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Why 'New Yankee'


uses old wood

$3.99 US, $4.99 CAN 05 >


Sillce 1983, Grizzly Industrial, Inc. bas served millions of woodworkers. We make it eas)' from start to finish. Try us, )'011'11 be glad )'011 did! • • • •

PIIII Warrallt)' Largest Stock ofParts Excellent Customer Service Easy Ordering & Past Sbippillg • 3 Great Locations

"M y Grizzly 20" planer has been a real workhorse in my shop and has planed hundreds of thousand board feet since 1992 with no problems. It required very little set -up when I bought it and has stayed in good adjustment ever since!" .. AI Rosen


HEAVY·DUTY 14'12" BANDSAW MODEL G1019Z REG $325:60 SALE $299.95


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I I.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: (570)326-3806 VISof '!.'~ FAX: (800)438-5901 '" 3 GREAT LOCATIONS: Bellingham, WA • Memphis, TN • Williamsport, PA


FEATURES & PROJECTS Commercial-Grade China Hutch


Professional cabinetmaker Dann y Proulx shares his sec rets to building fac e fram e cabinet s in a flash. So get out yo ur screw gun and biscu it j oiner and ge t ready to slam out a ca bi net as fas t as a co ntractor.

ABench in the Style ofNicolai Fechin


Ru ssian painter Nicol ai Fec hi n was also an excelle nt woodworker, builder and sc ulpto r. T his popl ar hall ben ch ca n be ca rved by beginners with o nly a few tool s. And the interes ting finis h is easier than yo u th ink.

Butler Tray Table Michael Bowie/Lux Photography - Ottawa




~~~~)... ,-=


Back whe n mann ers matter ed , thi s table was the ult imate state me nt of goo d taste. It still is. Mah ogan y lumb er, special hinges and a cl assic finis h all co mbine to cre ate th is mu seum-quality table .

Norm Falls for Salvaged Timber


Master carp ent e r Norm Abra m ex plains why he uses sa lvaged lum ber in his proj ects for 'The New Yankee Work shop" and lends a hand to Popular Wood working's "Trees to Furn iture" program .

Fear Drawers No More


Few thin gs sca re beginning woodworkers more than building d rawer s. Learn two cl assic ways to construc t perfect-fi tting and lon glast ing drawer s for yo ur projects and ge t them j ust righ t the fi rst time .

2 Popul ar Wood working

Drill Press Table


Your drill press was designed for metalworking. Radicall y improve the way you work using the fence, stops and hold -downs on this versatile drill press table accessory.

If These Walls Could Talk

Steve Shanesy Editor & Publisher Specialties: Projects, techniques, article and project selection (513) 531路2690 ext. 238 SteveS Wood Quotient: 17


Woodw orker and artist Stephen Edwards shares one of his humorou s projects that 's a tooth some mix of intarsia and sc ulpture.

Make a Custom Knife

David Thiel Senior Editor Specialties: Projects, new products and tools, tricks of the trade (513) 531路2690 ext. 2SS Wood Quotient: 19


You probably have all the tools you need to start making custom knives in your wood shop this weekend. Knife enthusiast Mark Thompson shows yo u how to get started on thi s anci ent craft and to make a great knife on your first try.

The Family Crest

Christopher Schwarz Managing Editor


Scrollsaw whiz Rick Longabaugh built this amazi ng intarsia family crest that would look grea t over a mantle or a bar. You ca n too, with our full-size plans and easy-to-fo llow instructions.

Endurance Test



Specialties: Article submissions, letters, reader contests, projects, author liaison. (513) 531路2690 ext. 407 Wood Quotient: 30

Jim Stuard Associate Editor Specialties: Projects, carv ing , tumlng, project illustrations (513) 531路2690 ext. 348 Wood Quotient: 27

Find out how Jet' s contractor saw fared in Popular Woodworking 's project sho p after more than two years of hard use.

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"What's Your Woodworking Quotient ?"



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Restorin g the Chestnut

Classifieds Out ofthe Woodwork

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Cover photo: Al Parrish. Pllrr i.\1r Photog raphy

Master carpenter Norm Abram. host of 'T he ew Yankee Workshop" and 'T his Old House," checks out some red oak salvaged from a residential neighbor hood in Cincinnati . Abram. as you might know. is a big advocate of using recycled wood . Find out why in this issue . and how you can get involved in turning waste trees into lumber for your projects at pennies a board foot.

" My 3hp Dinette Set" May 1999 3


For All Your Woodcarving &Sign Carving Needs Terreoprovides a fullline of machine e reo , Inc a carving and sign carving equipment. Beginning models arethe r -110 single spindle bench carver and our CM614 singlespindlesigncarver.



222 i st Ave . NW W atertown , SO 57201 USA (605) 882·3888 Fax (605) 882-0778

Intermediatemodelsinclude the K-Star, a two-spindle heavy duty bench model, andthe Northstar, a heavy dutyfloor model available inone toeight spindles.

May 1999, Vol. 19. N o.2 1V1V1V.pop

Model "(-110Dupli·Carver

Editor & Publisher Steve Shanesy Se nior Editor David Thiel Man aging Editor Christopher Schwarz Associate Editor Jim Stuard

Our advanced model is our Master Carver series, which is an extremely heavy duty fiocr model with from eight toforty spindles.

Art Director Amy Schneider Con tributing Editors

Model CM61 4Sign Carver

Write or callfor more information.

Multi-Spindle Carving Machine

Circle #115 on Resource Directory Coupon

R.J. DeCristofaro Bob Aexner

Techni cal Advisers: Bill Austin Scott Box Chris Carlson Steve Erbach Dale Zimrnennan

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• Powerful 2-1/2 hp motor • 1350 CFM • 220V IStYHOSE

PRODUCTION Barbara Schmitz.


O ur most powerful system is pe rfect for multip le mach ine and long runs. It's great for any __,_ .. home or com mercial shop!

Director ofManufacturing

Co mpac t but power- With 5 Micron Super Hig h Filtration 8agl ful, this lightweig ht 50 lb . por table unit ca n be moved to the job or mounted as an a ir han d ler!

With 5 Micron Su pe r High Fittrotio n 80g s1








r: c

Efficient 1 hp motor

• 700 CFM • 110V


• 2-1/2 hp . 1350 CFM • 220V Super efficient d ust collection system maximizes performance an d protec ts yo ur impeller fro m d eb ris.

Sl2 Vo /ue

O ur mo st popula r system con nect s to al most any machi ne! The " Y" outlet a llow s two 4 " con nections .

With 5 Micron










=,. . ,..

F/i/ra tion 8agl

MINI LATHE DU5THOOD Includes hinged plastic shield and mounting bra cket.

Standar d ' 4' hose flo nge .

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- -=?

WOODWORKIN QUOTIENT? Ou've see n those mach ines in truc k sto ps and arcades where for a mere two bit s yo u cari insert yo ur inde x finger and lind out your love quoti ent , your emotiona l state.. perhaps yo ur IQ . Well , I' ve never see n o ne that tell s yo u what kind of wood worker yo u are , so I came up with this simple test to give yo u yo ur "woodworking qu oti ent. " Ac hieve the most sc ientifica lly accurate res ult by selecti ng o nly one an swer. T here are no right or wro ng ans we rs . Wh en yo u' re fin ish ed I'll tell yo u how to score and what the resul ts mean. Good luck! 1 . Your cho ice of woodworking glue: I) polyureth ane, 2) ye llow, 3) whit e, 4) hide, the cookin g kind, 5) none, with traditional Japanese joinery, glue is not necessary. 2 . In preparing to make a mo rtise , you 'd set up: I) your ben ch-top mortiser, 2) yo ur dr ill press with mor tisi ng attachment , 3) yo ur ro uter and morti sing j ig, 4) your mortising gauge and your firmer or mortisin g chi sel s. 3. When buying material fo r a pro ject, you'd ask for : I) lumber and plywood . 2) veneered MD F and iron-on veneer tap e, 3) veneer core plywood and so lid edge banding, 4 ) surfaced lumber (S4S) only, 5) ro ugh lum ber, 6) an ax. 4 . You think a biscuit joiner is : I ) a revoluti onary joinery tool, 2) hand y tool with appropriate uses, 3) no strong opinion , 4) used for cheap woo dwor king , 5) an invention of the devil. 5 . Your favorite woodworking TV show is : I) "N ew Yank ee Work sh op ," 2) "The Am eric an Woodshop ," 3) none, yo u'd rather work woo d than watch TV, 4) 'The Woodwright' s Shop," 5) what 's tele vision ? 6 . Your choice for winner as the best source of stationary equipment would be: I) De lta Intern ationa l Machiner y, 2) G rizz ly Indu stri al Tools, 3) newsp aper class i fi eds, 4) yo u' d protest the catego ry and refuse to awa rd a prize. 7 . Same as 6 above, but for hand




What's Your

'JIC<i '?'((/"rw U



TEL423·587·294 2 ' FAX423·586·2 188

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NOW! Ptsne, Mold, Sand and Saw with Infinitely Variable Power-Feed! Put this versatile power-feed tool to work in you r own shop . See how fast it pays for itself! Qu ickly conve rts low-cos t rough lumber into va luable fi nished stock, qu a rte r- ro und , ca s ing , base mo ld , tongue & groove . .. all popular patterns .. . even custom designs ! NEW! Variable Feed Rate- Now, just a twist of the dia l adjusts you r pla ner from 70 to over 1,000 c uts -pe r- inc h! Produces a g las s - s mooth finish on tricky grain patterns no other planer can handle . Easy terms. FREE FACTS! Phone TOLL -FREE

1·800·821 ·6651 ext. TP05 In Canada call 1-800-661 -1915 WOODMASTER TOOLS , INC ., DEPT. TP05 1431 N. TOPPING , KANSAS CITY, MO 64120 Circle #117 on Resource Directory Coupo n

6 Popul ar Wood workin g

tools: I) Bosch, 2) Porter-Cable, 3) Stanley, 4 ) Lie-Nie lsen, 5) The tool sta ll at yo ur local ant iqu e mall. 8 . When preparing a project for finishing you use: I) a random orbit sa nde r, 2) an orbital sander, 3) a belt sander, 4) a sa nding block, 5) a sc raper. 9 . Your finish of choice is: I) lacqu er, 2) pol yureth ane/varni sh, 3) she llac, 4) o il, 5) wax . 10. Your finish method of choice is: I) HVLP spray, 2) co nventional spray, 3) bru sh , 4) rag , 5) dip . 11. Your favorite woodworking catalog is: I) Too l Crib o f the North , 2) Wo odcraft, 3) Lee Vall ey, 4) G arrett Wade, 5) Jap an Wood worker, 6) Brid ge C ity Tool s. Now Score. Add the numbers of the respon ses yo u chose (if you selected the firs t res po nse for each qu estion, yo ur total would be I I). What does your score mean ? • 11-24 High-tech Normite: Your shop is a drain on your city's power grid. You 'll be at home in the next mill enni um wh en they introduce laser saws. • 25-34 Owns a chisel : You 'll tr y so me thing new aft er so me enco uragement but s ure won 't go looking for it. You 're willin g to admit that cordl ess tools are her e to stay. Like those of the foll owing gro up, yo u' re no tool junkie, yo u j ust like wo rking with wood . • 3544 Knows that Bridge City isn't a real city: OK, yo u say, car bide tooling is an ad van cem ent , but why both er w hen yo u can ge t the sa me result s with yo ur St anley 45 ? Biscuit j oin ers are a gi mmick. • Over 45 Knuckles drag; forehead slopes: You have a recurring nightmare that the pow er company sneaks in and wires your cave, en', shop. You 're a happy Neanderth al and proud of it. PW



GET MORE The new MultiMaster is three tools in one: detail sander, scraper and flush-cut saw.


Detail sander, power scraper and os illating sawall in one too l.

Detail Sande r The MultiMaster's patented oscillati ng motion and special triangle sanding pad permit aggress ive sanding along del icate edges and . in tight corners.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Get even more. The optional Professional Kit includes a carbide ras p, a grout-cutting saw blade , and a segment knife . Carbide Ras Quickly grind s paint, mast ic, stone and concrete. Won 't load up.

Grout-Cuttin Saw Blade cuts grout to remove damaged tile without breaking surrounding tiles or creating excess ive dust.

.. .

: Smoothly undercuts door jambs for floor coverings. Plunge cuts into wall board . Cuts wood, plaster and PVC. But because it oscillates, it won't cut you.


Se ment Knife Easily slices rigid materials like floor tiles, linoleum, carpet, plastic and leather.

Ri id Sera er Easily removes old putty, caulking and flooring adhesives. Great for scraping :r-paint and varnish or lifting linoleum .

The Fein MultiMaster is a true multi-purpose tool that saves hours of t ime. With the MultiMaster, finishing is just the beg inning.

Oscillation OnLy the MuLtiMaster oscillates at a rate of 21,000 strokes per minute in a 3.2 degree arc.

) I'




We,welcome your comments about PWor anything related to' woodworking. We 'd also like to see color pictures of what you 're building. Send your input to: Letters, Popular Woodworking, 1507 Dana Ave. , Cincinnati , OH 45207. Our e-mail address is: PopWood . Letters may be edited for publication. -Steve Shanesy, editor, PW

He Won't Surrender His Co nt our Marking Gauge, Or His Tool Cases I just got the lat est is su e (# 106) an d a m on ly as far as yo ur co lum n. " Go tta Have it. Never Used It." I work as a trim ca rpe nter by trade and a woodworker by choice. and I have to disagree with some of yo ur picks (sorry. but it's true) . T he tilting base on my Bosch ji gsaw comes in very handy at times. A contour gauge (shape-finding ga dge t) is almos t irr eplaceab le when it co mes to repairing or rep lac ing an tiq ue o r o ut-o f-date sta ir spindles. I happen to love all those elaborate tool cases as I must take almost all (seems like) my tools to the job site daily. and I like them too mu ch to just thro w them in the truck witho ut protection . I ow n several tape measures, and the ones used most are 30' long. altho ugh I rarely go beyon d 28'. Oth er than that I think I mus t agree with your other picks. Keep on writin ' cm. I' 11keep readin ' ' em. Dan Whit ley Benl d, Illinois o

OK, Somet im es We Have to Sneak Into Your House Your not es o n " Gotta Have it. Ne ver Used If' were rig ht o n. I thou ght yo u had been looking in my wor k drawers ! However, I have one exce ption to yo ur list. The ripping function o n the radial saw . I' ve had a 9" DeW alt si nce 1956 and wou ld be lost witho ut it when ripping boa rds with uneven cdge s.

There is a perm anent line mark ed in I" from the o uts ide lon g rip edge. where the blade can be locked in the rip positi on . Th en I clamp a lo ng stra ight edge on the uneven edge about an I l/~ " to 1'/ 4" in on the un even board edge so that mater ial can be ripped along the entire board length and thus ge t a straight edge to then run through the jointer. I do have to be careful to have the full height of the clamp in the downward position so it doesn 't get hit by the saw blade. Don Henschel Shelton , Conn ecticut

If YouThink a Swiss Army Knife is Useless, Read On I share your co nvictions as to the qucstion abl e utilit y of Sw iss Arm y kni ves and offe r this sugges tion. Re mo ve the red handl e sca les and scrounge up some opaque plasticof about the same thickness in a pleasant shade of medium to dark blue. Shape the scales to tit the handl e, add the little white insignia. Wh en so meo ne sees yo u wi th it. they'll ask. "What in the world is that?" Whereup on yo u can smirk smugly and rep ly, " Why, it' s a Swi ss NAVY Knife: ' Dean A. Grennell Mission Viejo, California Editor's noll': OK , knif e lo vers, this issue isjor .1'0 1/. Check out the story on building custom kni ves in this issue.

Safety Note Safety is your responsibility. Manufacturers place safety devices on their equipment for a reason. In many photos you see in Popular Woodworking, these have been removed to provide clarity. In some cases we'll use an awkward body position so you can better see what's being demonstrated. Don 't copy us. Think about each procedure you're going to perform beforehand. Think ahead. Safety First!

8 Popular Wood workin g

Nice Art & Crafts Bookcase, Except for One Small Detail Just got the latest Popular Woodworking and wa s g lad to sec th e Art &C rafts Ma gazinc St and a rtic le . I'm s itt ing next to a Stickley re-iss ue of the Roycro ft ver sio n. I d id cri nge when I saw you used Baltic Birch for the dr awe r sides... argh ! Somebody give the author so me qu artersa wn white oak. Keep up th e Cra fts ma n projects . I'm prett y selecti ve the se days. and a Craftsman proj ect is o ne way for me to decid e to buy a magazine and keep it. Iju st finished a "Mi ssion" style vers io n of a Frank Ll oyd Wri ght s la nt back side chair that turned out quite nice for my first cha ir project. I am building a Craftsman bungalow and would like to see som e C raftsmanstyled " built-in" projects. For exa mple, an entryway scat. a window sca t. a servcr... just about anything but a bookcase. Marc Ries Grants Puss, Oregon Continued on page II

Just ·imagine... Filling your mailbox with issue after issue of shop-tested , "more-bang-for-your-buck" projects... your workshop with a FULL arsenal of brand-new, world class, power equipment... and your driveway with a new Ford F-150 XLT Pickup! Imagine no more! Because now that dream can be yours with Popular wooauiorkiuu'» $:33,000.00 Ford Pickup &. Power Tool Paradise Giveaway! You'll zip through your best-ever projects like never before with super-accurate power tools like your.., 10" 'lilting Arbor Saw - Delta 14" Band Saw - Delta 15" Planer - Delta 18" Variable Speed Scroll Saw _ Delta 10" Compound Miter Saw _ Delta 6" Precision Jointer - Delta Belt/Disc Sander - Porter Cable Profile Sander _ Porter Cable Router - Porter Cable Jig Saw - Porter Cable Random-Orbit Sander - Porter Cable Sheet Finishing Sander - Porter Cable Belt Sander _ Craftsman 22-Uallon Vertical Compressor - Craftsman 10" Bench Grimier - Craftsman 17" Drill Press - Craftsman 15" Wood Lathe _ Craftsman lG Gallon Wet/Dry Vac _ Craftsman Pneumatic Stapler _ Craftsman Pneumatic Nailer - Grizzly Dust Collector - Grizzly Combination Sander _ Grizzly 15" Planer - Grizzly 47" Heavy-Duty Jointer - Grizzly 10" Tablesaw - JET 10" Direct Drive Tablesaw - JET Dust Collector - JET 12" Bandsaw Delta

,JIJST 1\ 1~I~lf Ol~

'I'III~ C.UI~\'I' 'll)C)IA~ 1fC)I] C;llJ.~


SUBSCRIBE TODAY, AND YOU'LL AUTOMATICALLY BE ENTERED TO WIN THIS $33,000.00 PRIZE BONANZA. Just fill in the attached postage-paid card and mail it today! 1)(n-IJIAIt WOOlnVOIUUN(. 'S saa,ooo.("_ 1101ln I)ICKIJI) ~\ l)o\f1m 'HMn. I)AILUnSII S\\lIIll)S'I'AlmS OFJ1U;IAI. IUJUIS 1 . Nopurchase necessary. \'oid where prohibited. 2 . Tn enter, 1011011' the directions published. All entries

must he received by the specified date published on attac hed card to be eligible. Sweepstakes ends September tn. 2000. Entries with orders lor Popular lIiJodll'Orking must be Oil original forms (no reproductions). No responsibility is assumed for lost, late, misdirected or nnnd.-livercd mail.

3 . To enter without orderi ng Pcpulnr IIhrJ(i wnrking, DO ~ UT USE TIlE ADJACE ~T C.\RD Print your name and address on a 3° xJj Opostcard and mail to POPI'I.\R II'OODII'ORKI:\G'S S33,OOO.OO Ford Pickup and Power Tool Parndisr-Giveaway, 1'.0 . Box . i oO, lIarlan, IA 515n3·i !I;;O. 4 . The grand prize winner will be selected on or about October 30, 2000in a random drawing from all rliglhlr entries received.

S. Giveaway open only to residents of the , 0 l' mted ~Ial e s and the District of Columbia who are I ~ years 01age or older. Employees 01 F&W Publications and ~ larden,Knn e , Inc. and their Immediate families are not eligible. 6 . For complete sweepstakes rules, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to I'UI'lfIo-\R\\,()O DII'O R KI ~(;- S SWEEPSTAKES G1\ 'EA\\:~Y RU LES, ATI~ : ~ If', l507 Dana Avenue, Cincinnati, 011 i !; ~ 0 7 . Residents of \'T and WA omit retnrn post.lgr .

Roundover Bits with Bearing 1/4' Shank Radius 1/16" WL·l040 WL-l041 l /S' WL-l042 3/16" 1/4' WL·lOO WL-l044 5/16" WL·lOO 3/S' WL·l046 1/2" 1/2" Shank WL-l049 1/8' WL-l042·5 3/16" WL-l 050 1/4' WL·l 044-5 5/16" WL-lOSl 3/S" WL-l052 1/2" WL·l 053 5/S' WL-l054 3/4' WL-1OSS 7/S' WL-l056 l' WL-1 OS7 1-1/8' WL-l058 1-1/4'

'9. '9. '9. '9. ' 10. '11 . ' 13.

'9. '9. '9. ' 10. ' 12. ' 13. ' 16. ' 18.

' 25. '27. ' 30. ' 30.


Cove Bits 1/2" Shank WL-ll 69 WL-1170 WL·1171 WL-ll 72 WL-l l73 WL-1174

(continued) 1/8' 1/4' 3/S' 1/2" 5/S' 3/4'

' 10. ' 11. '13. ' 14. '18. '20.

Chamfer Bits 1/4' Sh ank ' Deg ree WL-l l80 15" '10. WL·l1S1 25" '10. WL-l lS2 45' '12. WL·ll83 45' '14. (for up to 3/4' mater ial) 1/2"Sl1ank '10. WL-1184 45' WL-l1S5 11·1/2' '12. WL-1186 15' '12. WL·llS7 22-1,'2" '12. WL-1188 30' '14. WL-l1S9 45" '15. WL-l l90 45" '22. (for up 10 1-1/4' maleriaij


Classical Ogee Bits 1/4' Shank ' Radius WL-l 250 5/32" ' 18. WL-1251 1/4' ' 20. l/2"Shank WL-1252 5/32" '18. '20. WL-l253 1/4'




Bits ' Diameter '10. 1/8' 1/4' '8. 3/S' '9. 1/2" '10. 3/4' ' 12.

Roundnose/Core Box 1/2" Shank ' Dia mete r WL-1375 1/4' ' 8. WL·1375-1 3/8" ' 11. WL-1376 1/2" ' 12. WL·13n 3/4' ' 14. WL-1378 I' '16.

t Bulln ose Bits with Bearing 1/4' Shank ' Bead Opening wi-uoo 1/4' ' 12. WL-ll0l 3/8' ' 14. WL·l102 1/2" ' 16. WL-l103 5/S' ' 18. WL-l1 04 3/4' ' 19. 1/2"Shank WL-l 110 1/4' WL-l111 3/S' WL-1112 1/2" WL-1113 5/S' WL-1114 3/4' WL·1115 WL-11 16 WL-ll17 WL-ll1 S

Cove Bits 1/4' S han k ' Radius WL·1159 1/8' ' 10. WL-ll60 3/10' '1 0 . WL·1161 1/4' ' 11. WL·1162 3/S" ' 13. WL-1163 1/2" ' 14.

.1.- 0-'

Straight Bits 1/4' Shank' Diameter WL· l001 l /S' ' 10. WL-l002 3/16" '5 WL-l002-5.5 5.5mm '5. (lorundersized 1/4' plywood)

WL-l003 WL·1 004 WL-1005 WL-l006

1/4' 5/16"

3/8' 15/32"

' 5. '5. ' 5. '5 .

(forundersized 1/2'pIyv.ood)

WL-loo7 WL-l008 WL-l009 WL-l0l0



Horizontal Panel Raiser w ith Undercutter '1 /2" Shank WL-l346 Ogee ' 49. WL-1347 Traditional '49. '49. WL-l348 Convex (Cove) WL-1359 12°Facec ut '49. with Quarter Round '49. WL-l363 Wave

~o -'

Core Box 1/4' Shank WL-1370 WL-1371 WL-1371-1 WL-1372 WL·1373


'6. '6. '7.


' 8.

1/2" 9/16"

(lorundergzed3/4' plywood)

Rabbeting Bits 1/4' Shank ' Kerf WL·l 220 1/2" WL-1220-2 1/16" WL-l220-3 l /S' WL-l220-4 1/4' WL-1220-5 3/S' 1/2" S hank WL-1225 1/2" WL-1225-2 1/16" WL·l225-3 l/S' WL·l225-4 1/4' WL-1225-5 3/S' WL-l225-6 3/4"

' 11. ' 10. ' 10. '10. '10. '11. '10. '10. '10. '10. ' 12.

Roman Ogee Bits 1/4' Shank' Ra dius WL-1230 5/32" '13. WL-1231 1/4' ' 15. 1/2"Shank WL-l235 5/32" ' 13. WL-l236 1/4' ' 15.

.-{) - -.



Bowl & Tray Cutter 1/4' Shank " Dia mete r WL·l380 7/16" '13. WL·1381 3/4" '15. 1/2" Sha nk '15. WL-l385 3/4' WL-l386 1·1/4' '18. Dado & Planer Bit 1/4' Shank ' Diameter WL-l390 3/4' '1 2. 1/2" Shank WL-1391 3/4' ' 12. WL-1392 I' '14. WL-l393 1·1/4' ' 15. 1-1/2" ' 16. WL-l394 WL-1 394·1 2" '28.

m m

~~ -




1/2"Sha nk WL-l365 OgeeProfile WL·l 366 Roundo ver WL-1367 Cove & Bead WL·l368 Wedge WL-1374 Dbl Rou ndover

'49. ' 49. '49. ' 49. '49.

Bead WL-l 520 WL-1521, WL-l 522 WL-1523 WL-1524 Flute WL-1530 WL·1531 WL-1532 WL·1533 WL-l534



'22. '24. '2 6. '26. ' 3D. '32. '38.


1/4" 3/S" 1/2" 3/4' 1"

'24. ' 26. '26. ' 28. '3 D.

1/4" 3/S' 1/2" 3/4' I"

' 24. '26.

' 26. '2 8. ' 3D.


Rabbeting /Straight WL-l540 1/4' WL-1541 3/8" WL-1542 1/2" WL-l543 3/4" WL-l544 I' WL-l545 1·1/2" WL-l546 2"

'24. '26. '26. '28. '30. '32. ' 48 .

