for the remarkable divisions that can spring up in a town of 400. Beaver Crossing had at least 17 different religious sects at that time, everything from rabid fundamentalists and card-carrying Catholics to fervent atheists and chanting moonies. Religion, or lack of it, intruded on almost every human interaction in town. To get your car fixed down at Christian Service Station, you had to read their tracts. More than once I narrowly escaped having to "testify" before they'd sell me the parts to repair my mower. Non-believers were well-represented in town, too. Across the road from Christian Service was the only other gas station in town, Amazon Amoco. Yup, an all-woman service station where chanting and meditating were inexpensive alternatives to major repairs. (I don't disparage such things - I actually preferred the ladies, but Amazon Amoco didn't handle mower parts, so I spent most of


72 Popular Woodworking

my time with the Christian boys.) We also had our own mix of militant farmboys who buried stockpiles of survivalist gear and canned goods in the woods by the river. And the Purple Cow motorcycle club regularly cruised the single street or parked their bikes at the bar run by Dr. Death, a huge ex-professional wrestler with tatoos and a glare that could curdle vinegar. As you can see, quite a mix of people lived in that town, and naturally, frictions arose. But Jerry's Hardware remained separate - a place where tolerance was practiced and information was free. I learned how to thread pipe and weld aluminum . I was taught how to fix a Moen faucet and cut glass. And I even learned how to get along with my fellow man , no matter how zany his ideas or dishonorable his pursuits. You see, there was an atmosphere of trust in that store that I've since found duplicated in other hardware stores . It's a trust with a firm basis in fact. You know you're in the store for a purpose - you're actually going to improve the world a bit, even if it's only by fixing a dripping faucet. Consequently, you realize the nut one aisle over is there for the same thing. It builds trust. This trust can be spectacular. When I moved to Newtown, Connecticut, I had to buy a wheelbarrow to do some landscaping in our new yard. I couldn't get it in our old car, so I went back into the hardware store to borrow a wrench to disassemble it. I'd been in town for two weeks; this was the first time I'd been in the store and Newtown is largely a bedroom community for New York City. The

store's owner said, "Ah, why bother? Here, take my van, it's the new Voyager sitting outside," and he tossed the keys to me. I was stunned, but had enough sense to head for the van. I'd walked about ten paces when he said as an afterthought, "You are from around here, aren't you?" Where else in the universe besides a hardware store might this happen? Once in Copenhagen, Denmark, I found what was called a sol uhr, a sun dial meant to be put on a pedestal in the garden, that was perfect for my dad. I didn't have the cash for the dial and my credit card was maxed out, so I thought I was out of luck; but the hardware store owner said, "1'11 take your check." Unbelievable. Ten thousand miles from home, this guy takes my personal check for $82 - and he didn't even ask to see my driver's license. I talked to a vendor at one of the woodworking shows about this topic. He said he's never had a bad check. "None of us have," he said, and his arm made a sweeping gesture that encompassed all of the vendors in the huge hall. ''There's something special about people who work with their hands . You can trust them . They believe in hard wo rk." Our politicians spend a lot of money on foreign aid and peace summits, and we jaw a lot about politics and religion. I say we cut the talk and build hardware stores and lumberyards instead. Write your congressman. ~ Andy Schultz is a freelance writer and cabinetmak er, and was an associate woodworking books editor for The Taunton Press.


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Withthisone ALLPURPOSE bladeyou can RIP&CROSSCUT 1'- 2' ROCKHAROS and SOFTWOODS resulting inaSMOOTHAS SANDEDsurtace. PLY·VENEERS ofOAK and BIRCHwill crosscut with NO BOnOM SPliNTERatmoderate feed rates.


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lJSI SA!.E m 15"f.q 6' D. 5/8' BoreNEW $299 $269 $242 $229 NET COST TO YOU AffiR S· D. 5/8' Bore $321 $289 $260 $245 USING SHARPENING 10' D. 5/8' & l ' Bore $389 $349 $314 $297 -:-_-,C:.= O.::: UP :..:0::.N::, S_ _J 1 12' D. l ' Bore $499 $449 $404 $382 Outperformed 36 other premium blades, 71IYA FORREST (Bore upto 1-1/4' Add$25 - Plus $5.50 S&H) both foreign and domesriel CARBIDEBlADE WClODo Ma90zinerest, Sept. '93, pg. 45 TOOA Y/

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Th e Bottom Line

C-4 Carbide Tips - 4 on eac h chi pper wit h specia l negat ive fac e hooks.

NEWI $150 $109 $150 $109

Bo th Woodworker II blad es performed ve ry well, w het her c u n in g th rough butte r-soft r," · th ic k pine or iron-hard I "·t h ic k ash, T h e 20 ° positive h ook angle a n d 15° a lt e r n a te to p bevels gi ve the b lad es an aggressive attack; w e m aintained a brisk, uniform feed rate while ripping a va riety of w oods on the powerful Unisaw a n d exper ie n ced no discernible resistance or slowing. On the s m aller saws, sw itc h in g to the th tn -k e rf bl ad e all owed ve ry s imllia r feed rates , aga in w ith barely notlceable resistance. Alt hough w e 've used blad es that c u t fas ter, their cut quality couldn 't touch wha t we got with the Forrest b la d es, O n solid stock, ripped edges ca m e off our s aws jointer-finished, s moo th and s lic k with no visib le teeth m a r ks.....-good enough to edge.glue without additional mac hining. Crosscut, came o u t c ris p a n d clean with no fuzzing or tin)' splintering.



The Proof Is In the Cu tting

StandardC-2 Carbide (below. left) and FORRESTstill sharpOxidation andCorrosion Resistant Sub-MicronC-4 Carbide(below. right), Each shownaftercuning 3,500 feetof MOF. Similarresultsobtainedcuttinq particle board. melamine. andplywood.

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BLADE DAMPENERS·STIFFENERS FORemER CUTSon all brands of blades. use our large 118· DAMPENERS·STlFFENERS against one side. • Parallel and Ilat to .001 • Slopvibration, flutter, cuning noise, andblade ring • Tryable andreturnable for l ull cash refund.


4" 5"




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FORREST MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC •• 461 RIVER ROAD, CLIFTON, Circle # 120 on Resource Directory Coupon

-V /S4· 1II ia


NJ 07014

• FAX (201) 471-3333

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Popular woodworking no 89 march 1996