~~~ WL-l500 WL·1501 WL·1502 WL·1503

~t . . . . . . .-=!'! !

.1. .- ",- .

Finger Joiner Route r Bit WL-1429

' 3 9.

For t h e Shaper WL-15S0 ' 8 9. Reversible Glue Joint WL·1430 1-3/4' Diam

t~ .w; IlL..l.J .1.



Drawer Corner Lock Makes drawer side separation virtually impossible 1/2"Shank WL·143 5 For 1/2' mater ial '3D.

Circle #116 on Resource Directory Coupon

curreas 3/4' BORE

l -plece Rail & St ile Just raisethe cuttertomake the matching cut. Nochanging or reversing. '89. WL-l500 Roman Ogee WL-1S01 Roundover ' 89. WL-1S02 Cove & Bead ' S9. WL-1503 Dbl Roundover ' S9. WL. 1600

-- 7



WL-1 602

For the Shaper WL-1706 '35.

For the Shaper Lock Mitre WL-15S1'40.

Co rner Rou nd WL-l509 118' WL-1510 1/4" WL-1511 3/8' WL-1512 1/2" WL-1513 3/4' WL-1514 I' WL·1515 1·1/4"



Formaterial3/4' to 1-1/4' WL·1 420 1/2' shank ' 38.

' - 0-


l-plece Rail & Stile Cutter Sets Just raisethe cutterto makethe matching cut. No changing or reversing.

(forundersized 3/4' plywood)



2-plece Rail & Stile Cutt er Sets l/2" Sha nk Set ' 59. WL-l360 OgeeProfile WL·1361 Roundo ver ' 59. WL-l 362 Cove & Bead ' 59.

For1/2' to 3/4" material WL·1 420·1 1/2" shank ' 30.

Ask about our unique "Does It All "


WL-l0l1 3/4" '9. WL-l012 I' '10. 1/2"Sha nk 15/64' ' 5. WL-l020 (for unders~ed 1/4' plywood) WL-1021 1/4' ' 5. ' 5. WL·l019 5/16" WL-l022 318' '5. WL-l023 7/16" '5 . WL-1024 15/32" ' 5. (forundersized 1/2' plywood) WL-1025 l/Z' '6. WL-1027 5/8" ' 8. WL·102S 23/32" '8.

Corner Lock Mitres For up to 5/8" material WL-1420-2 1/4' shank ' 25.

Double Roman Ogee 1/4' Shan k ' Radius WL-1240 5/32" ' 18. WL-1241 1/4' ' 20. 1/2" S han k WL-1245 5/32" '18. WL-1246 1/4' '20.

SHAPER curreas 3/4' BORE

Pattern Cutting Bit 1/4' Shan k ' Diam eter 1/2" '12. WL-l400 WL-1401 5/8' '12. WL-l402 3/4" '12. 1/2" Shan k '15. WL-l405 3/4' WL-l406 1·1/S" '16.

WL·1 603 WL-1604 WL-1605




Panel Raisers (Shaper Cutte r) 3/4" Bore WL·l600 Ogee '59. WL-1601 15° Facecut ' 59. WL·l602 lS oTraditiona l ' 59. WL·l603 Convex (Cove) ' 59. WL·l604 12' Facecut with Qua rter Round '59. '5 9. WL·l605 Wave

Thoughts on Meriwether Lewis a nd the Military Writing Desk I j ust wanted to co mmend you on the fine project in the current issue of Popular Woodworking ("Military Writing Desk," # I06). I have also become caught up with "Lewis and Clark" fever, and as an avid woodworker have been trying to find adequate plans for a lap desk since I read "U ndaunted Courage." There is no doubt Lewis carried a portable desk with him on the ex pe di tio n as he menti on s in hi s j ourn al s that at one poi nt the horse that was ca rryi ng it stumbled and fell dow n a hill and the desk was smashed. As to the appea rance of the de sk, it' s hard to say. I have a theory that as he and Thomas Jefferson were close he might have ca rried one that was sim ilar to the one Jefferson had made by a cab inetmaker in Ph ilad e lph ia. Jefferson wro te th e ro ug h dra ft of the Declaration of Independ ence on this desk. Th e original is in the Smithso nia n. If yo u wish to see a picture of it there is a web site entitled "Drafting the Declaration of Independence" at www.concentric.netj-walika/drafting.htm. Agai n, th an k yo u fo r sharing th e bea utiful pr oj ect. I plan o n star ting o ne as soo n as I ca n ge t my hand s on so me nice cherry. Perhaps we will meet someday on the Lolo trail ! (As soo n as I ca n talk my wife into it, also !) Ter ry McSorl ey Endwe ll, Ne w York

The Original Deltagram Readers are Still Around and Working Wood The reason I am writing this letter is because of the Deltagram projects you have been publishing in your magazine as "Projects From the Past." I am 82 years old and have a Shopsmith shop in my garage. I becam e interes ted in woo dwo rking in junior high and high schoo l. I have rea lly started to get into woo dworking since I retired in 1980 and sta rted buying my shop equipment. Wh en I wa s in j unio r high , I began ge tt ing wook working magazi nes and plan books. I have five Delt agram books dated November \ 936 to March 1937. I also have four Delta Projects books. Th ey all have a price on them of 10 ce nts. I ju st wa nted to write and let yo u know that so me of us oldtimers are still aro und. Aub rey Thom as Tecumseh. Kan sas COl/ ti l/ lie d Oil pa ge / 2

Want to do woodworking like the pros? Then check out the new AccuSet'· line of air-powered fastening tools from SENCO, the brand chosen # 1 by professional builders.' AccuSet'· brad nailers and finish staplers have more power, more features and the best warranty in the business. And with prices starting around $100, you 'll have money left over for praiect materials. To find the retail outlet nearest you, call our toll-free number, J-888-222-8J44.


• Professionol Builders Brond Use Study, 1996, 1997. Asic us. Call toll-free 1-888-222-8144 Or visit us on "'" web

©1999 SencoProduds, Inc. 8485 Broadwell Rood, Cincinnoti, Ohio45244-J699 Safety First.


The only way to work.'

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. '-. ,:'.'

Continued fro m page II .

• Cut logs up to 28" D. x 9' L. • Extra bed sections permit longer lengths. • Easily transportable,




8180 \X'esr lOrh Street Dept. DF41 Indianapolis, IN 462 14·2400 www,

COMING NEXT ISSUEl July 1999 (on newsstands May 25) Get yo ur- ya rd a nd deck in shape for spring with Popula r Woodll'orking's annual Outdoor Issue. Here are some of the great things we have planned:

Titanic Steamer Chair We build a re production of one of the two surviving deck chairs from the Titanic. Forget all the hype about the movie, these are comfortable and bcautiful lou ngers.

Greene & Greene Patio Table In our 1997 Outdoor Issue we published a Greene & Greene Garde n Bench that got rav e reviews fro m readers. So we build a ma tc hi ng coffee tab le that wi ll look great on the patio or even inside .

Do You Have the Right Approach to Saw Safety? After wa tching so me readers cut wood on a tabl e saw during a works hop here at Pop ula r Woodwo rking, we realized that there are a lot of people who need a refresher course in how to safely feed wood throu gh a saw.

Endu rance Test: Ryobi's Drill Press For the last two years we 've been using Ryobi's woo dworking dri ll press in our shop . Find o ut ho w it fare d in our Endurance Test.

VISIT OUR WEBSITE www.popwood .com Some of the great feature s of our web site for subscribers: • Search an index of every story that 's been in the magazine • Check your account. report prob lem s, change your address • Read some of our tool reviews from recent issues • Quickly purchase back issues and full-size plans • Enter our "Tales From the Wood" contest. Win tools . PW Circle #118 on Resource Directory Coupon

12 Popular Woodworking

Make perfect Raised Panel Doors 11

with your 1/4 or 1/2 Router, or your 1/2 or 3/4 Shapero 11



It's simple, inexpensive, and easy withprofessional production quality MLCS carbide tipped doorsets Ourreversible combinationbit makes a matching rail and stile frame, The panel raising bit with ball bearing guidemakes a perfect raised panel every time! Includes Instructions and Professional Tips!

Raised Panel Door Sets


Ballbearing included





1/4" Shank Router

* 2"


#1302 #1303

1/2" Shank Router 1/2" & 3/4" Shaper


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* 3-1/2"


Raised Panel Door Instructional Video #1438 Special Sale Price "" ,.".." "



1/4 Shank Carbide lipped Router Bits o

The Award Winning .

. pmf~';oo:;,~~;;;LG::a:,~ed!__




• Adjustable, uniform clamping pressure on all corners • Greatfor wide cabinet frames (forcenteror edges) • Forces a frame into perfect square • Almost NOcapacity limitation, ships with 23 ft. reel of steel bandinq ! • Aluminum & Steel construction ITEM #1420 REG. $39.95 Sale S24 95

El TONGUE AND GROOVE #1333 Straight. #1 33 5 Wedge

$ 2900 $29 00




#1330 1/2' Dia.of Circle #1 331 314" Dia. of Circle


$ 16 .00 $21 .00

a LOCK MI TRE BIT # 1433

2' Dia.,Stock thickness: 112"·3/4' ..$37.50

!lJ RABBETING KIT 4 depth of cuts: 3/S', 7/16 ', 5/ 16' , 1/4". set: 1/4' shankrabbetingbit, 4 bearings (3/S", 112' ,5/S' ,3/4')& hex key. #1425 1· 114" LargeDiameter ,,$25.00

[lI BRASS PILOTED Rout into tight spacesand sharp corners. These bits have BrassPilots, measuringonly 5/32" in dia.. insteadof usual 1/2" bearing. #1428 1/S" R Round Over ......$16.00 # 14 29 1/4'RRoundOver"" ,,$ 17. oo # 1430 3/S' R Round Over". " .$ 19. 0 0

D SOLI D CARBIDE UPCUT AND DOWN CUT SET 2 flute flat bottom cutlers. Upcut spiral idealfor mortiseand tenon joints. Downcut will plunge cut and plane edges. #1437 1/4" dla.. 3/4" cutting length $19.95 Special set Price .."

Sturdy aluminumclamp is greatfor framing, drilling, doweling, and more. • High clamping pressure • Movablejaws • Two swivel points

ITEM #1367 REG . $29.95 ........Sale S24


1GPiece Forstner Bit Set This set comes with the followingsizes: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2",5 /8",3 /4",7 /8",1 ", H /8", 1-1 /4",1 -3/8",1 -1/2". 1-5/8",1 -3/4",1-7/8",2 ", 2-1/8". 95

Inlay Kit

Makes perfect fitting recesses and inlays!

Tipped, 4 Round Over Bits with 1/2" OD bearing: (1/8",

Easy to use inlay kit follows a 1/4" thickpattern template of almostany shape to producethe recess. Fits Porter Cable, Black & Deckeror any router withan adaptorforPorter Cable bushings. Kit includes 118" solid carbide downcutspiral bit, brass bushing, brass template guide, brass retainer nut & instructions.

1/4", 3/8", 1/2"),

plus 3/8"OD bearing & allen wrench.

ITEM #1434 95 Individually" " ..""Sale ~9

ITEM #1426 REG. $35 .95 ......Sale S21

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Callus foryour

® 19 98


High Quality Steel - ground for heavy use

Solid Brass Router

St orage BOll

Expert technical help before and after sale


ITEM #1418 REG. $141.20 ......Sale $43

Round OverjBeading Bit Set wooo~ 1/4" shank, Carbide

The Can-Do

• Join picture andcabinet frames • Clamps to 2'14' wide • Easy mounting' Use as bench vise


Router Bits & Professional Woodworking Products

~:~~~~~~ ~~~~ 1-800-533-9298 Circle #109 on Resource Directory Coupon

Order ByCredit Card or Send Check To: MLCS, P.O. Box 4053 PV, Rydal, PA19046


TOOL: TEST e get to test a lot of tools at Popular Woodworking, and while we don't often test tools until they fall apart, we do give them an honest, real-world workout. Each issue we share the results of our tool tests with you and offer insights to help with your shopping decisions.The ratings shown reflect the opinion of the Popular Woodworking editorial staff. Here's a quick reference on our rating system. PERFORMANCE: A rating of "five"indicates we think this tool is a leader in its category - for now. (You won 't likelysee ratings of"one"or "two"in these reviews because we wouldn't publicize an inferior tool.) VALUE: "Five" is a great tool for the money; "one" isn'tthe mark of a value. However, a low "value" rating shouldn't prevent you from buying that tool. Some tools might be worth a little more because they're one-of-a-kind or just a really great tool. Ifyou have a question about a specific tool - whether it has been reviewed or not - contact me at (51 3) 531 -2690, ext . 255, or bye-mail at And by the way, many of our past tool reviews appear on our website at it out.


Performance: •••• 0 Value: •••• 0 Lee Valley's Affordable HSS Boring Bits Reduce Heat and Increase Performance When you need to drill a very clean or large hole, there 's nothin g quite like a Forstner or saw too th bit. Prob lem was that mo st affordable sets dulled quickly and soo n lost their temper. Lee Valley Too l's ( new hig h speed steel bits stay sharp longer, give a cle an cut and are a good price. Available in sizes from '/ 4" to 3" diameters , the bits up to I" are a tradition al For stn er design, while those lar ger than I " are saw tooth . But " traditio nal" isn't exac tly correct, e ither. Th e rim o n the Forstne rs is proud of the ch ippers by onl y .005" to redu ce rim he at , and th e saw tooth sty le is a tru e saw tooth with a skewed shea r-c ut desi gn , not j ust rim notch es. Th e chippers on both sty les have a slope d bevel that help s with was te removal and all ows for a shorter ce nter brad . We checke d the high speed bits aga inst a set of high- carb on stee l bits and found the high spee d to cut eas ier and faster, cleaner and with less burning. The saw tooth design cut very qu ickl y with negl igibl e tearout on the back side of the hole and a very clean and smooth wa ll in the hole. Avai lable ind ividu all y or in kits, the Forstner and saw tooth bits are qu ite affordable for the performance and longevity offered. Forstn er se t of seve n from 1/ 4" to I " se lls for $32 .50, whi le a set 16 saw tooth s fro m 1'/ 8" to 3" runs $ 179. Formo re information, circle # /60 0 11 the Resource Directory COUpOIl.

- David Thiel, senior editor

Powermatic's 10" Benchtop Table Saw Well-r espected for their line of indu strial machinery, Powermatic ( has recen tly introduced tools for the smaller shop and home woodworker. Powermatic is no w o ffe ri ng a tabl e saw for the jobs ite contract or a nd entry-level woodworker. The left -tilt model 4 11 ben cht op saw spo rts a 13-amp un iversa l motor and the largest tabl e top in thi s category (26'/2" x 3 1" wide. or 45" Performance: • • • 80 with wings extended). Selling for abo ut Value: •••00 $200, the saw has all the standard features othe r bencht op s have and includes a 36- too th ca rbide-tipped co mbinatio n blade. Th e 27"- long rip fe nce is lon ger than most benchtop fenc es, but don 't expec t a Biesemeyer. Th e steel fence, though square to the blad e and flat, is d ifficult to adj ust to find a ba lance bet ween smoo th movem ent and tight lock -down . You 'll still see outfeed flex o n the fence and a '132" to '/1 6" runout. Th at said, this isn 't out of line for oth er benchtop saws at this price. Whil e the 4 11's other features stack up to or are bett er than fea tures on other saws in this pric e range, we' d recommend Powerm atic improve the fenc e and incre ase the price if necessary. A bette r fence would earn them four stars in performance and value . Formore information. circle #/6/ Oil the Resource Directory COUpOIl .

14 Popular Woodworking

Small Vacuum Table for the Home Shop Vacuum tabl es ar e sta ndard in many co mmercial shops, allowing the woodworker an easy way to hold down his work with out clamps. Carter Products ( now offer s a version for the sma ll shop and DIY crowd. Th e Mini-Mach is a 13" x Performance: ••••0 24 " platform with 12 vacuum cell s of Value : ••000 various sizes powered by your existing shop vac ( 1.5 hp or bett er). When the lever is switched on , the lower vacuum cell hold s the Mini -M ach to the work table. The upper cell s operate independently and will hold a piece as sma ll as 4" x 4" or as large as 48 " x 48 ". We found this product to be useful. but it's pricey ($ 140 to $ 190) . Th e lateral hold is more than suffi cient .for most application s, and you can easily remove the work by simply lifting from a co rner. With taller work pieces (such as drawers) the vacuum bond can be broken a little too easil y, but for flat (no warp or twist ) materials it's a very hand y tool. For more information, circle #16 2 Oil the Resource Directory C OUpOIl .

Grizzly 1hp Dust Collector-

Super Value!

Wh o says things don 't ge t cheape r - and better! Grizzly Indu strial (www.g has ju st upgraded its Ihp du st coll ector by increasing its sucking pow er from 450 to 500 c fm (cubic feet per minute) and reducing the price $60 - se iling the G8027 for only $ 130 ! In comparing the Grizzly model to other competitors, two things are apparent: most are rated at 650 cfm , and mo st are priced between $ 179 and $230. The average planer needs 400 cfm to adequately remove sawdust, so my quick math says that 500 c fm is ju st ti ne fo r on e machine at a time , and at $ 130 that 's a grea t deal. Grizzly didn 't skimp on features to keep the pric e right ; e ither. Th e 13-amp motor powers a balanced steel radial lin imp eller to fill the 14'/ 2" x 23 " bag. For these reason s and more. the G80n is a lot of machi ne for the money. Performance: ••••0 Fo r more infonnation, circle # 163 Value: ••••• 011 the Resource Directory COUpOIl .

Craftsman's Automatic Power Switch Sh op vac: on . Work light : on . Band sa w: on. Forget flippin g three switches. Now it's a one step process. Craftsman 's Aut omatic Power switc h (www.sears.comjcraftsman) lets yo u power-up a tool and two accessori es by simpl y turnin g on the machin e. At $ 19.99, this is a great accessor y for sma ll shops and will save lots of running from power switch to power switch. Th e 20-amp switch with built-in cir cuit breaker is available only for II O-volttools, so check your equipment for compatibility. PW For more information, circle # 164 Oil the Resource Directory COUpOIl .

Performance: •••• o Value : •••• 0


JetAgrees to Buy Performax Jet Equipment and Tools has acquired Performax Products, a major manufacturer and distributor of horizontal surface sanding machinery for the woodworking industry. Performax founders Gary and Donna Green will stay with the company during the transition while plans for future business activities are developed . Jet Equipment and Tools manufactures and distributes stationary woodworking machinery for the professional and DIY markets, as well as a full line of metalworking mach inery.

Need a Dovetail? Iron it On! While many woodworkers will consider this cheating, new iron-on Dovetail Tape" gives you the look of hand - or machine-cut dovetails in a fraction of the time. Start by cutting a :lt32"- deep rabbet on the opposing edges of your drawer or box , then apply the tape to the rabbet , heat and file or sand flush. Available in 15 contrasting and matching wood species, the :lt2"or 3/ 4" -wide tape comes in 25-foot rolls for $10.99. A starter kit is offered for $39 .99 with a bearingguided rabbeting bit and four tape options. But what about the seam between the tape and drawer side? The package points out that it look s just like the scratch line left by a marking gauge when you lay out the dovetails! Enjoy fooling your friends . Contact the Four1 Group at 888-555-3665, or read our website review at:

Sneak Peek at PC's New Router! Just introduced in January, the new mode l 7529 plunge router from Porter-Cable should just be entering stores in March. The 2hp router sells for about $246 and offers micro-height adjustment to :lt1 2 8", integrated dust collection , soft-start variable speed, a spindle-lock and a fou rposition turret depth stop. Look for a complete Tool Test review of this and other new tools in the July '9 9 Popular Woodworking.

Ma y 1999 15

The Moulding Cutterhead A re you overlooking a pra ctical accessory for your table saw?


O ULDING H EADS , o fte n ca lled "mou lding cutter heads" or "s imper head s," were avai la b le be fore carbidet\?\1ed'Saw bla des becam e co m mo n, and in fact, before portab le rou ters bec am e "in" too ls. The te rm " mo u ld ing" isn 't the w hole story. Whil e th e accessory, with an assortme nt of knives, is efticient for prod uctio n of sta ndard or o rigi na l mou ld ing designs, it is a lso a p ractic a l too l for producing var ious classic joi nts, applying decorative det a il s like flut e s or beads to furnit ure co mpo ne nts, and for other app licatio ns s uc h as sha ping the edges of s labs a nd fo rm ing cabinet doo r l ips . W hile I have m y s hare of po rtab le ro uters, I often re ly o n th e mou lding head for those times w he n it's more conve nient to bri ng the wo rk to the tool.

R.J. Detlristofo ro is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking and the author

ofmore than 30 woodworking books.

16 Popular Woo dworki ng

The Mo ulding Head

Table Inse rt

Moulding heads may be co mparative ly heavy o r light and ca n di ffer in co nfig uratio n, but each type has three slots equally spaced about the pe rime ter to acco mmod at e a mat ch e d se t of kn ives . So me unit s are supplied wi th a bush ing and/or spacer so that they can be correctly mounted o n the saw's arbor. Be atte ntive to the moul d ing -head informa tio n in th e mac h ine's ow ne rs man ual a nd to th e instruc tions tha t co me wi th the accessory. A n important fac tor is the len gth o f the saw's arbor. This ma y dictate how thick the head ca n be. In any eve nt, there mu st be sufficient threaded area, after the head is mo unted, for the arb or nut to sea t. Some table saws, especia lly s ma ll o nes, ca n' t handle mould ing head s, or mu st be used wi th kn ives of a pa rticular size a nd shape. In ge neral, mould in g head s are interc ha ngea ble a mo ng var io us bra nds of tab le saws, but check wi th yo ur manu facturer firs t,

Like a d ad o in g tool. a moulding head ma kes wider c uts than a saw blade, so it mu st be used wi th an insert tha t has a w ide ope ni ng for the knives. This insert is a spec ia l unit : the one you may have on hand for d ado work won't do . T he s ta ndard insert for mou ld ing chores wi ll do for general use but there wi ll be time s w hen it's good practice to furnis h o ne tha t allows customizing the o pen ing fo r mini m um clearance around the k nives . You ca n make your own by using the regular insert as a pattern or purchase ready-made blank ones from mailor de r hou ses. In eit her case, be sure the new insert tits tightly in the tab le. Form the open ing by se tting the blank insert in place after lowering the head so the knives are bel ow the tabl e 's surface. Set the rip fen ce so it will serve as a hold-down (using shi ms if necessary) and then slowly raise the he ad unti l the knives project to the de pth-of-c ut that' s needed .

Moulding Knives There are three clas ses of moulding knives. Combination types are designed so that a portion of the profile may be used to produce a particular form . For example, one part of the knife makes a bead, the other cuts a quarter-round profile. Single-purpose units are meant for full-profi le cuts . Sets of knives will produce complementary shapes. The basic function of a profile may be specific, but there is no rule that you limit any knife to a particular chore. You can opt to use any portion of any profile if the result suits your design. After some experience you will find that partial cuts from two , or more knives can result in a form that can't be achieved with a single knife. There are many knife shapesavailable. Those shown here are typical but are not a comp lete library. Some catalogs offer as many as 40 profiles. The options are nice and won 't be confusing if you start by selecting knives that suit your current work interests - decorative edges, cope cuts for frames, reed or flute details, forming joints . Both Delta and Sears, for example, offer sets that include the moulding head and three or four knife sets of popular profiles. That's a wise and economical beginning; add others as you need them.

Examples of Mou lding Knives

Quarter- round & bead

Gl ue-joi nt

Tongue & gro ove









Cove & bead

Quarter- rounds

Window sash

Flute (vari ous sizes)

Blan k

Bead (various s izes)

V-gr oove

Door lip

Cove & bead

mold ing


Quarter-rou nd & cov e

Door mo ld ing (m ale & female)

Installing Knives The knives slip into the slots in the head and are secured with screws , but the met hod of installation may be particular to the head design, so be certain to follow the manufacturer's advice for the correct way to go. In any case , be sure the slots and knives are clean. Unp lug the saw before placing the moulding head on the arbor. Hand turn the too l after tightening the lock nut to be sure the knives have clearance through the insert. Stand aside when turning on the mac hi ne a nd then recheck the knives before star ting to work.

Cove & fl ut e

St ile & rail set

An auxiliary wood fence is securely attached to the saw's rip fence. Make the facing as long as the fence and several inches higher if needed for the type of mouldlng you 'll be running, or if the stock will be run on edge.

1 , relief area facing

Rip-Fence Facing Most mouldi ng operations, especially those that use on ly part of a knife 's profile, are done by using the rip fence for guidance . This makes it necessary to provide an auxiliary fence or "facing" of 3/4" or I" stock (photo 1 ).


To make the re lief area, eq uip the moulding head wit h blank kn ives and lower the head so the knives are below the table's surface . Lock the rip fence in position so the faci ng wi ll rec ei ve a cut that is abo ut three quarters its thick-

ness. Slo wly rai se the mou lding head until the relief arc is about 3/ 4" high.

At Work Moulding heads are asked to work much Contin ued 011 page / 8

May 1999 17

A featherboard , clamped to bear down on the work in front of the cutter, will help ke ep the work in t he correct position .


harder than, say, a saw blade, or even a dadoing tool, so move the stock across the knives at a slower rate tha n normal to allow the kn ives to c ut efficien tly. Forcing is poor practice and usually results in poor cuts and burn marks on the work and the knives. If you fee l excessive resistance it's probably time to think abo ut ge tting to the full depth of you r cut by making repea ted passes, raising the head enough each time so the work moves smoothly over the knives . Keep the work flat o n the tab le and snug agai nst the fe nce th rou gh out the pass. The depth of the cut is determ ined by th e height of the knives above the table; width-of-cut by the position of the fen ce . Use a fea ther board to provide a good hold -down assist (photo 2) . As usual in woodworking, cuts are smoothest whe n made with the gra in . When yo u ca n' t do this, feed the work slow ly and make repeated passes to avo id tearout. Alw ays make end cuts, especially when the stoc k is narrow, by usi ng the miter gauge to advance the work (photo 3) . Tear out is inevi tab le on any shaping cut on end grain at the end of the cut, so do the shaping on a piece that' s a bit wider th an yo u need . T he im perfec tion can be removed with a rip cut, making a pass o n ajoi nter or with a hand plane. Make the end cuts first when shaping adj acent edges or all four edges of a piece of work. Th e final with-the-grain passes will remove the imperfections. Shaping ca n also be do ne wit h the stock on edge. Be sure to keep the work

18 Popul ar Wood workin g


End cuts, especially when the work is narrow, are done safely by moving the work with the miter gauge. Be sure of correct alignment. The angle between miter gauge and facing must be 90 degrees.

Setup for Slim Mouldings

rip fence

L-shaped guide secured to auxiliary fen ce


flat against the fence throughout the pass. Allowing the work to tilt at any time will mar its edges .

Slim Mouldings A common meth od of pro duci ng slim mould ings is to fo rm the shape on the edge of stoc k th at is wide eno ug h for safe handling and then rip off the milled piece. The procedur e can be repeated to supply any numb er of mouldings, but it can be time consuming and requires repeated changing from moulding head to saw blade. A more productive meth od is suggested in the drawing above. Start the job by ripping enough stock to the size of the moulding that's needed. Make the setup so that the L-shaped guide will provide a snug fitfor the parent pieces. They should pass through the guide without chatter. Start the shaping by feeding the stock into the front end of the set up and end it by pulling it from the rear.

Circular Work Us ing a mould in g head to shape th e perim et er of circ ula r co mpo nents is a feasibl e applicati on for the mould ing cutterhead. What you need is a V-shaped guide that's co mposed ofleft- and righthand parts. Th e parts are clamped to the fence and are placed so the centerline of the V is in lin e with the ce nter of th e moulding head (photo 4) . Start the shaping by bracing the work firmly aga inst the right leg of the V and swinging it slowly until it is firmly seated.Then slowly rotate the work in a counterclockwise direct ion. The work must be round and have smoo th edges or results will be less than per fect. Be sure the shape you are forming leaves enough ed ge o n the work and guides . To help keep the work flat on the table yo u can nail a strip of wood across the V to serve as a hold down. Continu ed on page 20


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Setup for Jointing

A V-block is used to shape edges of circular component s. The units, spaced to accommodate the diamet er of t he work, are clamped to the rip fence. Bra ce t he wo rk aga inst the right unit and move it forward slowly until it cont act s the knives and seats firmly in the V. Rotate t he work in a counterclockwise direction.


A Setup for Jointing If yo u don 't have a joint er you can use the moulding head , equipped with blank kni ves, to smoo th ed ges o n stoc k that isn' t more than 7/ 8" thick. Wh at 's need ed is a set up like the o ne sketched in the drawin g. As shown, the arrange me nt is for a 1/ 8" depth of cut. If yo u want less, the thickn ess of the infeed and outfeed part s and the reduction in the outfeed part

Jointing, with the head equipped with blank knives, is possible by using the setup shown here. Because the kni ves are 1" wide, the thickness of stock for the application cannot be more than 7/8".

of the fence can be adjusted acco rdingly. Allow the gap at the relief area to be a minimum , just enough for the moulding head kn ives to spin witho ut a hi nd ra nce . An importa nt adj ustme nt - as o n a reg ular joi nter - is tha t the topmost part of the kni fe's cutting cir cle be on the same plane as the surface of the outfee d component. Th e work piece, moving forwa rd from the infee d area, should pass smoothly over the cutter and onto the outfeed plate. PW


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Learn how commercial cabinet s op ~~~~~~~~~;~~j and mone ing these construction shortcuts.

[earn tlie [anguage Most commercially built cabinets are constructed using the face-frame method like the one shown here. It 's a quick, efficient and sturdy system - once you get the hang of it. However, there are some things you should know before you start to design and build face-frame cabinets. The following is a quick primer on some important points.

BUILDING THE CARCASE â&#x20AC;˘ The bottom is set in a 3/4" x 3/ 8" deep dado, 2:1,'4" up from the bottom. In both the upper and lower cabinets, the back sits in a 3/8" x 1" rabbet. This allows for easier fitting to a wall , and in the upper cabinet, allows room for running wiring for th e light ing fixtures.


O YOU have a storage problem? Are there dozens of dishes and beaut iful display pieces that are stored away ju st cryi ng for a perfect display cabinet? If you're like me, there's always a need for more storage. Well, here's a solution that might fit the bill. A multi-purpose china hutch with display shelves. Thi s cab in et was built for a frie nd wh o had a n eating area off the kitch en, next to the famil y room. Sp ace was an issue becau se this was a high traffic area , so the cabin et is 12" deep . If space isn 't a concern, the base depth can be easily increased. On e impo rtant note: if you build the 12"-deep version, ancho r the ca binet to the wall' s studs . Th e lower sec tion of the cabinet stores bowls, fondu e pots and spec ialize d cookwa re. It's all quickl y accessible so you ca n eas ily get out that odd pot Aunt Sarah gave you as a wedding present whe n she visits. The top sec tio n, beh ind glass doors, features two glass shelves ideal for showing off crys tal and glassware. And the side shelves displa y collectibles. To complete the cabinet I installed thre e florescent light fixtures, one on top to shine on the ceiling , another in the upper section and the third behind the wide rail to illuminate the top of the lower ca binet. I used a three-switch recept acle that fit into a sing le e lec trica l box mount ed behind the upp er ca binet 's bottom rail.




Building the Lower Cabinet â&#x20AC;˘ Th e cabinet is built using so lid oa k and oak particle board, but use any woo d th at matc hes your dec or. I used parti cl e board for most of the panels and solid oak for the face frame and shelves.


Danny Proulx is a professional cabinetmaker in Russell, Ontario. He is the author of " Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets," "The Kitchen Cabinetmaker 's Building and Business Manual " and "How To Build Classic Garden Furniture." Proulx is a contributing editor to Cabinetmaker magazine and contributo r to Popular Wood wor king magazine. You can contact him through his website

What's MDF and particle board? Why should I use these materials to build face-frame cabinets? MDF, or Medium Density Fiberboard, is a compressed wood and plant fiber product commonly used in the woodworking industry. Particle board (also a composition board) is available in a number of " grades" made of smaller wood particles with varying density. Both particle board and MDF are economical, stable alternatives to solid wood and are less expensive than plywood. Offered in a number of veneered faces , these manmade materials replace large panels of wood at an affordable price and without the concerns of expansion, contraction, warping, splitting or knots. Both are heavier than solid wood and can be damaged more easily. If either material gets soaked, the material will swell significantly, so neither should be used in wet areas. What's the difference between a face frame and a carcase? The carcase refers to the sides , bottom, top and back - essentially the pieces that make up the box of the cabinet while the face frame is the solid wood frame that is attached to the front of the carcase. Why should I use the face-frame method to build a cabinet? Face frames allow you to use MDF or plywood carcases while still providing the appearance of solid wood. Face frames offer a wider variety of hardware choices and door designs. The frames can also pull the carcase square and make the carcase more rigid. Are biscuits a strong enough joint for face-frame cabinets? Yes. Face frames can be assembled using biscuits, dowels or in many lower-quality, high-production situations are assembled from the rear of the face frame with corrugated fasteners. What are European-style hinges and why should I use them? " European hinges " is the generic name for some amazingly adjustable hinges you install in a drilled-out space in the rear of a door and then attach to the cabinet with a mounting plate. The hinges allow you to adjust the doors on two or three dimensions with the turn of a screw. European hinges are more expensive than traditional hinges and require some specialized installation tools. How do I attach my cabinet to a stud wall? With a big screw. Just kidding. Most cabinets designed to be installed include hanging rails, or a sturdier-than-average back piece. In the case of our hutch, the back of the upper section is 3J4" material, which is enough to attach it to a stud wall. It would have been possible to use a :1,'4" back and add a 3J4" x 3" rail at the top ofthe cabinet to use as a hanging rail. While a visible distraction, the rail reduces the weight of the upper section. In our hutch the thicker back does double duty In supporting the long shelves because it is drilled for shelf pins, so the full back was a good decision. The cabinet should be attached to studs in at least three places. If studs aren't In the right places , use drywall "molleys" for more support.

Are we on target? To see more projects like this in future issues , circle " P4" on the postage-paid card in the Resource Directory.

1" 10 1/ 4" 12" 10" rad ius



52 "








Detail of shelves 23 3 / 4 "

72" 1 1/ 2 "

23 3 / 4"


--' 1 1/ 2"

--' 1 1/ 2"

27 3 / 4"

27 3 / 4" 4 6"


--' --'


--' --'


80 3 / 4"


13 3 / 4"

13 3 / 4"

3 /4"

~ Doors removed to show case dimensions.

3 /4"






:::; ~ -' 1 1/ 2"


29 1/ 2"


29 1/ 2" 34 3 / 4"





--' 3"

kk 1'112"

33 3 / 4 "



33 3 / 4 "

--' 3"



10 1/4" '

3 /4"




Elevation Schedule of Materials: Commercial-Grade China Hutch Lower Cabinet Dimensions T W L Material Item No.

Upper Cabi net No. It e m

Dimensions T W L



Side panels

3/ 4" x 11:lt4" x 34"



Side panels

3/ 4" x 11:lt4" x 46"




3/4" x 10:lt4" x 71:lt4"




3/ 4" x 10:lt4" x 51:lt4"




3/4" x 34" x 71:lt4"




3/ 4" x 10:lt4" x 51:lt4"




3/4" x 10" x 70 :lt2"




3/ 4" x 46" x 51:lt4"




3/ 4" x 1:lt2" x 34"




3/4" x 1:lt2" x 46"



Bottom rail

3/ 4" x 3" x 69"



Middle rail

3/4" x 3" x 49"



Top rail

3/4" x 1:lt2" x 69 "



Top rail



Middle stile

3/ 4" x 1:lt2" x 29:lt2"



Center st il e

3/4" x 1:lt2" x 49" 3/ 4" x 1:lt2" x 27 3/4"



3/4" x 173/8" x 31"



Back boards

3/ 4" x 10" x 46"




3/ 4" x 1:lt2" x 70"



Top shelves

3/ 4" x 10" x 11:lt4"




3/ 4" x 13" x 74 "







3/4" x 10" x 10" 3/ 4" x 123/8" x 2S:lt2"

1 06" of 3:lt4" Oak crown moulding

24 Popular Woodworkin g



3 / 4"


FACE FRAM E • I used double dowels at all the face frame joints to provide a sturdy j oint. Drill st raig ht holes to keep the frame flat.


The top is made of 3/ 4" thick solid oak : When cros sboards glued up to the required width. cutting a veneered The ca binet is built usin g a face fram e panel with a dado method . The carc ase is made from blade it's common to particle board panels sc rewe d, nail ed tear the veneer. To or glued tog ether. Then a so lid wood prevent this, make fac e frame is applied to the front. You two passes with the hang the d o ors o n th e se . It ' s a ve ry first cut only :Its" deep quick and stur d y way to bu ild cabiand the second cut nets and is a method preferred by comto the full depth. Even merci al cabinetmak ers. sharp blades can tear First build the low er carcase. Cut out because it's usuthe two lower side panels to the sizes ally the waste wood given in the materi als list, then cut the causing the trouble. dadoes and rabbets as detailed in the You also can cut photo . Note that the rabbet for the back through the veneer bo ard is cut I " w ide to accept a 3/4 "_ with a sharp knife bethick panel, so the rabbet is a bit overfore the cut. sized. As yo u kn ow, mo st wall s aren 't straight so it's diffi cult to tightl y fit a wide backboard . The ex tra space on the sides mak es it easier to get a tight fit. Next, cut and inst all the bott om , securi ng it in the dad oes with glue, or nail it fro m the outside of the sides. Th en place the back in the side rabbet s and sec ure it usin g glue and finish nails throu gh the back and into the rabbets and the bott om . Th e thick back add s weigh t to the shallow base and allows adequate depth for the adj us table she lf pin holes for the lon g she lves.




The Face Frame • Now make the face fra me. C lam p the two outside stiles to the front of the side panels, holding them flush with the outside edge. Th en trim the top and bottom rail to fit between the stiles . Now fit th e ce nte r sti le the same way . Unclamp the stiles and use dowels or biscu its to g lue the entire fac e fram e together. Th e bottom rail is held flush with the top surface of the bottom, and the middle sti le is ce ntered



SHELVING • Depending on your use , you may want many shelf location options (such as the 2 " spacing I used) or just a few. Either way, a drilling template makes locating the holes easier and will ensure accurate posl t ioning at each location.


CLEATS • Solid wood cleats (poplar is fine) attached t o the insi de fro nt and back of the lower cabinet strengthen the case, as we ll as prov ide a great place to attach the top.

betw een the two outside stiles. Wh en the fra me is dry, nail it to the lower ca bine t th rou gh the fra me , or use bisc uits and glue .



Drilling for Shelves • Next , drill holes for th e adjustable she lf pin s. I used 3/8"-d ia me ter brass she lf p in s s paced 2" a pa rt. There a re tw o c olumn s o f hol e s in each side , one co lu m n in the middle o f the ba ck , and ano ther o n the in side fac e of th e middl e sti le . M ake a jig fo r th e she lf hol e s. Now fi ll nail hol es, sa nd th e cabinet a nd ro u nd ove r the outside edges o f the stiles w ith a 3/ 8" ro uter bit.




Add Cleats for Strength and Support • The top of the lower cabinet is held in place with wooden cleats . Cut and sec ure two wood cleats flu sh with the top inside edg e


M ay 1999 25



UPPER ASSEMBLY • The upper cabinet is assembled as was the lower, w ith the bottom dado locat ed 16" up from the bottom of the sides. The nails attaching the top throug h the sides won 't show because the crown moulding will cover th is are a.


of the back and front top rail. Fasten with glue and screws . Next glue up eno ugh 3/4"-thick oa k to for m a top that' s I3" deep and 74" long. With the top dry and cut to size, slightly e ase th e two fr ont corn ers of th e top with a sa nde r to eliminate sharp corner s. Th en round ove r the top and bottom front and side edges wi th a 3/ 8" roundover bit in a rout er. To attach the top , drill elongated (fro nt to back) clearance holes in the front and back cleats and attach the top using I ~4" wood screws making sure there is a I" overhang on the front edge and at each end. Th e elongated holes allow the top to shrink and grow across the grain as seasonal changes in humid ity affect it.

with glue and finishin g nails. Drive the nails through the back into the cabinet sides at a slig ht an gle. Attach the back flush with the top edge of the cabinet's side boards. Cut , asse mble and attach the face frame for the upper cabinet the sa me way as on the low er cabinet. Th e two outsi de stiles are held flush with the sides, the middle rail is held flush with the top surface of the she lf and the top rail is held flush with the top surface of the top. Again , use biscuit s to attac h the stiles if yo u prefer. On ce the frame is dr y and attached to the cabinet, round ove r the outside ed ges of the outer stiles and the lower edge of the middl e rail and insid e edges of the outside stiles in the lower openin g with a 3;8" roundover bit. Be sure to stop rounding ove r the edges of the outer stiles 3/ 4" from the top so the crown molding will fit tight to the cabinet top . Drill the adju stable shelf pin hole s in the sa me manner as the base section.



M ake the Upper Cabinet • Cut the two upper side panels to the sizes given in the materials list, then cut the dadoes and rabbets as show n. No te that once again the rabbets in the sides are overs ized. Th e I " rabbet leaves enough room to route the lighting wires behind the back board. Because this cabinet will be built-in, check with an electrician or your local electrical codes about yo ur wiring plans before yo u begin. Glu e the top and bott om into the dadoes and rabbets. Nail the top in throu gh the outside ed ge o f the sides becau se the crow n moulding will co ver the na il head s. Nex t, attac h the back board to the ca bi net in the rabbe ts


SIDE WINGS • Attaching the backs for the side shelves is a little tricky. I used screws angled through the side rabbets. Pilot drill through the rabbet and into the backs or you stand a good chance of splitting out the wood on this angled attachment.



Attach the Shelf Backs • Cut the two so lid oa k shelf back s to the sizes given in the materials list. I attached each one flush with the upper side boards using glue and 11/ 2" wood screws ang led through the rabbets in the cabinet sides . Nails would also work.


Door Sources When ordering custom-made doors you will have the choice of wood species, style of the door,type of panel (flat or raised) and edge detail options for the inside and outside of the rails and stiles , as well as on the panel itself. Most manufacturers work with lt16" tolerance on the sizes provided by you. If the fit on your doors is very tight you may want to order the doors without any outside edge detail and rout your own after fitting the door.

Maple Craft USA

Scherr's Cabinet & Doors, Inc.

Maple Craft USA supplies solid wood, frame-only, raised panel and flat panel cabinet doors as well as solid wood dovetailed drawer boxes and frameless cabinets , both assembled or unassembled . To receive a quote or request information about specific doors, contact Maple Craft at 800-7568077 or visit their website at

Scherr's offers 135 door designs in 10 wood speci es, as well as drawer fronts and dovetail drawers boxes. To receive their catalog or request Informati on about specific doors, contact Scherr's at 701-839-3384 or visit their webs ite at


ANGLE TOPS • Install the tops using screws or nails th rough the front corner of the angled boards. They won't show because the crown moulding will cover that edge . Attach the back edge of the top through the back with screws.




Tops and Shelves • Nex t c ut th e tw o a ng le d top boards as shown in the d iagr am . Attac h the top s flush wi th the to p su rface of the upper section. C ut the six radi use d she lves us ing a co mpass to draw the arc and cut wi th ajigsaw. Cla mp all six she lves togeth er an d san d the m toge ther to ensure they're identical. Sand the she lves a nd ro und over the to p and bo tto m edges of the rad ius curve w ith a 3/S" ro undover bit. I mad e the shelves permanent by attac hing them wit h g lue a nd sc rews. If yo u a lig n the she lves w ith the 3/S" -d ia me te r she lf pin hol es, the screws ca n be inserted th rou gh the she lf pin holes into the she lf boards. If that a lig nme nt does n' t suit yo u, use two sc rews throu gh the bac k into the she lf and one di rectl y beh ind the fro nt stile to keep it less no ticeabl e.






THE CROWN • Take your time and make a couple of test cuts on the crown. All that 's required is patience to get a nice tight fit. I used a pneumatic nailer to attach the crown quickly and without a lot of clamping.

You ' ll need four doors for the upper section that are 123/ 8" w ide by 2 8 112 " h igh a nd acce pt glass ce nter p an el s . T he fo ur lower doors are 173/ 8" wide x 3 1" high w ith a so lid raised pa nel ce nter. T he door s we re installed using Blum Euro pean hidden Compact 33 sty le I 07-degree full overlay face fra me hinges be cau se of the ir sma ll stile mounting pl ate. How ever, any European-st y le hinge w ill work, a nd many tr aditi on al Nort h Am er ican- style hin ges will a lso work. Foll ow the man ufacturer' s d ire cti on s for install at ion . I o rdered tw o 1/ 4"-thi c k by 1Q 1/ S"-dee p by 50 3/8"- lo ng g lass s he lves fo r th e uppe r se c tio n. Verify th e m e a surement s of these she lves and the 1/ 8" glass for the doors on yo ur ca bine t be fore ord ering the g lass.

Finishing I finished my cabinet with three coats of oil-based polyurethane.

Crowning Effect • Use any sty le of top moulding . I used 3 1/ 4 " crow n mo u ld ing for my proj ect. Some

of the angles are tricky, but reme mber thi s whe n c utting angles in crown moulding: place it upside down in the miter box. Th e fro nt a ng le o n my cabine t was 4 1 degrees; yo urs might be d ifferent. I c ut each moulding at 201;2 degr ees to equa l the 4 I -degree co rner. Th e re 's a lso tw o littl e piece s of moul d ing o n each e nd, and th at a ng le is trick y. To make matters mo re co mp lica ted, the mold ing is o nly 3/4 " lon g at the bott om .

Ready-Made Doors For this project, I pu rch ased read y-m ade ca thed ral oak doors. If yo u've never had a reason to purch ase doors, it's eas ier and less ex pe ns ive th an yo u mi gh t think. A n average-s ize d, unfini shed red oak raised panel door wi ll cos t abo ut $3 5. So for the eight doors yo u co uld est ima te und er $3 00 . If yo u co nside r th e ti me, material and possible tooling req uired to prod uce the doors show n, $300 does n't look bad .

I cut the first coat with thinner by 10 percentand sa nde d w ith 22 0-grit pap er bet ween eac h coat. T he fina l co lor, yo ur decor, and the type of wood will determine the fin al finish. However, thi s ca bine t w ill look great no matt er what yo u decid e to use.

Lighting and Installation Installing lights is optio nal. I'm a bit of a ga dget nut so I installed o ne 36" florescent lamp o n top of the ca bine t, o ne behind the upper sectio n's top rail , and anothe r beh ind the up per sec tio n midd le rai l. There 's not too mu ch invol ved whe n inst all ing thi s cab inet. I suggest yo u sec ure the top section to the base with screws th rou gh the und ersid e of the base top into the upp er ca bi ne t sides. A lso, as I mention ed previou sl y, the ca bine t is ta ll a nd sha llow so I rec omme nd yo u attac h it to the wa ll st uds w ith a few 3" screws just to be safe. Have fun building your ca binet - I sure e njoyed making thi s o ne for my frie nds . PW M ay 1999 27


Schedule of Materials: Nicolai Fechln Bench No. I Item I Dimensions T W L I Material , 3/4 " x 12" x 49 " 1 Seat I Poplar 2 Stretchers I 3/ 4" x 2 3/4" x 49" \ Poplar

Middle rail

46 li z"

3 1/4" 3/4"

Middle stiles End stiles

I 3/ 4"

Sides Rails


All increme nt s are 3 li z" unless otherwise noted

I 3/4" x 12" x 3S " I Poplar I 3/ 4" x 3:1,'2" x 4S:1,'2" I Poplar I 3/4" x 3:1,'2" x 18" I Poplar

2 3




x 3:1,'4" x 18"



1/ Z"

3 Middle stiles

Shaded areas are half-lap cuts facing front. dashed areas are on the back.

2 End stiles

2 Middle stiles

3 112"

Top and botto m ra il s


1/ Z"

3 1/ z" 18"



3 / 4"

3 1/ z"


Elevation of half-lap layout on the rails


3 1/ z"

3 1/ z"

Elevation of half-lap layout on the stiles





[1oL----'----'--_ _~_ _


2" 2" 2" 12" 2" 2" 1"


"" ..,........ 111

To see more projects like this in future issues , circle Up S" on the postage-paid card in the Resource Directory.

45 " 49"

1 w 1 ,k(3/ 4"

Are we on target?

Plan 3 /4"{

3 1/ z"

See PullOut Plan s'" f or f ull-size carving plan s and layou t


I 1


3 3/4"


3 1/z"




3 1/ z" --'




3 3/4"

3 3 /4"



3 1/ z"


3 14"

3 1/ z"


= 3 /4"








6" --'

2 3/4" --'

8 1/ z"

45" 4 9"

3 3 14" 3 liz "

Carving location



,f ro


4 1/4'1



12" 10 1/4"

2 3 /4"

8 1/ z"



May 1999 29


Nicolai Fechin: Painter, Builder and Woodworker Nicolai Fechin loved his tools. He had a large collection of English and German carving chisels, sharpening stones, a hand-powered grinding wheel , axes , a large adze , hand drills and saws , according to his daughter, Eya Fechin. But he didn 't like power tools. He once rented an electric lat he, briefly used it and then returned it. " He felt that machines interfered with the feeling of the wood and got in the way of what the wood wanted to become," Eya says. " His carvings were so tactile. They want to be touched. They should be touched." Fechin was born in 1881 into a family of craftsmen living on the shores of the Volga Rive r. His father, Ivan , was a builder who ran his own shop and taught young Nicolai about construction, carpentry, gilding and

fh Iii


Build th e Back • Fechin used only hand tools , and I wanted to try to build this bench in that spir it. However, there were two power tool s I simply couldn't part with: a table saw and a detail sander. The bench is as sembl ed using simple but sound joints. The back is built using lap joints. The ends of the assembled back fit into notches in the sides . And the seat and stretchers are attached to the sides with through morti se-and-tenon joints. The first step is to build the back with lap joints to create the woven effect. Cut the pieces for the back to size according to the Schedule of Materials, then use a dado set in your tab le saw to cut the lap joints on the stiles and rails. See the diagram for the layout of these joints. Cut the sides, seat and stretchers to size. Using a coping saw and a chi sel , cu t the three 3/ 4" x 3 1/2" notches into each side to ho ld the back. Now cut the five 3/ 4" x 2" through-mortises on each side in the locations shown in the diagram . Finally, cut the 2"-wide x 2"long tenons on the seat and stretc hers .

fh Iii


Add Texture • One of the nicest parts of Fechin's furniture is the

wavy, undu lating surface he created with his adze. An adze is like a hatchet with the blade twisted 90 degrees. Many come with a long handle, so you straddle the work as you shape it. I used a one-handed Portug uese adze instead. Choose an adze with a blade that curves up like it's smiling at you - sometimes called a gutter adze. (1 ground my blade to this shape.) Add texture to all of the parts with an adze; shape the edges with a drawknife. The n go over the surface with ajack plane to even out the places where you got a little aggressive. Finally, sand out the rough spots. Now cut the arch on the bottom of the sides with a keyhole saw or jigsaw. Shape the ope ning with a rasp; finish the edges with sandpaper.

fh Iii


Carving • Don 't be intimidated by the carving on this bench . Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to carve the entire bench in about seven or eight hours . Begin by laying out the snake-like carving on the sides. Photocopy the pattern in the PullOut" Plans and attach it to the sides with rubber cement. Make the circular cutouts using 11/2" and 1;2" Forstner bits. Then

carving. In 1895, Fechin entered a


PRECISION COUNTS • Because you 're deal ing with 21 lap joints, your cuts need to be precise as possible. No matter how careful you are , you might find a little trimming is necessary. I recommend you use a rabbet plane for trimming the sides of the lap joints.

six-year art program at Kazan. After graduating, he then entered the Academy of Art in Petrograd. After the Bolshevik Revolution, Nicolai had an invitation by the Carnegie Institute to come to the United States in 1923. After a stay in Pittsburgh and four years in New York, the Fechins moved to Taos, New Mexico, where Nicolai transformed his house. The sad part of this story is that as Nicolai finished work on his beautiful house , his wife asked for a divorce, so he was never able to fully enjoy the fru its of his labo r. He never built again. Nicolai and his daughter moved to New York briefly and then to Southern California to a studio in Santa Monica. He died quietly in his sleep in 1955. His Taos home is now open to the public. For Information on his work, contact The Fechin Institute • Box 832 • Taos, NM 87571.

30 Popular Woodworking


ROUGHING IT • You must be ca reful when using an adze. The large ones will open up your leg. The one-handed adze will only chew up your thigh. With the onehanded versi on, you can work with the wood to your side (instead of between your legs) which feels a good bit safe r.

define all of the edges with a 1;4" chisel. Make your cut about 3/ 16" deep. Then go back and remove the waste up to that line. Now layout the 24 circular patterns on the bench' s back. These are each 13/ 8" in diameter and c arved the same way you carved the sides . Finally, carve the square and faceted depressions on the back , seat and sides . See the short story at right for details on how to do this quickly and cleanly. Now comes a difficult decision. Eya Fechin, who is Nicolai Fechin 's daughter, says her father hand sanded all of the carvings. He started with the coarse grits and ended with the extremely fine grits. The result, she says, is that every ca rving is perfectly smooth to the touch , inside and out. I wi sh I had the time to do thi s. I used Fein Power Tool 's fan tastic detail sander and progressively finer grits to ge t the carvings smooth. It' s now time to assemble the bench. Glue the back together. You can glue the tenons into th e morti se s, as I did. Or make small wedge s for the tenons, which Fechin often did. The advantage to making the wedges is that your bench can be disassembled for moving or storage. Attach the back to the sides and seat with

sheet metal screws. Now di sassemble the bench to prep are for finishin g.

Finishing Fechin's finishes were an art form in themselves. Eya Fechin says her father used a small gasoline torch to darken areas on the furniture. Then he would use a common stain that wa s highly diluted with turpentine to even out the look. He always wiped on his finish. Finally, Fechin would apply John son's floor wax to his piece, allow it to dry and then buff it with a soft cloth . The result is a soft, smooth, low-luster finish. I approximated this look using shellac, dye and warm brown glaze. Here's how. Add about 1/ 2 teaspoon of alco holbased orange aniline dye to a pint of orange shell ac . Brush on tw o coats of the shellac and sand between coats. Now tone the entire piece and the rece sses in the carvings. Wipe on warm brown glaze to one area at a time, then wipe it off with a soft clot h. Allow the glaze to dry overnight. Then apply three coats of a clear fini sh , such as clear shellac. I'll admit it's not as mellowa finish as Fechin's is, but it approximates the look with less work and gives the piece some age. PW


first define

RELIEF CARVING â&#x20AC;˘ You don 't need a bucket of to ols to make these carvings, just patience. First use a ;r4" chisel to define the edg es of the carving as shown on the right side of the top photo. Then go back with a larger ch isel to remove the waste up to the line. A sharp tool and a little care will save you hours of sanding later. Finally, scoop out the center of the circle with a shallow gouge, such as a #5.



How to Carve the Faceted Depressions There are about 250 depressions spaced ;r4" apart on this bench. And while they are a lot of work, the effect in the end Is worth every minute. Here Is the fastest way to cut these details. First make a cardboard template. Cut a rectangle on it measuring 3/8" x ;r2". Use this template to mark out all the depressions.

Using a 3/8" chisel , mark the center of the depression. Pound the chisel with a mallet to make this cut about ;r8" deep.

Hold the chisel at an angle and define the sides. You don't need a mallet for this.

Clean out the waste on the two sides of the depression with the chisel.


Nothin g says "classy" like bringing out afull tea service on a tray table. Here 's all you need to know to build a "proper" tray table that lifts off its base. Butler not included. By Jim Stuard, associat e editor; Popul ar Wood workin o . 0 1ell ill photograph hy

Christine Poloms



Schedule of Materials: Butler Tray Table No. 1Item I Dimensions T W L

14 3 /4"


1 Long wings

1 1/ 4 " 1 1/ 2"

2 2

I Short aprons I 3/4" x 3:1t2" x 14:1t2" 1Mahogany I Long aprons 13/4" x 3 :1t2" x 24:1t2" I Mahogany I Legs 11 :lt2" x 1 :lt2" x 173/ 8" I Mahogany I Stretcher halves I 5/8" x 4" x 30" I Mahogany I Brac kets 1:lt2" x 2 3/ 4" x 2 3/ 4" IMahogany I Tray foot stoc k I 3/4" x :lt2" x 24" I Mahogany I Center ball 12" x 2" x 3 " IMahogany



base s ize

IMahogany IMahogany

1 5/ 8" x 4 3/ 4" x 18:1t2" 1 5/ 8" x 4 3/ 4" x 28:1t2"

Supplies: All the hardware for this table can



4 2 8 1 1

1 1/ 2" 1 1/ 4 "

be ordered from Lee Valley Tools at 800-871-8158

23 "

• Eight Butler tray table hinges part# 00W21.02 ($6.50/pair).


Pla n

I Material

x 18:1t2" x 28:1t2" I Mahogany

I Top I Short win gs


16 "

I 5/8"

1 2

26" base s ize

• Screws • part # 91Z05.04 ($3.20/100). 5/e "


1/ 2"

( ~


8 1/ 4 "

See fu ll-size deta il below


5/e" 3 1/ 2"

ml!?_ - - .....,_

See PullOut Flane'" for full-sized brackets and Center 1111===~===t1ll ba ll.




8 1/ 4 "







Elevat ion


1'/2" 314"


3 /4"














Tenon __....... s ize ~

3/16" 3/4"




, -,






<w' , 'f


3 /4" 'I




r> -,

,, "

Leave a square co rne r 4 " do wn from the top of t he leg t o index the t op.


3 1/ 2" Apron

2 1/ 2" Tenon I I I

Full-size Plan of the table base corner

Are .......,.. we on target? To see more projects like this in future iss ues, circle " P7" on th e post age-paid card in the Resource Directo ry.

..... -- -- -

I I I I I I I I -l


Full-size elevation of the table base corner M ay 1999 33


ROUTING A MORTISE • Make a jig to rout the hinge mortises . If you use the supplier that we named , use the pattern in the PullOut Plans to make a jig for routing the mortises. If you use a bearing-on-top bit , make sure that you use material thick enough to accommodate the bit and bearing when you make the jig.

SHAVING AN ELLIPSE· If you are going to change the size ofthe top, you'll need to use an ellipse-marking jig (top) . If not, cut out the wing patterns in the PullOut Plans. Make copies of the wing pattern halves and tape t hem together. Glue the patterns on the appropriate wings and cut out the oval-shapedwings. Next, clean up the edges ofthe wings with a block plane and prepare for mortising the hinges (bottom).




Ellipses and Squares • The top is a rectangle set inside of an ellipse. Th e wings actually touch at the four co me rs of the rectangl e. With the aid of our computer drafting software, I determined the perfect size of a rectangle that yields equal width s on all four wings . Th e Pullfrut" Plans contain a template for the top. If you want to modify the top and base sizes, you' ll need an ellipse-layoutj ig (See issue #98 , September 1997, for plans for a simple ji g we built to do this job). Begin by cutting out the parts according to the Schedule of Materials. Next , cut the wings to shape as shown in the photos. Then put the wing parts in place against the rectangle and, using masking tape, attach the wings to the top so they pull up tight.




Mounting the Wings • Mark the hin ge locations 4" in fro m ea ch co mer and tran sfer the loc ation to eac h wing with a knife. Th e barrel s of the hin ges don 't align exac tly with the win g joint, so use the template in the PullOut


34 Popul ar Woodworking

Plan s to locat e the hin ge rece sse s. Rout the recesses on the tabl e side first; then , with a spacer, rout the wing side. Th ere is some chisel work involved in fitting the hinge's spring mech ani sm to the top and wings. Aft er this is don e, attach all of the win gs and test the fit. You will notice that after mounting the wings, all four can' t fold up at the same tim e. Routing a roundover profil e on the edges of the top and win gs wi ll fix thi s. Rout a 3/ 8" profil e on the top and a '/4" profile on the bottom. After this is done, remo ve the wings . Scrollsaw the handle holes (see the pattern in the PullOut Plan s), sa nd and ro ut with a 1;4 " radiu s. Finish sand the top and wings; set them as ide for fini shing.



The Pierced Stretcher • Th e stretcher on this tabl e is strictly for show, and the turned ball ce nterpiece discourages people from putting anything on the stretcher, including their feet. Rough cut the stretchers to size, then use the pattern in the PullOut Plans to layout the angled half-lap joints on the pieces. I cut the half lap s with a hand saw and a rabbet plane, but a straight edge and a ro uter would work fine. After cutting the half laps, glue the stretcher pieces together. Next , make two copies of each stre tcher pattern in th e PullOut Plan s. Thi s gives a left and right, and the crosshairs in the center give a good indexing point. Tape the pattern pieces together and affix th em to the stretc he r blank, then cut the stre tcher pattern out usin g a scroll saw. Precis ion is important here because there is little room for error wh en fittin g th e stre tc he r to th e legs later on in con s tructio n. Tak e yo u r time a nd do it ri ght. La stl y, turn a small ball for the ce nter of the stretcher. Drill a 1/ 2" x 3/ 8,,_ deep hol e in the ce nter of the stretcher and a deeper hol e in the ball. Attach the ball with a dowel after fini shing.





Fluting the Legs • Use a ro uter in a tabl e to flute the legs. Set stops at each end of the fence and me asure


GETTING THE HANG OF ANGLES • Begin the stretche r layout by marking the centers of each stretc her piece along the length and across the middle. Drill a small hole through each center and place a small finish nail th rough both pieces . Place this assembly on the 6().degree angle and mark both pieces at the edges where t hey touch (left). Once you get the angle right, cut the half lap. First I used a hand saw to define the edges, then I used a rabbet plane t o hog out the waste (right ).

WOOD"WORDS (woodwurds) n. BEAD: A round moulding used to remove a sharp corner or break up the joint between two boards. FWTE: Basically a concave bead. A decorative element used in architectural columns and furniture.

(include the bit width) from the mounted bit to the stop. The distance should be I" less than the length of the leg. This gives a I " space at the top and bottom where there is no fluting . Using a 1/ 4" round nose bit, the first setup is 3/ 16" from the bit to the fence and 1/8" up. The second is centered on the leg. The photo details the setup necessary to complete this procedure. The diagram shows you the location of each flute . To complete the legs, first set the jointer fence at a 45-degree angle and cut a chamfer on the inside corner, away from the outer fluted sides . Set the depth of cut so there is an equal amount of width left on each remaining bevel. See the fullsized diagram for details.



Beading the Aprons • The bead at the bottom edge of the aprons will cast a shadow line that separatesthe aprons from the corner brackets. After beading the aprons, cut 3/8" x 2 1;2" x 3/ 4" mortises on the legs in the locations shown in the diagram . Then cut the 3/8" x 2 1;2" x 3/4" tenons on the ends ofthe aprons . Check the fit with the mortises in the legs.


fu Ii;


Assembly and Finish • The base can now be dry as-

sembled to get the fini shed size of the stretcher. Set the base upside down and lay the stretcher onto the bottoms of the legs, spaced evenly on all four legs, and mark the joints where they meet the legs. Cut the excess off and sand the ends until the stretcher fits snugly between the legs. Glue the base together and clamp. While the base drie s, make eight copies of the corner bracket pattern supplied in the Pull Out Plans. Layout the brackets according to the diagram in the PullOut Plans and cut their corners square with a miter saw . Note


DROP-CUT FLUTING • With t he rout er running, hold the leg firmly and gently lower it onto t he bit with the end of t he leg against t he first stop (which isn't visible behind my right hand). Run the leg across t he bit to t he other stop and lift it straight up. Now rotate the leg 90 degrees and repeat the process. Reset the fence to rout t he flute down the cen ter of the leg. Use a t est piece first ; then run the center flute on each leg.

the grain direction for strength. Affix the patterns to your wood and cut them out on the scrollsaw. Sand and attach the brackets with small brad s and glue. Now build the tra y' s feet, which keep the tray centered perfectly on the base. First cut 45-degree miters on the end s of so me 3/ 4" x 1/ 2" stock (called "Tra y foot stock" in the Schedule of Material s) and cut them to 2" lengths. Using the foot pattern in the PullOut Plans, scrollsaw left and right mitered pieces for each foot. Place the top and base upside down on a blanket. Center the inverted base on the top. Nail two of these corner pieces together and attach them to the top at the inside corner where the long apron meets the leg. Leave a little clearance so the top won 't get stuck. Start the three- step finishing process with a thinned-down red aniline dye . Wh y red ? Thi s will accentuate the red that May 1999 35



USING AN OLD TIMER FOR THE BEAD • I beaded the aprons using an old Stanley #45 mould ing plane. The bead is a standard :Its" and can also be made wit h a beading bit in a router table.


is already in the mah ogany. Your goa l is a bright reddish or pink color when dry. So don 't be shocked if your table suddenly looks like it belongs in the circus. Rag it on, preferably with cheese cloth (it doesn 't leave lint on the surface). Wipe any blotches down with a clean rag lightl y soaked with the thinn er used for your dye. Next , reduce some neut ral grain fill er with oil-based mah ogan y stain to the co nsiste ncy of

heavy crea m. Rub the stain/filler mixture across the grain leaving a fairly heavy coat. Let it stand for a few minutes until the thinn est part of the application starts to dry. Rub the excess stain/filler out across the grain and finish rubbing lightly with the grain. Apply three coats of clear lacquer, sanding between coats, and you're ready for tea time . PW


Woodworking -.-....._--~ ~ WOiIwodsing





MOUNTING THE STRETCHER • After fitting the stretcher, lay out and drill dowel centers so that the stretcher will attach 5" up from the bottom of the legs .



t is t :

Build a Shaker comer cabinet, Chippendale NOVEMBER 11 eye-catching project s including a futon, and Rockin' Harley Hog rocking horse; buyer's Shaker sewing stand and quilt rack, plus tips on how ..$ guide to catalogs for tools and materials (#58107) to press veneer (#58 106) ~ SEPTEMBER How to build an outdoor rocking SEPTEMBER How to build a flip-top table-cha ir, a recliner and Co lonial-style computer desk; add tall pine clock , a sailboat model , and more (#58086) hidden com partments in your projects (#58087) JULY Build an elegant wine cart/server, a classic JULY Build the ultimate workbench, practical rocking horse , porta ble woodworking station, and 4 cabinets to display anywhere, and JFK's legendary garden projec ts (#58066) humidor (#58067) MAY Make a flower press, an Arts & Crafts table, MAY Make a corner cabi net, an Arts & Crafts and 2 lamps; learn how to turn wet wood; 7 simple garden bench , Chippendale table saw j igs (#58046) mirror, and 11 more fantastic :~CDKE~~SUE MARCH Build a mortise work projec ts (#58047) Handsome charcoal station, simple je lly cupboard, and MARCH Make a traditional gray binder holds a more; assemble a wood workin g I armoire, mahogany briefcase, year's worth of issues shop for $ 1,000 (#58036) JANUARY Make a child 's rocker, inlaid music 3-drawer desk, and more (#58037) for quick reference. JANUARY How to make a jewelry armoire , $ 11.95 each, postpaid . box, walnut desk set, kids' easel, and 15 more holid ay ornaments, and 16 more projects; 101 (#98000) holiday projects (#58 125) table saw techniques (#58 127)








Unit Price

Total Cost

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Outside u.s. add $ 1 per issue and $2 per binder .1 and remit in U.S. funds. Prices includ e shipping and handling. Please allow 4-6 weeks fo r deliver)'.

Subtotal Ohio residents add 6% sales tax.


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. issue

PuliOutâ&#x201E;˘ Plans â&#x20AC;˘ May 1999



Carefully open staples to remove plans, then bend staples closed again.

Supplemental drawings for projects in this issue Project name

From page

A Bench in the Style of Nicolai Fechin 28 Butler Tray Table 32 If These Walls ~ould Talk 62 The Family Crest 70 These plans incorporate pages 41 to 48 of this magazine

Full-size diagram of small shield and fleur-de-lis 51LB Stock: 1/4"

Id Assembly Key

'od Color Key



= Medium Brown

= Dark Brown : White

= Suggeated in direction


A Bench in the Style of Nicolai Fechin Full-size diagrams of the end panel carving and spiral on back of bench.

End panel carving

Dashed circle indicates scooped out area.

Butler Tray Table Some Butler Tray Table diagrams require enlarging. See individual diagram for enlargement percentage. All of these diagrams will fit on a 11" x 17" sheet or smaller when enlarged.

Base stretcher For full-size enlarge 133%

Full-size diagram of foot for top



7 Base stretcher For full-size enlarge 133%


t Pic

If These Walls Could Talk Scale diagrams of the teeth. Numbers on teeth refer to location in box (mouth). Enlarge 133% for full-size.




lt t er base, ls es to locate space the

Layout of patterns on half-lapped stretcher.

Vertical Shield Part

Letter base

67LB Stock: 1/4" - 3/8"





Upper Scroll




location of letter base. Use these bases to locate and properly space the inlaid letters.



<:Ill Ill<:


locatÂŤ Use t~ and pr inlaid I

Use 3/4" material for Jig

Handle cutout

Igram of routing jig for tray hinges

t. '



For full-size enlarge 200"/.

3 "





.------.----r------..- ct Handle cutout

Short leaf For full-~ize enlarge 1331.

Long leaf For full-size enlarge 133%

The Family Crest Full-size diagrams of crest parts 47LB




r---------j-------j---------I I I I I








Dashed lines indicate location of vertical shield part 48MB, I

\ \

I I \

I \

I \

I \



" "

II ,

, ,





, I


I " I I





' ....r:


,/ I





Small dashed lines

<; indicate placement o small shield (51LB)


MERICA' S BEST-KNOWN master carpenter, Norm Abram , also ha s a keen interest in sa lvaged wood . Wh en Abram , host of "The New Yankee Work shop ," got word of our "Trees to Furniture" program, it naturally sparked his interest. So much so, in fact, he and a film crew traveled to Cin cinnati (w here "Trees to Furn iture" originated) and spe nt a day helping salvage a tre e in a re sidential neighborh ood. Their footage will be shown on an upcoming "New Yankee

Workshop" episode along with a project Abram has built using salvaged "Trees to Furniture" cherry lumber. After gettin g to know Abram, we learned it isn' t just his frugal Yankee upbringing that drew him to our program, but a genuine appreci ation for the beauty and special characteristics of recycled lumber. Popular Woodworking's Associate Editor Jim Stuard talked to Abram about his passion for recycled lumber in the fol lowing inter view. May 1999 49

PW Over the past cou ple of years, episodes of "The New Yankee Workshop" have included seg ments addressing the subject of recycled woods. Some of these included structural timbers fro m a rail road bridge across the Great Salt Lake in Utah, beams from old indu stri al buildin g s in th e process of being demolished , barn si d ing, etc. How lon g have yo u been inte res ted in recyclin g old materials?

NA We were over in London

member one questionfrom 'This Old House" that was given to a guy who was hanging drywall. We said, " Well, do you know where thi s stuff comes from ?" And he sa id, " Yeah. It comes fro m the home center, you know." A lot of people don 't think about it but when they see where it originates they get extremely interested.

III have really found that what I

PW Many of the projects on 'The New Yankee Workshop" are antiq ue reproductions. Do you think using the older wood make s the reproduction more true to the original?

several years ago doing a project for 'T his Old House" and get out of the old boards and timbers we ended up going to a place is wider boards, tighter grain and wh ere th ey were rec ycl in g NA I would say no. I think the architectural eleme nts fro m " look" maybe is more true to material that's much more stable buildings. Th ey we re usin g the original, but I wouldn 't try th em to mak e furn it ure or to sa y, OK, thi s is more of an because it is old-growth timber accurate reproduction because cabinets or whateve r. And -NormAbram it' s built with similar timbers. it was interesting to see how In fact we 're probably using cl ev er they we re at ta kin g more in te res ting th an ju st o rde r ing older wood and cu ttin g it in a way that lower- grade timber in a lot of these pro100 board feet of cher ry for deli very. they could conceal any freshly cut edges j ect s than we might (oth erwise). So I and cr eate ca binets, tabl es and things think it gives it a better look than make s NA It's a shame to ju st throw thi s stuff it more authentic. I think the only thing like that. Later, we did a series for "The we draw from the antiques is the inspiaway. Espec ially with the pine projects, New Yankee Work sh op" and pa id visration and that it's hard to beat some of I have really found that what I get out of its to various antique sho ps in London. the old boards and timbers is wider boards, the thin gs you see from the past. The scary part was (try ing) to decide if tighter grain and material that is much what we were looking at in the shops more stable because it's old-growth timwere in fact antiques or whe ther they PW In most situations, using reclaimed ber. You get some nice thicknesses out had been made out of the arc hi tectural woo d ma y actually be more expensive th an buying lumber through convenelements. It was rea lly hard to tell with of it. Bett er co lor is th e real key. And part of it is really an environmental issue. some of them. Actually, they were quite tion al channels. Do the added benefits Here in New England, landfills are dead clever with con stru cti on , but what reof the reclaimed wood justify the extra for a ll practica l matters. In the town I ally got us going was that yo u co uld ge t expense? live in we have a transfer area that is very an instant patin a from the recycled mamuch desig ned to encou rage peopl e to terials that you could never accomplish NA That ' s what is shocking, and we with new materi al. recyc le. However , there still are large have found that it's getting more and dumpsters for resident s to throw thin gs We had tried that earlier, made our more ex pens ive. I think there 's a fair such as wood, shingles and anything that own stains. We never we re reall y satisamo unt of demand not only in the furthey might have from their own personal fied with it so that' s reall y where it got niture industry, but in home building. renovation projec ts. At least that amount star ted. Plu s being Yankees. You know So it' s more expensi ve than buying of material seems to be decreas ing. Even ... we tend to not throw thin gs away . through the con ventional channels, but if it did get thrown in the landfill (wood) how do you asse ss the added value ? I isn't toxic. It's going to rot away, but it's PW Why do you enj oy using recycled don 't think you can. I think it' s more of materials ? Is it environme ntal, or more j ust such a waste. an aesthetic thing. You do it because it's the quality yo u can find , such as better Do these segments make for a betwhat you want. And if you are going to width s, tighter grains, better color? And ter television show? People like it when worry about how much it's actually costdo you think that the se seg me nts make we go into a fac tory environme nt o r ing then maybe it 's not the choice you for a better television show? It's certainly show where materials co me from. I reshould make. 50 Popul ar Wood working


What is 'Trees to Furniture'?

PW An exc eption to reclaimed wood being more expensive is the "Trees to Furniture" project co-sponsored by Popular Woodworking and Wood-Mizer. Our concept is reclaiming city trees and getting good material for pennies and some "sweat equity." What do you think about the program?

Trees to Furniture is an effort started by two professors/woodworkers in Cincinnati who wanted to turn fallen urban t rees into lumber for projects in their home shops. In the last two years , they've figured out the best ways to find the trees and have them cut into usable lumber by other people who own portable sawmills. And they do this for less than 50 cents a board foot. If you 'd like more information about the program, send a selfaddressed, stamped envelope (with two first-class stamps) to Trees to

NA I think it' s a great idea. With the exposure on the show and these articles it's going to become a big source for a lot of woodworkers. We said we hope that this spreads all over the place. You know I would love to see the end result be a network of people who do this. I think that this will eventually happen.

Furniture • 1507 Dana Ave. • Cincinnati , OH 45207. Or you can contact the founders directly:

PW Tell me about the project you 're buildingfor 'The New Yankee Workshop" episode that include s your vi sit to Cincinnati.

NA We're calling it a bathroom sink base. It wa s inspired by a de sign that came from a homeowner in Tucson, Arizona. He had de signed thi s bathroom vanity for his rehab job, and I guess if you 're going to classify it you' d say it's a little bit Empire style. It' s a pretty straightforward Black Cherry sink base. There are some small half columns on the front so on the show I take some thicker stock, tum a column and saw it in half to get two halves . The door is slightly recessed with a false drawer front above. The door is a beveled raised panel, but it's raised on both the inside and the out side. PW I wonder if you could offer so me thoughts about people' s connection to wood as material that just doesn't happen with metal s, plastics or other materials they come in contact with?

NA I don't know, maybe that's not true if you're a machinist. Maybe you're very attached to metals. Wood is warm to the touch , and there is something very aesthetically pleasing about wood and wood grain . You know it's funny . In my house I did someth ing that 1 was a little concerned about when I first built the house, and that's mixing a lot of different woods

• Sam Sherrill • • Michael Romanos • On the web: • Cincinnati Parks employees bring down a tree that would otherwise end up in the landfill. Norm Abram and one of the founders of the " Trees to Furniture" program then sawed the log into planks for drying with a Wood-Mizer sawmill.

in the same space and actua lly havin g wood s com e together that are quite different. You walk in my fro nt door and it' s a Long Leaf South ern Yell ow Pin e floor. Then there are two wide openings that go into rooms which have qu artersawn White Oak floors. And it' s great and it work s. PW In additi on to eco nomical and environmental reasoning, there is an emotional attachment some people have to a stately tree that' s shaded their home, that their kid s climbe d in and pl ayed around whil e growing up . It' s not unusual for the owner of a yard tree to commis sion a "Trees to Furn itur e" woo dworker to build something for them from their tree.

NA I can remember planting a tree when my daughter was young - you know, a little Japanese Maple. It's not a tree that's going to yield a piece of furniture, but it' s there and it grew as she grew and so

forth. And I think there is a lot of emo tional attachm ent. Some of the floors in my house are recycl ed Lon g Leaf Southern Yellow Pin e , and I tri ed to ge t the g uy that I bou ght the material from to see if he co uld track down a picture of the mill that the timbers had come from. I ju st wanted a fram ed picture for my front hall where I ha ve the pine floo rin g to say, "This floorin g came from timbers that were recycled from this mil l." You know there's not a personal attachment, bu t there is history there , and r think that' s really important. PW

The ep iso de fe aturing th e " Trees to Furniture " effort (episode # ///0) will air at 2 p.m. March / 3 on PBS (chec k your local listing). Be sure to also check out the brand new website for " The New Yankee Workshop " at:

May 1999 51



iven up any comer of your house with this modem bookcase. We used 13/ 16" Birch plywood for the ca se edged with thin strips of wood, The method for making the curved base is shown below. The case is built with tongue-and -groove join ts. (Today's technology would suggest using biscuits and iron-on veneer tape. ) The finish is white shellac. PW

A nostalgiclookback at the planspublished byDelta Machineryafter World War II.

9/ 16"

I101>I>';;;; 1'' i;;===;;=;=='T-=====;;~~===,=,=,:=:s:T,f]

deep infront &. 5ide panel

~;mt::::;;;;;==+'=:::;:;:J:':" ::::JI"


~;rn::;::;:::::;:;:::*~J:';:: ;': :::J-L

deta n on

frontof bsee frame

9/ 16" rabbet, 1;4" deep

top and vottom panda


'1 3 1'/2"


back panel

1------ 1 8,, -----~_.j I ,

',:--_-t-== =:_-_~-_-.:_~ I

- 0

=.-:.:: -=--...:: :.:- = =-.= t;-ir-

.hap"'; I"'J

:~ :




26'12" '.'

"/16" plywood : 5ide panel ;'


1 1 I I '_ _ 9"



'14" plywood





\ 1'12",1'12",25'/4"


-. ---..-/5haped leg

~=-.:8'14"---·_·J_·------ 36" -------

52 Popular Woodworking



, ,

== -::.:-------- ---.=::.'=l'=---...

One thing's for sure. You don't mess with success. The massive cast iron table and trunnion and power and precision are right where they've been since the day we built the first one of these critters. And we're still building them right here in the good ole US of A.

Newly designed see-t hru blade guard with s plitter a nd anti-kickback attachment locks in the "UP" position for blade changing. Releases automatically when in sert is replaced.

Solid footing. Redesigned stand with splayed legs, integral dust chute and built-in storage for rip fence, miter gage and wrenches. Three-piece assembly can save 700/0 of your assembly time. And all of the aggravation.

Smooth. Sweet N ew UniRip'" T-Square style fence with s ingle locking handle and extruded aluminum front rail, extends your capacity to 30" right of blade. Built-in T-slots accommodate j igs and other a c c e s s o rie s .

Your Series 2000 Contractor's Saw' is also available with a Unifence~ Precision Saw Guide, or Biesemeyer Fence.


A tennoning jig or dado set or mobile base can make any saw perform better. Be sure to check out all the accessory possibilities when you purchase your new Delta machine.


POWER Believe it. We've just improved on one of the industry's "standards:' We've tak en th e original Contractor's Saw" that we design ed some 46 years ago and moved it into th e future. Introducing the new Delta Series 2000 Contractor's Stuo" New fence. New stand. Old Delta Quality. For th e nam e of your nearest Delta dealer, call Delta International Machinery Corp., 800-438-2486. In Canada, 519-836-2840. Proud sponsor of The N e w Yankee Workshop with Norm Abram and The American Woodshop with S cott Phillip s .




CELTA A_Company

Circle #119 on Resource Directory Coupon

Fear Drawers No More If the thought ofbuilding drawers gives you the willies, read on to learn the simple secrets to super drawers. NE OF THE BIG MYSTERIES for beginning woodworkers is how to build drawers. They fear them like the plagu e. The y even pay good money to companies to make their drawer s for them. And all their ang st is over a little box . Think about it, mo st of the stuff you build is a box in one way or another. Cabinets are boxe s on walls. Tool chests are boxes with handles. So if you think about it, drawers are really just boxe s inside of a box . Ahhh, you say. It's not ju st a box , it's a box that has to fit perfectly and smoothly slide in and out. So it's the preci sion mechanics that spook you. Listen: the trick to drawers is learning one method, and then sticking with it. For a flush, inset drawer, start by mea suring the draw er opening. Subtract 1/ 8"


By Chri stopher Schwarz and lim Stuard, Popular Woodworking.

54 Popular Woodworking

from the width and length and that's the size of your drawer front (this gives you 1;16" space all around) . How deep should the drawer be ? Don 't worry about it too much . Simply make it I" les s than the depth of your opening and use a stop to hold the drawer flush to the front. Now choose one way to build your drawers. Make your drawers over and over the same way, and soon you'll build drawers that fit perfectly the first time. We've illustrated two of the most popular styles of constructing drawer boxes. These two practice projects are great for an afternoon in the shop. The first is for the power-tool purist: the simple rabbeted drawer. Then , for the "unplugged" woodworkers , the classic half-blind dovetail drawers. Both style s work in almost any piece of furniture and can be built with just a few tools by the beginning woodworker.

RABBET-JOINT DRAWERS f you want to build strong dr awers in a fla sh , rabbet ed dr awers are for you. With just a table sa w or a rout er mounted in a router table , you can build rabbeted drawers just like they do in most production shops. Thi s method is so fast that you could rabbet all the drawers for a 40-drawer tansu chests in ju st a couple hours. The real trick is to get your table saw se t up just right so you don 't have to do any hand -fitting. That mean s cutting a coupl e test pieces before you start slamming out the parts. So be sure to have some extra fall off from the drawer part s for your test cuts.


The order of these steps is critical because you want to reset your table saw as little as possible. First work on the drawer sides. Raise your table saw's blade to :1t4" high . Set your fence for :1t2" including the blade thickness. Cut both ends of the sides using t his setup with the inside face down on t he table.



Use the same setup to run both ends of the drawer front on edge with the inside face of the drawer front against the fence.



NOW make the second cut on the sides that completes the rabbet. Set the height of the saw 's blade to :1t2". Then set your fence so that there's a :1t4" space between the fence and the blade . The outside of the drawer side is against the fence. Make this cut on both ends of the sides. No cuts are required on the :1t2"-thick back, which nestles nicely into the rabbet on the sides.

Make the second cut on the drawer front 's rabbets by keeping the height of the saw's blade at :1t2" . Set your fence to :1t4" inclUding the blade thickness. Make the cut with the front face up on the table.

Drawer Bottoms:

There are many ways to put in a drawer bottom. Here 's two ways: Put a :1t4" dado stack in your table saw and raise it to :1t4" high. Set your fence so there's :1t4" between the fence and the inside of the dado stack. Cut the groove on the bottom of all four drawer parts. Another solid option is to make the width of your drawer back :1t2" less than the sides and to cut the groove for the bottom on the sides and front only. Then nail the bottom to the drawer back. This makes your bottom removable for finishing and replaceable if it ever breaks.


After cutting the groove for the bottom, assemble t he drawer using glue and nails e/S" or 1" will do nicely). Three nails in each rabbet are enough for your average drawe r. Set the nails, putty th e holes and sand t he sides.

May 1999 55

HALF-BLIND DOVETAILS ure you can cut these ha lf- b lin d dovetails on just about any $99 router jig. But there 's something nice and traditional about hand-cu tting your dovetails . It shows off your skills, and you can work quietly in your shop without the incessant whining of the router. Finally, you can make your dovetails for any size drawer, whereas many router jigs limit what size your drawer can be, so you have to design your projects around your jig.


Tools for Dovetails • • • • • •

Sliding bevel Marking gauge Marking knife Backsaw Coping saw Chisels

Materials for Both Drawers Drawer front: 3/4" cherry Sides: :1t2" pine (#2 common) Back: :1t2" pine (#2 common) Bottom: :1t4" plywood

56 Popular Woodworking


Though this is a source of debate , cut the tails first. Set your marking gauge to :1t2" and scribe a line all the way around the front end of the side pieces.

With your marking gauge at the same :1t2" setting, scribe a line on t he end grain from the back of the drawer front to locate how far in the tails will penetrate into the front.



Now layout the tails. First mark the center of the end grain on the sides. Work out from there to determine how many pins and tails you want. Our tails here are 1 :1t4" wide with 5/16" between each tail. Be sure to layout your tails so the groove for the bottom will be buried in a tail . Set your sliding bevel to 10 degrees - a good angle for pine. Mark out the location of the tails on both faces of the sides. A marking knife wo rks better than a pencil because the line is finer and it severs the wood fibers, which makes it easier for you to follow your marks.


Use a saw with a rigid spine to cut the tails. The traditional European tool is a backsaw. We have become very fond of the Japanese-style saws , which cut on the pull stroke. Definitely worth a $25 to $50 investment.

Use a coping saw to begin removing the waste. After you make the first cut at an angle (above) , you can come back and clean out most of the remaining waste (left).



Pare down the waste to your scribed lines with a 3/8" chisel. Use a 5/8" or 3/4" chisel to shave the actual tails to your scribed lines. Do this in one quick cut if you can.

N OW place your cut tails on top of the end grain of its drawer front mate. Using a sharp pencil, mark the outline of the tails onto the drawer front. This makes the outline for the pins.

Remove the waste around the pins. First chop a line ~16" in from your scribed line (see photo). Then bring your chisel back to your end grain and pop out the waste.





HOId your chisel at an angle as shown above to pare out the waste down to your scribed line. Once you make these angled cuts, go back and hog out the waste with your chisel parallel to the scribed line.


On the inside of the drawer front, bring the mark for the end grain . straight out to the scribed line. Cut these with a backsaw. You can make the cut 1" or so beyond your scribed line. This will allow you to clean out a lot more waste with your saw. And don't worry, it's a traditional method.

Finally, fit the pins and the tails. After fitting, use a deadblow mallet to push the tails into the pins evenly.

Dovetail Details:

Dovetails are one ofthe best mechanical woodworking joints around. There are just a few rules you should keep in mind as you layout your first (or 100th) set. First, as in all drawer construction, make sure that the drawer sides have the heartwood facing out. This way if the sides cup any more during the life of the drawer, it won 't cause the drawer to bind. Second, pay attention to how dramatic the slope is on your tails and pins. Keep the angle between 7 and 14 degrees. Angles less than 7 degrees offer minimal locking strength; those greater than 14 degrees are likely to shear off if the joint is stressed. Any angle between 9 and 11 degrees will offer good appearance and strength in both softwoods and hardwoods. PW HOW TO FIGURE OUT HOW LARGE YOUR DOVETAILS SHOULD BE. 1 . Figure out how much space you want between each tail. 2. Count the number of spaces between tails (don 't forget the two end spaces) . 3. Multiply that number by the amount of space between your tails. 4. Subtract the result from the total width of the side. 5 . Divide that result by the number of tails. 6 . That number is the width of each tail.


4 4 x 5/1 6 "


1~4" 5 " - 1 ~4" = 3 3/4" 3 3/4 ".;. 3 = 1~4" 1~4"

May 1999 57

Drill Press Table Turn your metalworking drill press table into a woodworking table in just afew hours and with only afew dollars worth ofmaterials.

ES PIT E THE FACT that your drill press is de signed mostly for poking holes in sheet metal, it has many uses in a woodshop . It' s a mortiser, a spindle sander, it bores huge holes, and - of course - drill s hole s at perfect right ang les to the table. Because the table on most drill presses is designed for metalworking, it' s hardly suited for these tasks. So I built this add -on table with features that will turn yo ur drill press into a far friendlier machine: • First , a fence that slides forward s and backwards as well as left and right on either side of the quill. Thi s last feature also uses the drill pre ss ' tilting table feature with the auxi liary table for angled drilling . • Built-in stops (bo th left and right ) that attac h to the fen ce


David Thiel is senior editorfo r Popular Wood work ing.

5 8 Popular Woodworking

for repeti tive procedures such as dowelin g or chain drilling for mortises. • Hold-downs that ca n be used on the fence or on the table for any procedure. The sizes given in the Schedule of Materials are for a 14 " drill press, with the center falling 9" fro m the rear edge of the table, with a 2" notch in the back to straddle the column. Adjust the center location and overa ll size of the table to match your particular machine .



Sta rt With the Base-ics • The base platform for the table is made from 3/4" plywood, which should be voidfree. Again , adjust the size as necessary to fit yo ur drill press. First you need to get the table ready for the T-track, which is what holds the fence and hold-downs in place. Start by locating



Schedule of Materials: Drill press table No. 1Lett. I Item I Dimensions T W L

Location of ba se plate braces Right si d e shown, left is mirror image 9"

hole Hole locations







Fence base plates



Base plate braces

3/4" x 3" x 1 7/ S"


1 xl



Plywood Hardwood

I 3/4" x 3" x 9"





3/4" x 2;-2" x 2;-2"




Hold-down plates

3/4" x 1;-2" x 3"




Insert plate

3/S" x 4" x 4"


Part #88F05.02 DeStaCo clamps Part #12K790124" T-slot track -







I Material

3/4" x 20 " x 29" 1;-2" x 2 3/ 4" x 30"


8 8


$14.50 ea . $4.95 ea.

Part #00M5102 1 ;-S" 3-wing knobs Part #05J2115 T-nuts -

$6 for 10

$1.15 for 10

All hardware available from Lee Valley 800-871-8158

Plan detail of hole locat ions for base plate 1 '3/ 4 "


Š 11/ 16" \ 1/4"

1 1/ 4 "


Deta il of Fen ce Profi le

Are we on target? To see more projec ts like this In future issues, circ le " P10" on the postage-paid card in the Resource Directory.


Holes a re ce ntered 3 " in from t he f ro nt an d ba ck an d 4 1/ 2" from either si de.

May 1999 59


ROUT THE GROOVE • The grooves for the T-slot track allow the fence to be used left-to-right and fr ont-t oback on t he table to take advantage of the built -in tilting feature of the existing table.


the four recessed hole s that allow the T-slot mechanism to slip into the track without disassembling the mechanism. Each hole is 11;2" in diameter and 3/8 " deep. Next , locate the grooves in the center of the holes and use a router with a 3/ 4"-w ide straight bit to cut the grooves to a 3/ 8" depth. The T-slot track should fit into the grooves with the top surface just below that of the plywood table. The grooves should be as parallel as possible to one another to allow smooth movement of the fence.

pushed into the rabbet , so your work will fit against the fence. One option that I considered was adding an indexi ng tape me asure o n th e fenc e . E very time th e tabl e is moved th e tape would need to be readjusted to ze ro, and for the infrequent use the tape would see I decided aga inst it. A stick-on tape can easily be added to the fence face if that' s more to your per sonal taste and needs.



Replaceable Center • Now cut the hole for the 4" x 4" replaceable insert. First locate and mark the position centered on your table, then mark in from that line by 3/8 " to locate your cutting line . Drill clearance holes in two comers of the square, then use ajigsaw to cut out the center piece. Next, determin e the thickness of the material you will use for your insert (the 3/8 "-thick Baltic Birch we used is actu ally metric and shy of 3/8 ") and set a 3/ 8" piloted rabbeting bit in a router to a height to hold the insert tlu sh to the top surface of the table. While your jigsaw is still out, locat e, mark and cut out the notch in the back of the table. This allows the table to move closer to the drill press ' post and tilt without interference. As a final friendly touch on the table, I used a :Y8" roundover bit in my router to soften all the edges on the table, both top and bottom . You'll get fewer splinters if you do this.




Milling the Fence· The fence is the heart of the table, and the wood should be chosen for durability and straightness. Quartersawn hardwood, carefully surfaced and planed, will do nicely. After cutting the fence to size, use a dado stack to mill two 3/8"-deep by 3/4"-wide grooves in the fence. The first is centered on the top surface of the fence, and as in the groove s in the base platform, a piece ofT-slot track should be used to confirm that the groove is deep enough to allow the track to fit just below the surface of the wood. The second groove is then cut centered on the face of the fence. One other bit of tabl e saw work is the 1/8" x 1/4" wide rabbet cut on the insid e bottom edge of the fence. This rabbet allows dust and debri s to be


60 Popular Woodworking

RABBET FOR THE INSERT • After cutting the hole with a jigsaw, the opening is rabbeted using a bearing-piloted router bit. Then chise l the corners square and fit the replaceable center tightly into the rabbet . Make a couple extras.



Fence Support Braces • Unlike the fence on a router table, the fence on a drill pre ss tabl e won' t see a lot of lateral pressure. So the main purp ose of the braces is to hold the fenc e square to the table at the drilling point. In my case I've also given the braces the job of mounting the fence to the table. Start by cutting the two base plates and the four braces to size. Th e braces are tri an gles with the bottom edg e 3" lon g and the adj oining right angle edg e 17/ 8" long. The third side is determined by simply connecting the corn ers. Locate the braces on the base plate s acc ording to the diagrams and predrill and countersink 31 16" diam eter holes in the base plates to attach the braces to the plat es. To mount the support braces to the fenc e, again refer to the diagrams to locate the prop er spacing on the fence. Then drill and countersink screw holes through the face groove in the fence. Clamp the brace to the fence and screw the brace in place. With the braces attached to the fence, use the T-slot fastener locations on the diagrams as a start ing point for drilling the holes in the base plates, but check the location against your table for the best fit. Two hole s are drilled in each plate to allow the fence to be moved to the perpendicular positi on (either to the right or left of the quill ), by simply relocating one of the T-slot fasteners. Check each hole in relationship to that position.




Attaching the Track • Assuming you purch ased the 24" lengths of track listed in the Schedule of Materials, you should be able to cut the tracks for the table first, leaving fall off that can be added to the two remaining full length tracks to give you the necessary 30" lengths of track for the fence. When attaching the track , first pilot drill the hole in the center of the


-- ---~

rabbet for dust and chip clearance

7 T-slot hold-downs in two locations for positionin



ROCK SOLID • The fence is made of a sturdy, stable hardwood. Cut a groove the length of the top and face of the fence. The grooves support T-slot tracks, which can be used for stops, hold-downs and other accessories.


track (a groove is provided in the track to simplify that location), then use a co untersi nk to widen the hole to accommodate a #4 x 5/8" flat head screw. Keeping the screws as flush as possible to the inner surface of the track will make the stops and ho lddowns move much easier.

top surface of the block. While the DeS taCos are good for this app licatio n, they are n' t as versati le as I wa nted. I replace d the threade d-ro d plunger with longer all-threa d (1/ 4" x 36) to provide maximum benefit from the clamps. The rubb er tip of the plunger is importa nt to the function of the clamp, and if yo u can manage to reuse the existing tip it' s very helpful. If not, I fou nd rubber stoppers in a variety of sizes in the local Sears hardware store. After carefully drilling a 1;4"-dia meter hole two-th irds of the way into the stopper I was able to sc rew it o nto the rod with little diffic ulty.



Finishing Touches • Stops and hold-downs desig ned for use in T-tracks make the drill press most usefu l. The stops are simply square blocks of wood with o ne side milled to leave an indexing strip that fits into the slot on the T-slot track. By using the saw to cut tall but shallow rabbets on two edges of each block, the stops are completed fairly easi ly. For safety, run the rabb et on a lon ger 21;2" wide piece of wood, then cut the stops to sq uare afterward. The T-slot fasteners are simply inserted into a 1;4"hole drilled in the center of eac h stop block. The hold-downs are simply blocks of wood with DeStaCo™ cla mps mou nted to the top. Each block is dri lled for two T-slot fasteners, one on either end. Then the clamp is screwed to the


FENCE BRACES • The fence is supported by two simple brackets screwed to the rear of the fence. The location of the triangular braces is important to the track orientation, so follow the diagrams carefully for location.

Attaching and Personalizing The table should attach eas ily to your existi ng drill press table using four lag bolts co untersunk flush into the surface of the auxiliary table. Once attached you should find that the auxiliary tab le overha ngs the metal table quite a bit. O ne person ali zed touch I want to suggest is adding sma ll drawers to the underside of the table to store bits, wre nches and chuck keys. PW

brace attachment


LAYING TRACKS • Install the T-slot tracks in the grooves with flat head screws countersunk into the track. The braces are attached to the fence by screwing through the face groove prior to attaching the T-slot track.

T-slot guides allow old-downs to be us anywhere on the T-track.

HOLD IT • The hold-downs and stops are made from 3/4" hardwood. To make the guide to hold the stops square to the fence , cut a :lt16" x 1:Its" rabbet on both sides of the inside face.


May 1999 61

IfThese Walls Could Talk These aren't George Washington's wooden choppers, but they arefun to build.

HE PIEC E FEATUR ED here is titled "Se lf Portrait." If yo u prefer, you may put a sma ll vase of fresh cut flowers on top of it and call it " Bloo ming Id iot." It's design ed to either hang on a wa ll or si t on a tabl e, mantl e, she lf or TV. At first glance this look s like a wo rk of inta rsia. Intarsia differs from marqu etr y in that the indi vidu al pieces that form the intarsia are thicker, and the edges are shaped to give the finished piece more of a three-dimen sion al appearance . Thi s piece, o n the other hand, is a blend of intarsia and sc ulpture. As my sty le has evo lved, I have inco rpora ted techniqu es tha t give more depth to the work. Co nse quently, elements of a piec e are actuall y three-dimen sion al rath er than s imp ly proj ectin g a n illu si on o f three dim en s ion s. Th e


St eph en Edwards works wood in Hilham, Tenn. If you'd like to know more about this kind ofwoodwork ing you may coil/act the author; Stephen Edwa rds, at: or at 2 15 Add Stafford Road Hilham , 7N ¡ 38568.

62 Popul ar Woodworking

overall effec t is, I think, more interes ting . When building this project you' ll need only moderate woodworking skills, and a few basic tools and supplies. Once you've co mpleted thi s piece , yo u' ]] be read y for more co mplica ted work s like the ones shown on the following pages. For this first piece, I used Eastern Red Cedar for the background , the frame and the mouth. For the teeth I used Yellow Poplar with a whitewash. It's fin ished with severa l coats of Za r brand satin tung oil. If ceda r isn 't available in yo ur area yo u might want to co nside r using two other co ntras ting woo ds . For the back I used 3/4" birch plywood . Any cabinet plywood will do.

WOOD"WORDS (woodwurds) n. INTARSIA: A mosaic, usually of exotic woods, sawn, shaped, closely fitted and glued to a support of wood to form a picture. MARQUETRY: Similar to intarsia except that the pieces of wood that make up the picture are inlaid veneer.


Se e deta il below

~I.... - - - - - ~I I I I


'=~2"'--.a 1





See PullOut '" Plans for full- s ized d iag rams of teeth. Numbers refer t o tooth plac ement.

D #20 biscuits used on f ace f ra me a nd box. 3/8 "

3 / 4"

3 /8"




Detail of rabbet in box sides

The Boy & the Mandolin

© 1995 all rights reserved

Schedule of Materials: Self Portrait No. ILett. I Item I Dimensions T W L 1 A Back 3/4" x 10:!t4" x 173/4"

I Material Plywood




3/4" x 10" x 17:!t2"





3/4" x 2 7/S" x 11"




Top & bottom





3/ 4" x 2 7/S" x 18:!t2" 3/4" x l s/ S" x 11"




3/4" x 3" x 15:!t4"




Teeth blanks





3/ S" x 5" x 5" 3/S" x 2 3/4" x 2 3/4"

Secret Door




© 1995 all rights reserve d

May 1999 6 3



FIT· Be sure to cut your frame pieces oversized so that when you miter the pieces you can cut them down to the perfect length. If you have polyurethane glue on hand, it is an excellent adhesive for this shortgrain joint.

ONE THICK BACK • Attach the background to the back with wood screws. First pilot-drill holes through the back into the background piece. Countersink the screws so the y are flush with the back. The construction of the background assembly is now complete and ready for sanding and the tung oil finish .

1 Ri


Build the Back Piece· Begin by cutting the plywood back to size. Then select a nice piece of wood for the background. As you can see from the photo of the fini shed product, mine had a split in it that was interesting so I made sure that it would end up in the center of the "mouth." Cut the solid wood background to size. It ' s a bit sma ller


Boy on a Swing © 1998 all rights reserved

64 Popular Woodworking

View from a Hoboken Apartment © 1998 all rig hts reserved


tha n the plywood to allow for seasonal shrinking and expansion.



The Outer Frame· To build the outer frame, first cut the sides, top and bottom a little long. On your table saw cut a 3/8" thick x 2" wide rabbet on the inside back edge




SAND THE LIPS • First cut out the rails with a band saw. Be sure to cut a little wide of the line. Then sand the cuts smooth . I used a spindle sander for this. Use a light touch because cedar is soft.


of the frame pieces to hold the back assembly. Lay the finished backgrou nd assembly face up on a smoo th flat surface. Mite r the ends of the four fra me pieces. Dry fit them to the background asse mbly and make sure you have a good fit. Whe n satisfied, use g lue plu s s ma ll biscuits, dowels or nails to assemble the frame. Nailor screw the back into the rabbet.

teet h free hand on the stationary belt sande r or disc sander. Next lay the completed back ground ass e mbly face up on you r work table. Slide the teeth into positi on within the mouth assembly. If nece ssary, trim the edges that are hidden behind the frame to get a proper fit. Leave a gap of approximately 1/8 " between the teeth . Thi s visua lly defines each tooth and further enhances the illusion . Wh en yo u' re satisfied with the fit and the positionin g of your denti stry, remove them from the mouth assembly. Now you're ready to appl y the whitewash to the teeth. I use a bright white acrylic craft paint. Experiment on the practice piece first. Apply the paint with a clean dry cloth and immed iately wipe it off with a second clean , dry cloth. You want the teeth to be white yet still be able to faint ly see the wood grain . Wh en yo u have achieved the desired effect, allow the paint to dry and ap ply the oil finish. Cut 3/8"- thick plywood spacers that wi ll ho ld the teeth above the backgrou nd. With the framed background assembly lying face up on yo ur bench , ge ntly po si tion the teeth within the mouth. When you are satisfied with their position, mark the ir location, then glue the teeth and spacers in place with a fast- tack white glue , such as moulding glue. Clamp the teeth as best yo u can. If yo u like, y ou can attach the teeth to the background usin g wood screws through the back assembly. Be sure that the sc rews aren 't go ing to protrude thro ug h the teeth. When the teeth have all been installed yo u ca n attac h a piece of poster board or mat board to the back of the piec e for a nice finis hing touch. If you' re going to hang your piece on a wall, attac h a heavy-duty hanger to the back . I use a short length of sma ll chain attached with screws. Be certain that the mounting device attach ed to the wall is sufficient to support the weig ht. PW



0 pen W ide • It's time to build the mouth asse mbly. Cut the stiles and rails to size. Dry clamp the pieces together as they will sit on the frame and position the as se mb ly on the framed background assembly to ma ke sure you have a good fit. Now unclamp the pieces. Usi ng the diagram, mark the curves on the top and bottom rails and c ut them on the band saw. Wh en the cuts are sanded smoo th, yo u're read y to put the "face frame" togeth er. You ca n use biscu its or dowel s. Glu e, clamp and all ow to dry. When dry, ro undover the inside edges of this asse mbly, fro nt and bac k using a 3/8" quarter-round router bit in yo ur router. Shape the corners that the router bit doesn't reach with ras ps a nd fi le s to matc h the routed po rti on s . Now han d sa nd the ro unded edges. Use bisc ui ts, glue a nd cla mps to attac h this assem bly to the assembled carcase. Round the out side edges of the mo uth asse mbly usi ng the sa me bit that you used for the inside edges . Hand sand and app ly a tun g oil finish .




A Little Orthodontics • Now the fun part: the teeth. You' ll need thin pieces of stock . Using the templ ates in the Pull'Ou t" Pl ans, ma rk the shape of each piece and number them on the back. Cut them on the band saw or scrollsaw. Cut an extra as a practice piece. Be sure that the woo d grain run s vertica lly (like the lines on yo ur teeth ). Shape the


THIN THE TEETH • Smoot h t he sawn edges first. Then taper the edges to a uniform thinness t o appear li ke real teeth . To enhance the ill usion, remove more stock from the back of the pieces tha n from the front. Use a light touch and take your t ime, using your practice piece t o get the feel of t he procedure. When you've achieved the desired effect, hand sand each piece.

May 1999 65

HERE' S SOMETHING SPECIAL a bo u t m a k in g yo u r ow n kn ife . So mething that takes us back to our prehist ori c root s. Kni ves we re mank ind 's firs t to o ls , a nd we st i ll rel y o n th em to day. The re a re ve ry few things th at have suc h a long hold o n our emo tio ns. Unti l rece ntly, creating a c us to m k n ife m e a nt le arn ing a bl ack smith ' s skills . B ut tod ay, yo u can buy readymade blade design s in hund reds of styles - hunting kni ves, fo lde rs , eve ry typ e of kitch en cu tlery. With a ready-m ad e blad e, yo u can foc us on crea ting unique handles fro m do zen s o f di fferent material s. Kni fe-making is es pec ially easy for woodw orkers. Besides probably already havi ng a ll th e necessary too ls, it g ives yo u a c ha nce to use up tho se expensive hard wood sc raps coll ectin g du st in your sc ra p bin . Lat er yo u c a n graduate to more exotic m at e r ial s s uc h as bon e , Co ria n (co unte rto p m aterial ), spec ia l woods s uc h as bu rls , se m i- p rec io us sto nes, carbo n fibe r, sea she lls, met al and Micart at>'. Th ere 's a large co llector and investor mar ke t for cu sto m kn ives, wi th so me knives fe tching prices in the thousand s. Yet eve ryo ne of th es e kni fe make rs started j us t as you' re abo ut to . Thi s article will help yo u build yo ur firs t k nife w ith j us t a fe w hours of e njoyable sho p time. You 'll learn the tech nique s , ge t co mforta b le w ith th e jargo n, and e nd up wi th a n attrac tive perso na l knife. Not bad for 10 bucks and a we ek end ' s work - a nd most of th at tim e is spe nt waiting for the epoxy glue to dry. We 're going to s ho w the ste ps be hind building a si mple fixed-blade knife in th e sho rtest a mo unt of time, usin g a knife kit that comes w ith a bl ad e, han dl e material , rivet s o r pins and instru ction s. Ki ts cost fro m le ss than $ 10 to more than $30 in a wide variet y of blade styles. Eve n if yo u somehow really goof it up - ex tre me ly hard to d o - yo u won't be o ut a lot of money. Th e kn ife s how n in th e foll o win g s te ps , is th e # RH I K Green River Belt Kit fro m Jantz Su pply, and cost $9. See " Supplies" fo r mo re in formati on .


Mark Thompson, the fo rme r managing editor of The Fami ly Handyman. isa writer and a knife-loving motorcyclist.

ANATOMY OF A KNIFE Glossary of Knife-Making BOLSTER: A deco rati ve met al sec tio n se parating blad e and handle mat eri al. So lde red or pinned (rive ted) in place. CORBYS : A ty pe of sc rew- togethe r rivet used in kni fe-making . DAMASCUS BLADES : M ad e fro m layers of stee l hammered togeth er foll owin g an an cient formul a. each blade is un iqu e, w ith unpredictable but beautiful patt ern s. Very attractive , but a lso mu ch more expe nsive than other typ es of blades . DYMONDWOOD: Tradem arked name for a type of spec ialty plywood made of hard wood s in a wid e variety of colors and co lor co mbinations. Very dense and dim en sion ally stable. A competing brand is Pakkawood .


GUARD: Keep s fingers fro m slippin g o nto the blade. Ca n be si ng le or doubl e, and not a ll kni ves w ill have o ne. Most ofte n so lde red in place . guard


MICARTA: A ma n-ma de plast ic that mimi cs ivory or bo ne. Ex tre me ly durable (it's often use d for storebou ght kni ves) ye t eas ily wo rke d.

I, \

POMMEL OR BUTT CAP: Th e metal e nd of a knife. Most common o n round tan g kni ves. Not all knives have on e.


ROUGE: A buffing co mpo und applied to a mu slin wh eel on a bench grinde r, and used to bring a high pol ish to handl es a nd blades. Th ere are seve ra l typ es, eac h with spec ific applications.



I '

scale (cut away to show tang)

I' ."

.1 :

, "~


.I .\


SCALE : Al so ca lle d "h andle scales" are the var io us typ es of handle mat eri al. fini sh ed flat to fit a flat tan g bl ade .


TANG: Th e unfini shed part of the blade that goes under the handl e materi al. It's often, but not a lways, softer than the blade itsel f, and thus ca n be mod ified . Tangs ca n be ei ther flat (also called "scale tan gs" ) or round (also ca lled "hidde n tan gs" ).

May 1999 6 7



ALL THE PARTS • It's important to layout all your pieces before you begin so you ca n decide what changes (if any) you want to make t o th e blade and if your wood is the right size for the blade.

LEAVE SOME MEAT • Leave about an 3,18" margin of extra material all around t he scribed lines. After cutting the first piece, scribe the second piece, being careful to match sides with the first piece .

First-knife Advice

vise, band or scroll saw, ballpeen hammer, bench grinder with a muslin wheel , some files and a few small clamps. Nice to have are a drill press and a rotary too l such as a Dremel with a selection of tool bits. Some 3D-minute clear epoxy (fres h, please l), and sandpaper rounds out the supp ly list.

Ma ke it a big o ne! A bi gge r knife is ea si er to make and more tolerant of rookie mistakes. Buy a "flat ta ng" typ e blade and use Dymondwood or Pakkawood handl e mater ial, which comes in dozens of colors and saves yo u a lot of prep work. Pay atte ntio n to the diam eter of the hol es in the ta ng if you' re going to use anything other than the supplied rivets or pins. If the who le blade has been heat-treated and hardened - very likely - yo u wo n' t be able to enlarge the holes. When cutting the handle material, leave an additio nal 'Is" of material all aro und. Finish and shape the handle material where it meets the blade before attaching it with epoxy. If you wait until afterwards, you will scar the blad e with yo ur sanding and tiling.



What You Need


You can make your kni fe with hand tools, but most of us prefer some powered help : A bench -top belt/disc sander, dri ll,


KNIFE MAKING SUPPLIES JANTZ SUPPLY KOVAL KNIVES PO Box 584 PO Box 492 Davis, OK 73030 5819 Zarley St., Suite. A 800-351-8900 New Albany, OH 43054 catalog: $5 800-556-4837 catalog: $4 K&G FINISHING SUPPLIES PO Box 458 TEXAS KNIFEMA KER'S Lakeside, AZ 85929 SUPPLY 800 -972-1192 10649 Haddington #180 catalog: $3 Houston,TX 77043 713-461 -8632

68 Popul ar Wood working


Get Your Tangs in a Row • Layout the kit and decide ju st what changes yo u wa nt to make . If the tang hasn' t been heat-treated and hardened, yo u can change its shape and drill new holes. If it has , then yo u're stuck. Decide what rivets or pins you' ll use. In this case , we used 3/ 16" brass rod instead of the thin rivets supp lied in the kit. Mark the handle material so that after it' s cut yo u ca n match up sides eas ily . Put maskin g tape on both s ides of the blad e to kee p from cuttin g yourself.



Mark and Cut • Scr ibe the shape of the tang onto the handle mater ial (called a "scale"). Then cut it to shape using a scroll or band saw. Sha pe the handl e materia l where

DESIGNS, IDEAS, MORE INFORMATION BLADE MAGAZINE (the lead ing knife publication) Krause Publications 700 E.State St. lola, WI 54990 715-445-2214 $3.95 on newsstands; $19.95 for 12 issues/year

KNIFE-MAKING WORKSHOPS KEN LARGIN Knife Guild member 3-day lessons: $595 1-day workshop: $295 Located in southern Indiana, between Indianapolis and Cincinnati, Ohio 765-647-0003


HOLES FOR RIVETS • Drill the holes for the rivets on your drill press. While the epoxy makes a good bond, t he rivets will make that bond even stronger.



EPOXY MAKES IT EASY • Mix up some fresh 30minute clear epoxy and apply It to the blade tang, handle material and rivets. Assemble everything and clamp together (wax paper will keep the epoxy from sticking to the clamps). Clean off any epoxy that oozes out.

it meets the blad e with file or belt sander to your satisfaction - a common look is a 30- or 45-degree bevel.



Rivets • Clamp one piec e of the handle material to the blade tang, mark it with an awl, then drill the pin or rivet holes. Or clamp both pieces together and drill all the holes at once . If using rivets, you' ll need to countersink the rivet head into the handl e material. The best way to do this is to use a stepped, countersink rivet drill in a drill press.




Epoxy Time • Using 220-grit sandp aper, clean away a ny co rros io n or met al burrs from the tang . Do a fina l dry-fitt in g of all pieces - be veling the en ds of the pins with sandpaper or a file will make them fit into the holes easier. Th ere sho uld be no gaps at any joint. Then glue the wood to the tang. Allow the epoxy to dry overnig ht.


fh Ii;


Shape and Polish • Now the fun really starts! Start

shaping the handle using a belt/di sc sander. Take your time , rem oving material equally from all sides. (You might need to first grind or file the rivet or pin heads down, depending on the handl e material thickness.) Start with a coarse grit (60 or 80) to remove a lot of materi al, and then switc h to a 220 or 400 for final shaping. Use files or a Dremel to create finger grooves or other tricky curves. Depending on your nature, you can shape the handl e by eye or get preci se and measure . The main thing is to create a shape that pleases both your finge rs and yo ur eyes. A knife handl e should feel like an ex tension of your hand, flowin g into the curve s and valleys of your palm , providing a safe and comfortable resting place. Apply buffing co mpound (rouge) to your muslin whee l, and begin buffin g the handl e. Reapply rouge periodically - it 's th is abras ive co mpound that 's doing th e work, not the whee l. Th e buffing will remo ve fine scratches from the


BUFF CAREFULLY • There are many types and colors of buffing compounds available , but for novices either jeweler'S red rouge or a white rouge is fine. Keep In mind that a buffing wheel is removing material - it 's not like getting a shoeshlne. So be sure that you work both sides of the handle equally unless you want a lopsided handle.

blade and leave the handle glossy with the grain or color patterns highl y visible. Your first knife is done! You might want or need to hone a razor edge to the blade, or it may be fine as delivered. PW Credits: Expert ad vice and some ofthe custom kni ves show n: Custom knife mak er Ken and Paula Largin ofKelgin Kni ves, Metamora, Ind.

May 1999 69




So what if you're not royalty. You can look the part with the help ofthis heraldic crest.

F YOU' RE ONE OF THE MILLIONS OF AMERICANS who've been bitten by the genealogy bug, you might have dug up your family's crest in your research. So what do you do with your crest when you find it? Paint it on your car? Stitch it on your underwear? Prob ably not. I built this family cre st to hang over a mantle or a bar. Even if your family doesn 't have an official symbo l, you sho uld feel free to adopt this one . Rest assured that people at your next party will be asking you about your royal roots. First select your material from a variety of 3/ 4" hardwoods or cedar. Red ceda r has some of the best color variations, and

it is one of the softer and easier wood s to work with. While many of the hardwoods are more difficu lt to sand and shape, the y do add beautiful contrasts with their many colors and grain patterns . Make sure your wood is dry before cutting your project. A moisture content of 6 percent to 8 percent is ideal. If the moisture content is higher, there will be a greater probability that the individual pieces will shrink, leaving a gap . Plea se note: the wood color key on the pattern is only a guide. There are thousands of color combinations possible that will produce beautiful result s. Use your imagination! Make all the pattern pieces by adhering the paper patterns to the work pieces with a repositionable spray adhesive. Copy the patterns from the PulfOut" Plans on a copier, and then stick them to the work piece s with the spray adhesive. This is faster and more accurate than tracing. Cut out the shapes on ' your scroll saw.


Rick Longabaugh owns The Berry Basket catalo g in Centralia. Wash.lfyou would like a catalog with more plan s like these, call 800-206-9009. Or on the web:

Letter Inlay +

+ Inlaying the letters Int o the banner gives your plaque a mo re refi ned appea rance. To beg in , stack two contrasting pieces of wood on top of each other. I used a piece of ~4" dark material on a piece of 3/8" . th ick tlght-cclored wood . Fasten the two pieces together w ith nails (+) in the waste areas. Affix the paper pattern , Including letters, to the t op work piec e.

70 Popular Woodworking







Tilt your scrollsaw 's table down to the left 2 ~2 degrees. Use a #60 drill bit or smaller to drill your starter holes In a corner of the letter. Using a #2 blade, cut the letters, following t he direction of th e arrows. Note: Any ins ide cuts , such as those for the " 0," need t o be cut first. After cutting all the letters , c ut t he outer shap e of the banner w ith your t able leve l.

Separate the two woods and glue the darker letters Into the lighter banner. Sand the surface flush and finish.

'18" dowel

Ti p: Because of the thick-

... .. I

ness of the scrollsaw blade and the challenge of cutting exactly on the line, it 's common to have trouble getting the different pieces of intarsia to fit snug. One solution is to cut, shape and glue one section at a time, such as the lion 's head and mane. Then place the head and mane assembly onto the main body pattern (#29) and trace where the two connect. Then cut the body following those lines.

, .. ' ~ ' '' ''' I

,. 12LB, " ..


~ ,#

" .> ::. \, ,

.; .. ..__.

. 2MB " • ...

, .. . •

; ,,';1

. / .: 3MB

" :,




: ~



: •: •

.: "






... 6MB

\ .. ... ...

.j \

,. ; "





•• •• ,





; • • •,



.: ..__ ' __ . :' 43LB





26MB { •


. ..... ~






.... .:

.! ,

:' '\


25MB (--:,:

.: :'

''' '

'2'4'~L' B" '-" "" " ,


.: ;





.... ..

.. --:~,

\~1 ~,~ __


: ... --, __ .



pieces the same thickn ess / .... andjust round over or sand : , . all the edges for a so fter ,,'



: .: ....






" ' > ' " 35MB

. - ~ ..:~


/ J .: , I •




/(~ ~:--

.: ,--~. .... 37LB ... .:'

.. .. ..


'~ " " : ""



.,./ \ .~




"', /',,1:'

.. - . . ....





.' ; "


..-, ~

\ ../'\ .J '\ '"

. -:.

. .: , .... '........





.. -. ....


.: :


:'17LB: ~

', ' , " , ' :. . .. 'o, ' \ 63LB\






i 62L~""r ..



.:,1 9LB :

... I.

/ .....

" ."



: " I"

\ " '61LB - .


•. :


. .:: 18LB :


: :. "



" " . -. " ' , '

' •



:\ -. ~'....",,

I ..


.. C' . _ • • -

:, \....

.... ..


.. .. ..

: .:.. 5MB , •









:- -,~


.: 4MB :



.. \

9MB •• ' . -. . . -, ....... .. .. , ' ',' 14LB " :' '-. '" '. : "~ " .... .. .. """ \~ ..,: -, .... .. : ", -.~ : .. 8MB




On ce th e ind ividu al pieces are cut, arra nge them in position on a master pattern. Check the fit between your parts, and sand or trim as necessary. For th e ea sie st form of intarsia, simply leave all the



• :



.\ ..: -:.. (, .-:' 21MB


"';' .',.


. .. --.'

:' :\ .

"~,3 L B••




.::;'~-B ,1.,:'' :,. .' :\



. , " 20MB


( ( llL~\ \ ;. ....<': ){;~.~> .....

See the PullOut Plans for patterns of the remaining parts and a key to the symbols on this drawing.

'-- "

150 B



_ : 32LB ,

_ '" '


:,,,)' >" ,,;

,. .

• 3

appearance. For the most realistic effect, ./ .. ,.-- .I·c·r·e·s··t)p'·r'0"J:7e·c·t·"w})'·t·h·'0:u't"'a' :p ':'I 'a3MB and/or shape the pieces. W hile the individual ./ .: q ue pieces are still in place on the master pat- ':"" ../ glue to the edge s th at frame, you will need to sec ure the de ./ ; ./ meet a n adjacent piece . sign to a thin back in g. To do th is, astern, determine which pieces will need · · 38LB· to be thickest and which will need ~:. . / .: :' Cont in ue in thi s manner se mble the piec es as directed above . to be the thinnest. There will be times : I : until all piece s are glued to- Then lay the proje ct on a pie ce of 1/8" whe n it will be necessary to add a gether. Finish the design, thick plywood to use as a backing. Trace 1/ 8" to 3/ 8" spacer on the backside "':: : '. plaque, and/or op- around th e outs ide edge of a desi gn. ,,:...~.2MB tiona! frame with Remove the project and cut out the shape of a work piece in order to give it .-.... .~ }' " , ,"':-','; a penetrating oil on the plywood . Use glue to sec ure the mo re depth . For basic sha ping , ". you can use a I " belt sander, drum sander \ "', ; (./'o, )4; MB suc h as Watco intarsia design to the plywood back ing. or di sc sande r. Th en , fo r refin ing th e .. , . ', ' .' D ani sh O il or Note: When c utt ing the backing , yo u ~ !. : ':40MB shape, I recomme nd using a fini shing ... ·39MB '.' Tung Oil. Allow to can either c ut on the traced lines and sander or sanding by hand . dry compl etely (24-48 then stain th e edge of th e backin g to To asse mble, once again put all the hours), and then secure the design to the match the pr oj ect , or yo u ca n c ut the pieces into positi on on the master pat- plaque with glue . Finally add a top coat backing slightly sma lle r (1/ 8 " to 1/ 4 ,,) tern. Beginn ing with one of the larger of two layers of clea r finish. than the traced lines so it will not show pieces, apply a sma ll amount of woo d If yo u choo se to han g your fami ly when the project is glued on. PW


May 1999 71

WINNER! From the Burnishe rs of Babes

Readers ' most amazing workshop stories. The Perfect Gift Everyone Needs - Sooner or Later A clerk was help ing an elde rly ma n who was obv ious ly a feisty curm udgeon. Th e retired ge nt says to the cler k, " I need help finding a project to build for my wife . But she didn 't use what I built for her last Christmas." Th e clerk showed him a nice kit for bu ilding a jewelry box. Th e man says, "That's nice, but my only co nce rn is that she won' t like it; she is fussy. And she did n't use what I built her for Christmas." "How about this nice anniversary clock kit?" the clerk asks. "That's real nice," says the old man. "But. she's real particular. If she doesn't like something, she won' t use it. She didn't even use what I built her for Christmas." "What did you build her for Chr istmas?" the clerk inquires. "A coffin!" the old man cac kles. Larry Lucas New Hope, Minn esota

Sponsored by


Share Your Story &Win! Turn your favorite tale from the woodshop into a $150 gift certificate from Lee Valley Tools in Popular Woodworking's "Tales from the Wood" contest. We're looking for your funniest, most embarrassing or incredible story. And if we can learn something from your yarn -even better. Each issue, our editors choose the best tale and print it here. Runners-up receive a Veritas Marking Gauge (shown at right) from Lee Valley Tools, the catalog company that features an impressive array of quality woodworking tools, supplies and accessories. One final rule: Please, no stories about people getting hurt. That's not funny. To make things easier, you can e-mail your tale and daytime phone number to us at or mail it to: Tales from the Wood â&#x20AC;˘ Popular Woodworking. 1507 Dana Ave. â&#x20AC;˘ Cincinnati, OH 45207. All entries become the property of Popular Woodworking.

72 Popular Woodworking

I' ve been woodworking the better part of my life, and have rece ntly bee n spending a lot of my tim e using "traditional" (i.e. non-electric) woodworking methods. My major nemesis has been The Scraper. I' ve filed , honed, stoned and burni shed them for hours, and all I' ve managed to get is dust - never the wafer-thin curlies I kept hearin g about. This continu ed for about two years. I'd ge t a nice c hunk of hardw ood , decide it was time to try again and spend a day with the scraper. I'd fail and go back to sandpaper. About halfway through a "Scraper Day," my (the n) 7- year-old dau ghter wandered in. She spent a bit of time working on her proj ect , the n got bored and wanted to know what I was doing. I explained what a scra per was, and what it was supposed to do, and I told her I was havin g a rea lly hard time getting it to wor k. In class ic 7-year-old sty le, she watched some more, put on a really arroga nt face, and sai d, " It doesn ' t look too hard. I bet I could do it." After a couple seco nds of trying to figure out how she might be able to hurt herself with a scraper, I hand ed it to her. She gr abbed it, set it on the wood, and produced... du st. Very fine fuzzy dust. Another pass. More du st. No curlies. No wi spys. Turn th e arrogance up three or four notches. "You have to sharpen this before you use it!" I hand her the stone (she sharpens her own plane blades). Explain to her the textbook way to prepare a scraper. Sh e hon es a bit , gra bs the burni sher, and run s it across the edge a couple of times. Time to blow that arrogance away. Scraper goes to wood. She pushes it across, and off fall the thinnest, finest shavings. We spent the next hour or so with her turnin g burr after perfect burr, and me makin g du st. I did eve ntua lly figure it out, but she still re mi nds me about it every time she 's in the shop. James J. Momen ee-D ul'rie Lee, New Hampshire

When will your subscription expire?

How Much CFM Do You Need to Suck Up a Rug? After being introduce d to woodworking by my father, high sc hoo l woodworking cla ss was rath er boring. Thi s changed. Alth ough our shop would be con sidered mar velou s for a hom e woodw orker, as a classroom it was lackin g. So, as an effort to lobby fund s, our shop teacher (Mr. H) plann ed a day for our projects to be displayed before the faculty and school boa rd. His idea was to show the sho rtco mings of the sho p and propose that if we co uld do this we ll with what we had we co uld do bett er with more. The day arrives. The shop is spotless, the project s were co mplete, and everyone filed into the sho p for the presentation . Th e gues ts oo hed and aahed over the coffee ta bl e s, she lves and picture frames . Fina lly it is time for Mr. H ' s speech. He performe d like a true d iplom at. He sta te d the woes a nd hard sh ip s we face d and prai sed o ur ex ce lle nt wo rk under substandard conditions. He demonstrated the failing eq uipment and pointed o ut man y ways th e teachin g en vi ronment co uld be improved. One of these improveme nts was our ancient dust co llect ion syste m. It was too loud and a ll work had to stop for him to give the class direction. Now. be fore I go o n I must tell yo u abo ut our vice principa l. He was an OK guy, but was co ns idered old and grumpy by most stude nts. We all knew he wore a toup ee. But unt il Mr. H turned the du st co llecto r on to de mo nstrate its noise and the sa nd ing tabl e hood gra bbed it fro m his head and swept it away, we had never seen him wi thout it. His reac tio n made everyone look that way. As the roar from the du st co llec tor di ed a nd everyo ne stared quietly to see what happened next. O ur vice princip al calmly left the sho p. There were giggles, laughs and shaking heads. I don 't know if the incident affec ted the board 's deci sion or not but the woodwo rking sec tion received a co nsiderab le boost in funding the next year.And, by the way. I never enjoyed emptying the dus t collector until that day. PW TUllY Vickers St. LOllis, Missouri

Fi nd o ut quickly and easily by notin g the date in the info rmat ion above your na me and address o n yo ur mailing label. For exam ple, if yo u see MA Y99, that means the April/May ' 99 issue is the last iss ue yo u' ll recei ve. Rem ember to ren e w earl y to e ns ure co ntinuo us subscription service !



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we've got the insid es! Call o r write fo r o u r F R EE clock parts catalog, #PWW2!

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Make Elegant Pencrafting Proiects In Minutes For less than 55.00 and injust minutes )'ou can make unique hand turned projects that sell for 520.00 and up. Our selection of lathe projects includes over eight)' 24kt gold plated kits that are easyto tum and make

The perfect lathe for pcncrafung and C="-'"-~.!.!!..J tuming small projects. Both

wonderful gifts. Select froma wide assonment of pencrafting projects. Ever)'kit comes with detailed instru ctions , a lifetime guaranteeand customer suppon from our knowledgeablestaff.

Tumyour pencrafting pro1"ellS more easiy, quickly, and accurately. Duplicate from a hand cut pattern, 3-0 ~ -- - --~ origuul, or [rom PSI pre-cutProfile Templates. Template sets

beginners and experienced turners ,,; 11 appreciate the quality and convenience orthis easy to use, full featured mini-lathe.With the purchaseofthe CarbaTee lathe you'll receive a FREE 35 minute instruc tional video

are availablefur twelve

"Turning Pens and Other Small Projects"- a

projectkits. The Attachment fusall Carba-Tec, Ryobi" and Jet stylemini-lathes Duplicates up to 10' long witha depth ofcut up to 3/4' Thecutter is HSSground on both ends. Includes a FREE

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Specifications • Variable speed 1/4 HP motor • Cast iron construction · 12-1/2" between centers • 3/4" x 16 tpiSpindle wi #1 MT · 6" swi ng over bed • Weighs 37 pounds

instru ction al video , "Duplicating Attachme nt Projects

and Techniques"- a $19.95value'

Includes extras worth $6S:

Du"kolvr lorC rboIecmiru the N/video

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;~u need


° Carbo-Tee 3Xl or JelMini lathe • 7mm D,;II Cede · 1/ 2' Penmoklnq Googe · 7mm Pen KiI, -I Opk • 7mm Pencil Kns -10pk' N ~en Tvming ·ln~vcliono! Video

• Mond,e! w/ bv,hing' & dflll bit #CM L·55 Carbo· TeeSet #JMINI·55 Jet lathe Sel

• C~,

Pen Poocles -20 pi.

ONLY S35790ups I t9 ONlY S4 13" ups 129


7MM ' SLlM LlN E"

S7ARTER SE7 • 10 Pencil Kits • 10 Pen Kits· Drill Guide • Long Mond,e! • Bu,hings • DrillBit

#PK55-EL#1MT(COIba-Tee/SeOl,1 #PK55·FL #2 MTIDeltol #PK55·CL 5/8' jShopsmithl mondrel kit #PK55-DL 3/8 ' d,;11 chuck mand,el k;t



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Jet's JWTS ·1 OCW Contractor Saw RESULTS Popular Woodworking's Endurance Test

dWTS-10CW NICE FEATURES • • • • • • • • •

Great fence Convenient controls No-fuss accuracy Solid performance Good fit and finish Ample power Good price at $800 Easy setup Reliable customer service



FT ER MORE th an two years of c on st ant use in o ur s hop , J et ' s JWTS-I oe w co ntrac tor's saw has held up like a real trooper. It has a grea t fence, co nve nie nt co ntro ls and a nice price (a bo ut $800). To impro ve its pe rfo rman ce, we mad e a few modific at ion s you ca n make to any co ntrac tor's saw, a nd we had a co uple kn ob s s li p after continuous use. But all in all, the Jet saw took a beating and kept asking for more. SETUP: It was prett y friend ly. Th e I 1;2hp motor and switch were pre-wired (changing the motor lead s to 240 volts is a snap, too). The extension table went togeth er easi ly, and everything adj usted out we ll with littl e fuss . After turn ing it o n we dec ided to put a link belt o n it to reduce the vibratio n - so meth ing we recom me nd with every co ntractor's saw. We also replaced the throat plat e w ith a zero-c leara nce in sert again, do this with any saw .

USE: Jet's Xacta fence has perform ed ve ry well , and is bett er in at lea st o ne resp ect than its ideological pred ecessor, the Biesem eyer. The slippery plastic faces o n the fen ce are ea sier to replace than those on the Biesemeyer and still pro vide a smooth, acc ura te work surface. Adj ustment hasn't been a question . The fen ce ha s remained parall el and locks in place so lidly. The fence indicator tape is easy to read and allows setups to within a 1;64" with littl e fuss . After usin g the saw for six month s we decided to replace the standard miter gauge with a crosscut/miter sled - miter gauges for all brands of saws are lack ing in our opinion. After we added the sled, we liked the saw eve n more. The switch is well-place d and position ed for co nve nie nce. Th e mechanisms that raise and bevel the blade have per form ed OK , but th e handl es ca me loose twice and their set screws had to

About Our Endurance Test:

New link belt New throat insert Crosscut/miter sled Put a nice carbide blade on it (blade not included with saw)

To locate th e nearest Jet distributor, contact Jet Equipment and Tools Inc . at 800-274-6848, or at their website at

be tight en ed , whic h is no big deal. T he scale th at shows yo u the a ng le of the blad e is, like most ot her saws, so mewhat difficult to read. Dust co llec tio n is bett er th an so me . T he dust is cha nneled down toward a dust hood. but the open-back design of all contractor saws inhibits good co llec tion. RECOMMENDATION: Overall, we'd buy the JWTS -I DeW aga in and happ ily recommend it to yo u. As an adde d bonu s . we und er st and Jet now offers this model with two cast-iron wings and a sca led-dow n table board to extend the practical use of the fen ce (at abo ut the sa me price). PW

When a new tool hits the market we do our best to te ll you what the benefits and pitfalls are with that tool. While this is good information, we know that the question you really want answered is , " How long will the tool last?" That's what this co lumn is for. We regularly pick a tool we 've used in our shop for at least a year that has stood up to our regular use. We make sure the tools we 've tested here are virtually unchanged from the versions in the store today. So when you see a tool written up in here , it has passed the Popular Woodworking Endurance Test. - David Thiel, senior editor

74 Popul ar Wood work ing

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I I :



• Heirloom Quality Kits

.I I I I I

• Grandfa the r Clocks I • Man tel & Wall Clocks I • Funy Assemb led Available • Satis faction G ua ran teed

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vi sit our ....

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ww w .emrc

rorcloc k.corn

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Let's Clear the Air... Introducing The New Model 750 Simply The Best! • Variable Speed Control (200 CFM to 750 CFM Filtered Air)

• Two Speed On/Off Pull Chain • Ultra Quiet

• 95% ASHRAE Tested Main Filter • Ufetime Warranty • 30 Day Money Back Guaranty

he National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) T recommends limiting wood dust exposures. TheJDS Air-Tech 2000 will dramatically improve the quality oftheair you breathe. Ournew model 750 variable speed allows you to dial in your desired air flow, from a whisper quiet 200 din to anultra performance 750 din. This will clean the air ina 30'x30'x8' shop every ten minutes. For largerareas ourmodels 8-12 and 10-16 areavailable. TheJDS systems will remove 99%of particlesas small as five microns and 80%ofparticles assmall as 00 one micron. For theremoval ofodors, fumes and smoke, , our optional charcoal filter is available.To place anorder Model 750 orfor thedealer nearest you call us toll-free. ~



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Like What Yo u See?

JIM CARLSON from Kalamazoo, Michigan, is the winner of our " Capt ion the Cartoon Contest #34" from the January issue and recipient of the Makita random orbit sander. Congratulations Jim! The runners-up each receive a one-year subscription:

" Car e to 'r et ra ct' that comment about my old-fashioned tools? " Jim Gamble, from Hopkins, Minnesota



"Sorry Clem, but you 're overruled. "

" When your spring has sprung, and the work is not done, don't lose your cool, find your oldfashioned rule. " Rod Vining, from Irvington, Alabama


"Paper covers rock; rock breaks scissors; and in this case wood beats metal. " Ell Morrell, from Bristol, Tennessee

If you' re inte rested in finding o ut more about the products you see advertised in

Popula r Woodworking , be sure to check out th e

RESO URCE DIRECT ORY to wa rd the bac k of thi s issue.

76 Popular Woodworking

Submit your caption(s) for th is issue' s cartoon on a post card t o Popular Woodworking, Cartoon Caption #36, 1507 Dana Ave. , Cincinnati, OH 45207 by April 23, 1 9 9 9. Winners will be chosen by the editorial staff. The winner will rece ive Makita's new 4304T tool-less orbital jigsaw. The 5.S-amp saw has six speeds , three orbital settings and you can chan ge the blades by pulling and turning one lever. No more hex wrenches! The runners-up each win a one -year subscription to Popular Woodworking.

Build a great stool for your favorite little kid and learn to carve in the bargain!

WOGffcarving witll the \ l~l...-'~~~-"\)" ' Yan k e e -:-~.f~~.9.

Stock & Custom Wood Turnings

IC.O;:,~~...." .

•':. ~ ~'\.'('~~ "'!"\


b.:.t ;4.,;/ A ~O:,:\..,~


the mo st complete Video on the SUbJect!

'n~:'l:::'~ - - - - - - - - - - - Two-hour Video & printed Shop Notes show it all- the Wood, the Tools, Sharpening, Subject Matter, Finishing and the Bench . And then we show you how to carve the Pineapple and ten other pieces. See the Carving done , then do it yourself! - PlusBonus Plans to build & carve the Famous 'Kiddie Stool '!

Call Toll Free: 800-750-3224 Or send check/money order for $39.95 + $4.50 SIH . Include Name, Address & Phone # for Visa/MC plus Card No. & Exp. Date.

s a part of our extensive selection of wood turnings, we A offer a variety of matching leg sets for dining tables, end tables and coffee tables, and kitchen cabin ets. flO W

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Right! ? Who would believe a job as tedious and dusty as sand ing could be a joy ? Thousands of Performax owners do. With their Performa drum sander... no more sawdust in their faces, no more high and low spots on their finished r - - - - - - - --tt-- --::- - - , pieces . Imagine the satisfac tion of sanding a wide surface (up to 32 ") to within .0 10" uniform thickness across its full width . Or sanding stock as short as 2 1/4" without a carrier board or scuffed up ~iiiii~;;;:§~~ fingers . Fantasize ::;::;sanding to as smooth a surface as you wish 16·32- PLUS with without any elbow INFEED & O UTFEED grease. TA BLES and




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.18 AND .19 GAUGE


AIR FINISH NAILER Theexcellentbalance and 2-1/2 lb. weight make this brad tacker easy-to-use in tight spats. With a loading capacity of 105-18 gauge brads, you get more dane with less dawn lime . Using brads from 5/8" to 1-3/16", it will perfarm a variety of demand ing tasksfrom pictureframestosolid, homemade furniture. • Air consumption: 3.5 CFM at 75 PSI • Uses18 and 19gauge brads


·1!.i;W $" r I ITEM 36618-5EWA

12" X 37" WOOD

10" 40 TOOTH STEEL SAW BLADE Carbon steel construction. Ripping and cross-cutling tooth design wi th exp a nsion slots and heat vents. • 7000 RPM maximum rotation • 5/8 " standard arbor • 4 lightning-shaped heat vents • 4 expansion slots


Cast alumi num ta ble an d arm reduces vibrafion. 1/8 HP, 1l0V, single phase; Variablespeed up to 860 SPM; Table tilts 0° to 45°; 81ade stroke: 3/4 "; Usespin end blades; Table size: 14"l x 7-7/ 8"W; Overalldimensions: 21"l x 10"W x 11-3/8"H; Weight: 38 Ibs.

ITEM$385~-1EWA$59" $4 9 9

5 PC. 5-1/2" SAW BLADES • Pinend type

ITEM 38134-0EWA

ITEM 35024-0EWA



Powerful 115V, 15amp, single phase motor provides 5500 RPM blade speed to make quick work of your stack. 22-114" x 38-3 /8" surface allows you to rip to the centerof 4 ft. panels with ease. Includesstand,miter gauge, T-square fence system, table insert, see-thraugh blade guard with anti-kickback fingers, and 10" saw blade. Arbor: 5/8 " ; Maximumcutlingdepths: 3-1/8 " @ 90°, 2-1/8" @ 45°; Miter gauge groove: 3/8 " x 3/ 4"; Maximum rip to the right of blade: 27"; 46-3 /8"l x 27-1/2"W x 40-1I4"H; 153Ibs. net wt .

~$ ~~O " 39516-1EWA ;I;:,) I CHICAGO



WITH 3/8" KEYLESS CHUCK VSR; Speed range: 0-900 RPM; 3/8 " JacobI!' keyless chuck; 6 pc. screwdriver & 6 pc. drill bit sets; Includescharger, battery and carryingcase

$S9 99

ITEM 37144-4EWA






• Square& rectangular jobs or odd shapes • 6" diameterx 2-112" height

$J7 9 9


Electnc brake for longer blade life, vanable speed tngger, and an openshoefar vIsibility Includesquickcharger, battery, 1blade, and INCLUDES BArrERY blow mold case. 18V CORDLESS, AND CHARGER 18Volt; 1.7 amp-hr. batterycells; 7/8" 5-3/8" CIRCULAR SAW KIT stroke; 2800 FPM; Weight: 6 Ibs. GQ Cutupto 85 ft. of plywoodon a single charge. Kit Includes: 1 hour quick charger, 18 vall $ _ .,Y I , battery, saw and hex key. 2400 RPM, 1.3 - .. , amps, 10mmarbar, 50° bevel capacity, maxlITEM 38834-3EWA mum depthofcut@900:1-1/2" ; @45°:1-1/4" , 18 VOLT REPLACEMENT weighs 7-1/2 Ibs.. blade and rip fence sold BATTERY • 1.7amp-hr. batterycells sepatel;.,y

ITEM 37412-6EWA ;:,)

y7'IY$l''' O" ". I

ITEM 34551 -5EWA

ITEM 37145-1EWA ~



ITEM 06841-3EWA




TURNING LATHE Indexpin contains36- 10° spacings foraccurate fluting and markingon workpieces. Accessories include: 4" face plate, center assembly tailstock, spur assembly headstock and 6" & 12"tool rests.IBasesold separately} Distance between centers: 37"; SWing over bed: 12"; Spindle speeds: 575, 980, 1560, 2520 and 3580 RPM; Motor: 1/2 HP, 172S RPM, 115V, 60HzAC,swingmountedtoheadstock;Drivespindle: NO.1 Morse taper plus 3/4 -16" threaded; Tailstack: NO.1 Marse taper; 2-3/ 8" ram travel; Shipping weight: 80 Ibs.

IWO~ table top:

; incl" $oo;,, , , ,






ITEM 38954-1EWA





DUST & PARTICLE MASKS (PK. OF 50) Quit breathing in annoying and harmful air particles! These masks filter aut common pollens, and other common, non-toxic airborne particles. Ideal for metal and wood shops or weed-whacking. GQ

ITEM ~ 50026-1EWA

* Within the 48 States / 53,95 handling on all orders







• 20" x 10" x 27" • Shippingweight: 20 Ibs.

Small enough tostashinyourtoolbox. thispowerfullaser helpsyoumakequickandeasyaiignments.Theloserprojects a high-visibility dotup to500ft. away. Removable lensletsyouproject alevellinethefullwidthofyourproject.Equipped witha horizontal bubblevialforaccurate read~~~ ~~'::t tripodfeatures legsthatadjustfrom

.,7"Y • __ _ __ _





ITEM 38245-3EWA __

ITEM 32969-2EWA

;I I

__ _




~ - FAX TOLL FREE: 1-800-905-5220 :~I:'{~~GE ~~~1 Order 24 Hoursa Day/? Days a Week ~ ~ 1 800 423 2567 m. ·~ x.-> Most PhoneOrdersShipped in 48 Hours fliiilJ ' Or SendCheckor Money Order to; Harbor FreightTools, Call To Order or Ask fo r Free Cata lo g :




3491Mission oaksBlvd, Box 6010, Camarillo, CA93011






Machined steel column features rock and pinion table movement. Cost iron table is accurately gouged. tilts to 45' left or right. Precision chuck holds bit from the smallest wi re gouge to the largest size with 5/8" shonk . Adjustable depth stop and gouge included . Table and bose are sloned for easy vise installation . Morse laper spindle is featured . allowing you to use many accessor ies. Chuck copacify: 7/64" to 5/8 ": does not includelamp. 1year guarantee on machinery: 90 day guar-

The 4" x 36" belt tilts 0-90 ' . Disc table tilts 45' . Die cost aluminum table w ith ground surface. collection port. Cost iron bose. • Horsepowe r: 1/3 • Volts: 120 • Table size: 6-1/4" x 8-7/ 8" • Amps : 18 • Sanding belt size: 4" x 36" COMPACT • Belt speed : 2000 FPM • Sanding disc size: 6" SIZE • Disc speed : 3200 RPM

anteeon motor. Spindle toper: MT2; Swing : 13-112"; Column diameter: 2-57164": Table diameter: 11·112": Mi nimum RPM: 190; M ax. RPM: 3600 ; Spindle stroke : 3-1/8": Motor: 3/4" HP; Bose size: 19" x 11-1/4"; Overall height : 62-7/8" ;

TO$ :~4;~

wei: ;1~2:S

$'1"" 1;-

ITEM 38123-3EWA

$110" I

SANDING BELT CLEANER Increase the life of your sanding belts and discs up to 500%.


8-112"x 1-112" x 1-112"

ITEM 307 66-0EWA

ITEM 38144-1EWA


.' Cutprecision moldings. rab bets. dod os. dovetoils. recesses for inlays. and more. 19am p all ball bearing motor develops 23 000 RPM far unbelievably clean finishes . 2:112" plunge depth capac ify. • 115V. 19 amps . 8 ft. card • Electric broke • 3 adjustable plunge seltings • Includes 1/4". 1/2". and 3/8 " collets

$00" I I


ITEM 377 93-2EWA

~5 PC. ROUTER BIT SET 15 popular sizes of tungsten car bide lipped bits indIVIdually organized in a storoge case .


$ ~999 ~

311 64-5EWA


~~ 115 rc.

16 PC.




Ideal for pocket holes. partial arcs and end groin holes. sores pilot holes for rabbeting. mortising and grooving. Driils smooth sides Without splintering grain . Bits over I" have sow tooth design . Sets feature hardened tool steel. precision ground heads . 3/8" reinforced shanks and wooden carrying cases . Sizes: 1/4" to 2-118" by 8ths






398~-lEWA ;- -'




TItanium nitride runs cooler ... cuts easier. & lasts six $~ ' irnes longer than steel.



GG ~I'

ITEM 39 81 2-1EWA

DeWalt DW952K-2R




• Powerful2-1/3 HP motor: 120VACIDC. 10 am ps . High torque . 4600 RPM • 2·7116" max imum cut@ 90': @] 1-5116" maximum cut at 45° = ((l) • Includes SKIL EDGE 18 tooth carbide blade

ITEM 01487-0EWA




$49 9 9

7·~/4 " CIRCULAR SAW Maximum cut@9002-7116". @ 45' 1-15116"; 10 amps. 2-1/3 HP. 4600 RPM; Factory reconditioned. factory perfect Skl15150

ITEM 061 88-4EWA

Your rip fenc-eis great for 90' cuts. but if you are tapering. you need a new fence. This professional jig allows you to cut tapers from 0° through 45° . Handy scale is marked right on the tool. Includes two position han dle for righ t or left hand cuts.

s~ippedYin _



ITEM 30026-7EWA

ITEM 51587-3EWA _


Call ToOrder or Ask for Free Catalog: Order 24 Hours 0 Do 17 Do s o Week Most Phone Orders 48 HOUr:C:.

• Dual range reversible 0-40010-1100 RPM • Adjustable clutch torque contro l • Equipped with a keyless chuck and on eiectric brake • Fan cooled motar • Capacities : 1" oak. 3/8 " steel • Shipping weight: 11-3/4 Ibs. • Includes: 1 hour charger. 2 boner ies. double-ended screwdriver bit and heavy dufy carrying cose • Factory reconditioned. factory perfect


ITEM .~," 30538-1EWA

* Within the 48 States I 53 .95 handling on all orders

Dou ble yo ur toble sow capa cify! Alta ch to sawharse ar ot he r su rface a nd ma ke yo ur own ro lle r ta b le . Avo id the high cos t of roller stan d b y ma king you r own . Fee tures: chrome polished rolle r.steel bro cket, two holes for m o unt ing . Roller is 1-1/4" d iam eter a nd 12-112" lo ng .

. . . .~


$79 9 9 4163

"lgrtAB~~ .~~ 1-800-423-2567 Sen~·mC.heck ~~~~ Orderto: FAX TOll FREE:

_ _


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__ •

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Or or Money Harbor Freight Tools. -' 3491 MISSlOll Oaks Blvd. Box 6010. Camarillo. CA 93011

Abrasives ECON-ABRASIVES. Eco n-Abras ives makes custom abrasive belts up to 52" wide in any size and grit. Sandpa per is our specialty: we can help yo u answe r any qu estion s you may have on produ ct appl ication s. Call now for your free catalog: it co ntains hundred s of abrasives and woodworking accessories. includin g: safe ty equipme nt. velcro ÂŽ- bac ked discs. wood cla mps. wood gl ue. drawer slides. hinges and much. much more ! Circle #120.

Catalogs CONSTANTINE'S CATALOG for woodwo rke rs. Th e o ldes t-es tablished. most co mprehe nsive woodworker's ca ta log in the USA. 104 pages. more th an 5,00 0 item s. includ ing lumber. ve nee rs. ad hes ives . to ols. fini shes, hard ware. books. plans and more. all cove red by a 60-day mon ey-back g ua rante e. Free when yo u call (80 0) 223-8087 and menti on Dept. 38904 or Circle #102.

Clock Supplies & Tools S. LAROSE INC. since 1936. Produ cts fo r the clockmakin g professional a nd hobbyist. Indu stry lead er in quality and se rv ice . We have it all fro m qu art z to me chanical clock works. fit-ups . part s for repair or new proje cts. We stoc k co mplete cl ocks. wa tches . tools, watch straps and \ atch part s. Send for a free catalog WW ! Circle #131. KLOCKIT - Th e leading sup plie r of cl ock mak ing supplies for over 25 years: Q uartz and mech an ical movements . cloc k inse rts . dia ls. easy-to-follow plan s and kit s fo r all ski ll level s. Ca ll 1-80 0-kl ock it tod ay for yo ur free copy of o ur 64 page full-co lor Klock it ca ta log or Circle #108.

Distributor JAMESTOWN DISTRIBUTORS was es tablished in 1977 as a supplier of stainless stee l fas teners. Th e co mpa ny 's free ca ta log now lists thou sand s of products in the fo llow ing ca tegories: fas te ne rs. hard ware. ma intenan ce. fiberglass, abrasive s. ad hes ives. fini she s. electrical. bit s. blad es and hand too ls. Jam estown Distribu tor s ' quality prod uct line and ov er 20 years of commitme nt and service to commercial and recreational boatbui lder s a nd woodworker s ba sed on three prin cipl es : fair pricin g. full se rvice and fas t deliv er y. Circle #124.

Hand Tool Manufacturers

MAKITA U.S .A. is the U.S . Distributo r of Makit a' s line of high -performance co rde d a nd cord less power tool s. Th e co mpany. whic h has nin e bran ch offices. 50 se rvice ce nters. and over 300 au tho rize d service ce nters. fea tures a n exte nsive line of tool s fo r bo th woo dworking and met al-work ing app lica tio ns. Th ey also offer a line-u p of pne umatic nai lers. incl ud ing brads and finishinc nail ers. For additiona l inform ation . ca ll (7 14) 522 -S0S8 o r Circle #126. ARROW FASTENER COMPANY, INC. is one of the o ldes t Ame rica n hand tool manu fac ture rs. In addit ion to its world famo us line of all stee l sta ple g un tack er s and staples. Arrow also produces a full line of Brut e stee l rul e measuring tap es. rive t tool s. hot melt g lue g uns a nd supp lies . Arrow...the sta ndar d of exce lle nce by whic h all o the rs are ju dg ed. Circle #118. RYOBI AMERICA CORP. offers a wid e range o f power tool s. o utdoo r power equipmen t. and build er' s hardware for the se rious do-it-you rsclfer and pro fession al tradesman. Ryob i offers a wid e selec tio n of ben ch -top . cordless. port ab le a nd specialty power tools: a variety of gas. elec tric and battery powe red o utdoor power eq uip me nt: a nd an asso rtment of' builders hardware. Designed and manu factu red to exac ting sta ndards o f qu al ity. dur ab ility and reliability. ye t affo rdab le. Free ca ta log . Circle#129. GROSS STABIL has been a manu factur er of quick ac tio n clamps since IS85. We currently distribut e the sliding -ar m cl amp. and ma ny lin e spec ialty clam ps wo rldw ide . Ou r cl amps versa tility range from uses for the man ufacture r. co ntrac tor. profess ional cabine tma ke r and cr afts ma n. as we ll as the do-it-you rsel fer and the ho me handy-man.

Circle #105.

Plans & Kits ANDERSON MANUFACTURING. Put up to 16 drawers und er yo ur bed. World's most adva nce d. state-of- the-art bed . Solid pine and hardwood con stru ction . Ce dar lined dra wers g lide on ball bearings. Opti on al: 6 ft lo ng ce nte r draw er s. headboa rd. side tables. and "d ual control:' adj ustable mattress. Sa ves spac e! Ends clutter an d eli minates underb ed clean ing ! Eco no mical. Shipped UPS . 4S page catalog . Circle #101.

WOODMASTER TOOLS is America's number one manufactu rer of U.S. made Plan er/M old ers. Wood master Plan er/M old er s arc ava ilable in 12". IS" and 25 " model s. O ver 45.000 Woodmaste r owners save mon ey by planing rough-cut lumber for their proj ects and make money by prod ucing c ustom molding. Woodmaster also manufactures a co mplete line of dru m sande rs. Every Wood master mach ine is cove red by a 30- Day Money Back Guarant ee and a 5-Year Warranty. Circle #117. HARBOR FREIGHT TOOLS o ffe rs the finest professional qua lity tool s & equip me nt at the lowest possible prices guara nteed! Let the ca ta log be yo ur so urce for thou sand s of brand nam e tool s. Ca ll 1-800-423-256 7 tod ay to recei ve yo ur free cata log. Visit o ur intern et site http :// .

Circle #106. PORTER-CABLE Co rpo ration is one of the world's leading manufacturers of portable ele ct ric a nd cordless power too ls. air nail er s/stapler s/compressor s and relat ed accesso ries for the woodwork ing. commerci al/re sid en tial construction. plumbing and elec trical mark et s. More compan y info rmati on is ava ilable throu gh calling Port er -Cable 's toll free number ( 1800-487-S665) or by ac cessing PorterCabl e 's we b-s ite at the fo llowi ng add ress : Circle #128.

Shop Accessories JOINT-A-BILLI-T is j ust as its name implies . a tool for fool -p roo f g lue j oint s. Usc yo ur router to c ut these joints flawlessly in yo ur sho p: dad oes. rabbet s. ang le cuts. sq uari ng large pan el s wi th a perfect glue jo int eve ry time. Circle #142. HTC 's sho p so lutions ca talog - full of wo rksho p acc essories desi gn ed to help yo u get the most o ut o f yo ur eq uipment. yo ur spa ce and yo ur proj ect s. mobil e bases. infeed/out feed roller tab le. tool tables/stands. spind le sanders. rou te r tables. machin e covers. saw g uards. plus hund reds of oth er innov ative products. HT C sho p so lution s ca talog Free

Circle #107.

Stationary Power Tools

tfNI",J!j. IMPORTS, INC. offe rs a wide GRANDFATHER, MANTEL AND WALL u;rp v se lec tion of heavy-dut y woo dcluc ks. Kits and asse mbled. Furniture kits. So lid hard wood . Detail ed clock plan s. Brass working machiner y and accessories at Germa n mo vem ent s. Satisfac tio n guaranteed. proven low pri ces. G rizz ly has de veloped a tremendou s reputati on during the last I I Emperor Clock. PO Box 1089. Dept. 6900. yea rs as a leading im po rter o f tin e woo dFairhope . AL 36533. Circle #103. worki ng mach iner y. and back s up its sa les Power Tools wi th un beatabl e c ustome r se rvice an d ABRASIVE PLANE , SAND WIDE boards or techn ical suppo rt. Free I64 -p age catalog . edge-g lued stoc k perfectl y flat o r dim en sion Call (800) 54 1-5537 to o rder. stock to a desired thickn ess wi th a Circle #122 & #123. Per fo rmax Drum Sa nder. You ' II e njoy woo dTERRCO provi des a full line of mach ine FEIN POWER TOOLS. New Tr ian gul a r working eve n more as yo u pro duce profes ca rvi ng and sig n carvi ng eq uipme nt. Sand er e lim ina tes hand sa nd ing. Free sional looki ng result s. I I model s avai lable Beg innin g mod el s arc the T- I 10 and F-200 for dr um and brus h sa ndi ng. Se lect model s brochure shows how yo u ca n sa nd. wi th a power tool . all those are as whe re before yo u offe r sa nding as wide as 44". as thin as 1164 " sing le spind le. 3-D ca rve rs a nd o ur CM 6 14 sing le spind le sig n ca rver. Our multiple a nd as sho rt as 2W' . Ca ll o r writ e for a had to fo ld up a piec e of sa ndpa per and spind le carvers include o ur K-Star (two "fin ger sa nd: ' The Fe in Sander is idea l for co mplete brochure. Perform ax Produ cts. Inc. 12211 Nicoll et Ave . S.. Burn sville. M N spind les) and o ur Northstar (two to eight sa nd ing alon g ed ge s. mo ldi ngs and more. spind les) mod el s. Circle #115. Circle #121. 55337 or Circle #127.

DELTA INTERNATIONAL MACHINERY Corp. manufactu res wood working machine ry and accessories fo r hom e wor ksh op s. building and co nstruction trad es. ind ustry a nd schoo ls. Qu alit y line incl udes tabl e saws , miter saws . band saws. joi nters. scroll saws. woo d lathes. plan e rs. bel t/di sc sanders. grinders an d more. For the nam e of yo ur nearest Delta di stribut or. or to or der free Delt a machiner y ca ta logs. ca ll toll-free (800) 438-24 86. Circle #119.

80 Popular Wood working

Tool Manufacturers SENCO PRODUC TS , INC . is a wor ldwi de manufac turer of quality air-powered fastening tuuls and sys tems and the fastene rs they drive . Many of Scncos pro ducts are designed specifically to meet the need s o f woodwor king cra ftsmen. For more infonnatiun. ca ll (llOO) 543 -4596 ur write to : Senco Products. Inc .. ll4ll5 Broad well Road . Cinci nnati. O H 45244 ur Circle #114.

Tooling Bits & Blades

a'/J!L(£;,% Professional woo dwo rking

BITS . O ver 30 pages of superior qua lity, ca rbide tipped . produ ct ion quali ty rou ter bits. unique wood wor king accessories, plan s and book s. Same day shopping, lowes t price s. and 100% satisfaction quaran -

turn ed legs, plus a varie ty o f ready-to asse mble and finish dining chairs & occasional tables. These items arc carried in stoc k in a variety of woods. There is no minimu m order size as they can be purchased one at a time , Circ le #100.

teed. Circle #113.

Turning Table Legs OSBOR NE WOOD PRODUCTS, INC . is a manufac ture r of stock and custom tabl e legs. bed posts, arc hitectural wood turnings as we ll as vario us bun feet. Custom and stock part s are made from pine. oak. maple . cherry, wa lnut, mah ogany and other wood species . A free catalog is available. no order is too small. Ph: 800 -849-8876 ; Fax : 706886-8526; cmail.los borne O; or Circ le #11 0 .

produ cts. Large discou nts. New expanded catalog featu ring a huge selection uf carbide -tipped router bits. raised panel door sets . shaper c utters. so lid ca rbide bits. the router spee d co ntro l. plus our uniqu e line of clamp s. too ls and supplies . Save 50% tu Wood Glues 70%. Va lue. qua lity and prompt service RECOGNIZED AS THE PREMI ER nam e in guaranteed! Free information . Circle #109. wood glues, Tite bond has five speciallyfor mulated glues for your next wood work WOODLINE ARIZONA best value in anti ing project: Tite bond II Prem ium Wood kickba ck carbide tipped router bits and simper G lue, Titebond Ori gin al Wood Glu e, cutters. Many innova tions not available Titebond Dark Wood G lue, Titeb ond Liqu id elsewhere . Router bits for interior and extcriHide Glue, Titebond Wood Mo lding G lue. or doors. router bit flooring cutters. luck For more information, call Fra nk lin mitres in three sizes and steel sliding router Internation al' s Tec h Ser vice Team at (llOO) table. Check our new ca talog with over 100 347- G LUE. Circle #104. new items.llOO-472-6950. Circle #116. PRICE CUTIER World -cla ss supplier uf high quality. lowest price . router bits. CO ne of the largest selections of router bits in the world.) Ca ll for free ca talog l-llllll-28ll-

Popular Woodworking Books For skill building, quality projects, and basic business advice depe nd on Popular Woodworking Books.


Woods AD AMS WOOD PRODUCTS is a man ufacturer of solid woo d furniture co mpone ill S. Th ey make a variety of table bases. Queen Anne tabl e legs. claw & ball tab le legs,

AI You r Local Bookseller!

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Each issue of Popular Woodworking offers tips and tricks for the woodworker that we 've accumulated from readers, contributors and from our own workshop and woodworking experiences. We want to encourage the free exchange of these time-saving and safety ideas for all woodworkers. If you have a good trick, we'd love to hear about it. Send your trick, whether it 's one your father taught you or one you came up with on your own , to Popular Woodworking, Tricks of the Trade , 1.507 Dana Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45207.

Find Your Center-Revisited was am used by Percy Blandford's ce nteri ng tr ic k pri nted in your November 1998 issue. I have always markgotten by using a roofing square and a penci l. My meth od of findi ng the center of a circle is based on simple geometry. 1. Place the outsi de corner of the St ep sl -3 roofi ng sq uare o n th e ou ter edge of the circle. 2. Mark both places where the outer edges of the square intersect the circumference of the circ le. 3. Con nect the two places marked , formi ng a diameter of the circle . 4. Move the square 90 degrees from step one and repea t steps two and three. 5. Th e cen ter of the circ le is where the two diameters intersect. Arnold S. Polk Bea ver tail, Oregon




Step 4

I---'--- - - - - - - - - - - - J

St ep 5

Battery Drain,or Brain Drain?


e recentl y discovered that two of our cordless drill's batteries weren' t taki ng a charge anymore. Both were reputable tool manufacturers, and we thought it unlikely we' d stumbled upon two tool s with the same pro blem fro m diffe rent co mpanies . After playi ng around with the tools a little, we unplugged the chargers fro m the power source (w hic h are natur all y left plugged in at all times so they are ready to use), plugged them back in after 15 minutes and behold, the batteries accepted a charge. After taking the instruction manuals out of their sea led protective plasti c wra ppers, we read (to our surp rise) that the charge rs should be unpl ugged when not in use. Whether leaving the chargers plugged in caused the probl em or not, we were reminded of two simple thin gs we wa nt to ment ion . 1. Read the manu al , an d fo llow the ins truc tio ns. T here 's probably a reason they incl uded the infor mation. 2. Depend ing on what power so urce yo u are hooked up to, spikes or va riatio ns in your power line may ca use the integrated circu it in yo ur charger (or other tools) to drop into a "pro tective fault" mode. So before you call to complain about a bad tool, step back to the basics and try unplugg ing it. From the Popul ar Woodw orking staff

82 Popular Wood working

DECIMALS TO FRACTIONS Good Woodworking, a fellow woodworking magazine from Great Britain , recently published this math tip it acquired from Tom Palermo off the Internet. We thought it good enough to repeat. To convert a decimal , multiply it by the denominator for the fractional resolution you want (e .g. 16). Take the closest whole number of the answer and that's the top part (numerator) of the fractions. For example: To convert .46 to 32nds of an inch, multiply .46 by 32, making 14.72. The closest whole number is 15, so the answer is 15/32"


o U -a o o ;: a. o a. •;: ;: e

Square Jointer Cuts -


o matter how often you square up the fence on your jointer, that perfect 90-degree angle ca n still manage to elude you. And whe n you're using that joi nter pass for an edge glueup , perfe ct is pre ferred . We use a meth od in th e Popu la r Woodworking shop that guara ntees a perfect 90-deg ree angle eac h tim e. . First match your boards for best appearance and mark the faces and joints. Run one piece with the face aga inst the fence, then flip the mat ing piece so that the goo d face is away from the fen ce. Wh en yo u test the glue joint - eve n if the fence is off by a fraction of a degr ee - the edges w ill be co mplementary ang les to one anoth er and form a per fect glue joint. If yo u' re g luing up more than two pieces to form a pan el, alterna te yo ur board orie ntation agai nst the fence and you' ll ge t a panel with perfect joints and as flat as can be. From the Popul ar Woodw orkin g staff


5 3 / 4 " wide


Simple Rule for Simple Div ision inding the ce nter of a boa rd, or dividing it into equal parts is as easy as grabbing a ruler - and there 's no math requi red . It's an o ld trick but still a good one. Lay the rule r diago nally across the board . For seven equal widths, align the ruler on the 0 and 7" marks across the board and mark off the interve ning inches . Fin d the ce nter ? Keep the rule at seven inches diagonall y and mark at the 3 1/2 " location . Simple. PW From the Popular Wood work ing st aff




DREAM VVOODSHOP Transform almost anyspaceintoa safe, efficient homeshop! You'lldiscover dozens ofpracticaltipsandsolutionsshowing you how toget themost outofyour shop layout, storage areaand tool placement. Plus, detailedplans show you howtobuild: • Customizedfreestandingandwall-hung shopcabinets • Useful shelving andstorage units • Durable workbenches • Convenient portable workstations Eachplancontainsclear instructions, photos,drawings andconsiderationsfor electricity, lighting,ventilation,plumbing, accessibility, insulation,flooring,and more. Ordertoday! #70397/$24.99/160 pgs.

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Restoring theChest

id e a is to keep ba ckc ro ssing th ose tr e es w it h A meric a n Ch e stnut tr e e s until a ll the C hinese characterist ics (except bl ight resist an ce ) have been fi ltere d o ut. Th e resulting tree will look ju st like the old American C hes tn uts , but it will be resista nt to bli ght, In the early 20th ce ntu ry, St iles says . Other gro u ps are workin g o n blight kill ed offmost A merica n ways to bring the tree back, as well. Chestnuts. Seve ral groups are If th e c hes tn ut do es m ake a co me back, woodworkers will be o ne of the ben e fic iatryin g to bring back thi s of North ampt on, Mass., builds ries. Ken Sa lem once-vital tree. c ustom furniture mad e fro m recl aim ed chestn 1904 Herm an W. Merke l, a forester for nut , stuff he usu all y finds in th e floors and beams of o ld barns and buildings. the Bron x Zoo in New Yo rk City, fo und so me thing very d isturbing on the America n Sa lem says the g ra in in ches tnut is si milar to oak's, though ches tnut we ighs less and is easC hest nut trees (Castanea den tata ) that lined ier to wo rk. Th e co lo r varies fro m blon d to a lthe avenues of the zoo's ga rde ns. Cankers , m ost bl a ck , wi t h ye llows, browns an d even or sores, were forming o n the trun ks of these unfinished purp les in bet ween . Like white oak, ches tnut is beauti ful and eco no mica lly im portant gia nts. open-grai ned and res ists rot. However, the grai n Soon the trees die d. A nd wi thin 50 years the ca n be irregul ar at times. " Wormy" chestnut is the bl ight , wh ic h pro bably had bee n imported result of boring insects that attac ked dead trees. from Asia, had spread th rou gh out the e ntire Th e wi ld gra in and vary ing co lor might see m range of the American C hes tnut, fro m Main e Wood courtesy li ke so und re ason s to a void bui ld ing fu rni ture to Georgi a and west to M ich igan . of the Indiana chapter w ith c hes tnut. But Salem says he loves to work Hu ge stands of flow erin g c hes tnuts we re of the American Chestnut w ith the wood for th ose very reason s. T he irregrepl aced by acres and acres of bare trunks and Foundation. stumps. It was an economic an d ecological d isaster. C hes tnut ular grai n and co lor ca n pro du ce beauti ful bookmatched pan e ls, he says . And j us t the d ifferent co lo rs alo ne are grea t betrees were o nce so co mmon that in the heart of its range, every ca use yo u ca n build an e ntire piece of furn iture out of c hestfo urth or fift h tree was a ch estnut. Every year trai n ca rs filled wi th the nut s were se nt to New York , Phil ad elphi a a nd other nut that loo ks like yo u used severa l species. "T here is j ust so me thi ng ab out thi s wood," Sa le m says. large ci ties for sale . The tre e was ric h in tannic aci d. whic h " Maybe it's the nostalgia of it. But eve ry tim e yo u cut into the was used fo r tann in g le ather. A nd th e lu mbe r was used fo r wood , yo u don' t kn o w wha t yo u are goi ng to find . It' s like mak ing everythi ng fro m fen ce posts to furni ture . each board is a new o ppo rt u ni ty, a nd yo u are lim ited o nly Sc ientists have tried unsuccessfully for ge nerations to find by yo ur imag inatio n." a cure for the bl ight or to breed trees th at can resist the funSo if the wood is so ni c e a nd w as so pr e val ent , w hy g us - usu all y by crossi ng th e A merica n C hes tnut wi th the don 't we see o ld pieces of furn iture mad e fro m chestnut at anbli ght-resistant C hi nese C hes tn ut. Fortuna te ly so me s ma ll American Ches tnuts still sprout a nd survive for a sho rt tim e tiqu e sto res? Sa le m says he 's seen so me antiques made from until the blight ge ts them , a nd scientists have bee n wo rking chestnut but says the wood was used more for construc tio n than fine furn iture . And whe n it was used in furni ture it was with these tiny progen y for years. Now, forthe first tim e in ge neratio ns, it looks like there is co nsi de red a secondary wood to mapl e, c herry and walnut. And so metimes the antiq ues deal er mi st akenl y identiti es the hope that the Ame rica n Ches tnut will o nce agai n fill the forests. woo d in the anti q ue as oak, he says . T he A merican C hes tnut Fo unda tio n says it' s cl ose to devel opi ng a tree that has all the qu aliti es of the American C hestnut If yo u ca n' t wa it until aft er 2006 to build w ith chestnut, and the bl ight resistance of the C hinese C hest nut. If all goes Sa le m reco m me nds yo u find peopl e in yo ur a rea who spe cialize in reclai ming woo d from o ld build ings. If they're smart, we ll. th e fo unda tio n hope s to int rodu c e a ne w A me rica n C hes tnut to Virginia in 2006, says She lley Sti les, co mm unithey sho uld be ab le to find yo u so me ches tnu t to work wi th. Ex pec t to spe nd be twee n $6 and $ 14 a board foo t, thou gh , decatio ns director fo r the A me rican C hestn ut Fou ndatio n. Here's how they're bringing the tree back : T hey first crossed pending o n the wid th of the boards a nd the co lo r. PW A merican C hes tnuts with Chi nese C hes tnuts, which are squat trees, m uc h like an apple tree. Th en they began "bac kcrossIf yo u wo uld lik e mo re info rma tion abo ut the A merica n ing" those trees wi th other Ame rica n C hes tnut trees and kee pChestnut Foundation, you can contact the organization through ing the res ulting trees that appear most resistant to blight. Th e its webs ite at WH'H'.aLjo IX. Or phon e at (802) 44 7-0 110. For more inform at ion on Ken Sa lem'sfurn iture. you can visit his By Christopher Sch warz. managing editor: Pop ular Wood working. company's website at leniboa m.


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May 1999 87

My3hp Dinette Set The latest excuses you can use with your spouse when groveling for a new power tool. T IKE MOST GUYS , few L things excite me mo re th an a new power tool. As I'm sure yo u know, testosterone and power tools are a big part of the male psyche. In fact. one of the things that separates the Jack s from the Jills is Jack 's ability to develop a deep , emotional and satisfyi ng relationship with a sliding compound miter saw. . Th is presents a probl em for marri ed g uys w ho wa n t to bu y a lot of to ol s . Marri ed g uys always ha ve to co me up with satisfac tory explanation s as to why the y need every tool in their ga rage. I'm not married. I live in a mid-ri se apartment building in do wntown C h icago until I save enough money to buy a garage (and a hou se to go with it). So I'm in a similar dil emma w ith my landl ord . When I wa s in co lleg e, I work ed for a builder, so I always had a reason to buy a new tool. Th e probl em was that all the mone y I mad e in co llege we nt to pay for ed ucatio n necessit ies s uc h as tuiti on , book s and beer. Now th at I' ve been o ut of college for a few yea rs, I work in an office where the fax machine is considered a power tool. S o I al so ha ve to just ify the tools I buy becau se I ca n' t run a lot of power tools in my apartment , and I ce rJos h Boelter is a free lance writer and ama teur woodwo rke r in Chicago . He looks fo rw ard to ownin g his f irst home so he can mov e his tabl e saw out ofthe kitchen and into the garage. He can be reached at boelter

88 Popul ar Woodworking

tai nly ca n' t fire up a circular saw in the middle of a marketing meeting. Although I mu st admit that the temptation to do so is someti mes ove rw he lming . The key is findin g the perfect exc use to purchase a tool. When I wa nted to buy a table saw last month , I was we ll awa re that I would not be able to use thi s tool mu ch in my apa rtment. Sure I'll use the saw whe n I have a hou se, but th at ' s a t least a yea r away. T he wa y I saw it , I needed a dinin g room table for my apartment. I fig ured that instead of pu rchasing a tabl e fro m a furniture store, it was much mor e practi cal to bu y a tabl e saw and stick it in my dining room . I co uld eat off my tabl e saw just as I wo uld ea t off a dining roo m table . But I co uld also use the table saw to c ut a watermel on in half. o r to s lice o nio ns . It wo uld n' t work as we ll to slice tom atoes or to c ut my ham and cheese sa ndw ich in half. but overa ll, the table saw ca n be a wo nde rful kit ch en applia nce . It' s re ally a combination of a dining room table, wood wo rk ing tool and mel on s lice r. Wh en my landl ord sto ps by to see what all the noi se is ab out, I p lan to dem onstrate that I'm simply slicing ca ntaloupes for my break fast. Of co urse, thi s just ifica tio n wo n' t wo rk w ith m y marri ed friends becau se wo men typic ally prefer that their furniture not have saw blad es

sticking out of the middl e of it. Women are weird that wa y. A reciprocating saw is a tool that ca n be used for just about everything on ajob s ite . U nless yo u ' re a profe ssion al ca rpenter, however , your wife might wonder why yo u need yet another power saw. For me, the reciprocatin g saw is handy wh en I cook a turkey, or a lasagn a. You see, m y c u lina ry sk ills ofte n result in baked goo ds that are harderthan a bowling ball, ye t so mehow less edible . You simply can 't cut through my lasagna with a regular kitchen knife or machete. That's why I use eit her a reciprocating saw or a circular saw to get through that outer shell. So if you 're as bad of a cook as L yo u can use the reciprocating saw to ca rve yo ur home-cooked meal s into small palatable portions that you can toss in the tra sh o n yo ur way to Taco Bell. So don't de sp air when yo ur domestic situation mak es it seem stupid for yo u to pu rch ase a new tool. With the proper amo unt of deni al and so me crea tive exc uses , yo u ca n justify any new too l purchase. It's yo ur duty not only as a woodwo rke r, but as a guy. PW Note to Readers: The precedin g

essay is a work ofsatire. It is not advised by most manufactu rers that you use a tabl e saw to slice onions. . Water//lelons are OK, but not onions.

Dust port accepts standard bag or can be connected to a vacuum fo r a clean work env ironment.

135 degree tilt fence lets you position your cut from the ou ts ide face of your work. Any mismatch in material thickness stays on the insi de where it doesn't show.

Ability to join face frame stock as narrow as 1 1/2 " with ou r new, exclusive face -f ra me biscuit. Porter Cable 's tradition of innovation continues with the new 557 plate joiner kit, combin ing industry -leading power with unequaled precis ion and flexibility. Now with 2" and 4" diameter blades for both standard , and our new, smaller face-frame biscuits.So if you're looking to "join" follow the leader to your local Porter-Cable retailer. Or call 1-800-487 -8665 (519-836-2840 in Canada ) for the dealer nearest you.

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Porter-Cable is proud to be a co-underwriter of The New Yankee Workshop on public television .

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